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    Tradition has it that once a young trainer reaches the age of 10, they must undergo a journey through the Pokemon World and complete the goal of their choice. However, over the years, a certain law was placed that required future trainers to prolong their journey until they reached the age of 19, rather than starting at a younger age. Of course with the exception of thoroughly filling out various forms, giving reasoning, fees, etc, this has now become a more favorable choice, where many people insist on waiting until they reach early adulthood, to venture out into the world. In fact, not only has this become the better choice, it recently became the only choice.

    With this, brings more limitations however. Now a more restricted place, trainers are highly encouraged to travel in groups, to ensure they make the most out of their experience, interacting and creating new bonds with a network of friends along with added safety that travelling in groups provide. That is essentially the purpose of the journey. Along with it, came about ‘checkpoints’. Upon entering each city, a Trainer is required to ‘check-in’ at each Pokemon Centre in a city, for track keeping records mainly. While catching Pokemon, Trainers must make sure that any stray Pokemon in the city are NOT to be captured. Doing so could result in a hefty fine. Instead, Pokemon can only be caught in the wilderness. Battling however, along with contests, have significantly grown in popularity. Along with the Region’s League tournament, there is now also the NPA World Championship. Held in different places every time, it is open to nearly everyone. As long as you can battle, you can participate. The contests remain the same, with each Region holding a Grand Festival. However, the real kicker here is that trainers are not required to fulfill any of these tasks. These are possible goals for trainers, but the real goals lie within the trainers themselves. Some aspire to be doctors, or maybe teachers. As long as you learn, progress, create bonds and have fun, then you are doing your part in this journey.

    As the Pokemon World has become a more secure place, one thing is sure. There are still stories to be told, badges to be won, and more importantly bonds to be made. So get out there and have fun!

    | THE LETTER |

    Dear [insert name here]

    It has come to our attention that you have not yet completed the paperwork required to allow permission of travel. It is highly recommended you complete them within the next year, and submit them before the age of 19. Once completed and submitted, we will then begin the pairing process, which will then be your travel group. Although it is not required, it is highly recommended for safety concerns. We will also send you a separate package containing details and vital accessories for use on your journey, along with a PokeDex, and your Identification Card. If you do not have any Pokemon available for use, please fill out the yellow form, and submit with your paperwork. We will then give a voucher, which will allow you to obtain a permanent Pokemon from Professor Birch.

    In regards to your duties upon embarking on this quest, it is not required for trainers to partake in the league. Keep in in mind that is not the point of this venture. As long as you learn from your experiences, check-in at the stations and have fun, that is all ever need to do.

    If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to call the number attached to this page.

    Best of Luck,

    Duncan Cross
    Chairman of the NPA & Representative of the Hoenn League
    Pokemon Collector and Enthusiast
    Father of three


    You are of course, a trainer that has finally begun their journey. You are 19 (or possibly even older!) and have finally reached the day where you must go out in to the world to leave your mark. Have no fear, as you will be accompanied by a variety of folks who all share the same path, but most likely different destinations. Although you have reached adulthood, you are still new to the world of Pokemon. Whatever small experience you have in battling is not on par with that of those in the real world. Whatever knowledge you have is not comparable to those with the actual experience. However, as your journey progresses, so will your skills. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

    Your journey begins in the tropical Hoenn region. Living in Hoenn, it only makes sense that you venture out in this beautiful region first before anything else. You shall meet Professor Birch at his lab in Littleroot Town, where you will not only receive your first Pokemon, but you will also meet with your group mates and future friends that you shall be travelling with for the journey. Be ready to mingle, and make sure you don’t get off on the wrong foot with them, as it is not too wise to be making enemies before friends!

    As for the RP, we will be travelling in groups throughout the region, as per travel rules set by the League. Groups will likely not exceed 6 (unless this gets uber popular, but I don’t think that will happen). This is not going to be a sandbox RP, but there will be plenty of times where we will stop at a city and you are free to do your own thing until we move on. There will be no chapters, as the story will mostly be determined by actions and whatnot but I still have some things are definitely going to happen, along with some guidelines throughout the RP just so you guys know what will happen. Your characrers DO NOT have to partake in contests or gym battles. They can have a totally different goal in mind, however the journey is there to give them a little kickstart. Also note, there’s no true leveling system like in the games, but we will stick to it similar to Anime style. As for Gym leaders, they will be NPCs controlled by me, but you guys are free to create your own rivals and whatnot.


    Alrighty guys. It’s been a while since I have made a Pokemon RP, so I decided to create one. Took me a little while to add my own twist to it without taking away anything major, or making it too cliché, so I hope you guys don’t mind. Hopefully this will be a good RP.

    Also, letting you guys know right now. There’s a lot of rules. But I believe good, detailed rules prevents any sort of misconception about things, and just makes for a better RP overall.

    I should also let you guys know, that we will be travelling in groups. I'm not sure if I should split it up or not, or keep it as one big group, but if you guys have any ideas, let me know. This is not going to be sandbox, but there will often be times where I let you guys go off and do your own things until story progresses.



    1) All PC Rules apply
    2) No Bunnying, God-Modding, etc.
    3) Yes, it is rated T. Reason being characters are older, so obviously we won’t be talking like kids. Romance/Sexual Content, violence, some swearing here and there is allowed, but please no gore. This is not a Horror Movie. Reasonable blood is allowed (say someone gets into a fight, gets hurt by a Pokemon, etc).
    4) Please post frequently. It makes it more fun for everyone. If you plan on joining, please stay until the end. Don't half-do this.
    5) If you plan to be away for a while let me know and we’ll sort something out


    1) ASK before catching a Pokemon/Evolving. If I say no, then no. With that being said, I have a form you need to fill out before catching a Pokemon.

    2) I have no real restrictions on the move limit for your Pokemon, but be sensible. If they have 10 moves, then you’re going a bit far. There has to be some limitations/strategy involved., so we're going to ahead and say 5-6. We are following the games a bit on the move pool, which means your Pokemon really shouldn't be able to use high level moves at it current stage(With the exception of Egg moves I guess, but don't overdo-it). Of course this is not exact, so reasonable move pools at a lower level should suffice. Also, again, ask me before giving your Pokemon a new move.

    3) Now, of course since this a Pokemon RP, there will be battling. And I don’t know about you guys, but every Pokemon RP I have been in, the battling system is ever so flawed where characters keep dodging each other’s attacks. So here are my rules on battling: First, I am only giving you THREE dodges per battle. Even then I think it’s a bit much, but we’ll see how it goes. If you want more dodges, then use a slot in your movepool for an evasion attack. Secondly, we are going by the games in terms of accuracy as well as power. If it doesn’t have 100% hit rate, then there is a chance it can miss (either being too powerful or hard to aim), unless it can never miss(Magical Leaf, Aura Sphere, etc). That’s pretty much it. If you guys have any more input on battling let me know.

    4) No Legendary Pokemon (Or even seeing them for that matter).

    5) TM/HM’s are allowed, but expensive. They are only obtainable though defeating Gym Leaders, or gifts, or can be bought(if you have enough money in the RP).

    6) HMs are not going to be used to break obstacles. If a Pokemon like Scyther doesn’t know cut(But it has sharp claws), then it can automatically slice through thickets and whatnot. Obviously if it is a thicker sort of tree or something then an attack such as X-scissor may be required. Same goes for swimming, flying, etc.

    7) We are starting off with a Maximum of only ONE Pokemon. Be reasonable. No Kangaskhan, Scyther, etc or anything else out of the ordinary.

    8) Your Trainer Card will serve as both Identification as well as money. Money can be loaded onto it, and all it takes is a swipe. Cash is also allowed if you prefer. Trainers also receive discounts at most places, and get free lodging at Pokemon Centers.

    9) First part of RP will take place in Hoenn.



    Age: (19+. If they are much older (25+, tell us why in the history section).

    Gender: (Male, Female)

    Appearance: (How they look like, what they wear, etc. Two Paragraphs at least please. Also make sure you are using your own original characters and not pre-existing characters.)

    History: (Reason why they are going on the journey and what they are trying to achieve. If they are going on the journey at a much older age, tell us why. I don’t want sap stories, or over the top characters. Such as a gang member, jail inmate or something. Make it believable, or at least try to be. Also tell the hometown your character is from, and what their aspirations are or if they are still undecided.)

    Personality: (How they act, traits, etc. Two paragraphs at least please.)

    PokeDex Color: (What color is your Pokedex?)


    Pokemon Species:


    Nickname: (You don't have to have one)

    Personality: (How they act.)

    Brief History: (How you obtained the Pokemon. If you got it from Professor Birch, just say that).

    Ability: (What Ability does it have?)

    Attacks: (For now, keep it to three. No TM moves, but if your Pokemon has an egg move, only a maximum of one egg move is allowed.)

    Other: (Anything else we need to know?)


    Name: Alex Ayers

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: With medium-short black hair, Alex hates getting his hair too long. He had dark brown eyes, almost black is not seen up close, and has light brown skin complexion. His complexion doesn’t have any major acne, however he does have some short stubble, which if he let it grow about a week or two, would give him a rugged look. Otherwise, he takes fairly good care of his skin, paranoid about letting it get filled with acne, which is a tendency with people his age. He stands at a good 6’3”, with a fairly solid build mainly from working out. Not exactly beefy, but he’s far from a twig.

    His usual attire consist of a red, fitted polo shirt and dark blue jeans. He wears a black belt with PokeBall holders, and his shoes are black, casual flattops with bright white laces. When it’s a little bit chillier out, he will pull out a black sweater. He carries a yellow backpack around to keep his stuff in while he travels, such as a shaving kit, Items, snacks, and other various necessities.

    History: His mom had Alex at a very young age, around 17-18 to be exact. His father left soon after he was born, and from what Alex had been told, the separation was because of 'job problems' as his father was a police officer, and he hadn't seen him since. Growing up in the quiet Lavaridge Town, Alex was always getting into trouble, and was able to get a pass on his journey when he was ten. His violent behavior caused him to get into fights with other kids, usually over nothing or petty things. In school, he did okay, but only in the subjects about Pokemon. Other than that, he was fairly average.

    As he got older, his violent attitude toned down. He usually spent most of his time just working out, however, from this he became cocky and just reeked of confidence. Not to mention he liked to go out with his group of friends and rile people up, pulling pranks and picking on people. He thought he had it good for the next eight years, however, it eventually got put to an end as he finally came to terms with the realization that he had to go on the journey. Although personally, he didn’t mind, it was his mom that made sure to make a big deal about it.

    Now that he is ready for the journey, he made sure to promise his mother that he would come back changed, and leave his old self behind. It was about time he started to act like a man, rather than a tough-guy know it all.

    Personality: A first glance, he may seem a little bit intimidating, but Alex doesn’t really pick a fight with others unless provoked. With that being said, he does like to push other peoples’ buttons. He likes to take charge, being cocky and confident as he is, and just hates to turn down a challenge. Although if he knows he is beat he will try and back down, but most likely he goes with it anyways.

    He likes to try and pick up girls, although all these attempts have failed. He doesn’t really see the reason as to why, but it doesn’t bother him too much.

    Although he did bully a bit when he was younger, this side to him still dwells deep inside of him somewhere. He has a habit of saying stupid things which can easily make people angry, and when it does he has no problem getting physical with others. He has been in countless ‘scuffles’ before, and would gladly give someone a well deserved beat down.

    Lastly, he is not one to break promises or lie. Although once getting to know him, it may seem he is conceited, he has moral values that he sticks to. If he says he will do something, you have his word. He may not do it right away, or even shortly after, but he will eventually do it.

    PokeDex Color: Grey


    Pokemon Species: Bulbasaur

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: None

    Personality: Bulbasaur is naturally more secluded from other Pokemon. It tends to do it's own things rather than play with others, and although it won't intentionally hurt anyone, if someone were to constantly nag it to do something it may get hostile by chomping at hands, or sometimes giving warning tackles at legs.

    Brief History: Professor Birch's Lab.

    Ability: Torrent

    Attacks: Giga Drain(egg Move), Vine Whip, Tackle

    Other: N/A


    None as of yet.

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      Hi! I was just wondering if this was still happening??
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        I would also like for this to be a thing that is happening.
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          Sorry guys, I think I may have to scrap this one

          Reason being, I just don't think regular journey RPs like this one could actually do anything in the long term, or even have a decent plot to be honest. Besides, I had to create a new RP, to compensate for this one.
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