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    Ladies and gentlemen, 2 months ago I set off into the unknown. Hacking a ROM where no tools or even documentation were available for. I now bring you the results of that yourney.

    Disclaimer: Tools here have not been thoroughly tested for userfriendlyness and may crash when not used correctly. I'm willing to improve the user experience based on user feedback.
    Save your work often! These are all a work in progress!

    First off, some resources:

    This archive contains lists of pilots, units, weapons and parts:

    This is a .tbl file for this game:

    An edited sappy.xml to support this game:

    Character Portrait Editor


    Load your ROM from the open file menu, you can now use the interface to look through the character portraits.
    If you don't have a palette loaded a standard grey scale palette will be used. You can load a palette file exported through VBA.
    All character portraits are 40x40 pixels in size.
    To insert you own image you will have to convert it to the 4bpp(4 bits per pixel) format. I recommend using Grit for this.
    Once you have your 4bpp you can import it and replace an existing portrait.

    OG2 Character Cut-in Tile Map Editor

    This tool was made because existing tools for editing tile maps seem to output a different format than needed for this particular game.


    Load your tileset image(.png) and build your tilemap. Size for the OG2 Cut-in tilemaps is always 64x32 tiles.

    Known issues:
    -redimensioning the field causes it to empty
    -only one palette mapping supported
    -loading existing tilemaps misbehaves sometimes, but never interferes with the part of the tilemap visible in game

    OG2 In-Battle text editor


    This is an editor for the text used in the battle scenes.

    Load your ROM and select a character. You can then go through the text or use the search function to find the text you want to alter.
    Information about the extra options:
    Byte 1: Is always FF, function unknown
    Portrait no.: Is the index number of the portrait that will be shown with the text.
    Text Index: The position of the begin of the current text relative to the base pointer to all the text of the current character.

    Known issues:
    -Support for characters has to be added manually in ROMInfo.ini. I'm adding characters as I go, but the current selection is limited

    Script Compiler

    Last but not least I have also created a script compiler that lets you make your own stages for the game.
    Included in the archive is a textfile with a list of currently supported commands and a textfile with info on how a script is constructed.


    This is a command line tool, a compile command would look like this:

    OG2_script_compiler stage2.txt SPT.gba 10015E0 2

    This would compile the script file with name "stage2.txt" to the ROM with name SPT.gba at offset 10015E0 and change all the needed pointers to make this the script for stage 2 of the game.

    Feel free to shoot me questions about these tools.
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      I loved this game thankyou, these tools are great.

      For the battle text editor what does the \ in I\nwon used for? does it mean something? or is that just jibberish your wrote in?
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      Old October 20th, 2013 (5:43 PM).
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        I have a question, you think that these tools can work in the first game?
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