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Old January 15th, 2014 (4:19 PM). Edited January 16th, 2014 by Billeh.
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    I need to find some ways to improve my team other than pure training, preferably less time-consuming. (Like changing moves or EVs etc.) I don't need too much improvement, I'm just trying to make sure I can beat my friends. There will be more than 6 on the list, they're just some choices. If you want to give good matchups, that would be great too.
    Here are my pokemon:
    Lv. 52
    Swords Dance
    Aura Sphere
    Bone Rush
    Heal Pulse
    Max HP: 141
    Lv. 50
    Iron Tail
    Rock Smash
    Max HP: 139
    Lv. 60
    Hydro Pump
    Max HP: 185
    Lv. 83
    Brave Bird
    Flare Blitz
    Sky Uppercut
    Blaze Kick
    Max HP: 239
    Lv. 67
    Fire Blast
    Blast Burn
    Flame Charge
    Max HP: 194
    Lv. 71
    Aura Sphere
    Max HP: 236
    Lv. 62
    Horn Leech
    Night Slash
    Max HP: 253
    Lv. 60
    Rock Tomb
    Draco Meteor
    Max HP: 185
    Lv. 49
    Ice Fang
    Ice Ball
    Rapid Spin
    Max HP: 154
    Lv. 43
    Belly Drum
    Wake-Up Slap
    Mud Shot
    Max HP: 114
    Lv. 42
    Seed Bomb
    Spiky Shield
    Mud Shot

    Blastoise, Lucario, Blaziken and Mewtwo can Mega-Evolve, Mewtwo is the X form.

    Sorry for the long post, just giving some options

    Sorry guys, I just noticed this doesn't belong in this section. I didn't read the sub-section description closely enough, it was an honest mistake D:
    Help me with my dragon cave!
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    Old January 31st, 2014 (6:22 AM).
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      Why does your Lucario have Heal Pulse? It heals your opponent in single battles. You should replace it with something like ExtremeSpeed, a Steel-type move, or a pulse move.

      Aggron's Special Attack isn't very good, making Thunderbolt a bad option for it. Also, Rock Smash is pretty weak. You should replace those with Earthquake and Rock Slide.

      Assuming you want to use Mega Blastoise, you should replace Strength with Dark Pulse, and Waterfall with Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, or Blizzard.

      Delphox's Attack stat is subpar, so Flame Charge isn't really a good move for it. You should consider Flamethrower or Mystical Fire instead. Also, Blast Burn is horrible, as you have to recharge after using it. Why don't you replace it with Psyshock or Shadow Ball?

      Your Mewtwo seems to be struggling against its fellow Psychic types. Why don't you replace Barrier with something like Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, or Ice Beam?

      Tyrantrum shouldn't have Draco Meteor. Its Special Attack is pretty bad, and Draco Meteor only makes it even worse. Replace it with Dragon Claw. And if you want more power, you could replace Rock Tomb with Rock Slide, Stone Edge, or Head Smash.

      While Blizzard is a pretty good move, Avalugg's Special Attack is terrible. Also, Ice Ball is pretty unreliable. Instead, you should consider moves like Gyro Ball, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Crunch, or Recover.

      Chesnaught's Special Attack is subpar, and Mud Shot is pretty weak, so you should replace it with Hammer Arm or Brick Break. And maybe you should replace Bite with something like Leech Seed, Pain Split, or a physical coverage move like Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dragon Claw, or Poison Jab.

      And since you haven't evolved Poliwhirl, why don't you make it an HM slave? It can learn Strength, Rock Smash, and Waterfall.

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