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Old February 27th, 2014 (7:22 AM).
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I come to you with my problem because I didn't find anything usefull on google (seems like Gen 2 is too old to still have thread alive...) and the only tutorial I found don't give the solution...

So basically I want to edit the sprite of Gold (for Gold Version)/Silver (for Silver version) , so in short: YOUR sprite. I have the software AGIXP 4.11 that extract sprite for editing , and therefore I extracted the sprite of "yourself" by the "Pokemon/Trainer-Pic extracting" option, but here the thing:

-First, this is not the back sprite so it don't work in battle (still have the original sprite)

-It seems that this sprite is the "front version" of battle and the same used in the introduction of the game. But in-game this is not the same ( when you press " Start > <Name> " where you see all your badges, time played and your sprite it still the original one). So I guess there is an another version of the sprite you have to edit too...

I read that you have to extact with AGIXP by "Pic-Offset" option and wrie the Size "48*48" , and some-one posted the offset, it is indeed the backsprite of "you" but it stay weird or AGIXP crash...

I know this is approximatly the same thing on Gba version (Fr/Lg-R/S/E) and you have to take an another program to "rebuild" the sprite before editing but I can't find the version of the tutorial or software for Gen II..

So I need your help please.

Thanx in advance for taking time to read and reply, and sorry for my bad language.
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