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Old February 8th, 2014 (9:34 PM). Edited February 8th, 2014 by KeiEnvy.
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    Hi every one! Been playing Pokemon for years and was hoping to make new friends to trade and for the friend safari, so I would like to share my friend code 3883 5261 4453
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    Old February 8th, 2014 (10:05 PM).
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    Hi Kei! Glad to see you finally joined, so welcome!

    If you were looking for somewhere to add Friend Safaris we have the X/Y Friend Code Exchange Thread over in the X & Y board, so go post there if you haven't done so. There's also the Trade Corner if you are looking for trades on the forums, I'm sure you'll eventually get what you need.

    Other than those places, there's way more to see around the community so I'm sure you'll make some new friends here, and given the diversity we're sure you can fit in well. Do contact any staff members if you need assistance and have fun at PC! I'll be seeing you around the community Kei!

    - Hikari
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    Old February 8th, 2014 (10:08 PM).
    KeiEnvy KeiEnvy is offline
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      Thank you for directing me to the proper areas
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      Old February 8th, 2014 (10:30 PM).
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      Hiya, Kei; really nice to meet you! I go by Nymphadora on here, but if you like, you may go ahead and refer to me as my real name--Ashley. I don't mind at all, so don't be shy. :] I know you've been into Pokémon for years, but do you know how many, exactly? For me, it'd have to be 16, I think; got into it when I was just six. Was introduced to it thanks to my dad, as he gifted me Pokémon Blue version during Christmas. Seriously loved that game. <3 One of my other favorites would be Emerald; used to spend countless amount of hours play it each day. Had tons of fun memories with it. What about you--which is your favorite? Also, have you played the newest gen-six games? If so, which? For me, it'd have to be Y. Got it immediately after the release day, and took me only about two weeks to finish. If you've finished yours already, how long it take you?

      Since you're wanting to trade, you should pay a visit to our Trade Corner board as Hikamaru suggested. We've got a lot of people over there just itching for those kind of things, so you should be able to get your trades done pretty quickly. Plus, you'll be able to make a few friends along the way. Win-win, right? We have a live trade chatroom as well, so you should check that out, too! If you want to exchange Friend Safari info, head to X/Y Friend Code Sharing thread over at our X&Y forum. ^^

      Have an enjoyable stay here. If there's anything you need, you may always contact people in bold usernames. If you wish, you may also submit your concerns in our Community Questions & Feedback section; we'll get to you as soon as we can. See ya, okay? n__n
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      Old February 9th, 2014 (1:32 AM).
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        hey! nice to meet ya~ I'd love to be your friend \o/

        my friend code is in my signature ^^

        Add me on! LadyDragon#1620
        I love playing Diablo III, if you play too, let's play together!
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        Old February 9th, 2014 (5:05 AM).
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        Oooh, fellow long time pokemon fans! (●⌒∇⌒●) That's gooood! Welcome to PC my new friend, and it's a treat to meet you today!

        As the others before me as said, PC has really good places to swap your FC with people, and to trade with fellow members! The X&Y Friend Code Sharing thread is perfect for you to enter your FC in a database, and for you to view other FCs, and of course the Trade Corner/Plaza is where all members hang out & trade! I have a Fighting safari by the way, which I'm not sure if it's worth adding with my crappy pokemon, but, it's good anyways! I wish you luck on getting all of those FCs! You'll be able to fill up on friend safaris in no tiiiime~

        As I said, I too am a long time pokemon fan, and I'm personally am a fan of this board for keeping that pokemon spirit alive, even when it comes to the nostalgic pokemon games! Oh so fuuun. Anywho, have a really great stay on the forums, and enjoy posting around the place, mmkay? Don't hesitate on asking for help when you need it, and I look forward to your contributions! <3

        See you later! ヾ(^∇^)
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