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Old October 25th, 2013 (7:31 PM).
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Now, fun is a subjective term. Even when it comes to playing video games. That being said, how would you describe your best form of 'having fun' when playing video games? In other words... what do you like doing on video games the most?

For example, my version of the best kind of fun I have with video games, is to challenge myself in puzzle, or strategy situations, for example, when I'm playing Fire Emblem games set on a high difficulty. I do like challenging my brain power when to came to that. I also do love playing the most when I'm working with a story-line that blows people out of the water. If I experience a video game that has an unexpected storyline, or plot twist, I'd be more diligent to play and complete it! There are more examples I'd share, but, I'll leave it at that for now.

So, how about you guys? What do you prefer doing the most at video games for your own version of fun?
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Old October 25th, 2013 (8:05 PM).
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For me, what makes a game fun is the storyline. If the story's good and very easy to get sucked into, then I'll enjoy the game a lot. And if it isn't, then, well… I may end up not touching the game ever again. xD From all games that I've played so far, Assassin's Creed II had one of the best storyline. You start of as a young guy known as Ezio Auditore, trying to learn a few fighting skills from your brother. Later that day, you get yourself into trouble, and end up upsetting someone. Due to that, this person makes false accusations of your brother and gets him executed. Eventually, he gets your dad killed, too. He tried to get your mom and sister killed as well, but he couldn't, since he wasn't able to think of a good reason for their executions. All of this causes you to seek revenge on the guy, making you become an assassin at the end. d:

Other than the stories, another thing that determines how fun I consider a game to be is the difficulty. If the game's too challenging, then I won't be enjoying it a bit. If it's a little too easy, then I won't enjoy it either. It has to be in-between.
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Old October 25th, 2013 (8:20 PM).
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    my idea of fun..........A deep engrossing story thats what(especially stories with lots of plot twists). and as LGD and Perdition posted I LOVE a good ole challenge and strategy. another thing that is fun to me is creativity in a game. I just love using my imagination to create things. This is why I love games with customization so much :)
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    Old October 25th, 2013 (11:36 PM).
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    It really depends on the game itself, sure the story is fun, but in Borderlands is the hunting for the good, rare weapons also tons of fun. Challenges are also my thing and in RTS games, being forced to use a unit you would never use... so amazing :D
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    Old October 25th, 2013 (11:59 PM).
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      For me, 'fun' in a video game is where everything is just beautifully coloured (I hate gloomy games) and there is just so much epic happening on the screen. My prime examples of this type of fun are:
      -Kingdom Hearts (Especially 2)
      -Super Smash Bros
      -Ratchet and Clank
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      Old October 26th, 2013 (7:46 AM).
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      For me; fun is the game itself. The stories great, yeah. But if the game doesn't play well or smooth, what's the point of a story? It has to capture both in a balanced way.

      For example.

      Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 - Great gameplay, crappy story/VA etc

      Halo: Great gameplay, great story

      See? Balance. Ying... Yang...
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      Old October 26th, 2013 (11:41 PM).
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        For me, fun is my character's growth (e.g. level up, learning a new skill etc).

        Unless it's a fighting game like MvC3, then I usually just find those fun regardless of anything.
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        Old October 26th, 2013 (11:58 PM).
        Nakala Pri
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          Well, in games I love horse riding, being speedy, swift and going crazy on da baddies ass! xD

          So I guess being a berserker in the way I fight. :X Even though Ima the first predictable berserker there ever was, heehee.
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          Old October 27th, 2013 (1:49 AM).
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          Whoops misread the question. Much like Rozu. I like a swift character. Slow moving guys, luggin around a god-sword. Nope!
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          Old October 29th, 2013 (7:36 PM).
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            For me fun is where i can do almost whatever i want and free-roam as well as exploring and fighting baddys and that occasional annoying bystander. I also like games when i level up and my charters is able to grow android amazing stuff like walk on water, cannoball through a crowd of civilians(prototype), and shoot lasers.
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            Old November 3rd, 2013 (3:45 PM).
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            There are two times when I have the most fun!

            A lot of people don't get this, but I have the most fun when I first get a game and paly it nonstop. I will literally play for 16+ hours straight and have fun just playing through the game. Exploring every nook and crannny and am not satisfied until I know everything about the game. Normally after that, I don't have much fun with the game unless it has incredibly god multiplayer.

            The next, is when I'm playing competitively online or jsut against friends online. Multiplayer, especially in fighting and shooting games is when I alps have the most fun playing games. I love to compete against others in many things, video games are a good outlet for that.
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            Old November 5th, 2013 (8:16 AM).
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            Fun for me when it comes to video gaming is definitely reflected in the amount of playing time I have. It really depends on what sort of game it is. If it's a massively multiplayer game like CoD, then the online players also take effect on the amount of fun I have, since they can be extremely annoying. However if we talk about RPG games, the ones I normally play, then it relies on several other factors. They range from storyline, combat, quests, the map, NPCs etc. This is why I have played, and am still playing, quite a lot of Skyrim; because everything I want in a game is there. And if what I want in a game is there, then it will no doubt be fun.

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            Old November 5th, 2013 (8:22 AM).
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              Fun occurs when your paying a game and get trapped in some kind of freak temporal event where 5 hours have passed and you could swear it has only been 5 minutes. This happens a lot when I play Gmod or Pokémon.
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              Old November 8th, 2013 (5:16 PM).
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                How a game plays is a huge factor.

                Usually, the playability of a game is what makes you come back to it. Like for example, with the Mario games, they keep the core mechanics (jumping on enemies, getting coins, powerups, etc), and just improve on how it works. Sure, it seems rehash-y, but it's a really effective way of making money. Just keep what made the game so well-known and loved, and partially fix it up.

                I also like the factor of exploration in a game, as a huge map leaves you wondering what goes on beyond the borders. Games such as Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim use this mechanic beautifully, as you search the lands for new loot and things.

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                Old November 8th, 2013 (6:09 PM).
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                The best fun for me is when you have those multiplayer sessions with friends were you actually cannot stop laughing at the events happening on screen for a large amount of time. It can happen on just about any game once it sparks off.

                Other than that, I like the relaxed 'fun' I have on Fifa when I can just zone out while playing and still keep up a reasonable standard.

                Completing stories or other reaching any other achievements of a game is always fun too.
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