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    Originally Posted by Controversial? View Post

    OKAY rant over. There's more into this, but I don't want to really talk about because this has already put me on a fairly down mood. I don't really wanna talk about my experiences with this into detail either.

    But what do I know, right? I'm just too lazy to think harder.
    If I put you in a bad mood I'm sorry. Someone I knew committed suicide and I feel nothing but anger towards him, maybe that's why I came off that way.

    Anyway we're not in disagreement buddy, you used the word I was going for: "logical". Obviously rationale means nothing to someone caught in the heat of the moment. I'm not addressing mental disorders because by definition they cannot be normally addressed.

    And well, you're not dead so clearly you weren't too lazy to think harder (not that the statement was meant towards you )

    Originally Posted by Moogles View Post
    lmao I was totally coming into this thread thinking someone would spout something similar and I had an entire rant prepared but now I'm just laughing irl @ the fact that you used the word 'callously' and that is the definition of your post right here.

    believe it or not a person who is mentally ill and wants to kill themselves probably won't think of that considering they aren't in the right frame of mind.
    If you know what you are doing, yes it is callous. I know there was an edge to my words and I meant it.

    There are people who "logically" tell themselves there is no choice but to die, my words are for those people. Rationality is a different discussion though; you might say "you would never rationally tell yourself it's ok to die" but I disagree. I know there are people who do.
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    You know I had a teacher who said one of the wisest things I've ever heard. I was never too fond of this teacher, and I still have no clue what it had to do with English, but she said something along the lines of

    At some point when you're growing up, you're going to realise that you are physically capable of taking your own life. And then later you are going to decide to yourself "will that ever be an option for me?"

    Suicide is never an option for me, maybe partially because of my faith in God. But on the other hand I understand why someone would feel like that. And another thing, I don't believe anyone who commits suicide goes straight to hell. Suicide is a sin, but God forgives sin.
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      I've contemplated suicide, but that was only when I was forced into a psychological corner and mentally beaten by my father. I'm still living with him, but he's backed off of me to a comfortable level since I'm moving out of here ASAP to my mother's. Thankfully I'm out of that corner since my mother moved here from Carolina. Thank heaven she's here. :)
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        Well if the therapist thinks your suicidal its for the best but in this case good job for giving them an earful.

        When I was younger I did, and a lot I never really gave it much thought on how to do it since I wasn't the brightest kid when it came to suicide but I sure did know how to dispose of bodies :D

        Recently I have considered it but just to experience death but that is kind of silly in retrospect I should stop whatever I am doing lol but as a kid I did I was very emotional and just depressed it wasn't bullying. I don't know what got into me I just hated the world and wanted to get the pain to go away though I don't know what caused the pain I guess I just grew out of it. My mother tried to blame it on playing video games but B.S. I think it was from my Mum actually she is a character and it can be difficult to get on with but I don't mind she is my mum and I love her even after all the stuff she did.
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          Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
          Yes, and it's what got me banned from BMGF in the first place, and I've fully regret it. I easily get into a depressive state whenever someone scowls at me for spineless behavior, and I always thought suicide was the only answer, because I thought it would make them happy if I was gone for good, so I won't bother them again. If only people were able to tell between good opinions and bad opinions, I wouldn't think like this.
          I used to be like that and still am but don't get as bad with it anymore..... sometimes the thought appears because it does and sometimes it could be almost anything that could upset me.....
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            Originally Posted by Ranx View Post
            Did anyone of you ever thought about jumping of a building or something? ...
            do you think its the right thing?
            Well do you think someone can get soo depressed that he\she thinks dying is easier ...
            Think about it? Yes, I've contemplated it a lot. Especially while I was growing up.

            Made it an option? No, never.

            I, personally, don't think it's the right thing. I could never put anyone through any pain like that. I have 4 younger siblings, and 3 older ones, along with my parents. Although I grew up pretty much by myself, finding my own ways to entertain myself, because nobody wanted me around, I could never build up the courage to do it, no matter how much I thought nobody would care. What if my youngest sisters found me? I couldn't ever do that to them.

            Now, I actually have a friend. A true friend. And if I killed myself now, I know it'd kill him, too, so there's no way I'll ever consider it.

            I do think that people can sink that far into depression. Seriously, it's not that hard. It happens all the time, and when you do, you generally don't think that anyone else will react the way they do. You won't think of your parents tears, or your friends. At that point, you're so far into the depression, all you can think of is 'I have to get out'. And really, I don't think you'd care how you do it, just as long as you get out. Suicide? That's probably the easiest way out. But that doesn't make it right. Just because it's easy, doesn't make it the right thing to do. You should never feel that down to consider doing that to yourself, the people around you should help you. Do they? Not usually, which is why I hate people in general.

            Just please, please, please find someone to talk to, tell them what you're going through, allow them to try to help you, it will be so much better than killing yourself. There are people out there like that, you've just gotta find them... on the internet, or in your own neighbourhood, or even if you find professional help, there's people willing to help around you.

            I'm not very good at advice when people are upset, I don't generally know what to do or say. But I can say, I am good at listening. I will listen to anything you'd have to say. I'll try to give you advice, but I may not be able to, but I'll listen. I will.
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            I have. Never attempted, but I have thought about it. I just push the thoughts out of my head. I have no reason to live, but I'm better off alive than dead.

            Suicide is useless. It solves nothing. I get so depressed because of my SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder, always found it funny how that works out.). SAD keeps me from talking to people, which in turns makes me depressed because I can't make many friends. I can tell I'll be alone and single for a while, or at least until I can get over SAD.

            I think some people use their power over some people (Like me. People use their power over me, not the other way around.) to make them depressed. If you're one of these powercrazed people, I beg you to change your ways. It doesn't help you in any way, and only makes people with disorders like mine even more sad. I don't think these kinds of people exist on PC, and I don't want them to.

            Like throwing a match into water, suicide puts out the light. It ends everything, which to some people may seem like the answer, but it's not. It's a permanent solution to temporary problems. Just because your sad, doesn't mean that world hates you and that you don't belong in it. Everyone has a place and a reason, even if you don't know it yet, you have one. I have one. Mines to intimidate people with my surprising intelligence and strange form of confidence. If i'm confronted with a situation where I have to stand up for myself, I do, and it throws people off. I have low self confidence when it comes to talking to people, but when it comes down to it, I have a super high ego and to much self confidence. Sometimes I get cocky and get my ass kicked, but a lot of the time, people back away when they see that this little scene kid isn't afraid of fighting.

            Don't use suicide as a way out. It has no use. I beg for those who feel this way to talk to someone about it. I'm willing to talk to anyone about it anytime. I want to help you get over these feelings, you don't have to kill yourself to end the pain. Just power through it with a little pride. People won't mess with you if you show self-confidence!

            Again, if you ever need to talk about suicide, or anything that deals with depression, or even if you suffer with Social Anxiety, and wan't to talk about it, I'm sure you can find someone that will talk to you and give you support. If you wan't to talk to me, hit me in the face with a PM, or add me on skype (Make sure you tell me who you are, or I won't be able to accept it. I don't add randybob scrandies on skype.) My skype is BlueFlare115 (Don't ask. There's a long story behind it.). Sorry if this seems more of me just putting my hand out to others, instead of just answering the question, but I truly want to help anyone I can.
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            Honestly, yes I have thought about it rather frequently in the past,adolescence Has helped, but not with my self esteem problems. I hate myself and have struggled with depression for several years. When I do something wrong I would hate myself over it, I would scream and curse at myself, call myself a ******* idiot, you get the idea. I couldn't stand to see other people do wrong but It was worse when I was the one doing it... and it only got worse when I Discovered a magical land called THE INTERNET!

            When I joined Pokecommunity I was only twelve, and, you know how pre-teens are, I'm so glad I never received an Infraction... I never would have forgiven myself... as previously established I have a lot of self esteem issues and always felt like an Idiot if I made a post that I felt was Idiotic. But I made just as many mistakes I real life as I did on the Internet, And I would hold it against myself for a long time and I could get seriously depressed, to the point that not only did I think about suicide I attempted it.

            Now two years later I've grown and matured considerably, I can still get really angry at myself but now I don't consider suicide as an option anymore.
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            Ummm yeah i have and considering im so young i guess it's pretty bad XD

            I'd never go through with it though... too much of a ***** for that :p I guess this one period of time where I completely changed myself to join in with the "popular" crowd made me hate life and stuff but, yeah here I am sometimes feeling amazing sometimes feeling extremely depressed cause I changed myself in all those ways and I still don't really know for better or worse
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            This subject is both, really hard to approach and exceptionally sensitive for many, including myself. Though I personally had never contemplated suicide, It has affected my life. My father Killed himself one week after my 7th birthday. It was, both eye opening as well as devastating.

            Years later I come to the table, having experienced but a few lows and Highs that life has to offer me; One thing has never changed, the fact that everything I say and do effects the people around me no matter how small. Suicide will have a negative effect on others around you, even if you don't think anyone will care.

            It's really hard to put into words what I have felt or how it has changed me, in fact I've been staring blankly at this reply box trying to find some way Of spitting it out into words. The fact of the matter remains, even though to some it may be an option, Suicide should never be a choice. Though an outlook may seem bleak at times remember that, you live in a place of infinite possibilities, and every situation holds outcomes that you may not see right away. The important part is to keep looking, eventually you will find a path out of the dark place you are in.

            I apologize If this looks like a jumbled up mess of incomplete thoughts, but it's not intended to be.
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              I used to get this way pretty often. Even now it crops up sometimes. It was worst, though, for a couple months in late 2011, when I was too deep in depression to do much of anything, and I genuinely felt I was worthless. If anything, the pervasive lack of energy saved my life.
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                Originally Posted by Skaife View Post
                Yes, I have thought of killing myself - I fall into such low points quite often. The method I often consider using is running in front of a moving train; many tonnes of metal moving at high speed vs. a 60kg human probably yields the same winner quite often. I only quite recently got over a bout of suicidal thoughts, actually.
                I work part-time on the railway and all I have to say about this is that there was a horrible incident involving the train that was directly in front of mine a few months ago where two teenagers jumped together, and one of them survived for several minutes on the tracks. The aftermath is always horrifying, and it has a huge psychological effect on the drivers. It's not a good way to die — not that there's a good way to die.

                I have often been suicidal, and when I was a few years younger I had a lot of elaborate plans for my own death. Some of them were more dramatic than others. But the one thing I remember most about that period of my life was how frightened I was — frightened of dying. I thought that it was inevitable that I was going to kill myself, and I was terrified by the prospect. That's why when I see someone talking about suicide, and especially if they've seriously thought about methodology, it worries me. I'm not going to say that my life is easy now, or that I don't still suffer from depression periodically, but it is possible to get out of that pit of overwhelming pain and despair. It does happen. So please try to find help, or someone you can talk to, if you're in that place. It's dangerous, and it's desperate, and it's dark, and nobody should have to go through it alone.
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                It's only crossed my mind out of curiosity, not consideration. No matter how bad things get for me - and I've gone through some pretty tough times - suicide isn't something I could consider. Despite everything that happens I still have plenty more time ahead of me to seize opportunities and enjoy life.

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                  Originally Posted by LoudSilence View Post
                  And well, you're not dead so clearly you weren't too lazy to think harder (not that the statement was meant towards you )
                  If you're seriously suggesting that people who commit suicide are "too lazy" to think of anything else then you're a ****ing idiot who needs to try some of this logical thinking that he's attempting to preach about.

                  Originally Posted by Sheep
                  It's only crossed my mind out of curiosity, not consideration. No matter how bad things get for me - and I've gone through some pretty tough times - suicide isn't something I could consider. Despite everything that happens I still have plenty more time ahead of me to seize opportunities and enjoy life.
                  It's weird because this is pretty much how I feel but I couldn't put it into words. There have been low points where I've thought about suicide but never... seriously. Like, it's crossed my mind but almost in a "I wonder what would happen" sort of sense rather than something I was actually considering, if you get what I'm saying.
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                    Ah, to be or not to be, a question I encourage people to reflect on. Of course, I do think suicide is a pointless thing with absolutely nothing in the way of positive consequences, but I urge everyone to think about it and come upon their own conclusions.

                    Back in middle school I contemplated suicide. Everything changed for me completely after 5th grade for me and I found myself sinking lower through the entirety of 6th grade. Many things helped prevent me from actually doing anything including my friends, my family, and my therapist (So many bad experiences with therapists here! I'm glad I didn't have any) but I didn't actually escape that state of mind until my brother was sent to the hospital for issues I won't disclose that I realized that my entire family was helping me even though all of them were suffering through their own problems that were way worse than my own. And I was too absorbed in my own petty issues that I didn't even notice. It was sort of a wake up call. It instilled a sense of duty in me to repay them and I haven't seriously thought about committing suicide since. I also feel I have a duty to the future, that killing myself would rob the chances of all my descendants who should all deserve a chance at life in the first place, and I also think about the people whose lives I might influence down the line. Of course, I do think of death fleetingly out of curiosity when I'm by the side of a busy street or train tracks and things like that, but it's not exactly thoughts of suicide as opposed to a reiteration of the question "What's it like on the other side?" and I'm scared of death now anyhow so there's no way that'll go anywhere anyway.
                    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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                      Originally Posted by Valoo View Post
                      If you're seriously suggesting that people who commit suicide are "too lazy" to think of anything else then you're a ****ing idiot who needs to try some of this logical thinking that he's attempting to preach about.
                      You should try not reading selectively. Also no need to be so abrasive.

                      It's funny how hostile this seems to make some of you; all I'm saying is that rationally decided upon suicide is stupid, why is that so offensive? There is no logic behind it, so everyone who has attempted it either has a mental illness or, if they do not, are too lazy to think outside the box. I'm not going to retract that wording.

                      Don't hivemind answer, I'd like a serious response.
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                      Three words NO NO NO I feel i stated enough.
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                        When I was 12, I used to go to sleep every night thinking about suicide and death and all sorts of things a 12 year old ought to never have to think about. What a disgusting time in life that was, never underestimate what some kids are going through, mine was living torture.

                        In fact looking back it was something I couldn't stop thinking about no matter how hard I tried. It was an obsession and I'm almost certain it derived from a self-diagnosed depression I fell into. Suicidal ideation
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                          Actually, when I was younger and went to that ONE school where everyone was an asshat and made eachother feel bad to try and keep up the 'coolness' level (you all probably know what kind of school I'm talking about), I never contemplated suicide.
                          I did however contemplating killing the people I disliked, and fantasized about it a lot. I didn't feel like they were worth anything for their sole existence being to make other peoples lives worse. And now I realize I sound a lot like Lysandre. Das cool, or something.

                          I would never have actually gone through with it though, instead I just keep telling myself that those people will probably die from getting into some kind of shady heroin business later in life either way, so it'll be all good.~
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                            Originally Posted by Oxidation View Post
                            Suicide is always on my mind. I'm not even kidding. u_u I'm always considering it, therefore it's always on my mind.
                            This is exactly how I feel.
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                              I actually have.

                              There was a time in my life where I felt as if nothing was getting better. Everything I did was making everything worse. My parents were always yelling at me as well as my girlfriend at the time and everything was slowly going more and more downhill. I actually attempted it once and ended up surviving and really now that I look back at it, it's really stupid that I had those thoughts. I was in 10th grade which is way too young to even start thinking about taking my own life.

                              Everyone remember suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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                                really hope no one from my school finds out I'm posting this

                                I've contemplated suicide so many times, but I could honestly never do it. I have a fear of death and it literally brings me to tears when I think about all the people I could end up hurting. I'm an only child, and if I did kill myself, my mom would literally have no one to live for, and I could never do that to her. I also have great friends that I know are so invested in me that I would destroy them if I killed myself. I haven't tried at all (I also having done anything like cutting or destructive behavior, because I hate getting hurt), but thinking about it seems to be the answer to most of my problems, especially since I'm not interested in seeing what life has in store for me since it's almost always bad. All in all, suicide is just too frightening for me, and I couldn't do it if I wanted to. I'd have to be in a dark, dark place to try it.

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                                  I did consider suicidal thoughts during those moments when life just seemed to never let up and I would always be in some shadow... But I guess thinking about it and doing it is a totally different thing. Sometimes I snap and tilt over the edge, but when it comes to the moment of actually throwing my life away, I think how stupid I must be to actually consider suicide. People die every day but when we have the opportunity to live another day more, we instead treat it like paper to be crushed...

                                  In reality, suicide is just a back door to emphasise the weakness(es) others placed on, and really, I'm glad I learned the truth of such an idiotic act.
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                                    Suicide... huh, what a feeling. Of course I thought about doing it, I'm not scared of it but I can't give up on life like this, I want to become better. But I do get depressed and want to do it.

                                    Suicide is a coward's way out of life, like it or not it's true. When life gets you down, you have to get up... I learnt that the hard way.
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                                      Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
                                      Yes, and it's what got me banned from BMGF in the first place, and I've fully regret it. I easily get into a depressive state whenever someone scowls at me for spineless behavior, and I always thought suicide was the only answer, because I thought it would make them happy if I was gone for good, so I won't bother them again. If only people were able to tell between good opinions and bad opinions, I wouldn't think like this.
                                      This entry is obsurd. people who,abuse others physically n mentally needs to go to jail because so many people kill themselves cause of em now someone like my friend here was probably bullied if so what happen if he killed himself if he did people who bully should get a taste of their own medicine
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