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Pokémon (Creepypasta) Lumiose, and it's Dark Secrets

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Old October 21st, 2013 (3:20 PM).
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    Lumiose city is not normal, lets leave it at that. Earlier when I bought Pokemon X, the day it was released. I was fairly eager to play through. Everything was normal, European architecture and Pokemon encounters and whatnot. I Battled gyms and caught a Flabebe. I also changed my appearance with the new feature. My friend was playing alongside me when we reached Lumiose city. He told me how the city was really big and how he got lost Fairly easily.

    It was not a hard city to familiarise myself with. But the thing that struck me as odd was that, I began to notice a npc that did not move at all. He did not even have an idle animation. I entered and exited the Pokemon lab hoping to fix the graphical bug. It did not solve anything really, I came to stare into his stone cold eyes. I walked past him quickly. I then looked over to my friend and he got a call from his father. He had to leave for supper. I was not surprised it was 5:48 PP. He left and I said goodbye and held the door open for him.

    I continued with my game and began noticing more and more of the "Statue" (what I call them) npcs, I looked around the city more and more but I couldn't explore it all as for I was only in the early stages of the game and half the city lost power. The man who stopped me explained to me that I could not progress due to the power outages, however I was more focused on the statue npc watching me in the background. It wasnt moving of course and I had trouble spotting it, But this time He was alone on the street, no one else was about past the construction workers area.

    I freaked out and ran towards the exit, I have already completed everything I had to do in this town. I was about half way to the other town when I realized I had forgotten to stock up on supplies at the poke-mart. I was reminded because my Frogadier was K.O'D. I had no revives and he was actually the only strong Pokemon on my team so I walked back to Lumiose full of regret. I made my way to the poke-center eyeing the statue npcs carefully as I walked past them. I stocked up on revives and potions then made my way out. A man in a pink jacket caught my attention. I had seen him before, in hotel rooms. I talked to him and eyed the statue npcs carefully. He explained to me the usual stuff he would say if you had talked to him before. When he said "its bonding time." And the lights went out but when they flashed back on, strangely enough the statue npcs were all gone. It must have been a graphical glitch, but I only noticed their absence in the poke-center.

    Later in my play through I had returned to Lumiose due to the storyline. I then began noticing strange notes left throughout the city. I do not want to spoil them all due to this may or not be coded into the game as part of an event or storyline. I'l read the most shocking note left. Oh sorry, did I mention that I cannot due to whenever I post anything at all on some kind of forum, the administrators delete the content almost immediately. Although This more than likely will not get deleted as I am not posting the location of the note. It reads Alice, Your eternal partner, Help as I fear I will not be safe, no longer shall I have to su-" the note ends here. It appears to be ripped.

    You can also find her in the rich hotel, I will not tell you which floor, as I fear this posts deletion. You can also have an encounter with her in the abandoned building. I will not explain what floor, but as you exit the elevator, the music stops. Yes the happy cheerful music halts its very existence. The music almost seems forgotten. I began to question why Game freak implemented such code.

    I began research. I looked up folklore, paranormal sightings. Anything that could satisfy my curiosity. I stayed up countless nights, spent days in libraries. I finally found my answer. A catacombs was located under Paris. I don't think it was very well known. (mind you I don't live in Paris) I began researching more on the topic. I began to read about people reportedly being " "possessed" and unable to move, still viewing from their eyes. The people were deemed insane by psychologists. They were locked up in mental institutions, left to die. I began looking up patient records. (mind you, The news report was f far from modern day society so generally insane people, or even presumed insane people were left to die.)


    I looked into her file, she apparently put up a fight before being sedated. She bite and scratched and harmed her caretaker. Her caretaker then gave up on her, leaving her to die after repeadedly injuring staff members.

    You know what I think? Gamefreak is cruel. Cruel enough to program notes supposedly left by Alice handwritten for her lover. The reason they may have put this into the game is to satisfy older audiences with darker, darker humor.

    Who knows what else Game freak could be up to. Oh by the way next time you see her tell her I love her. Who knows you may find me.
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    Old October 24th, 2013 (5:09 AM).
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    Interesting, now I know this is supposed to be a creepy pasta but is this stuff real, if so PM me the locations of the notes.

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    Old November 30th, 2013 (2:12 PM).
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      Idk if this is real, but the "ghost" girl on the abandoned building, some strange note on the (spoiler for some reeeeasonn!!)
      back of one of the signs of the train station

      and the girl on the hotel are real. Please, if this is real, pm me like Shaymin; though I doubt it is.
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