Sixth Generation The Kalos region awaits! Explore the first 3D Pokémon region while putting a stop to Team Flare. Then, revisit the Hoenn region with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

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Sixth Gen Forum Rules & Helpful Links
Hello fellow trainers, and welcome to the Sixth Generation Pokémon Forum. This forum is made for discussing Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. We hope you're enjoying the games and are looking forward to seeing you get involved in the many discussions you'll find here. Like any other forum, before you get started please take the time to read the rules below.

Important: If you're looking to trade someone, battle another player, set up a challenge, share your friend code, etc., then you'll find some useful links below. They're only a scroll away!

The Rules

All PokéCommunity rules apply
If you haven't given that a gander yet, then read them here.

─ Do not "mini-mod"

When you notice something that's breaking the rules, please report it. We really appreciate them and it's a great way to help us keep the forum clean. Do not take it upon yourself to handle the situation yourself; that's our job. Doing so could lead to an infraction.

─ Thread Revival
If a thread is over two months old since its last post, consider it dead, forgotten, and may it rest in peace. Instead, if it's a topic you're interested in discussing, then recreate it with a whole new thread.

─ No ROMs
Yeah, they don't exist for this generation (yet), but please no posting ROMs of any kind. If you're interested in ROM hacking or have questions regarding other ROMs, then check out the community section for Emulation & ROM Hacking.

─ Youtube Videos
If you have your own Youtube channel or have found a video online you'd like to share, then please put a link to it in your signature. If you're a member or PC Supporter with blogging permissions, then feel free to blog about it.

─ Be kind.

This should go without saying, but sometimes discussions can get pretty heated. When this happens, please be respectful to other posters. If you find yourself getting frustrated, then take a step back for a little bit. Rude behavior will not be tolerated.

Helpful Forum Links

─ Okay, but how about some team help?

If you need help building your competitive team, then look no further than the Battling & Team Building section. It's the forum where all our battling buffs hang out. If you need help with your in-game team for your general X/Y playthroughs, you can make a thread for it here.

─ Looking to battle.
Want to test out that team you finished building or just looking for a quick battle with someone? Check out the Quick Battle Requests Thread; also found in the Battling & Team Building section.

─ Let's trade!
Now if trading is what you're interested in, then we urge you to check out the Trade Corner. You'll find many trade shops there. If it's just a quickie you want to make, then use their Quick Trade subsection.

─ Challenges, challenges, challenges.
If you're tired of playing the games the old fashioned way and are looking to spice things up with a challenge, then the Challenges forum is the place for you. Feel free to start your own challenge there too, but make sure to read the rules of how to make a challenge first!

Share your Friend Code!
Collecting friend codes and checking out what everyone's got in their Friend Safari is a big thing this generation. If you want to share your own friend code or are looking to add others and see what they have, then please use the X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread.


─ Contact Us
If none of this has been helpful to you at all or you have a question concerning something else, then please do not be afraid to contact the current moderator(s) of this forum via private message. I promise none of us bite.

From your X/Y moderator(s), we thank you.
~Nah, Altairis

Written and compiled by Guy. CSS by TwilightBlade.

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