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    Originally Posted by FluorescentMunchlax View Post
    I had an idea for a game that I may make which is esentially a pokemon game without all the big cities etc, its on a remote/deserted island with few people. It would still have little towns and gyms etc, but on a much smaller scale. Not only would it be unique but it would also be easier to make if it's small. I would like to take the challenge but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not...
    its not necessarily a bad idea, stranded island games are really fun, and would be an interesting take on the whole pokemon concept - but it depends on where you go with it, as it stands now, it seems very boring, what would be the point of it? you're on an island with a couple people, what would you do? why cant you use a flying pokemon to fly off? why cant you use water pokemon to swim away? why would you casually do gym battles if you're stranded?

    it could be a good idea, you could make it a challenge to try and find a way off of it, it could be a timed game, with set parties to choose from, and you use them to try and "escape" in a certain amount of time

    you could have it be a sort of continuation of other existing games, like what red did after completing the elite four, or what other heros did afterwards, and it would be them, going to a vacation island for elite champions, where you start from the bottom, and train with tough trainers from around the pokemon world, and the gym battles are tough, and when you beat them, you fight existing champions who exist as the "elite four" and the whole time its a vacationing island for trainers who completed the pokemon leagues, but want to keep going - its one idea you could go with, but you can go in many different directions with your idea but a thing you need to keep in mind is "why would people want to play this?" if you can answer that with a good, compelling answer, then you have the makings of an enjoyable game from square 1

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      So I have had this idea floating around my head for a while. I played the Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia game recently and really liked the Almia region. But wondered how it would have looked if instead of a region full of Pokemon Rangers, it was a region for trainers.

      So that lead me onto my second thought. This was on how to make a new game, but make it different in a way that could build on characters we never really got a backstory for. So here I am. The working title for this is Pokemon 1 (of course only working title, suggestions?)

      You begin your journey in Almia, as either a boy or a girl (of course you have the option). The most canon choice is boy, so I will go into the detail of this choice for now.

      You are a 10 year old Caine, ready to start his Pokemon adventure with his two friends/rivals, Sammy and Agatha. The three of you will adventure together across this region and take on the Pokemon League, but in the process take down a new evil team wanting to use Pokemon for something they shouldn't (again of course).

      Sammy; He is your childhood friend, kindhearted and very friendly to both people and Pokemon, he will travel Almia with you and test you every so often, he too is hoping for Championship greatness.

      Agatha; By now, with this name being thrown around, you should know who Sammy will become. Agatha is your strong willed next door neighbor, a burning for strength and the lust for Championship greatness (everyone's after it these days). She loves to travel and may even have a slight crush on Sammy, but only time will tell.

      Professor Oak; No, not the Oak we all know and love. However this Oak is very close to the latter, even fatherly. He is the current professor of the Almia region, he gives the three of you your started Pokemon and tasks you all with filling up the Pokedex so he can gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between people and Pokemon. He too is very kindhearted and loves Pokemon.


      The Almia region is beautiful, ranging from wonderful beaches to dense woodland. Mostly covered in forests, it is the perfect place to house so familiar Pokemon for your journey. It's environment is a lot like Sinnoh's due to being very very close to the region.


      Well as I've said the Almia region is very close to Sinnoh, so it makes sense that the starter Pokemon are that from Sinnoh; Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. But because of the environment, those may just be some of the only Sinnoh Pokemon you see.

      Well that is all I have atm, it's quite late at night so I'm probably forgetting something, and if the grammar is a bit sqiffy please forgive me. Tell me what you think, all constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks
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        OK, well...... I have this great idea. Yeah, doesn't sound like much. But....
        BTW, this will be made in RPG Maker XP with Pokemon Essentials.

        Pokemon Gold 2 and Silver 2!

        - 2 years after the events of Gold and Silver
        - Johto region has expanded
        - Johto League has slightly changed
        - Familiar Faces!
        League Champion anyone?
        Where'd the cape go?
        Gray-haired Giovanni!
        Who's the new Gym Leader?
        - Illex Forest was chopped down for lumber to build the new towns and cities.

        Player Character (Concept Art):

        Currently, I can't think of a female character....


        Pokemon League:

        Azalea Town (Bugsy- Bug Type)
        Goldenrod City (Whitney- Normal Type)
        Violet City (Falkner- Flying Type)
        Cherrygrove City (Silver- Variety)
        Blackthorn City (Lance- Dragon Type)
        Mahogany Town (Pryce- Ice Type)
        Olivine City (Jasmine- Steel Type)
        Cianwood City (Eusine- Water Type)

        You start out as a new trainer living in Azalea Town. It's been said that Professor Oak is coming to Goldenrod City to give new trainers their first Pokemon. Hearing the news, you travel to Goldenrod City to recieve a Pokemon. Here, Oak will give you a choice of three Pokemon:
        Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile
        Two other trainers, the rival and Nathan, have also come.
        The rival has come from Windflow Town, and Nathan has come from Violet City. They will recieve Pokemon based off the Pokemon you choose.

        You can name the rival, who by default, is:
        (Gold 2/Silver 2)

        The rival will recieve the Kanto starter strong to your starter.
        Nathan will recieve the Hoenn starter weak to your starter.

        If you travel to New Bark with the Gym Badge from Cherrygrove City, Professor Elm will give you another Pokemon:
        Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup

        The rival will recieve the Unova starter weak to your new starter.
        Nathan will recieve the Johto starter strong to your new starter.

        Game-Exclusive Pokemon:
        (Gold 2)

        (Silver 2)

        It is possible to obtain the Pokemon by post-game trades with some trainers.

        People you will meet:
        Blue- Former Gym Leader of Kanto's Viridian Gym.
        Red- Former Kanto Champion. Returned from Mt. Silver 2 years ago.
        Brendan- He moves to Hoenn at the end of the game. You will meet him twice.
        Clyde- A scientist who developed the PokeX system.
        Hugh- A little kid who is moving to Unova. You meet him three times.
        Nathan- A trainer the age of the player.

        Player Customization (Minor)
        You can change into 6 different outfits (3 per gender)

        The Rockets are back!
        -Team Rocket was reformed under the control of the Executive, Proton.
        -Giovanni and the player will help stop Team Rocket.

        A device which allows you to access specific events. During the course of the game, I may release exclusive events which can be accessed through PokeX. You may download multiple events, but as of now, each event will require a new save file. If I find out a way to incorporate a way to transfer events via Internet, so you can recieve multiple event Pokemon, I will install it.

        If you would like to help me, PM me with the request.

        Please give me some constructive criticism on this idea, so I can work on it.
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          I had an idea where instead of just having your mum (and dad in hoenn) your whole family is a part of the game and each person plays a special role. This is what I came up with:

          male protagonist.png
          This is you... of course the trainer who travels across the land etc.

          This is your little brother. He is not super significant but he is a bit nerdy and knows almost everything about pokemon. You can call him on your Xtransever to get him to tell you more about abilities, moves, etc, kinda like Cheren and Bianca from B2 and W2.

          This is your sister. She is the professor's assistant and she is the person who gives you new features on the pokedex as well as evaluates it.

          Moving on to more important people this is your dad, the normal type leader. He is the gym leader of your town and the first gym you do.

          And finally, your mum. She is the champion of the region.
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            This is going to be a big game. I am planning to expand it into an online game later on if possible. The game is basically focused on competitive pokemon battles, hence pokemons will be balanced and all pokemon will be given a role to play on a team. Battles will follow a rule where:

            1. No evasive moves are allowed (or I can adjust these later on to add another strategy in the game)
            2. A team may consist a maximum of 1 Class S (an uber pokemon), 3 Class A (Ou pokemon), unlimited Class B or below pokemon... of course you can make a whole class B pokemon but a maximum for the ones mentioned above will be followed

            ALso, we will add a lot of other features such as:
            1. The addition of Pokemon X and Y pokemons (I have to wait for the game to get their stats and movepool, I have some sprites but I'll still wait for the game)
            2. A pokemon petting system where you can play with the pokemon, get activities with it, make them work in a farm or do stuff for you or do missions with you (yeah I will add quests) basically not just battling, something that will make you have a sentimental bond with your pokemon
            3. Quests System (aside from the main story)
            4. Lots for sale system where you can build farms and houses and your own gym perhaps.
            5. The character will also be open for customization
            6. My friend suggested to add a marriage system, I'll think about it
            7. I am not including mega evolutions, although I might make charizard's sprite into his mega evolution, I'm open for suggestions

            The game was made from scratch which makes it extremely more tedious to work on BUT it also makes the result more flexible to more features that are not available from other scripting softwares. The game is made from a 3D SDK software (overkill, but I work with 3D games more thus I can just adjust it into a 2D game, it also allows for 3D effects which we will look like a 3D effect in a 2D game, quite awesome if you ask me).

            No the programming is not impossible, just tedious but we can manage (let's do this!), plus if you join the team the game will be better. Makers of the game will be side characters of gym leaders in the game (not just people in an office building). I am in dire need of help in making this game (if I do this alone with minimal help it might take me more than a year or two to finish it), specially artists.

            Since the game is very open for suggestions we can make a huge world (good for an online game) and a lot of added features.
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              So basically this is the fangame idea I'm planning for now: Pokemon Regulus.
              Tentative Logo:
              Regulus is a cool word IMO, which has many different meanings (bright star, little king, impure metal, basilisk) that coincide with various elements of my storyline.


              City/ Landmark/ Route descriptions in here.
              The game takes place in the Tervari region, which is almost as big as Kanto and Johto combined. As a whole, Tervari isn't as developed as urbanized regions such as Unova or Kalos, but makes it up with more diverse cultures and interesting folklore, as well as never-before-seen Pokemon that are not found in other regions.

              You start out in Luxuria Suburbs as a teenager who, along with your two childhood friends Kathryn and Devon, idolizes the Tervari Region's emerging peace-enforcing group named Team Aegis. You and your friends go to Luxuria City to participate in a pokemon lottery sponsored by Team Aegis, and by some weird twist of fate, you win the grand prize: three pokemon! Since your friends pitched in some money for you to buy the winning ticket, you divide the spoils and pick your starter. And thus your adventure begins!

              New region, new characters, regional dex composed entirely of fakemons, you know the drill. However, the storyline is what I'm interested in developing. More interaction, more fleshed-out characters, a gameplot that unfolds differently depending on your choices, kickass folklore, and a possible love interest of sorts developing postgame is what I'm hoping to incorporate in this game.

              Starter Pokemon:
              So far I just started working on pokemon & character concept art, and I'm going on a slow but steady pace. I'm aiming for a 154-slot regional dex composed entirely of fakemons, so yeah this is gonna take a bit but so far I'm having fun. Currently I got the fire starter line done out of the 3 starter pokemon lines. This is a pic of Crotyke:
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                So this game really REALLY needs to be remade, because it was frakking awesome. I've had this idea for ages now, and no real way to start developing it :( basically, I want to make Pokemon Snap in Unity3D. The game will take place in Kanto, and it will be an open world game, with lots of Pokémon roaming about to take pictures of. You will start in Pallet Town as an aspiring photographer who is given the chance (by a much younger Prof. Oak) to take the pictures that will be used in an early version of the Pokédex, and will journey through Kanto in much the same way Red did in the original games. I am yet to work out the finer details, but what I need right now is a team of people. I can write reasonably well in C#, I would love some more programmers and some 3D artists to remake Kanto and model the 151 original Pokémon. Is anybody interested?
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                  Title: Pokemon World (work in progress)
                  Introduction: The game takes place 10 years after current Pokemon events. Professor Oak has retired and handed over his research laboratory to his grandson Gary, who becomes the new "Pokemon Professor". Ash Ketchum's age has finally become normal after a near-death experience during a grueling battle with Pokemon Master Red, and he decides to start a Pokemon Academy, replacing the old tradition of starting your journey with Pokemon at age 10. Red is still traveling the world, constantly training his powerful team, searching for someone stronger than himself.

                  You play Killian or Jillian (depending on gender choice), age 10 at the start of the game. You and your fraternal twin Maximillian have just moved with your parents to Pallet Town in the Kanto region from a place where no one knows what Pokemon are. Your parents sign you both up for the academy. This is the first phase of the game. You both do extremely well and surpass everyone else in the academy. As an early graduation present, Ash takes the two of you over to Gary's lab to pick out your first Pokemon, which are the 3 original starters- Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle-, and Gary gives you each a Pokedex. On your graduation day, your parents bid you farewell as you both embark on your journey with Pokemon.

                  Pokemon: (work in progress)
                  No "Fakemon"
                  All Kanto Pokemon catchable
                  All Johto Pokemon catchable
                  All Hoenn Pokemon catchable
                  All Sinnoh Pokemon catchable
                  All Unova Pokemon catchable
                  All Kalos Pokemon catchable
                  Unlike previous games, each region's Pokemon will be found in that region only. (i.e. 1-151 in Kanto only, 152-251 in Johto only, etc.)

                  Locations: (work in progress)
                  Kanto (includes anime-exclusive cities and towns)
                  Johto (includes Orange Islands)

                  Characters: (work in progress)
                  Killian/Jillian: You
                  Maximillian: Your fraternal twin brother
                  Gary Oak: New Pokemon Professor, grandson of the retired Professor Oak
                  Ash Ketchum: Headmaster of the Pokemon Academy
                  Original Kanto Gym Leaders are now Academy Instructors, replaced with new leaders
                  Professor Oak: Retired Pokemon Professor

                  Program being used: Unity 3D
                  [I'm on my own currently, so I really NEED a team to help get this project complete as soon as possible]

                  Other details:
                  I would like to have avatar customization possible
                  I would like to try to have an age system
                  I would like to have an optional "follow me" system (you choose whether or not you have a Pokemon follow you)
                  I would like to have a "relationship" factor, where you can build relationships with other trainers (possibly even as far as romantic stages with those of the opposite sex, but nothing past a "T" rating)
                  I would like to make it open-world
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                    Hi there.

                    This is a project I've been working on for a while.

                    (I can't really provide screenshots yet, as I've been mainly busy with coding up until now, but don't worry, they will come in due time.)


                    Welcome to the Wynntos region!
                    You have been chosen as one of the three local children meant to become great Pokémon trainers. And what a great time to become a trainer it is! A new type, Stellar, has just been discovered, as has a new way for Pokémon to evolve! In addition to that, the decade-long absence of Wisond, the legendary Pokémon protecting the region, is just about to end.
                    But in the shadows of these miraculous adventures, a dark force is engineering a plot to throw the region into chaos. Will you be able to overcome great odds and become the strongest of trainers?


                    - a classic Pokémon adventure set in a region based on California and Nevada
                    - around 70 Fakemon (they only appear in Pokemon U. Pokémon V will have the otherwise same features, minus the Fakemon)
                    - new abilities and moves (lots of them)
                    - a move that allows Pokémon to reach a new stage of evolution (original concept, do not steal ;) )
                    - a new type, Stellar, which encompasses pokémon related to space and aliens
                    - some Gen 6-innovations (Fairy-type, some moves, some mons)
                    - some story innovations listed in the spoiler below. !!!Only look at the spoiler if you're not interested in surprises!!!

                    The player character's mother is the champion. The main antagonist is a split personality of the regional Prof.

                    What do you think of this idea? Are there too many innovations, or does the plot sound too generic?
                    Please let me know :)
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                      This has been in planning for years, so I'll probably never start this project, despite having over 60 sprites made (including backsprites). Part of it is my inability to script/program, and also making new tilesets is very daunting. Anyhow, just thought I'd share my ideas, who knows, it may inspire someone else.

                      Pokemon Ambit!

                      The starters, Nubbit, Flurp, and Wuddle.
                      These sprites are outdated, but I have so many image folders it's hard to find the current ones. Nubbit is the fast one, Flurp is the defensive one, and Wuddle is the special user.

                      A Fakemon-only game which takes place in a region that somewhat resembles late 1800s America. Pokemon technology will still exist, though there will be fantastical/mild steampunk elements. For example, the Pokemon PC system in this game will be explained as being a series of vacuum tubes with an underground network.
                      Humans are relatively new to the Ambit region, which is a valley flanked by rugged mountains, with rough seas in the south, making it very secluded until a few hundred years ago. Despite this, there is evidence of ancient humans living in this region even more centuries prior, yet they were wiped out by an unknown natural force. Some researchers fear that the time for mass extinction is coming again, yet there are few clues on how to stop this catastrophe, or what it even is exactly.
                      Meanwhile, there is a strange, radical group named Team Everstone causing problems. Team Everstone is a cult who believes that Pokemon who evolve are unpure, and that non-evolving Pokemon are superior. Obviously, they feel that legendary Pokemon are the supreme beings. The group was thought to be harmless except for the occassional harrassment of trainers. Lately, however, they've been causing more trouble, stealing Pokemon and going as far as to attempt to contaminate the water supply with Everpowder, ground up Everstone that would prevent any Pokemon who drinks it from evolving, possibly forever. Some of the important NPC's think that Team Everstone's obsession with finding legendary Pokemon may have a part in history repeating itself, with another mass extinction occuring.

                      Un-features (that is to say, things in modern Pokemon games that won't be present in Ambit)

                      -Play as a girl only. A slight protest against all the hacks/games where you only play as a boy
                      -No shinies. Too much work for something most people won't experience, plus, with no multiplayer, you can't show them off to people, lol.
                      -All Pokemon are genderless. While the game has Pokemon eggs, breeding won't be a thing.
                      -No natures (if this is even possible)
                      -IVs are always 31 (again, if this is possible. In a one-player game, having such varied stats isn't very fun, imo. And yes, this means Hidden Power would no longer exist).


                      -All Pokemon are made-up, with a goal of 150-200
                      -Some Pokemon have different forms depending on where they're found, like Ermink pictured above.While most form changes are only cosmetic, Ermink is special in that it is normally a tan-colored Normal type, but will be a white Normal/Ice type if found in a certain area.
                      -Some slight changes to the type chart, primarily defensive. Ice will now resist Water and Dragon, Grass resists Fairy, maybe more.
                      -The only HMs will be Surf and Fly. Other HM moves like Cut, Strength, etc will now be TMs, since they are reusable and unable to be thrown out.
                      -Sometimes, you will find a nest with an egg in it. The egg can hatch into any Pokemon found in that immediate area, with maybe one or two Pokemon who can only be found via egg. You can also use eggs as food ingredients. Which brings me to...
                      -You can use Pokemon for their pelts and skin as material for clothing. The downside is that, yes, you're killing your Pokemon, but things like special leather boots or a fur coat are the only way to explore some optional areas. You may be able to cook Pokemon too for high-healing food items. However, not only will the rest of your team's happiness go down as a result of seeing one of their teammates disappear, but they will also become unhappy if they have to consume the healing food, much like bitter medicine. There is atleast one Pokemon who is obtained via being slaughtered.
                      -On a lighter note, you can also use non-fatal ingredients produced from Pokemon, like milk, honey, silk, and berries (from a certain Grass type). The Pokemon's happiness will go down a bit if it is used to produce ingredients, but atleast it remains alive!
                      -There will be many optional and side areas, like the previously mentioned places the require tough boots or a thick coat to reach a rugged desert and an icy mountain respectively. The rewards for exploration will be good items, TMs, and rare Pokemon.
                      -Underwater Safari Zone! Donning a heavy dive suit, you sink to the bottom of the ocean to find exclusive deep-sea Pokemon. Like previous Safari Zones, you have a step counter, though the game will describe this as air. When the steps/air runs out, you automatically resurface.

                      Gym Leaders (no images)

                      Name: Avery (average)
                      Type: Normal
                      Badge: Spring
                      Avery is a young man who helps his family run their spatious farm. He has a yearning to set out and explore, and is inspired to do just that after you defeat him. You actually meet up with him several times throughout the game, his team improving along the way, so in a way he is your "rival". He trains more than just Normal types, though.

                      Name: Aurora (Au, element of gold)
                      Type: Fire
                      Badge: Eureka
                      Residing in a cold, mountain town with miners and loggers down on their luck, Aurora is a charismatic lady whose musical performances lift the population's weary spirits. With a fiery passion, they say that she tends to go hogwild in her battles... whatever that means!

                      Name: Horatio
                      Type: Bug
                      Badge: Discover
                      A tubby, bespactacled man with a passion for nature. Chronically ill as a child, he always wanted to bask in the great outdoors. Inspite of his lingering health problems, he still does field research. Finding a new, skittery friend under a rock or a rotting log is the highlight of his day.

                      Name: Quill (like feather quills)
                      Type: Flying
                      Badge: Plume
                      Said to be descended from some of the few people who survived the mass extinction of Ambit centuries ago. Quill is remarkably intune with the land, and knows that something very big and catastrophic is going to happen soon. Using her birds as mounts, Quill frequently searches the canyons of her people, desperate the uncover clues about the upcoming disaster.

                      Name: Josephine
                      Type: Ghost
                      Badge: Haunt
                      Josephine is quite a mysterious young girl. Years ago, she got lost in nearby swamp and, after a fruitless search by the townspeople, was pronounced dead. However, she lived in the swamp all on her own, learning to communicate with the dead, and befriending some Ghost Pokemon. She is somewhat intune with the land like Quill, but not at the extent of the Flying Gym Leader.

                      Name: Reuben
                      Type: Water
                      Badge: Charter
                      Reuben is something of an explorer slash trophy hunter. He owns a large mansion with a menagerie of exotic Pokemon. After defeating him and getting Surf, he takes you on an expedition to the jungle islands located in the southern seas.

                      Name: Prof. Bonsai
                      Type: Electric
                      Badge: Coil
                      Bonsai is a scientist who studies the ocean. She has the blueprints to a machine that Team Everstone highly covets. After you defeat her, they take this oppurtunity to steal the plans, since her team is too weakened by battle to help out. Like in many Pokemon games, there is when the climax of the plot kicks off.

                      The final gym leader is a mystery, though I will say that their specialty is Grass. While the typing has many disadvantages, don't let your guard down among these ferocious plant warriors!

                      Some moves that gain TM status
                      -The elemental punches make a welcome return!
                      -Earth Power, which can be learned by many Grass types (hey, Water has Ice Beam, Grass needs the coverage more)
                      -Heal Bell, the first Gym prize
                      -Magnet Rise, prize of the 7th gym
                      -Signal Beam

                      New moves, many of which are learned by very limited Pokemon, bar TMs
                      Heat Seek, a Fire attack that never misses, prize of the 2nd gym
                      -Ambush, a Dark version of Shadow Force. Never-miss moves bypass the concealed Pokemon, however.
                      -Miasma, a Ghost attack that has a chance to badly poison.
                      -Beeline, a Bug type Quick Attack
                      -Snake Bite, a Poison attack that may cause paralysis
                      -Slimerize, a Poison move that sharply increases Special Defense, and slightly raises Speed
                      -Wind Chill, a Flying move that may Freeze
                      -Possess, a move which allows Ghost to damage Normal. Prize of the 5th gym
                      -Geocharge, a move which allows Electric to damage Ground
                      -Glow Punch, a Fairy move which may lower the target's accuracy. Inspired by a gen 6 move thought to exist
                      -Ant March, a Bug version of Beatup
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                        You get to choose your character as either Darkrai or Cresselia. Who ever you don’t choose becomes your partner. Also depending on the gender you choose you get a different sprite. Like a female darkrai character will be shiny and male darkrai character will not. Like that.

                        So far I have already planned the beginning of the story story.

                        You are a human choosen by Arceus to continue a long line of dream makers (AKA Darkrai and Cresselia). Arceus then explains that humans are never chosen for this because of their inability to understand the importance of dreams. But then he goes on to tell you that the reason you have been chosen because of a destiny long ago chosen for you.

                        He does not tell you of this destiny yet but later in the game you will find out.

                        You then get to choose what pokemon you want to be and whether you are male or female. Then you are sent into the dream world to be briefed by a pair of pokemon. Either Darkrai (if you choose to be a cresselia) or Cresselia (If you choose to be a darkrai). They go on to tell you about your first assignment, which is different once again depending on what species you choose.

                        At the end of said assignment you meet your rival Lun (A gengar) who then challenges you to a battle. At the end of the battle he tells you that this won't be the last time you see him before disappearing.

                        After that you wake up in the middle of the forest beside the assignment (They will be called in game, Dreamers). This is where you'll meet your partner that was assigned to you. He or she will go on to ask you about your name. Then after that they will 'say' their name and then ask you to repeat back to them. This is where you'll choose your partner's name.

                        They'll take you to the place you'll be living. They explain on the way that you have been chosen to join the dream academy and for the next year you'll be trained along side many other types of dream producing pokemon.

                        You are then told that you should sleep during the day and then meet them at night in front of your home. So you go to bed wondering and talking to yourself before you fall asleep.

                        The next night you meet her out front and she takes you to the academy to meet your teacher, a hypno by the name of Chrono. Chrono then proceeds to tell you about how things are done around here and where you'll buy items, the job board, ect. Then you are given another assignment.
                        Thats as much as I have planned out so far. I'm planning on making this in RPG Maker VX using the PMD kit.

                        If I do get this idea started I need more then anything is spriters and some coders. I can do a lot of the scripting and putting together the game. I'm not at all new to that program.

                        So what do you guys think?
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                          This is a post to inform the community about a game I am working on entitled Pokemon Aeons. The main premise of this game is to introduce the Pokemon formula we know and love with a a more realistic tone. As is customary with most fan games these days, I do indeed plan to include everything up to Unova (Kalos is still a variable at this point). Here are some specs:

                          Your character was born and raised in Unova. The game begins with a series of flashbacks showing you various scenes including the player's birth (obviously not in much detail) and some other flashbacks. The character then awakens in an unfamiliar bed with an older woman caring for him, saying that one of the local trainers found him passed out on Route 1. Being from Unova, the MC thinks he's close to home, but he's wrong. He's in Pallet Town. Your story begins as you try to search for a way home to Unova, and experiencing what that might entail.

                          This Pokemon game is going to be more adult-oriented, but not in the sense of "guns, violence, and sex." The people working on the story intend to focus on the moral-ethical dilemmas of the Pokemon world, similar to N's ideas in Black and White. Another example would be Team Rocket selling Pokemon for a profit. We want the player to ask themselves, "is this wrong?" I don't intend to spoil much more, but let me also say that the MC also keeps running into this guy claiming to be God who keeps spouting nonsense about "video games" and "programming." So yeah, YOU will be talked to, not just your character.

                          My designer researched this heavily, and we plan to have the game set during the storyline of Black and White. You obviously won't be in Unova for it though.

                          • Shadow Pokemon will be a factor in the story of this game. Obviously most of us know what they are, but the characters themselves don't. More importantly is a more realistic snag machine system. You can most definitely steal regular Pokemon from trainers, but should you? Don't expect to get away with it easily.
                          • A friendship/relationship system will be implemented to give an added sense of interaction with the NPCs. I can't say to what degree, but the current plan is to have it in there.
                          • Larger Maps of the old regions will be made. Chronologically speaking, it's been about 10 years since FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald, about 7 since HeartGold/SoulSilver, and about 5 since Platinum. Towns can change quite a bit in that timeframe, and we want to capture the sense that this is a "world," not just some four building towns with connecting routes.
                          • Customizable Nuzlocke is planned. I can't say to what degree at this point, but players will select what restrictions they want implemented during those initial flashbacks.
                          • Achievements with in-game rewards

                          That's all I'll say for the purpose of keeping this post brief. If you want to learn more about Pokemon Aeons, feel free to send me a PM. I'd be more than happy to fill you in, and we may even have some spots available if you would like to help.

                          EDIT: Turns out there will be a title change, seeing as how "Pokemon Eon Version" is already being developed by someone else.
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                            I don't intend to spoil much more, but let me also say that the MC also keeps running into this guy claiming to be God who keeps spouting nonsense about "video games" and "programming." So yeah, YOU will be talked to, not just your character.
                            This concept sounds cool. I love fourth wall breaking stuff. It might take a bit of work to get this done correctly (so it doesn't seem silly) though.

                            I'm all for making a more serious game that doesn't go all 2edgy4me on itself, but just remember there's a limit to how serious and realistic you can make a game about fighting cute monsters without it seeming out of place.
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                            Wow some great ideas in here. I'm not really a story writer or anything like that, so forgive me for my simple idea. xD

                            I'm working on a Pokemon Sudoku game, just to get back into some web development. Here's a little screenshot of the design I'm doing:

                            Some planned features are:
                            • Hints
                            • Game Types (Unknown, Starters, Eevee, etc)
                            • Leaderboard
                            • Difficulty Settings

                            I'm going to be referencing this a lot while I develop it:

                            Again it's not a story game or anything like that, but a game nonetheless. xD Any constructive criticism or ideas would be great.
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                              You,the Protagonist,Leonard/Katherine Umber Rivers,are a young teenager from Greenville Logwood of Eastern Islo,with your best friend and arch nemesis. Islo,also known as the Isle of Lost Legends,has long since intrigued your curiosities,though different; You wanted to explore the entire Region,and many more around it. Your best friend,being a geek,wanted to find all the Pokemon of the Region. And your arrogant,aggressive rival aches to beat the Council of Ambiance and shove it in their face. And on the day of your 15th Birthdays,your dreams are starting to be fulfilled,a new song of your own fate.

                              After receiving your Starter Pokemon from a choice of Strychub,the Bush Pokemon;Dinscale,the Taunter Pokemon,and Dolflo,the Basking Pokemon,you and your friends and families head towards Sootmill Plazas of Focal Islo to celebrate the Carnival of Songs. At the Carnival,your meeting with the Maestro(AKA Champion)of the Islo Region for winning the Chaser's Hunt is interrupted before he arrives,by a group of digital people whom you met on the way to the Carnival,naming themselves as the 'Techno Marauders'. They destroy Sootmill's Windmills,which generate huge amounts of electricity for the large City and its famous Violeau Shopping Mall. As mysteries about another form of Mega Evolution unravel itself,you are soon forced in the chain of time,a flow of songs which has been chorused with no escape. Friends and fiends... Sometimes,both mix together...
                              (Don't steal any sprites or edit them for use please x3x" These were made from scratch,so don't rip off the hours I put into making them)
                              Leonard Umber Rivers - Male Protagonist
                              Katherine Umber Rivers - Female Protagonist

                              Samuel M. Cypress - Male Protagonist's Friendly Rival(If you choose Male,you get this Rival,etc)
                              Sabrina S. Cypress - Female Protagonist's Friendly Rival

                              Felicia E. Astavia - Male Protagonist's Enemy Rival
                              Frederick C. Astavia - Female Protagonist's Enemy Rival

                              (Occasional Rivals Below)

                              Eon - "N"
                              Aloe - Assistant Professor

                              Techno Marauders,Techno Marauders Remixed - Antagonists
                              Masters of technology,they aim to use Arceus' power to recreate the world in the name of Science to further the progress of change and future.

                              -254 New Fakemon!
                              -Some remade and many new Moves,Abilities and Hold Items!
                              -A new Light type,to fend off Dark and Ghost types,and for them to retaliate against!
                              -All new characters,storylines,region!
                              -Backstabs and surprises!(Yes,Mommy and Sister finally have roles in Pokemon games! >:) )
                              -A new version of Mega Evolution(And the more,the merrier!)
                              -Many,many more!
                              Council of Ambiance members:

                              -Symphony Leaders(Gym Leaders)
                              Chip of Radstrio Casino[Duel Emblem] (TM Lariat) - Fighting
                              Stella of Violeau Shopping Mall[Tinder Emblem] (TM Feather Flare) - Fire
                              Nick of Bamboo Meadows[Lumber Emblem] (TM Timber) - Steel
                              Solkir & Lunia of Fuusio Amusement Park[Contrast Emblem] (TM Supernova) (TM Soulforce) - Light and Ghost
                              Las.Lagre of Gypstroll Drama Theaters[Legend Emblem] (TM Mythic Arc) - Dragon
                              Astuara of Magda's Bane[Pirate Emblem] (TM Bluebell Gallon) - Water
                              Trevor of Blackblood Castle[Unknown Emblem] (TM Shadow Split) - Dark
                              Anthony of Bestiore Marshlands[Pattern Emblem] (TM Wonder Puff) - Bug

                              -Orchestral 4(Elite 4)
                              Aloe of Ivymyth Forest - Grass
                              Zack of Sparkbolt Clock Tower - Electric
                              Feng of Cloudrift Fortress - Flying
                              Stagmia of Rumblerock Chamber - Rock

                              Neo/Owen/Eon of Alpha's Citadel - All Types
                              Kevin & Umber of Greenville Logwood - All Types
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                                Hello guys ! I started to learn the Pokémon Essentials of three months of there ! I have some ideas ! Here are them :

                                -There will be no Gym leaders but you will be a student at a school .
                                -There will be more then 3 starters
                                -Your goal is not to complete the Pokédex or be a Pokémon Master, but it is to have the Celestial rank !
                                -There are 8 ranks ! (Starter, Novice, Trainer, Good student, Master like, Silver, Gold and Celestial)
                                -The story will be at the Coral region.
                                -There are some new forms of Pokémons ( Latias/Latios form Celestial)

                                It's all ! I need some feedbacks before i start devolop it :D !

                                Fying mono-type challenge :

                                Kanto : 1/8
                                Jhoto : 0/18
                                Hoenn : 0/8
                                Sinnoh : 0/8
                                Unova : 0/8
                                All : 1/50
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                                  I've been planning a dual dimension Pokemon game, where you the player start out in our dimension, then as you're going to a game store, you suddenly find your self in the Pokemon Dimension, in the region of Oregon (my home state) and instead of 8 badges, there are 18 badges (one for each type as of Gen VI) and the E5 + Champion, would all be members of my immediate family (including my self), but I don't have the capability to do this (I can't install anything without Administrator's permission).

                                  Title: Pokemon Oregon Version

                                  Plot: You the player are a 19 year old living with your parents in Albany, OR, and you share a room with your brothers (if you are a male) or your sisters (if you are a female) and you are on your way to go apply for work in the troubled economy, when you notice, an Eevee, on the Periwinkle Creek Bike Path (in the reeds camouflaged of course), dying of hunger, realizing that you are now in the World of Pokemon, and being a compassionate person, you take the Eevee to the Geary Street Pokemon Center to get it some help, after about a day, you receive a trainer card, six Pokeballs, one of which contains the Eevee you saved, a Pokedex, and a letter from the Nurse Joy, telling you that she registered you into the Oregon League, and that the Eevee wants to join you on your quest.

                                  Main Characters:
                                  Alex/Alexis: the player, Alex/Alexis: your Rival, Alexandre: the Champion, and Grand Duke of the Oregon Region, Osama Bin-Laden: the Leader of the terrorist group that wants to fight a jihad against everybody who doesn't agree with him

                                  Features (planned)
                                  718 Pokemon
                                  18 gyms
                                  Elite 5
                                  Mega Evolutions (with stones)
                                  actual audio dialogue
                                  fullness meter
                                  energy meter
                                  your own car (replaces Bicycle)
                                  car maintenance meter
                                  gas meter
                                  a bank/credit union
                                  your own condo

                                  Elite 5 and Champion details
                                  Elite 5 members
                                  1. Gideon
                                  a. Type: Water/Ice
                                  b. Signature Pokémon: Lapras
                                  2. Bishop
                                  a. Type: Psychic/Flying
                                  b. Signature Pokémon: Lugia
                                  3. Bret
                                  a. Type: Grass/Fighting
                                  b. Signature Pokémon: Breloom
                                  4. Sara
                                  a. Type: Electric/Fire
                                  b. Signature Pokémon: Rotom (Heat)
                                  5. Eric
                                  a. Type: Rock/Steel
                                  b. Signature Pokémon: Aggron
                                  1. Alexandre
                                  a. Type: Dark/Dragon
                                  b. Signature Pokémon: Hydreigon

                                  I need help in order to make this idea a reality, PM me if you want to help.
                                  Attached Images
                                  File Type: png Oregon Region map.png‎ (19.8 KB, 3 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                  "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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                                    I have an idea for a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-esque, prehistoric themed game that I would like to design using RPG Maker VX Ace. Taking on the project alone means that it will be likely a single-player only game, with some mechanic tweaks, but I hope that I could make up for it with an interesting, branching storyline that depends on choices the player makes throughout the game, potentially even with different endings. As it stands currently, I simply have a list of pokemon, a "regional dex" if you will, of 125-150 pokemon I'd like to see in it. The range is dependent on whether I can find PMD sprites for generation 5 pokemon, as the others I'm pretty sure I can locate. The list, using the highest evolutions and in no specific order just yet, is:

                                    Youtube Channel
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                                      Here are some ideas that didn't make it into the game I'm working on for one reason or another.

                                      The starter pokemon are secretly the region's legendaries.

                                      This would work best for fakemon games. What if the starters all had secret fourth evolutions that could only be triggered by some plot device near the end of the game? This has potential for creating a very interesting story, which could include a conspiracy involving the professor that gave you the starter in the first place. It could lead up to an epic rival battle, to be sure.

                                      Have follower pokemon, and be able to read their thoughts.

                                      There's a popular following pokemon RMXP script going around, yes? How neat would it be to talk with your pokemon? Come up with some plot psychic gem thingy that explains why the protagonist can do this. While giving unique dialogue to each pokemon would be too much work, it could be feasible to give unique dialogue options to each nature. Each nature of pokemon could say different things based on how much health they have, or if they just won a battle, or something like that.

                                      Make a custom battle engine with Paper Mario-esqe action commands

                                      My most ambitious idea. For those that don't know, the battle system in the Paper Mario RPG's let you influence the battle a little bit by pressing the right button at the right time. For instance, press 'A' right as an attack hits the opponent to do some extra damage. If there's a talented programmer out there, I'd love to see this mechanic incorporated in a pokemon game.

                                      This could be used to control when attacks are critical hits, when a pokemon dodges an attack, and so on. Maybe to stop this mechanic from being overpowered, the action command can show up at a certain rate. The rate at which action commands show up can also be dependent on how long the pokemon has been with the trainer, making the mechanic similar to those bonuses pokemon get when its affection is increased in Pokemon-Amie.

                                      But let's take this concept even further. What if the story pulled a reverse-Colosseum, and involved a team of bad guys that had the ability to steal your pokemon. The action command could then be used for your pokemon to break free of the pokeball. If your bond with the pokemon isn't strong enough, the command doesn't show up, and the pokemon is stolen.
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                                        This idea for me came when I saw someone sprite shop, and they had a cool sprite of like an unown but super over the top. So, with their permission I'm using it as the basis of the pokemon game, Pokemon Renown. Essentially, it isnt even really a pokemon game, its just an Adventure/RPG with pokemon in it. No gyms, no professors, no standard trainer battles, just a rich storyline with a lot of character development in it.

                                        The start of the game is when you are still in school, at age 8. You and a group of friends you go to the school with are the pokemon battlers of the class and you all get together at recess time to show off your pokemon. As you progress through the game your friends start to change, and some become more distant, some become more friendly towards you. It is at the end of the school year that the game stops, and restarts 13 years into the future. You are 21, and sleeping in your apartment, when you hear a loud crash. You open your window and look out. What seems like something you only see in movies is taking place out on the mountain in the center of the region. Thick black clouds, and a fierce storm with lightning are shrouding the sky. You start having flash backs to when you were a kid, and remember being read a story about the Renown, the being of connection, and how one day it will engulf the region, and turn all of the pokemon corrupt... unless stopped by a true group of heroes. Without a second to spare you grab your bag and run out the door...
                                        Essentially the whole plot behind this game is that you have to go from place to place, and find your friends from when you were a child, and then convince them to come with you, some more willing to, and some are more reluctant. The battles are basically against the corrupted forms of standard pokemon, which have been corrupted by the Renown. There are different things you need to do to help/find your friends such as you need to stop the twins fighting, and reunite them, and you need to rescure another one of your friends pokemon and different "quests" to get everyone back together and stop the renown.

                                        I would upload the character sprites but I cant figure out how to add pictures onto this ):
                                        Attached Images
                                        File Type: png Acheron.png‎ (597 Bytes, 126 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                        File Type: png AcheronGUP.png‎ (895 Bytes, 125 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                        File Type: png Ashu.png‎ (756 Bytes, 125 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                        File Type: png AshuGUP.png‎ (895 Bytes, 124 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                        File Type: jpg xRenown.jpg‎ (140.2 KB, 4 views) (Save to Dropbox)
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                                          I'm not exactly sure what format my idea has to be presented so I will say a story of the inspiration and move onto my idea and my thoughts on the idea.

                                          I remember recently while I was doing a Pokemon Hack Binge that I came across one that only had a sprite swap for the main character's overworld in Gold/Silver to be The Link's Awakening Link. Nothing else was added or implemented aside from that. After some searching, I couldn't find a Pokemon hack that add more to that or show any more elaboration.

                                          Honestly, I found it rather disappointing that no one would capitalize on such a promising idea. A pokemon game/hack where Link is fighting with Pokemon or Moemon Instead of the master sword and his "toys". However, instead of getting badges, one could be getting triforce pieces or zelda styled Plot McGuffins(Like the Pendants, Elemental Emblems, etc.). Perhaps ganon's minions and ingame bosses could be different trainer classes or "sages" could be either gym leaders or something of that sort. Can anyone image a zelda styled story with something like this?

                                          On top of that, I am rather tempted to take this one step further and remake an existing zelda game into this kind of concept. There were so many missed opportunities in the series and I think this concept gives a good way to bring them to light. For example, in ocarina of time, there was a moment where Sheik wanted to work with Link, but after getting his butt handed to him, he decided to give up and let link handle it. With having Pokemon in mind, situations like that could allow shiek to travel with link within the dungeon and even get some character development or at the very least an interesting back and forth between the two. This could also be a good way to bring nuances from the manga/comic counterparts to help flesh a known zelda game's story into something more realized and engaging.

                                          How it would be incorporated is that the locations and dungeons would pretty much stay faithful to the original areas of it's source material. However, to compensate for the missing toys, dungeon treasures could hold TM/HMs that will for the most part behave like his toys. This would mean different moves will become the HMs. For example, since the hookshot will not be present, a pokemon with Vine Whip would be an interesting alternative. Along with that, to incorperate pokemon stuff into the world of zelda, Pokemon staples and items would be re-imagined as something that would naturally exist in Hyrule, the Island of the wind fish, Termina, or whatever the setting for this game.(With the exception of things like Pokeballs and TMs/HMs) Stuff like Pokemon centers would be fairy fountains and the Pokemon storage system could be something like Lon Lon Ranch or a fairy or someone taking care of your Pokemon while are out in a dungeon crawl. Basically, It would be meant to be meshed together to not only seem natural, but also work within the realm of the world.

                                          Since Pokemon is something added, the main overworld would have no wild pokemon save for a few areas, but the dungeons and major areas like special forests and such will have wild Pokemon. On the flip side, I hope for something like re-spawning ganon minion for rematches. I imagining something like this would keep a lot of the zelda conventions in tact, like the puzzles in dungeons, the exploration with new ways to get around and new ways to take down enemies. Honestly, I think something like this could give many different ways to beat a dungeon and such a game which could be pretty fun in it's own right.

                                          For those who think it's strange to see Link work with Pokemon allow me to list a few things to spare some of the doubts for it.

                                          1. Throughout the history of the series, there always has been an animal or monster that has been helping him out in some way, shape, or form.(Does "It's a secret to everyone" ring any bells?)
                                          2. In A Link to the Past, link could capture bees to place into bottles so they can fight for him. Alternatively, you have fairies in bottles that heal you when you run out of hearts.
                                          3. The smash brothers games already allows link to use Pokemon.
                                          4. If Link's Awakening was the setting, with all the existing Nintendo Cameos placed in, it wouldn't seem so strange to see Pokemon present. Especially, if the Nightmares are forcing you to play by their rules which could be Pokemon Battles.
                                          5. A portion of the animals that help you, you either ride or control yourself.(Examples, Epona, Ricky from the oracle games, The Crimson Loftwing, the bird from Twilight princess, the seagulls in Wind Waker, and so on.)

                                          Aside from that, in a game like this; Wouldn't you be really tempted to name a Ponyta, Epona, name a Noctowl, Gaebora Kaebora, and even a honedge, The Master Sword?
                                          Pokemon I choose you!
                                          PKMN DIAMOND FC:
                                          0172 8028 5548
                                          Username: Rezeed
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                                            The Spirit Game

                                            Introduction: This game was recently planned out,just a few days ago. It's going to be an RPG game,with 2D controls like DuckTales Remastered,but pixely. The game is going to be a blast for people who enjoy killer animals and somewhat like League of Legends.

                                            Story-lines: Trouble is brewing in Eden Forest,your pack's territory;another wolf pack has infested itself somewhere in the forest,and as one of it's proud members,it's up to you to track them down with your rival,and,at the very least,try to wreck havoc in their clan. But when you follow them to a secret ancient ruin they just discovered,a shining stone blinds all of you;when you wake up at last,you are lost and only with one of the wolves from the other pack. And guess what? Well,do you believe in magic? Because you have it now.

                                            Fer - The Male Protagonist;He will be your proud rival in the clan if you choose Hei.
                                            Best Stat: Speed;Style: Spirit
                                            Hei - The Female Protagonist;She will be the rude teen of your nightmares if you're Fer.
                                            Best Stat: Speed;Style: Spirit

                                            Storm - Your first Friend in the new clan;He's an anti-social christian psychic who loves sadism.
                                            Best Stat: Mana;Style: Soul
                                            Evangeline - Your love/hate I-will-kill-you-if-i-feel-like-it friend in the new clan;She loves treating people like punching bags(unfortunately for you)
                                            Best Stat: Stamina;Style: Energy
                                            Hansel & Gretel - A brother of sister pair of cubs,mischievous and wild to the core
                                            Best Stat: Speed;Style: Dream

                                            The Antagonists of The Spirit Game. Emobeasts seek to influence the world with their special style of magic;Emotions. Each is an Oracle of each Emotion; Luke,Neil,Edwin,Lace,Jake,Rupert,Darcy,Henry,Brad,Pierce,Ray,Cleo,Will,Timmy,and their Pack Leader;Ion.
                                            = - = - =
                                            Agnes: ...should I just give up?
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                                              Hey there,

                                              for the past few months, I've been developing a Pokémon fangame on RMXP.

                                              The main premise of the game is something of a 'reboot' of the Pokémon universe. In short, I mean a greatly expanded version of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, in terms of the size of the region and depth of the plot.

                                              Something I've always been curious about the Pokémon world is how the existence of Pokémon and the related technology has effected the world itself. For example, are psychic Pokémon used in court cases and commerce? Is there a global organisation similar to the UN, regulating the world? What legal rights do Pokémon have, and what is the PURPOSE of a Pokémon trainer? Do people eat Pokémon? What are the religions of the Pokémon world, are they compatible with one another? Pokémon 'evolve', but is the world itself the result of an overall Darwinian evolution process, or did it come about by way of intelligent design? How does science operate in conjunction with the existence of 'Legendary Pokémon', capable of warping time and space?

                                              My game attempts to answer and expand on these questions, by building a greatly expanded Kanto region and retelling the story of Red, Team Rocket and Mewtwo from a new perspective.
                                              • New twists on classic subplots such as the attack on the SS Anne, the Haunted Cathedral of Lavender Town, as well as completely new events such as the Great Saffron Train Robbery, the Eruption of Cinnabar Island, and Poachers of the Safari Zone.
                                              • A region wide road network - yes, CARS exist in this Pokémon game, not just lonely trucks that don't have anything underneath them...
                                              • The ability to purchase different outfits for the player.
                                              • A Player Fatigue System - Your Pokémon aren't the only thing you need to worry about keeping healthy. Visit restaurants, cafés, and food stores, and make sure you get plenty of rest at the Pokémon Center, or you'll find running and cycling become a lot tougher. If you become completely fatigued, you'll pass out!
                                              • An Elder Scrolls-style Time System - Go to bed at night, wake up in the morning!
                                              • Cities have different districts, so be ready to hop on the bus! Luckily, your Trainer Card acts as a bus pass.
                                              • Thieves will steal your Pokémon if you're not careful, but you can always check the police station to see if they've been found.
                                              • Keep money in the bank and gain interest.
                                              • Obtain all native Kanto Pokémon, and travel to special areas to obtain those from other regions.
                                              • Expect elements of different existing canons to make appearances alongside changes I've introduced myself.
                                              Plot desciption:

                                              You're a 16 year old from Pallet Town, a rural farming community on the coast of the Kanto Region. You've just registered for a Pokémon License, making you an offical member of the Pokémon Trainers League, working toward the preservation and research of Pokémon, training them to be the best they can be. Part of being a Pokémon Trainer is competing in friendly battles in the Indigo Plateau Gym Challenge. The League is run by the United Regions, a global organisation devoted to Human and Pokémon rights. AS a Trainer, you receive a PokéDex from your local League representative, Professor Samuel Oak, to record all data on any Pokémon you encounter.

                                              In recent months, there has been growing unrest in the Kanto Region. New technologies, such as advances in teleportation and biological digitisation developed by Bill Masaki, former lead scientist at Silph Corp, are now used worldwide in modern Poké Balls, the International Transfer system, and even everyday items such as bag packs used by Pokémon Trainers. However, a terrorist cell has emerged, known only as Team Rocket, that have been using stolen and altered Silph tech to carry out criminal activity, trafficking both people and Pokémon, committing murder, theft, and allegedly assembling an army of like minded extremists to some nefarious end.

                                              These advances in technology have also been greatly opposed by the religious community in Kanto. Some members of the Church of Arceus have argued that the digitisation of people, objects and Pokémon is an affront to Arceus, and a sect of the Church has broken away to form 'The Children of Lavender', carrying out protests throughout the region and inciting civil unrest. Many of their actions have been condemned by the Church of Arceus as extremist and dangerous.

                                              Kanto's government in Saffron City, the Region's capital, are about to pass a new bill setting down specific guidelines to what is and isn't permitted by way of digital transference. Many believe the Government's offices are in danger of a terrorist attack, and the city is on high alert.

                                              Begin your journey as a Pokémon trainer in this fractured, dangerous, vivid world. Collect and train Pokémon, befriend a memorable cast of characters, and battle ruthless enemies, in your quest to complete your PokéDex, and be the best their ever was. . .
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                                                Well, I want to step outside the normal Pokemon games and go with something a little different. I want to create a standard RPG based around Pokemon. It will be an entirely new world, but instead of monsters, there's Pokemon. There will be no people or other animals, just Pokemon. The playable characters and NPCs will be Pokemon. Everything encountered, even bosses will be Pokemon. The only difference is that NPCs and playable characters will have a sort of anthro or human-like form of the Pokemon whereas enemies and bosses will be the actual feral forms of each Pokemon.

                                                I will have it set up to where each character will start off in the lowest level of the evolution stage. However, to evolve, you will need to be at the required level and you will also need a certain stone. I may have it set up to where one stone will be used for Pokemon that evolve between level 1-20, another for 21-40, and the last for 41+. Pokemon that evolve through trade, friendship, item holding, the elemental stones, etc will all evolve with either the second or third stone, depending on the Pokemon.

                                                I highly doubt I'm going to have all 700+ Pokemon in this game. At the max, I'll probably only use 250, and as for NPCs, I'll probably only use like 20. And then maybe some select few more for major NPCs, and that's not including the playable characters, which will be either 6 or 8, depending on the party size.

                                                Anyway, to the main point of this topic, I will need some help with this, especially when it comes to character sprites, some feral Pokemon sprites, item sprites, enemy battle sprites, playable and nonplayable character face sets, character designs, all the like, and possibly scripting.

                                                And naturally, this will be non-commercial so it's all for the fun of creating a game for everyone to enjoy. I've had this idea for a while and I understand a lot about the program and a small bit with scripting like inputting and placing. I may also create music for the game as well.

                                                Let me know what you guys think of this! And contact me if you'd like to help out! :D
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                                                  Welcome to the official thread for the development of the new game, Pokemon: Ultimate Version! This thread will be the one stop for all news, progress, and information about the game.

                                                  So, here is some information I felt was standard, similar to an FAQ format.

                                                  What is Pokemon: Ultimate Version?
                                                  Pokemon: Ultimate Version is a game that focuses on not just revisiting old locations, but redeveloping Pokemon itself. Players will travel across every region in the Trainer Series of Pokemon games. They will visit gyms, handle bad guys, and catch Pokemon, striving to be the best. However, Pokemon: Ultimate Version aims to correct, modify, and rethink each Pokemon themselves. Ever find yourself wondering why is this not this type, or why doesn't this learn this move, or shouldn't it be immune to that? Ultimate handles all that, making complete moveset changes, changing a few stats, and rebuilding basically every Pokemon so that they behave the way you would assume. Note that Pokemon will still retain a majority of their characteristics, but they're going to have a lot, a lot of minor tweaks and changes. Some players may dislike the idea, thinking my team is going to destroy their knowledge with confusing facts. However, this game simply aims to match the anime, and also make Pokemon logically more realistic. Think of it as a brand new adventure, a challenge greater than ever before!

                                                  So what is the background or the basic story?
                                                  You will be playing a character who is inserted to the world of Pokemon several years after the events that occurred when you probably went through the main series. You'll be striving not to be Champion, but a Pokemon Master. You'll travel each region, defeat gyms, try to fill your Pokedex, and make some close friends along the way. Everything has changed, and rules have too, so the adventure will be brand new. You tackle each region one by one, facing their villainous team, their Pokemon League, and taking on the toughest legends. Ultimate includes many elements from the anime as well, so not only will you find different challenges, but new ones as well. You'll be able to battle every possible trainer you can imagine, catch every Pokemon, experience an adventure like no other

                                                  How much will the Pokemon change?
                                                  We aren't really getting rid of core values. They'll have almost identical stats, and similar move pools. However, the Pokemon themselves may experience a few slightly dramatic changes. Some may go through type changes, some may learn or not learn certain moves, some could get a new shiny sprite. Everything is subject to the possibility of change. However, you'll still recognize your favorites, still will be able to use them for the same purpose as in the games, still enjoy using them, but will have to learn to play with their new values. Mechanics will be changing significantly, as will type immunity, which now is unique to each Pokemon, and you may see a few new and old effects surface to make the game as balanced as possible. You'll be able to enjoy Pokemon on completely different levels

                                                  Will the regions be different, and will any of the locations change?
                                                  Currently we will not be making any moves in locations. Pallet Town is still where it is, as is Spear Pillar. The locations themselves will however change. You'll see things like collapsing towers that once stood proud, rebuilt cities like that on Cinnabar Island, a few houses might move to make space for new or necessary changes. You will still recognize the locations you always enjoyed, no doubt, but they will each have unique twists and characteristics. They won't be ruined, don't worry, our changes will make them only more individual and unique. However, do expect a few locations that served a great purpose in the main games to have a lot of changes, more for the several years have passed characteristic. You'll also get new locations, many exclusive to other games or the anime, so you can expect some changes to help make those smooth in. However, no original or brand new, out of the blue ideas will be implemented. Everything will be based on something that already exists, and you'll have many unique experiences with the game that seem familiar and new at the same time.

                                                  Those few questions cover most of the stuff that came to mind when creating this thread, however feel free to ask a question about the project and I'll gladly throw it in.

                                                  Let's get to the actual game, shall we?

                                                  Here's some basic information

                                                  Regions and individualistic locations:
                                                  -Orange Archipelago
                                                  -Sevii Islands
                                                  -A few other locations, but lets keep you surprised

                                                  All 721 Pokemon

                                                  So how far along is Pokemon: Ultimate Version?

                                                  Well, the game itself is being pieced together bit by bit, but to be completely honest, the progress stands well below what would be considered 1% (since it is very large), so right now lets say 0%

                                                  Wait, is their any progress on the actual game, because, you know, it's in the Development section....

                                                  Well, the game is actually not being coded or created, but the outline is 90% complete by yours truly. I, LxDarkrai, have a lot of experience as a Lore Master, and even have helped out with a few ideas and games that have made publication. I have already compiled lists of move sets, type changes, maps, character lines, effect ideas, and have written a majority of the main story line with a lot of side and post game events. The project may not be developing at a steady rate, but as of now it exists, is happening, and has skipped the idea phase since there are primary documents on the actual in-game content, which is part of the transition from an idea to the creation phase of the project. For now, it is on paper, and a few people are already working on some of the content, though are not official staff as of yet.

                                                  This is a community project. Future developments and all news will be posted on this thread, so any persons wishing to be aware of such events should heed this thread.
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