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Lot's of updates... Let's start with Final Fantasy 6.


Tim (Main character)
Yauna (Mystery Maji girl)
Gauge (The King of Figaro Castle)
Red (Mystery guy at the bar)
Kage (Gauge's Twin Brother)

After the two-level training method we headed into the castle. Tim and Yauna were allowed in and beelined to the throne. They met with King Gauge of North and South Figaro. Gauge said he would protect Yauna and asked her to explore the Castle. Yauna went though the entire castle. She spoke with a young lady in the west wing who told the story about Gauge's twin brother Kage who left as their father, the former king of Figaro, was passing.

Yauna went back to Gauge and he told her of the resistance movement against the empire and how she would be a great asset. He asked Tim to show her to her room in the east wing. While she was asleep. The Empire's right-hand soldier, Kefka appeared before Gauge demanding the girl but denying it was because of her gifts. Gauge refused and Kefka left. Gauge returned to his quarters and when he came back out. Figaro was set ablaze. Kefka appeared once more. Demanding Yauna again. In blaze of amazement. Gauge, Tim and Yauna hopped on Chocobos and fled from Kefka and the castle. Before leaving Gauge ordered his great prize, the castle of Figaro to submerge itself into the sand.

Kefka was not amused and sent his Magitek Guards to chase down the trio. The three were caught and had to engage the armored soldiers. With a combination of Fire magic from Yauna and Gauge's amazing Auto Crossbow, the enemies were put down and Kefka's plans were foiled.

On their Chocobos, the team headed south to a tunnel.

On the other side they made it to South Figaro. Before they entered I committed to two levels apiece for each character. When I entered South Figaro...

I explored the town greatly. Sold and bought Weapons and Armor. Bought Relics and addressed a mysterious ninja at the bar. He said his name was Red and that his dog would eat us if we did not leave. So we did.

The team headed north towards a small cottage where Gauge caught glimpses and smells of his twin brother. We continued north where we entered another cave and a shadowy figure had been trailing us since the beginning, when we got to the end of the cave and outside we saw a Grey Haired Muscular Man barring our path. He revealed his name to be Vargas, the student of Master Duncan. When we fought him a combination of Fire and Auto Arrows caused Vargas to cast his ultimate spell, but not before another mystery man jumped from the shadows. It turned out to be Gauge's twin brother, Kage. Vargas was not happy with the reunion and cast his ultimate attack; Blizzard Fist. Tim, Yauna and Gauge were blown away but Kage stood there.

Kage unleashed his signature Blitz attack and killed Vargas where he stood. With the battle over, Kage agreed to join the party and help them in their quest to protect Yauna.

Now for Final Fantasy 7 brace yourself, this is a long one.


Tim (Cloud)
Gauge (Barret)
Stephanie (Tifa)
Yauna (Aeris)
Red (Red XIII)
Koakuma (Yuffie)
Linuss (Cait Sith)
Beck (Vincent)
Cecil (Cid)

So after we took our break at Costa del Sol, The group and I headed up Mt. Corel (as the two-step training method on the World Map would of never ended) and trained on railways. After I fell and got both items under the tracks and then went to the next area. I pressed the switch and opened the bridge for Yauna, Steph and Red and climbed up a little ways and found some yammering chicks up on a ridge. I took the treasure they were sitting on (10 Phoenix Downs) and had to battle it's mama. A Cockatrice. The battle was quick and easy. One strike from my Force Stealer and another from Gauge's Atomic Scissors did away with her easy enough.

We circled back around and went under the bridge I lowered and crossed it. I went to a secret area below the railways and grabbed some items. I then went back up and crossed the giant rope bridge battling a Bomb on the way.

Once we crossed the bridge we came to a little shoddy village known as North Corel. Gauge was slapped by some citizens and being told that he was responsible for all this. He regrouped and I explored the town a bit, didn't buy anything, and heard the same thing I heard from Gauge, that some how, he was responsible for the destruction of this little town.

We headed east and stopped before we got on the rope way, Gauge explained to us that this town use to thrive but thanks to a deal he and the villagers struck with Shinra back then, their little coal town was turned into a Mako City. When an explosion occurred. Shinra assumed it was rebels and burnt down Corel while he was away.

After that we headed on the rope way.

The tram took us to a big resort called The Golden Saucer. Almost like an amusement park. When we got there I payed the lifetime ticket price (30,000 Gil; thanks systematic training) and got in. Gauge went off on his own and I took Steph with me to look around. We stopped in the wonder square and met a giant robotic thing named Linuss who insisted he tell our future. After 2 seemingly irrelevant fortunes the third said: "You will [get what you seek] but someone close to you will die." Disturbing, but we had no time to question. We were after Sephiroth. Without asking, Linuss decided to join us.

We went to the battle square where several dead Saucer Goers were found. Bullet wounds. Could it have been Gauge? Could the visit to Corel set something off in him? Suddenly several Saucer Guards arrived, guns drawn and the Gold Saucer's Owner, Dio, arrived too. Demanding we surrender. Linuss rushed away, forcing us to follow and we came to a dead end. We were thrown into a hole titled Gateway to Heaven after we were captured. Instead it lead to Corel Prison.

While down there we briefly saw Gauge with a body at his feet, he took off before we could speak with him. We looked for ways out, but several inmates told us that the prison is surrounded by unending desert and the only way out is is to go "up". We headed to the next area of the prison and spoke with Mr. Coates who said the only way out is indeed "up". With nothing more to say we headed east and into a house. Gauge was there again. Telling us he told us not to follow. He pointed his Atomic Scissors at us (scary right?) and opened fire (not possible as the AS are not long range weapons for Barret) and killed someone sneaking up behind us. We asked if he killed the people on the surface and he denied it saying: "There's another, with a gun on his arm."

He told us the story of Dyne, his best friend, they were both away when Corel was burnt down after the Reactor was constructed. Shinra soldiers appeared before them and opened fire They both tried to escape and Dyne slipped off the cliff but Gauge saved him. While hanging off the cliff, stray fire hit Gauge in his right arm and Dyne in his left. Dyne supposedly fell to his death.

Gauge says that Dyne is still alive and he had to "settle the score". Soon after, Koakuma, Yauna and Red showed up as well. It was decided. Tim and Gauge with one other would go hunt Dyne down. They headed out together and found a secret entrance to Dyne's residence.

Gauge and Dyne spoke one last time before Dyne became insane and began saying that he lost everything, including Marlene his daughter. Gauge assured him that Marlene was alive and well and was safe. But Dyne said that he had to kill her too. Because he had to "destroy everything." Gauge had no choice but to duel him.

Using a combination between Fire 2, Ifrit and Grenade Launcher (Level 2 Limit Break) Dyne was defeated and Gauge was victorious. Dyne said that even though Marlene was alive, his hands were too stained with blood to carry her now. He threw Gauge his wife's pendent and jumped to his death. Gauge, beyond depressed, said his hands were just as stained.

After the ruckus, Gauge and I headed back to the prison and showed Mr. Coates the pendent, he said that if we had that then Dyne must be dead and things would calm down. He allowed me to race in the Chocobo Races to get our friends out of the prison.

I met with Ester a Chocobo Racing Manager who showed me to the lift. The first race I did didn't go well as I forgot the stamina gain controls. (R1+R2 as opposed to R1+L1 which I was pressing) so the second race I won by a landslide. After being freed from the prison and our names cleared. Dio gave us the use of a Buggy and information on Sephiroth's next location.

We took the Buggy out the desert and I got Aqualung E-Skill from the Chimera in the desert and headed west. We crossed the river and I trained against Frogs and these Stone Staring jerks (Oi that was fun), after the 2 Level Training Method we headed into a wrecked Reactor known as Gongaga. Before we got too deep in there. We met again with none other than Reno and Rude, members of the Turks. When we fought them I cast Aqualung twice and they were defeated. They ran off and we headed north in a ruined reactor. Before we could explore further, Scarlet and Tseng from Shinra arrived from a Helicopter, we hid and they discussed amongst themselves that they were searching for Huge Materia for the "Perfect Weapon" and left shortly thereafter. We looked where they looked and found the Titan Summon Materia.

We left the wrecked reactor and headed west and into a small village. Many stories were told there, mostly about the lives taken by the reactor's explosion. But one house, told a story of their son, who left their village 5 years ago to become SOLDIER and has been missing ever since. His name was Zack. Yauna seemed shook up and left outside the house. I followed her and asked what was the problem. She said that was her first love. The last time she spoke of her first love was back in Midgar close to when she and I first met.

She said she was happier to know he was missing than he was if he was dead. After that we headed out.

We then headed further north and entered a valley. When we got there, surprisingly, our Buggy broke down. We entered a village hanging from a canyon wall. When we got in Red revealed this to be his home, Gauge seemed mesmerized as well.

Red vouched for us and the residents allowed us all in. Red's grandfather, Bugenhagen called to him (by the name of Nanaki) and he followed. I explored the Canyon awhile learning that this was apparently the birthplace of AVALANCHE and Gauge's team. He said he promised to bring the late Biggs, Wedge and Jesse here after Shinra had been defeated. After that I headed up to where Nanaki and Bugehangen were meeting and he asked me to bring two people with me to see something. I brought Yauna and Gauge and we went to "his apparatus". He explained the life and death cycle of the people of the planet and the planet itself and he even showed us the ramifications of Shinra's actions and what would happen if it continued. After that we all went to the Cosmo Candle, a flame that had supposedly been burning for generations. I spoke with all the party members, then Bugenhagen called us up.

He wanted to show Nanaki something so he asked myself and one other to join us. When I gathered Gauge with us we headed into a sealed cavern in the back of Cosmo Canyon where the Gi and Nanaki's ancestors battled for ages. While down there I explored every ounce of the cavern and gathered all it's secrets and headed to the very back. Where a large face showed itself on the wall and engaged us. The ancient Gi commander Nattak.

The battle was quick and decisive and we came out the victor. With Nattak finally at rest the hole he covered opened and we exited to the back of the Cavern. There Bugenhagen showed Nanaki his once thought to be coward of a father Seto. There Nanaki discovered that his father stayed there and stays here now to protect Cosmo Canyon from any Gi spirits that attempt to ambush. Finally his mind at ease Nanaki accepted his father's heroism and left a proud son.

After we exited the cavern, Bugenhagan told Nanaki to continue on with us hoping that we could indeed save the planet from Sephiroth. On the way down, I spoke with several elders and learned that the Promise Land was indeed a place of peace and tranquility, but not for us, for the Ancients, the Cetra, as it was there final resting area. I also learned from another elder that Professor Gast once came here excited saying he found an ancient and named it Jenova, but then came back a few months later expressing that Jenova was never an ancient at all.

After all that, we left Cosmo Canyon with Nanaki and headed out with our Buggy fixed again.

We headed North-West and entered a small town against a cold mountain range.

Stephanie and I were shocked to find that it was Nibelhiem still standing. We explored the town seeing cloaked figures with number tattoos ranting about "The Reunion". I played the piano in Stephanie's house the right way again (the last time being at Kalm's Memory) and left. We headed for Shinra Mansion.

While in there, I realized I was surrounded by tough enemies spamming confusion spells. And on this day, when I want to cast Aqualung to destroy the enemies in one go, they confused the caster just before I selected the spell and caused the caster to kill us all. GAME OVER!

So I reloaded the game and collected all the items around town and decided simply to run from the confusing enemies. While in the Mansion I collected hidden items and opened a safe upstairs and a horrendous monster named The Lost Number appeared. With a challenge I beat him and I got the Norse God of War as my summoning and a key to the basement. My memories began flooding back to me as I remembered the hidden entrance to the basement. I headed down the stairs and found a secret door. I pushed the key I got from the safe into the door and turned it, the door opened and three purple coffins lay before me. I flipped the centre one and a live man lay there. He back flipped out and asked who we were. We introduced ourselves and he did as well. His name was Beck. A former Turks agent. We were shocked to know we both knew Sephiroth and he told us about Sephiroth's real mother, Lucrecia. He went back to sleep when I told him I knew not of that women and closed his coffin. We went into the secret lab where Sephiroth went insane that day and there he was.

Standing in the hall. Telling me of a reunion. I didn't know what he was talking about. He threw a materia at me and flew away. On our way back out, Beck stopped us asking if he could go with us and we agreed.

After the encounter with Sephiroth and recruitment of Beck, we headed to Mt. Nibel. Because I skipped the World Map training area between Cosmo Canyon and Nibelhiem I trained at Mt. Nibel for 4 levels for each character (GRUELING) and stole 28 Gold Armlets from Dragons by the time we were done.

I explored Nibel all the way to the reactor where Jenova was once stored. I went in to explore, see if Sephiroth was there, alas he was not. Even Jenova's doors were locked. I exited the Reactor and confronted the giant spider monster blocking the exit to Mt. Nibel. I absorbed his Trine E-Skill and quickly defeated him. We then exited from Mt. Nibel with all it's hidden items and materia taken.

We then headed further North and into a town with a giant rocket lingering over the city itself. I wandered around and asked questions. People said that this town was once the site of Shinra's first Space Exploration project, but the captain pulled the plug during the launch. We explored the town some more and found a small plane called The Tiny Bronco, just as we were thinking of taking it a young lady named Shera asked us what we were doing. Lying, I told her we were just looking. Shera told us if we wanted to use it we would need to ask the Captain and that he would be hanging out at the Rocket.

So we left to the launch pad and climbed the rocket's exterior and met the Captain inside. His name was Cecil, a brutish, aspiring astronaut, who's plans to go into space was snuffed by Shinra. Now a grounded bird, Cecil continued to work on the rocket in the hopes that one day he would have his chance to explore the stars once more.

After his story we headed back to the town and spoke with Shera, before more could be said Cecil showed up and demanded (with profanity) that Shera make us tea. He told us Rufus would be here as well and he hoped they would discuss more plans to take Shinra 26 into space once more. I knew we had to leave soon if we were to escape Rufus again.

Shera told us about the story of the Shinra 26. Long ago, the rocket was primed for launch. However Shera was not satisfied with the shuttles Oxygen Tanks. Cecil demanded she hurry up before they launched. Not soon after the countdown began and Cecil was about to live his dream. However, the radio told him that there was personal in the engine room. It was Shera. Destined to make sure his dream was to come true she wanted to make sure the Oxygen Tanks were perfect. Cecil yelled at her to get out before she was baked to a crisp but she said launch with her in it. Afraid, Cecil aborted the launch just as the rocket began to take off. Dooming his dreams and the exploration of Shinra 26, forever. This is why Shera reduced her life to servitude for Cecil for ruining his dreams.

After the story, Palmer of Shinra Inc. appeared demanding some tea as well and said he would be in the back looking at The Bronco. Cecil rushed outside to speak with Rufus. I followed and saw that Rufus, just like Shinra, only intended to use the people and needed only The Bronco to chase Sephiroth and had no intentions of restarting the Shinra Space Exploration Program. Shera tapped me on the back asking me to help her with something.

I headed to the back yard and saw Palmer attempting to hijack The Bronco and Beck, Yauna and I engaged him. The battle was quick and as he ran, he was hit and killed by a Shinra truck. The plane continued to move though, with little time to think, Beck, Yauna and I hopped on The Bronco and rode it into the air. As it swooped back down to earth. Cecil quickly jumped on as well. Shinra soldiers opened fire on the plane, hitting it's tail and it landed in the sea off the coast.

While floating on the water, I came to the conclusion that The Bronco could be used as a ship for now. Cecil explained that his dreams were finished and that he had nothing better to do than to hang on to me...

NOW, FINALLY, ON TO Final Fantasy 8


Tim (Squall)
Quintis (*****)
Yauna (Riona)
Gauge (Angelo; Riona's Dog)

After completing the mission in Dollet, we headed back to Balamb Garden. But not before being introduced to Zell's mother and exploring the the Town of Balamb a tad. After that, though, we headed into the Garden. For now, Zell and Selphie parted ways. Selphie told me that the exams results would be posted soon so keep an ear out.

Before I could make it to the Dorm I was stopped in the hall by Headmaster Cid and Quintis, there they said we did really well on the test and the exams' results would be announced in class hallway on the 2nd Floor. I was heading to the Dorm when I saw Seifer being scolded for disobeying orders but commended for having a mind of his own.

Suddenly I was called to the 2nd Floor for the results. Of Myself, Zell, Seifer, Raijinn and Fujinn only Zell and I were called. We were promoted to SeeD Members along with Selphie and were told to change an get ready for the party.

During the party, I saw a lovely women across the ballroom. She called me over to dance and I did so... awkwardly anyway. The dance ended and I waited on the Balcony. Quintis showed up and congratulated me on the successful exam and the promotion, she also asked me why I couldn't stand her but I could dance with a stranger. She told me to suit up and meet in the Training Area.

So I did. I met her in the hallway on the way to the training area where Quintis shared how to use Status Junction and we marched into the arena. I took the left path and we battled some monsters on the way there. Then I found the secret place. An area in the training area that overlooked Balamb Garden. Wonderful.

Quintis told me she was stepping down as an instructor as she was told her leader skills were sub-par. I didn't care. She was hurt but I left anyway. On our way back to the Garden a young lady was being attacked by several monsters. Quintis and I engaged it and with the use of Shiva and Ifrit, we did away with them. The lady thanked us and her body guards escorted her out. Who was she, this was the young lady I saw when I was in the infirmary...

On my back to the ballroom Zell told me that our rooms had been switched and I went there to sleep

I awoke to Selphie telling us we had a new mission for SeeD and were to meet at the main gate. I dressed and quickly made my way there. When I arrived. Selphie was already there. Along with Quintis, Headmaster Cid and few Faculty Members. Shortly thereafter Zell rode in with his T-Board, which was subsequently confiscated by the faculty.

The mission was recited by the Headmaster. He told us we would be protecting an underground resistance to Timber against the Galbadia Army. He said I would lead the squad and Zell and Selphie were my support. We left the Garden for Balamb Station, but not before Headmaster Cid gave me a magic lamp.

Outside of the Garden I saved and opened the lamp. In a world of darkness a winged demon shown himself. His name Diablos. He challenged us. The battle was hard and grueling. Only Selphie was able to save us with her Dice Roll of Full Cures. Using Shiva for the finale. We beat Diablos and claimed him as our own.

After that we headed to the station and boarded the train Timber. While on board, we explored the train. Suddenly though, a buzzing filled my head and I passed out...

I had a dream... about a man named... Luguna... he was a G-Army soldier with his teammates Kiri and... Ward? Anyway, in the dream Luguna met a pianist while he was at a bar. The coward was too afraid to talk to her. Faked a leg cramp... Ha. Anyway, despite this, the women, named Julie I believe, asked for Luguna to go to her room. *whistles*.

Luguna went to the inn receptionist and was allowed in the room. Luguna talked and talked and finally let Julie talk. He asked her dreams and she said he wanted to sing as well as play the piano and her inspiration to do so was brought about with her encounter with Luguna... Suddenly Kiri knocked on the door and said they had another assignment.

I woke up shortly after and it appeared Zell and Selphia had the same dream as me. Weird. We arrived in Timber and we met with our contact. He took us aboard their personal train and introduced himself. Watts was his name. His brother, Zone, was leading the operation. He asked us to meet the "Princess". I went to the cart where she was sleeping and realized it was the woman from the party the night before! The one I danced with. She introduced herself as Yauna and showed me her pup as well, Gauge. Together we returned to Zones and Watts.

We discussed our target, Vinzzel Delinte, the President of Galbadia. We would connect our respective trains, switch the president with the body double and hold the real president as a hostage. The plan was far more convoluted than that, but I don't want to get into it.

So as the trains pulled next to each other the operation went off without a hitch. We snagged the President and uncoupled our trains.

Yauna confronted the President only to discover it was a body double. He attacked and Zell, Selphie and I fought him, after we depleted enough of his health, he transformed into a disgusting monster. A few GFs including the first test run of Diablos, dealt with him.

Dismayed we were tricked we returned to Timber. We had learned that the real Vinzzel was heading to a TV Station which brought our squad to the thought that the Dollet Communication Tower that Major Biggs activated during the exam may had something to do with it. Yauna asked us to take her to the TV tower and Selphie vouched to stay behind. Now back in Timber, we were desperate to hunt down Vinzzel.


Phhhew-WEE! Thanks for reading. If you haven't yet. I would really suggest you do. It's worth it. :D

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              I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Grand Theft Auto V as of late. Now that I've got both Madden 25 and WWE 2K14 post-Christmas, though, I expect I'll be dedicating more time to those two than the other ones.

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                Currently playing Pokemkn X, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Lego Marvel Superheroes for the WiiU :)
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                Oh my, oh my?
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                  Pokemon Y, Elsword (Not revealing myself), and League of Legends.
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                    Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS.

                    Is it me or Frederick really, really strong compared to all of the other characters in this game?
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                      Fire emblem awakening (3ds), kingdom hearts HD 1.5 remix, assassins creed black flag (ps3), uncharted 3 (online play) and beyond: two souls (ps3)
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                        Advance Wars and Elite Beat Agents
                        Originally Posted by Mewtwo. View Post
                        Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS.

                        Is it me or Frederick really, really strong compared to all of the other characters in this game?
                        He'll become one of the weakest ones by the end of the game because he grows so slow in comparison, everyone will become better than him soon enough. Don't use him too much early game and hog experience, but only as a support and to get out of tough situations. He's a typical jagen archetype, the ones that are very strong early game but become very weak later on.

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                        Playing League of Legends right now, derping around as Jinx x3
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                        Just watch it.
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                          Minecraft. Lots of the minecraft this week.
                          Stuff About FlakeyBear

                          Currently Playing (PC):
                          Euro Truck Simulator 2. Still have to get past the quick jobs.
                          Currently Playing (DS):
                          FIFA 09, or Pokemon Diamond because Battle Corner.I should insert more.
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                            Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
                            Advance Wars and Elite Beat Agents

                            He'll become one of the weakest ones by the end of the game because he grows so slow in comparison, everyone will become better than him soon enough. Don't use him too much early game and hog experience, but only as a support and to get out of tough situations. He's a typical jagen archetype, the ones that are very strong early game but become very weak later on.

                            Hmm I've basically been sending him out by himself , allowing him to take on groups by himself , I guess that's a bad idea then?
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                              Originally Posted by RyanGT View Post
                              Hmm I've basically been sending him out by himself , allowing him to take on groups by himself , I guess that's a bad idea then?
                              Pretty much. Since you're playing Awakening, it's not a big problem, since you can grind anyway. Generally you should avoid that, but if you're in a real tough situation, don't hesitate to use him as much as possible.
                              Old January 1st, 2014 (7:26 AM).
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                                Starbound and (modded) Minecraft mostly. I picked out Starbound a few days ago; it's pretty addicting.

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