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Flash Fiction Challenge: Pokémon Style

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Old November 26th, 2013 (1:11 PM).
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Flash Fiction Challenge
Pokemon Style
Link to current prompt (will go here when we have more than one)
Welcome to the Flash Fiction Challenge!

So, the first thing most of you are going to want to know is what exactly is the Flash Fiction Challenge? Firstly the Flash Fiction Challenge is a concept I have borrowed from (and participated in on) the Absolute Write Forums. Now for some actual useful information:

The Flash Fiction Challenge is a fairly simple affair. Each Sunday I will post a prompt of some sort in this thread. It could be a word or phrase, could be a picture, a video/soundfile or anything really. From here we're working on the honour system; you have 90 minutes from whenever you finish reading/watching the prompt to write a short piece of writing inspired by the prompt. This could be a piece of short fiction (500 words is a rough guide but don't feel like you have to reach that, or alternately don't feel constrained to cut your work down to fit it.) or it could be something else; a piece of poetry or screenplay or anything that catches your fancy! Since this is a pokemon forum try and keep your writing pokemon related or in a pokemon universe, but if you really can't think of a way to link pokemon in then write us whatever you can think of. Obviously there is no way of knowing if you have kept to the 90 minute rule or not but try to do so, writing something inside the time limit is part of the challenge and the fun. The idea of this is to get people motivated to write something every week and keep those creative muscles exercised without taking up all your time, not to spend the entire week agonising and making your work perfect in every way.

Once you've finished your piece of writing then head back down to this thread and post it up for everyone to see. While you're there (or if you're just browsing through) maybe drop a few comments/criticisms about the other stories that have been posted, writers thrive on feedback after all.

I'm actually looking to get some opinions from people (both participants and watchers) with the first few runs of this. We could either run this the same as the original and just leave the challenge as it's premise or we could run a little community competition and have viewers vote for their favourite piece that week, with the winners being linked to in the first post. This first week will be run without voting but if you would like it introduced then leave a reply saying so!

So, without further babbling, on to our first (slightly off schedule) prompt! We'll start it off simple with a short phrase prompt.

26/11/2013 Prompt
Opposites Attract

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Old November 28th, 2013 (1:48 PM).
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How about people post their flash fiction story in the main section and post a link to it here?

That way this thread isn't cluttered and messy with a thousand different stories and a thousand different comments. I think it would just be simpler that way. Thoughts?
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