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Old November 18th, 2013 (5:20 PM). Edited November 18th, 2013 by Aquacorde.
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    So, I've been taking care of PokéAni for a little over six months now. Now that I've pretty much left my signature on everything, I'd like you all to tell me how I've been doing. I want to know how I've been handling things. I want to know why you post or don't usually post here. I want to know which things you like and which you don't. I want to know anything you think about this section. I know we for sure need a general rules update and I've been working on that; anything you feel should be in there could be mentioned too.

    You are welcomed to bring up any comments or concerns regarding the section and how it is being handled, but please do be respectful with your feedback. There are differences between constructive criticism and personal attacks. If you have a personal grievance regarding anyone in this section, this is not the place to start that discussion.

    Thanks, guys. ♥

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      I think you are awesome at your job here! I like the anime a lot and I like to see people's opinions about the episodes etc. That's why I post here I like the threads about every week's episodes very much (the ones with the synopsis) and I like all the theories the fans of the anime make up.

      I don't like when people compare everything to the BW saga lol Every saga is different from the other so comparing them, I think, it's a waste of time and energy.

      I don't have anything else to say. We thank you Anna for your time and your hard work
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        I've posted in this forum for only a few months but here're my opinions:

        I want to know how I've been handling things.
        I think you are handling everything fine. The Episode Discussion sub-forum is always up to date and I never come across any rule-breaking post. You're good at preventing conflicts and treating members equally. I appreciate that you took the time to teach me how to stream and organized the HalloWeek events last month.

        I want to know why you post or don't usually post here.
        I post here because I enjoy the anime, past and present. I also like to read what members have to say about the newest dub/Watch-Along Club episodes, their favorite episodes, what they are currently watching, and their opinions about each series.

        I want to know which things you like and which you don't.


        Watching the streams
        Discussing newest episodes
        Watch-Along Club :3


        I can't really think of anything right now as far as your position goes...

        I want to know anything you think about this section.
        This is definitely my favorite forum. I'm most active here (even though I don't post that often) and I enjoy the friendly atmosphere. I learn a lot about the anime from reading posts here. I've been able to view the anime from different perspectives which make it really more enjoyable and have made me appreciate it more.

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