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A More Mature Pokemon Anime?

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Old November 29th, 2007 (10:30 AM).
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Meh, I would definitely like a more mature Pokémon anime, but it's not gonna happen because the show is so obviously aimed at small little kiddies. They don't want them kiddies to grow up to be violent and engage in fights, see.

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Old November 29th, 2007 (1:24 PM). Edited November 29th, 2007 by Jorah.
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Originally Posted by SBaby View Post
Jokes have gone from actually funny 4th-wall material to cheesy running gags that just aren't funny anymore. Ash may have mentioned the macarena ONE TIME, they may have parodied movies three or four times TOPS, but now, Team Rocket usually can't go twenty minutes without fantasizing about 'da boss'. And when they do, they change their speech. Why do I care? Because I loved how the show used to almost make fun of itself in the first season. It helped get my mind off the overly repetitive plot.
Running gags? You've made Brock cry. Every single episode with a girl in...I got sick of him very quickly. He should be killed off. At least they're making new running gags. I think the boss one has been occuring more frequently, but still not every episode, definatly. And I still find them amusing because of all the crazy ideas they come up with. Even if its a strong or legendary Pokemon, they seem to need other reasons *Articuno* XD

The fights have gotten stupider. First, they're shorter, probably because most now use 'stopping Team Rocket' as the central theme, rather than anything regarding Ash's progress to the next League.
I haven't noticed battles being shorter. If anything, battles improved after Kanto. He started using strategies and actually winning gym battles in...battles. The only short one's I can think of are league matches that have been rushed like Ash vs Gary in Johto. It was all 1HKOs until Charizard vs Blastiose.

Second, they seem to be more deformed and cartoony than before. Even going so far as to repeatedly use 3-d effects and stock animation way more than in Kanto.
The only thing that looks bad about the animation now is the CGI. CGI wasn't used until Here's Lookin At You, Elekid anything before didn't have it (I think). Except the movies.

Reuse of scenes - Kanto did this a LOT. It's impossible not to notice this. The same animation for Pidgeotto coming out the Pokeball (flying upwards) was used all the time over loads of episodes until it evolved, so was Bulbasaur just standing there using Razor Leaf. And the most reused scene ever

That was used SO much, all the way up until Here's Lookin At You, Elekid maybe not every episode, but in a LOT. That's about 250 episodes? And what's even more scabby is that I presume they took it straight from the opening.

Come to think of it, since when did they start actually 'taking tuns' shouting orders? Whatever happened to the days when they could just shout out several orders in succession and freaking blitz the opponent?
Since never o.O The most commands they ever give is 2 or 3.

Let's see... They started using squiggly lines (the hypnotize lines, to be more specific) in the latter half of Kanto and have been using them ever since. In the beginning, they didn't really use them much at all.
...? In the Brock gym battle, Pikachu faintes and gets squiggly eyes. Episode 5 counts as the second half? Its used everytime a Pokemon faints. There just wasn't much fainting in the first half because there weren't many *actual* battles. Just Team Rocket.

Pikachu gets poisoned in the episode titled, 'Here Comes the Squirtle Squad'.
Pikachu wasn't poisoned. He was just badly hurt. They didn't say poisoned and Ash got a Potion, not an Antidote.

And Charizard gets frozen in another episode. And I believe I may have seen another episode where a Pokemon gets set on fire.
Lots of Pokemon have got frozen. In Wheel of Frontier (I've watched a lot of Battle Frontier repeats o.O) Snorlax is frozen and is actually Focus Punched until the ice breaks.

I remember James's head getting Firepunched XD

Not to mention Ash and Pikachu have died a couple times too. They seem to just not do that kind of thing anymore
Yeah, I can imagine why. Most living things find it a bit hard to die a couple of times o.O They fainted and become ghosts once. And Ash got turned into stone...once. It wasn't something they did often anyway.

My theory is that they changed things because they wanted to tone down the violence. But it's just odd for Japan to even give one whit about the amount of violence in their cartoons.
Apparently, 4Kids put pressure on Japan to do what they wanted. According to Dogasu, anyway.

It's like someone already said, the rivalry between Ash and Paul is about the only good thing in Sinnoh. If not for that, people would be chalking this up as 'just anothet Generation'. Admit it, you know it's true.
Where did I mention D/P...? If I thought something, I'd say. I like D/P, even though it seems to be taking a long time there seem to be a lot less fillers. I enjoy contests (though not as much as in AG), all the Pokemon with personalities, the Elite Four are actually getting mentioned, good gym battles, Ash and Dawn get about equal screentime unlike Ash and May.

Yeah, it may basically be the same thing happening over again but what does ANY of this have to do with maturity? Its just going into why people prefer the 1st series rather than why its anymore mature

Originally Posted by Lahar View Post
I also think thet the first season was more mature.

They did things that havent been shown again (probably becayse US censure of almost eveerything they consider inapropiate for kids), but i donth think the show has lost all the previous things it used to show.
They do still edit stuff now and again. Like the Giovanni thing in one of the Combee story arc episodes. Its a shame they banned some of those episodes, I watched the Jynx episode recently and I thought it was really good.
Old November 29th, 2007 (6:11 PM).
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The way I understand it, the episodes are more for humour and fun while the movies are more serious. Pokemon and humans die in the movies. The movies have good story and characters (at least a few of them). There are more violence in the movies.

Apparently, 4Kids put pressure on Japan to do what they wanted. According to Dogasu, anyway.
I think so, too. I hate 4kids. They have never done anything right. I can't understand how the owners of the anime let them release it. To me, if you let them release the anime in US, it just a sign that you don't care for your anime at all. I would never have done it if I was Satoshi Tajiri. Is there no better company that sells anime in US? Of course there is.
Old November 29th, 2007 (6:14 PM).
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i mean pokemon should atleast be dbz level, thats more mature than what pokemon is now.

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Old December 1st, 2007 (12:37 AM).
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Originally Posted by Lahar View Post
It would be nice if they made the show more mature and introduced more development and background for the characters, I mean come on even the Pokémon are getting their personalities developed (Aipom). Also it would be nice to see a time line because I find it quite dumb to keep a character that seems to have been travelling for around 4 years the same age as when the animé began.
Yeah, I always wondered why Satoshi hasn't aged a bit, but is not the same comedic newbish trainer as he was in the beginning of the animé. The characters are supposed to have backgrounds too; the producers make it seem like they only live in the moment.

I'd like to see some character development rather than the centre of attention focused on exclusively their Pokémon.
And maybe a little profanity used conservatively to indicate when they're really infuriated.
(Already in effect in JPN version of the animé)

Originally Posted by Te-em View Post
To me, if you let them [4Kids] release the animé in US, it just a sign that you don't care for your animé at all.
Either that, or they want to maximize profits and minimize international marketing/distribution costs.

Especially in Seasons 06 through 09. It bored me because they tried to make it child-friendly and easily marketable to international audiences. I couldn't really bear to watch even a quarter of the entire Advanced Generation series; it lost its sense of originality and blended towards a loosely linear formula that subsequently repeats itself from season six onwards.
4Kids screwed us over.

If they can raise the maturity level of the animé, they can use realistic language again, cut out those pesky one-second black screens with hit marks replacing it with real battles and return the Japanese text & culture.
(Which got me hooked onto Season 01 in the first place)

Hopefully--if it were to happen--they would hire a better team of animators and directors to choreograph the battles in the animé and the motion pictures. But I guess they're a bit busy balancing their money on the animé production and their game development.
(They choreograph at a satisfactory level in their animated motion pictures, but their animé series is very lacklustre)

Originally Posted by dragonitexchaos View Post
I mean Pokémon should at least be DBZ level, that's more mature than what Pokémon is now.
It should have been dubbed by Funimation from the start :D .
DBZ? Its level is over 9000!
Old December 5th, 2007 (9:00 PM).
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I think that it is time that the Pokemon saga started a darker plotline, like introducing Pokemon Hunter J as a central plotline... or having a darker edge like Digimon Tamers :)

It would be very cool if there was a dark plot like in Ace Sanchez's fanfic, Pokemon Master (where the characters age, saving the world from new Shadow Pokemon and romance relationships develop between Ash/Misty/Duplica).
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Old December 7th, 2007 (1:40 PM).
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Well, of course. I like a first movie the first season of something is usually the best. I haven't even really watched any of the really new seasons...but I still watch the first 2 or 3 seasons and the first few movies. I don't like most of the new Pokemon in the newer stuff.
Old December 7th, 2007 (5:29 PM).
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well i for one have gotten bored of team rocket being so.....stupid! seriously if the characters were more serious about it than the show would be way better in my opinion, that's why the only characters i like are Giovanni and Paul.


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Old December 7th, 2013 (1:26 PM).
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well think about it the current show is aimed at younger people and pokemons been out for a little more then 15 years so you would think it would of been fine if they made it for more mature people because the people watching it now were not watching it when it started.
Old December 7th, 2013 (1:35 PM).
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Hey, this thread is from 2007! We have a rule about not reviving threads that have been dead for over 30 days. If you want to discuss this topic further, please feel free to start a new one!

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