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Second Generation Gold, Silver, Crystal

View Poll Results: Favorite Johto gym leader
Falkner 4 11.76%
Bugsy 1 2.94%
Whitney 5 14.71%
Morty 6 17.65%
Chuck 1 2.94%
Jasmine 4 11.76%
Pryce 3 8.82%
Clair 10 29.41%
Voters: 34. You may not vote on this poll

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Old January 17th, 2014 (5:33 PM).
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Which Johto gym leader was your favorite and why? Discuss and share reasons if you please!

. pair family twin mal art lv .
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Old January 17th, 2014 (7:22 PM).
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Definitely Whitney. She was pretty tough to go up against, and it was pretty fun, too. She did have me pulling my hair out at one point, but still. Along with her, I also like Morty. :]
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Old January 17th, 2014 (10:34 PM).
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Such a close tie between Morty and Clair, but Clair took my vote. I liked her gym the most, and she had the best character, being related to Lance.
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Old January 18th, 2014 (7:17 AM).
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I love Jasmine. She's just adorable.
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Old January 18th, 2014 (3:37 PM).
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It's kind of a tough choice for me to pick what definitely would be my favorite Johto Gym Leader, but my first choice would be Whitney. While she is quite powerful and hard to deal with in battle (especially her Miltank spamming Rollout and Milk Drink), once you overcome her and defeat her, she turns into a complete crybaby calling you a 'meanie'. Well duh! Takes a lot of guts to take down that Miltank. Besides, her breaking down after the battle seems similar to how I get when I don't get my way or something else comes to upset me.
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Old January 18th, 2014 (11:00 PM).
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Pryce for the win! I love Ice gym leaders!!! And I thought the gym had an interesting gimmick when I first played the Gen 2 games: skating on ice in order to reach him!
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Old January 19th, 2014 (4:30 PM).
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I liked Faulnker the best because he gives really a tough challenge at the start of the game.
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Old January 19th, 2014 (4:59 PM).
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Old January 21st, 2014 (4:35 AM).
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My favourtie leader would definietly have to be falkner because His history of how he became the leader is cool and the fact that he has a LV 9 pidgeot XD
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Old January 23rd, 2014 (12:05 AM).
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Went with Jasmine, since I always loved that her type specialty and abilities as a Leader seemed completely opposite of her personality. Honourable mention goes to Clair though, as she's one of the few Gym Leaders in any game that I've had troubles with.
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Old January 23rd, 2014 (11:17 PM).
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Clair for sure. Unlike the other leaders, she was the most competitive one. It took a while for her to accept her loss against me, and wanted me to do another challenge just to prove to her that I was worthy of a trainer, and deserved that win fair and square. I admired her for that, hence she was my favorite in these games.
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Old January 26th, 2014 (4:42 AM).
pokemaniac112 pokemaniac112 is offline
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the gym leader i like most is surely whitney
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Old January 27th, 2014 (8:35 AM).
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Clair. Her expanded personality in Crystal is amusing to me.
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Old January 27th, 2014 (8:48 AM).
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The gym leader in johto I like the most is Morty
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Old January 27th, 2014 (8:51 PM).
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I chose Jasmine because I always remembered her to be so cute in the show, haha.
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Old February 2nd, 2014 (6:52 PM).
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I really liked Clair, even though she doesn't give the gym badge straight away. She's the first gym leader with dragon type Pokémon. Now that's amazing.
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Old February 2nd, 2014 (7:28 PM).
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I say Morty, I liked his layed back personality.
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Old February 2nd, 2014 (7:45 PM).
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Had to give it to Whitney since she was so grueling and impossible. Lol.

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Old February 2nd, 2014 (9:31 PM).
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So many favorites.

1. Whitney - Most personality of any GB/GBC/GBA game. Without relying on advance graphic and scenery to make the personality. GF, really did well to capture her personality using mostly dialogue. At first glance, she seems sweet and "normal" but with water works, immaturity, stubbornness, and the highest difficulty of Johto leaders, she is nothing but ordinary. She gets my vote!

2. Morty - Though a subdued character, it fits with his relaxed yet edgy new-age-monk vibe. I love the understated yet memorable gym experience.

3. Clair - Before there was Cynthia, Clair was ordering her men around to make her a sandwich. It was nice to see a strong female gym leader for the first time...that wasn't a sociopath. (Shout out to my fave Kanto leader Sabrina!)

4. Jasmine - I know, I listed four out of eight as "favorites." Probably because these were the best overall group of leaders, in my opinion, perhaps tied with Unova. Jasmine is so sweet and gentle, yet uses steel types. Sort of showing she is strong and passionate in protecting/defending pokemon, despite her demure exterior. I love her!
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Old February 3rd, 2014 (10:59 PM).
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Jasmine. The fact that she has a Steelix is hilarious to me.

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Old February 4th, 2014 (2:02 PM).
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1.Clair: The arrogant and cocky Dragon specialist. She holds herself to the same hefty standards as her Pokemon. She is the only Gym Leader in Johto who wants to not only defeat you but DESTROY you.

She appears invincible, but her own character flaws are her downfall. Remind you of anybody familiar? I can think of two: BLUE and LANCE, who oddly enough have an important part in the plot of G/S/C. Clair is the female equivalent to Blue when you faced him in R/B/Y, who can back up their cockyness with their performance in battle. It's no secret that she's like Lance: cape and costume, Pokemon, and if you put two and two together, you find that Clair is actually Lance's relative!

2.Chuck (no votes for Chuck? Really?):
He's the steroeotypical elder outcast. Lives on the island of Cianwood, whose rough shores are an analogy to strength of his Pokemon (disregard the pun there, you need the HM Strength to fight him lol). He trains presumably alone with his Pokemon, toughening his Fighting Pokemon and his own physique to be worthy of himself and his wife (She says he's gotten fat, and gives you Fly as thanks for allowing her to get Chuck to train again). This guy puts the "Gym' in Gym leader, and as the first Fighting type Leader, he is not an easy victory.

3.Whitney: Her specialty is Normal, but she is no ordinary Leader. The modern and hip metropolis that is Goldenrod City is perfect for a young girl like Whitney. I was expecting an Electric-type Gym to compliment the Radio Tower and Magnet Train, but Normal was just fine. As head of a Gym full of attractive women, it was no coincidence that she gives you the TM Attract after defeating her. That Miltank is one of the toughest challenges of the game. If you're unprepared, you're not going to beat this "cutie".
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Old February 4th, 2014 (2:48 PM).
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Clair, as arrogant as she may be.. she's so damn cool! I love her style and her Gym is just awesome.
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Old February 4th, 2014 (4:52 PM).
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I like Falkner because he is awesome. He be like: "People say you can clip Flying-type Pokémon's wings with a jolt of electricity... I won't allow such insults to bird Pokémon! I'll show you the real power of the magnificent bird Pokémon!" It took me forever to type that. -.- screw grammar!!!!! Okay well anyways, I love his Gen IV sprite. (But really those apostrophe's are annoying -.-)
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Old February 5th, 2014 (1:14 PM).
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I wish there was an option for all of them. They all have various aspects unique to each of them that I enjoy a lot over other Pokemon gym leaders.

Falkner - The misleading text about him using "bird" type Pokemon makes him a little interesting. Fun fact, if you look at the data of the game, there is indeed a "Bird" type. It probably just not removed when they stuck with Flying type (no Pokemon have the "Bird" typing obviously, they managed to clean that up). It is also referenced in the quiz to get the Radio Card. One of the questions ask "Does Falkner, the leader of Violet City, use bird type Pokemon?" The correct answer is yes oddly. He cheats with a level 9 Pigeotto and even then he really isn't that tough in GSC (albeit a lot tougher in HG/SS).

Bugsy - The controversy on his gender always makes him interesting. Everyone starts out thinking he is a "she". His Scyther (which is female, only to add to the confusion) is pretty tough too.

Whitney - The sporty and spunky leader in Goldenrod. She really shows that don't take cuteness as a sign of weakness. Everyone can remember how hard she could be if you weren't prepared for her Miltank. In all honestly, since I speed run GSC now, her Clefairy is more of a hassle with Metronome choosing moves that can end your run. Her cry-baby outrage when you beat her makes her memorable.

Morty - I like this guy a lot more in Crystal than Gold or Silver. You get a little back-story about him in Burnt Tower with adds to his personality. How he wants to be the trainer to capture the legendary Pokemon, and the fact that he can see into the future is pretty impressive. You also have to remember to pack some Awakenings for his Gengar, no one likes getting their dream's eaten.

Chuck - Named after Chuck Norris. 'Nuff said. Well I can come up with a little more to say. Are there any other gym leaders who pick up a freaking boulder in front of you and smash it right in front of your eyes? If that happened to me in a real life battle I'd be running away in fear that I'd be brutally beaten if I managed to win the Pokemon battle. When do beat him, he says he is going to train 24 hours a day! Now that is dedication.

Pyrce - This is the only gym leader I can't really find something interesting about. He isn't terribly strong (Ice is a horrible defensive typing). He is just and old wise man. I like how he is humble though. Though he isn't to interesting, that doesn't make me dislike him more than any of the others.

Jasmine - Such as compassionate and caring lady. The fact that she won't battle you until you heal Amphy says a lot about her character. And if you don't prepare for her Steelix, it will rock your world. The spike in it's levels can throw a wrench into many teams. And to top it all off, SHE'S NOT REALLY A RED HEAD LIKE HER OVERWORLD SPRITE WOULD SUGGEST.

Claire - The dragon mistress and probably my favorite. She is the strongest of all the gym leaders. If you haven't grinded to keep your levels on par with the rest of the game, this is when you start to feel some hurt. She is also memorable in the fact that once you beat her, she doesn't even give you the badge (*cough* Whitney *cough cough*). Having to complete the Dragon's Den quest (Crystal's is better ) adds more depth and plot to the game. She also sports the second best theme music in the game and you can only here for a few brief moments when you are talking to her in the Dragon's Den (the first being Red and Lance's battle music ofc). Not to mention she is just plain hot.
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Old February 11th, 2014 (10:13 PM).
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Morty is my favorite because I love his outfit. Purple scarves are fashionable.

Did anyone else hope that he would use other ghost types like Misdreavus?

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