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Old November 7th, 2013 (5:07 PM).
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Hi, Pokemon Trainer/Breeder Ginko here. Been replaying Y for a while now,I don't have any really stunning 'mons quite yet, but perhaps some will raise an eyebrow.

[spoiler=Pokemon that I have]
Chespin [adamant]
Fennekin [modest]
HA Froakie
Charmander [modest] (willing to include Charizardite Y]
Torchic [speed boost]

Aerodactyle [adamant]

Larvesta [modest]
Riolu [adamant]
Ralts [modest] (either gender)
Abra [modest]
Pancham [adamant]
HA Litwick
Snorunt (female, though I could breed you a male, not sure why you'd want one)
Togepi [serene grace]

Any Y exclusive

Volcarona - 252 Special Attack / 4 Special Defense / 252 Speed

[spoiler=Pokemon that I want]
Shiny Ralts [modest] (female, preferably with a nickname of my choosing)

The Pokemon that I have, if you'd like, just make me an offer, I'll breed you one, and even give it a nickname of your choosing. If you have any of the Pokemon that I want, I'd appreciate it if you'd offer them, but, as I said, nothing really outstanding, so nothing that I can't just breed for you easily. Also, I can have them come with Pokerus- now useless thanks to supertraining, but still, something about seeing that little smiley icon : )

You can post in here or PM me. Thanks for stopping by '

Note, I'll add more to my "want" list, but right now, that's all I can think of that I want most.
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