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"Best Wishes Until We Meet Again" Review Thread

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Old November 30th, 2013 (4:25 PM).
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Oops! I thought this was going to be the last B/W episode, but I forgot about the obligatory "back to Pallet Town" episode we have coming up next. Then again, usually Ash's leaving comrades get to visit his home with him and meet his Pokémon. I'm a little disappointed that that didn't happen this go around. One thing I was looking forward to the most was Iris and Cilan getting to meet all of Ash's old Pokémon and seeing just how much he's accomplished. Nope, not happening.


However, this episode wasn't all bad! There were some good moments despite the rushed send off of Iris and Cilan. I liked the focus on their friendship as people when they were working together to save their Pokémon from Team Rocket. The writers depend on the Pokémon so much to help our characters get out of a bind, we never really see the humans working to try and save the day a lot.

Also, the highlight and sweetest moment was when Ash experienced that moment when time just freezes and he was looking at Iris and Cilan with that goofy, wide-eyed smile near the end. I loved that scene! It was pretty sincere and you knew exactly what Ash was thinking and how he felt in that moment. It's these subtle things that the anime does well that I wish they did more often.

It's also worth noting how I absolutely love how the writers write Alexa's character. She's mature in her own way, but she can be totally forgetful and clueless sometimes. She was hilarious in this episode and she didn't even do anything! Hahaha.

Well, adios Iris and Cilan. The two of you had so much potential and hope when Black and White first started, but that all went down the drain pretty quickly. Still, it was nice meeting you. Best wishes!

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Old November 30th, 2013 (7:26 PM).
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    I loved this episode as much as I dreaded it.

    Team Rocket's plan actually went pretty well this time. I can't believe that they lifted that giant ship in the air; I would've been freaking out like the passengers. What's even more unbelievable was how the twerps fell for Jessie's half-James disguise. I know the twerps are gullible but come on now. I was so into TR's success that I forgot about Alexa (sometimes I think the writers forget about her too). She's about as unaware as I am haha. As mentioned above, it was nice seeing the twerps working together and saving the Pokémon.

    I loved all of the Kanto Pokémon that were shown in the sea. Iris and Cilan must've been excited to see some unfamiliar faces. Although the time on the ship was well spent, I wish that there were more scenes in Kanto. All we saw were Iris and Cilan saying what their plans were and watching them leave. Speaking of their plans, I really wish that the specials would air outside of Japan. Watching them leave was really sad. I was surprised about the lack of emotional music that played when Iris as Cilan left.

    Now that Iris and Cilan are gone (possibly forever), I'm even more excited for XY. I'm hoping that Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena will be as enjoyable as their predecessors. From what I've saw from the first two episodes, I can say that I won't dislike them.

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    Old November 30th, 2013 (7:33 PM).
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      You know, this was a great way to end the BW series. I think everyone gets to 'ship' happy with the characters that they forget they are 10 years old. Like everyone complained about the scene not as emotional as Ash and Dawn. And despite the complaints of the side characters, I actually liked Iris and Cilan as Ash's companions. They were all on a quest rather than the focus being on Ash alone however they were still friends which made their relationship feel more mature to me.

      I'm also really excited about XY... I think it's time for another underaged child to travel around with them again. Bonnie overall reminds me a lot of Max's relationship with pokemon. You don't have to always catch pokemon to enjoy them.

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      Old December 1st, 2013 (7:23 AM). Edited December 2nd, 2013 by ilias_.
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        I agree with all of you.

        It was the last time we saw Ash,Iris & Cilan battling Team Rocket Also, I thought that Iris and Cilan were going to visit Proffesor Oak Anyway, I think they send them off really quick. For some reason, I was expecting a group hug lol

        The episode was good. Now there is only 1 episode left till BW is officially over. I read that on December 14 they are going to air 2 Pokemon movies (Lucario and the mystery of Mew, and The Rise of Darkrai). Anyone knows when they are going to start airing the XY episodes? I guess in January, right?

        Also, I thought they changed James' voice when Jessie was wearing that costume! I was so confused lmao Team Rocket fooled me!
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