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Chapter 25
Fay smelled a human scent up ahead. Carefully, Shock volunteered to take a look. Saur explained to me that it was always Shock's job to check out the humans before coming up with a plan to evade them.

Shock was a few trees ahead, taking a peak behind the bushes. My own curiosity took the better of me, and despite the whisper warnings of the others behind me, I reached the bush and stood beside the Pikachu. He has good hearing, but he was probably focused on the human or humans though, that he wasn't aware of my presence yet. Startling him would be fun, but it might not be a good idea, especially if the humans are trainers.

I wanted to take a peak, but I might cause enough noise to startle the Pikachu. So, I mentally sighed as I closed my eyes and focused on my hearing.

“—don't think that this is a good spot, lass,” an old voice said.

“Aw, but we've been walking for, like, forever!” a young female voice replied. “I wanted to rest, and maybe start painting! I did promised granny to at least paint once a day!”

“And what in heavens are you going to paint in the middle of this forest? Trees?”

“Hah hah... You're so funny, gran'pa.” There was a soft thud. Probably a medium-sized bag. An unzipping zipper. Yep, definitely a bag. I heard paper and wood noises. “There. Now, for inspiration.”

“Well, good luck with that.”

“Gran'pa, zip it. I need to concentrate.”

“They don't look like trainers though...” Shock whispered to himself. “But they're on a clear path... We can't go through without them noticing...”

I opened my eyes and looked at his back.

“Hm... They don't look like they'll be leaving any time soon either... We can't wait though...”

I grinned. I quietly walked behind him and turned my back on him. Besides, if anything goes wrong, he's a fast runner. I looked ahead as I lifted my two hind legs. Fay, Vixie and Saur were looking at me in disbelief, their breaths frozen.

Ladies and gentlemen! Without further ado, let me kick the Pikachu!

“WHA—!!!” Shock screamed in pain and surprise as he flew through the bush and landed on...


There was a thud. There was a crash. Wood. Paper sheets. Tin cans. A louder thud. More wood.

“Ohmygosh! A Pikachu!!!”

And then a mixture of two voices: squeals and screams.


“You'll be perfect for my painting for the day!”

“Never have I seen a Pikachu fly before... Oi lass, that'd be a rare one. I have a Pokéball here to catch that.”

“Wha?! No! I just want to paint this Pikachu! Not capture it!”

I pushed my head through the bush to see what was happening.

I heard the old guy sighed. “Yer gonna live the rest of yer days with a Smeargle?”

“Hey you old bum! Glee is a faithful companion of mine in painting! We share the same passion, so I don't need to capture any other Pokémon!”

My face poked through the bush, and my gaze instantly fell on Shock's death glare. The young teen was hugging him like a pillow. I smiled sheepishly as he mouthed ‘I'll kill you later’.

I heard loud rustling noises beside me, and out came three more faces, one of them glaring at me.

“Jay! What have you done?!” Vixie hissed at me.

“Calm down,” I whispered back. “She's not capturing Pikachu. Just wanna paint him.”

“Oh! Painting?!” Fay squealed, making the rest of us gasp as we turned to her. “But hey! Can we go and get painted as well?” she looked at us with a pouting bottom lip. “Can we? Please?”

I heard a spark. I turned ahead and saw a happy female teen, and um...Shock was grinning like a maniac, both his cheeks sparkling.

“Of course YOU can!” Shock said in a very terrifying way. What have I done?! “And let's call it ‘Beat The Eevee!’”

I gulped. “No thank you!”




“I still think that we should'a caught that Pikachu, or at least that Eevee...”

“Oh, quiet you old timer,” I heard the young teen squealed as she and her grandfather walked away, carrying my shame.

“Aw, cheer up,” Vixie poked my shoulder. “It wasn't that bad.”

“My manhood was exposed and painted right in front of a gir-hu-hurlll...!” I cried, my face underneath my two front paws as I quietly cried my shame off.

“Well, uh... I...think I have a clue what ‘manhood’ meant but, if it's any consolation, not all of it?”

“Go away, Vixie...”

Saur, Fay and Shock were laughing their asses off as they continued on our way, Saur's vines dragging me along...

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Chapter 26
We reached the pond in half an hour after our lunch break...with berries... Sigh... I miss the taste of meat already...

The Pokémon residents were still separated by groups though. Grouped by the trees or by the edges of the pond. A few were alone as well.

As usual, I was behind our small group, and in front of me, the four were, once again, arguing with Lithe... Sigh... Things aren't really going to change here, huh?

“Lithe,” a new voice called from...above? “Go back to your circle.”

I turned up just in time to see...Celebi, descending, with an annoyed frown directed at the retreating Growlithe. Well, there's a change.

“I can't believe he's still after you,” the legendary said as she touched down in front of the four. If not counting the Pikachu's ears, Celebi's as tall as Shock.

I stepped up beside Fay and Shock as Vixie replied. “I just hope he gets tired soon...”

“Bi,” Shock said, “can't you tell him to stop going after 'Xie?”

Celebi turned to him and sighed. “I already lost count of how many times I told him that.” Pikachu sighed as Bi finally took notice of me. I felt nervous under her curious gaze. “Who's this?”

“Er...” Com'on mouth! You can do better than that!

“Oh, this is Jay,” Fay said, turning to me with a smile and then turned back to Bi. “He wants to ask to be your mate.”

“What?!” I shouted as I gave her a pound on her head. “No I don't!”


I looked back at the legendary and smiled nervously. “Er, don't listen to her.”

“Jay huh?” Celebi brought a hand to her chin, and tilted her head as she stared at me while floating around if she was...scanning me... “Well,” she said as she landed in front of us. “You don't look that bad to be my mate.”

I stepped back in shock. “Wait, what?!”

She nodded. “I don't like loud noises though, so we'll have to work on minimizing your shouting habit...”

This is weird! This is beyond weird! I looked at the others. Saur just shrugged his shoulders. Shock was giving me a thumbs up. I glared at him. Fay had a huge grin. Vixie was quietly clapping her paws.

Celebi's face was suddenly inches away from mine. It was impossible, but I actually felt a sweat ran down from my head as I nervously gazed at her piercing sapphire eyes. I involuntarily took a step back to regain my personal space, and she floated back and sighed.

“Eh, I guess I shouldn't be choosy...”

“You CAN'T be serious!” I said, still not believing what the heck is happening.

She shrugged and turned to the others. “Mew already has a mate, and she never stops talking about how sweet he was, so,” she shrugged again and looked at me with a sweet smile. “I guess it's time for me to have one.”

“Is it time for me to run away, screaming?” I asked. “And how in blazes will this work? Legendaries can' babies, right?” At least in the games, they can't...minus Manaphy...Latios...Latias...

Celebi shook her head and began hovering closer. “No, you can't run, and no, that's just a bunch of rumors.”



“Eheheheheh....heheh... O-okay, hahah,” I laughed nervously as Celebi blinked. “Funny... Hahah... You guys can stop the joke now, 'cause I'm honestly freaking out...”

Celebi blinked, and then glared at me. She suddenly grabbed a hold of my face with her grassy-viney arms and glared directly into my soul. “Were you really wanting to be my mate, or not?”

I gulped. Please, kill me now?

“Okay, we're getting overboard,” Shock sighed as Celebi suddenly lets me go, giggled, and floated back towards the laughing Vulpix and Rattata.

“Not. Funny!” I snarled as I tried to calm my fast-beating heart.

“It was to us!” Fay replied.

I mumbled some jumbled letters for the sake of mumbling...

“But two points of serious,” Celebi said after their giggles died down. “One, I'm seriously of looking for a mate, because Mew's making me jealous...”

“I'm not applying,” I glared at her innocently-smiling face. “No thank you! And you shouldn't have a mate just because you're jealous!”

She just shrugged as Saur chuckled.

“And two,” Celebi continued, “Jay, that's your name, right?”

I nodded reluctantly.

“I can't seem to see his time.”

I...raised an eyebrow. “What? You mean I'm dead?”

“Wow!” Fay wow'ed, for some reason... “Zombies do exist!”

I deadpanned at her. “Yeah... Blearghurgh and some gibberish...” I shook my head. “Seriously, what does that mean?”

“Celebi can travel through time,” Saur said.

...and Captain Obvious strikes again~!

Celebi nodded. “I can also see others' connection with time, but...”

“ can't see mine?” I guessed.

She nodded again and frowned. “...and it's weird, really.”

“Bi,” Shock called, and looked around, before looking at Celebi again. “He claims that he used to be a human,” he whispered.

Celebi stared at Shock for a couple of seconds before turning to me with an arched eyebrow. “...really?”

“Really,” I said. “And no, I ain't joking.”

She landed and looked at the four. “...and you believe him?”

A series of ‘nuh-uh’ and ‘nope’ echoed from our little group.

I frowned. But eh, if a human walks up to me and tells me that they used to be a Pokémon, I wouldn't believe them either. But still...

Celebi looked at me and nodded. “I'll give you the benefit of the doubt then...”

I sighed in relief. At least she doesn't fully not believe me... “Thanks. That's...really why I wanted to see you.”

Celebi nodded. “It's worth the wait, at least.”

It's...worth the wait? I turned back to the four and they just smiled back at me.

“We asked Bi is she could wait here for you,” Vixie said.

“One of the reasons that we pulled you out from the city,” Shock said, crossing his arms with pride.

I rolled my eyes, but I'm quite thankful that...they actually care. “Thanks, I guess?”

They nodded back.

“So, uh,” I looked back at Celebi. “What now? I um...kinda expecting that you'll know of some ways for me to turn back into a human...”

“Arceus might know...” Celebi thought. “But he's really grumpy if I visit him without an invitation from him. Big meanie...”

A...huh... Okay then... “Can't you at least try?”

She nodded. “But I can't promise you anything...”

“Good enough,” I smiled.

“But what about that Bill guy you were talking about?” Fay asked.

“Who?” Celebi asked.

“Bill is currently in Kanto, who has a machine that I think might help me return to being human.”

“Oh, then that simplifies things then,” Celebi nodded. “You can just go there and meet this Bill.”

I frowned. “Bill's a human.”

“Never mind I said anything then,” Celebi chuckled. “But it's worth a try, right?”

“I...guess so?”

Celebi nodded. “Then it's settled. While I try to talk to Arceus, you go to Kanto and meet up with Bill.”

“You um...” should I? Eh, what the heck. “You probably might need to talk to Palkia as well though...”

Celebi blinked. “Why?”

“I'm...not from this world either...”

Silence... At least our group was quiet... Other Pokémon around the area were still talking amongst each other.

“You're getting crazier and crazier...” Shock shook his head.

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Chapter 27
Celebi did one last fly-through around the forest before she left. Before she left however, I asked her where she was headed. She assured me to make time to visit Arceus and ask about my concerns.

That wasn't really the reason why I called her though. I asked her what she was gonna do, and she just shrugged and said that she needed to continue searching for the cause of the phenomenon.

After that, we and the other Pokémon around the pond bid her good luck and farewell. soon as she was gone...

“Yo! Vixie!” ...Lithe's back in action...sigh...

“No!” Vixie shouted and glared at the approaching Growlithe.

We're thankful that we're still on the edge of the pond. I turned to Saur, and he stared back at me with a vine slightly poked out from under the bulb on his back. I smirked, and so did he.

“Aw, com'on Vixie!” the Growlithe whined. “I just got my nineteenth mate yesterday! You'd be my lucky twenty!”

My mouth hung open... “Wow... Not sure if you're extremely lucky, or extremely pervy.”

Fay chuckled at my statement, Vixie nodded, Shock and Saur laughed, and Lithe glared at me.

“What was that, punk?!”

“Deaf, too...” I deadpanned.

“As always...” Vixie added.

Shock coughed. “We don't have time for this.” He turned to me. “Bi gave us a task, so we should go.”

I blinked. “To...Kanto...?”

Saur and Shock nodded.

Fay smiled wide. “Of course to Kanto! Where else?!”

Erm...yeah, but... “You're coming?” I looked at all of them, minus Lithe. “You're all coming?”

“I would love to hear that from my mates and Vixie tonight,” Lithe commented with a grin, and I involuntarily had a coughing fit.

“Dream on, perv,” the Vulpix hissed before turning to us. “Let's get outta here.”

We nodded and started walking towards the forest. I wanna ask if they're really sure of coming along, but right now, I'd rather be as far away as I can from this Growlithe.

“Ack—!” Vixie was pulled back, and we turned to see her on her belly, pinned down by Lithe who was on top of her.

“They can leave,” Lithe whispered to her ear, “but you're staying here.”

Vixie squirmed, but she suddenly gasped when Lithe made a forward motio...

A yellow blur passed over and knocked Lithe back. Fay and Saur quickly ran to the Vulpix, who was shakily returning to her paws.

“Did he...?” Fay trailed off, and Vixie slowly shook her head. Fay sighed in relief as sparks flew in the air. “Oh, thank goodness.”

...and here I was, standing, stunned. Lithe was... Lithe was...

“You can't stop me!” Lithe shouted as the Pikachu was thrown back, burned, and barely standing up.

“You hurt my friend!” Fay shouted as she ran past Shock, headbutting Lithe and throwing him back.

The Growlithe managed to stay on his paws and angrily blasted the yelping Rattata with a fierce wave of fire. When the fire vanished, so was Fay. Scanning around, I saw a hole on the ground from where she stood mere moments ago.

A light tremor erupted as Fay suddenly burst out from the ground from where Lithe stood, throwing his yelping body up in the air. A vine shot up and pulled Fay down, and was soon followed by a storm of leaves, slicing the Growlithe while in the air.

Lithe growled and was enveloped in flames, making the razor leaves to do nothing but turn into ashes. He landed with a growl, in front of an angry Pikachu. Shock immediately turned around, slapping his metal-gray tail at Lithe's face, and throwing the burning Growlithe in the pond.

Seconds passed, and I felt a faint tremor. The others noticed as well, and Shock was about to jump, but the ground below him erupted. He was forced up as Lithe headbutted him, and breathed out fumes of fire for a second before a torrent of water swallowed them both.

When the geyser was gone, Lithe landed on his paws and growled as he dashed towards Saur. Shock landed on his back with a thud as Saur calmly wrapped his vines around Lithe and...the Bulbasaur pushed himself up and lets go, landing beside Shock. He gently presses a paw on him and his bulb started glowing.

Skidding to a stop, Lithe angrily spun, and gasped when he was face to face with an angry Vulpix. She immediately spun and slapped her tail on his chin like an uppercut, sending the Growlithe flying a bit. She followed him up and pounds him back to the ground with her paws.

The Growlithe gasped as he landed on his back. The Vulpix landed behind him and snarled.

“You want me so badly?!” Vixie shouted. “Then have it!”

Lithe howled in utter pain as Vixie bit his...

I cringe, and so were those who were watching the whole scene.

Vixie suddenly jumped back before Lithe could kick her. I...didn't see Vixie's face as she stared at the bloody mess she'd made before she walked towards the pond. Shock, Fay and Saur were surprised when they saw Vixie. I...guess I'm glad not to see her face, but judging from how bloody Lithe

Lithe cried as he limply crawled towards the pond, purposely going farther from the Vulpix, who was washing her face.

Fay said something, but her voice was too quiet for me to hear.

Vixie stared at her reflection, and sighed as her ears drooped. She quickly turned and slowly approached her friends. Her face was normal now. Well, normally clean, at least. She was still looking angry, and sorry at the same time. Relieved, and guilty.

I'm not sure if I should join them at the moment. I might as well keep my distance...

They slowly began talking, and I looked at them for a short while before I looked at Lithe. He was being helped by a few Pokémon though, cleaning his...ahem. I guess those are his ‘mates’...

O-okay... Things really are serious around here... One wrong move and I'd probably die...or maybe if I die, I'll automatically return to my home? I don't want to test that theory.

“He'll be fine.”

I jerked and turned, and saw Saur seated beside me. The others were still by the pond.

Saur turned his head to look at Lithe. “I'd say, he had it coming.”

I cringed. “B-but still... That looked like it hurt...a lot.” I was kicked there once. Never again would I want to experience it.

Saur nodded. “It does hurt a lot.”

“No duh...” I sighed as I closed my eyes and heard a few footsteps approaching us. Must be Saur's friends. I opened my eyes in time to see the others sitting around us. My gaze instantly fell on Vixie. “Hey um,” I caught her attention. “ are you?”

“Horrible...” she then looked angry. “And glad that he won't bother me again.”

Uh...huh... I nodded anyway. “Remind me not to get on your bad side.”

“You're not like Lithe,” Fay chirped, “so don't worry. Unless you want to.”

I frowned at her. “Hell no.”

“Anyway, let's go,” Vixie said, her voice carried the tone of finality.

The rest of us nodded as she walked towards the trees. We followed her, and Fay sped up until she was walking side by side with the Vulpix.

“So,” the Rattata said, “just curious... But how'd it taste like?”

I guess she haven't tasted blood before... I had. Common example would be when I get scratches on my hand or fingers. I quickly put them on my lips and apply some saliva. When I was young, my mom told me that our saliva helps stop the wound from bleeding. Still not sure if it was true or not, but I carried that belief even now. Er...when I was still human, at least.

Vixie shook her head. “Horrible...” she replied.

“Oh,” Fay said, her ears flattened. “Was it really that bad?”

Vixie turned her head to her friend and blinked in confusion. “The...blood?”

Fay slowly shook her head.

Vixie blinked again. “Um...Fay... What...are you asking about again?”

...brain...shut up.

“You know, his pokey—”

“FAY!” I snarled and pinned my ears against my head with my paws. “Shut up!”

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Chapter 28
I still stayed behind their group was we walked through the forest. The sun was about to set, if the orange colors of the sky was any indication.

Vixie suddenly stopped, and everyone stopped as well. She sighed and turned to me with a sad frown.

“Look,” she said, and I immediately felt scared, “I'm not going to hurt you, alright?”

Uhm... She must have noticed that I get scared every time she checks up on me.

“S-sorry...” I said a bit nervously, and I laughed weakly. “”

Shock crossed his arms and arched me an eyebrow. “What are you so nervous about, anyway?”

I felt my two ears drooped. “Um...” I sighed. “I...know Vixie wouldn't do that, but I...guess I'm...just...still shocked from what happened...I guess?”

Shock rolled his eyes, Fay chuckled, Vixie frowned further, and Saur just nodded.

“That's understandable,” the Bulbasaur said.

I smiled at him. “Thanks. And don't worry about me.” I shrugged. “I...guess I just need some time to recover.”

Saur nodded before turning to the rest. “We should go and look for a place to camp out.”

“Already?” I asked.

“Right,” Shock nodded and turned to a direction. “I can hear a stream up ahead. I'll go and check if it's a good spot.”

“I'll come with!” Fay chirped happily and ran after the Pikachu.

“Fay, stay behind,” Shock complained.

Fay just shook her head. “Nuh-uh! Nope! I'm coming with!”

Shock sighed. “Fine... Just be quiet.”

“Of course! I'll be super quiet you won't even know I'm here!”

The Pikachu groaned as Saur and Vixie chuckled.

Saur then turned to Vixie. “I'll find some good berries then.”

Vixie nodded. “I should, too.”

Saur just shook his head. “I'll handle it.”

Vixie frowned as Saur walked to a direction. “But...”

Saur ignored her and soon, he was gone.

Um... I looked at Vixie. She was still staring at where the Bulbasaur went. She sighed and turned to me. I gasped and looked away. Ah poop... I should have asked to join Saur...

There was a shuffling noise as I saw Vixie's shadow moved. Sigh... This is awkward... People can easily talk when they're in a group, but find it difficult in a one on one situation... I guess it also applies to Pokémon as well...

The faint voices of the flying types in the quiet air isn't really helping much though. I sighed. I guess I should try and break this awkward silence...

“Um...” I noticed her shadow's ears perked up. “...beautiful weather?”

She looked up. “It is...”

...and silence once again.

She sighed. “Look, I really really will not hurt you.”

I looked at her frowning face. “I...know that. Just that... I need time to recover?” Yeah, I'm just repeating myself.

“I know, I know...” she sighed. “I just don't like my friends to be scared of me...”

Eh? “Fr-friends?”

She blinked. “Yes. Friends.” She slightly arched an eyebrow. “We are friends, right?”

“I...” remember, don't go to her bad side... “...guess so...?”

She gave me a small smile. “Just like Fay said, friends don't hurt friends.”

I nodded with a small smile of my own. Strange that she considered me as her friend. Even more strange is they consider me as a friend. Despite a few facts that I barely helped them or even left them on that cliff...

“So I will never hurt you, because you're a friend!”

“But...” I began, my heart suddenly having a difficult time beating. “...I'm a human.”

“Well, right now you're not.”

My ears drooped. “So...once I am human again, you'll attack me?”

She grinned. “Only if you'll try and capture me.”

I rolled my eyes. “I don't even know how a Pokéball works. I'm originally not from this universe, remember?”

She blinked, her smile fading. “ you mean?”

“I mean, where I come from, there are no Pokéballs, because Pokémon don't” ...oops... Good job, me! I'm not even sure if they're ready to know that yet!

She blinked, and blinked, and blinked. “Pokémon don't...exist?”

Welp, the truth was out. “Well, in my world, at least...”

She shook her head. “A world where Pokémon don't exist?” She shook her head again. “That's... That's a sad world you live in!”

“Ouch...” I frowned. “The truth hurts a lot more, coming from you living in this world...”

“S-sorry...” her ears drooped. “I...didn't mean to offend you...”

I slowly shook my head. “Eh, what you said is true, so don't worry about it...”

“But...a world where there's only humans... I just can't imagine your life there...”

Let's see. Work, games, crimes, girls, wars, plagues, natural disasters. I shrugged. “It's not really a sad world though,” I lied. I'd rather you not worry.


I just nodded. “Yep.” Gonna close this topic now. “Why do you think I'm working so hard to get back home?”

“Huh... I guess that's true.” She nodded with a smile. “You must be missing something very important if you're doing everything to return home.”

Eh...not really. I just don't want to get captured by a stupid trainer. That, and I don't wanna die or get eaten as a Pokémon.

“Wife and kids, maybe?”

I frowned at her. “I don't have any of those.”

She blinked. “A...girlfriend?”

Ouch... That stung, girl... “Nope.”

She placed a paw on her chin, deep in thought. “Hm... Boyfriend?”

I choked. “What?!”

She shrugged with a grin. “Hey. I'm not judging.”

I glared at her. “Fay, get off that costume and tell me what you've done with Vixie?”

“Hah hah,” she frowned. “I can be funny too, y'know.”

“Oh?” I grinned.

She puffed. “Fine. Why can't you take a bath in Celebi's pond?”

I arched an eyebrow. “Erm... I give. Why?”

She grinned. “Because everyone might Pikachu.”

Smile...stop... Stop... Darn... Laugh, stop! Stop! I failed. “Hahahah! O-okay, that was a good one.”

Vixie posed proudly. “See? I can even make jokes!”

“Heh...” Okay. I've read some jokes before... Let's see what I can remember... “Hm... You found Skuntank. What do you say?”

“Um... What?”

I smiled. “Odor you are!”

Vixie chuckled. “That was lame.”

“Yeah? Well,” you're just lucky most of the jokes I know will not make any sense to you Pokémon.

“Very lame!” Fay chirped as she and Shock walked out from a small bush. “Here's one! What does a Dratini smell every morning?”

“His dragonbreath,” Saur said, dragging a large leaf with assorted berries on it.

I chuckled as Fay frowned at Saur. I admit, that was a good one.

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Chapter 29
Gah! Ugh... It's still dark...

I fell on a bicycle... Damn, I hate those kinds of dreams. They jolt me awake. I swear, this Eevee body's trying to give ME a heart attack.

I yawned as I rose into a sitting position and rubbed my eye with a paw. I looked up at the starry sky. Damn, the evenings here are beautiful than back on earth. Heh, probably because of the air and light pollutions back there.

The quiet noise of the stream, the evening black-n-blue hues of the twinkling night sky. Damn. I could stare at it forever.

“Awake already?”

I turned to Shock, who was seated by the pond.

I arched him an eyebrow. “I could ask the same to you.”

He just smirked at me before lying on his back and stared at the sky. What's up with him? I quietly rose into four and quietly walked out from the others. I sat beside the Pikachu and slowly lied on my back. Eh, it's not easy to lie on one's back if you're a four-legged creature. This damn Pikachu has an easy life...

“So...what's up?”

Shock shrugged. “The Hoothoots are noisy...”

I deadpanned while looking at the sky. “I could barely hear anything.”

Shock just chuckled, and sighed. “Nah, I just couldn't sleep, i's all.”

“Close your eyes and count some sheep.”


“Er... Mareeps. Yeah, Mareeps!” Darn, this world's too weird.

“ does that help?”

I sighed. “Forget it... Pretend I didn't say anything.”

We were quiet for a while before Shock broke it. “Can't sleep?”

“Not if my dreams give me heart attacks.”

Shock chuckled. “Yeah, those are annoying kinds of dreams. I remember this one dream of mine that a Snorlax rolled over me.”

I cringed. “Ouch.” What's even scarier is that it is possible to happen in this world! I'll dodge Lavender Town if Snorlaxes block the paths though.

Shock chuckled again. “Yeah...”

And we were quiet once again. I sighed with a smile as a cool breeze passed by.

“So...” I softly said, “ and Vixie, huh?”

“Huh?” Shock turned his head to face me. “What do you mean?”

I turned to him. “You know,” I gestured with my front paws. “You and her. Together.”

“...what?” his face turned red. “Wh-what?”

I shrugged. “Hey, no need to be shy about it. I mean, com'on,” I shrugged again and turned to the sky. “We're both guys. Back home, guys share stories and thoughts about girls.” My co-workers, at least. Damn, they complain too much. They should be thankful that they have a girl, for goodness' sake!

“What makes you think we're mates?”

“Hm... Well, you're over-protective of her around Lithe. That's one thing. And...” I turned back to him with a grin, “...that red face of yours is another thing.”

His red face went even redder and he quickly looked away from me. “Th-that's nonsense!”

I nodded. “Denial. Another thing. Three points now.” I snickered.

“Zip it,” he turned back to me with a glare. His face was still red though. “We're not mates, okay?”

“In the future, yes?”


“Sheesh, you're going to wake everyone up at that volume, Shocky~”

“Don't call me that,” he hissed with a glare for a few seconds before turning back to the sky and ‘hmp'ed’.

We were quiet once again for a few minutes until I sighed. Strange feelings of guilt from teasing him is eating my consciousness...

“Sorry...” I said, almost a whisper. “I guess I assumed too much...”

“If Saur were awake,” Shock said, “he'll tell you that that's our job.”

I chuckled, and so did he. “But seriously though. I'm curious here... You and Vixie are...?” I trailed off for him to fill.

“Just friends,” Shock finished. “Nothing wrong with friends looking out for each other, right?”

“Nah, but, seriously, the thought never occurred to you?”

“Just now, by the form of an Eevee.”

“Hah hah...”

He took a breath and sighed. “She's okay, I guess, but...”

Always a ‘but’...

“She's not really a Pikachu, now is she?”

“We can ask that human painter and paint her yellow.”

He chuckled.

“But...why only Pikachus?”

“I am one, for starters...”

“But...the magic-thingy... Wouldn't they be Pichus by now?”

He turned to me with an arched eyebrow. “Who are you talking to at the moment?”

Eheheh... “Good point.”

He looked back at the sky. “Why only Pikachus? I dunno... I'm not really attracted to other species... Anyway, I'm pretty sure that there are Pikachus back home.”

“Is that why you wanted to come with me to Kanto?”

He shook his head. “Not really. I mean,” he shrugged, “since you brought that up, it doesn't seem like a bad idea. I'm sure Saur and the others would understand.”

I frowned. One reason I wasn't so friendly back home is that I hate friends leave to continue with their lives. There are various technologies to keep in touch, but it's not the same as meeting them up again in person... I sighed.

“Sounds like you disagree...”

“Yeah, well,” I sighed and stared at the stars. “I just...don't like friends leaving... That's why I was...surprised that you guys considered me as a friend. Now I consider you guys as my friends, and I swear, I'm gonna be so f*cking hurt once I find a way to go home...”

“I still think you're not a human, and you just hit your head pretty hard and started believing in crazy stuff.”

“Gee...thanks...I guess?”

Shock chuckled. “But, let's say what you're saying is true...”

“Which definitely is.”

“ said you hate friends leaving friends. Friends leaving you... But can you leave your friends?”

I sighed as I closed my eyes. No I can't. “I'll...cross that bridge when I get there...”

“But since the bridge is not yet here, you need to learn to defend yourself.”

“Eh?” What a straaaaange shift of topic.

“That's why we agreed to come with you. You can barely do anything in the face of danger.”

I glared at him. “Hey! I threw Lithe in the water the first time I got there!” Exaggerated, I know. But com'on! I ain't that useless!

He nodded. “Uh huh... And...?”

My glare intensified. He doesn't believe me that I can defend myself? “And...! And... And... Uh...” Um... “I...tackled a Cyndaquil?”

Okay... I guess I really am a cute and defenseless Pokéfood...

“Okay, you win,” I admitted. “So I don't know how to fire some fire or zap lightning or shoot leaves... But I'm still here, right?” Yeah...I'm pathetic...

Shock just chuckled, and I felt really really sad at myself... “We'll let Vixie train you.”

I blinked. “Why her?”

He grinned. “You want Fay to teach you?”

My eyes grew wide. “No!”

Saur might be a good teacher... Then again...with his oh-so-mystical prophet-of-the-future like ways of talking, I doubt I can do anything new...

Shock seems to be too...assertive... He and Saur both rely on elemental attacks though... I can't manipulate the elements...

Vixie seems like a good candidate. And I'm not really that scared of her anymore.

I hate to do stuff that I don't like yet I'm forced to do. What's worse, I need to do these stuff to survive!

I sighed in defeat. “Fine... I'll let her teach me.”

“That's not yet final,” Shock said. “I'm not sure if she'll agree.”

Well, I hope not.

...wait... I'd be dead meat if I can't properly defend myself...

“I hope she will...” I whispered in defeat.

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Chapter 30
“Gah!” I yelped as I was thrown back.

I tried to skid to a stop, but my weak legs gave in and I ended up rolling on the ground until I gradually stopped. My dazed eyes fell on the gentle rays of the morning sun that poked through the sea of dancing leaves. aching...everything...! I never would have thought that training would be THIS hard?! And trainers have the nerve to complain if their Pokémon weren't doing good in battle! Training is so, freaking, hard!

“You okay?” Vixie asked as she stopped beside me, her concerned look taking over my vision. “S-sorry! I was expecting you to dodge it!” she frowned even further.

I tried to smile and shrug. “At least I now know how ouchy your tail slap is...ow...” Even simple talking hurts.

It was around noon by the time our little group decided to take a break from our journey. Shock and Saur went to go and look for something to eat. Vixie and I started training. Fay was...

“You need to focus on using your feet for jumping and dodging!”

...Fay was my coach...sort of...

“...and the way you run is weird. And the way you're using your head for tackling is wrong. You should strengthen your neck more if you want to keep using your head.”

...and she strangely knows a lot about battling. Never judge a funny rat by its fur, I guess...

“...and you should stop wagging your tail while you run. And you shouldn't—”

“Okay! I get it!” I hissed. “Ow!” and a painful headache made me wince.

“See?” Fay chirped as I felt Vixie's nose pushing my side to turn me on my belly. “Even your head's not well enough for tackling! Or headbutting! If you keep that up, you're gonna have a sore head and a headache at the same time!”

I gritted my teeth in annoyance. I took a deep, deep breath, and sighed. “T-thanks...” No use getting angry at her...

“Sorry if I was too hard on you...” Vixie whispered, sitting beside me.

“You apologize too much...” I joked.

The Vulpix just gave me a worried frown.

“I was kidding... Don't worry...” I assured her.

Fay arrived and sat on my other side. “Why don't you just use a shadow ball?”

I blinked. “I that?”

Fay rolled her eyes. “Well, duh! Anyone can do a shadow ball!”

I arched her an eyebrow as she jumped in all four and opened her mouth as she raised her curled tail. I heard a weird noise as a black dot thingy appeared in front of her opened mouth. It grew quicker than a blink, and became a size as big as her head. She lifted her head up, as well as her front paws, up in the air, and slammed her paws back on the ground as she ‘fired’ the shadow ball forward, exploding in dust and splinters when it struck the base of a large tree.

My jaw fell open as the dust settled, and the tree will forever carry the scar of the Rattata's playful wrath.

Fay smiled and looked at me. “See? Now you try!”

“You're kidding, right?” I gulped. “I...I don't even know where to begin! I don't even know how that was possible!”

Fay rolled her eyes again. “You saw it, right?”

I nodded reluctantly.

She smiled. “Then it happened! Seeing is believing, after all!”

I deadpanned. “Not everything we see is real, too.”

“Oh, pfft,” she raspberried as she waved a paw. “That only applies for ghosts! They make illusions all the time!”

I sighed, and then turned to Vixie, who was just sitting there quietly. “You okay there?”

She blinked. “Yeah...” Her ears drooped. “Sorry for hurting you.”

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Sheesh. Where's the tough Vixie I knew? Talk about complete change in character. “Are you sure you're okay? What happened to the tough Vulpix I know?”

She shot me a glare. “Is it wrong to be concerned about my friends?”

Ouch... “Okay, sorry... It's just...” I stared at the ground. “...I just don't like other people worrying about me.”

Fay giggled. “Then learn to defend yourself so we'll stop worrying much!”

Vixie still had that glare of hers. “If you want the tough Vixie back, then stand up and get back to training!”

Sheesh... Can't she take a joke? I groaned as I tried to stand in all four. Took me a few seconds than normal, but at least I'm standing...wobbling a bit.

Vixie walked a few meters in front of me and turned, and was now in battle mode.

“We'll work on your dodging techniques first,” she said, preparing herself. “I'll go slower than normal, but I'll increase my speed with each successful dodge you make, okay?”

I sighed and prepared myself. “Fine, fine...”

Fay run back into the audience zone.

Vixie then started running towards me, her head ready to hit me. She was running pretty slow than normal though. Still, this is training after all, so yeah. I jumped to the side in time and managed to stay on my paws on my landing. She skidded to a stop and turned to me.

“Jump was too high!” Fay shouted.

Darn it. I keep forgetting. If I jump too high, it'll take me a while to land and dodge another attack.

Vixie ran towards me, faster than earlier. I jumped in time, this time minding the height of my jump. I ended up landing farther than usual.

“Good!” Fay chirped! “But get on your feet quicker than that! Foot work! Foot work!”

What does she mean by that? This isn't boxing!

I turned and— “Agh!” Vixie tackled my side, and I was thrown against a tree. “Ow...” I landed on the ground with a thud. “A...nother ow...”

I...wonder if my ribs are still okay...

“Foot work, see?” Fay said as she stood beside me and helping me up. “Always keep an eye out on your foe!”

Obvious advice. Thank you...

Vixie was frowning at me with worry, but the instant I looked at her, she glared at me. “Rest for now. I'll go and worry about you somewhere so you won't see me.”

Ugh... “You don't have to...”

She turned her back and started walking away.

I sighed and lied down on the ground. “Sheesh... What's with her?”

“You're selfish,” Fay chirped.

I shot her a weak glare. “No I'm not.”

“Yes you are!” she smiled.

“No I'm not!”

“Yes you are!”

“No I'm not!” I stood up and glared at her. Suddenly, my heart felt heavy, and my eyes guiltily fell on the ground. “...right?”

Fay patted my head as she lightly giggled. “Yes, you are, ” she gently said. “But you're still a good friend!”

I'm...selfish? “H-how am I selfish?”

Fay blinked, her smile slowly fading. “Well...” she hummed as she stared above. “ ditched us back on the cliff. But that's all forgiven and in the past now, right?”

“I...shared with you guys about who I am.”

She nodded and then turned back to me. “You also didn't accept that berry I was giving you.”

My eye twitched. “Y-yeah... Sorry about that?” No I'm not. “I...gave that Meowth half of the meat we found?”

“Was he your friend?”

I blinked. “Not...really... I barely even know him.”

She nodded again. “You don't want us to worry about you.”

I shook my head. “Just because. I hate feeling useless.”

“You barely know any moves.”

“Because I can't... And I used to be human!”

“You're not using my advice during training.”

“It was difficult to do!”

“You don't want us to help you.”

“I can help myself!”

“But we're going to Kanto.”

“I can go there myself!”

“You don't need our company...”

“Yes I don't nee—...” I blinked. That caught me off-guard. Fay's annoying but...what were we arguing again?

She grinned. “We're all your friends, right?”

My ears drooped, and I suddenly felt very very tired. I closed my eyes and sighed. “Yes.”

“And friends help each other, right?”

I lamely nodded.

“You're being prideful. You don't want to be looked down upon. You believe you can do anything. You believe you don't need anyone's help. don't want anyone to worry about you, because you believe that you don't deserve it. You're selfish, and you're prideful, but you know it, and that's why you don't want anyone to be around you, because you don't want them to be hurt because of your selfishness and pride.”

I slowly looked up to her. She was still wearing that sweet and innocent smile of hers. What she said, everything that she said, hurt...a lot, but in a weird ‘relief’ kind of hurt.

I sighed as I hung my head. “I'm...just tired of hurting my friends without me knowing. Just like with Vixie. I didn't know my little remark would hurt her.”

“We'll get used to you, so don't worry too much!” She placed a paw on my head and rubbed it like a maniac. “Just swallow a few of that pride and let us help and worry about you, silly!”

I batted her paw in mild annoyance.

“Friends also look out for each other, y'know!” She smiled. “And don't worry. We won't be looking down on you.”

She stared at me for a few moments, and slowly, her gaze wormed down. I suddenly felt naked and used my paws as a shield as I glared at her.

She giggled. “Well, I just looked down on you. What do you do?”

I arched an eyebrow. “O...kay? Way to ruin the moment, Fay.”

“Can we eat now?” I heard Shock's whine.

I gasped and turned around, and there they were, Shock, Saur and Vixie, standing a few feet from me. The Pikachu was looking annoyed, while Saur and Vixie were smiling.

I felt like apologizing to her though, but... “H-how much of that did you hear?!”

Saur just shrugged. “We won't tell you.”

Ugh... This is humiliating... I groaned and lower myself to the ground. “Fay...I'm going to kill you in your sleep,” I hissed as they chuckled, except for one hungry Pikachu.

“Seriously you guys, can we eat already?”

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Chapter 31
It was still morning by the time we walked out from the forest. Our eyes were greeted by the fine green arts of nature. A grassy field, its tall leaves swayed peacefully with the cool wind. Tall rolling hills could be seen from afar, and further beyond were mountains, some tall enough for their peaks to be covered by the thin layers of whispy clouds.

Metal-black train tracks were set on the grassy plain. That was probably the tracks for the Magnet Train.

Near the edge of the forest were different kinds of Pokémon, eating and talking. I didn't pay them much attention however.

Around the grassy plains was a large herd of Tauroses, grazing on the grass, locking horns with each other, and chatting amongst themselves.

“Phew...” Shock sighed, dropping himself into a sitting position. “We made it,” he said with a smile.

It would have been a beautiful scene if it weren't for one question that kept popping in my head.

“So...why the heck are we here?” I blurted out.

My companions shot me a look as though I've lost my mind.

“You...don't know?” Vixie asked.

I deadpanned. “That's why I asked...”

Saur chuckled, Fay snickered, and Vixie glared at me.

Shock sighed. “Those,” he pointed at the herd, “are Tauroses.”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes. And you're a Pikachu. Amazing...”

Shock shot me a glare. “And we're here to get a ride.”

I blinked. “On...a Tauros?”

“No, on an Oddish” Shock deadpanned. “Of course on a Tauros!”

Well excuse me for not knowing! I noticed Fay's knowing smile, and I sighed. Ugh... Too early for an argument. “Okay... But how?”

“We're going to ask them,” Saur said, cutting Shock off, and earning an annoyed stare from the Pikachu. The Bulbasaur doesn't seem to notice. “If they say no, we ask another, until someone will let us.”

“Oh, okay...” I said. “But just to check... They're heading to Kanto, right?”

Saur nodded.

“They're always moving from region to region twice in a month,” Vixie said. I was about to ask something, but she cut me off with a grin. “And don't ask why. I don't know either.”

I gave her an annoyed stare. “You're a mind reader. I'm watching you.”

Vixie and Fay chuckled, and Shock grunted.

Soon, the earth started to shake, but only slightly. I turned east and saw a few Tauroses already started moving east. A few earth-bound and flying Pokémon were trying to ask the Tauroses for a ride though.

...why would flying types want to ask for a ride? Can't they just fly there? eyes grew wide when... D-did...did a Tauros just stepped on and k-killed a Sunkern?!

“Yeah, that happens often,” Fay chirped cheerfully. She must have noticed my horrified expression. “But as long as we're careful, nothing will go wrong!”

“Oi, let's go!” Shock said, and the others followed him.

My breath stopped and my mind was a jumbled mess as I stared at my four friends walking towards danger. I could honestly feel that runaway ability of mine kicking in, not to rescue them, but to flee away from danger.

I felt my rear paw moved back, followed by my front paw. I was...turning...turning back to the forest. Yeah, the gloomy, but safe forest! I learned some basic attacks from Vixie and Fay, and with this runaway ability thingy of mine, nothing could stop me, right? B-but... I can't just leave them here! I should talk and bring some sense into th—

“Gah!” I gasped as I suddenly felt something push me back, and I dropped myself on the ground. I felt something wrapped around me. I panicked and turned my head, and saw Saur was boredly dragging me towards... “No! No no no no no! Let me go! Let me go let me go let me go let me go let me go—”

Shock sighed. He took a breath and turned to me with an annoyed glare. “Will you shut up!”

I winced and closed my mouth as Saur kept on dragging me, Shock and the others were walking beside me.

His glare intensified. “No Tauros will ever let us get a ride if you're that noisy and whiny!”

I didn't even bother hiding the tears of fear running down my face as I tried to crawl out of Saur's grip. “We're gonna die...!” I sobbed.

Fay chuckled and Vixie had a mix of amusement, worry, and annoyance...

Vixie then flashed me a small and assuring smile. “Don't worry. Shock and Saur will do the asking. We're just going to stand and wait in a close yet safer distance.”

Well, she at least calmed me down, if only a bit. I smiled. “R-really?”

Fay and Vixie nodded, and Shock just sighed at how pathetic I must be at the moment.

B-but... What is Shock and Saur... “You guys do this all the time, right?” I asked.

“Nope,” Fay chirped happily. “This is our first time, actually.”

My heart started racing as I felt my pupils shrunk.

“Fay,” Shock hissed, “stop scaring him already! It's hard enough to deal with a panicky coward...”

“I am not a coward!” I glared at him. “I'm panicking 'cause I just care for our lives' safety, that's all!”

“Tell that to a stone. Now shut up,” Shock said as I felt the vines loosen and slid off of me. Fay and Vixie stopped beside me as Shock and Saur continued walking towards the moving herd of Tauroses. “Wait with the girls, you girl.”

I stood up, turned and shot him a glare, but he already turned his back on me. The stomping noises from the herd were much louder here though. I sighed. I just hope nothing bad's going to happed to those two.

“Aww,” Fay suddenly cooed. I was about to turn to face her, but I was stunned when she started rubbing her head on the side of my neck. This is called ‘nuzzling’, right? My cheeks suddenly felt like it's going to burn from how intimate this was... “It's so nice of you to care for us, Jay!” She returned my personal space and smiled.

“Ye-yeah...” I stammered as I rubbed my violated neck. “Don't do that again, please.”

Fay blinked in confusion. “What? The nuzzling?”


“Why?” Vixie and Fay asked at the same time.

“'Cause it felt weird... Really weird...” I shivered.

Fay chuckled. “You'll get used to it.”

I glared at her. “I'd rather not.”

Vixie blinked. “You weren't nuzzled before?”

I blinked back. Was I ‘nuzzled’ before? Do humans even nuzzle each other? Eh, what a stupid question...

I shook my head. “Nope. Fay was the first, and hopefully the last!”

Fay and Vixie chuckled as a shadow was casted over us. We slowly looked up and saw an old-looking Tauros, its black mane were now slightly gray and its brown coat was a bit pale than normal. this an old Tauros or a shiny Tauros?

“You kids need a lift?” he asked. His voice was very very dark, and...almost grumpy, or rusty, or whatever, but old...

“You bet'cha!” Fay chirped and ran to his side as the Tauros lowered himself for us to hop onto his back.

“Hope ya kids don't mind if I'm a li'l slower than the others,” Mr. Tauros said as Vixie helped Fay up by pushing Fay's bum with her nose. Eh... Wouldn't that be awkward?

“Oh, it's no problem,” Vixie replied as she climbed up and me reluctantly walking to where she stood.

Fay extended a paw with a smile. I just stared at it for a few seconds.

“Um...shouldn't we try and call for Saur and Shock first?”

“Ungh...” Mr. Tauros winced. “Better hurry up there, kid. My knees aren't as strong as they used to be.”

I felt my ears droop as I grabbed Fay's paw with two of mine. She lifted me up...with surprising ease. I suddenly found myself sitting on the slowly rising Mr. Tauros' back. Mr. Tauros then began to move forward.

I blinked. “W-what just happened?”

“Oi! SHOOOOOK! SAAAAAAUR!” Fay shouted as Vixie chuckled at my stunned look.

“Just like Fay said, you'll get used to it.”

I stared at her. “A mind-reader and a super rat. I'm definitely going to have my eyes on the two of you.” I gave her a suspiscious glare.

She just rolled her eyes in amusement as Shock and Saur ran towards us, and away from the herd of killer hooves.

“Why'd you picked an old geezer?” Shock asked as Vixie and I grabbed Saur's vines, and pulled him up.

“I heard that!” Mr. Tauros said, turning his head to glare at Shock, who was currently being lifted up by Saur's vines.

Shock just ignored him though, and continued to address us. “Seriously, why? It'd be much faster if Saur and I asked younger ones back there.”

My eye twitched. I...have a soft side for old people. “Get off and ask for a ride on younger Tauroses then,” I glared at him.

He glared back. “What was that?”

“You heard me,” I hissed. “If you're so ungrateful that Mr. Tauros gave us a lift, then get off and be on your way!”

“I'm the leader of this group,” he snarled. “What I say, goes!”

Oh, so that's how it goes, huh?! Well then, “I'll—”

“Now now, you two,” Mr. Tauros called.

Shock and I blinked and turned to see him, who was also giving us a displeased look.

“I don't want friends arguing with each other, so would you mind to keep it down? Your loud voices are hurting my ears.”


I jerked in surprise and quickly turned back to see Saur retracting a vine and Shock fixing the Bulbasaur a glare as he rubbed the back of his head.

“What was that for?!”

Saur glared at him. “You're being rude, picky, and out of control.”

Vixie nodded. “I agree with Saur... Sorry Shock...”

“I'm out of con—you know what?” Shock sighed and sat on the furry back of the elderly Tauros. “...maybe I am. Sorry...”

Wow... Saur actually glared. I wonder if that was the first time I ever saw him glare at someone.

Fay's giggles snapped me out from my little train of thought. I turned to her and her giggles died down.

“Mr. Tauros? Really?”

I blinked. “What's so funny about it?”

Fay just giggled some more, and Vixie joined her.

My ears drooped as I fixed her an annoyed stare. “Fay, you're weird... No, scratch that... You're always weird...” I fixed Vixie a glare and cut her off. “And no! I will not get used to it!”

“Your problem,” Vixie grinned.

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Chapter 32
I sat in front of our group, while my friends are behind me, chatting with themselves. I was enjoying the scenery, despite how slow we were moving. Though we weren't really that slow. We were still within the herd, or rather, outside the herd, but we're keeping up. The thunderous hooves kept echoing to my ears. It hurted my ears earlier, but I guess I got used to it now.

Tall greeny hills on the north, a forest on the south. The sun was high up, but the wind was cool and breezy here. There were also lots of flying types soaring up high, matching the speed of the herd.

Suddenly, a weird electrical hum echoed louder than the Tauroses' hooves. It was coming from behind, and I worriedly look back. There was a tall and whitish barrier-like wall moving towards us.

“What the—?” I asked, but stopped myself as it cut through the herd.

It stopped behind a Tauros, and it looked like it was slowly pushing the Tauros aside. When the Tauros did budge away, the barrier continued moving in a fast pace, only stopping to move a Tauros out of its way.

I sighed in relief. At least it wasn't cutting Tauroses in half.

“Oh, oh!” Fay chirped, and I curiously turned to her. She was staring back at where the barrier-wall-thingy had come from.

I haven't seen the Great Wall of China, but damn, this wall is long!

“The human fast-moving-thingy's coming!”

I blinked at Fay. “Uh... The...Magnet Train?”

“Oh yeah,” Fay turned to me with a smile. “You did tell us it was called a train!” She then turned back. “Oh, oh! The human train is coming!” least she didn't say the ‘human centipede’... I cringed... “Drop the human, Fay. It's called a train. Nothing more...”

“But humans made it, right?” she asked.

Damn... I lose... “Eh... Well, yeah, but...”

“A human train it is!” she proclaimed.

I sighed in defeat. “Yes, yes it is...” I then turned to my more sensible companions. “But what's the wall for?”

Vixie smiled. “Just one example that not all humans are bad.”

The other three nodded their heads in agreement.

Eh? I arched an eyebrow. “I...don't fol—” I cut myself off when I noticed a long black train from far away, traveling fast, and inside the barrier-like walls.

I blinked and turned to see the tracks. Even though the Tauroses blocked it, there were a few gaps were I managed to take a glimpse, and confirmed my thoughts: the barrier was raised around the tracks so Pokémon won't get hit by the train.

The Magnet Train sped its way through my vision, and the Tauroses didn't even seem to mind. A few seconds after the train passed by, the barrier-like walls started to lower and disappear.

I blinked again. “Wow. Don't see that everyday.”

Mr. Tauros suddenly started laughing wholeheartedly. “I heard the same line from an Eevee a month or two ago... I gave her a lift to Kanto as well.” He paused to chuckle. “So, I take it that you're a human as well?”

I blinked as I stared at the back of his head. Was I hearing things. I turned to my friends to confirm that I wasn't hearing anything. Eh, they were looking mighty surprised as well.

I turned back to Mr. Tauros in puzzlement. “I'm a...what now?”

“Oh? You're a secretive type, then?” he chuckled. “So I take it you're heading to Kanto to go and see this Bill fellow, right?”

“ I repeating a repeated journey here or something?”

Mr. Tauros simply shrugged. “You could say that. I still don't believe it, but who am I to judge? I've seen and heard stranger things in my lifetime.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Even...stranger things that a human turning into an Eevee?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Shock cut Mr. Tauros' attempt to reply. “Are you saying that there's ANOTHER crazy Eevee, thinking he used to be a human, who is in Kanto, and already looking for a way back?!”

Mr. Tauros nodded. “The first two parts, yes.” He shrugged. “No idea about the last two. Sorry...”

Shock shook his head in irritation and scratched his head as he looked like he was going to suffer with a very painful headache. “I'm going to have a headache...”

...well, that was redundant.

“And that Eevee was a ‘she’, by the way.”


“A strong lass, very bright and cheerful, but very talkative.” Dunno why, but I strangely felt that Mr. Tauros started grinning. “You two would make a fine couple, no?”

“A crazy couple, yep!” Fay chirped and giggled.

I turned and glared at her. Saur tried, but failed as he chuckled.

Vixie grinned. “So that's why you wanted to go to Kanto so badly.”

I intensified my glare and aimed it at her. “I hate all of you.”

“Ah, so you're after her?”

I poked his back with a sharp nail.

“Ow! Hey! Watch it!”

“Zip it and I'll watch it!” I hissed, and Mr. Tauros chuckled.

“Ah, young love. Ow!”

“Jay,” Shock called, and I turned to him. “Focus. There's another one just like you?”

“Same specie, different gender,” Fay chirped, and I hit her head. “Ow!”

I turned back to Shock. “If what Mr. Tauros says...” I paused to glare at the giggling Fay, “ true, then yes, I guess?”

“Do you kow her?”

I deadpanned. “Ask Vixie. She's the mind-reader in this group.”

“Hah hah...” she deadpanned.

I returned to Shock. “Anyway, no. I didn't even know about it until now!”

Shock nodded. “So she's been there for a month now, or more. Maybe she knows something more about what happened to you...” he brought a hand to his chin as he hummed in thought.

I tilted my head to the side. “I...thought you don't believe me and my crazy story.”

“If a map has one cave, I'll start wondering why there are two caves.”

I arched an eyebrow. “I...don't understand what you just said.”

“Neither do I,” Shock said, still looking serious. “I just thought it sounded cool.”

I deadpanned...hard.

“Anyway, we should probably go and look for her as well.”

“If she's still in Kanto,” I pointed out. “And even if she is, I'm still going to Pallet to look for Bill.”

“Pallet?” Mr. Tauros asked. “Pallet Town?”

“Yeah? That's what I said...” I replied. “Something wrong?”

He just shrugged, and turned his head to the herd. “Oi! What's that human town called again? The one the humans call Pallet?”

“Seaside!” a few voices replied back.

Seaside? Well, I guess that's kinda logical, since the town is close to the shore, in the game, at least.

Mr. Tauros shouted his thanks and looked ahead. “That's close to where the herd is going.”

I nodded with a smile. “Sweet! How long 'till we get there?”

“Three days if there won't be any storm to stop us.”

My smile faded. “I'm...starting to consider going back to Goldenrod...”

Mr. Tauros chuckled. “What? That cheese city?”

“See?” Fay chirped. “I told you!”

I sighed. “Whatever,” I turned back to Shock and...he was still thinking deeply about this. “Shock? You okay?” he just nodded. “What's up with you? So what if there's another one like me?”

“Different gender! Ow!”

I'm strangely starting to like hitting Fay's skull... Anyway, I glared at her before turning back to Shock. “So what if there's another one like me? It's not like it's going to help in anything...right?”

“He likes mysteries,” Saur said. “And he'll try to piece everything together to make sense of it.”

Eh? “Can't you just tell yourself that I'm crazy and go with it?”

Shock shook his head. “Can't if there are two same cases...”

I sighed. “Fine. I'll let you have your little detective work.”

“So,” Fay chirped, catching my annoyed attention. “When you meet her, you're gonna ask her to be your mate?”

“What's with you and mates, Fay?” I asked in annoyance. “Are you looking for one?”

She giggled. “Maaayyybbbeee,” she sang.

“Well, I'm not applying.” I don't think I'd want to be with you, anyway. Heck, I'm not into furries. That's beastiality, and I'm not into that sort of thing.

“Why not?” Vixie teased with a grin. “You two look good together.”

“Hah hah hah...” I glared at her. “I'm a human, and you guys are an—Pokémon!”

Mr. Tauros suddenly chimed in. “I once heard a human and a Gardevoir having se—”

“NOT LISTENING!” I pinned my ears to my head as my friends started chuckling, except for Shock, who looked green and horrified.

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Chapter 33
It's been two days now. Only one more day, and the Tauroses will finally be able to reach their destination. Wherever that is.

During the past two days, our little group did little to pass the time. Most of our time was spent talking, admiring the scenery, and then talking. The Tauroses also pauses for a short while two times in a day. The first is a quick less-than-twenty minutes for lunch, and four or six hours of sleep.

The nights were freaking cold, especially on the second day, since we were now traveling on green mountains. At first, when the herd started climbing the elevated path, I was awestruck at how beautiful and green the mountains were. It even had so many trees, unlike back home.

But the nights. Oh god, the nights were too freaking cold! I assured them that my Eevee body's fur will keep me warm at night. In the end however, I swallowed a bit of my pride and inserted myself in between my friends, who were closely huddled together to share their body warmth. It felt really weird at first, but over time, I got used to it.

...but I'm just not going to sleep beside Fay nor Shock. The Rattata has a nasty habit of kicking while sleeping, and she mumbles. The Pikachu drools! Eek!

Saur was okay, but his skin felt really really weird though. It felt like scales, but he's not covered by scales. I dunno. It just crept me out.

Vixie was great to sleep with. And no, I don't mean anything beyond that! She snores, like, very loud, but she's so warm... I guess that's one good thing for being a fire type.

So, on the first night, I was between Fay and Vixie. Second was in between Shock and Vixie. No offense to Saur. Thankfully, he doesn't mind.

Unfortunately, Fay got the idea of teasing me of wanting to be with Vixie more. Sigh... Thankfully, Vixie was also getting annoyed by her when the Rattata teases the two of us. But it's kinda weird that the Vulpix was blushing whenever Fay teases us. But meh, I've seen a few animé where character faces turn red when they're getting annoyingly angry at someone.

Anyway, it was a bright and peaceful morning, and the herd were still moving on a flat plane on the mountain range. We're probably on the border of Kanto and Johto now. There was a very tall mountain up north though, and I think that was the mountain where the Ice Tunnel is located. Or was it Ice Path? Ice Cave? Bleah, whatever.

Wait, that means we're still in Johto then. And that means Blackthorn's close by. Wow, the last gym of the Johto region's a dragon master. I wonder how she's handling her devolved Pokémon... But eh, Clair's a tough chick. I'm sure she's handling things well.

And...I'm bored as heck as I lied on my belly, my head boringly lying on Mr. Tauros' head.

“Are we there yet...?” I asked as a form of an ice-breaker joke.

Unfortunately, my current company didn't get it.

“Nope,” Mr. Tauros replied. “We'll get there by tomorrow afternoon.”

I sighed once again out of boredom. “Tell everybody we're on our way~” I sang quietly, but it strangely made me feel a bit...not bored. “New friends and new places to see~” I continued, a bit louder as I slowly rose up.

“Oh! Oh!” Fay chirped, “Jay's singing!”

Shock groaned. “Oh, please no...”

I smiled as I turned to them. “With blue skies ahead, yes, we're on our way~ And there's nowhere else that we'd rather beeee~” I prolonged as I extended a paw to my side while I close my eyes to feel the lyrics.

“Tell everybody we're on our way~” Fay suddenly sang, quite loud yet beautiful.

I blinked at her as she stood on two hind legs. Saur and Vixie were smiling, heads bobbing, while Shock shook his head in annoyance.

“And I'm loving every step we take~” she continued.

“The Tauroses are doing the step-taking,” Shock mumbled.

Saur suddenly cleared his throat. “With the sun beating down, yes we're on our way~”

Vixie brought a paw to her chest. “And we can't keep these smiles off our face~”

“-ses,” Fay chirped and then giggled as I suddenly noticed the stomps of the Tauroses were rhythmic to the song. Do they know this song or something?

“'Cause there's nothing like seeing each other again~” the herd sang, their different voices blending together harmonically. “No matter what the distance between~”

“And the stories that we tell will make 'em smile~” a few Pokémon who rode the Tauroses sang along. “Oh, it really lifts our—”

“—hearts~” I joined along.

Everybody suddenly joined in on the chorus, minus Shock. That killjoy...

“So tell 'em all we're on our way~”

Fay and I smiled at each other. “New friends and new places to see~”

Vixie and Saur smiled at each other. “And to sleep under the stars, who could ask for more~?”

The four of us smiled at each other as the rest joined in. “With the moon keeping watch over meeee~”

“Not the snow—”

“Not the rain—”

“Can change our minds~”

Fay soloed, “The sun will come out, wait and see~”

I poked Shock to join as I soloed, “And the feeling of the wind in our face—”

“-ses,” Fay chirped as he slapped my paw away.

“—can lift our hearts~” I continued and smiled nonetheless as I turned to my other smiling friends.

Vixie soloed, “Oh, there's nowhere we would rather beeee~” She then inhaled and smiled at us.

“'Cause we're on our way now~” Saur sang as we bobbed our heads with the song.

“Well and truly~” the Tauroses sang as I poked Shock again.

“We're on our way now~” the Pidgeys sang as they flew overhead.

I was about to whistle when I thought if it was possible for me to even whistle. To my surprise, Shock whistled the whistling part of the song. I turned to him with a grin, and he shot me a glare as he continued whistling.

Suddenly, after the whistling part, the Tauroses stomped audibly and rhythmically along the song. A few even joined in by clapping their hands and paws.

Suddenly, I felt that flare inside me when we're close to ending a very good presentation. I smiled as I stared at my friends' smiling, and one frowning, faces.

Everybody sang as one, “Tell everybody we're on our way~ And we just can't wait to be there~”

“Just can't wait to be there~”

“With blue skies ahead, yes, we're on our way~ And nothing but good times to share~”

I continued singing, “So tell everybody we're on my way~” but a bit surprised that they made me solo the lines, but I continued anyway. “And I just can't wait to be home~”

I turned and smiled at my friends, but I can't help but notice Vixie's sad frown, which she quickly changed into a smile.

I continued the song, albeit a bit reluctant. “With the sun beating down, yes we're on our way~” I gestured with my paws for my friends to join.

“And nothing but good times to show~”

The Tauroses then sang, “We're on our waaaaayyy~”

This time, I made sure Shock joins us. “Yes, we're on our waaayyy~~~”

A lot of Pokémon suddenly cheered as I felt the strange happy, cheery and energized atmosphere in the herd. Mr. Tauros chuckled wholeheartedly as Fay and the others poked Shock to smile.

But... Vixie's frown earlier... That line I soloed...


Vixie chuckled as she turned from Shock to me, and she smiled.

I tried to smile back. Hopefully, it was good enough. And it was, as Fay chuckled away from Shock and hopped in front of me and started nuzzling my neck again.

“That was a great song, Jay!”

“Um...Fay...” Vixie chuckled. “You paralyzed him.”

Saur chuckled at that.

Yep, I was... My breath even stopped as I felt how hot my cheeks were.

“Oh!” Fay pulled back and smiled sheepishly. “Whoops!”

Shock grinned at me. Darn, I can't glare at him...

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Chapter 34
The sun already passed its zenith by the time the herd reached the base of the mountain path. The green plateau was like a paradise compared to the dirty urban jungles of buildings and skyscrapers I had back home.

The wind felt cool, and fresh, and soothing. And oh, there were maybe six or seven tents by the edge of the plateau. And sure enough, humans were around the tents, ranging from random ages. A few adults wore white coats while the younger ones wore assorted kinds of colorful clothing. There were three empty and yellow school buses as well. A field trip, maybe?

I suddenly felt like fleeing away, but the herd moved on to the middle, where the grass were taller and greener. I turned to my friends, and they looked ready to flee as well.

“They're here!” a young feminine voice squealed from afar.

I turned back and saw the young humans rising up in two and stared at the moving herd with wide smiles. My ears drooped. ...It kinda feels strange to call them humans...

“Why are there other Pokémon on the Tauroses' backs?” a teenager asked.

A few of the adults walked behind the small line of the human audience.

“They took advantage of the Tauroses migrating here from Johto.”

“Well,” Mr. Tauros said as he sat down on his belly, “good luck on finding your long-lost mate, kid. Ow!”

I poked his back with my sharp nail as my friends started climbing down. I then hopped down and turned as Mr. Tauros said his farewell and moved elsewhere, leaving our group together with the other Pokémon who took a ride. The voices behind me ranged from concern to assurance.

“Whoa!” a voice said from the humans' direction. A teenaged boy walked forward, eyes bright and determined, and his grin was directed at me. “An Eevee!” He pulled out a Pokéball from his belt, and I took a step back as fear suddenly washed over me.

“Jonathan!” a female adult shouted, making the teenager wince and slowly turn towards her. “Need I remind you that we are all here to learn more about the Tauroses, NOT to catch any wild Pokémon!”

“B-b-but...!” he tried to argue with a losing voice, “t-that's an Eevee! And Eevees are rare!”

The female adult adjusted her eyeglasses as she fixed him a glare. “And so are you grades if you won't earn a passing grade from the report you're suppose to write from this field trip!”

The teenager winced one more as a few ‘students’ chuckled at him.

I let out a big sigh of relief, and I suddenly felt someone patting me on the back.

“Someone's popular,” Shock snickered.

I glared at him. “Shut up!”

“Thanks,” we heard Saur's voice. It sounded like he was a bit far from us. The four of us turned and saw Saur walking to us from a group of Pidgeys. “They said that Seaside's that way,” he turned to a direction, which was towards the humans. He blinked. “Hope they won't be a problem.”

“I sure hope so,” I whispered as we heard lots of eager footsteps from that direction.

I turned in time to see small kids running towards us. They stopped a few feet from us, and I pulled Shock in front of me as my shield.

“H-hey!” the Pikachu gasped as the children chuckled.

I poked an eye out and saw the children knelt down to see us better.

“That Eevee's a shy one,” a boy chuckled.

“Papa said that they're rare,” a girl said as I noticed that they don't have anything to protect themselves from us.

Fay suddenly jumped in front of them. “Hai! Please don't cause any trouble, 'k?”

“Fay! What are you doing?!” I shouted as a kid suddenly petted her head.

“Jay,” Vixie called, and I turned to her. She had an arched eyebrow. “Why are you so afraid of humans if you were once one?”

Shock finally pulled himself away from my grasp, and I fell on the soft grassy ground, face-first.

“It means that he probably just made it up,” Shock hissed as I pulled myself back up.

“I just don't wanna be captured,” I answered quietly. “I don't wanna go around places with a stupid trainer and ordering me around,” I gestured with a paw. “And keeping me away from home.”

Vixie blinked. “Is...that all?”

“Yes?” I replied reluctantly. “Why?”

She slowly shook her head and turned to Fay. I turned to her as well and saw that the kids were pulling her from Saur's viney-grip.

“Well, it makes sense, I guess...” Vixie replied as Shock stepped in front and threatened the kids to zap 'em. The children immediately lets go of Fay and ran back to their campsite, frightened and tearful.

“You okay, Fay?” Shock asked.

Fay jumped in all fours and smiled at him. “That was fun! Anyway, what was your question again?”

Shock sighed. “Never mind...” He then turned to Vixie and I. “Come on, let's go. We can probably go around the humans though.”

I arched him an eyebrow. “You're not planning on jumping off a cliff, right?”

Shock raised a hand to counter, but no words came out from his opened mouth. He instead just fixed me a glare as Vixie and Saur chuckled.

“Let's just check it out and see how to get down,” Saur said. “And yes, walking around the humans sounds like a good idea.” He then extended a vine and slapped Fay's head from behind.

“Ow! Hey!” Fay glared at the Bulbasaur. “What did I do?!”

Saur just shrugged. “I just felt like doing that after the humans tried to take you away.” He then started walking.

Fay ran after him and walked beside him with a glare. “They were not taking me away! We were just having fun!”

“Are they...always like that?” I asked as Vixie and I slowed our pace when we reached Shock.

“Always,” Shock and Vixie replied at the same time.

I looked ahead, and stared at them, and a grin formed on my lips. “At least I now have something to tease her back if she teases me again.”

Shock just chuckled. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

He threw a grin at Vixie, and she smiled back.

I looked at them suspiciously. “On second thought... Maybe I won't...”

Vixie just grinned at me. “Curiosity will get you, eventually.”

I glared at her for a short while, and soon, we walked in silence, following Fay and Saur who were still arguing with each other. After a few minutes of walking, we reached the edge of the cliff, and down south, we saw a group of small houses by the shorelines.

Pallet Town was peacefully in between two tall mountains. North from the town were tall grasses and trees. East and west were trees, and further were the foot of the mountains. South was the sea. Pallet was like a peaceful town in a valley by the sea.

“Wow,” I said in awe. “Pallet's a really beautif—”

A large shadow was casted over us. No, the large shadow darkened everything around us. By the time we looked up, whatever covered the sun already moved away. While my friends shielded their eyes, I squinted mine to see what it was.

“Teach! Teach!” a young voice called from the tents. “Wh-what is that thing?!”

“Wow...” Fay said in a dumbfounded tone, “that's a big bird...”

Ho-oh... Ho-oh was black all over, but it's probably due to the fact that the sun's light were above it, making the rest of its body covered by its own shadow. But still, the faint and sparkling rainbow trail it left behind as it slowly flew, it was definitely Ho-oh.

I smiled. Well, I guess this means that my journey will finally begin!

...wait... I frowned. I came here to END the journey!

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Chapter 35
Unlike that cliff back in Johto, the green plateau here is steep, so it was easy to climb down to the base. There were a lot of trees around though, which shaded us from the sun, though the cool breeze would be enough for us to ignore the sun's heat.

Anyway, as we got closer to the base, the tall grasses were annoyingly getting taller and taller, until I was only a fourth or so of the grass' height by the time we reached the base.

Aside from the noises that we make, both from walking and from talking, we could also hear rustling noises from every direction. We weren't really sure if it was from the wind, or from other Pokémon. We decided to ignore them though, the noises, I mean.

“How the heck are we going to see where we're going?” I complained as I pushed myself through the thick grasses. “And why in blazes aren't these humans trimming these grasses down?!”

“Complained the used-to-be-human,” Fay snickered, and I shot her a glare.

“You complain too much,” Shock said as he led our small group. He stopped and turned to Saur, who stopped beside him. “Well?”

Saur turned towards...I dunno what direction he faced.

“There,” Saur simply said, and began walking.

“There?” I asked as we followed him. “There where?”

“To Pallet Seaside, of course!” Fay chirped.

I arched an eyebrow. “ guys certain we're heading to the right direction?”

“Saur's a grass type,” Vixie explained. “He can feel the plants through their roots. Well,” she shrugged. “He used to, when he was an Ivysaur. I'm not sure if he still can.”

Oh? He was an Ivysaur before? Neat. I was about to ask our Bulbasaur friend what it felt like when he devolved, but then a thought interrupted me. Maybe it's a very hurtful and sensitive subject. I'll ask that question when the time's right, or when I can. Anyway...

“How can he tell?” I asked back.

Vixie shrugged again. “Not sure... Saur said something about his feet and plant roots, but the details are escaping me...”

I nodded anyway. No use understanding the illogical logic of Pokémon if I'm going back to human soon. “You guys have been friends for a long time, huh?”

Vixie smiled and nodded. “Yup! That's why we always stick together.”

I smiled back, but my ears fell flat. I suddenly remembered Shock's plan of settling down in Viridian Forest... I'm quite sure that they already know that I'm really going to return to being human, and they're probably ready for that to happen, but... I...wonder if they already knew about Shock. And...I'm going to be human why am I concerned by Shock leaving the party?

Well, in any case, I should probably concentrate more on getting to Pallet Town, and think of ways to move around without carrying an ‘OMG A RARE EEVEE’ sign around town.

We heard a loud rustling noise up ahead though, and it got louder as we progressed. We decided to make a turn to avoid whatever was making the noise, and after a few seconds of walking to a different direction, we heard groaning noises. A careful look and we saw a young teenaged guy annoyingly pushing himself through the tall grass.

“Geeze! If Pokémon weren't living here, I'd already asked you to burn the grass down!”

Oh, a Charmander sat on his shoulder, chuckling at his, or her trainer.

Suddenly, another set of rustling noises came from where the human came from, and a new voice to accompany it.

“Oi! Wait up!” a female voice called. She was a teenaged girl, and was grunting and puffing as she pushed through the tall grass as well. “Eek! I shouldn't have wore a skirt! Ow! I-I think I got a cut on my leg!”

“You complain too much...” a Squirtle scratched his head as he calmly followed his trainer. He stopped and blinked when he noticed us though.

Even though we were a few feet away, I glared at him. “I have a grass type here and I'm not afraid to use it.” I pulled an absent-minded Bulbasaur to my side.

“What are you doing?” Vixie asked, but I ignored her.

“Now move along or taste the fury of the grass!”

The Squirtle gulped and hurried to his trainer.

“Huh? What was that?” the female voice asked. “Oh, it's just you, Bubbles. I thought I heard an Eevee just now. Oh well... Here, let me carry you so you won't get lost.”

“Hurry up over there!”

“Sheesh! What are you hurrying for?! The gym's not going anywhere, anyway!”

“Well, the day is! Now, if you don't want to sleep in the middle of nowhere, I suggest you hurry up!”

“We can just go back to Pallet, you know!”

I chuckled and turned to my friends. “I have a feeling those two are going to be a couple, or they'll kill each other.”

The others smiled as Shock chuckled.

“That'd be hilarious,” the Pikachu said as he followed Saur leading the way. “But anyway, let's continue.”

I nodded as Fay, Vixie and I followed them. There was another rustling noise up ahead, and it was getting loud fast. Before we could react, a Nidoran jumped out and...skidded to a stop when she noticed that we were on her way.

The female Nidoran blinked. “Oh, excuse me.”

...were there Nidorans on Route 1?

“Hai! And no problem!” Fay chirped, making the newcomer smile. “What's the rush?”

“I heard a rumor from the Spearows that there's a large gathering in Green Forest.”

“Oh?” Shock said, interested. “I was born there. Something going on?”

...she just said that there's a large gathering there...sheesh...

The Nidoran just frowned and shook her head. “I don't know the details, but I heard that they're going to talk about something important. Or maybe it was they're going to meet with someone important, or someone important's going to show up and talk about something.” She shook her head again. “Anyway, I better get going. Hope to see you around!”

“Yeah,” Shock nodded as the Nidoran continued on her way. He then ‘tsk'ed’ and glared on the ground. “I hate interesting news without details about the news.”

“Hence why they're called ‘rumors’,” I smirked, and he glared at me as Fay chuckled.

“Still,” Shock said as we continued on our way. “We should probably check it out after we're done in Seaside.”

I shrugged. At least, if Pallet has nothing for me, then we have something else to do. But then, what if a female Pikachu caught Shock's eyes in Green—er, Viridian Forest? Will he leave our little group and settle down?

“Excuse me,” I whispered to the girls as I quicken my pace and slowed when I was beside Shock. Saur was a bit ahead, and Fay and Vixie were a bit behind, so I guess this is good enough. “Hey Shock...”

“Hm?” He didn't spare me a look.

“So...Green Forest?”

“Yeah? What about it?”

“Well, I remember our one-on-one talk that one time, and...well...” I hesitated... Why am I hesitating?

“Spit it out, already.”

Hesitation, gone. “You're going to find a girl there and start a family?”

Shock chuckled. “Me? Look for a female and suddenly start a family? What do you take me for?” He gave me an annoyed smile. “I'm hurt, but amused at the same time.”

Eh? Find a girl and start a family? Oh, I guess that's considered as ‘that escalated quickly’...

I deadpanned at him. “Seriously though. Will you?”

Shock looked ahead and shrugged. “Eh, I'll cross that bridge when Iget there.”

He's...using my own lines? I glared at him. “I hate you.”

He chukled.

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Chapter 36
Pallet Town's very quiet and very peaceful. With the golden rays of the setting sun, the town was ablaze with golden hues, which was absolutely beautiful. I love art, and nature, and that is why I really love nature's work of art.

My friends and I sat under a tree on a hill on the edge of town. The air was cool and carried small hints of saltiness. It was a nice change of smell, and it reminded me of how much I miss home. Damn, I'm going out for a swim when I get back. I'm gonna spend a lot and throw a beach party, to celebrate my return and how much I missed home. I don't care if I'll be hitting zero on my account. I'm gonna show the world how happy I'll be when I get back.

Anyway, we sat here, waiting for the night so we could easily sneak around the town without drawing too much attention to ourselves.

While my friends were busy talking to each other, I was happily staring at Oak's laboratory on top of that hill on the other edge of town. There were a few dots moving around that place though. Heh, it's quite obvious. Ash's or Red's Pokémon are there, so it makes sense. If Red is here instead of Ash, then I wonder which Red it was. Red from the manga or from that origins special?

Anyway, as the night finally arrive, I forced myself to finish eating my last berry before we climbed down the hill. The air was cooler now, but I'm thankful for my Eevee fur, which was enough to keep me warm.

Pallet was now lit by the lights from houses and a few street lamps. There weren't any cemented roads, and most of the houses here were built by either wood or bricks.

We were about to plan on how we're going to go through town when we noticed a number of Pokémon wandering around the town, either by themselves or by group. So we decided to have a vote by either stealth mode or ‘we don't care’ mode. Shock and Vixie voted for stealth, while Saur, Fay and I voted to try our luck by walking casually.

Shock and Vixie weren't comfortable with the idea, so they let the three of us lead the group. There were a few humans outside though, walking towards somewhere, sitting by their front lawns, or sharing some gossip with their neighbors. A few have noticed us, but they don't seem to mind.

I turned to Shock and flashed him a victorious grin. He just shot me a defeated glare.

Since the people here don't really care about wandering Pokémon, we decided to split up to cover more ground. Shock went by himself, Vixie and Fay went together, and that left me and Saur taking the other path.

From that hill where we waited for the evening to come, Pallet seemed like a small little town, but now that we're here, the town somehow became quite big.

“But not as big as Goldenrod...” I suddenly said out loud. Saur doesn't seem to mind. We stopped in front of a white fence, next to a lit street lamp. “So, how should we search for him?” I turned to the house that was ‘protected’ by this white fence. “Should we look through their windows?”

“Humans won't like that,” Saur said. I turned to him and he shrugged. “The old couple back at the daycare would get angry when we look through their windows from outside. I still don't understand why though.” He then flashed me a smile. “Since you claim to be human, do you know why?”

I shrugged. “They probably just want some privacy. Anyway, yeah, I see your point. Worse, they might try and capture us.” Welp, there goes that option then.

I looked around, and saw a Murkrow preening its wing as it stood on the next house's mailbox. I turned to Saur and gestured with my head to follow me. We walked towards the Murkrow, and I saw that it looked at us for a split of a second before returning its focus on its wing.

“Good evening,” I greeted, but I stopped when the Murkrow flinched.

“Ah,” the Murkrow said, its voice obviously that of an old and cranky female. “Quite rare to see young 'uns with manners these days.”

...good thing I greeted first, then?

The Murkrow ‘fixed’ herself before flying down and landing in front of us. She was...quite tall. Taller than Saur and I. I guess age adds height?

“The name's Lais, known well as Lais of Shadows back in the days,” she stood proud.

Now that I got a good look at her, her feathers seemed to be...untidy? Messy, yeah, messy. Like an old feather duster. I guess that also comes with age.

“Well, pleasure to meet you. I'm Jay, and—”

“Weird name for an Eevee,” Lais butted in.

I ignored her. Not like that's the first time I heard that comment. “And this is Saur.”

Saur simply smiled and nodded.

“Saur, huh?” Lais brought a wing to her beak. “I remember that Magikarp stew I had one time. The flavor sounded awfully the same as your friend's name... Hm...”

I deadpanned. “His name's Saur, not sour.”

She shook her head. “Anyway, have you seen Mak anywhere?” She looked at random directions. “I swear, that old coot is prob'bly hiding from me again.”

I blinked, and turned to Saur. He was still smiling, but I could already tell he was just faking it.

I turned back to the Murkrow and gulped. “Uh, I'm sure he's just around, anyway...”

She turned to us, and blinked in confusion. “Sorry, didn't notice you there, young 'uns.”


She brought a wing to her chest and stood proud. “D'name's Lais, and I used to bring quite a scare to my foes back in my days.”

My ears drooped as I deadpanned. “I'm sure that's one way to win. Anyway—”

“Oh, quite so! I remember that one time when—”

...and I lost focus when I felt Saur's vines pulling me away...

“Let's...ask someone else,” I suggested as I stared at an old human couple who were chuckling at the yapping Murkrow in front of their fence.

As soon as Saur lets me go, the front door of the old couple bursts open and out came...

“Gah! I'm late!” the man exclaimed as he carried five large cardboard boxes stack on top of each other, which was already beyond his head, and there were papers and wires dangling from the boxes. He hurriedly marched forward...and clumsily bumbed on the waist-high gate of the fence. “Ahhh!” and everything fell outside the fence.

...I should be worried that he fell flat on the ground, but I was still wondering how he got out of the entryway carrying those boxes...

“Goodness, child!” the old man exclaimed as he helped the young man up. “I just fixed that gate earlier this morning! If you break it again, I'm going to charge you!”

“I'm sorry! I'm sorry!” the young man said, who hurriedly stacked the boxes once again, with the Murkrow slowly picking a few papers that fell out. The man then carried the boxes again and off he went. “Lais! I'll be at Professor Oak's!”

The Murkrow just rolled her eyes and continued picking the papers.

Saur suddenly chuckled. “Humans are clumsy.”

“That clumsy human was Bill!” I exclaimed as I tried to make up my mind if I should follow him, or call the others first. “Gah! It's him! It's him! But what to do?!”

Saur just calmly poked me on my shoulder. “He just said he's going to an Oak tree.”

I blinked. I nodded. “Right. Right. Almost forgot about that.”

Saur nodded and turned around. “I'll call the others.” Suddenly, the bulb on his back spat a black seed, and it landed on the ground. “Don't leave this spot.” Saur said as he ran off, and the seed began sprouting roots and pulled itself underneath the ground.

I blinked. “Oookay...?”

Lais mumbled something. I turned to her and saw that she was now having a hard time collecting the papers. Since I got nothing else to do, I sighed as I approached her, and collected a few pieces of paper and stacked them.

The Murkrow smiled at me, and spat the many papers that she already collected from her beak. “Ah, it's great to see helpful young 'uns in today's time.”

I groaned as I picked up more paper. “Yeah... Lucky me...”

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Chapter 37
“—an' then a giant erupting volcano emerged in the middle of the ocean!” Lais exclaimed, extending her wings wide apart, but suddenly yelped and flapped them again to stay airborne.

Lais carried two stacks of papers on both her claws, or talons. Hm... I don't remember much about my animal science subject during grade school. Were bird's feet called claws, or talons? Or were they simply called feet? Blah...

“Wwwooowww...!” Fay wow'ed in amazement, who was walking beside the hovering Murkrow, and I could actually see small sparkling stars sparking from her eyes as I and the rest of us followed the two nutty-heads.

“An' then as soon as it came out, a giant purple cen'ipede came out from the mouth of the volcano an' rushed down towards my trainer an' I!”

I groaned as my headache was getting worse.

“But Bill an' I weren't prepared to face such monstrosity, so he ordered some Saur Magi—”

“Sour,” I interrupted with an angry tone.

“—karp Stew... Er, yes, Sour Magikarp Stew when the waiter arrived, and he said that I should use it and splash it on the millipede's eyes!”

I tiredly grit my teeth as I turned to my other friends. Vixie was helplessly smiling in defeat, Saur was faking a calm and reassuring smile, and Shock was gripping both his ears flat down with both hands, and he has a reddened forehead from all the face-palming.

“One loose screw was bearable,” Shock hissed through gritted teeth. “Two's insanity...!”

I wanted to chuckle, but I was too annoyed to do so. “M-maybe we should give some distance from insanity?”

The three of them immediately agreed by nodding their heads. We stopped and waited until we could no longer understand a single word the Murkrow was feeding the Rattata.

Anyway, we were already climbing up a hill on an earthy pathway towards Professor Oak's laboratory. There were trees and houses on either side, and there were humans and Pokémon who were either staring at us for no apparent reason, or were simply ignoring us. There were a few kids who wore huge smiles as they stared at us and called us ‘Lazy Oak's Pokémon.’ I guess it's normal for people here to see Oak's Pokémon walking around...

“Jay,” Vixie called.

“Huh?” I actually felt my ears twitched as I turned to her. “Wazzup?”

“Just curious, but how are you going to talk to this Bull guy?”

“Bill,” I corrected her. “And to answer your question...” I trailed off as words vanished from my throat and mind. I was hopelessly drawing a blank here... Drawing! That's it! “...I could write my message on paper or on the ground or something...”

Vixie looked as if she didn't understand my answer. Shock as well. Good thing Saur was now giving me a real and calm smile.

“You didn't think this through, did you?” Saur calmly asked.

My eye twitched. And here I was thanking him of his smile. “Screw you, too,” I glared at him, and the Bulbasaur just chuckled.

Hm... Yeah, what Saur said was definitely true... I should try and think of a good way to communicate with him.

“—but there were sticky webs everywhere an' I needed to—”

Dangerously close to danger range there... Anyway, how in blazes am I going to talk to him? I can just go with my plan and write it down, but I don't have anything on me for writing, aaannnddd...since I'm considered a ‘wild Pokémon’, me rummaging around for a pen and paper might give them the wrong signal and try to either capture me or throw me out...or get beaten to a pulp by their Pokémon...

Hm... Well, Lais currently has a few papers I could use. All I need now is a pen...or something for writing...

“We're here!” Lais suddenly shouted, snapping me back to reality.

She and Fay were in front of a tall iron gate. The lab was apparently protected by an iron fence, that was taller than regular houses in the town. And oh, the gate was apparently left wide open for ANYONE to enter. What's the use of the gate then?

“Lais,” I called as we approached the duo. “Can I have a piece of paper please?”

She blinked while flapping her wings to stay airborne. “Why?”

“Well, I'm going to—”

She dropped everything on the ground, scattering the papers everywhere AGAIN.

“Okay!” she chirped as I glared at her.

“Lais!” a familiar voice called from ahead of us. The door of the lab, which was meters away from the gate, opened, and out came the person I've been wanting to talk to. “What took you so lo—aiiiyyyeee!” he screamed as I noticed a few papers flying by in front of me, floating with the gentle evening breeze.

Bill started running towards us in panic as Saur, Fay, Vixie and Lais busied themselves by catching the papers. I looked around and noticed a paper that landed on the ground in front of me. Hm...

I poked a nail out from my paw and wrote my message. Bill and the others were busy collecting the papers while Shock was observing what I was doing with an arched eyebrow.

“You weren't kidding with your drawing plan, huh?” the Pikachu commented.

I ignored him as I heard Bill sighed. “Well, hopefully, I didn't lose anything.”

I still have a paper pinned down by a paw here. I looked up to him and he noticed me.

“Oh, thanks!” he said as he leaned down to grab it.

Now's my chance, I guess. “Saur,” I called, my eyes locked on Bill. “Grab him!”


“Just do it!” ...I miss my shoes...

Saur reluctantly shot two vines up and wrapped the yelping human, restricting his arms and feet from movement.

“He-hey!” Bill stammered. “W-what is this?! What are you doing?!”

“Shock, Vixie,” I called. “Light's up!” I gestured on the ground.

The two blinked at each other before Shock began to summon bright sparks from his cheeks on my left and Vixie slowly breathing out fumes of bright fire on my right.

I stared at Bill, and he looked at me with nervous eyes.

“If you guys won't let him go,” Lais rubbed her head, “then I'm going to attack you.”

I ignored her as I gestured with a paw for Bill to stare on the ground.

He didn't understand at first, so I poked the ground a few times before he looked at it, and he quietly gasped as he read my handwr—paw-writing.

“‘Bill,’” he read, his voice converting from nervousness to curiosity, “‘I need your help.’” He slowly looked back at me with surprised eyes, and then he groaned as he hung his head. “Ugh...not again...”

I...arched an eyebrow... I actually repeating a repeated journey here or something?!

Suddenly, I felt something knocking me down, the air escaping my lungs as my head hit the ground, hard, and the last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was black feathers covering the white full moon....and red glowing eyes.

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Chapter 38
“Welcome back to the land of the living!”

A loud feminine voice spoke way too cheerfully as I groaned and slowly regained consciousness. How'd she knew I was waking up, I have no clue. All I know at the moment is that I'm so f*cking hurt all over...

Ugh...what happened to me?

“You can't pretend to be asleep forever, ya know!”

“Can't a guy have some peace and quiet?” I hissed as I opened my eyes and immediately, I saw my up-side-down reflection, only, my reflection was smiling, which was completely contrasting my angry frown. “Why am I staring at a broken mirror?”

My reflection touched my nose with its soft paw. “I'm not a mirror, silly!”

I blinked at that. “Oh...”

Honestly, I wanted to try and overreact, like shout in surprise and accidentally hit our heads, like the ones in an animé, but eh, I'm still hurting all over. And I think I'm starting to remember what in blazes happened. Moon, feathers, evil glowing eyes. Yeah.

I sighed as I pushed her head away from mine with my own paw. “Personal space, please.”

“Oh, right,” the female Eevee moved away as I rolled to my belly.

I groaned as I slowly pull myself up into a sitting position. I was on a white tiled floor. It was hard yet cool to the touch. Anyway, not important. I looked around, and saw a giant living room. Well, I'm a small Eevee, so an average-looking living room's a giant one in my point of view. There were sofas, a flat-screen television, table, some potted plants and hanging plants, and a Mr. Mine humming a tune to himself as he cleaned the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. There was also a Ledyba wiping a few portraits that hung on the wall.

Unfortunately, me feeding my eyes with everything around me isn't really satisfying my belly, who just decided to tell the world how hungry it was. I felt hot on my cheeks when the Ledyba and Mr. Mime looked at me. I felt my ears droop as I lowered myself to the floor, my Eevee companion chuckling at me.

“Looks like someone's hungry,” she said.

I deadpanned at her. “Gee... Ya don't say?”

She gasped. “You know meme's!” And then she grinned. “Why so serious?”

I...blinked at her... “W-wait... You're...”

She nodded and cheerfully sprang on all four. “Oh my gosh! I never actually believed what that Vulpix and Rattata and Pikachu and Bulbasaur has told me about you being human!” she blurted out all too cheerfully as she hopped around me in a circle. “Oh, how long ago did I last talked to someone who I could actually relate?!”

I'm starting to have an early morning headache and neck pains if I keep following her with my eyes and head.

“Oh! There's so much I wanna talk about! And ask about!” she stopped in front of me with a big goofy grin complete with cyan sparkling eyes. “So, what's your name?! I mean, your friends said your name was Jay, but I wanna know for sure! Maybe Jay is just an alias or something. And where were you from? And how old are you?! What did you do to before you woke up here?! And—”

I pushed a paw inside her mouth as I glared at her. She gasped and hopped back, spat and stuck her tongue out in disgust.

“Like, eew much!” she glared at me. “That was rude! And here I thought I could finally have someone to talk to! That I can relate to!”

I tried my best to ignore my wet and dripping paw as I raised it to make a point. “First of all, no, I can't relate to you if you're full while I'm hungry.” And to stamp a certificate of approval to my statement, I hereby allowed my tummy to use Uproar.

She just glared at me some more. “That's not a good excuse to shove your arm, or foot, or paw inside my mouth! You use that for walking!” She cringed and shook her head while sticking her tongue out as I wiped my paw on the carpet.

“Here you go,” the Ledyba gently landed beside me and placed a plate of meat on the floor between us. “Master Oak left that on the table earlier for you to eat when you wake up.”

I smiled at her and almost attacked the meal before I remembered to thank her. She just nodded and flew somewhere.

I pushed my opened mouth down to my meal with an audible ‘ah’ as I boredly stared at my glaring Eevee companion. After a few seconds of nothing but me saying ‘ahhh’, I sighed and pulled my head back up.

“Do you mind? I'm going to eat.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Someone as rude as you expect me not to be rude to you?” She puffed. “Ha.”

Ooohhh, so she has bad attitude, eh? I rolled my eyes and bit the meat. I lifted my head back up as I chewed quite loudly. “Om nom nom nom...” Well, it didn't really sounded like that, not with me chewing this juicy cooked meat, but hey, it at least made her cringe in disgust.

“You're disgusting,” she grimaced.

“'ou fauff,” and I continued chewing loudly. “Mmm...”

Her eye twitched. “You're so immature, you know that?”

“An' 'ou'f 'hild'sh,” I replied.

She glared at me. “Oh, so having proper manners is childish?”

“Nah,” I licked my paws as I finished eating. Damn, that was one quick yet satisfying meal. I guess small creatures get full quicker. “Proper manners are for snubbish and rich people whose nose are higher than their eyes.”

“I hate snubbish people,” she glared on the carpet. “They always bully me around back in school.”

What a strange shift of topic, and ahh, so she's still a young student then.

“If you ask me, I'd rather be an Eevee forever than be back there, but I have two loving parents, so...” her glare softened, and she closed her eyes with a sad sigh. “I miss them.”

“Meh,” I shrugged. “We'll be back home, eventually.”

“How?” she asked as she looked at me with sad eyes. “Bill couldn't help me. My friends and I asked Bill for help before. Believe me, we tried all sorts of things, even that transforming machine of his back in Cerulean City.” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “It didn't work.”

My felt my ears drooped as my spirits fell down to hopelessville. “Oh...” was the only thing I could say to that. I tsk'ed as I looked away. “Now what?” I whispered to myself.

“Oh?” Vixie's voice echoed. I looked back and saw her approaching us with a small smile. “You're awake.” She sat down and took a sniff on my plate beside me. “Human food is strangely delicious,” and she began licking the plate.

I chuckled as the female Eevee cringed.


The plate was suddenly surrounded by a weird bluish glow and it levitated away from us, and into an angry Mr. Mime's hands.

“I already told you not to lick the plates!” He turns the vacuum cleaner off and retreated to the kitchen, probably. “Gah, she did! Ugh...”

“I couldn't help it!” Vixie shouted back at him. She received an angry groan as a reply. She then turned back to me. “So, you two catching up?”

“Eh? I don't even know her.”

“Oh, right,” the Eevee said, cutting Vixie's attempt to reply. “Forgot to introduced myself.”

“Indeed you have,” I teased her.

She glared at me for a short while. “My name is Krystal. Krys for short. My last name's not important. Sixteen and...was attending high school before...” she gestured herself with a paw, “...this happened.”

I tilted my head to the side and blinked. “Sixteen?” Well, I guess that would make sense. “Well, name's Jay. Twenty-three and working in an IT department.”

She blinked. She gasped. “You're twenty-three?!” she stuck her tongue out. “And you...! You put your hand in my mouth! Eewww!!!” She scurried away as Vixie and I arched her an eyebrow. “Pedophile! Pedophile! Eek!”

I gasped and jumped on all four paws. “Now wait just a second!” I glared at her. “I am NOT a pedophile! Never before! Never now! Never ever!”

“Jay's a pedophile!” Fay's voice suddenly chirped as she jumped beside Vixie. She started giggling when I turned to glare at her.


“Pedophile~ Pedophile~” Fay sang.

“FAY! SHUT UP!” I shouted.

Vixie just blinked at her. “Fay... Do you even know what that means?”

“Nope!” Fay chirped, and continued her teasing song as Vixie sighed in defeat.

My eye was quite tired of the twitching, so I shut her up by pinning her mouth closed with both paws. I leaned closer to her, our eyes almost touching each other.

“I,” I hissed, slowly, quietly and venomously. “Am. Not. A. Pedophile.”

I felt her mouth grinned. Nope, she ain't giving this up soon. My eye twitched again as I turned to Krystal, holding a paw to her mouth to stop herself from chuckling.

“What. Have. You. Done?”

She grinned. “Pedo.”


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Chapter 39
“...and you can see here,” Bill said, clicking a button on his laptop, and changing the image that was shown on a large screen through a projector that was connected to his laptop.

My friends, and Krys' friends and I sat together on Oak's backyard, under the shadow of a large wall-less tent-thingy. Bill was discussing a few of his discoveries, which wasn't really that much, in front of a large group of scientists and researchers. Among those in the audience were Professor Oak himself, Elm, Rowan, and other random professor NPCs.

Anyway, back to Bill... He showed an image of his nutty Murkrow, with lines and some scientific mumbo-jumbo labels on 'em.

“Now, I'm sure everyone here already know these, as I've shown this to you from our previous meeting,” Bill said, clicking another button, and changing the image, this time the image was split in half. One half was some sort of aurora-like DNA structure or something, while the other was a normal-looking DNA structure. “But, I've busied myself with comparing data between my devolved Murkrow and that of newborn Murkrows, and this image right here,” he hovered his mouse pointer and circled around the normal-looking image of DNA. “This is from newborns, while, of course, the other image is from my devolved Murkrow.

“I have reason to believe that, if I may call it, the ‘evolution aura’ is still present in my devolved Murkrow. Now,” he clicked and changed the image once more, this time displaying various DNA images with labels of different Pokémon names. A few of them were normal-looking, while a few were rainbow-colored. “I've also collected DNA samples from trainers' Pokémon. I've also conducted a small interview on them. Interestingly enough, all these rainbow-colored DNA's are from devolved Pokémon, while normal ones are all from Pokémon who haven't experienced evolution yet.”

“Are you saying that,” Elm spoke, a hand on his chin, “the magical process of evolution is still inside a devolved Pokémon?”

“In other words,” Rowan spoke, “something is stopping the evolution process from making these Pokémon evolve. But we already know that.”

Bill nodded, looking determined. “This discovery is a step closer of strengthening the theory that some strange magical force is locking the evolution process from ever happening. Once that force subsides, devolved Pokémon might evolve back.”

Murmurs erupted from the audience, as well as from my friends.

“So,” Krys spoke, and capturing my attention. “What do you wanna evolve into?”

“Eh? Honestly, I never gave thought to it.” I shrugged. “I am just concentrating on going back home.”

“I know, but,” she smiled. “I'm kinda curious what it feels like to evolve! I wanna be a Vaporeon! No, wait! An Espeon! Yeah!” and she dreamily stared into the blue sky. “Oh, Espeons are so cool and beautiful... If I ever evolve into one, then I don't think I'll ever wanna leave this place! I'll be a beautiful Espeon forever!”

I rolled my eyes. “Hate to rain on your parade, princess,” she curiously looked at me, “but that would mean a trainer capturing you, and,” I grinned slyly, “give you lots and loooooots of looove,” and I wiggled my eyebrows for that ‘special’ emphasis.

It worked. The redness and the look of horror on her face is too epic, I burst out laughing.

“This isn't really something we can all just laugh about, you know,” Shock glared at me as I wiped my teary eyes with a paw. “This is serious.”

Saur and my other friends nodded. I just rolled my eyes.

“Shock's right,” a Chikorita agreed, who was one of Krys' friends. Her name's escaping me at the moment.

Anyway, aside from the Chikorita, Krys also befriended a male Surskit, who was currently on the Chikorita's back, his thin legs wrapped around her belly. The two strangely look like a discolored Bulbasaur, if you ignore Chiko's long leaf on her head. Anyway, the Surskit's name is also escaping me at the moment...and he's too freaking quiet. The only thing I ever got from him was his ‘nice to meet you’ when Krystal and I were introducing everyone to each other. Meh...

“If something is stopping us from evolving, then we must go and look for it and try to stop it.”

The professors already resumed their discussion, but we were ignoring them, since we were having a discussion of our own.

“Something,” I said, “or probably someone.” They all gave me curious looks, and I just shrugged. “Hey, even the legendaries are still clueless of what or who did this. Anyway,” I shrugged, “I don't really care if I'll evolve or not. I just want to go home.”

Krystal frowned. “Do you really think Celebi can ask Arceus to help us? A lot of Pokémon actually don't believe Arceus even exist.”

“Celebi looked like he's real, so there's that,” I smiled.

“I agree,” Saur nodded. “She did speak and look like Arceus is real.”

Shock just sighed. “Still, interested or not, you got nothing else to do, right?”

I smiled. “As long as Oak provides free meals, then I ain't going anywhere.”

Shock groaned. “You're hopeless...”

“Well,” Krystal turned to Shock. “I wanna help.” She nodded with a smile. “I mean, hey, it's going to be a once in a lifetime adventure! I'll gladly take this opportunity before I turn back into human.” She puffed. “The human world's boring.”

I chuckled. “Once you reach legal age, males will give you a—”

“Don't you dare finish that sentence,” she hissed and glared at me.

I snickered. “Whatever you say, princess. You know its true.”


My eye twitched. “I'll shut up now.”

She grinned. “Good.”

“Jay has a point,” Fay chirped.

Krystal glared at her. “I will NOT become a wh—”

“If Bi and the other legendaries couldn't find the cause, then what will our chances be?”

Everyone were dead quiet. Fay is weird, and sometimes she points out very good points. Yeah, she's weird like that.

Shock sighed in defeat. “I hate to say it, but Fay's right...” he looked back at us. “There are many legendaries in the world. They're powerful, and they have different kinds of abilities that would surely locate something they wish to find.”

“The problem is that they haven't yet,” Vixie frowned. “Even with their legendary powers, they still couldn't fix it.”

“Or maybe another legendary's hiding or protecting it from them,” Krystal said. All eyes fall to her.

“That...” the Chikorita said, “...might be possible...” She looked at the others. “It's possible, right?”

“A legendary who is lying...” Shock crossed his arms and thought about it. “Why would they even hide such a thing and lie about it to the others?”

Vixie nodded. “And what could they possibly even gain from it?”

“Yah,” Fay chirped. “It's not like legendaries can evolve!”

They continued their quiet throws of questions and theories as I turned back to the discussing humans. Apparently, their discussion were going in a loop, while my group managed to land on a possible conclusion. This is even deeper than I thought.

But I do have a choice though. I could just wait here and not be involved, or I could join them into whatever quest they're going to take. The former sounds very appealing though, but what if neither Arceus nor Palkia will help me? And Krystal, for that matter. What if they're too busy worrying about their fellow Pokémon's problems?

...or what if one of them's the culprit behind all this?

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Chapter 40
“There,” Bill smiled as soon as he finished tying this weird collar-thingy around my neck. “Try it out.”

It felt cold and heavier than that pink collar I used to wear. Anyway, it has a shiny black circular icon-badge-whatever thingy, which has a filter-like microphone and small speakers inside. Talk about a weird invention.

I touched it with my paw for no apparent reason, and then coughed.

“Ahem,” I said, shifting slightly on the sofa. “Testing, testing... One, two, three...”

Bill's smile grew wider. “It worked! And you even test it like a human does!”

I deadpanned. “That's because I am one.”

Bill nodded. “I wonder if I could filter your Eevee voice so English will not mix with it whenever you talk...”

“Whatever... At least you understand me now...”

Krys walked beside me and curiously poked the collar with a paw. “I can't believe he actually managed to make one...”

I grinned. “Don't let our poor technology back home judge the technology of this world.”

“So,” Shock gestured with a hand, “the human can understand everything you say through that thing?”

I looked up at Bill. “Hm... You're an ugly human.”

“Hey!” he frowned. “I'll have you know that girls used to storm over me, and I could have dated all of them if I weren't so busy with science and stuff!”

I grinned. “And when was that?”

He blinked, and glared at me. “I'm starting to regret inventing that thing now...”

I chuckled and turned to my snickering Pikachu friend.

“I'm convinced,” Shock chuckled.

Fay excitedly jumped in place. “Oh! Oh! Can I try it! Can I? Please?”

Oh, if only... Nah. I shook my head. “Sorry Fay, but I don't think his small head can take it.”

“Okay,” Bill suddenly grabbed the collar. “I'm taking this back before I'll do something I'll regret.”

I chuckled and allowed him to remove the collar. Ah, it's good to have a lighter neck.

Bill then sat back on his chair in front of the sofa. He then sighed and took a paper that Krystal and I printed from his laptop. While everyone were having lunch, we borrowed his laptop and typed down a few things that our little group has found out about the black-magic phenomenon. We were kinda disappointed that we only managed to fill half of the paper, but meh, it was at least straight to the point.

He scratched his head as he read it again and Lais landing on his shoulder. “A legendary Pokémon who is protecting whatever stops normal Pokémon from evolving...” He leaned against his chair and stared at us. “If it's true, then this is, really big...”

I was about to talk, but I suddenly remembered that I no longer had the collar on. I gestured with my paws to have them back, and he eyed me suspiciously. I rolled my eyes and pointed to Krystal instead. She just blinked and gasped.

“Oh no! No!” she stepped back, and bumped on Vixie's side. “I don't like public speaking or anything like giving my own opinion to a large crowd!”

“That didn't stop you from voicing out your opinion when we were outside,” I pointed out. “Besides,” I pointed Bill, “you're just going to talk to him anyway.”

“I think it's a good idea for the others to hear this as well,” Bill spoke out loud as he stood up. “They're about to resume, so I guess that will be the perfect time to let them know about what you guys know.” He then turned to Krystal. “No offense to Jay, but Krys, you're a more sensible one, so—”

“No!” Krystal barked at him.

“Sheesh, girl,” I shook my head. “You are bound to talk in front of many people when we get back home. What, with graduation, job interviews...”

“No,” she glared at me. “No! And that's final!”

“Sheesh,” I rolled my eyes, “you don't have to be a b*tch about i—ack!”

She slapped me! How the heck can she slap me? At least no nails were used.

“Jay,” Shock called with a smile, “you keep that up, and you'll never find yourself a mate.”

“Put a sock in it,” I then glared at the slapper. “And you...” I trailed off as I noticed she wasn't paying me any attention. Typical teenagers. “Never mind.”

“Ah, young love,” Lais suddenly said, staring at the ceiling with dreamy eyes.

“I'll take it that Krystal doesn't want to talk,” Bill sighed as he put the collar on me again. “Just promise me to talk properly...”

“Don't count on it,” Krystal whispered all too loudly. That...kinda ticked me off.

“Hey you,” I turned to the Chikorita. “Do something about our princess' attitude, will ya?”

“I'll try,” she replied. “But you'll need to do something about your attitude as well.”

The Surskit nodded.

“And what does that su—you know what? I'm not going to argue with you, 'cuz I don't even know you.” I jumped off the sofa and walked towards the kitchen. “The sooner I'll get back to human, the better.”

“Someone's on a foul mood,” Fay chirped as the rest of my friends followed me.

I heard Bill sigh and said a few things to Krystal before he walked after us and opened the door to the backyard.

“Maybe you should let Shock or Saur do the talking,” Vixie said, who walked beside me. “No offense, but I don't think you can think straight when you're angry.”

“Gee, ya think?!” I snarled. I suddenly felt a powerful slap behind my head, throwing me a few paces forward. “OW!” I heard series of gasps, but I ignored it as I spun and glared at Saur, who was in the process of retracting his vine. “What the hell was THAT for?!”

Shock slowly lowered his hand and closed his mouth, and let Saur do the talking.

“You're angry,” he calmly replied, “but you shouldn't pour it on Vixie, or us.”

“Do you know what I think?!” I snarled as I pulled the collar off, and threw it on the ground. “Screw this!” I turned around and walked off. I don't know where I was headed to, but I don't care.

I'm angry? Yeah, obviously, I am! Thank you for pointing that out, genius!

...why am I so angry all of a sudden?

I sighed as I spun around, sat on the ground, and slowly leaned my back against the tree. Wow, I was probably a few meters away from the meeting site. Still inside Oak's property, but whatever.'s kinda strange that it's now a habit to kick my tail before I sit down... Anyway...

I guess Krystal's attitude just ticked me off. Sigh... Well, at least I now know that I'm never going to have the patience to be a dad. I guess that's a good thing. Is it a good thing? Blah.

I felt myself slipping down, but I didn't bother. I slipped from leaning on the tree, and my back was now on the ground, my gaze on the soft rays of the sun that poked through the leaves that quietly danced with the soft breeze. Wow...that was almost poetic.

“You okay?”

I sighed and closed my eyes. “A bit, yeah...”

Vixie sat beside me. No idea what she was doing, since my eyes are closed.

“Sorry if I snapped at you back there...” I said quietly. “I didn't mean to.”

“Eh, I got used to it. Shock's always like that.”

That made me chuckle. “Heh, good point. Still,” I opened my eyes, and saw her gently smiling back at me. “I'd like to say sorry...”

“Forgiven,” she simply replied.

She's cute when she smiles though. Well, Vulpixes are really cute Pokémon, I guess. She then turned her head up and stared at the sea of leaves.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and sighed through my mouth. I love how peaceful this world is. Well, not really, but, oh never mind.

“So...” I said, “I imagine that the humans are eagerly listening, huh?”

Vixie chuckled.

“I'll take that as a ‘yes’.” I chuckled as I opened my eyes.

Vixie then turned to me, her smile slowly fading. “So, we're going to find out what is causing us from not evolving.”

“Yeah,” I felt my own smile fading as well. Welp, time to go back to seriousville... “I guess I'll wish you guys good luck.”

She frowned. “You're...not coming?”

I slowly shook my head. “Sorry, Vixie, but,” I rolled to my belly and pulled myself into a sitting position. “I told you guys that I'm human, and I just want to go back home.”

Her ears drooped and her gaze fell on the ground. “Oh, right, that...”

I smiled. “Hey, cheer up. At least you got Saur, Fay, and Shock.” She looked at me. “And who knows,” I shrugged, “maybe you can force Shock to be your mate.”

She had a blank expression on her. “What?”

Smile...fading... “I...mean... Well, Shock seemed overly-protective of you,” I trailed off when she was now angrily staring at me. “...please don't hurt me?”

She sighed and shook her head. “Well, I did liked him before, but...” she looked away.

I blinked. Ah... “He turned you down because he's into his own specie?”

She sighed again and nodded.

“That's...kind of racist, don't you think?”

“I don't know what ‘racist’ means, but I got over it.” She shrugged and smiled. “I guess I'm just glad that we're still friends, after I offered him”

“I am starting to imagine a very very sappy story...” I teased.

“Oh, shut up...” she then turned her gaze to the peaceful rolling clouds. “And...just curious, but...”

She trailed off... Sheesh, fine, I'll bite. “But...?”

“Do you like Krystal?”

I choked on air and coughed. “Wh-what?!” I fixed her a glare. “No! I am NOT a freaking pedophile! Damn it!”

She blinked at me. “Sorry but, I don't know what that means as well...”

I blinked. “Oh, right... Sorry, again, for snapping at you...” I sighed. “It means an adult that wants to have sexual relations with a child.”

She blinked. She cringed. “Eewww...”

I nodded. “And your vocabulary has been expanded.”

“I wish I didn't...”

I grinned. “You fault.” I then took a breath and sighed through my nostrils as I turned to the sky. “I've been accused of being one when I was just helping a young girl one time who was lost.” She was lost in a mall and was crying. I bought her some candy and promised to help her. Unfortunately, those who were watching branded me as a...sigh... Humans are stupidly judgmental that way... It's no wonder that people are rarely helping each other... Well, to be fair, not all humans, but...

“But she doesn't look that young,” Vixie said. “I think she's already thirty moons old.”

I blinked and turned to her with a confused look. “Moons?”

“Well, that's how we count our age.”

“Ah...” Moons... No idea how that works... “And what about me?”

She examines me with critical eyes. “Hm... I think you're also thirty moons old. Or maybe older.'s not considered, erm...pedo, if you'll as—”

“Don't,” I glared at her, “finish that sentence. Whatever our ages might be in this world, the two of us are still humans, and our human ages will still count. Besides,” I waved a paw, “I don't like her that way.” And then curiosity struck me. “What about you? How many moon cycles old are you?”

Hm... Moon cycles. Ah, I think I now have a vague idea of how their moon age works. Each month has one full moon, right? Yeah, I think so. Or maybe not all. I dunno. Anyway, maybe they count their age on each full moon? I think I've read something like that back home a long time ago.

“Twenty-seven moons,” she replied.

Twenty-seven moons. There are twelve full moons in a year if there's at least one full moon in a month, so... Vixie's 2 years and a few months old. Wonder if it's also like dog years. Seven human years is equivalent to one human year?

Anyway, I nodded. “And if Lithe was any indication, I'd say twenty-seven moons is an acceptable age for having a mate, yes?”

She frowned at me. “I don't want him to be my mate.”

I shrugged and turned back to staring at the sky. “I never said that. I don't have one, back home I mean. Even though I'm already at that age as well.” I shrugged yet again. “I guess I haven't found that special girl yet.” I'm still planning to ask that girl. I just hope time froze back there while I'm here. Wait, no... Krystal was here for some months now, so time didn't stop... Darn it...

“Still, I'm also looking for a mate...” she turned to stare at the sky. “Sometimes, I think he's just somewhere out there...”

Sheesh, and I thought those kinds of lines are only for Disney movies...

“...or...he's somewhere nearby...”

...uh... I turned to her and arched her an eyebrow.

She looked back at me with a very soft smile. “...or...maybe he's just right in front of me...”


... ...

... ... ...

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Chapter 41
A strange feeling of thin and ticklish hairs on my cheek snapped me back with a quiet chuckle.

“Ah,” Fay chirped, who pulled her whiskers back. “You've been floating on clouds for quite a while now,” she giggled.

I blinked and suddenly realized that I was still seated on the sofa in Professor Oak's living room. I was by the arm-rest, and Fay was beside me. Beside her was Shock, and beside him was Saur, and beside him was Vixie, and beside her was Krystal, and beside her was Lais, and beside that bird-brain was the Chikorita plus the Surskit bagpack.

And I think we came here to discuss a few things with Bill and Professor Oak, who currently sat on the other sofa in front of ours, a simple table in between, where Bill's laptop and stacks of papers were placed, and some cups of coffee, and two plates of Pokémon brownie-like food.

Aaannnddd...there's a reason why, as Fay put it, I was floating on clouds... Vixie's confession was...uhm...shocking? Surprising? Unexpected?

For all my life, Vixie was the first female who ever confessed their um...feelings to me...or at me? Anyway, yeah, she was the first, human or Pokémon, and I have absolutely no idea how to handle such a situation.

My cheeks suddenly felt hot as I recalled my reply to her when she told me about it.

“Um...okay...” I blinked as I felt my heart started pounding nervously hard, my eyes were deeply locked on hers. “”

Oh, how her smile faded and that disappointed look she gave me... Goddamnit, that was so freaking embarrassing! How stupid of a reply was that?! Ack! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupi—

“Are you okay?” Bill asked, and I blinked back, and realized that I was gritting my teeth.

I saw everyone's eyes were on me as well, and I felt my two ears droop. “Uh...y-yeah... Yeah, I'm fine...”

“He said he's fine,” Krystal said, who currently was wearing the Pokémon-to-English translating collar. She was still angry at me, if her voice was to be judged. “Just busy thinking of home.”

I turned to glare at her, but my eyes instead fell on Vixie, who then took a glimpse at me and smiled. My throat suddenly felt dry, and I found it super-freaking hard to turn my head back.

Ugh... This is really really stupid. Why in blazes am I feeling this way? I mean, com'on! She's a freaking Pokémon! I'm a human! Yeah... Yeah, I'm right... She's a Pokémon, while I'm a human... That won't work. That will never work! And I don't care if there was a human eks Gardevoir watchamacallit. I am NOT into Pokémon! Period! Nope! No siree!

“Are you in love?”

“Ayyyiiieee!!!” I jumped back in surprise, and saw Fay's confused stare. I looked at the others, and their eyes were once again on me.

Fay slowly, slowly had a grin on her lips, and a very mischievous glint on her eyes. “You are, aren't you?”

“No I'm not!” I replied. “That's just stupid and silly!”

“What's stupid and silly?” Oak asked, blinking at me.

My...voice was probably very loud for the collar to translate it.

“Um...nothing?” I gulped.

Krystal rolled her eyes and turned back to the two humans. “Ignore him. He's probably currently hitting puberty.”

“Hey!” I said as the two humans chuckled. I was about to add something more when I saw Fay's snout closing in on Shock's curious ears.

“Whoa!” she gasped as I pulled her beside me with her tail.

I grabbed her face with both paws, fixed her gaze on me, and I glared into her very soul.

“Don't,” I hissed, ignoring Shock who was asking what was going on. “You. Dare. Spread. Such. Lies.”

She just grinned, strangely got off from my grip, and leaned beside my ear. “So who's the lucky girl?” she whispered.

“I told you that I am not in love!” I whispered back, ignoring Saur and Shock, who were giving me strange looks. “Nor am I attracted or magnetized or whatever you wanna call it!”

“Liar,” she snickered. “There's Vixie, Krysie, Lais, Chiko, and me.”

I groaned as I pushed her away from me. She however, was still talking while in deep thought, her gaze concentrated on the sofa.

“But I don't think you're into birds, so Lais is out...”

This time, Vixie joined in on giving me a strange look. I just chuckled at the trio. “Please ignore her?”

Shock shook his head. “You've been acting very weird ever since Vixie fetched you...” He then turned to her. “What happened?”

Saur turned to her as well as Vixie blinked at Shock.

“Oh, uh,” Vixie slowly looked at me, and I glared at her. She just gave me a grin before turning back to Shock, still wearing that grin. “Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Shock fixed her a suspicious glare. “You're lying...”

“Oh my gosh!” Fay suddenly shouted and turned to the surprised Pikachu. She pointed a paw at him. “That's it! Jay's in l—mmf!!!”

I jumped on the rat's back and pushed her face against the sofa. She struggled to break free while Saur and Shock wondered if they should stop me.

Krys just sighed. “See? Puberty...”

I wanted to glare at that annoying brat, but once again, my eyes fell on Vixie, who was just smiling at me. I glared at her as I mouthed ‘we need to talk.’

She just nodded and returned her attention at the humans. Shock was already pushing me off of Fay as Saur blinked at me, and then back at Vixie, and then back at me, and then a wide smile formed on his lips.

Oh, poop... This is spreading incredibly and annoyingly fast. I tiredly glared at the Bulbasaur and gestured with my paw to zip his lips. He just nodded and returned his attention to the discussing humans.

“Really Jay,” Shock rubbed Fay's back as he fixed me a glare. “What was that all about?”

I shrugged. “Just stopping Fay from saying something, which is completely nonsense and could ruin my day...”

“Ah...” Fay turned to me and grinned yet again. “So it's true then.”

I looked away.

“Fay,” Shock sighed. “Stop pushing his buttons.”

“Okay,” she chirped happily at Shock, who nodded and turned back. She quickly then turned back to me with a very big grin. “For now...”

“Oh, Joy...” I buried my face against the sofa.

Fay chuckled and leaned her mouth by my ear. “She likes yellow flowers,” she whispered, and I mentally blinked. “She doesn't like Rawst Berries. She hates it if you give her stuff she thinks are useless. She used to have a huge crush on Shock. She always wondered how it would feel to lie on her mate's back while he carries her around. She—”

I touched her nose with a paw as I slowly pulled myself into a sitting position. “Shut up, please,” I sighed. “Just...shut up.” I pulled my paw back and looked away. “I don't like her, okay?” I turned to her. “So, stop. It's...annoying.”

Fay nodded with a smile. She then turned and sat beside me. “Yeah, I know.” She took a breath and sighed. “Love's confusing, no?”

I hung my head and sighed. “Yeah...” I blinked...and blinked, and blinked. “Wait...”

She giggled and hurriedly walked away before I could hit her head.

“Darn it,” I hissed at her retreating form as I lowered my paw.

Fay pushed herself in between Shock and Saur, eliciting an annoyed grumble from the Pikachu as he moved beside me. Fay then walked back and pushed herself in between Saur and Vixie, wherein Saur gladly moved as he turned to me with an apologetic smile. I felt my two ears droop yet again as I sighed and as Fay whispered nonsense to Vixie...

Ugh... I just want to go hooommmeee...

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Chapter 42
“Vixie,” I said as I finally got to her.

She turned and smiled. “Hi.”

I kept a flat face. I wanted to tell her how long it took me to find her, and here she was, under a tree in Oak's front lawn, beside the gate. Unfortunately, there were more pressing matters we needed to talk about, and my heart wasn't making things any easier.

I took a deep breath and sighed to calm myself down. It didn't work. “We need to talk.”

“I know.” It was quick, but I noticed her frown before she quickly replaced it with a smile. “What do we need to talk about?”

“First,” I sat in front of her and raised a paw. “Could you please drop the smiling act. It's getting annoying,” and making me having a difficult time to be serious at you.

She frowned and sighed. “I heard a lot from females that a smile will always charm our potential mates.”

I rolled my eyes as I brought my paw back down. “You're just making yourself look so plastic.”

She blinked. “What's plastic?”

“Never mind that,” I shook my head and squinted my eyes a bit. The clouds have moved and the golden sunset rays struck my eyes. “Just be yourself if you want to attract someone.”

She grinned at me. “I'll keep that in mind.”

I rolled my eyes. “And the second thing... Could you please...” My throat suddenly felt dry. Am I going to say it? I never wanted to break hearts. I know what broken hearts felt like. B-but... She should have known better! I'm a human... “Go and find someone else to be your mate...” I lifted a paw to stall her. “...who will be willing to be your mate.” I brought it back down, sighed, and looked away. The mountains are golden now... “This won't work. You and I, I mean. You're a Pokémon, while I'm a human...”

“But you're not human yet...”

I turned back to her and gave her a soft glare. “And by the time I'll turn back into human... What then?”

She shut her mouth and looked at the ground.

“I'm sorry, Vixie,” I sighed. “I'm just saving you from a potential heartbreak in the future. It's better to end a blooming flower now than taking down a full-grown tree...” Wow, I admit, that was deep.

Silence reigned. I sighed.

“I'm a human. Please Vixie, remember that.”

She said nothing. She just stared on the ground.

I sighed and stood on all four paws. There, I said it. I turned and started walking away. It's better to leave her alone to think things through. Now, to concentrate on going back home...

If I recall correctly...

I stopped as my heart suddenly felt too freaking heavy. It was heavy, and painful. I sighed and slowly turned my head over my shoulder. There was no sound, but I saw her movements. She was sobbing quietly.

I wanted to comfort her... B-but that would be awkward, wouldn't it?

“I'll take care of it,” Saur's soft voice said.

I turned in time to see him walking pass me with an unreadable expression.

“Go inside and stop Fay.” His voice was calm, but it felt so commanding.

“Sorry...” I whispered. No idea it reached his retreating form.

I sighed and slowly walked towards the front door of Oak's house. The door was opened slightly, so I poked my head inside and pushed it wide enough for me to enter. Instantly, Shock turned to me from the sofa and gave me an arched eyebrow.

“ and Vixie, huh?”

Fay suddenly jumped beside him, giving me a wide toothy grin. Chikorita smiled at me, and Krystal just gave me a blank look.

It took them all a second or two to notice my frown.

“I...take it that things didn't go too well?” the Chikorita finally said, breaking the silence.

Shock jumped down and started walking towards me with a threatening glare. “If you hurt her, I swear to Cresselia's moon, you'll be so—”

“Could you shut up?” I spat, and Shock stopped in surprise as I fixed him a glare. “It was freaking hard to dump her, okay?! It hurt! And I have no idea why!”

“Then why have you—”

“I'm human!” I snarled at him. “She's a Pokémon! And I am a human! It will never work!” I grit my teeth and walked pass him. I continued walking pass the sofa.

“S-sorry...” Krystal said, but I didn't mind her, or anyone, as I turned to a corner and started climbing up the stairs. “H-hey!” she called as I heard her paws landing softly on the carpet. “Wait!”

“Leave me alone,” I continued my climb. “I want to be alone for a while.”

I heard her started climbing after me. “No! I'm not going to lose someone again!”

I blinked as I reached the last flight of stairs and turned to her with a puzzled look. “W-what?”

Her ears drooped as she stopped climbing. “M-my brother died from a broken heart...” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “L-long story, but please!”

Despite everything, I deadpanned. “Sorry, but I'm not suicidal.” I turned. “But sorry about your brother...”

“J-just promise me you'll be okay...”

“Why do you care?” I turned to her and gave her a painful smile. “Earlier today, you wouldn't even care if a meteorite fell on me.”

She glared at me. “Fine. Go and lock yourself in a room for all I care!”

I sighed as she carefully started climbing back down. I lost my sense of direction, so I randomly picked a room and pushed open the door. I suddenly found myself in a small room. The Ledyba from earlier was peacefully napping on a bed.

I quietly walked through the room and went out of the small balcony. Big mistake. I saw the tree...the gate...and my four friends...

I quietly lied on my belly as I stared at them who were trying to comfort her. Chikorita and Krys suddenly appeared from the edge of the balcony and were slowly walking towards my friends.

I quietly sighed. What's wrong with me? I thought that I'm not into furries...that I'm not into Pokémon. I had a few dates before, and lots of breakups... Why is this one so freaking different, and painful? it because that this is the first time that a girl was the one who made the first move? Mmmaybe, but that sounded kinda shallow... it because I've been wanting to love someone, but never actually lucky enough until now? Gah, now that just sounded stupid...

...or is it because...she was the first girl who I felt was so true and sincere about her feelings...for me...

B-but...she's a Pokémon... Yeah, sure, I'm a Pokémon right now but, what if I'll finally be able to return home as a human being again?

I know it's sad, and I know it freaking hurts, but I also know that I did the right thing. It's useless to make her feelings bloom. And I also need to stop worrying about her. She's just a Pokémon. She's just a Pokémon... that I think about's kinda surprising that she didn't beat me up to a pulp... I mean, she can do that to me if she wanted to...b-but... I just noticed that Vixie was staring at me. I blinked to clear my blurry vision, and finally noticed her eyes. She had very determined eyes. She had a very determined frown. And after she knew I was now staring at her, she gave me a very determined smile.

...she's giving me a determined and a very persistent smile.

...suddenly, jumping off this balcony sounds like a very very wonderful idea...

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Chapter 43
“This is so degrading...” Krystal sighed as she slowly started eating her bowl of meatballs.

We were having our dinner in the living room, and ever since we started, I was annoyingly pushing my bowl away from Vixie, who kept on pushing hers close to me. At least Fay, Saur and Chiko found it funny to watch.

Shock however... “Could you two quit it?” he hissed and glared at us.

I glared back. “If you're so angry with her chasing after me, then you shouldn't have dumped her!” And there she was again. “And get away from me!”

She chuckles and finally sat down. “Fine, I'm getting hungry now, anyway.” She then grinned at me. “But afterwards...” she trailed off.

I gritted my teeth and pushed my bowl with my nose and settled down beside Krystal. “You wouldn't mind, right?”

She just sighed. “How are you accepting that we're no longer eating with our hands?”

I shrugged as I ate. “Dunno,” I replied with a half-full mouth. “Hunger does wonders.”

She puffed and grunted. “Ugh... I can't believe you...”

“Why?” I grinned. “If you're staying here forever as an Espeon, then you should start getting used to it. Besides,” I shrugged. “You've been here longer than I have. Why haven't you gotten used to it yet?”

She glared at me, and I chuckled. I was about to continue eating, but I noticed Vixie from afar, fixing me a glare. Hm... I turned to Krystal. Hm...

I sighed. Vixie may be annoying, but I won't go all pedo-mode just to push her away...

“I think your girlfriend's getting jealous of me being near you,” Krys commented, adding an evil grin to it. “Pedo.”

My eye twitched. I pushed my bowl away from her chuckling form and settled down in between Saur and Shock.

“Seriously,” Shock grunted. “Get a den already.”

“Someone's jealous,” I grinned, receiving a glare from him. “You know that I can still give her to you, right?” and I resumed eating.

His eye twitched. “Vixie is not an item you can just pass to someone else!”

“She will be if she keeps on bothering me,” I said simply. I was about to eat the last of my meatball when Shock rudely grabbed my collar-fur thingy and forced me to look into his angry eyes.

“You will not treat her that way,” he hissed. “I won't let you!”

I deadpanned and was about to reply when Saur spoke.

“Let him go, Shock.”

Shock's eye twitched, and reluctantly lets me go.

“You know he doesn't mean it.”

I blinked and turned to the Bulbasaur. The heck? Of course I meant what I said.

“It's just annoying to hear,” Shock sighed.

“Now listen here,” I said to the still-eating Bulbasaur. Oh, he's eating some crispy leaves, by the way. “I don't love Vixie, ya hear?”

“Oh?” I heard Shock spoke. “I wonder what was that ‘I'm hurt, but I don't know why’ you said earlier.”

My eye twitched and was about to glare at him when Mr Mime came in and started levitating our bowls away. Huh, isn't he an evolved form as well, or does he have the same case as Shock? Anyway, I immediately bit the last meatball before it flew away from me.

Bill suddenly walked beside the maid-mon and clapped his hands. “Okay everyone. Light's out in ten. We need to sleep early so we can leave early tomorrow.”

I blinked at his retreating form. “We're going somewhere?”

Shock sighed. “Sheesh... You and Vixie need to pay more attention during meetings.”

“Well, he was lovesick at the time,” Fay chirped, making Shock grin. “So it's understandable.”

“I hate you all,” I mumbled. I shook my head and turned to my more sensible friend. “Where are we going?”

Saur blinked at me. “I thought Vixie said you're not coming with us?” And then he smiled at Fay and Shock, who were behind me.

“Well, duh,” Fay chirped, and I am no longer liking where this is going. “He's coming with, since Vixie's his mate now! If she's coming, then so will he!”

I gritted my teeth. “You three are so...gah!” I was about to storm off when I noticed Vixie in front of me. “Oh, uh, hi?”

She smiled. “You're coming with us, right?”

“I guess so.” Wait... What the f*ck, mouth?! “I mean, n—mmfff!” a vine shut me up.

Fay giggled. “See? Told you he'll come with!”

“Ow,” Saur winced when I poked his vine with a nail.

“I'm staying here!” I glared at Saur. “And you can't make me come with you guys!”

Vixie suddenly brushed herself beside me, sending electric jolts to my spine. “I guess I'll stay here as well.”

I quickly jumped beside Saur and wrapped a paw behind his neck. “We should all get some sleep! Yep! Need to rise up early to wherever we're going, right?!” I hate the world right now... “Right! So goodnight everyone! I'm sleeping with Saur tonight!”

Saur just blinked.

Krystal shook her head in disappointment. “Pedo and gay...”

“Shut up, you,” I glared at her. I then took a breath and sighed as I pulled my paw back. “But seriously though. Where are we going?”

“Green Forest,” Shock said as the Ledyba flew by and switched off the lights. She greeted us good night and flew away. “Remember what that Nidoran said?”

I blinked. “We met a Nidoran before?”

Despite the darkness, I could still see Shock's deadpanned expression. “Yes.”

“Wow,” Fay chirped, who lied down beside Vixie. “He's head has been on clouds for far too long.”

“Har har...” I deadpanned.

“Anyway,” Shock continued, “we're going to Green Forest to see what the gathering was all about. Even if the gathering is already over, we can still ask a few Pokémon there some details.”

“Okay...” I nodded. “But how will Bill fit into this quest of ours?”

“He'll drive us there,” Krystal said, who was trying to get comfortable in between Vixie and Chiko. “You really haven't paid any attention at all, huh?”

“Lovesick~” Fay quietly sang, and then yawned.

Oh yeah, Yawn's a known Pokémon move, so it's no wonder everyone else yawned as well, including myself.

“Suddenly, I feel so sleepy...” I whispered, making Saur chuckle. “Good night, everyone.”

After a series of ‘good nights’, everyone became quiet and went to sleep.

My ears twitched when I heard Vixie's soft voice. “Night, Jay.”

I took a breath and sighed through my nostrils as Fay quietly giggled.

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Chapter 44
“She's a heavy sleeper, no?” I chuckled as Bill carried Krystal's sleeping form from the living room to his white pick-up truck.

Chikorita and Surskit, who was still glued on the grass starter's back for reasons unknown, chuckled in embarrassment.

“Yeah,” Chiko nodded. “She's worse than a rock when she's asleep.”

Bill then carefully placed her on the carpeted surface of his truck, where the rest of us were currently waiting. Aside from us Pokémon back here, there were also three wooden crates, filled with papers and some random machinery-thingies of his. Lais stood on top of a crate though, also asleep.

“Hurry up, professor!” Bill shouted after he turned back to the house.

“In a moment!” came Oak's reply from the second floor. “Waaahhh!” and then crashing noises.

I winced before I turned to Chikorita. “So, what gives?”

She blinked at me. “Pardon?”

“I mean,” I gestured her back with a paw. “What's up with you cosplaying as a Bulbasaur?”

She frowned. “You humans certainly have a lot of weird words, huh?”


“But I think I understand your question.” She slightly raised her head up with a smile, enough to tilt her long leaf and pet Surskit on his head. “We're best friends.” They then stopped and smiled at me. “More than friends, but...” she flashed me a sad smile. “But still, its how we feel for each other's important.”

“Uh...huh...” I nodded with a lame smile. “Too romantic and cheesy for my taste...”

Chiko frowned while the Surskit chuckled. “Get's one to know one,” he said.

I blinked, and was about to ask what he meant when I suddenly heard Vixie's giggles from behind. I shot the couple a glare. “Har har...” I then turned around, and glared at Shock.

He quickly hid his grin. “What did I do this time?”

“It's not fair!” I shouted as Oak came out from his house, assisted by Mr Mime and Ledyba, who were carrying a few of his things. “Why does she keep on pestering me after I said no, while you got an easier way out?”

“Did he?” Vixie grinned, turning to the glaring Pikachu.

“Don't remind me,” he hissed at her before turning to me. “Been there, gladly to be done with it.” He then grinned. “My turn to enjoy the show.”

“I think Vixie's just going easy on you,” Fay nodded.

“She's just warming up,” Saur smiled, Fay and Shock chuckling afterwards.

Mr Mime and Ledyba placed a few of Oak's items beside the crates as the professor took a seat on the passenger's seat.

I closed my eyes as I moaned in frustration. “I can't believe this...”

“Jay, was it?” Oak asked, who poked his head out and was looking at me. I nodded, and he smiled. “Well, don't you worry. I promise that we'll help you out.”

“Yeah, sure,” I sighed. “Whatever...”

He just nodded with a smile, completely oblivious of my reply. Bill took the driver's seat and started the engine as Oak spoke to Mr Mime and Ledyba.

“Seriously, Vixie,” I turned to her smiling face as the truck slowly began moving down the hill. “Can't you just treat me as a friend? I WILL turn back into human sooner or later.”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “I know. So what?”

I blinked... “W-what?”

“So what if you turn back into human?”

I deadpanned. “You do realize that what you've just said is incredibly stupid, right?”

She frowned.

“What you're telling me is bestiality, and I am in no way into that kind of...thing.”

“Another strange word again,” the Chikorita behind me sighed.

“It means humans and anim—” and I almost bit my tongue. “—Pokémon having get the idea.”

“So?” Vixie asked, but my attention was to Shock, who was slowly turning green.

“That's disgusting, Vixie!” Shock snapped, turning to her. “Sorry, but I'm with Jay on this one!” He glared at her. “It sounds absolutely, ridiculously, stupid!”

She glared back at him. “You can't decide how I live my life, Shock.”

“Vixie,” I quickly said, cutting Shock off. “Are you really, really, REALLY, that desperate in finding a mate?”

She turned to me, opened her mouth to reply, yet no words came out. I stared at her eyes, ignored how fast my heart suddenly felt, and saw a conflict there.

“Besides,” I softly said, “it's not like I'm the last male you'll ever meet anyway.” I looked up and stared at the thin whispy clouds in the still-waking sky. “The world is a big place, Vixie. There are still other male Eevees, and Vulpixes out there.” I shrugged as I looked back to her. “Or are you maybe in heat?”

She blinked and blushed furiously. “W-what? No!”

I grinned as Fay quickly turned her head to the Vulpix, while Saur chuckled and Shock laughed.

A voice from behind me didn't sound so very amused, unfortunately. “Being in heat isn't something we should laugh at, you know.”

I turned and saw Chikorita's frown. I almost forgot she was even there.

“She doesn't smell in heat,” Fay said.

“Sorry,” I said to the Chikorita. “I'm a human, so if talking about it offends you,” I turned to Vixie with an apologetic smile, “then I wanna say sorry. I didn't mean to.”

I'm also quite glad that it's a bit easier to look at her, even though she has this whole crush-thing on me at the moment.

Vixie quietly stared on the ground, and after a few more seconds, she quietly sighed and turned, and moved closer to the crates.

Sigh... There she goes again.

“I'll handle it,” Saur said, who was about to turn when Shock grabbed his bulb.

“No. Let's—”

“I'll do it!” Fay chirped, but Shock grabbed her tail with his other paw. “Um... Shocky? You need to let go of my tail if I want to go with Vixie over there.”

“I told you not to call me that,” Shock grunted. “And no.” He lets go and turned to me. “You break something, you fix it.”

I blinked at him. “Why would I if others are willing to do it?”

He glared at me.

I rolled my eyes. “Fine, fine... Sheesh...” I stood on all four and slowly made my way to Vixie, who's back was on me. I wobbled a bit when the truck ran on some log or something, but after that, I got to her no problems at all. I internally sighed as I sat a foot or two away from her. “Vixie...” and I have no idea what to say? Well, I did offend her, I think? “I wanna say sorry you, or offending you...or whatever I did that made you angry or sad or whatever it is your feeling right now.”

I heard a paw to face behind me. I almost chuckled at that sound alone.

The Vulpix inhaled, and quietly exhaled. “I suck at this...”

I blinked. “Suck at what, exactly?”

She slightly raised her head, staring at the white wall of the truck. “T-this...” She sighed. “I tried to smile all the time, but it didn't work. Then I tried your suggestion of just being myself, but it's still not working.”

Ah... “You don't exactly suck at it though.”


“But...maybe you're looking at this the wrong way?”

And finally, she turned to me, fixing me a confused look.

I shrugged. “I mean, hey,” I smiled, “for a relationship to work, the two must like each other on the same level, right? That's basic knowledge, for humans, I mean.”

She blinked. She closed her eyes, turned to the crate, and bumped her head.

I arched an eyebrow.

“Of course...” she mumbled. “I'm such a dummy...”

Uh huh... Go on...

“I keep forgetting that our ways and human ways aren't always the same.”

Uh huh... “I don't get it.”

She pulled away from the crate and flashed me a frown. “Well, honestly, I um...” she looked on the ground. “What I was um...doing was um...” She took a breath and sighed. “Let's just say that in finding a mate, what I was doing was the cheapest and lowest of ways to get one as a female.” She looked up at me with a frown. “And it really hurt my pride but, I like you, I really do, so um...” she looked away, blushing a bit. “...yeah...”

I let out a slow whistle. And I'm actually surprised I could whistle. Yey? Hey, I should cherish the small discoveries as well. Anyway...

She once again took a breath and sighed. “ you know.”

Despite everything, I smiled, stood up, sat beside her, and wrapped a paw behind her neck. “Why don't we start small and see where that'll lead us.” Oh wait... “But you do realize that I'll still want to turn back into a human, right?”

“Y-y-ye...” Wow, she was stammering way too hard.

I chuckled as I let her go. “Like I said though, I just want to avoid hurting you in the future.” I shrugged. “But uh... I guess it wouldn't hurt to try and see where it'll lead us.”

Am I actually going with this? Really?! But the poor gal's been crushing her poor pride and heart just 'cause she likes me. Might as well give her what she wants until her little crush on me dies down, right? But what if it wont? What if it'll grow and grow, like how her smile was growing wider?

“Oh, just f*ck already!” Krys yelled from behind.

My eye twitched as I turned and shot her a glare. “Way to ruin the moment, Krys. And goor morning to you, too.”

I suddenly felt another set of fur brushing on my side until I felt a head nuzzling my neck. I shivered as electric jolts shot up to my spine and made my heart beat sky high. I quickly pushed Vixie away with a paw as I nervously smiled at her confused frown.

“Start small, 'member?” Ugh... I hope I won't regret this...

“Seriously,” Krystal groaned. “Just f—”

“Missy,” I hissed as I glared at her. “When we get back home, I am SOOOO telling your parents!”

She gasped. She glared. “You wouldn't dare!”

I grinned. “Try me.”

She glared some more.

The others looked at each other and shrugged.

“Probably a human thing,” Shock said.

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Chapter 45
“Who knew that there are drive-thru's in this world!” I said as the female employee gave the food to Bill through the opened service window.

We were already in Viridian City, and the city just woke up, since the sun just completely risen up from the horizon a couple of minutes ago. I turned and ran to the other side as Saur and the Chikorita grabbed the Pokéfood from the woman with their vines. I climbed up and stared at the other parts of the city.

“I wonder who's running this city's gym...” I whispered to myself as Vixie climbed beside me, and started looking around as well.

“Oi, lovebirds!” Krys called from behind. “You eating or not?”

I huffed and dropped myself back down, Vixie following along. I still think I'm going to regret letting Vixie being all lovey-dovey around me though.

“I'm starting to reconsider getting captured if I get to eat these kinds of food everyday,” Shock said as he ate.

“You and me both,” Fay chirped as Vixie and I joined in.

I didn't even realized that the truck was moving when I noticed that Bill parked in a parking area by a tree. They were probably going to eat as well.

“Ah, yes,” Lais smiled. “Humans may be very weak and fragile, but mostly weak.”

Krys and I gave the bird a glare.

“But they taste good when cooked!”

I almost choked, but Krys wasn't lucky enough.

Lais blinked. “Wait. I think I said that wrong.”

“Ya think?!” Krys hissed, her eyes a bit tearful.

The Murkrow just shrugged and resumed eating.

“It may be delicious,” Saur nodded as he calmly chewed. “But we're not supposed to always eat these kinds of food.”

“They're not healthy,” Chiko added. Damn, I need to know their names once again... “But no harm in eating them from time to time, right?”

“I wouldn't mind eating this stuff all the time,” Shock said.

I smiled at his direction. “Then you'd get fat and can no longer run fast.”

He gave me an arched eyebrow. “Oh? You're just pulling my tail.”

Fay giggled. “Chubby Shocky.”

He shot her a glare. “I am not chubby! And stop calling me that!”

Fay giggled again. “Well, Saury Shocky.”

Shock groaned as Saur and Fay chuckled.

“Good one,” the Bulbasaur said.

Vixie and I chuckled along.

“Jay,” Krystal called, and I blinked at her. She pointed at Vixie, who was beside me, and she then pointed at the Pokémon food, and then she pointed at her opened mouth.

I glared at her.

She rolled her eyes and pointed at Vixie again.

I turned.

Vixie stopped eating and blinked at me.

I turned back to Krystal with a glare.

Krys slowly put a block-like Pokéfood into her mouth.

I glared at her some more.

Krys closed her eyes and sighed. “You're hopeless...” she whispered as she chewed. She then opened her eyes and gestured with her pupils.

I followed the direction and saw Chikorita using her vines to grab a few Pokéfood and feed her Surskit buddy.

I looked back to Krys, and instead to glare, I arched an eyebrow when I saw that she was pouting her bottom-lip.

I gritted my teeth behind my closed mouth as I turned to my other friends. Shock, Fay and Saur were busy chatting among themselves. I turned again. Chikorita and Surskit were in their own world at the moment. I turned to Lais and...who is she talking to? I turned to Krys, her pouty lip was still present.

I sighed and grabbed a block of food with a paw. I turned and stared at Vixie, quietly enjoying the meal. When she noticed that I was looking at her again, she stopped and raised her head to look at me curiously.

“Hm?” she asked.

I shot a quick glare at Krys' direction before I lamely smiled at the Vulpix. I slowly moved the paw with the block so she could notice it.

“Er...want some?”

She blinked at my offering. “Why?” She looked back at our meals. “There's plenty to go around.”

...I turned, feeling a bit disappointed and relieved at the same time, and my eyes were on time to see Krys slapped her forehead with a paw.

“Not sure who's hopeless here...” she groaned as she slid her paw from forehead to chin.

“It's Vixie's first time,” Saur suddenly said. I turned to him, and saw that he was no longer with Shock and Fay's chat circle. Worse, Saur was proudly smiling at me. “Give her time.”

“What are you two talking about?” Vixie asked.

I groaned as I placed a paw behind the Vulpix's head and pushed her back to her meal. “Go back to eating,” I said as Krys shook her head in disapproval and Saur chuckled.

The food was gone after a couple of minutes, and soon, the truck went back to life and started moving again. Lais squawked and flew on top on a crate once again, and fell asleep.

The others kinda grouped themselves into their conversation buddies. Saur and Chikorita plus Surskit, Fay and Shock, and finally, Krys and Vixie.

Saur said something, and the Chikorita just nodded. Fay probably asked something, since Shock looked like he was giving a long explanation about something, complete with paw gestures. Krys was talking to Vixie, while holding a block of food with a paw, and sometimes gesturing at it.

Since everyone seemed busy, I decided to simply watch the scenery. The truck stopped when the traffic light turned red. If it weren't for the fact of how clean this place was, this city wouldn't be any different from the city where I work.

I felt something poking my hind paw. I looked down and saw Vixie staring up at me. Wondering what she wanted, I jumped back down and faced her. And I just now noticed a block of Pokéfood on her mouth.

...and if I'm judging the slight blush on her cheeks, I already do not like where this is going.

She slowly grabbed the block with a paw as her gaze shifted from my eyes to my nose and vice versa. “Would some?”

I just took a breath and sighed through my nostrils. Although it felt kinda late, it still was kinda nice of her to offer, and uh, sweet? But yeah, the fact that it's late...well...

I just flashed her an apologetic smile. “Maybe next time. I'm full now since,” I shrugged, “ya know...we just finished eating?”

Her ears drooped, but she smiled in embarrassment. “Oh, right...”

I faintly heard another paw to face behind me, followed by a quiet groan.

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Chapter 46
Bill parked the truck outside Viridian Forest, a few kilometers away from where trainers usually enter or exit the said forest.

In the games, there was a building that separated the forest from the route. At least in the first gen. and the remakes of the first gen. games.

Anyway, yeah, we were up on a hill-like parts just outside the lines of trees. Oak sent out an Abra and helped him set up some research camp thingy, while Bill was making some final adjustments with the collar translator thing with Krystal.

Shock was quietly staring at Viridian Forest though.

“Hey,” I said as I sat beside him, Vixie following behind.

Shock's ears drooped as he sighed. “What do you want?”

I arched an eyebrow. “Stingy much?”

Vixie chuckled. “He's like that when we disturb his moments of deep thought.”

Eh, well, I'm like that, at work most of the time. It's kinda irritating to be disturbed if we're concentrating and having a lot on our minds, trying to solve a stupid problem on a broken webpage.


“Sorry,” I whispered to Shock.

He sighed again and rubbed both his cheeks. “Nah, forget it.” He then took a breath as he turned to us. “So, we're ready to go?”


I turned back and saw Bill was busy with his laptop while Krystal sat on the table a few inches in front of the laptop. Bill said something, and Krystal appeared to be talking. I faintly heard English words coming out from the laptop though, and I think that was a video player, currently showing Bill's face, slightly covered by his laptop. The collar has a built-in camera now?

I turned back to Shock and slightly shook my head. “Nope.”

Shock frowned, then turned to Vixie. “So, how are things between you two?”

I shrugged as Vixie replied. “Boring.”

Ouch. I glared at her. “Well, excuse me if I want to take things slow.”

Vixie sighed. “Human ways of mating is slow and boring.”

Mating also means...

Shock just chuckled. “What? You're giving up already? Quite unfair on my part, don't you think?”

Vixie just rolled her eyes and then turned to me. “Why am I falling for complicated males...”

I shrugged. “You could have just accepted Lithe's o...”

I swear, Shock's and Vixie's glares almost vaporized my soul...

I gulped... “ S-sorry?”

Our ears twitched as a loud clap was heard in the air. We turned and saw Bill addressing to us.

“Jay,” he said. Or, he was just addressing to me. “Come here for a sec.”

I gladly ran towards him, but I felt humiliated as he suddenly and easily carried me on the table. I gave him a glare, but he didn't notice as he busied himself again with the collar.

Krys snickered. “You'll get used to it.”

I sighed. “I sure hope not. It felt like seventy-five percent of my adultness just went down the drain...”

“Well, does that mean I'm the older sibling now?”

“Don't get your hopes up, sister.” We're not even related by blood to begin with.

“There,” Bill suddenly said and put the collar on my neck. “In case the other one glitches up or something.”

I blinked. Eh? I turned to Krys, and yeah, there's a black collar around her neck. I tried to loosen my collar a bit though.

“It's kinda tight...” I said.

Bill heard what I said from his laptop and made the collar a bit more comfortable. “Sorry about that,” he said. He then took a small black circle and inserted it inside my ear.

“An earphone?” I asked.

“Wireless,” Bill said with a proud smile as he lets me go. “That way, we can stay in touch with each other.”

I stared at him. “Won't these be more suitable for legendaries?”

He frowned as he shook his head.

“A fine question, lad,” Oak's voice was heard from the tent. “Unfortunately, the legendaries seem to be quite busy to stop and talk with us humans.”

“So we're using whatever we can get to gather information if the legendaries aren't going to help or cooperate,” Bill said.

“So...” I pointed at myself. “We're your data collectors now?” He frowned as I shook my head. “I didn't sign up for this.” I glared at him. “I don't really care what you guys agreed from that meeting, but my only goal is to go back home.”

“Uh huh,” Bill nodded. “How are you going to do that?”



Bill nodded with a soft smile. “Exactly. There might be a chance that what caused your arrival is linked to what disables Pokémon from evolving.”

I still find it hard to believe how accepting Bill and Oak was to me and my claims of being a human. I guess Krystal has done quite a lot of convincing before I arrived.

Also, linked? Hm... In Krystal's case, since she was here for two months now, I think. And it's been two months since the devolution process... Her being here might be linked, but me? No idea...

I sighed and adjusted the earphone on my ear. “Fine, fine. Just make sure not to blast me with your voice.”

Krys nodded. “Oh yeah, mine as well.” She suddenly became conscious of her ear. “I don't like loud noises.”

“Eh,” I shrugged. “It's you who'll be making loud noises when the time comes.”

Both of them blushed as I chuckled. Kinda weird that I'm making green jokes, while I don't want to hear green stuff from Fay. Eh, I guess I'm weird like that. Oh well.

While Bill made some adjustments with his laptop, Krystal fixed me a glare, but her blushing cheeks lightened her glare's weight.

“I hate you,” she hisses.

“Testing, testing,” Bill said through a thin microphone. He was looking at us, and Krystal and I just nodded at him.

“Yeah,” I said. “Volume's okay. Anything else?”

“Yeah,” Bill nodded. “Be careful.”

I rolled my eyes and jumped down from the table. “It's Viridian Forest. What's the worse it could throw at us?”

“Beedrills live there,” Bill replied as he sets Krystal down beside me. “They're quite dangerous, especially if they'll swarm.”

I nodded. “Yeah, thanks for the heads up about a devolved swarm of Beedrills.” I lamely stared at his sheepish smile. “Seriously, give us something here.”

“Other than the Pidgeots and the Beedrills,” Shock said as he and the others approached us. “There's nothing else to worry in the forest.”

Saur nodded. “But since they ‘devolved’, they're not much of a threat, if we keep a cool head and work together.”

I blinked. I turned to Krystal. She blinked at me. I nervously smiled at her. “Working together?”

Her eye twitched. “With you? No way!”

“Ah...young love,” Lais sighed, who was on the table, staring dreamily at the sky.

“Why do I feel like you've already said that same line before?” I glared at her. She ignored me though.

“Anyway,” Bill said. “Professor Oak and I will be out here, monitoring your progress. If trouble comes up, and you couldn't handle it, let me know and we'll send our Abras to fetch you.”

I blinked at him. “You have an Abra?”

“What's an Abra?” Fay asked.

Bill nodded. “Your collars have special stones that our Abras can detect. But they can only teleport you back one at the time, since,” he frowned, “they're Abras. They're not as strong as they used to be when they were Alakazams.”

“I still hate how lazy their names were made,” Krystal frowned. “Abra, Kadabra, and then Alakazam? Talk about childish cartoon magic.”

“Oi,” I said, a bit offended. “Old cartoons back in the days were the best. The new Tom and Jerry show felt so boring and...bleah. It didn't have the old Tom and Jerry feel to it.”

She frowned at me. “Because it's for the new generation of kids. Not for old pedos like you.”

My eye twitched. “You teenagers are know what? We've derailed the discussion.”

“Indeed you have,” the Chikorita nodded with a sigh as Fay chuckled.

Bill blinked. “Oookay... You guys need to focus though. Now, just a small recap of what we've talked about before. The gathering of Pokémon held in Viridian Forest—”

I heard Shock mumbled something, but I failed to catch what it was.

“—might have some info that we need. Of course, it probably ended but, there's a chance that Pokémon living in the forest might know what it was about.”

“Go inside,” I said. “Ask about the gathering. Survive. Sounds simple enough.”

Bill frowned. “It's not really that simple. You should—”

“You worry too much,” I glared at him. I then turned to my friends. A question suddenly popped in my head, about Bill not joining us, but eh, he and Oak might scare the Pokémon away... “Let's get this over with. Who knows,” I shrugged and turned to Shock with a sly smile. “We might find Shock a mate there.”

Shock glared at me, but his ears drooped. “Funny. Hahah...”

I tilted my head to the side. “Shock. Something wrong?”

He shook his head and turned, and marched towards the forest. “Just like what you said: let's get this over with.”

I blinked and turned to the others. Even Krystal, Chikorita and Surskit arched an eyebrow at the retreating Pikachu.

I turned to Vixie. “Is there something I should know about?”

Vixie just gave me a confused blink. “If you're talking about Shock, then no,” she shook her head. “No clue...”

I turned to Saur. “Saur?”

Saur just shrugged. “He'll tell you when he wants to.”

I deadpanned. “I hate you too, by the way.”

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Chapter 47
Krystal and I agreed to split into two groups: my friends and I, and her friends and herself. That way, we could cover more ground, and it'll make her be away for a while to stop giving Vixie some advice.

The usual, I stayed behind our small group. The unusual, Vixie walked beside me. It was a bit annoying at first, but the feeling of annoyance immediately disappeared when Vixie and I noticed Shock was in the middle of our group, Saur and Fay leading on the front. It was strange, since Shock was always the one leading our little group. What was worrying was that his ears were drooped.

Vixie and I shared a troubled and worried look. Strange that we could almost communicate just by making eye contact.

‘What's up with Shock?’

‘No clue... And I'm worried about him.’

‘Yeah, same here...’

‘Should we ask him?’

I shrugged. ‘He'll just tell us that he's fine.’

Vixie sighed. ‘You're right...’

We then looked ahead, and turned left after Fay and Saur spotted a bunch of Weedles by a stream.

“Hi!” Fay chirped as we arrived.

The Weedles, all four of them, turned and immediately sprayed sticky strings at us. I yelped and turned, but I slipped and couldn't move. I heard sparks and fire, and painful yelps soon followed, and then splashes of water.

“You okay?” Vixie asked with a worried frown as she leaned her head too close to mine, our noses almost touching.

“Yeah,” I said as I heard Saur and Shock helping Fay out from the webs. “Can't move, though...” I tried to move, but I found my paws locked on my sides.

Vixie grinned at me. “I could keep you like this forever.”

I glared at her.

“Is it just me,” Bill's voice echoed comfortably on my ear from the earphones. “Or does that Vulpix like you?”

“Bill said hi,” I groaned as Vixie used her nails to cut the strings around me.

“That sure is helpful,” Shock groaned as I shook myself.

I turned and blinked as I noticed the absence of the worms. “Where are those creeps?”

“Fled,” Saur said. “They jumped to the water.”

“It's common for wild Pokémon to attack humans,” Bill's voice made me lose my attention on my friends who were currently discussing the next course of action. “But it's weird for them to attack other Pokémon.”

“Survival of the fittest, I guess,” I shrugged. I accidentally caught my friends' attentions, and I smiled back at them. “Sorry. Was talking to Bill.” I then touched my collar.

“Ah,” Shock said. “Forgot about that thing on you...”

“What a bunch of meanie Weedles!” Fay kicked the grassy ground with an angry pout.

Saur just patted her shoulder with a paw as Vixie and Shock turned to me.

We then heard flapping noises from above. We looked up and saw two Pidgeys about to fly by.

“Oh!” Fay chirped, waving both front paws at them as she sat on her bum. “Hey! Hey!”

The Pidgeys were about to fly by, but one of them hovered on a spot and looked at us.

“We're friendly,” Vixie shouted. “We just want to ask some questions!”

The Pidgey hovered in the air, probably thinking things through. The bird sighed and slowly landed on the other side of the stream.

“If this is a trick,” the Pidgey glared at us, his voice sounded young. “I swear, I'm going to—”

“Look,” Shock interrupted. “We just want to know about the gathering.”

The Pidgey's angry features disappeared as he blinked.

“We're kinda late, so we're hoping to know what it was about.”

“The gathering?” the bird blinked again. His brows then furrowed as he glared at us. “Are you trying to trick me or something?”

Shock and I groaned.

“Just,” I said slowly, “go away if you don't know anything about it.”

“Thanks for wasting my time then!” the Pidgey shouted as he extended his wings, but he yelped and immediately fled when Shock fired a thin bolt of electricity at him.

“I didn't know Pokémon could be so mean,” Bill's voice echoed in my ear. “What an eye-opener.”

“An update of Krys' group would be more useful, Bill, rather than your obvious observations,” I deadpanned as I stared on the stream, my friends turning to me.

“Oh, right, right,” Bill said, and I could almost hear his sheepish smile. “I'll get back to you.” And then I heard a soft clicking sound from the earphone.

“So?” Shock asked. “Anything?”

I shrugged. “Bill's still asking her.”

“I see,” the Pikachu replied simply, looking around. “Didn't know the Pokémon living here could be so...” he trailed off.

Vixie and I shared a confused look before turning back to him.

“But...” I said, “don't you live here?”

Shock shook his head. “Green Forest is a big place, you know.”

“Ah,” was my only reply.

“I don't live on these parts of the forest.” He turned and headed north, walking close to the stream.

The others and I followed him, this time, Shock was leading the way, Fay and Saur in the middle, and Vixie and I following behind.

“Jay?” Vixie whispered.


“Can we walk together?”

I gave her a deadpanned look. “We already are.”

“Yep,” Bill's voice echoed on my ear. “She likes you.”

I ignored him as Vixie chuckled. “I know but...” She suddenly closed the gap between us, and I could actually feel her fur against mine, sending shivering jolts to my spine. “I this.” She sighed softly and leaned her head on my neck.

“Confirmed,” I heard Bill smirked.

I kinda can't picture how awkward the two of us would look like this while walking. And her weight was making me turn to the side, so I had no choice but to apply some force back to balance things out.

“Bill,” I said, my eye twitched slightly, “shut up. An update, please?”

“Kinda weird how Jay's talking to himself all the time, huh?” Fay chuckled.

While Bill was talking, Saur turned his head and blinked at the two of us, and then smirked. “Someone's enjoying some sweet time.”

I glared at him. “If you're jealous, go get a mate of your own.”

“Does that mean Vixie's your mate now?” Shock turned with a teasing grin.

Vixie suddenly purred as she slowly rubbed her head on my neck and cheeks, making me blush.

I took a calm breath and sighed. “Bill said that Krys' group found a lead. They're on their way to the said location to confirm.”

Saur and Shock stopped and turned to fully look at me.

“I thought we're suppose to only ask about what was talked about?” Vixie asked, thankfully returning my personal space.

“Yah,” Fay nodded. “Unless Krysie's group asked someone who just heard about it, but never actually attended.”

Shock and Saur stared at the smiling Rattata, while I just blinked at her.

“Um... Bill said yes,” I slowly nodded. “And yes, Bill. She's as weird as hell.”

We suddenly heard faint noises from the lines of trees. We slowly followed the sound. As we got closer, the sound got louder and more detailed. There was a fight, and there was a voice.

“Use Ember!” a young male's voice said.

“Right,” another voice, much younger, replied, and was followed by sounds of fire.

There was a screech of pain, and as my friends and I took a peak behind the line of bushes, we saw a young human trainer throwing a Pokéball at a beaten and burned Spearow.

The Spearow glowed red as the Pokéball hit it and floated in the air, and then the red-glowing Spearow was absorbed by the Pokéball.

I shivered involuntarily as the memories of what it felt like being inside one came back to me.

“Oh my gosh, an Eevee!” a young feminine voice shouted excitedly from behind us.

I yelped and turned to see a young teenaged girl staring at us with star-sparkling eyes.

“Zap her!” I yelped.

“On it,” Shock said, his cheeks sparked.

A torrent of water struck him, pushing him hard on a tree and knocking the air out of his lungs.

“Shock!” We shouted in unison.

“Bubbles!” the girl exclaimed. “You missed! How could you miss?!”

I turned and saw the Squirtle scratching his head as he looked at his angry trainer. “So you wanted to get zapped instead?”

“Whoa! You're right!” I gasped and turned my head up, and my vision was filled with a smiling teenaged boy. W-weren't these the trainers we saw back in Route 1? “This Eevee's mi—” He blinked, and suddenly, his eyes rolled back and he fell beside me, snoring.

Um...what just happened?

“What did you do?!” a Charmander leaped out from the sleeping boy, his claws glowed white.

“Eek!” the teenaged girl shrieked. “That Bulbasaur's using sleep powder!”

Vixie and I jumped back before the Charmander's claws could hit us. The earth shook slightly, and Fay came out from the ground underneath the yelping Charmander, pushing him up in the air. Her tail glowed and she turned while in mid-air, slapping her tail on the Charmander's cheeks, and throwing him towards the yelping Squirtle.

“Eep!” the young female trainer pulled out a Pokéball and threw it in the air. “Hearts! Help me!”

A blob of energy came out from the opened Pokéball, and it materialized on the ground, into a female Nidoran. She looked ready to battle, but she then blinked and dropped her stance.

“H-hey!” the Nidoran said. “I know you!”

“Use double kick!” the trainer commanded as she turned to the rising Squirtle. “Bubbles, use water gun again!”

Vixie and I jumped on opposite directions before the torrent of water could hit us. Fay quickly ran towards the turtle, but jumped back before fumes of fire could hit her. I jumped once again to dodge another water gun, and I bumped into the blinking Nidoran.

“I DO know you!” she smiled. “We met outside that human town a few days ago!”

“Hearts! What are you doing?!” the trainer angrily stomped her foot on the ground. “We're being attacked! And...uh...” she suddenly smiled goofily as she slowly fell back on the ground, snoring.

Her underwear's white. I couldn't help it if she collapsed right in front of me.

“Pervert,” Bill's voice echoed. “Concentrate on the battle!”

I gulped and turned to the blinking Nidoran. “You're trainer whited out—” I don't even know what that means. “—so you can't fight without her orders!”

“Is that how it works?” she blinked at me as I heard growling noises from behind.

“No!” I turned and saw the Squirtle and Charmander glaring and growling at Fay and Vixie. “They can still hurt our trainers!”

Suddenly, two vines wrapped around Fay and Vixie, dragging them back to Saur. “We're leaving,” he simply said while helping Shock up, who was leaning on him.

“Let's get outta here,” Shock whispered as he and Saur began to move back to where we came from.

Vixie and I kept an eye on the trainers' Pokémon as we retreated. Once we were on a safer distance, we both let out a tense breath and followed the trio.

“Wow, Shockie,” Fay chirped walking beside him. “You went down with just one water gun! Talk about lame!”

His ears drooped.


...shouldn't he be angry with that kind of remark? Or at least, since she called him with a nickname?

“Shock?” Vixie called. “Are you okay?”

Nothing... Even Fay began to look worried.

Vixie and I shared a worried look as I ignored Bill's directions of where Krystal's group was.

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Chapter 48
I'm a bit thankful for Shock for suddenly being quiet, weird, mysterious, unresponsive, and some other words. I know it's bad for me to think like that, since, he's a friend and I'm his friend but, it turned Vixie's attention from me to him, which is a totally great relief at the moment.

I am really starting to regret accepting her love though, and now I am afraid of breaking up with her, just because ‘it was a mistake on my part.’ ...I don't want what happened to Lithe' happen to me as well. Well, this Eevee body's not mine, so whatever harm happens to this won't apply to my human body, I think. But still, I'm currently ‘using’ this body, so I can already imagine the hurt I'm going to be in if my Eevee thingy meets Miss Bitey.

“Why are you shaking?” Fay asked from behind as I led our little group. “It's not cold or anything.”

Oh yeah. It's kinda weird for Shock and Saur to tell me to lead the way. Well, it would make sense, since I am currently the one wearing the ear-piece, or earphone, or whatever. Anyway, Bill's giving me directions of where to go.

I shook my head to get rid of the awful image in my head. I took a breath and sighed. “It's nothing...”

“Did that Billy-guy said something bad?” Fay asked.

“Uh...” Bill's voice echoed in my ear. “I said what now?”

I shook my head, turned, and flashed my friends a soft smile. “Just something I suddenly thought about. Nothing to worry about.”

Shock blinked. “You're not leading us to our deaths, right?”

I deadpanned. “Unfortunately, I am.”

Even though he's clearly troubled about something, Shock still has his sense of...sarcasm? Or Humor? Or sarcastic humor? Whatever. Still, it was nice to know that at least that whatever was troubling him wasn't really pulling him further down to moping.

Anyway, we've been walking around the forest for almost maybe forty minutes now. During that time, we met a few Pokémon living in the area. We dared asked a few, and thankfully, none of them attacked us. Unfortunately, none of them knew anything about the gathering as well. Still, we were thankful that they didn't gave us a hard time.

...Now that I think about it, I should have asked that female Nidoran back then. Then again, two trainers wanted to capture us, so I don't think I would have even thought of asking her about the gathering anyway.

Or maybe the gathering was cancelled because that Nidoran was caught? She did tell us she was going to attend. Maybe that's where she was caught? Although it was also possible for her to be captured before she arrived there.

Blah, why am I suddenly thinking too much about all of this?

Left? Okay.

Hm. Then again, I guess it's perfectly fine for me to think about this. I mean, it's either this than Vixie. She's cute and all but, eh...still not into furries. Why in blazes did I let her, anyway? I did say that we'll take things slow, but so far, I don't feel any progress on me. I still don't like it, and I doubt I ever will. Still, our relationship isn't even a day old yet, so who knows?

Wait... Why do I think like I'm hoping that I'll like her back? I'm a human. Unless Eevee genes are starting to eat away my humanity. That'd be horrifying. Also, what ever happened to the real owner of this Eevee? Did its spirit drifted somewhere and turned into a ghost type? Would it haunt me forever once it found me? Or did my human body transformed into this Eevee, like those typical fanfics I read a few times during boring hours at work?

Damn, I think lots of weird stuff when there's nothing else to do. Turn right. Oh, there's a clearing up ahead.

“Oh!” Fay chirped. “There's a clearing up ahead!”

...that was redundant...anyway, I stopped and turned around to face them. “Bill says they're over there.” I gestured with my head towards the clearing behind me.

“Oi!” Krystal's voice sounded from behind. “We're over here!”

I deadpanned for yet another redundant line. If this was a fanfic, I'd remove that line. Sadly, this isn't a written fanfic of some die-hard PKMN fan who wants to share his weird imagination to the world of other PKMN fans...

Anyway, I turned and waved a paw at her and the Bulbasaur cosplayer. My friends and I then went out of the trees, and into the bright clearing.

“Just for the record,” I said, looking up, “the leaves and trees here doesn't seem to have any difference from Ilex Forest...”

“Hah hah...” Shock lamely said from behind.

Krystal blinked in confusion. “Buh?”

I shook my head. “Don't worry about it.” I just then noticed how big this clearing was. It wasn't a circular-like clearing like most in an anime, just big. There were a few sleeping and chatting Pokémon around though. Mostly were Weedles, Pidgeys and Caterpies.

“This is where the gathering was held?” I asked, looking around.

“Yep,” Krystal said, and then frowned. “Bill said you guys got into trouble. All of you okay?”

“We're fine,” Fay sat with a smile. “Nothing we can't smile about.”

“That's taking things lightly,” Saur said.

Fay grinned at him. “Hey, we weren't captured, right?”

Krystal and Chikorita gasped.

I just shook my head. “We're in one piece, and that's the only important part of it.”

They both frowned, but didn't say anything. Our groups then sat in a circle by the treeline, with Vixie sitting in between me and Shock...

“So,” Vixie said, “the gathering? What was it all about?”

Krystal frowned slightly. “Bill didn't tell you yet?”

I blinked. “Um...maybe?”

I heard Bill sighed. “I did.”

“Then I was probably not paying attention then...” I chuckled. “Still, it's kinda better to hear about it together.”

Krystal frowned, but nodded anyway. “Yeah, I guess that makes sense.”

“If that made sense,” Shock said, “then us meeting here isn't.”

I blinked and turned to him. “What?”

Shock crossed his arms and showed mild annoyance. “We could have just returned to those two humans and talk about it there.”

Oh. Right. Yeah. That'd make perfect sense.

Krystal and Chikorita, and Surskit, just shook their heads.

“No,” Chikorita said. “Not if we're going to look for that Scizor.”

“Oh.” I blinked. Yeah, I should have paid more attention when Bill was telling me all about it. At least I was paying attention now. “Wait, Scizor?”

Krystal and Chikorita nodded. I turned to my friends, and they also had confused looks on their faces.

“But,” I turned back to the news bearers. “Scizor's an evolved form, right?” I waved my paw around. “Impossible to mistake a Scizor from a Scyther...”

Krystal frowned. “Red and black armor. Two pairs of pincers for arms. Yellow eyes. Yeah, definitely a Scyther.”

I glared at her. “You don't have to be d*ck about it, you know.”

“Oi oi, you two,” Bill's voice echoed while the others, minus Krystal, blinked. They probably are trying to figure out what that ‘d’ word meant. Shock shrugged after muttering ‘human thing’ again. Well duh, it is a human ‘thing’. “I don't want you guys arguing right now, you hear?”

It kinda felt weird being scolded at my age, but eh. I took a breath and sighed. “Yeah, sorry for snapping, Krysie...” Her glare lightened, and disappeared. “Continue?”

“Well, to make things short,” Krystal said, “from what we've heard, that Scizor was looking for strong Pokémon who was worthy of evolution. The gathering was like a boxing match, to see who can hurt the Scizor.”

“Worthy of evolution?” Shock and Saur asked at the same time.

Chikorita nodded. “The Scizor was the speaker, but there were also two other evolved Pokémon with him, but they just stayed in the audience. Those two were a Pidgeot and a Rapidash.”

“But,” Krystal frowned, and turned to look at the few gathered Pokémon.

I turned as well, and I just noticed the grass. A few patches were cut down, pulled out, and other evidence of a battle.

“They said that they killed every single challenger, claiming they weren't worthy of evolution.” She then turned back to us with a very sad look. “A lot then began to escape, while those desperate to evolve stayed and fought...and got ki...”


Oh great... Just what we need. We got the heroes, their friends, and to complete the fanfic, we got an evil team. Great, just great...

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Chapter 49
There are a few things I don't understand in the world.

...well, in my world, at least.

In this world? There are LOTS! And one of them that really struck the number one spot in the mysterious charts is that...why the f*ck are we going after those...those...killers?!

They murdered almost everyone who wanted to evolve!

And oh, before I go further, number two of the mysterious charts at the moment is the mystery of "how the heck were the bodies and blood of those who were killed disappeared: no traces nor stenches"! It doesn't make sense!

I did asked my friends here, who were currently pretty determined to meet the killers. Unfortunately, they, minus Krystal, didn't find it a thing worth to be concerned about. Seriously?

I would have bothered to ask them about it, if it weren't for the fact that the majority of "us", which is "they", decided to directly ask the evolved ones how they evolved, who were they working with, and if our deaths will be swift as well.

...that last one was mine, but come on, that's bound to happen if we keep this up.

"Sh-should we—"

"No." Shock quickly said, sounding seriously tired of me making any more excuses to turn back. He and the others were leading the way, Krystal and I at the tail of our joined groups.

Krystal was also determined at first, but after a few of my whining, human versions of "common sense" finally managed to worm their way back into her teenage brain and now she was starting to doubt if this was a good idea to begin with.

"Jay," Vixie called, looking back at me with a smile. "We'll be fine, so don't worry!"

My ears drooped. "We're gonna die..." and I hung my head as I felt my heart sank. Goodbye cruel world. At least there's still the 'what if I wake up in my human body if I die' mystery. I really don't want to test that mystery out, but, sigh...

"We should run," Krys whispered beside me. I turned to her, and saw her nervously trying to calm herself down. She barely looked ahead, her gaze almost on the ground in front of her. "Still not too late to run..."

I blinked. Yeah, she's starting to become a scared little teenaged girl who is lost and is now being forced to face death against her will.

She suddenly sniffed, and she stopped to wipe an eye with a paw. I stopped and turned to face her properly. She grit her teeth and shook her head. Bill's voice of concern rang in my ear, but I ignored him.

"What's wrong?" Chikorita asked, her voiced sounded like they were a bit farther now, but then their steps began to get louder, so they were probably walking back to us.

"Jay," Shock hissed, "we got no time for your nonsense!"

I turned and glared at him as Krystal sniffed and sobbed.

Shock's ears twitched, and his angry frown disappeared as his ears drooped. "Oh..."

I moved to the side to let Chiko pass and comfort her friend. I then stared at my friends and gestured with my head to give them some space. Luckily, Saur understood, and he and I led our friends away from Krys, just to give her some space.

"What happened?" Fay asked, looking sad at the trio as we sat by the base of a huge tree.

I sighed. "I guess her human instinct kicked in."

"Meaning...?" Shock asked.

I sighed yet again. I don't understand these Pokémon... "Shock, we're walking to our deaths here by following those three evolved Pokes."


I rolled my eyes. "It's just short for Pokémon, Fay."

"So it's 'humes' for humans?"

I grit my teeth as my eye twitched. "T-that's not the point!" I shook my head. "Look, why can't you guys see the death flag?"

"What's a flag?"

"Mmf!" I shut my mouth. I took a big breath, and exhaled. "Look, Fay, shut up for a moment and let me finish, please?"

She nodded with a blink.

"Thank. You." I hissed. "Seriously guys. Can't you see we're walking to our deaths by following those three evolved Pokes...émon?"

Shock just blinked, and then looked at me as if I just lost it. "You think we're weak to just die?"

"They're evolved, Shock!" I argued. "How in blazes can we fight them?! How—!"

I stopped when Shock raised a paw. I don't like it when I'm interrupted, but fine, I sighed and shut up.

Shock then cleared his throat. "Again, do you really think we're that weak?" He pointed Vixie. "Vixie can burn the Scizor." He pointed at me, or rather, beyond me. "The Surskit can handle the Rapidash." And he then pointed at himself. "I'll handle the Pidgeot." He then pointed at Saur. "Saur can give them trouble with spores."

"Shock," I sighed. "Not to ruin your confidence or anything, but you barely even won the fight against Lithe!" I pressed on before Shock could make a word. "And Lithe's a freaking unevolved Growlithe! How the freaking hell can you expect ME to believe that YOU GUYS can defeat THREE EVOLVED POKES if you CAN'T even BEAT A GROWLITHE?!"

Shock glared at me, his cheeks sparking a bit.

I glared back, unwilling to stand back down. I know I made a good point. Hell, I'd probably kill myself if Shock can counter that fact I just laid.

"Point," Shock hissed, still glaring at me. "...taken." and he looked away.

I actually blinked at that. Wow, I actually made him see how valid my point was! Th-that's a huge win for me, I guess. Though I doubt we could just simply let go of such a lead, but at least we can make time to actually plan stuff now. And why the heck is Krystal still crying like an idiot?

I looked back, and saw Krystal and her friends staring back at us. She wasn't crying anymore, which, I guess is a good thing, but why do I still hear that someone's still crying? I looked at my friends, and they were wondering the same thing, I think.

Fay's ears twitched, and walked around the tree. "There," she said as she pointed at the tall bushes.

We carefully gathered at the bush, and sure enough, the sounds of crying was coming from the other side. As Krystal and her friends walked near us, Shock nodded to us and slowly pushed his head through the bushes. Seconds of quiet struggle later, Shock's tail fell on the ground.

Well, curiosity finally made me see what was going on beyond the bushes. The small and sharp twigs are annoying though, but I'm just thankful for having fur. Once I was able to push my face through, I finally had a clear look at...oh hey...there they are...


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