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Old February 2nd, 2014 (2:01 AM). Edited February 2nd, 2014 by Entermaid.
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♤♧♥♢PC Pokemon Knockout Challenge

♢ How to Play ♢
1. I will list 30 pokemon using a random generator to begin each round.(WILD POKEMON)
2. A member will select one Pokemon to vote out of the competition for good. (RELEASE)
3. A member will also select one Pokemon to save from elimination in the round. (CATCH)
4. By the end of the round, half of the pokemon will be eliminated and half will be saved.
5. Members must not participate in the same round twice so that everyone has a chance.
6. Once the round is over, I will generate 30 more Pokemon. Repeat until one Poke is left.

Participation Form
Release: (list one pokemon to vote out of the competition)
(list one pokemon to advance in the competition)
Wild Pokemon:
(Remove two pokemon that you voted for)
Explanation: (Optional) Why you have voted they you did.
(You are encouraged to post a sprite/model for votes)

Ranking History
Released Pokemon Order: TBA
Remaining Pokemon: TBA




Wild Pokemon

Lickitung, Shiftry, Diglet, Lopunny, Mothim, Paras, Treecko, Meganium, Cloyster, Slugma, Beldum, Glameow, Espurr, Beautifly, Mantyke, Mightyena, Sliggoo, Entei, Rattata, Rufflet, Jirachi, Nidoqueen, Ludicolo, Avalugg, Corsola, Chansey, Bonsly, Rampardos

Explanation: Well, this is a game of strategy. I do "like" Gengar. Perhaps much more than several pokemon in the list. However, knowing how popular the pokemon is after the fave pokemon contest, I hope to eliminate the threat early to protect my favorites. Also, Roserade is in my top 5 favorite pokemon. It was a no brainer!

(This is the last time I actually go first. I wanted to show an example.)

Who's Next?

#Team Popplio & Brionne
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