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Old May 2nd, 2013 (10:22 AM).
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    The one that stands out in my mind was in Pokemon Diamond where I got a Palkia for a magikarp from the GTS. I'm fairly confident it was a legitimate too.....at least looking at it everything checked out.

    That was an odd one.
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    Old May 10th, 2013 (4:37 AM).
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      I had a couple of most memorable trades and least memorable trades.
      Among the least memorable was when I traded my brother's shiny Mightiyena for an Eigakan Darkrai and it turned out to be hacked (good thing the Mightiyena was a clone though). Another was when I woke up 5 am for a trade and the other person did not show up.

      Among the memorable trades was when I finally got a non-Rash Mystry Mew(pretty rare in the other forum I go to). But the most memorable one was when I made my biggest trade in one seating with tabor62. I woke up 6 am for that trade and it was 19 events.
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      Old May 10th, 2013 (7:49 AM).
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      Probably most memorable was when Tabor RNG'd me a shiny flawless karrablast with an egg move. I love it =).

      Most forgettable? trading random magnemite for other magnemite in GTS to level up my join avenue on white 2.


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      Old May 10th, 2013 (7:55 AM).
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        Without any doubt, the Cubone-Machoke (technically Machamp) trade from Pokemon Yellow. It was amazing to have a Lv.16 Machamp :P
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        Old May 16th, 2013 (7:41 AM).
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          hmmmm the trades i liked and disliked the most.......

          ......well they are both the same one i traded a l.v.43 sneezl for a l.v.14 blastoise

          i know the blastoise was probably made by a glitch or a cheat but still it's a "rare" blastoise for a not "rare" sneezl:|

          to bad my saved game got deleted>:(;-;
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          Old May 21st, 2013 (6:06 PM).
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            Pretty much my first trade was bad but I still love it the Pokémon I trade my dragonite lv. 67 for a furret lv. 54 on silver still have it and I cloned 6 of them and beat my friend with them lol
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            Old May 30th, 2013 (10:05 AM).
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              Most memorable?
              I go back to my heart gold after a long time,and find out that someone had traded to me for who knows what pokemon I had, A shiny female french vulpix. All of those things went together so well I didn't care whatever kind of stats it had, and I STILL didn't check. XD
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              Old October 9th, 2013 (6:50 AM).
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                Two trades from last night. Very dang nice people last night.

                1. Someone Traded me a regirock for my Glaceon! Not a fair trade imo, but I am very glad that I'll be able to see Regirock in Y when I get far enough in to trade from gen 5.

                2. SHINY KYUREM. FOR VIRIZION. Nuff said, but I'll keep talking. In my opinion Virizion is the hardest to catch legendary in BW, but still not annoying enough to trade something like a shiny legendary.

                The only thing I don't like is that I'm afraid that 2 isn't a legit shiny. Than again, they may have just been feeling generous. Or drunk. XD
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                Old October 16th, 2013 (12:49 AM).
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                  It was probably a random kid who had no idea what he was doing traded me a Pikachu yesterday that was holding a light ball for a really crappy Pokemon of mine - probably a Bidoof or something like that.

                  Now I finally have a Pikachu with a light ball, and I have been trying to find one for about a year.
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                  Old November 3rd, 2013 (6:57 PM).
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                    I think I put in a growlithe, level 20 or something and got a level 89 vaporeon. Someone must have REALLY wanted that growlithe, lol on heartgold
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                    Old November 3rd, 2013 (7:48 PM).
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                      Met someone on another forum who needed help transferring a party he had bred to a new game. He traded me more than just his party (also wanted to keep several of the items from his other file) and told me to keep whatever I wanted that was left over from the trade. After taking his party and items back, I ended up with more than a few things, including a Yveltal. Now I've got a new phone buddy who lives halfway across the country that I can always trust with transfers, evolves, etc. Nice to know there are good people out there :).
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                      Old November 4th, 2013 (7:22 PM).
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                        Most memorable would probably be when I made 90 starter Pokemon eggs on Black, randomized them in their boxes, and traded them away at Pokemon Regionals Tournament that year. I remember a bunch of the kids I traded them to running up to me all happy-like showing me which starter they got from their egg throughout the day ^^
                        I still have a fairly large amount of those eggs remaining, too. But they're random.

                        Via Wonder Trade I traded like a lvl2 Caterpie or something for a female Pichu holding a Light Ball and knew Volt Tackle. Man, that made me happy ^^

                        Least memorable I think I was trying to get a Deoxys via GTS but needed a Rotom for it and traded away a Regigigas for one only to discover that the Deoxys I wanted was no longer there. Thinking about these terrible mistakes I made back when I started kinda hurts >.<
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                        Old November 5th, 2013 (8:55 AM).
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                        Most memorable trade in recent memory is a wonder trade I got a Tyranitar for a Fletchling that I've been cycling on the wonder trade for. I just felt really bad so I spammed all my O-Powers on that guy.

                        ...Just a note, though, How would anybody remember a "least memorable" trade? Irony at its finest.
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                        Old November 5th, 2013 (9:00 AM).
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                        My most memorable trade was a wonder trade a few days ago.
                        I was getting rid (and still am) of my bred pokemon, mostly level 1 larvitars and scythers.
                        One of them, I wonder traded and what did I get back? A SHINY Larvitar. I was all like "another larvitar.." for a split second, but then I noticed it was shiny (yes, I am slow.) and I nearly fell off my chair. I too began spamming my O-Powers on the dude because I felt sorry trading my non-shiny larvitar for his :P
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                        Old November 5th, 2013 (10:42 AM).
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                          I was wonder trading a bunch of Munchlax yesterday and after filling up my boxes with trade-fodder (Bidoofs, Fletchlings, Pidgies and other breeders' lvl 1s), I was sent a level 50 scyther with some pretty good stats.

                          My worst trade was when I traded a Yveltal I got from someone else (I already had mine all trained up so I figured someone else could use it) and got a level 1 Bidoof from some guy who had already wonder traded with me before and gave a level 1 Bidoof for one of my high-IV starters I was giving out.

                          Needless to say, I was upset and to this day I still seek vengeance on Caps Loch from Seattle, Washington. He and his level 1 Bidoofs will pay.
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                          Old November 5th, 2013 (11:09 AM).
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                            Most : starly for mew
                            Least : what trade?
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                            Old November 19th, 2013 (9:01 AM).
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                            My best trade occured last night!

                            I traded my 31/31/31/x/31/31 shiny Honedge for a shiny 31/31/x/x/31/31 Pinsir, shiny Gardevoir, and shiny Trevenant. :)

                            Currently in the process of breeding another Honedge XD

                            As long as these struggles are aimless, we will all be standing still.
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                            Old December 26th, 2013 (4:15 AM).
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                              Most memorable: Getting a Trubbish named H* Bag on Wonder Trade... I mean, really, people???

                              Least memorable: Any common Pokemon that weren't nicknamed

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                              Old December 26th, 2013 (8:18 AM).
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                                Last night i got a chimchar for a rufflet in gts. I bred the chimchar to get a bunch of other starters. That was a good trade.
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