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Old November 4th, 2013 (7:54 PM). Edited November 5th, 2013 by Splintey.
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SO I have the following for trade:

Hidden Abilities
Protean Frogadier

Gale Wings Fletching

Swarm Larvesta

Prankster Klefki

Super Luck Togepi

Moxie Pinsir

Bulletproof Quilladin

Swarm Galvantula

Skill Link Cloyster

Technician Minccino

Vital Spirit Tyrogue

Telepathy Noibat

Moxie Pyroar

Magician Braixen

Imposter Ditto

Regenerator Tangela

Speed Boost Torchic


31 Speed/Sp Atk IVs

31 HP/Sp Atk IVs

31 Def/Sp Def IVs

31 Sp Atk/Speed IVs

31 Atk/Sp Atk IVs

31 HP/Speed IVs


Mewto lvl 70 Untouched

Yvetal lvl 50 Untouched

Aerodactyl lvl 20 Untouched

Every Mega Stone (Except for X Exclusives)

All 3 Kalos Starters

Adamant Charmander

Adamant Riolu

Jolly Pinsir


Open to any offers, whats the worst I can do say no? I'd prefer other Hidden Abilities I don't have or some decent competitive pokes...

Added quite a couple new pokes to the list!

Relevant Advertising!

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