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Old November 20th, 2013 (7:15 PM).
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    I dislike Facebook so I hardly use it. I've been on it for almost nine years though so its novelty wore off a long time ago. I am on Twitter as well and I use that all the time <3
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    Old November 20th, 2013 (8:48 PM).
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    I'm finally making good use of Facebook.

    Took me like eight years. xD

    It helps me stay in contact with friends that I don't see due to distance, and schedule differences. So it's handy. I check it every couple of days or so, sometimes less or more. It varies. I'm certainly not hooked to it every second.

    Don't use Twitter was much as I used to, though.. that sorta died down for me.

    Uuuum.. I use tumblr a lot? But that's fandom blogging, ssssssh.

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    Old November 20th, 2013 (9:55 PM).
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    omg Tumblr addict here! especially due to my current obsession with Loki.

    As for Facebook, I hardly use it. If I do, it's more as a picture dump when I upload stuff via my phone or iPad. I also don't use Twitter much easier except to stay up to date with the celebs and band members I like or whatever. *shrug* I do use it for Saboten every year though. XD
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    Old November 20th, 2013 (10:53 PM).
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    My friends love to make fun of me for having nearly every social network under the sun. From what I can remember, I have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Skype, Snapchat (if that counts) and Vine. I use Facebook regularly and usually check back there several times a day. I also check on Instagram every few days. I update my Tumblr every few days (depends on my mood) and get spammed on Snapchat every day, but don't really send snaps often. I only really use Skype to talk to one person regularly, otherwise my Skype account is unused. I used to check Twitter often, but I got bored of it and now only check it every few weeks. And my Google+ account died loooooong ago.

    It's surprising to see a lot of people here not using Facebook much. :O
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    Old November 22nd, 2013 (5:23 PM).
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    Despite the fact that I hate social media, I have and actively use:
    - Twitter (two counts: one personal, one activist)
    - Instagram
    - Facebook
    - Google+
    - Diaspora
    - Tumblr
    - Reddit
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    Old November 22nd, 2013 (6:25 PM).
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      I used to use MySpace and then Facebook as a way to get back in touch with my friends from high school. However, eventually, the experience with Facebook got sour, and I have since deactivated my account (and also deleted my MySpace profile) as I could no longer stand all the drama from some of my peers.
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      Old November 22nd, 2013 (10:32 PM).
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      I have Facebook which I use everyday. I mainly have it cause there's certain groups of people who I like keeping in touch with. I usually only post status every several days, but I usually post something once a day. Usually a video, link to a funny image, or a funny picture, most of them Pokemon related or related to things I like. Most of my statuses are about things actually relating to my life, such as if I were to get a job or once I actually start attending college. I have Tumblr, which I've been using more often lately. I used to only check it every few days or weeks, but now I check it at least once a day, sometimes 3-5 times a day. I just reblog whatever I find amuzing. And then I have Twitter which I used every few days and is where I post my most random thoughts and I now use Instagram too. I think it's a great way to express my thoughts in a different way aka a picture. Plus I love taking pictures. At the moment I have no actual phone so I can only access it when I use a display phone/tablet in stores so right now most my pictures are either selflies , whatever I can drag into said store without looking weird, I post a scanned image of something I want to share that I emailed to myself. Once I get a phone , I'll be using it more often and take pictures of more things that I see or that happen throughout the day.

      So yeah tl;dr I have a long list of social media sites that I use often for many different purposes. :P
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      Old November 23rd, 2013 (3:33 AM). Edited November 23rd, 2013 by Tsutarja.
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        Yeah, i'm really is unto social media
        I do facebook a lot, and twitter, some
        You can also add me on facebook if you want, though
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        Old November 23rd, 2013 (3:33 PM).
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          The only social media sites I use nowadays are Tumblr and Twitter. They are my main two. I post on Twitter a lot tbh lol. I used to be a big Facebook user, but it's just become so boring. Same with Instagram.
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          Old November 23rd, 2013 (9:49 PM).
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          I use Tumblr 98% of the time. It's my main social media...thing I use nowadays. I remade my twitter account several months ago after deleting it because it literally bored me to death. But it's still doing the same to me: boring myself to death. :P I only use Facebook to keep in touch with family and close friends.

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          Old November 24th, 2013 (3:49 PM).
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          I use Facebook. I used to have a blog here, but I guess that got disabled once I was no longer a moderator. The posts are still there, though.

          I don't think there are that many people interested enough in my life to use anything other than Facebook, to be honest.
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          Old November 26th, 2013 (10:01 PM).
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            Pretty much just Facebook and Tumblr. I message friends on Facebook, and check statuses, but that's about it. Tumblr, I just look up pictures/posts I like from tags, and see what my followed accounts are posting.

            I stopped using Twitter at the beginning of the month, it's not worth it for me. I don't tweet enough to warrant having it, and I sometimes just felt silly tweeting to no response. "Twitter is having a conversation with yourself, hoping someone will join in."
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            Old November 27th, 2013 (12:01 PM).
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            The only two social media sites I really use are Twitter and Tumblr. The former is something I've used daily since 2007 and the latter I've really only been using since earlier this year and I'm still in my completely-addicted phase. I consider them pretty different, though. Twitter is a lot more personal, even if it's still a public account. There are a lot of things I put on Twitter that I'd never put on my Tumblr, since my Tumblr is more of a fandom blog than a personal blog and I don't actually know who could end up seeing my posts because of how it works. (I don't get RT'd a lot so they're fundamentally different enough, haha.)

            I've tried a few times to get into Facebook and I do have an account, but there's no one on it that I don't have on Twitter and I don't want to spam my updates to two places so I don't bother with it. :/

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            Old November 27th, 2013 (12:25 PM).
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            I'm on twitter, facebook, tumblr, and instagram. Not sure if one would consider the latter a social network, but it's there. I don't really like facebook and rarely do I ever use it, but I'm on twitter daily; it's like facebook, but without the clutter. Between the summer of last year and the beginning of this year, I was a huge tumblr addict. That addiction has faded sharply since, but I still go on it everyday and rather than re-blog things, I tend to like stuff more. I use instagram occasionally, and I'd probably use it more if I had better things to take pictures of.
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            Old November 28th, 2013 (6:28 AM).
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              I've a Facebook account, which is mostly used for chatting with my classmates. I also have a twitter account, but you guys would definitely not want to know it, after all, the English I'm using there is too horrible to be read.

              My Facebook's account practically dead, I do not post anything there at all. My twitter account's just for ranting and just making comments about my friends' tweets, nothing to special.

              I would most definitely not make an Instagram, as I do not like taking pictures at all, let alone selfies and food.
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              Old November 28th, 2013 (6:53 AM).
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              I usually use my Twitter mostly when I'm finding some inspiration words to post with, and usually I find many images in Tumblr that I signed in there too.
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              Old December 1st, 2013 (3:59 AM).
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                Now I only use my Facebook for checking out cool pictures from my liked pages, such as webcomics and those stuff. Sometimes I chat or just send greetings to friends. I never saw the fun of twitter, what's the point? It's basically a blog with posts less than a hundred something characters. That's it. I'm not really active on tumblr, but I do check it once in a while. The other social networks I use are forums I guess

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                Old December 1st, 2013 (7:04 PM).
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                I only use Facebook, and by use I mean I check it maybe once a week or so. I didn't get the point of Twitter when it first came out, and I still don't. It's like Facebook if Facebook were only status updates. Same thing with Instagram, but with pictures. That's how I understand them anyway, but I'm probably completely wrong since I've never had either.

                I don't use Tumblr myself, but have to admit some are pretty cool/useful.
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                Old December 1st, 2013 (7:08 PM).
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                I use Facebook to keep in contact with friends I know in real life though I rarely log into it.. and I use tumblr to find cool images to share to people here or just to look at and share my interests in media. I also recently began to use twitter again and so far I have been tweeting at least once a day.
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                Old December 3rd, 2013 (4:05 PM).
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                I'm not into social media, unfortunately. Only social media site I have ever used is Twitter, and that wasn't out of my own will—I was required to use it for one of my class homework. d:
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