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    Chapter One

    Aron looked over his shoulder. Nobody behind him. Good.

    As the Aron walked through the forest, he knew he was being watched, like a sixth sense he never had. Every movement was hesitant, afraid somebody would find him. He knew his disguise would fail quickly, not many people see a melon moving through trees. Even so, he trudged on.

    As he crept, he wondered where this trail led to. It was a well-worn dirt path, but the shrubs and trees hung out, as if to block the way of the wandering. The woods were dead, no more than sticks and dead trees, but that was how things went when it snowed. He wasn’t cold, but the frost webbed his skin like shattered glass. His tracks were concealed, but his melon caused him to stumble.

    A few hours later, Aron had found a nice little place to rest. It wasn’t much, just a small alcove in the side of a mountain. He knew now where he was. The scent and the scene, he was home for now. Two months ago, he set this camp in far preporation for his trek to, as the humans called it, Snowpoint City. Of course, to him, all it was was another human town where lots of his friends live. Larvitar, Trapinch, Mawile and Aron, himself.

    Of course, Aron had once lived there, but some angry Sableye had rushed him out of the city for eating off their favorite tree. Food was hard to come by this far north. Aron ate a few twigs and mulled over his options. Must I really do this? I promised I would come back, but I didn’t mean this soon. But they need me back, the school of Seaking told me the Sableye had become ruthless and irritated... I must go back. Little Larvitar needs me, as do the other two. I need to go.

    He sprang from his current position, and carried on, not letting any of his thoughts escape him. If the Sableye had changed, how had that affected his freinds? He looked over his shoulder again, still nothing behind him but his remains of chewed tree limbs. Still, his camp taunted him to rest. He was tired, and needed to rest before going off.

    Shambling to the camp, Aron found some of the dry wood he had stored was still in the correct position. He put some of it into a pile, then took a smaller stick and struck his shell against the cave wall. Sparks flew, and caught onto the stick. Tossing the stick onto the pile, he ensured the entrance would allow smoke to rise through. Knowing everything was in place, Aron closed his eyes and drifted off.


    But what Aron wasn’t aware of, is Sableye wasn’t his only enemy. Taking its time and following after Aron slowly, a Pokemon that did not like to live in snow was. At first, the smoke spooked him, then remembered Aron had started a fire. Influencing and reading Aron’s mind, the Pokemon had convinced Aron to sleep so the stranger Pokemon had a chance to catch up. Of course, this Pokemon was loud, but Aron couldn’t see what he heard.

    Reaching the thick smoke, the Pokemon entered the small hole. A little cavern, concealed by a disc with a hole bore through, made from a chopped tree. Before entering, the Pokemon checked on his small buddy. Almost as if dead. This Aron had traveled far and long without rest.

    The Pokemon had of course been haunting Aron’s dreams, but this was the first time he had peered into them to see what was naturally happening. Aron was dreaming of nothing really, almost as if his brain was dead. Not that it was, yet.

    The Pokemon knew three things about Aron. Aron was looking for friends, kicked out of town by Sableye, and Aron was now alone and vulnerable. Just as planned. Aron didn’t have the slightest idea this Pokemon was watching him, though Aron knew he was being watched.

    The Pokemon must have moved, for Aron was now staring directly at him. He wasn’t worried, he knew Aron couldn’t see him. However, his knowledge might have been mislead, for Aron had knocked Haunter from floating with a powerful Metal Claw. Now, it was Haunter’s turn to sleep.

    Chapter Two

    Haunter woke up, a dizzy feeling in his head. He remembered following this Aron, and finally encountering the small ball of steel. He couldn’t see the sun, nor the moon. Not seeing the moon was a problem, Haunter was guided by the moon at night. He couldn’t see Aron either, which was an even bigger problem. If a pursuer loses their victim, that victim can defeat the pursuer.

    Nevertheless, Haunter floated down to Snowpoint City, where he knew Aron was headed. Being able to float was much easier than walking, though Haunter didn’t have feet to walk with, so he would never be able to tell which was easier. Observing the area around him, he flew over the town, not sensing Aron’s consciousness. Either meaning one of two things: Aron hadn’t made it to Snowpoint yet, or the Sableye had already found him.

    If the Sableye had found him, the mission was over, and failed. If Aron hadn’t made it to Snowpoint, then maybe Haunter had a chance. But, being a ghost, Haunter was usually on the pessimistic side, so he had to force optimism into his thoughts. He had to find Aron. Needed to. If he didn’t, he would never understand what legs were like, being a Gengar and all.

    A Snorlax was a strange Pokemon to be found this far north. So is a Slaking. Even though the two Pokemon both had more than enough fat to keep them warm, the two were rarely seen traveling together without a trainer. But there they were, stretched into the openess of the entry to the city. But there were two Pokemon, why were there three in his mind? Aron, of course. Aron had made it to the city, but was cold and decided to warm up with a few blubbery Pokemon who had been sleeping.

    Haunter looked into Aron’s mind, and saw two emotions. One was joy, the other fear. Over weeks of following, Haunter knew what Aron was fearing. The Sableye’s harsh treatment for a single sentence. Aron knew his trip would be short, just not quite as short as it would end up being.


    Aron hated that feeling of something probing his mind, even though he knew what was. That Haunter was persistent to figure out Aron. However, Aron just shrugged it off and entered the icy city of Snowpoint.

    There were plenty of trainers, and lots of new buildings. He liked living without a trainer, just more of his friends and more nature, travel where you will. As he roamed this city, he noticed how small he was and how big this place was. There was alot more snow to travel through than the little walkways. He thought about finding another wild Pokemon, but thought the risk was too great for a Pokemon banned from a city.

    He at last approached the old temple, still magnificent in its age. Aron cautiously treaded the ground, he knew Sableye could turn invisible, much like a Haunter. Why he didn’t go to his friends’ house? He had no idea. He had a score to settle with these Sableye, and would preffer to do it quickly.

    Eying a suspicious gem on the wall, he slashed with his whole body. The gem fell, but not without a Sableye. There were other Pokemon in the temple, eyeing him with mixed feelings. One shouted in joy, and ran to join Aron. It was a Numel, clearly young and without much experience in battle. A few more gems started moving, and Numel blasted them with Flamethrower, while Aron hit a few with Metal Claw to make sure they stayed down.

    By now, many of the Pokemon were joining in. There was a particularly large Gabite, slashing and hacking the Sableye with a powerful Dark Pulse. A Shinx was using Flash, which wasn’t particularly helpful when Sableye were escaping. Blinded, many of the Pokemon fell, but it was mostly Sableye that were on the ground, regretting hiding among the places they did.

    But with evey ambush, there is the one that gets away. One of the larger Sableye ran to the Sableye leader, and rounded up about three hundred Sableye, enough to outnumber the rebellious Pokemon by tenfold. The battle cry of the Sableye bounced off the walls to the temple entryway, and the Sableye fully intended to avenge each and every one of their fallen.

    Chapter Three

    The Sableye slashed and hacked on their way through the temple, giving more than enough wounds than called for. The offense was minimal, but the Sableye were crazy. Aron had a few knockouts of his own, his Metal Claw was his safeguard.

    Aron was growing tired by now, for he had a few followers that hadn’t made the siege. The injuried grew, for Shadow Claw does not cease cutting. The few rebellious Pokemon were finished, leaving the Sableye victorious.

    Or so it seemed.

    The Sableye were incased in a blue aura, and floated in the air. They were thrown at each other, and very mad that they were. Nevertheless, they were asleep and killing themselves. Aron had looked for a possibility for who had done this, and found a familiar character. It was the ghastly Haunter that had saved the day, for a deadly combination of Psychic, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and Nightmare served fatal to the Sableye. This time, there would be no escaping Sableye.

    Aron stared at the Haunter, knowing that it was his pursuer. Why had he felt in fear when he had seen him in the cave? He knew the Haunter perfectly well. Except, not as a Haunter. Aron and Ghastly were once best buddies, before Aron had decided he wanted to find a different crowd.


    Haunter knew his mission was now a success. He had found Aron, and should now carry his message. He tried to clear his throat to gain attention, but failed, since he didn’t really have much of a throat. That set aside, he carried on.

    “Aron of Granite Cave, you have been a pain in the ass to track down. However, I am now here.” Haunter grinned a unsolvable grin. “I have come from lots of places, but you never were there. You have a concealed mind.” Haunter paused again, causing Pokemon in the crowd were starting to stir. “I happen to need you for a mission I feel obliged to do. You may see me here again tonight at sundown if you would like to know more.” Enough said. Haunter disappeared, but left a booming warning, “Anybody other than Aron that shows tonight shall be given the Sableye treatment.” Treatment? That was questionable. Punishment, more like.

    Haunter watched from above as the Pokemon started to walk out. He eyed Aron, not reading his thoughts for once. Aron knew it was him, and any more distrust between them could ruin the second phase of his mission. He could see that Aron was looking for someone, though. Probably the Larvitar and Trapinch he was thinking about. Oh, and the Mawile, too.


    It was a few hours until Aron would leave to the temple again, so he decided it would be best to drop by Trapinch’s house. Nothing had really changed about the doorframe, things never did. He knocked a few times, but nobody seemed to be home. Different kinds of knockings didn’t work either. He decided to whistle, not an easy feat for a steel Pokemon.

    The whistle was perfect from practice. A high note, then a low, high, then somewhere in between. It was just what Aron needed. The door opened, an odd face of the backside of Mawile’s head in his way. He could run under it, though, since he was small.

    Aron sits for awhile, remembering how hard this chair was to make. He hadn’t been here for two months, but it felt like just hours ago. “Mawile, where are the other knuckleheads?”

    A desturbingly long time separated the answer. Aron was getting a bit worried from the silence, but finally Mawile spoke. “Gone. They left two days ago to find more food. We were forewarned of your coming.” Mawile’s rich voice carried through the room. “A Haunter came about a week ago and told us so. He was in a hurry though, and he wouldn’t say why.”

    Aron mulled it over. He could chill here for a few nights, and forage for nearby food, or he could go back out on the run. “Are you going to see Haunter at the temple?” Mawile was a bit curious. Of course, she had a bit of an idea of what was happening. Aron figured the same. “Probably. Not sure if I’ll accept what he says, though. He was on my trail for a couple of weeks, feeding off my thoughts.”

    Mawile sighed, a little disappointed. “I’ll go with you to the temple. I shouldn’t enter, though. I just made it home myself, I heard the message.” Aron’s turn to sigh. He just didn’t know what to do. And, if he thought hard enough, he started to grow. He thought and thought until he had no more thoughts, and emerged in light. “Just because we live off hotwired electricity doesn’t mean you have full access to the lights!” Mawile was oblivious to the evolution, she was still cooking. Larion, now, had a deeper and more booming voice. “You may need to fix up some of your lighting.”
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