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Rules Trader Reviews Rules, Directory, and Glossary [Updated March 29, 2014]

Trader Reviews Wonder who are reliable traders? Who you can trust to trade with here on PokéCommunity? Find out here!

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Trader Reviews Rules
About this forum.
This forum is for leaving feedback about traders you have traded with so others can see that they are reliable. Having a Review Thread is optional and is not required to trade or to open a trade shop.

Follow PokéCommunity Rules.
The "4 word/25 character" rule does apply in Trader Reviews. You may post in a thread if you traded with the person no matter when the last post is. You may also double post, ONLY IF you were the last person to post and you traded with them again and no one else has posted since.

Required for all threads
In the first post of every thread, the trader must list all their OTs, FCs (can only have current ones if you wish), and link to their shop if they have one. Must also link review thread in their shop if they have one. Linking in QTT posts are optional.

Required in each first post
Also in the first post, each trader is required to keep a numbered list of all the trades that are posted in their thread. This is to easily keep track of the amount of trades and for the trader to confirm each trade. You can only list their name if you want or keep a more detailed list if you wish.

There will be ONE thread per person.
Each person gets one thread to be reviewed in and each thread must be titled (YourUsername)'s Trade Reviews. Example: EV's Trade Reviews. Contact a Trade Corner Moderator if you need to edit your thread's title due to username changes instead of making a new thread.

Example Thread
If you're unsure about how to make a thread, here's an example of one: [Click Me!].

Only post reviews.
Posts may include Pros and Cons, things you like about the trader and what they can do to further improve. Serious complaints about scams and hacked Pokemon are to be taken directly to a Trade Moderator.

One Post Per Trade
Each trade completed is to be posted separately. If you trade with the same person on different occasions, you must post each time you traded.

Only post about completed trades.
Please do not mini-mod, disrespect others, or post your life stories. If you see something that goes against the rules, REPORT IT!

The prefixes
See those prefixes you can add onto your thread when you make one in the Reviews sub-forum? Please don't use them, they are to be given out by the moderators when you have fulfilled specific criteria.

[Beginner] - Receive 10 positive reviews
[Intermediate] - Recieve 20 positive reviews
[Advanced] - Receieve 50 positive reviews
[???] - This one's a secret and it won't adhere to any pattern hehe..

Relevant Advertising!

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