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Old November 10th, 2013 (6:05 PM).
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    Now, I know people have created these amazing rom hacks, from hacks based on the manga and anime to completely original hacks with a new story and new depths. I was recently playing through my old pokemon blue and upon visiting prof. oaks lab I saw it. there it was. the bulbasaur that me and my rival didn't choose. after god knows how many hours of playing it was still there, and then I had a thought. is there a rom hack that inputs a third rival?

    After a quick search, and I mean a very brief quick search, I didn't find anything so I began thinking about what story possibilities a third rival would offer in pokemon red and blue. below are just a few things I thought could have happened...

    1) ok so after you and your two rivals have chosen your pokemon adventure its time to leave pallet town, but wait theres a man in a jet black uniform, he seems to be a member of team rocket! after you confront him and beat him in a battle he calls for back up, two more rocket grunts arrive! your third rival rushes to your side and another battle occurs. after winning your third rival, who shall now be called "Zed" explains to you who team rocket are and that you should be careful before chasing after them.

    2) nugget bridge, you the player are given the chance to join team rocket. what if someone did! this is where you battle Zed instead of the normal 6th trainer. he now has a pidgeotto, Zubat and the second evolution of whatever starter he had, from now on it will be bulbasaur. after beating him he confides that he needs more training and he is going to, one day, be better than you.

    3) lavender town, when team rocket show up again they are trying to capture ghost pokemon, to battle mewtwo? maybe. after defeating blue/gary/rival 1 on the third floor you spot Zed making his way up the tower. the player can follow him and spots him talking to a rocket grunt but this event stops when Zed and the grunt go past the marowak ghost.

    4) celadon city, again making use of whats there. as the player approaches the game corner Zed emerges from the prize house (I forget what its actually called) and challenges you to a battle now he has powered up his team. (Ivysaur, Pidgeotto, golbat, vulpix, and koffing) after beating Zed he reveals where the secret switch is in respect of his loss to you.

    5) saffron City, this is where it gets interesting. I hope. after battling blue/gary/rival 1 the player reaches Giovanni and the sliph president. Giovanni radios for assistance and Zed answers. Giovanni praises Zed as being his potential successor for team rocket. (plot problem will be solved DW) and then they are about to team up to defeat you. Blue returns and vows to help you, just this once, and a double battle begins.
    (Zed: Venusaur, Ninetails, Haunter) Giovanni (Rhyhorn, Khankaskan, Nidoqueen)
    after defeating Giovanni he runs off (as usual) and blue and Zed are still talking. Zed finally gets into his head that team rocket isn't the right path for him and says he will return to prof oak. who blue reminds him wont be that happy with him.

    6) Pallet town, finally a reason to return home! after collecting your sixth badge prof oaks aide approaches you asking you to return to the lab. there you are greeted by Zed and Prof oak. prof oak would make a speech about how important friendship is and ask you to battle zed one last time. if Zed looses he will give up pokemon training and become a researcher or photographer (pokemon snap ;P) and if he wins it disproves friendship and that cant happen! after the battle
    (Venusaur, Ninetails, Golbat, Pidgeot, Lapras, and Haunter) Zed vows to give up his training as promised. its then that an eevee runs out of the grass to Zed chased by wild spearow. Zed goes into a battle with the spearow and protects the eevee. Prof Oak suggests that Zed restarts his journey with Eevee and stays away from team rocket. your character agrees.

    7) Indigo Plateau, twist ending. after defeating blue and watching him be scalded by his grandfather a new challenger enters the room. its Zed. finally Mary and oak get to see a battle worthy of the pokemon league champion. Prof Oak revives your pokemon and the battle begins...
    Zed now has a completely different team consisting of Jolteon, Hitmonchan, Magmar, Starmie, Golem, and a new Venusaur either different in color or in gender. it would be cool for him to have a shiny venusaur at this point though. this is where my rom hack knowledge will be shown to be as bad as ever, the player looses against Zed (I don't know if you can force the match to lose without giving him lv100 pokemon) and prof oak praises Zed for truly being a retributed character.

    8) orange islands, (fire red, leaf green) so the game continues as usual and the orange islands are unlocked. prof oak tells you to travel there before rechallenging the elite four. after doing the story there you climb one of the mountains and battle with a mysterious trainer who has a Taurus, Nidoqueen, Arcanine, Poliwrath, and magnaton. after winning he tells you a story of a child who visited the island a few weeks before with an eevee and shiny bulbasaur. he tells him about how Zed trained with him on the island gradually becoming more powerful each day. at the end of the story he offers to train your pokemon, if they player accepts each of his party pokemons stats grows. now you can battle Zed again as the pokemon league champion.

    9) indigo Plateau. after battling through a stronger elite four the player reaches Zed again. Zed realizes that you have trained with the mysterious man. Zed reveals that this man was in fact the players father from the town of pallet. the player is given the choice between going back to his father and battling with Zed...

    9a) if the player choses to battle Zed has the same team as before and this time the battle is fair. if the player wins prof oak shows up as usual and inorgarates the player into the hall of fame. the ending credits roll showing the player as a pokemon master as usual and everything is grand and wonderful.


    9b) if the player choses to go back to his father the battle is skipped and the player flys to the orange islands again. after climbing the mountain the mysterious stranger is still there. when the player tries to talk to him it starts a battle with your father who has, (the Johto starter who is stronger against yours, Kabutops, Salemence, Raichu, Gengar, Roselia) after defeating your father he decides to come back to pallet town and the credits roll. while the credits roll you are shown a heart warming cut scene of your mum and dad being reunited after so long

    technically this would be the end of the game, Im guessing that the player could chose to go back to the elite four and chose the other ending but I would definitely enjoy playing this version of pokemans red and blue. what do you guys think? and if someone with rom hacking skills wants to give it a go, ill gladly help develop the story

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    Old November 10th, 2013 (7:00 PM).
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      I'm not exactly sure what this is. If you want to talk about hacks, try the Emulation & ROM Hacking forum. However, I'm not that familiar with that section so I would read the rules and PM/VM the mod if you have any questions. This definitely doesn't belong in the Fan Fiction & Writing section, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to close this thread. If you have any questions about this, shoot me a PM/VM and I'll be happy to settle the confusion.

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