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Old December 9th, 2013 (12:50 PM).
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To start, let me say that the title is undecided. It will be either "Pokemon Aeons" OR "Pokemon Frontiers." I personally like Aeons more, but I noticed there is already a "Pokemon Eon Version" here in the forums. Considering both projects are also using the same tilesets (Gen 3 FR/LG), I may go with Frontiers so the games don't seem related in any way.

This is a game that started in Essentials 12 and is now upgraded to 13. Probably will be at 14 or 15 by the time this game is done though.

So anyways, this is a project by a bunch of college students who are using it as an opportunity to improve our skills in our respective fields (game design, programming, art). As of now, most of the work is being done by me, but there are several others involved. There is another designer working on laying out some of our maps on graph paper, an audio guy remixing some classic MIDs, and a team of 4 or 5 artists (although I'm not sure if they are actually doing the spriting work I assigned them). That leaves me as the main scripter and map creator, but I ultimately end up doing a bit of everything.

Our audio guy hasn't sent me any demos yet so I can't give you any samples or tell you the exact theme, but we plan for it to be "classic Pokemon tunes remixed as house music with some electric guitar." We'll see how that turns out.

Projected Demo/Beta Date: Summer 2014

Purpose of Game:
This game originally started as all noob games do, "let's make a game with every region." While we still plan for at least 5 regions to be in the game, the focus has changed to emphasize a more realistic, RPG-like Pokemon game. This will be an adult-oriented game, both in humor and underlying themes. Morals and ethics will be questioned heavily. For example, you will be able to steal regular Pokemon using the snag machine, but should you? Team Rocket sells Pokemon for a profit. Should you stop them? Can you stop them?

Your regular life in Unova is interrupted unexpectedly when you black out and awaken in an unfamiliar bed. A woman is taking care of you, and she mentions that a group of trainers found you passed out on Route 1. But this isn't Unova's Route 1.

Now you are stranded in Kanto with no idea why or how you got there. The local Pokemon Professor, Oak, tells you that due to Unova's distance from the other regions, the only boat that takes people there is the boat that takes the world's best trainers to the Pokemon World Tournament. With no way home for a few more years, you decide to search for alternatives. As you explore the unfamiliar regions, you begin to see odd Pokemon with a dark aura around them. What are these Pokemon? Who is making them?

Your journey will take you across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh as you search for a way home and try to survive in a harsh world ruled by those with Shadow Pokemon.

Design Notes:
  • Every region up to Unova
  • Some bonus areas from the anime
  • An almost canonical story. Times line up, the only thing that is out of whack is that Shadow Pokemon are popping up in all of the regions.
  • Gyms and the Pokemon Leagues are side missions. We plan to scale enemy levels based on your party's levels, so challenging gyms out of order shouldn't be a problem. But Professor Oak said you should gather the badges in order to board the boat ...
  • HMs will be spread out between all of the regions. You'll earn about two per region, so returning to a previous region with new HMs will give you access to new areas. Also, HMs are completely optional, meaning that you can technically traverse all of the regions without any HMs. However, don't expect to find any rewards on the beaten path.
  • Don't worry, we've solved the issue of high level Pokemon travelling between regions (and not just through level scaling)
  • Larger emphasis on money, storing it, spending it, and losing it

Major Features:
  • Achievements with in-game rewards
  • Mission based storyline
  • Dual screen and mouse control menus (still WIP)
  • Basic friendship/relationship system (as per the tut on the wiki)
  • Customizable Nuzlocke (still WIP)

Minor Features:
Post-Release Plans:
I plan to create custom tilesets and a "darker, more realistic" set of Pokemon sprites. This won't be until after the game is done though.

Awesome as this stuff is, the project is still in its infancy so no good screenshots are available. There are also a good deal of credits compiled in the projects Google Doc, but I'm not going to transfer them over until the later stages. Any questions, feel free to ask either here or with a PM. Feedback welcome.
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Old January 19th, 2014 (5:27 PM).
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This looks like cool stuff!

What are your plans for the region-moving? I'm doing a similar thing for my game (pokemon are ~level 100 at the end of the first region) where you have to start over with a new team, but whenever you return to the original region you switch back to your original team, and end up just switching back and forth when you take the train.
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