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Old January 20th, 2014 (8:18 AM).
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Guys simple thread about why you love GEN 3 ? i know there will be 1000 reasons. But cmon you gotta say 1 atleast ! Now what are you waiting lets discuss about the reason you like GEN 3.

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Old January 20th, 2014 (8:21 AM).
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I think that Gen III really just made a big advancement from the Generations before that. The graphics were a lot better making things a lot more fun to play. Also, the story lines were AMAZING. There was Post Game things to do as well as plenty of things going on to keep you occupied. Especially in Hoenn. The Team Aqua and Magma duo made things really fun. I'd say Hoenn was a lot better than Sinnoh, but Sinnoh did pull through with a revision of the original games that was 10000000x better then those.

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Yeah really. GEN 3 make a great history. And yeah Magma & Aqua made a real thing to play gen 3, FUN ! And Team rocket also showed too entertainment in FR\LG.

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Old January 21st, 2014 (4:09 AM).
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OMG I remember SO well when Gen.3 came out!!! Before that, I have been playing the R/B/Y and G/S/C series for ages xD I was stunned to play my Gold version on a Gameboy Advance for the first time (saved money for my forst console I have bought myself), and seeing all those colours! I was mindblown xD But, as soon as I got word Gen.3 came out, I was amazed by the graphics! Also, I really like the story in there and I think a lot of Pokemon in these games are awesome! I was sold as soon as I saw the new starters (especially Torchic and Mudkip) and could NOT wait to play these games!

When I finally owned Ruby, I remember walking in the beach sand for hours because of the fact you actually left your footprints in there!! And you could see your reflection in the water!! This was totally new for me :3 Also, you could grow and plant Berries, even got RUNNING SHOES so goodbye walking slowly! xD and OMG don't get me started about the Mach and Acro Bikes!!! :D I remember trolling my game to choose the Acro Bike, and go Jumping on my Bike (instead of just cycling), all the way to other Towns and Cities just... for the heck of it! xD (and come on, it was just HILLARIOUS).
Also, Gen.3 was the first gen to have introduced Contests with your Pokemon in a way you feed them something, increase an element such as Coolness, and then use them in a Contest against other players and win Medals

OMG and, most fun part imo, the SECRET BASE! xD It was just... too much fun to make your own secret base somewhere, stuff it with neat furniture and cute items (Slide!) and even share them with your friends so you could have each other's secret base in your game! :D I had sooo many great times with this!! <3 :3

Also, as I discussed in other several Threads, you got the move Dive at one Point!!! I love this move, and even today, it remains as one of my favourite HM moves, come on we could Dive into the sea for the first time!! :o Amazing, loved the theme song in there and I spend HOURS on the seafloor, searching for Pokemon and just... swimming around underwater for as long as you like, just because you could! xD

Sigh... soooo many thing so talk about! Well, last but not least you can say I liked these games so much, that I even bought Sapphire and Emerald after that! :3 And still play them from time to time till this day !

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The improved bbackgrounds and more realisitc music
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Ahh, 3rd generation was pretty much revolutionary for Pokemon. I didn't play it when it first came out, although I wish I had. I ended up playing Emerald a year ago and loved it. But I know that when it came out all the features were so advanced compared to 1 & 2. I always followed up with it even though I couldn't have money to buy the game

Of course the biggest one would be the introduction of natures, personalities, if I recall correctly I think that's when abilities were introduced as well? Can't really remember if they had those in Johto or not.
3rd gen is the gen where some of my favorites of all time came out <3 Like Torchic, Latias, Salamence, etc.. so many new and amazing Pokemon.
The secret bases were sooo fun. I wish they'd keep that for every gen >.<
I also remember spending quite some time playing in the contests, it was a cute addition to the game when you just didn't feel like battling.
The story line was really well written too.
Wow, so many things to talk about this gen but I'll just leave it at that since most of us know It's my 3rd favorite gen, my 1st being the Johto region and 2nd favorite gen being Sinnoh!

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Because everything have improved when Gen III arrived. Aside FR/LG. R/S/E was more fun to play, actually, it's more improved and better than FR/LG in my opinion. The music of R/S/E was quite better than FR/LG. The storyline and difficulty were improved as well. Also, the design of the Pokemon especially the Legendary Pokemon. I think Gen III holds the best Legendary Pokemon designs, aside Jirachi's cuteness. After playing R/S/E sooo many times, I loved the secret bases all around the routes and PokeNav to add. Also, to not bore you out, they added a lot of players to achieve or so called side quest or mini games. I enjoyed the contest a lot, I've been watering berries many times to add beauty to my Milotic. I found one feebas and never appeared again.

For FR/LG, I think what I liked there was the battle style but actually know difference to R/S/E at all. But maybe the champion theme music and how soothing some town musics are. After every gen, GEN III is still my favorite.

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I like gen 3 because of its better graphics and technology than gen 2!
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Nostalgia reasons.

My first pokémon game was third gen, Pokémon Emerald.

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The introduction of abilities and the VS Seeker along with adding powerhouses like Salamence, Kyogre, and Groudon are a few reasons why I like 3rd gen oh so much.
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Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha....

The reason is... that was the first game that I really liked and starting to not like.
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Compared to first- and second-gen games, generation three has had major improvements in graphics and sound. This is one of the reasons why gen three is my favorite. A lot of new were introduced in third-generation games as well, which is another reason. :]
Old January 22nd, 2014 (5:45 AM).
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The reason why i liked gen 3 is because of... well everything. From the coolest starters to the sImplIcIty of the game to the pokemon included. Also, I bet you didn't know this but once you get 200 pokemon specIes from hoenn, professor birch will call you and offer you one of the gen 2 starters by choice
Old January 25th, 2014 (4:30 PM).
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On the subject of R/S/E, the music and the region itself. I loved the idea of having a tropical-themed region filled with new Pokémon, gym leaders, and cities. Also, I know a lot of people are probably going to hate me, but I didn't mind the Surf Routes. It gets annoying having to avoid Tentacool all the time, but I thought it was a nice change of pace. I loved the Dive HM. I liked the plot. And the graphics were revolutionary compared to the other two generations. But most significantly, the music! The music, in my opinion, is probably the best out of all other generations. I thought it was very adventurous, rewarding, brilliantly composed, and apt for those games.

In terms of FR/LG, I liked how you could revisit Kanto in a more 3D-ish setting. And I liked how you could obtain more stuff and explore more areas that were not made in the original Gen. 1 games.
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In R/S/E I loved how there was 2 different bad guy teams. Especially how in Emerald you had to deal with both of them. It was a nice change. I also liked the starters. They were pretty cool. Especially Mudkip. I also loved the contests. One of my favorite additions in all of the games.
Old January 27th, 2014 (6:07 AM).
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As a music lover, I have to say; Trumpets.

The trumpets for Gen III were immense, whenever I make remixes of music, specifaclly Pokémon I try to use the Trumpets from RSE.

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The trumpets were amazing at the BF in emerald. And I got emerald when it first came out almost. Beat it in 3 days normal time (was staying with grandparents for summer) and 18:48 game time. I love how with emerald its a challenge but it can be a race game. So far the fastest I beat it is 14:48. I could of beat 3 hours earlier but grinding takes time lol. I also like it better because its based on a Pokémon that can shoo aside 2 others lile it was nothing.
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It was just so much prettier than G/S/C. And the original Pokemon contests were fun.
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For me, it's because of the secret bases: i liked to record datas from other people , so i could see their secret bases (and also fight them/EV train). Also, Torchic and Mudkip have been my favorite starters so far. Blaze Kick, anyone ?
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Yeah guys i appreciate you all. Right ! Music and secret basses made the game more fun ! Also the amazing tiles and Sprites. Adding the beauty of Towns won't be bad will it ? And with total it gives the answer = Fun !

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Contests! They were at their peak in the third generation, I feel, and I was so obsessed with ribbons. I really liked collecting Pokemon too.. especially Spinda patterns, my friend and I would compete to see who could get the funniest ones and then show them off when we visited each other's houses.

Secret bases were really fun too and made mixing records really worthwhile.

I also really liked the Pokemon introduced in this gen. Absol, Zangoose, Mawile, Altaria, Flygon, Banette, Salamence, and many others grew on me so quickly and I wanted to train all of them.

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I absolutely love Gen 3 because my friend's and I would play R/S/E and do link contests and battles together. I didn't have it right away though I was stuck with older systems.. but eventually I got Emerald for my birthday (my birthstone is also an emerald lol)
I love the sprites and the third gen Pokemon. I loved contests even though I got angry because the NPCs Pokemon always did moves that made me mess up. (Except my Walrein<3) I'm really attatched to my Emerald game I can't even restart the game because of memories even though my team sucks. Oh and I love team Aqua and Magma. Wow I could ramble on forever about why I love Gen 3. I think I'm going to play my Pokemon Sapphire even though the internal clock died. ;;
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Why I love Gen 3... well:
A. Gen 3 pokemon were awesome. (Sceptile,Aggron,Gardevoir,Swellow, the list goes on.)
B. Abilities. Made pokemon like Milotic awesome, and upgraded some old ones.
C. Double Battles. Its fun to use a move like earthquake or surf to kill everyting.
D. Geography. Going through Hoenn was like exploring a tropical island, made for some cool locations.
I've got a list, but i think I'll stop here.
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Emerald was my first pokemon game so everything about it was new and exciting to me and every time i play it again i get those feelings back also whenever i see/use gen III pokemon i get all nostalgic haha
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As I could not trade Pokemon in Gens 1-2, Gen 3 was an awesome experience for me. I would always battle my brother (and lose, because I had Swampert and he Sceptile) and trade with him. It was a blast trading my hard-earned Colosseum and XD to Emerald, then balling out in the Battle Frontier with them.

Gen 3 always stays fresh to me because I play it primarily in Challenges and mostly all ROM Hacks have an Emerald/FireRed base. The graphics of Gen 3 are so clear compared to the original GBC games! I played Emerald so much that it will be a sad day when my original save dies.
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