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Upcoming Battle Prediction !!!

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Old December 19th, 2013 (4:41 AM).
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Simply a Thread to talk about Upcoming battles That I currently need !
I want to talk about the upcoming ''Froakie Vs Frogdier'' episode .
You see , I don't Want Ash to lose but I don't want to see Froakie Defecting Frogdier and destroying our hope of ever seeing Froakie evolving into Greninja.
Because , any cast Pokemon that defect their Evolutionary form doesn't evolve !
You see , Any of Ash's Pokemon defecting their ''Evolutionary form'' is a message that this Pokemon is already better then its ''Evolutionary form'' So It shouldn't evolve !
But I want to Froakie evolve .
Its one of driving force to watch XY series .
If Writers already sending a message that Froakie will not be evolving then it make me lose interest in watching the XY series .
Seriously , Is there even any need to keep Froakie under-evolve since there are Pokemon like Meowstic , Gourgeist & kreki around .

FYI : Treeko may have Battle its Evolutionary form Grovyle but He was defected in that that battle !
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