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Gmed by TD, ℛesolution ❦,Gimmepie


At first there was darkness,
Empty and barren;
And out came an egg –
Shinin bright.
Out came a creature;
Finer than the lieutenant’s ‘stache,
More powerful than Math.

It put a halt to the irreverential substance,
Some say forever. Others replied
Naught .It created the world and filled it
With crisp air, clear water,
Forests of green trees, ground of soil,
And then came the pokemon, followed by
The humans. At rest at last,
As the great one fell into deep slumber,
His accomplices watched the world
Preventing the Dark Days.
- Samuel Oak
12 C

Work Harder!


“Greetings Trainers. Allow me to narrate the sequence of events that has led you all the way here.

Cyrus was a young man. Even at that time people considered him a lonely, sullen and depressed person. Little did they know that this ‘depressed’ man would be the cause of the near total destruction of the world. Cyrus had sought to capture Dialga and Palkia, but was dragged into the Reverse Dimension. Furious, Cyrus surrounded Giratina with his whole team - grunts and Pokémon alike -. Giratina fought tirelessly, with all of it's might and force against the twisted individual. Alas, what could ever take hits from six fully evolved Pokémon, plus a horde of brainless puppets of funny haircuts?

Giratina fell, and this resulted in the collapse of part of the Distortion World. This resulted in the engulfing of its overworld counter-part with a type of darkness which drew people who lived in it into a homicidal rage. Cyrus, as well as his team and followers - with a Darkrai included in the former - were never seen or heard of again.

The darkness spread fast, first across Sinnoh, then Kanto, Kalos, Johto and Hoenn. Before it reached Kanto however, the NPPC (National Pokemon Police) managed to evacuate most of the inhabitants of Kalos, Johto and Hoen to Unova. The darkness now slowed down its pace and it took a month after it initially began to reach the Western Shores of Unova. The people living there then flocked to the Eastern Side of Unova, mainly to Black City. However, there were far too many people in that side and food became a very rare, precious resource. Naturally the people eventually resorted to attacking each other and stealing supplies, with an occasional death here and there as a result.

Not knowing what to do the NPP were forced to ask the unit which worked under the most difficult situations – The National Emergeny Unit (NEU) to hatch a plan in order to save the world from inevitable destruction. They decided to track the toughest veterans across Eastern Unova. A fact was that some people who were tough of mind seemed totally unaffected by the darkness. So they decided to bring the veterans to a rusty, old building that was the Headquarters of the UPP. (Unovian National Police)

They planned to send all the trainers on a journey towards Castelia City, which has the only (currently dormant) ship to Sinnoh. From there one of them will captain the ship and all the surviving trainers will travel to Sinnoh’s Snowpoint City. Once here they will make their way towards Mt. Coronet and restore the three orbs that lie fallen there to their respective positions in the altar at the mountain's peak: the Spear Pillar. All of this will be done in hopes of waking up Arceus from his eternal slumber and, perhaps, he will be the one to finally bring the world back to its previous, not endangered situation.

-Thank you for deciding to save the world along with us (Even if you had no other choice). There will be many unexpected twists, turns, swirls and flips but at the end we are certain you shall succeed. Now proceed to the next room where Prof. Elm will brief you on the mechanics of the darkness, if you were kind enough.

It's not like you have another choice."
Hello there, I want to play a game >:D

"Hello? Is this thing working? Testing, testing... 1, 2, 3... Testing? Hello?


Wait, it was working all along?


This is awkward... Anyways, my name is Prof. Elm and I am here to brief you on the new insane-driving disease called ‘The Darkness’. I would like it to be known that we were paid to research it, not to give it a cool name such as 'the Surge' or 'the Happening'.


Anyways. Ever since the world has been covered with darkness many sensible people such as Prof. Oak have gone crazier than an Exploud that's high on poffins. Said people that have experienced a sudden urge to violently attack and take the lives of those around them, be it a man, a woman, or even children. However, particularly strong-willed trainers (such as you) have managed to keep their minds clear from these dark and foreboding thoughts, despite the terrible circumstances around us.

Pokemon have been largely unaffected by this darkness, although some wild pokemon - specially the big ones - seem to have become a bit more, err…….. aggressive. They have also seemingly increased their size. However, those with captured pokemon need not worry as Pokéballs and their technology are, somehow, not affected in the least by this darkness.

I have observed that darkness in one particular area lingers only for a period of two weeks. However anybody who has already been affected will have it for the rest of his or her….. life, I guess. The darkness will take a month to finish consuming Unova and that will be the amount time you'll be given to reach Mt.Coronet. You have to keep your head during this adventure. Keep strong and do not let the darkness consume you! Meet me at the room to the right of where I am and I will further explain the path which you have to take.

Also, and as a last piece of advice... stay alive... please, just do."

"As you all know you are in Black City. It may look better to travel downwards and easily go to Castelia City but the place here is inhabited by a large number of very strong pokemon and they attack humans without hesitation. So you have to go north, west and then south to Castelia City to board a ship which one of you will steer to the Sinnoh region, as we, unfortunately, do not have any sort of personnel that could carry said task to our disposal.

It may seem all too convenient to fly. This may work for a short distance but if you try this for too long then your pokemon will get tired, plus, the darkness seems to zap their energy completely if they fly for an hour or more and then you’ll have to get a new pokemon. And going by water with your pokemon or a simple boat will result in it getting ripped to shreds by aquatic pokemon. As you can see, there really isn't much of a choice as to how to get to Castelia."

-Prof. Elm


1. This RP is rated M so there will be quite a bit of violence in this RP.
2. No romance beyond kissing in this RP.
3. Swear words are allowed but let’s not be too extreme.
4. Have fun! I will consume you if you do not.
5. Read the above rule.
6. Refer to the above rule. Password is 'Operation Cyrus Kill.'
7. Character deaths are present in this RP.
8. Slight bunnying is allowed within permission.
9. No godmoddig, power playing or meta-playing.
10. GM word is law.
11. Reservations last for 4 days unless you ask differently.


There will be two parts to this RP. Unova: Dark Days and Sinnoh: Dark Days. Unova: Dark Days will be until you board the ship and Sinnoh: Dark days will be a totally different RP where the characters go to Sinnoh and save the world. Since there will be a few character deaths, Sinnoh: Dark Days will have some new slots for some players who are basically veteran trainers wandering around in the Sinnoh Region.


This RP is rated M. M for Mature. So if you suddenly puke or feel ill at the mention of the word ‘blood’ then you should really stop viewing this thread. Anyway, there will be tons of violence and guns will also be included in a latter part of this RP. Also there will be character deaths, which are left to the discretion of the player. Do keep this within certain limit. We don't want people feeling like throwing up their lunch every time someone posts in the IC Thread, m'kay?
Also Known As Sign-Up Sheet~

For the T R A I N E R
Name:First and last. Middle and additional names/last names are optional. Same goes for nicknames. But please, do not try to name your character as Tim "Kitsune" Yang or whatever because that makes no sense whatsoever.
Age: 25-50. We're strong, mature, independent veterans who don't need no kids!
Gender: Male, Female, Canadian or otherwise. Do specify if it's a "special" character you're submitting.
Appearance: Tell us about your characters face, hairstyle, eye color, skin color, height, weight, clothes, etc. Images are optional but some good ol' text paragraphs are mandatory. Stick to the paragraphs, feel the paragraphs, BE the paragraphs!
Personality: Fears, likes, hobbies, good traits and... ahem, faults. This is probably the most important section of the SU, so do put some effort here. You can come up with everything you want for this section, just as long as you add somewhere that your character is strong-wiled. Because plot.
History: Tell us about how your character. Their youth, friends, family, how they became a trainer, their rise to fame (if applicable), details about how they came to Black City and all that jazz.
Weapons: (Up to 2. Optional) You can have 2 weapons. After all you cannot survive in this world without a weapon unless you take random stuff you find lying around and use those as weapons. But you're obviously not a protagonist from the main series so you won't just find important plot devices lying around, okay? Give a sensible reason as to why your character has a weapon, too! No guns, no bombs allowed. Guns will be found in the latter parts of this RP and we’ll see about bombs later. Also, don't try to bring a sword in here. Don't try to bring a sword in here if someone is already even foolish enough to attempt doing so. In this Roleplay, we do not talk about swords, we do not think of them and in fact they don't even exist here, okay? Now, repeat with me, what exactly does not exist?


RP Sample: This is optional but highly recommended. A small post you made somewhere - even if it's in another forum - should suffice so long as it's your most recent one. We just want to see how you Roleplay~

For the P O K É M O N
You are allowed to have upto six pokemon. Since the PC system does not work you will be able to use only these six at the start. However you cannot have anymore as your bag will be full of survival supplies and various other plot reasons, such insufficient space in your bag, not enough slots in wherever the hell they're stored if not there, etc, etc. However, if one of your pokemon dies then you can catch another one. No legendaries allowed and you should repeat this for each pokemon.

Name: Include a nickname for your pokemon if they have one. Void if non-applicable.
Species: Name of the pokemon’s species. An Abra is an Abra. Baltoy is Baltoy. Yes?
Gender: Male, female or simply Genderless.
Ability: Any one ability, but be sensible when applying its effects. For example, if a Growlithe has Intimidate, that will not be enough to scare a Tyranitar. And if it has Justified, don't even expect it to survive against said Tyranitar long enough for its effects to apply. Hidden Abilities are allowed, just be reasonable about this.
Appearance: Anything that makes it different and special goes here. Different coloration (shiny or not), bigger/smaller height that usual, held items or accessories, all that stuff. If you even think about having it hold a Mega Stone, then first try to convince us with how your character got said stone and a Mega Ring. Not like doing so would be hard... But still, try not to cling to novelties of the like.
Personality: (optional) Just two lines worth of description on how they behave with others.
History: (optional) Just 2 lines on how the pokemon was caught and their relevance in regards to their Trainer's team and journey.
Moves: There are upto 6 moves your Pokémon can know at a time. Egg Moves, as well as those from TMs and HMs are acceptable within reason.

  1. (Reserved) TD as Neil Ladon.

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