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Old February 10th, 2014 (7:46 PM).
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ROM hack in progress.
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I am shawnking2255 here and on YouTube, I am an armature ROM hacker who learns new things everyday. My Skype and ROBLOX is Chemicalromance 34 {roblox no caps no spaces}. I am a mapper and idea creator for team Solar and Lunar, be sure to check it out. Lets set aside the ROM hacking and go else where. I like to battle on this website and find it amusing because at this point, I have no way of battling online with my DS[I don't have a 3DS]. If you would like a battle, I would be more than happy to participate. Anything else you wanna know? I'm fun, excited, careful, shy, and kind. This is a short thread because I am simply letting everyone know who I am. One word; Goodsenseofhumor! Lol.
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Old February 10th, 2014 (7:55 PM).
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Hm! I believe you were on the pokemon battle server earlier, yes? You might of seen me before but either way, it's great to formally meet you Shawn, and welcome to PC, friend! <3

We've got quite a good number of ROM Hackers in here, so, no doubt you'll feel right at home! You'll probably enjoy the Emulation & ROM Hacking board. Maybe to help you out on your ROM hacking, you could try the hacking simple questions thread if you have an issue or a question about hacking in general, as well as the Tutorials section, where you could take a look at the tools and resources related to ROM Hacking that members have shared!

And I wish you good luck on all your hacking! I'm sure with practice, you'll become a pro in no time! Of course, we're always looking for great members like yourself to be active with us in the various boards and discussion topics that go on here, so I hope that you will be able to be with us for a long while, participating in the ones that you like, as part of the community! We're very happy to have you here!

Well now, all I can say right now is that you do seem like a really kind fellow, as I believe that the community is going to absolutely adore you. :D Thanks for joining us, and I hope you'll have fun! You can message me in VMs or PMs anytime you have a question or two about the forums, and I'll happily address that! Though, you can also bring it forward to other staff members if you'd like.

Annnd see you around sometime! Enjoy your night! <3
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Old February 10th, 2014 (8:37 PM).
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Age: 24
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You definitely picked the right forum indeed. Welcome to PC, Shawn!

So, interested in ROM hacks I see? I'm not really that good at ROM hacking due to lack of knowledge on all those complex codes and stuff but Aura (whose real name is also Shawn, go figure) has shown you the best place for that, the Emulation & ROM Hacking section. That's only just part of the many topics and sections you'll be seeing around the forums, but I do wish you good luck with your project!

Alongside what I said, I'm sure you can stick around as an active member in some of the other sections as well if you need a break from the hacking since we have something for everyone. The staff are always there if you need help so don't hesitate to ask them when you have a question. Have fun and enjoy your time at PC, Shawn!

- Hikari
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