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Vance & Skellen | Somewhere on Duke Island

"Don't suppose you know anything about the treasure the hoards of pirates here are after?" Skellen asked an elderly man tending to a small stall selling vegetables. He and Vance were currently wandering down one of the crowded streets in the town in search of useful supplies and information - Skellen himself wasn't all that interested in treasure of any kind, but it would serve him well to do what the captain wanted (besides, it would probably lead to something interesting).
"Not a thing, now buy something or leave" the man tending the stall wheezed, promptly turning his back to the doctor.

Sighing and running his hand through his hair Skellen headed across to the other side of the street where Vance was engaging in similar activities.
"Hey Vance, any luck?" he called across to the navigator "tell me you at least found something poisonous!"

Vance sighed as well, turning away from the young woman who had turned away from him, busying herself with getting rid of trash in front of, supposedly, her house. He gave a shake of his head, stepping across the street to Skellen, placing his hands at his sides with a slightly downed look on his face.

"I've got nothing. I mean... we should've realized this would happen. If there are rumors of treasure, of course the people living next to it won't give up even the slightest hint." He huffed a little, lifting a hand to rub the back of his neck, looking a little helpless. "... I'll be honest, I'm not sure what to do, Skellen."

Skellen ran his hand through his hair, sighing audibly. Truth be told he was bored, he was getting sick of searching for a treasure that didn't interest him and he still hadn't found anything of use to him either. Still, he figured he may as well just go along with the crew - things were never dull with them around.
"I guess we have to just keep looking then" Skellen frowned "It's not like there's much else to do around here anyway and if we don't find information we might at least come across some useful supplies."

With that, Skellen continued down the streets - hardly ever checking to see if Vance was still with him. It wasn't until a stand selling medicinal herbs caught his eye that he actually slowed down.
"Hey Vance, look at this stuff. Some of this actually in't half bad." Skellen chirped, his mood shifting to be much happier now that he had found something to alleviate his boredom.

"Really?" Vance asked, stepping a little closer to have a peek at the herbs. "I don't really know much about medicine, but I'll take your word for it. I'm just happy to have a doctor with us at all, considering how much trouble we've already gotten in."

Skellen procedded to sniff, touch and otherwise inspect the various herbs - eventually purchasing a large bag full of them.
"Well we haven't found treasure yet, but these should fill in a lot of the gaps in our inventory and could be useful for my uh... other pursuits also." The Taipan grinned at his fellow crew member, completely oblivious to the other group of pirates who was now walking down the street.

As the two continued down the street, Vance raised his arms, moving them both behind his head as he sighed quietly due to the lack of any hints of treasure, though he sent Skellen a smile. It was nice that a guy as deadly as Skellen, actually seemed to be a nice guy, albeit with an... odd sense of humor. "Heh, I guess so. I doubt Kuzo'll just stop looking though. He seems the type to keep going no matter what, if you ask me."

"...I'm just saying that if you keep babying her like this, she'll grow up to be a real pain in the a**," A voice was heard down the street on the direction Vance and Skellen walked along. It came from Ronaldo Tensen of the Tensen Pirates. He shuffled beside his father Warp, who was carrying Mina Tensen on his shoulders.

"You'll do well not to insult the Captain, boy!" Warp yelled at his son, coming in the defense of Mina. "I will do whatever she commands, and you will do the same!"

"Where did it all go wrong?" Ronaldo asked himself.

"Both of you stop arguing with yourselves!" Mina shrieked from atop her father's shoulder. "You're making me look bad! And weak! I can't look weak in front of these simpletons! It would be giving the wrong message! Shape up now!"

Ronaldo facepalmed and continued to walk beside them, his long rifle slung over his shoulders. For the most part, pirates steered clear of their path along the main road, not wishing to get involved with them. Anyone who didn't move along the path, Mina would quickly command the two of them to dispatch with them. For the most part, it would be Warp who would respond, as could be seen by his now-bloody sword he gripped with his free hand, his other he used to support Mina on his shoulder. He adjusted her a bit, which didn't sit well with Mina.

"Hold me straighter!" Mina yelled at her father below.

"Sorry, Captain, was just adjusting the weight." Warp replied with a bright smile.

"What, do I weigh too much for you, old man?!" She demanded. She tapped her boots lightly together, and all at once, the ground below Warp seemed to crack and break, as if tons of more weight was suddenly applied to her little form. Warp struggled to keep his balance from the additional weight.

"N-not at all, Captain! Aww, please don't use your ability now, Captain!" He managed to say, now taking steps slower and with more exertion. Ronaldo in the meantime, noticed both Vance and Skellen along the road, directly in front of their path. He noticed both Warp and Mina didn't notice them immediately as Mina yelled at him. Ronaldo, not wishing to see them die meaninglessly, motioned with his hands for them to move off the road, mouthing the words with his mouth, "Get off the road!"

Skellen looked from the stall he was leaving, to the frantic pirate motioning for them to get out of the way, to Vance and then back to the frantic pirate. Tilting his head to the side Skellen found himself saying
"Uh... there's plenty of room here, why would I do that?" Perhaps he should have clued in a bit more as to why he should get out the way of a small group not taking up much space, but Skellen had never really been the type to take an interest in other people unless they gave him a reason.
"What do you reckon that's all about?" he asked Vance.

"Hmh?" Vance responded, his head turned off to the left, a smile on his face as he'd been watching a guy selling apples pelting a random passerby for asking if he could get a discount, so he hadn't even noticed the group they were walking towards.

"What do you mea-" he started, his head turning to the right towards Skellen, but as fate would have it, just then, there was a hole in the road, which his foot fell straight into, causing him to stumble and fall forwards. "- Waah!"

He winced as he collided with the ground, as long as he was, most of the air knocked out of him. "Oof! Ungh... what the heck...?" he muttered, placing his hands on the ground to push him up. However, as he was about to, he caught sight of a pair of boots right in front of him. Blinking, he slowly looked upwards at a very tall man, a sword by his side and a girl on his shoulders, the man having come to a stop right in front of him. "... Uhm. Hi there." He tried with a sheepish smile.

Ronaldo quickly palmed his face at the reaction by Vance, who fell right in front of Warp, and more importantly, Mina. Warp halted right in front of Vance on the floor, much to Mina's outrage. "And why have you decided to stop so suddenly on the road?! I could have fallen off you buffoon!"

Warp looked down at the man in front of him. He pointed to him, and then looked at Mina. "There's a man lying in the middle of the path, Captain," He replied, now looking back at the man on the floor.

"What?!" She exclaimed, looking down at the floor below him, and seeing Vance right next to her father's boots. "How dare you block my path, fool? Don't you know who I am?!" She glared angrily at Vance.

Blinking a little in surprise at the girl's outburst and still laying on the ground, he looked up at the girl. "I, uhm... I don't... think so? S-sorry for, uh... blocking your path?"

Skellen looked the girl and her crew up and down with a disinterested look
"A prissy wannabe pirate drama queen with an overly high opinion of herself and some old sucker wrapped around her self-absorbed insignificant little finger?" Skellen said, his voice not shifting from a bored monotone.
"Honestly Vance, don't waste your breath apologising to people like that, just ignore them and move on with your life. It's easier than dealing with their stupidity"

"There's no need to be so rude about it, Skellen." Vance muttered as he slowly pushed himself to his feet, dusting off his vest and his pants as he did. "Could've just said you're not interested in finding out, you know."

All around, pirate passerbys gave oohs and ahs at what Skellen had said. Some visibly paled and others stayed around to see what would unfold. Ronaldo had to cover his mouth, having almost let out a laugh at Skellen's answer. The answer from the pirate took Warp off guard too, who didn't know how to react, but nervously observed his daughter to seen her reaction. Her first reaction was a look of scorn at Ronaldo, who she saw tried to contain his laughter. She then glared at Skellen, fuming. "Wannabe...DRAMA QUEEN!?" She yelled, her face visibly reddening in her anger. Ronaldo meanwhile began to burst out in the laughter he tried to contain, but at this point Mina was too furious at Skellen to notice. "You just earned yourself a slow, painful death! Warp! Ronaldo!"

"Yes, Captain?!" Warp snapped, just as Mina began to suddenly float off of his shoulder at a slight push off, suddenly jumping quite high in the air and gliding there.

"Kill these two impudent fools and show them why they don't mess with Mina Tensen and the Tensen Pirates!"

Warp grinned, cracking his kneck and stretching his shoulders out as he felt the ease and relief of having no heavy weight along his shoulders. He swung his sword a few times left and right and then pointed it right at the pair in front of them. "Yes, Captain!" He replied. "Sorry fellas. Any last words?"

Vance stumbled backwards as the large pirate began swinging his sword, raising his hands up in front of him with a look of shock and disbelief on his face. "W-whoa, calm down! H-he didn't mean it, I promise!" He promptly turned to Skellen, grabbing onto his arm, intensely muttering to him; "Skellen, quick, apologize!"

"Why would I apologise when I meant every word?" Skellen said to Vance, sounding as though he was shocked at the notion of saying something other than the truth... like he'd never lied.
"Why should I be worried about an old guy, an insubordanant coward and a prissy little girl?"

"S-sssh!" Vance paled, pressing a finger to his lips, his whispering so loud that he might as well have been talking anyways. "Y-you're making it worse!"

Warp angrily glared at Skellen, more enraged by his insults to his daughter and Captain than to himself. He stepped forward toward the two. "Poor choice of last words!" He yelled, moving forward.

"Don't be stupid," a voice came from the crowd, before Warp brought his sword down. He had a partially shaved head, a cigarette in his mouth, a camouflage-style jacket on and a towel over his shoulder. His hands were in his pockets as he casually approached the center of the scuffle, as if they didn't matter to him. He was accompanied by a young woman with bright blue eyes, medium-length blonde hair and a white shirt, as well as an older, bald man with a mechanical-looking left arm. Warp expected the newcomers, whom both he and Ronaldo instantly recognized as a members of the Akahige pirates, to be speaking to them, but the shaved head pirate was speaking instead to Skellen. "You should know when not to antagonize others, or you'll get yourself killed. Pirates do what they like, but only smart pirates get far, because they don't do stupid things like you." He pointed to Mina in the air, "She may be a brat, but she's got a Devil Fruit which alters her body weight, and a 38 million belli bounty."

"And just who do you think you are?! Calling me a brat!?" Mina yelled from her floating spot in the air, barking at the new trio of pirates to arrive. "I'm going to crush you!"

"Mina, that's Shin Koku, the first mate of the Akahige pirates!" Warp called out to her. "Along with Katherine Matthews and Baron Dallas of the Akahiges! They're not pushovers!" He hollered, hoping she would pay attention.

Shin Koku continued, completely ignoring the shouting Mina and pointing at Ronaldo and Warp. "And these two may have lower bounties, but they're the reason she's so feared to begin with. Next time, use your head." He declared. Mina was fuming in the air, traveling faster and faster down onto the ground.

"HOW DARE YOU IGNORE ME!" She shrieked. "You'll pay for that!" She said, moving down quickly all at once, as if her body suddenly gained a massive amount of weight. She tried targeting the Akahige pirate, attempting to crush him with her added amount of extra weight. Again, the man ignored her, and sidestepped her attempt to crush him, almost effortlessly. She suddenly collided with the ground harshly, while Shin never took his eyes off Vance and Skellen.

"Mina!" Warp shouted, coming to the help of his daughter, who was slammed her own force into the ground, digging herself into a rather large ditch and staying there. Warp angrily brought his eyes back to Shin. "You'll pay for that! Ronaldo, come on!" He yelled, as Ronaldo sighed and stepped forward. For the first time, Shin Koku turned away from Vance and Skellen and glared at Warp and Ronaldo, who were beside the lying Mina in her ditch.

"What are you even doing, getting involved in things that don't concern you, Shin?" Ronaldo asked annoyingly. Shin took in a drag of his cigarrette and pointed to Mina as he exhaled.

"Your captain was prancing around claiming ownership of things that didn't belong to her," He explained. "Until someone finds the treasure the only thing we pirates own here is our lives. And unless you want to lose yours, back down now." He demanded, the other two Akahige pirates ready to fight beside him.

"No chance," Warp declared, as Mina began to stand and angrily fumed toward the Akahige pirates' direction.

"Kill them now!"

As all this happened, Vance had done almost nothing but staring at the scene with his jaw progressively falling further and further towards the ground, and only as Mina slammed into the ground, causing it to shake a little from the vicious impact did he snap out of it. He stumbled a little back, his face pale and his expression one of terror. He turned to Skellen and, without a word, grabbed onto his arm and proceed to dash down the street, as far away from the two groups of pirates as he could with Skellen in tow.

Skellen struggled to free himself of Vance at first, but eventually resigned himself to the fact that whilst his crewmate was hurtling through the crowd heading towards the fight behind them he was going to just have to stumple behind him or be trampled.
"Why didn't you let me stay? I don't like being talked down to!" he cried over the din of the heavy footsteps.

"You don't understand!" Vance called out over the sound of the sudden stream of people flocking towards the fight behind them. "Those guys were from the Akahige pirate crew! Not even Morgan would stand a chance against those guys!"

Nobody ever takes the doctor seriously, do they? Skellen sighed to himself, paying little attention to where Vance was leading him... although perhaps he should have been because as Vance rounded a corner Skellen's face collided with a hard wooden beam and he fell back into the crowd.

Footsteps thundered past Skellen as he struggled to his feet and gradually pushed through the crowd, stooped down under the weight of the crowd around him and unable to pull himself upright. It was only when he managed to force himself into an alleyway that he managed to straighten up and catch his breath.
"Told him something would go wrong" he panted "now I have to find him. Great."

Several minutes later, at the very edge of town, Vance finally pulled around the corner of a building and sighed out in relief. "Alright... I think we'll be alright here." Turning around to face Skellen, whom he'd assume was still the person he had a hold of, he blinked at the sudden appearance of a guy who was missing most of his teeth and had a really wide face and greasy hair sending him a creepy smile. "So, where' we goin'? Somewhere fun?"

Vance simply stared at him for a few moments before quickly pulling his hand back, spinning around on the spot to try and locate his comrade. "... Skellen? Skellen!"

Groaning out at the sudden lack of a doctor, he raised both his hands to ruffle his hair. I can't believe this! We get into like, four fights as soon as we land, Lotte disappears, then we run into the Akahige pirates...

As he turned around, he noticed just how far out of town he'd gotten. Well, if I weren't lost from others before, I sure am now... Pausing a moment, he glanced a little upwards. The landscape had started sloping, and there was something akin to a pathway leading up towards a large, mountain-looking hill type of thing, further inland.

Tilting his head a little, he stopped a passerby. "H-hey, excuse me, where does this path lead?" The old man he asked raised a brow, looking offended at having been stopped, but reluctantly looked to the path, then the 'mountain' and back. "You wha'? That's the road to the Royal Peak, ya dummy! 'S our best attraction." He boasted proudly, puffing his chest a little out before narrowing his eyes at Vance again. "... Stop botherin' me!"

As the old guy hobbled off, Vance scratched his cheek thoughtfully. Royal Peak...? If I were the King pirates, I'd probably at -least- leave a clue up there... which means Kuzo and the others are bound to come that way too. Deciding with himself, he nodded and proceeded on the path out of town and up towards the peak, hoping dearly that he'd find his friends there.

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    Bass - Wings are great aren't they?

    He had flow up away from Kuzo and the others and once again was balancing himself on a current of air. He glanced down at the city below him and swooped around, trying to find something that could point him in the right direction for this treasure everyone wanted. He knew that if he could find it and bring it back then he could get them to get off of this island and they wouldn't have to get into fights anymore or such. It would keep less people from being killed as well since once the treasure would get off of the island then no one would stick around and harm the townsfolk anymore. It was a win win since his own crew would get the treasure as well! After a bit of flying, and many terrified screams he flew up higher and higher and sighed. He wasn't getting anywhere with causing people to become frightened of him. Hell, if he flew on down and landed now a mob would probably form around him! It was always like that, and it was like here as well.

    He did have to wonder though… was there a place that would properly accept him? Heh, he was starting to see it more as a dream than a reality at this point, but he couldn't let that get him down! Kuzo and the others wanted this treasure found… now the question was that if this island was known for having a treasure then there had to be crews left behind. He only knew a bit about pirate crews, but either they left maps to find their treasure again or they would lay behind clues for someone else to find it. Now that he did get to thinking about it he had to wonder just how much of a treasure there was. Would he be able to carry it back to the ship? coins weren't heavy, yes, but in mass they could weigh a lot. Especially if they were in some sort of chest. In that case he could find one of the others and bring them to the treasure, and the only problem with that was the fact that he would only be able to bring one person… and the climb up and down could be treacherous.

    He flew up higher and gazed off into the distance. He could see that there really weren't many things around that were screaming there is a clue or treasure here, so maybe he had to try somewhere else? If no one in the city had found it yet then it had to be farther off. He looked about and saw the forests, problem was that forests weren't really that navigable. You could easily get lost and things looked the same such as trees and shrubs. It needed to be in a location where you could count how many steps to take or for it to have a key landmark. Hm… where could that be?

    The answer hit him when his eyes laid on a rather large mountain. Hm… he didn't see any other mountains here. If the treasure was in there then you could count how many caves to pass or you could find a set of markings that would lead the way to the treasure. He grinned and used another current to fly on over, his wings beating slowly as he gazed upon the sheer size of the mountain. Yeah, this was going to take some time, but he had an advantage. Instead of having to walk the paths and find good grips to get up the mountain he could just fly over every single obstacle!

    He approached at a leisurely pace and finally stopped on a side of the peak, looking about slowly and began to glide around the mountain, every now and then flapping his wings to adjust his height. As he rose higher and higher he noticed nothing really hitting his eyes. He saw caves, a few trees and shrubs that managed to somehow grow on the mountainside, and… that was it. Of course he didn't expect to see any signs screaming that the treasure was there.

    He ended up flying to a higher cave and flapped his wings a bit and landed on solid ground. It was rather cold up and he couldn't help but shiver. Better to start up top and see if the treasure was there than to go into a cave and come out surrounded by other pirates, right? Though as he did land his face moved into that of a grimace. He had to be careful as he stepped down because of what he saw. Snails. A boat load of snails... or that's what it seemed like to him. He ended up having to fly back up, shivering as a snail started to crawl up his foot and he had to swing his leg around wildly to get it off. He shook his head and sighed, "Has to be something." He muttered to himself.
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    Wilhelm Crew - Recon Squad with Kuzo and Avril

    Regal Town

    A group of four loosely dressed individuals stolled down the streets of Regal Town. On the left was a heavy individual of some age, with dark hair and tan skin. On the right, a rugged looking man with a short stubble and rough facial features. In the middle was Grave "Dead Eye" Markus, walking beside "The Rodent." Under their clothes, each one was hiding an arsenal of weapons.

    "Damn Pirates are everywhere," Rodney said with a sneer. "Sooner we can get out of here the better. No sense risking our lives for some broad." Graves heard what Rodney said, but didn't listen. They were the words of a coward.

    "Rodney, you complain that no one respects you, but you sure don't give us a lot to respect," chimed the older man on the left.

    "If you guys keep talking you're liable to get us found out. Can it. We're almost there anyway," demanded the rugged man on the right.

    "You know what, when the s**t hits the fan, we'll see who survives the longest." Rodney was caught up on the point, and it wasn't helping anything.

    "I guess we will," said Markus.

    "Excuse me, miss?" asked Rodney, with a wide grin across his face. "Do you recognize the woman in this picture? Shishsishishi!" Rodeney was holding out a bounty notice for Avril.

    Avril glanced over in the direction of the man speaking. Her eyes fell on the poster in his hand, causing the woman to muster a look of surprise. She honestly was not expecting that to have made its way to a rundown place such as this. Adjusting the brim of her hat over her eyes for a moment, Avril quickly glanced away from the poster.

    "Well... Um... I think I may have seen someone who resembles that... I mean..." the woman stammered for a moment. She glanced over towards Kuzo and quickly stepped closer to him. "Hey, Ku... Have you seen a person like that one?" she asked, dubbing the man with an odd nickname already.

    Kuzo's eyes darted between the wanted poster, and Avril. He looked back and forth between the two before finally smiling at Avril. "Morgan and Leon have a higher one." He commented.

    Rodney's face scrunched with displeasure, wrinkiling around his sharp nose. "I don't think she gets it, Rodney," said the Rugged Man.

    Markus stared at the group in front of them. The comment seemed to point at the fact that they were probably pirates.

    "I don't got time for this!" yelled Rodney. Tossing aside his disguise, Rodney proved his nickname by transforming into what seemed to be a large rat man wearing a Marine's uniform. The men on either side followed suit and produced a large sword for the rugged man, and a rifle for the elder.

    "If you come with us, it will be much easier," said the old man. "Wilhelm doesn't like resistance."

    Avril hesitated for a moment. While she had just met this group of pirates, the captain of them already seemed to think of her as a crew member. Sure, she had no intention of ACTUALLY joining them, but if it they were anything like the others she had dealt with so far since arriving on Duke Island, chances were she could easily convince them to help her out with this situation...

    "Well... maybe not that angry one with the scythe, but..."

    Adjusting the brim of her hat back to it's normal spot, Avril gave the revealed Marines a soft smile. "Hmm... I think I should probably decline that offer... My pops always told me that I shouldn't go runnin' 'bout with strangers..." She paused, glancing at the one who had turned into a rat and giggled. "And ya look 'bout as strange as they come, yeah?"

    Rodney's eyes bolted open in response. "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!?" The rugged man glanced over to notice that Markus had yet to draw his weapon.

    "What are you doing? Get out your guns."

    Markus nodded before reaching back to pull his rifle off his back, and his pistol from it's holster. Pointing both out in front of him at the poor girl they had been sent to hunt, Graves remembered the execution just a week before.

    Baring his teeth, Rodney scowled at Avril. "The bounty never said we had to bring you back alive you know."

    "Well... Ya know, it never said you had to bring me back at all..." Avril said quietly. "Look... There's plenty of other bounties here, right? Why not focus on somethin' a bit... higher? You could always come back for me later... or not at all. Ya know, whatever works!"

    "Clearly you don't know Wilhelm," said the old man.

    "I think it's time I killed you guys," said Markus dryly.

    'What?" Said the group of Marines together, as Graves swung his Rifle to the right, and his pitol to the left, firing them similtaneously into the skulls of the men on either side of him.

    "Markus, what are y-" Before he could finish, Graves drove his bayonet into Rodney's Body and pinned him to the ground, careful not to hit any vitals.

    "You're gonna run away now, and tell Wilhelm what happened. Now get out of my sight you filthy rat." Markus let up, and pulled the blade from out of Rodney. The Rat quickly grabbed at the wound, trying to keep from bleeding.

    "You bastard!" Rodney scrambled up as quickly as he could and started to run. He turned back for just a moment to say, "Wilhelm won't kill you, I won't let him have the satisfaction! You're mine, Graves!"

    Markus turned to the crew after briushing himself off a bit. "You guys are pirates, right?"

    Kuzo quietly nodded to Markus, a bit confused on the situation. He assumed they were all Marines tracking down pirates along the island, and for some reason they had a particular interest in Avril. He was prepared to help fight them off since she was now apart of his crew, but this Marines seemed to do it for them. He silently wondered why.

    "Well... In all honesty, they are pirates," Avril replied. "I'm sort of just hitchin' a ride for the time bein'..."

    "My name is Graves Markus. But you can call me Deadeye." Markus procured his Marine hat from amongst his belongings. "I'm guessing that your crew could use a Marksman." He then threw the hat high into the air. Swiftly swinging his pistol towards the sky, he fired several rounds. When the hat landed, there was a pattern of holes crossing out the Marine symbol stitched into it. Markus looked at Avril. "Sorry for the trouble. We kinda had you trapped like a girl surrounded by Marines."

    "No problem... Though I am curious 'bout the sudden change of heart," Avril replied. "Ratty-Patty didn't seem to wanna take another answer besides yes."

    "We were under strict orders to locate you. We weren't bounty hunters after all. The actual values don't affect us." Graves looked at Kuzo intently. "I suppose this means I'm the one with the lowest bounty."

    "If we accept you," Kuzo responded, crossing his arms and matching the intent look of Graves. "Someone who kills their friends isn't exactly on the top of my list."

    "I wouldn't call them friends. If you'd seen what I've seen them do to innocent people, I think you might agree that they had it coming." Markus put his guns away, but was careful not to remove his disguise. He was still wearing a Marine uniform under it after all. "Let's just say that Wilhelm is the type who does anything and everything to get the job done, regardless of regulations and ethics."

    Kuzo nodded as Markus explained this 'Wilhelm' guy. He definitely knew there were Marines out there that fit that bill. But he still wasn't convinced about this guy just yet. "Why do you want to become a pirate?" He asked.

    Markus thought it was a fair question. "I think maybe we should go somewhere more private first. These bodies and my gunshots are likely to draw some attention."

    Kuzo quietly nodded again, agreeing with the man on this point. He turned and proceeded to walk away from the scene of the incident. As he did this, he thought about what Avril could have done to make the Marines so mad that they'd pursue despite others having higher bounties. He walked, and then turned his face around and commented to the Marine behind him. "Tristan D. Kuzo's the name, by the way."
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    Wright D. Morgan- Regal Town, Duke Island

    Morgan was sure he was supposed to be doing something. The murmurs of something eventful filled the air with loud noises, frequent conversations and the tossing of names back and forth. But everything was muffled and Morgan drowned everything out. It was nothing more than background noise, happening all subconsciously as if Morgan had suddenly developed tunnel vision, with his eyes on the prize. There was a lingering, almost nagging thought, pulling at him in the back of his head. It was like something was compelling Morgan to actually pay attention to the events around him. And perhaps he should of. He was part of Kuzo’s “crew” if by nothing more than convenient association and there was an obligation to aid Kuzo and his allies in their escapades. However, Morgan had successfully put himself in such a daze that he couldn’t remember what happened in the past week of his life.

    His memories flooded by such a thick fog that the only light that pierced through it was the flaming red of hair of the woman in front of him. From what Morgan could tell, she was older than he was, perhaps by more than only a few years. Now normally, the Burning King did not have a thing for older women, but Morgan was more than willing to make an exception. After all, her hair matched the flames that he lived to fill the world with. A match made in the skies above may be an overstatement, but Morgan had a small thing for drama. He would admit that much.

    Continuing to block out anything related to Kuzo and his addiction to forcing random strangers to join his crew (which Morgan was beginning to get worried about space), Morgan looked at the woman and threw a wink her way: “Well, hello th- What the…hell?”

    Morgan’s eyes were suddenly distracted, mentally pushing the beauty before him aside as he suddenly approached the wall. Undoubtedly the people around him were more confused than Morgan, but he could ignore them easily enough. He was used to be considered a little more than eccentric. “A snail…? Why is there one here?” Morgan yanked the snail off the wall and proceeded to analyze it. He knew snails were used for a number of tasks, though he failed to understand how everything worked no matter how much he studied the supposed science behind it. For some reason, Morgan felt as if he was being watched. He looked around, noticing more snails in the area after picking out the first one. They were hung around the area. Some on buildings. Others on trees. He imagined they were everywhere. Someone placed them there. But why? And to serve what purpose? Asking questions like that wouldn’t help him really. Morgan was clever, not smart, and even then that gave him more credit than he deserved.

    “Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Pirates and Marines! To Duke Island! Home of the first Pirate Games!!” The snail suddenly barked at Morgan, taking the normally fairly composed pirate aback. The voice was clearly that of relatively young woman, having a sense of elegance and serenity to it, while also conveying strength and authority. It didn’t take long for Morgan to hear the announcement echo in the wind. The message must have been spread throughout the island so every soul could hear it. “If you are here, listening to this announcement, you are now part of the greatest collection of pirates and marines this side of the Red Line. You heard the rumors of the vast treasure of the fallen Pirate King. You heard that is here on this very island. Allow me to tell you that message is true. I, Kasumi Kobushi, President and CEO of the Kobushi Corporation, have placed the treasure at the top of Royal Peak myself,” she continued. Morgan could practically see every person on the island eyes widen. “Now that every single one of you know where it is, the game can now begin. Everyone wants a piece of the treasure. It is a race to the finish. The obstacles are your rivals. Your adventure will be recorded and shown to every single living person on this planet. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to make your name immortal. Good luck.”

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    Avril Meads
    The Contest Begins

    Avril's eyes widened as she listened to the announcement that was no doubt heard all across the island. This was definitely not a bit of news that the woman was looking to hear. Not only did one person already have the whereabouts of the treasure's location from the start, but that person had made it their personal job to make sure everyone else on the island was aware of it too, as if it was some sort of game. On top of that, not only were all these pirates who were on the island made aware of the treasure's location, the voice had made sure to specify that Marines were on the island as well...

    Avril frowned at the thought of more Marines possibly being at Duke's Island looking for her... much less the fact that anyone could already be well on their way to the treasure... Her treasure...

    "With all this happenin' at once, I really can't afford to be wastin' my time listenin' to this guy's story or this crew's captain invitin' every single person that passes by to join his crew..." Glancing over around at the various members of this said crew, a quick smirk made its way to her lips as Avril laid eyes upon Morgan. "Bringin' an entire group up to the top of this mountain where the treasure is will take far too long... But just bringin' one or two..."

    Avril made her way over towards Morgan. A small sigh escaped her lips as she gave the man a longing look.

    "Oh this isn't gonna be any good at all..." the woman said, giving Morgan a downhearted look. "I was hopin' that maybe I could get a look at the mountain top myself... but if all these other pirates get there first, I probably won't get a good look at it before it gets all junkled and ruined... Maybe there's a way we could get there before that happens...? Maybe there's someone who's big and strong that could keep me safe from any dangerous pirates?" Avril paused, looking Morgan in the eyes. A somewhat seductive looking glance entered the woman's eyes as she leaned close, one of her hands coming to rest against Morgan's cheek.

    "Ya know... just the two of us? Pretty please...?"
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    Wright D. Morgan and Avril Meads- Regal Town, Duke Island

    So the lady hides treasure on an island, gets every greedy pirate to come to the island and then announces where she hides. The Grand Line is crazier than I thought. And a helluva a good time too, Morgan thought to himself. All Morgan had to reason with himself was what he would do with the treasure. And how he was going to get there...

    And then a hand brushed across his face, causing the young pirate to quietly gulp (he was never used to women making the 'first move' on him and he needed to regain his composure). Morgan had to consider Avril's offer for only a second. "I thought you would never ask," he quietly said.

    Avril gave Morgan a quick wink and a giggle, before leading him away from Kuzo and the rest of his crew. The woman decided to keep her act of seduction... or lying for the lack of a better word, giving her hips a bit of an exaggerated swaying motion as she walked. She had only hoped that Morgan would follow behind her as she had planned.

    "So now I need to figure out how to actually get the treasure... I can probably deal with some of these pirates myself... despite the fact I had those other two from earlier do the fightin' for me... Come to think of it, I sort of asked this guy to come along without knowin' just what he can actually do if brought into a fight..."

    Avril glanced over her shoulder, smiling warmly at the man. "This place is sort of scary now... What with all these pirates in an uproar 'bout that treasure... Do ya think that ya could maybe keep me safe...?" she asked, giving the man a slightly nervous glance.

    "I guess you never heard of me, have you?" Morgan said with a raised eyebrow and a small laugh. "I am the 'Burning King.' You are more than safe," he continued, trying to reassure Avril. Though she was an innocent as she seemed, she may have not heard of his reputation. Then again, he'll just prove it when he needs to. Morgan was confident enough that most of the pirates on Duke Island were weaker than he was. And if any fight did escalate to a point where he couldn't win...Morgan chose to not think about that. He'll improvise. He was good enough at that. "Though a woman like yourself has been traveling alone for a while I'm guessin'. How have you fended of all these Marines and the like on your own?"

    "Well, the truth of the matter is..." Avril began. She seemed somewhat hesitant to give the details. However, realizing that if she had any hope of actually obtaining her treasure, the woman figured that she should overlook that fact for the time being. "I guess ya could say I'm one of those weapony-buildiner-types... Explosives, flashybombs, and all that sort of stuff... I pretty much use the stuff I make to fight against the Marines and sometimes pirates... or at least manage to get away..."

    "I do like the sound of explosions," Morgan admitted with a smirk. "Ya know, a crafty and beautiful girl like yourself doesn't seem like you need a lug like me." Morgan was perhaps selling himself short, but the reality was he could see a number of similarities between Avril and himself. She seemed to be loner like himself. She seemed to fight like he did. Or at least have the same way of thinking in those kind of situations. Hell, she kind of talked like he did too. Morgan felt as if he looked at a mirror. Only she was a she. And probably better looking than him. "Anyway, I suppose I should say thanks for bringing me along. Ya'll got a plan?"

    "Not exactly," Avril answered honestly. A somewhat mischievous looking smirk replaced the smile she had been wearing previously, followed by a small giggle as well. "The only plan I have formin' in my head is to get to the top of the mountain alive, which is one reason why I asked ya along with me. No offense, but your captain and the big guy with that scythe didn't exactly strike me as people I could count on to do that... And that one guy with the gun who was with the Marines that came after me... Well, let's just say I don't really trust someone who came after me with intent to arrest... even if he did chase off the rest of his group."

    "That guy isn't exactly my captain. Even if he wants to be," Morgan retorted. "He wants me in the crew and who could blame him? But the only reason I am bothering to follow him around is because he agreed to give me his ship if I beat 'em in a fight." Avril gave him a shot of confidence in that he could beat Kuzo in a fight. He didn't know much of his abilities, but so far the only guy that Morgan feared was Kiba and that was only because of that revolver and those new bullets he recently added. Morgan will take it. "You can trust me though. Hell, I might even surprise ya. So I guess we should just head straight at that rock and see what happens? How does that sound?"

    "Sounds like a better plan than nothin'," Avril replied with a nod and smile.

    Truth be told, she was a bit surprised by part of Morgan's information. From what she had figured she knew about pirates, it seemed like that unwavering loyalty to the captain was supposed to be a must... Which of course led to the question of just what sort was Kuzo supposed to be?

    "Alrighty then. Let's a go then!" Morgan began to sprint ahead towards Royal Peak. "Better keep up! I want the treasure as much ya do!"

    "Lead on, Peppers~" the woman replied, giving Morgan another smile and giggle.

    Avril watched for a moment as Morgan dashed ahead before she began to follow behind him. This was turning out to work better than she had thought it would. In fact, Avril was quite pleased with the fact that she had managed to pick one of the more reasonable and level-headed members of that group to come along with her towards the treasure. The woman only hoped that this good fortune would continue for the rest of her time at Duke Island.

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    Tristan D. Kuzo and an island of pirates - Duke Island

    With a simple announcement from the transponder snails, the island was in an uproar. If it was thought that the pirates, with their screaming, shouting, drinking, and fighting, were rowdy before, now they were on an entirely different level. Orders were being shouted around. Pirates in groups and as individuals began making their way up the multiple paths up the mountain, which had a forest start at its base until most of the way up, and at the very top was covered with a sheet of white snow. Brawls broke out on the streets as the different pirate groups tried to minimize the competition as much as they could. It was a free-for-all, with no rules, and only one victor.

    Kuzo had personally never heard of this 'Kasumi Kobushi', who had announced herself on the transponder snails, but it appeared as if many other pirates have.

    "Did the snail say Kobushi?!" A pirate closeby shouted, asking one of his fellow crewmates as they began to run up the island. "Isn't that the Shichibukai?!"

    "Yeah, she's the Warlord! I'm sure of it!" His fellow pirate retorted, as they quickly sprinted out of town and onward to the Royal Peak.

    Conversations and shouting like this broke out all across town, confirming for Kuzo the identity of the woman who had made the announcement. Yet he still didn't know much about her besides a name and a title, and in all honesty, it didn't matter as much to him. What did matter is that all the action and excitement was going to happen on the Royal Peak. That was where he'd go too.

    He turned around to try and address his crew, but found that both Morgan and Avril had departed while he was listening to the announcement. He didn't really know where Bass and Lotte were, and he lost track of Vance and Skellen a while back. All that he saw presently were the ex-Marine Graves and Leon. Interesting company he was paired with, but given the current situation, he assumed all of his crew would he would most likely pick up along the way on the mountain, or on the very top with the treasure.

    "A race to the top, eh?" Kuzo commented, a smile returning to his face. He stopped in his tracks, and addressed both Leon and Markus. "Change of plans. We'll talk about this later. We're going to get that treasure!" He exclaimed, and proceeded toward the hillside on the path to the large mountain. Many other pirates took similar paths, and quite a few of them attempted to shoot or slice their fellow scallywags every chance they could. Kuzo adjusted his bone size, hollowing and thinning up in Lightning Mode, and dashed forward in a rapid motion, shooting passed many, much to their surprise. Kuzo had no idea what he would encounter on the top of the mountain. Maybe there really was a treasure. Heck, maybe it was One Piece. But it wasn't the idea of what exactly that treasure was that drew him toward the mountain. Instead, it was the fact that he didn't know what it was. It was the unknowing, the adventure of it. There wasn't much else he could ask for.


    Having heard the announcement loud and clear, the Tensens quickly broke off their scuffle with the Akahige Pirates and took a path up the mountain. Along the way, Mina was specifically ordering Warp and Ronaldo to cut down everyone they saw along the path, which Warp was happy to oblige, and which Ronaldo did reluctantly. Shin Koku, first mate of the Akahiges, directed his own crewmates up the mountain as well, expected that his Captain, wherever he may be, was probably along the way as well.

    The Okama Pirates had already made quite a bit of distance up the mountain, having started earlier due to Elric the Okama Hero, the Captain, having gathered some information from the "Gun Saint" of the Akahiges back in the diner. Though his information was on a whim, it was surprisingly accurate, making way for the Okamas to be closer to the top than most of the many other pirate crews.

    Even from the shore, the Fishman Pirates led by Captain Jishi Jeremoh, the "Plague of the Ocean" and his crew had heard the announcement and furiously dashed along their own path on the other side of the mountain toward the top. They appeared in a group of four fishmen: The Captain, whose head resembled that of a squid-like creature; a skinnier, more human-like fishman with like brown hair and a young complexion; a shorter, faster fishman with an elongated head, and black leather clad around his wrists, pants, and head (as a sort of bandanna), with a pair of large, dark goggles, and an enormous, monstrous fishman with green scales, a bulky body and large teeth. Each one seemed ready to kill anyone who got in their way. A younger group of pirates who were along their path paid them one unsavory look (in their opinion), and that was it.

    "What are you looking at, boy?" The skinnier fishman with the light brown hair sneered at one of the younger pirates, who was caught staring at the larger fishman monster. At the realization that he was caught staring, he quickly turned away and hoped that they could move along without any problems. The Fishmen didn't have the same plan in mind. The other fishman with black goggles quickly stopped the younger pirate from leaving by grabbing his shirt, and before his other friends could run off, the fishman monster stepped in their way. "Where do you think you're going? Ain't ya gonna answer my friend here?" The fishman in the black goggles asked to the clearly frightened pirate.

    "Uh...uhm...sorry! Please! D-d-don't hurt me!" He cried.

    "Don't hurt me, he says!" The black goggled fishman mimicked. The other fishmen laughed. "What, do you think we look funny to you?"

    "N-NO! You-"

    "That's it isn't it? You think we're ugly!" The black, goggled fishman said, lifting the young pirate up by his shirt. Despite his relatively limber size, the fishman had remarkable strength.

    "No! Please don't hurt me!" He said, crying in fear. The other pirates too were on the verge of tears, pleading for their lives. The young pirate closed his eyes, the tears streaming down his face as the black goggled fishman lifted his other hand.

    "Enough Maruko. Shen. Oogwei." Captain Jeremoh commented ahead of his three subordinates. He looked back at them disapprovingly, and as the younger pirate the fishman known as Maruko held up opened his eyes, he thought he was safe. He looked at the Captain, as did the three fishmen. However, instead of getting a reprieve of pain from their Captain, he got something worse.

    "We have no time to deal with a couple of humans," He declared, the hate for the word being clear in his voice. He turned around and proceeded back toward the Royal Peak. "Just kill them already." He commanded. At that, the three fishmen grinned, and the human pirates shrieked in horror. The first of many yells of agony that would escape the mouths of the pirates who encountered the Fishman Pirates.

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      Bass: Stupid Pirates!

      Bass had still been looking about wildly, trying to find a place to land that wasn't covered with snails when he heard a booming voice that echoes around the mountain. He couldn't cover his ears all that well, so the message got to him loud and clear, perhaps a bit too loudly in fact. As the voice died down he couldn't help but groan in pain as a ringing echoed in his ear drums. The ringing slowly began to die down, and as it did he had to mull over what the voice had just said. Treasure... at the top of the mountain!? So... he was right? Well, that was good! Though... he knew how humans acted around treasure. He personally never had touched treasure before, but back in the forests he would hide from humans who would start fights over small pieces of coins. If that was any indicator, it meant that every single human would be running to the peak...

      Bass thought on that for a moment. If they were all coming here... well, they were pirates. They would probably try to kill each other to get up here. That also meant... that meant Vance and Kuzo! They could be killed! Bass found himself flapping a bit faster now as anxiety built up in his head. He couldn't just let them be killed, right? Vance was the closest thing to a friend he had after all! He bit his lower lip as he tried to figure out what to do. He could fly down, grab people off of the mountainside and fling them down to the ground... but he couldn't be fast enough then! Especially if his friends were surrounded by rough pirates!

      He flapped slowly in pace as the wheels turned in his mind. He could... he could try an avalanche perhaps? He had seen them sometimes near the mountains back on the island and they could be very wide spread. He knew most started with a certain rock pushed or there could be strong winds one day that would start a massive chain of falling rocks. He could flap hard enough to try and cause a rock slide that way, but at the same time... he could kill someone. He sighed and shook his head. Better them then someone he knew, right? He didn't want to do it... hopefully he wouldn't have to, but if he was forced to then he didn't have much choice in the matter. Okay... it was like... it was like that one time he had to fight off that jungle cat! The feline had tried to eat him and he had flown up and threw it down on some rocks. Yeah, it was like that. Survival of the fittest. His crewmates were his friends now, right? That meant he had to work to help protect them, sort of like how he would help other bats with surviving in the caves. He took a deep breath and then let it out. He had to cause some damage then. Anything to keep his friends alive.

      "Hey, Oka-crew. Keep up now!" Elric the Okama Hero yelled at his nakama who followed him up the dense forest along the upwards slope of the mountain. They had made quite a bit of progress up the Royal Peak, though the slopes were slowly getting to some of their stamina. That is, besides the Captain, who seemed to almost have an abundant amount.

      "Dardeneilles! Ojey!" He shouted to his two crewmates below him on the slope, both of which were Okamas. Dardeneilles had bright green eyes, brown hair, large yellow earrings and tons of unnecessary make-up. He also sported a large cannon in his hands. Ojey had bright pink glasses, flowing red hair, and a bit of fuzz along his chin and cheeks from a beard he desperately tries to hide.

      "Oh, all this dense, thick forest is scraping my nails!" Ojey whined, slowing down even more, as he desperately felt the need for a break.

      "Oka-Stow it, Ojey!" Elric jeered, ushering his team onward. Dardeneilles breathed heavily and looked up at the clouds, trying to catch his breath. As he looked up higher into the clouds, and then at the Royal Peak above, he caught sight of something that appeared to be flying only a bit higher than they were walking.

      "Hey, Elric!" Dardeneilles shouted. Elric turned to his crewmate. "What is it, 'Neilles?"

      "Ain't that some awefully big monster flyin'?" He asked, pointing to the large, bat-like creature he spotted close to them in the air. "Pretty funny lookin' thing, huh?"

      "Oooh, it's scary!" Ojey shrieked, placing his hands to his face and shaking his head. "Is he an animal of the island?"

      "Could be someone's pet," Dardeneilles commented. Elric, after examining the thing more closely, decided to play it safe.

      "Hmm, I don't Oka-like it. 'Neilles! Shoot him outta the sky. Make him...Oka-gone!" He grinned, and Dardeneilles, stepping forward, lifted up his large gun over his shoulder, locked onto his target, and fired the rocker launching bazooka at Bass.

      Possessing not only flight, but also echolocation skills, Bass could easily hear the projectile coming at him from a mile away. It WAS rather noisy that way, so he did the only thing he could do. Back when he had been little the only thing that had saved him from predators such as eagles and owls that populated the forest was a sort of twirling manuever. If you mastered it, then you were fine. If your buddy couldn't master it... well, that was a different story. As the bazooka came screaming right at him Bass twirled in mid air, moving just so that the bazooka barely missed him by half an inch.

      The bat gasped and panted, then looked down as his ears twitched. Yeah... pirates. No doubt coming for the treasure. He flew up higher and began to perform complex aerial maneuvers. He couldn't fall from this height, the liklihood of him splattering against the ground hit his mind. Hm... the caves! That was it! Bass flew toward the mountainside once more and he sent out a few small sound waves until finally his ears detected an opening. He flew on in and pressed himself against a wall, gasping frantically as his heart beat in his chest.

      He had to wait it out, it's what he did back at his island. Humans were always so impatient and they gave up after a few minutes. He would wait here, check to see if it was clear, then head back out again. For the moment he twiddled his thumb hooks, but then he heard a LOT of noise outside. It was too far away to tell exactly what it was, but as it got closer he recognized it. Shouting. Lots of shouting... and screams too.

      He shuddered and turned his head to take a quick peek out of the cave entrance. He quickly ducked back in and felt his heartbeat skyrocket. Hundred of pirates... heading here... oh sh*t. What to do!? Wait... that rock idea! He could start a rock slide! On the one hand, he was reserved about it... on the other he was just shot at and he knew eventually one pirate would land a lucky hit. He took in another deep breath and waited for a second before he would fly off.

      "Aww, he dodged it! Not Oka-cool, 'Neilles!" Elric commented, chomping his sharp teeth together as he proceeded up toward the top. "Look at that thing go!" He yelled, seeing Bass's flight pattern away from the pirates and toward a nearby cave.

      "He's in that cave, Captain. Oh, it looks scary!" Ojey whined. "I don't wanna go in there!"

      "Then we'll just have to keep the freak in!" Elric screamed back. He grabbed Dardeneilles by the shirt. "'Neilles...I'm oka-counting on you. Keep him away from us! If he gets out, you're oka-dead, boy!"

      Dardeneilles, the usually cool customer, found himself sweating bullets. His captain's violent temper and low tolerance for failure certainly didn't help. He stiffed up, nodded his head in understanding, and pointed his enormous launcher toward the entrance of the cave. Meanwhile, Elric and Ojey continued up the mountain. Dardeneilles fired another shot right at the entrance of the cave, aiming for the top of it to try and cave in the bat creature if he wouldn't be able to hit him.

      Once more Bass' ears swiveled and his eyes widened in fear. Something was flying right for his cave! It seemed to be similar to the last thing that had been thrown at him, and he didn't have time to fly out really. He had to head deeper into the cave as a loud explosion rocked the area. He gripped at his ears and ended up crashing to the ground. His eardrums ringed painfully and he was close to tears with just that noise alone. He felt the ground rumble and the light disappeared from outside as the entrace collapsed. He had to wait a bit for the ringing to die down. He could hear, but as he sent out a screech to map out the cave he gritted his teeth as pain hit his ears. He would have to be careful.

      He got onto his feet and flapped his wings a bit and took off further into the cave. He knew from personal experience that there could be more than one entrance to a cave. He hadn't heard the echoes he had sent out further down from the cave, so that meant there had to be an opening. He paused in mid flight and tsked a bit. The floor opened up here into a sort of crevice, which meant this could lead to other caves. Interesting...

      He flew on down into the darkness, sending out soft echoes every so often and he eventually found another tunnel to steer down. He came out into the light on another face of the mountain and he sighed in relief. At least he wasn't being attacked anymore.

      However, on the other side of the mountain, Bass would find multiple other pirates already traveling up the mountainside in hopes of acquiring. Upon seeing the bat-like creature pop up from one of the caves, many began unloading their pistols at the creature, thinking it was some sort of flesh-eating monster native to the island.

      Bass let out a alarmed cry and quickly flapped his wings to try and rise up as high as he could. Although his wings worked fast the bullets were faster and Bass gritted his teeth as a few shots went right through his thin wings.

      "Screw this!" He cried out in pain as he flew off and spied a piece of the forest below. He dived down and quickly roosted, shivering a bit from the pain. "Stupid pirates." He muttered to himself as he shifted his wings just a bit to ease up from the pain. A bit of blood dribbled from the holes so he slowly opened his wings and set about licking his wounds to stem the flow and cause a bit of numbness to envelop the area.

      Well, as long as he was down here then he wouldn't be bothered, that was a good call. Now... the questions was what to do?
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      Avril Meads and Morgan D. Wright - Goin' Fishin' - En Route to Royal Peak

      "One announcement 'bout that treasure and the whole island looks like its in a war or somethin'..." Avril said as she swung her hammer, sending another pirate that tried to attack she and Morgan falling to the ground with a grunt of pain. The woman wiped her brow, glancing over her shoulder at Morgan. "I mean, we're clearly actin' in self-defense, right?"

      Avril had lost count over how many pirates the two had bumped into along their way up towards the mountain peak where her treasure was waiting. They had not really met with any that actually managed to put up a major fight so to speak. Due to the chaos that the announcement had brought to the island, Avril would not have been surprised if some of the pirates had probably attacked their own crew members in the confusion.

      "You haven't spent a lot of time on the seas, have ya?" Morgan posed his own question, setting a pirate's hair on fire and watching him run in circles screaming all kinds of sailor talk. "This is an everyday occurance really. Bring up treasure and everyone wants a piece. Even if it's just one piece of it." The pirate ran in front of Morgan, and he tripped the man as he tumbled to the ground. Morgan then stomped on his face, knocking the pirate out.

      Avril gave an impartial shrug. "I've been around... Though, as I told ya earlier I'm not a pirate... So I've never really dealt with this sort of racket and rowdy-stuff." Glancing behind Morgan, Avril noticed another pirate attempting to sneak up behind him. She smiled, pointing calmly. "Ya missed one, by the way~"

      "You seem to be doing fine, my dear," Morgan said as he casually raised his fist to the face of the sneaking pirate. The pirate sank to the ground in a puddle of unconsciousness. "Stick with me and this stuff won't even faze ya. Most pirates are jokes. Well compared to me anyway," he continued with a wink. He wasn't one normally to be this cocky, but most of the waves of stupidity that struck the duo were pitful. He wanted some competition, if just to give him something to do.

      As if right on cue, a body was suddenly flung right beside Morgan and Avril, crashing into a nearby tree and crushing it. The body had flown in from a lower path along the Royal Peak, and as the two would observe, a straight path of broken trees and branches showed the direction which the man was flung. At the very bottom of the path of the broken trees stood the large, monstrous green form of one of the Fishman pirates, Oogwei. More monster than man, Oogwei was the largest and most physically imposing of the fishmen pirates. As his strength demonstrated, he was just as frightening outside of the water as he was inside of it. Oogwei looked among the broken trees to see Morgan and Avril within his vision, and snarled.

      Along with the large green Fishman was Shen, the skinny, more humanoid appearing of the two, with light brown hair. He peered into the path of the street Oogwei created. "Whatcha growlin' at there, Oogwei?" Shen asked, examining the pathway to see both Morgan and Avril standing on the opposing end of it. "Ah, more humans," He commented. At the very mention of the word 'humans', Oogwei snarled and chomped his large teeth together. "Looks like you guys, chose the wrong way up the mountain, air breathers!" Shen hollered at the two, then directed Oogwei to follow him up.

      Avril glanced in the direction of the shouting, her eyes falling upon the Fishmen as they taunted the duo. She looked over to her left and then to her right. She even went as far as to glance behind she and Morgan before returning a glance at Shen. A curious look graced Avril's features as she lifted her hat for a moment ro run her fingers through her hair.

      "I... wasn't aware there was another way to get up here..." Avril said with a smile. "Would you be nice of enough to maybe show us the right way? I really wanna see this treasure before someone else snatches it up."

      Shen snickered as he pushed aside any loose leaves or branches along his path as he walked toward the pair. The massive Oogwei walked behind him. "Tcheetchee! Sure, human! Just stay right there and we'll take you up to the top!" He hollered back, his pace increasing as he and Oogwei stormed toward the two humans. Shen readied his sharp claws, while Oogwei thundered forward, each massive step of his shaking the trees beside him.

      "I think you need to lay off the plankton, big guy. You may end up winding yourself before you make it to the top," Morgan said to the giant fish. "Plus the air is really thin up there. I don't want you to get too tired." Morgan counted to provoke the fish. Then, as Oogwei stomped ever closer, Morgan lunged forward striking the fish in the stomach with all his strength, blasting him back with a fireball. "So how about you take a break?"

      The large Fishman staggered back, clutching his stomach and roaring from the burn mark that was formed from Morgan's fireball. Shen looked over at the damage Morgan had caused. "Eh?! Fire human? You're the Burning King, ain't ya?!" He yelled, charging forward again toward Avril and Morgan and striking to slash them up with his claws. Oogwei, meanwhile, his tough scales having partially resisted the full brunt of the fireball, angrily roared and ran through the rest of the way, trying to charge right into the pair of humans. Pieces of branches and trees broke off and bent at the passing of his large form on the way to Morgan and Avril.

      "I think ya made them mad..." Avril said with a small giggle to Morgan.

      Taking hold of her hammer, Avril took a step back and changed the way she was holding the hammer. Rather than acting like she was going to swing the weapon, she held it forward as if it was some sort of rifle. She waited for Oogwei to get a bit closer, before she reached and pressed a small button that was sitting on the hammer's handle. Suddenly, the head of the hammer shot off from the weapon. A long chain followed with the head, attached to it as it sailed straight for the large, charging Fishman.

      Just as the fishman was about to impact into the young pirate woman, her weapon instead collided into the Fishman's stomach, hitting directly where the Burning King had previously injured him with a fireball. This caused Oogwei to roar with additonal pain from the hit, and also stagger back from the surprising amount of force that came out of the hammer shot. Oogwei clutched his stomach, and gritted his sharp, ferocious teeth together. However, in the process he also grabbed hold of the end of the hammer that hit him, and grasped it with his large arms. He then began tugging the chain along, hoping to pull Avril to him. With a show of force, he pulled the chain with all his might to hopefully send her toward his direction.

      However, by the moment Oogwei tried to pull off his plan, Shen was sent flying into Oogwei's side, launching the two fishmen into an adjacent tree. It seemed that while Avril surprised Oogwei in their brief scrap, Morgan had engaged Shen. The intial slash phased through the fire man, and Morgan was able to grasp Shen's arm and wail on him with several swift strikes to the face before tossing him aside with a heave, accelrating the fishman with a burst of flames. With that speed, Oogwei and Shen would turn into a cannonball, shattering the tree the two were launched into. "Got your back," Morgan yelled with a salute.

      "I'm startin' to see how ya earned that name 'Burnin' King.' Looks like I picked the right one of ya to escort me around," Avril replied with a smile. The woman pressed another button on the handle of her hammer, causing the chain to retract back into it and pulling the head of the hammer back onto its proper place. "Somethin' tells me they might not be done, though... Those Fishyguys are known to take a lot of a beatin' before they finally know when to give up."

      Oogwei was the first to get up, pushing Shen off of his chest, and onto the hard ground below. He fell off of the large fishman and onto the dirt with a thud and a groan, but quickly stood up right after. Oogwei then began examining his immediate area for an advantage he could get on the two humans. He studied a broke tree he knocked over earlier, reached for it, and then exerted his strength to lift it up, and toss the large piece of bark right at the pair. Shen meanwhile decked off to the side to avoid the hit, and traveled lightly to the side to see an opening while they were distracted with Oogwei.

      There was a brief moment when Morgan drew a blank as a sharp end of a tree was propelled at Avril and himself. Avril would be skewered which would be no fun for her. Sure, he would be fine as the tree would pass through him and set...everything on fire...wait a minute. A lightbulb burned intensely in his head. Morgan pushed Avril out of the way and took a deep breath in. "Dragon's Breath!" As he exhaled, a torrent of fire spewed from his mouth, burning the missle to nothing more than cinders. However, Morgan greatly underestimated the amount of air he took in and gauged the intensity of his flames pourly. A wave of fire swept through the woods, and small fickles set surrounding tress ablaze. Soon, Morgan realized a number of trees were erupting in flame, reducing a good part of the mountainside to ashes in minutes.

      Shen and Oogwei were right in the field of the fire which erupted out of Morgan's mouth and engulfed the area. Oogwei, being large and not very mobile in the thicket forested area, took the full brunt of the impressive blaze attack, his skin charring and burning from the contact, and the force which came with the attack sent him crashing through burning wood and leaves as he began the long tumble down the mountainside. Shen, who was to the side of the three fighting, thankfully was able to escape the assault of the Dragon's Breath, but this effectively deterred him from trying another attack on Morgan or Avril. That, and Oogwei's massive form tumbling down to his direction made him run for it. He shouted as he ran from his comrade's burning body, which now appeared to take the form of a live fireball rolling down the Royal Peak.

      "C-Captain!" Shen yelled, running in terror both from the Burning King and the burning Oogwei. He was outmatched, but he went looking instead for someone who definitely wasn't.

      Avril slowly picked herself off the ground from where Morgan had pushed her out of the way from his attack. She stared quietly as she watched the flame show that the man had made with his attack, before watching the remaining Fishman turn tail and run... all while calling for his captain in the process. Looking away from the sight, Avril glanced over towards Morgan with a small smile.

      "Callin' for his captain...? Somethin' tells me we're not of the woods just yet... even if you did burn most of them down just now, Pepper-kun," Avril said to him with a quiet giggle.

      "If you don't like trees that much, just ask. I can burn 'em down easy enough," Morgan smiled. Though, I only meant to burn that one tree, he thought to himself as he sighed. "Anyway, off to the top. I got a feelin' we won't encounter too much trouble on the way."

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      Tristan D. Kuzo, Graves "Deadeye" Markus, and Elric the Okama Hero

      "I suppose this means our little conversation will have to wait." All this excitment was very sudden for Graves, considering the drastic change of occupation he had just faced. "The brief on our mission didn't say anything about a Shichibukai being here."

      Markus barely managed to keep Kuzo in view with his speed, dashing through the various pirates making their way toward the top of the mountain. he found it rather difficult to run in his disguise, and desided that at this point it might be okay to drop it as they were moving farther away from inhabitted teritory. Markus threw the costume behind him, revealing his white vest with the Kanji for Justice sewn into the back. It was an ideal he still believed in, even if he could no longer support the Marines.

      As Graves made his way up, he began to take down anyone he could along the way. A well placed shot near his opponent's feet was generally enough to shake them up enough to send them tumbling down.

      Kuzo meanwhile in his 'Lightning Mode' was scurrying passed most of the pirates without bothering to fight them, though he would make the occassional push or palm if they managed to get close enough. His current body did allow him to jump quite far and run pretty fast, but he purposefully didn't use its full capabilities, instead deciding in his mind to slow down just enough so that Graves was following close enough so that he could watch him. He silently viewed his interaction with other pirates, a bit surprised at the way he chose to deal with them. Upon a second reflection, it may appear that the man was not the heartless killer he was first believed. Beyond that, Kuzo knew it was hard not to miss, but it was even harder to barely miss, which is what Graves was doing on a few of the other pirates.

      With a satisfied smile, Kuzo looked forward and continued up the heavily forested area of the Royal Peak. Off to another side of the mountain at a higher point, he could see a large fire break out, covering a good portion of that part. Immediately, he had the feeling it was the Burning King who had caused it. "Looks like Morgan's making progress as well," He stated to Graves, pointing his finger to another point on the mountain at the rising smoke. "We'd better pick up the pace if we want to catch up with him up top!"

      With that, Kuzo stopped in place, reaching over to Graves, and grabbing him with his hand. He then clenched the fist which he was grasping Markus, and instantly, his arm up to his shoulder all the way down to his hand grew three times as large as the rest of his body. "I'll meet you up top!" Kuzo declared to Graves and, with a large exertion of his strength, and the additional strength of his larger, bulkier arm, he threw Markus further up into the Royal Peak.

      Markus flew through the air, wind rushing past his face violently as he fell towards a higher point on the mountain. Markus noticed what appeared to be a pair of women walking directly where he was heading, and began to panic, trying to think of some way to warn them in time. Feeling helpless, and not knowinjg what else to do, Graves did something he hadn't done in a long time. He screamed. "LOOK OOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!"

      "...I'm just saying, Ojey," Elric the Okama Captain continued, lecturing his crewmate on the importance of keeping vigilant and watching their surroundings. "Pirates are oka-crazy, man. They'll try and pull anything to kill ya. You have to keep your eyes open, and watching everything, or you'll end up oka-dead. And even then, only the strong are gonna make it." He turned around to his crewmate Ojey, and grinned, placing his hands on his hips and posing for emphasis.

      "How do you think I kept alive all this time? I'm not just oka-good, I'm the oka-greatest!" He exclaimed. Ojey applauded as the captain finished, and the two suddenly perked up when they heard something that appeared to be screaming.

      "Mmm?~" Ojey said, putting a palm to his ear to try and catch the sound better. "You hear that Elric?"

      "Eh?" Elric turned his ear to try and listen, and a second later, the form of Graves suddenly smashed into the Okama Captain's back, propelling him forward at a massive force, and crashing him into a line of trees. Broken branches and wood was littered everwhere, and Ojey was standing there, mouth gaping and speechless at the sight before him. "C-c-captain?!"

      Markus' ears were ringing and head was pounding after the sudden impact. Bringing himself up to his knees and massaging his ears, he looked around trying to figure out where the lady he hit had gone. "Where..." Looking down, he realized that he was, in fact, on top of her. "Oh god! My apologies, miss!" Graves promptly jumped off the individual. "I hope I didn't hurt you too bad. Uh, are you o-okay?" He scratched his head nervously, a little uncertain how to handle such a situation. It was, after all, the most bizarre thing he had ever done.

      Elric groaned and leaned up after Graves jumped off of him. He promptly pushed off loose pieces of rock and wood that was on top of him and angrily fluttered them off. It wasn't until he was standing, looking down at the man who had crashed into him that he realized exactly what had happened. A quick scan over his features made Elric put the entire scene together in his head.

      "Crashin' into me outta nowhere," Elric stated, his anger building up. He gritted his sharp teeth and clenched his fists. His long sharp nails glimmered in the reflection of the sun. "Ruining my dress. And with the Marines too? You're oka-dead, man. Oka-dead."
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      Skellen, Lotte & Akahige – Setting out for Royal Peak

      Skellen wandered around the shabby town, searching for Vance and jealously guarding his bag of medicinal plants he’d procured before the commotion with the Akihage pirates and the dumb brat he’d been about to stab broke out and Vance had dragged him away.
      “I am really starting to hate this place” he groaned under his breath, even by the standards of Skellen’s terrible luck it seemed that things were going terribly wrong – in fact it seemed liked everywhere he went some sort of commotion broke out and forced him to take another route.
      “Actually…” Skellen stopped dead in the middle of a small square where stalls had been abandoned and pirates were brawling left right and centre gradually moving in a single direction “they’re all going the same way. Someone must have actually found a clue towards the treasure.” Skellen walked over to where two burly pirates were trading blows having managed to snap there weapons against each other and cleared his throat before asking
      “excuse me gentleman, but what’s with all the racket?” Wrapped up in the fighting one of the pirates who was clearly not overly bright answered instantly with two (yelled words)
      “Royal Peak!”
      Skellen strode through the grappling and shooting pirates nonchalantly, heading into a quieter street and looking up at a mountain that was towering over the town.
      “I guess I’ll be heading there then, where else could Royal Peak be?”

      Meanwhile, just a few paces away in the very middle of the abandoned square, Lotte stood with the much taller and much more imposing Red Beard.

      "... and he looks kind of like a snake, to me. He acts like one too- not the nicest person I've met, really- but that's kind of how all pirates are, don't you think? They all think they're much cooler than they actually are- it's like it's a competition or something, and they're constantly trying to prove that they're the best! It's rather silly in my opinion." Or so she was saying absentmindedly as she sidestepped said pirates punching away at each other around her- completely ignoring the fact that Red Beard himself was a pirate as well. Looking around, she put a hand on her chin as she pouted in thought. "But.... Hmmmm...." Tilting her head and looking thouroughly troubled, she let out a sigh, "I thought they'd be around here- but I wonder if they've all gone ahead?"

      Glancing up at the red haired man, she waved a hand towards the mountain, towards where the rest of the pirates had been steadily siphoning off from the crowd, "You're looking for the treasure, right? If you don't get going soon someone will beat you to it!"

      Akahige meanwhile trailed slightly behind Lotte, bashing the heads of any pirates foolish enough to try and attack the pair, and glaring down any others who knew his face by reputation alone. Lotte seemed completely unaware of the action going around, so Akahige took down any that targeted her as well. While he did this, he listened to Lotte talk about her crewmates with a toothy grin across his face. He enjoyed the way she spoke with candor and simplicity, completely forgetting he too was a pirate and therefore her description of them would apply to himself as well.

      Akahige laughed heartily as he began his response, placing his hands on his hips and staring off into the mountain peak. "You're right there. Can't have anyone beating me to it after all!" He looked off to the mountain, before turning back to Lotte and frowning. "Ah, but I can't go running off and leaving you here all by yourself."

      Skellen continued up the quieter street, the faint sound soft violence coming from pretty much every direction. It was actually pretty hard for the Taipan to ascertain where the various fights had broken out so he simply continued along the street he was on. Whatever he ran into he would deal with at the time, although he was glad for the quiet - eerie as it may be considering the distant sounds of countless pirate brawls - it was much nicer on one's ears that being in the middle of the fray. Skellen wondered if perhaps Bass had taken refuge away from the noise, looking up towards Royal Peak to see flames adorning a section of the moutain.
      "Well... at least I know I'm definitely going the right way. Where there's flames there's the Human Match"

      Skellen arrived in yet another square full of battling pirates.
      "Fantastic, now I have to get through a meat wall, this treasure of Kuzo's better be worth me risking my supplies". Putting the bag of medicinal supplies into his satchel, giving the brown bag slung over his shoulder a distinctive bulge, Skellen proceded to climb onto the shoulders of one of the grappling pirates.
      "The heck? Get o-" before the pirate could finish his sentence Skellen had leapt from his shoulders to bounce of the head of another - using the heads of the various pirates as stepping stones (and incidently leaving several on the floor with injured craniums) he proceded to cross the square and dash through an alley into... another square full of battling pirates and in the centre of this particular area was a strange sight indeed. A very large man with bright red hair and beard was beating away pirates like flies as he strode across the square happily chatting with a seemigly oblivious, and very familiar looking, young woman.
      "You have got to be kidding me. Lotte, you do realise that there's a very large rather dangerous looking pirate behind you, right?"

      "It's okay, I can take care of myself!" She'd been in the middle of saying to Akahige, "I'm stronger than I look, you kno- Oh!" Eyes lighting up, at the familiar face emerging from the alleyway, "Mister Doctor!" She turned to Akahige with a cheerful smile pointing to the snake-like man, as if to say 'look look!'. But she rewound to Skellen's assessment of John, laughing and shaking her head, "But aren't you a dangerous looking pirate too? Anyway- it was nice meeting you John! You should hurry to the mountain- I'll be okay with Mister Doctor!"

      "Don't tell him to go where we're going!!!" Skellen found himself seriously contemplating thumping the girl over the head for that one.
      She's going to get us all killed one day with that ignorance of hers
      "Guess we'll see you there, big red guy"

      Akahige's eyes darted to Skellen when Lotte called out to him. He stayed silent for a moment, glaring at him with a look of driven and fiery determination. Then a moment later, his demeanor softened and he grinned at the two of them. "I would tell you to steer clear of the mountain. But I'm guessing I won't be able to change your mind," He stated, with a deep sigh. "Give it your all, then! Anything less won't end well for you. And take care of Lotte!" He exclaimed, turning to her and smiling warmly at her. "Lotte, you take care of your friends too!" He remarked, before turning around and running off through the crowded streets of Regal Town, up to the direction of the Royal Peak.

      "Take care!" Lotte waved him off as he headed off, ignoring Skellen's criticisms until he was out of sight- at which point she turned to the doctor and put her hands on her hips, "Well he was going there in the first place, what good would it have done for me to tell him not to go? It's not like me sending him off or not makes any difference."

      "His name is John, by the way, not big red guy- though it's certainly an apt description." She started to say as she walked calmly in the tracks of Akahige, in no hurry compared to the man who'd preceeded her, "Rackham-something-or-other-John, and he's a very nice pirate so we might as well be friends as long as we're not squabbling over a spit of gold here or there, right?"

      Perhaps if Skellen had some knowledge of his fellow pirates he'd have had a different approach to dealing with Akahige - well probably not he's Skellen - but as it stood he had no idea just how dangerous a man he'd been in the company of having focused mainly on marines and members of the world government since they were usually his targets. Regardless of who the man with the red beard was though, Skellen and Lotte still had to get up the mountain, and putting his brain to good use for once Skellen had pretty surmised that they could manage to get there before Akahige. Skellen grabbed Lotte's wrist, pulling her behind him as he dashed into an alleyway and proceded to pull her through the empty side streets of Regal Town.
      "Lotte, we need to move quickly and get up that mountain so if you want me to let go you're going to have to keep up. As it stands we need to get up there before any other tough opponents like that guy do, it's already mayhem up there and if it gets any worse bad things will happen. I'm not as physically strong as that guy, so we can't just bust through all those brawling pirates but if we go this way and you stick with me we should be able to get out of the town and onto the moutain pretty quick - probably faster than him. So yeah in short, shut up and run."

      Skellen may not have been overly interested in the treasure, but for some reason he felt oddly compelled to make sure his crew got a hold of it before the other pirates did.


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      Vance, Bass and Kuzo | Road to Royal Peak

      Dardeneilles jumped out of the exit of the cave, having followed the bat-like creature through it and out of the other side. He never liked leaving loose ends, especially if those ends had wings. He figured Elric and Ojey could easily beat most of the other pirates traveling on foot to the top. But wings? Wings were an advantage Dardeneilles didn't want anyone having. He looked through the scope of the rocket launcher, trying to track down his target through the vast forest across the Royal Peak. All around, he saw multiple pirates fighting and yelling. He saw a large spot of red with smoke rising out of it, but he ignored that as well. Finally, he passed over a blur which he saw attached itself to a branch and roost.

      "Found you," Dardeneilles grinned and pointed the rocket launcher toward the creature. He inhaled and held his breath to steady the large piece of metal on his shoulder. Then, he pulled the trigger and fired. After his shot, he proceeded closer to Bass to confirm his hit.

      Bass looked on over at the moutain and sighed as he saw the many pirates going around it. Maybe he really shouldn't go there. He might just go back to the city instead and roost on a roof, maybe even find a place where he could find some animals. With everyone on the mountain now he wouldn't need to worry about anyone really finding him while he fed. He could even wait for Kuzo and the others to come on back while he made sure the ship was secured.

      He had to agree with that plan frankly. At least he wouldn't be shot at anymore! He flapped his wings just a bit and wrapped his arms around his body, shivering a bit as a breeze hit him. Everything would be fine. He would just stay here on the nice ground and fly away after a while. Besides, who would ever want to come into the forest when the treasure was up on the mountain?

      He was so caught up in his thoughts that by the time he heard the rocket he could barely turn when it slammed into the tree. He tensed up and curled into a ball as the tree came crashing down upon him. He shook there for a bit and slowly opened his eyes, wondering if he was dead at this point. No... he was still breathing after all. He took in a deep breath and tried to uncurl from his position, but the tree had just managed to split around him and kept him pinned. He stopped squirming and just laid there for now. Great, now he was stuck here, probably forever. Or at least until the others could find him and help him out. Oh who was he kidding they wouldn't be able to find him! Dooms day scenarios played over and over in his head and he began to bang his head against the tree as best as he could. He was an idiot.


      A few minutes earlier, Vance took deep breaths as he slowed down from having more or less sprinted up the hillside, now taking a slower pace since he was in the thick of the trees. He raised a hand to run his fingers through his hair.

      "I can't believe someone would just... say where the treasure is. I'm glad I managed to outrun those guys back there though..." he muttered, peering over his shoulder, down the trail again. Shaking his head, he continued on through the thick of the trees and bushes. Not long after though, he heard an odd whistling sound. He didn't pay it much attention, what with all of the faint fighting and yelling he could hear anyway, but a few steps later, and what looked like a shot from a bazooka or a mortar flew above his head and slammed into a tree, causing it to crash to the ground, thankfully towards the direction opposite him.

      Crap! That almost hit me! These pirates are -crazy-! I didn't think it'd be this exciting already..." He shook his head and continued on, walking around the fallen tree in a large circle, almost passing it as he heard something fidgeting about, scratching against the other side of the tree trunk, followed by a few bonks.

      His curiosity piqued, Vance shuffled closer to the fallen tree, slowly edging around it's top to see the familiar sight of, at least the top half of the man-bat he'd befriended on the way here. His eyes wide and his mouth hanging open, it took him a few moments to register what he was seeing. "... Bass? Bass, is that you?"

      Bass continued to bang his head against the tree, "Oh, hey there Vance, just... hanging around." He sighed and stopped his headbanging. "You should probably go. There are these pirates after me that I guess want to skin me alive. I don't know, but I do know how to stay hidden." He sighed and laid against the ground, "This tree is heavy, I doubt anyone can get it off. Look, just get out of here. I don't want you to get hurt too badly. I wouldn't go near the mountain. No treasure is worth getting killed over right?" He squirmed a bit in his little prison, "I just have to wait here. I can squeeze in a bit more if need be and hide from view! Hehe, I can just wait for whoever keeps firing those weird things at me to pass on by and then I can slowly wiggle out of here. Just get away and I can stay hidden. I'm good at being quiet."

      "What do you mean by 'I should probably go'? I can't just leave you here, especially not with a guy trying to shoot you down!" Vance hurried closer and bent down to push his fingers beneath the tree, gritting his teeth as he pulled upwards in an attempt at lifting the tree, his expression a wince of exertion. Although it didn't go fast, he did -very- slowly start lifting the tree.

      "Where are you, freak?" Dardeneilles started shouting, maneuvering through the thicket of trees and bushes in the hopes of finding his target dead on the ground, or possibly blown up into pieces. He doubted he had such luck. The last shot he fire seemed to have carried off a bit to the side of the bat-like creature, so in all likelihood he was either hiding somewhere, or injured tending to its wounds. He hefted the large rocket bazooka over his shoulder again and peered through the attached scope. He began scanning over all of the areas in the hopes of finding the creature once more. No loose ends. Or else the captain would probably have his head!

      After zooming around a few times, he couldn't find exactly what he was looking for. However, he was able to catch a particular group of rubble further off in the distance. There was someone standing over it, and he was apparently helping someone else trapped below...Dardeneilles zoomed the scope to maximum, trying to confirm the target once more. He concentrated, narrowed his eyes and...aha! It was exactly who he was looking for! Dardeneilles clapsed both hands on the large launcher, steadying himself, and then once more releasing the rocket from the gun, aiming right at the two of them. The rocket whistled as it whizzed through the air on the path toward Vance and Bass.

      Bass' ears perked as Vance began lifting and he managed to stammer out a sentence, "B-Behind you!" He cried out as he placed his hands against his ears to try and block out any oncoming noise and he pressed his head against the ground.

      "Huh?" Vance replied at Bass' outcry, turning his head to look over his shoulder and quickly going pale as he saw the rocket flying towards him. "W-what the-?!" He realized it must've been whoever shot the previous rocket, which meant that... someone was purposefully targetting him and Bass. Panicking, he quickly tugged harder and harder on the log to try and free Bass', but the tree was simply too big. It was even wider than himself, after all. With only seconds to spare, Vance spun around, looking all but confident as he stared at the missile flying towards them.

      R-right... here goes nothing...! Pulling his right leg slightly further behind him, Vance's muscles tensed for just a moment before he swung his leg high in an arc in front of him at high speed while shouting out "Razor Kick!". Almost invisible, a 'blade' of air flew forwards, thankfully hitting the rocket, which was promptly sliced in half. The two halves of the rocket floated a little further before exploding in a ball of fire above the trees, Vance stumbling a little back from the gust of air blasting out from it.

      "I... I can't believe I actually hit it! Hyahahahyah!" He grinned, pumping his fists into the air. He then blinked a little as he heard an odd sort of rattling noise. Looking down, he saw his legs shaking so much that his knees were knocking together. "St-stop it! I'm not afraid, shut up!" He shouted out to nobody in particular. Gritting his teeth, he turned around to look down at Bass again. "R... right, I'm going to try and cut you out! We need to get out of here! Brace yourself!"

      Dardeneilles blinked a few times in surprise, not quite sure that he believed what exactly happened. Apparently, his rocket just got detonated before it reached the two? A strange pattern in the air had caused it to happen, but Dardeneilles wasn't close enough to see with certainty what had occurred. He decided that the rocket must have hit some smaller point before it reached the two of them, and detonated upon impact.

      "Just a bad shot," He said to himself. He proceeded closer to the two of them. He had gotten close enough now that he saw both of the individuals he was firing upon. No longer needing his scope for accuracy, he put it down and grinned as one tried to help the other out of the rubble. "It won't help you! I've got you in my sights now and there's nowhere to run! This time I won't miss!" With that announcement, Dardeneilles pulled the trigger, launching another rocket whizzing through the air and traveling down to the two pirates.

      Bass had initially blinked in surprise when he hadn't felt the force that the previous rocket had shown when it had exploded against the tree. He slowly opened his eyes and blinked, "Uh... did he miss?" He asked Vance. He began to try and pull out of the tree now, "Dammit! It's too large!" He said as tears began to fill his eyes. He was going to die here! That seemed certain as he heard another voice and he let out a sharp squeak of fear and shivered on the ground. He wrapped his arms as best as he could around his head and waited for the end to reach him.

      As Neilles made his way closer to the two, Vance raised his right leg into the air, gritting his teeth as he proceeded to Razor Kick down towards the log on either side of Bass, the cut through the air slicing clean through the tree trunk on either side of him, hopefully not injuring his comrade. Good thing it wasn't like, steel or even stone, I don't think I could've cut that... With the log now sufficiently lessened, Vance grabbed onto the bottom of it and simply tried to roll it off of Bass, the wood quickly giving way. "Hnnngh...! Come on Bass, give a push!"

      Bass cried more with his survival instinct kicking in. He pushed the log off and tackled Vance to push him down just as the rocket passed over them and flew on into the forest and slammed into another tree.

      Vance let out a surprised "Oof?!" as Bass slammed into him, sending the both of them to the ground and the following blast from the rocket that barely missed them caused Vance to bring his hands up to his ears with a wince from the sound.

      Bass could feel an odd sensation suddenly in his mind and he gripped his head in pain. The ringing from the rocket was still ringing in his ears... but something else was happening too. He was so out of it that he just lay there and groaned softly.

      "Mmm...missed again," Dardeneilles murmured, now a bit put off. "I don't usually miss my targets so many times in a row. It's really not fun at all! Why won't you guys just get hit and die already? You're really making me sad now!" Dardeneilles seemed to fake tears or something, gripping his face with his free hand while his other one kept the rocket launcher up and pointed at the two downed pirates. He then made wiping motion away from his eyes, trying to wipe apparent tears, though no actual ones were present. "How rude of you. Why don't you both just die now, okay?"

      Dardeneilles brought his other hand from his face and back to the rocket launcher again. This time, he pressed a slot on the side of the weapon, thereby expanding the hole which rockets come from. He reached for another rocket on a pouch on his back, and loaded it in. Now the hole seemed big enough to store two rockets at one. "This time, I'll get you for sure!" With two rockets loaded, Dardeneilles fired.

      As those rockets fired the bat moved. Unlike his previous movements he seemed to have gained a speed boost. His body was covered with dirt and his clothes were torn in a few places, but that didn't matter to Bass now. He let out a deep feral screech and he drived right at the target in his sight. One could say after all the close deaths he had encountered so far the sane part of his mind needed a desperate break.

      Having only just managed to stumble to his feet, Vance's eyes widened as he saw the rockets flying towards them. "Doesn't this guy ever run out of rockets?!" Now that Bass was free, Vance was sure that he'd be alright, leaving him to think only about himself. Turning around, he started off in a dash and lept, the rockets just whizzing past him, exploding on the ground where he and Bass had just been standing, the blast sending him flying off the ground and into a tree, after which he fell to the ground with a pained groan.

      Bass' feral side was out to play as he aimed to grapple what his mind considered, in base terms, as his enemy. A light red glaze had formed over his eyes as he lifed up his feet and swung them out wildly against his foe.

      Dardeneilles' eyes widened, surprised at how the bat-creature suddenly shrilled and pounced onto him. He tried to aim his rocket launcher at him before he struck the Okama pirate, but the bat moved with a force quite unparalleled to what he was seeing before. He was struck directly on his chest by the bat and pushed to the ground. The rocket launcher dropped out of his hands and was pushed on the ground a few feet away. Quickly, Dardeneilles tried to scramble for the gun and get to it before the creature could attack again.

      Bass' feral mind wasn't going to let that happen anytime soon. With another blood curling screech and smalled his body into that of Dardenelilles and angled his head. He opened his mouth wide and bit into that neck and wasted no time in draining him of his liquid. As the blood splashed against his tongue he could feel his feral rage building up more and more. He bit in deeper and deeper as he sought one thing, to drain his foe of his life.

      Coughing a little after the nasty knock against the tree, Vance managed to stagger to his feet, spitting out a little blob of blood onto the ground. Shaking his head, he tried to clear it from the dizziness as he blinked a little, looking around. Squinting his eyes, he noticed the figure of Bass and it took him a few moments to register what was happening. "... Bass? What're you- B-Bass!" His eyes wide, he ran over to where his friend was hunched over the other pirate, desperately trying to grab onto his shoulders and pull him back, away from their former assailant. "Bass, get off of him, what're you doing?!"

      As Bass was pulled off his instincts still kicked into high gear. He twisted about and snarled at Vance as he spread his wings as wide as he could. Blood dribbled from his mouth as he slowly began to close in on Vance, letting out a snarl as his mind labeled this human a foe as well.

      At the sight of the almost frothing bat, Vance quickly let go of his shoulders, stumbling backwards with wide eyes, holding up his hands in front of him. "B-Bass! Snap out of it! It's me, Vance!"

      The bat at that paused and the red glow of his eyes seemed to waver. The sound of his own name caused him to stagger back and finally the sanity began to return. The bat fell to his knees and gripped his head as a massive headache hit him hard and he groaned out. His eyes flickered up to regard Vance, and then he looked back at what he did.

      Lowering his hands a little, Vance looked increasingly worried by the second as he stepped a little closer. "... Bass, are you...?"

      Bass was silent for a bit before he quickly began to flap his wings and flew off... for only a few feet. He was so out of his mind at the moment that he ended up crashing just barely into his flight. He tumbled down among the tree branches and landed with a thud on the ground. For the moment he just laid there.

      "Whoa!" Vance called out as Bass flapped wildly and managed to crash down a little further away. Hurrying over to the fallen bat, he knelt down, still looking very unsure of what to do. He reached out and lightly placed a hand on his shoulder. "Are... are you alright...? What happened back there...?"

      Bass pulled away and curled up into a ball, "Please... go..." He croaked out. He could already feel the tears forming, "Please..." He knew what would happen now. Vance would just get close, then try and stab him... or... or hit him real hard in the face, or something bad. He needed to get away, he needed to find a place and just stay there. Isolation again. The mountains had some nice caves, he wouldn't really mind living the rest of his life there.

      Silence went by for another few moments as Vance's hand withdrew from Bass' shoulder. However, after about half a minute of silence, a low 'thump' was heard. Vance had promptly sat himself down next to Bass with his legs folded over one another and his arms across his chest, giving the bat a furrow-browed stare. "... I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on."

      Bass just curled that much more into a ball. He let out a very very soft whisper. One that Vance would probably only barely hear.

      Despite his apparent reluctance to say anything, Vance simply sad with his arms and legs crossed, silently waiting. He was determined to listen to what Bass had to say, since there was clearly something bothering him.

      Bass spoke just a bit louder, " I ... I.... y-you can't tell anyone." He sobbed out. "I... I... d-drink... I... I drink... blood." He curled up at that and pressed his wings in close and became as round as he could muster as he shivered on the ground.

      "Okay..." Vance slowly began, easing a little up. "I... kind of figured after... uhm, what just happened. But... why?"

      Bass sniffled, "Don't you get it!?" He said angrily, "I'm a f*cking vampire bat! Why else!?" He just curled up even more, "I can't stop it... I get stressed and I... I just do it."

      "... Oh." Vance frowned a little, lifting a hand to rub the back of his neck slightly. "So, uhm... you don't -want- to do it, I guess? I mean... you seem pretty shaken up about it."

      He sniffled, "I... I don't want to... but I can't stop!" He shook his head, "It's not fair... please you can't tell anyone!"

      Looking down at the curled-up bat, Vance was still frowning lightly, but eventually he gave a firm nod of his head, patting both of his knees as he pushed himself to a stand. "Of course I won't tell anyone, Bass. We're crewmates, and that means we have to look out for each other! So come on!" He put on a bright smile while reaching a hand down for the bat to take. "... Let's go find us some treasure, yeah?"

      Bass smiled a bit and took the hand to lift himself up. "Yeah... yeah... okay, but can we not go to the scary mountain?" He asked with a weak smile.

      After helping Bass up, Vance shook his head. "We can't back down now. We've got a really good headstart to everyone else, there are like, nobody else ahead of us. And... well, think of it like this. If almost everybody was in town by the time we went up here... the pirates from back in town are on their way up the mountain now, right? We're probably better off meeting up with everybody else at the peak."

      Kuzo stormed through the forested area of the Royal Peak. In his Lightning Mode, he raced across the mountain, passing most of the other pirates without need for any altercation. Before they could even consider an attack on him, he was already leagues ahead and off next to another pirate group. All that time, he had been roaming his eyes around the mountain, scanning for any sign of Marcus, whom he had thrown higher up the mountain in the hopes that his own speed and the toss would eventually coincide and they'd be further up the mountain together. However he must have misjudged the toss (as he was never good with numbers), or Marcus crashed into something along the way, or simple Kuzo had taken a wrong turn somewhere, because he couldn't find the man anywhere.

      However, as his eyes roamed the Royal Peak, he spotted two figures in the distance that he believed he recognized. As he ran closer and closer, he confirmed who the two were. Yet instead of slowing down, he continued to their location and sped up. As he drew closer, Kuzo extended both of his hands to his side, holding them out. His ability activated and both of his arms instantly bulked up in size and width, while the rest of his body remained in the agile 'Lightning Mode'. He tried to time it perfectly, rushing passed the middle of the two of them, and grabbing them with his hands. He grabbed Vance with his right by his arm, and Bass by the side of his wing. However, he hardly made a stop, continuing instead at full speed forward.

      "Hey Bass, Vance. Fancy meeting you here!" He yelled, as the three were propelled further up the mountain together at a rapid speed.

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      Wright D. Morgan and Avril Meads- Duke Island

      "Do ya think that was a little bit over the top...?" Avril asked, glancing over towards the mix of burning and burned down trees as she and Morgan made their way up the mountain. "I mean... it did work and got rid of those two annoyin' tunaheads, but... I don't think destroyin' the town was meant to be part of a deal for this grand treasure hunt, ya know?"

      "Honestly, I didn't mean to do all that," Morgan said with a sigh. "It's a nasty ol' habit of mine. My old Captain Harper used to poke jokes at me for breaking crap all the time." He tried to shrug it off as best he could. Sadly, he did have a tendency to blow up stuff, especially after eating the Mera Mera no Mi. He vividly remembered Harper chiding Morgan after he blew up a bar by setting all the top shelf drinks aflame with a stray match. Needless to say, the bar didn't last long. "Look at it this way, we got this whole mountain to ouselves. It's like a honeymoon," Morgan threw a wink at Avril.

      "I don't even remember the weddin'... Much less the first date," Avril replied back with a smile, before walking a bit further ahead of Morgan. He was getting just a smidge ahead of himself, considering she had only known him for maybe a total of a half hour. She paused glancing back over her shoulder at Morgan curiously. "You used to be in another crew before the one you're in now...? What happened to make you decide to leave it?"

      "I didn't have much choice. I got...kicked off the ship," Morgan said with a brief pause before he told a half truth. He was kicked off in a matter of speaking, but Avril was hardly worth telling the whole story. He only told a handful of people his story. He took a lot for him to consider opening up. Avril was a stranger, even if she was he admired in a way. She certainly had charm. Still, Morgan wanted to change the subject: "And I don't expect you to remember the weddin'. Ya'll were terribly drunk."

      "Is that it...? Well, ya do know how that stuff goes straight to my head," Avril replied, giggling lightly at the man's comment. She was starting to find herself liking Morgan a little bit. While Avril was not completely thrilled with his whole pirate gig, he was at least proving to be pleasant company... and easy enough to help her get things done she needed to. "Well, then can ya answer me one other question? Why... this crew? Judging from the two I met with ya with, they don't seem to be... well, that stellar of a crew."

      "I am not really a part of the crew," Morgan reminded her. "They broke me out of prison. So I guess I am obligated to travel with them till I can steal their ship from right under their noses. But ya got a point, for the most part at least. They aren't stellar. But..." Morgan paused for a second, looking up at the bright blue sky before smiling. "They got potential."

      "I see..." Avril replied. She smirked at Morgan's reasoning, before she continued. "I'm not a pirate, so I can't say that understand how all that buchaneerin' works... But wouldn't this sort of be the perfect chance for ya to go yo-ho-ho-in' and stealin that ship now...?"

      Morgan's smile turned into an awkward frown before nodding in agreement. "Yeah, it may be a good time to roll down the mountain and yoink their precious ship. But, I want the treasure too. And I couldn't leave a beautiful woman like yourself all alone, ya know?"

      "Works for me~" Avril said with a small, song-like tone in her voice.

      "I'm telling ya, they were right around here! Blasted through me and Oogwei like we were flies!" Shen continued to say to two other pirates behind him, both of which were fishmen like him. However, they each looked like a much different species than he was. The smaller one of the three had on black goggles and leather clothes clad across portions of his body. His face and shape of his head was that more of a traditional fish rather than a humanoid head. He was Maruko, first mate of the Fishmen pirates.

      "I didn't expect you to lose to humans, Shen," Maruko teased in his slightly higher pitched voice. "You're a fishman, damn it! Start actin' like it!"

      "You don't understand, Maruko, these guys were tough. One had this crazy hammer thing, and another had..." He stopped midsentence, crossing the narrow of trees in front of him to see Avril and Morgan chatting with each other on their path up the Royal Peak. "T-there they are!" Shen stammered out, pointing a finger at the two. Maruko looked at them with a tilt of his head. From behind the other two fishmen, a third came, with tentacles coming out of his head and no apparent mouth to speak from, through words still seemed to be uttered by him.

      "So you're the filthy humans that took out Oogwei," Captain Jeremoh declared from behind. "I can't say I'm all that impressed, but then again you humans all looked like garbage to me anyway."

      "Heh, ya'll look like the same to me too, sushi face," Morgan directed at the leader of the Fishmen. "Then again, seeing me as garbage is clearly proof that ya got fish-for-brains." Morgan was normally relatively accepting of others, but it was clearly a trend with these Fishmen Pirates that they saw themselves as the superior race. Fishmen themselves were quite powerful, possessing abilities that outclassed your everyday human. Was that enough reason to justify such an attiude? Morgan was intent on proving him wrong. He conjured a small aura of fire around him. "Ya'll wanna experience what I did your friend. Then come at me. I always wanted to try live fish off right off the grill."

      "Do ya think makin' them mad is a good idea...?" Avril asked to Morgan quietly. She offered the man a small smile before looking back at the Fishmen Pirates. One of the members of their crew from earlier had returned, along with two new members and one she could only assume to be their captain. "It's not that I doubt the ability you have in your fire, but... we are kinda outmatched in the numbers department."

      "Oh ye of little faith," Morgan said in a snobbish voice. "We both know the one guy is a complete joke. It's basically two on two. I say we can take 'em." Morgan tried to reassure Avril. She did have a point, but if Morgan went all out he was pretty confident they would be fine. The only pressing concern was the Captain. If Stray was right, he had a higher bounty than Morgan. He had to do something to deserve that. Just a matter of what.

      Shen was visibly shaken by Morgan's comments. It seemed he at least truly believed Morgan could back up what he said. He knew his captain and Maruko were strong, but he was completely outmatched here. Still, he would probably be punished if he decided to run now, so instead he stood in his place trying his best not to appear frightened.

      Maruko and Jishi however didn't need to do so. As Maruko looked at the two, he managed to recognize Morgan's face from a wanted poster he saw. "Oi! That's that burning man, isn't it? He probably caused the fire around here!"

      "T-that's what I told you earlier when I got you!" Shen exclaimed to his first mate.

      "Hmm? Oh. I guess I wasn't really paying attention," He turned to face his Captain. "I can probably handle them both if you want to move along, Captain." Maruko stated to Jishi. He simply shook his head, however.

      "No, we finish this quickly and painlessly and move on. I don't want to be slowed down anymore!" He remarked, bringing out a whip which he carried around rolled up on his torso. The Captain began to smack around the whip over his head, striking it in the air a few times to get a feel for it. Once he had gotten used to the flow of it, he swiped across the forest in a sideways motion, the whip combining with the physical strength of the Captain and ripping through large, heavy trees as they were toothpicks on its way to Morgan and Avril.

      Maruko meanwhile leaped up into the air, before appearing to inhaled a large breath. However, as he exhaled the breath, what came out instead was water, apparently some which he had be storing in his body from the sea. He targeted the water at both Morgan and Avril, as he was unsure whether Avril too was a Devil Fruit user, to coincide with the Captain attack with his whip, effectively nullifying their abilities for that moment.

      Avril's eyes widened as the Fishmen resumed their attacks upon Morgan and herself. She honestly had not expected a sudden shower of all things to be one of the tactics used by the Fishmen. The oncoming whip did little to aid in her sudden fear... especially since it was ripping through what few trees had not been burned down or lit up by the fire-weilding pirate. With little options on actually stopping the whip at the moment, Avril did what only option she could think of... Without warning, the woman quickly dove into Morgan tackling him to the ground before the whip would have probably cut through the duo much like it had the trees.

      "This isn't exactly how I planned the scuffles goin'..." Avril said quietly, glancing down at Morgan. "Are ya okay...?"

      "Never better," Morgan said with a wink. "However, perhaps we can leave the cuddling till later. Imma a little peckish and could use some more fish in my diet." Morgan gingerly picked himself off the ground and faced the two fishmen pirates. However, as Morgan readied himself a splash of water pelted him in the face, drenching him and his clothes. A shiver went through his spine. "I don't feel so good," he said weakly before losing his balance, barely supporting himself in the air. He shook his head and faced them again. "Alrighty, let's go." Morgan snapped his fingers. Yet nothing was happening. He did it again, this time only getting a small spark. "That ain't good." He kept snapping with little more than a small fickle coming out of his hands. Panic soon crept upon his face. "So, uh, babe. Please tell me you still got that lil' hammer of yours," he quietly mumbled over to Avril.

      Avril nodded back in response to Morgan as she climbed back up to her feet as well. Things were not looking too good at the moment, especially when Avril realized that a Devil Fruit user being soaked was... probably not the best thing for them. Now she had to figure out how to keep them both alive.

      "I do have a few tricks left I can probably think of, but..." the woman began, glancing up in the direction of the Fishmen pirates. "I don't think I can handle both of these guys at the same time... Think ya can keep Cap'n Sushi busy for a bit, Pepper-kun?"

      Morgan nodded back to her, "I can certainly give it a shot." Morgan practically tore off his soaked jacket and shirt. "Don't try to stare too long at me." The drenched clothing sank to the ground with a squishy plop. He had hoped that with the wet clothes gone that his powers would wake up and some strength would return to him. He didn't enjoy feeling vulnerable, but the best chance either one had of surviving was Avril's plan. If she could take out the one pirate quick enough, they could double team the Captain. All he had to do was waste time.

      "Good... let's just hope I can actually pull this off..." Avril thought with a sigh as she turned to face Maruko. She gripped her hammer tightly in one hand, reaching into her pocket with the other. Pulling out two small, balls. One of them being the last of the flashbombs that she had not used on Skellen during her previous encounter with the doctor. "Don't ya think that was a bit unfair? I didn't even get the chance to get my umbrella before ya made it rain..."

      "Yah think this is some kinda joke, girl-human?" Maruko said, propped up on top of a nearby tree, one of the few his Captain didn't destroy with the powerful swing of his whip. He leaned off of it a bit, holding on with only a single hand as he examined the opponent he had in front of him, including the odd pair of balls in her hand. "You have no clue who you're messin' with," He continued, and decided then to jump off of the tree, diving head first toward Avril before she had a chance to use her weapons. "Drive Dive!"

      Jishi didn't wait to allow Morgan and Avril to regroup, nor give them any break. He began to twirl his whip again, striking it a few times in the area to get the motion going, before once more striking in a sweeping side motion at the pair. Once more, the whip strike seemed to extend past its size, sweeping and cutting through the remaining standing trees. It was positioned a few feet lower than before, making it more difficult to duck this attack.

      Morgan gulped, knowing the risk of the move he was about to do. He read the move of the two pirates and quickly realizing that they had no chance to muster a defense, Morgan evolved into a risktaker. He kicked Avril aside and took the brunt of Jishi's whip attack. He felt his skin be sliced open. I was hoping my powers would come back. Old habits die hard. Morgan fell down to one knee and he held his side watching the blood dripped down to the ground.

      Avril was taken by surprise from the sudden kick from Morgan. It sent her off to the side, causing Maruko's attack to just miss. Maruko instead came crashing to the ground, and making a large dent and hole into the dirt where Avril previously stood. Despite his compact size, he still had the formidable strength of a fishman. While Avril was glad the Fishman's attack had missed her, she was not exactly too thrilled with Morgan's decision to intervene, much less the fact of how he had gotten himself a rather nasty looking wound from it as well.

      "What are ya doin', tryin' to get yourself killed?" Avril questioned as she slowly picked herself off the ground. Her tone was a bit more sharp than it had been previously, though a look of concern was in her eyes at the same time as she glanced to Morgan's wound. "I told ya to let me handle this guy, just keep whip-boy busy, yeah?"

      "You're very welcome," he snapped with a sharp wince afterwards. After attempting to roll his eyes and once again yelping from the gash at his side, Morgan picked himself up. He would be lying if he said it didn't hurt. He wondered if the wound go away like his bullet wound did after his powers were restored. Sadly, there wasn't any time to find out. Limping and then charging, Morgan tackled the Captain, causing him to lose grasp of the whip. Morgan landed two quick jabs to his gut before finishing with a right hook. He loomed over the Captain, planting a foot firmly on his chest.

      Jishi was surprised by the sudden tackle from the fireman. He didn't expect such a direct approach from a Logia user, but he suspected when his usual tactics were out, he would go for the direct approach. From beneath Morgan, he quickly moved both of his feet up, and with the might of a fishman, kicked off toward the human in the hopes of pushing him off and to the distance. Not checking to see if the kick off had the desired effect, Jishi then reached for his whip next to the ground, and attempted a vertical blow aimed directly for Morgan's head.

      Morgan rolled to the side, clenching at his wound while fumbled on the ground. The kick had launched a fair deal back, probably because Fishmen were simply stronger than the average human. Luckily enough, Morgan avoided another shot of the whip. Whatever it was made of, it hurt. A lot. Morgan looked down at his gash from the first crack of the demonic weapon. It was still bleeding a fair deal, but he felt more of his strength returning. A few more minutes and the water will probably be all dried up. I could at least chuck a fireball or two. He propelled himself to his feet and faced the Captain. "I gotta admit. You are a tough cookie. What did ya do to get yer bounty? I know it's higher than mine."

      Jishi twirled around his whip in front of him a few times, amused at his opponents rolling and diving to avoid his obviously deadly weapon. He enjoyed altercations like this, because he had to work a little bit to get the kill, and because he placed his opponents in the position that the only way the way they could fight back is to run away and avoid what's bound to come their way. As he struck the whip a few more times in the air, he decided to answer his question.

      "Probably the same thing I'll do to Duke Island when I get my treasure that I did to the previous island I was at: destroy every, single human I find." He struck his whip a few more times in the air to get the momentum going, then struck it multiple times toward Morgan in cross marks. Each time it made contact with the ground on its way down, it cut deep through the earth with ease.

      Morgan yelped at the whip strikes as he did his best to dance around each strike with somewhat nimble footwork. Normally he would use his fruit to amplify his movements a bit, getting boosts of speed from the fire. But all things considered, Morgan was limited. As he leapt away and slid a bit to generate more distance. Morgan snuck a quick snap of his fingers. A larger spark than earlier emitted from his hands. Just a bit longer. Hopefully Avril is doing a bit better than me.


      Avril turned to face Maruko once more. While she had been lucky to have avoided his previous attack because of Morgan's interference, that did not mean that she was out of the woods just yet. Taking hold of her hammer, the woman took aim and pulled a familiar lever, sending the head of the hammer shooting forward much like it had before. It sped in the direction of Maruko, Avril not taking her eyes of the Fishman as the head of the hammer traveled towards its target.

      Maruko, who had just exited his hole he created, prepared to engage the hammer which sped toward him. He made a sidestep, using his small form and agility to try and dodge the chained hammer. He had only barely moved out of the way to avoid being hit. He then grinned at Avril, and sped forward along the side of the chain to try and crash his body into hers. "Drive Tackle!"

      Avril widened her eyes as the Fishman sped his way along the chain. The woman was honestly not expecting Maruko to be so fast. Before the she could respond with a counter of her own, the Fishman's body crashed right into Avril. She groaned in pain as she dropped the hammer to the ground falling back and holding her stomach.

      "D-Damn... That hurt a lot more than I thought it would..." she wheezed, trying to catch her breath as she slowly staggered back up to her feet.

      "Woman-human is so fragile. Just like every human," Maruko concluded, stepping toward Avril as she rose back to her feet. He didn't intend to let up on her, no matter who or what she was. It was even worse simply because she was a human. He looked at her with eyes of scorn and hate. He brought out his sharp claws, then proceeded to move in for another round. He swiped at her. "Drive nails!"

      Avril watched as the Fishman began to dash towards her once more. Unlike his previous attack, Maruko's charging this time looked much easier to read. Still, Avril did not want to be on the receiving end of those rather nasty looking claws. Readying one of the balls she still kept a grip on, the woman quickly rolled out of the way the claws managing to just barely graze the girl's left shoulder as she did so. Avril winced, but kept on with her plan.

      "Flash Star!" the woma cried out, tossing the ball onto the ground by Maruko.

      The ball exploded upon impact, causing a bright flash of light to envelope the Fishman. With any luck, it would blind him just long enough for Avril to regain some ground. The woman quickly took off running towards the hammer she had dropped from a result of Maruko's earlier assault.

      Maruko couldn't cover his eyes in time before the flash detonated. Fortunately, his goggles he was wearing prevented him from getting the full blow of the flash, so he was able to recover from the side effects quick enough to see Avril moving toward her hammer. Still feeling a bit disoriented, Maruko charged after Avril after a few moments of confusion, before finally attempting to tackle her again to the ground. "Drive Tackle!"

      Avril dared to not look behind her as she sped for her hammer. The woman was sure that her flash bomb would have bought her a bit more time to properly deal with the Fishman pirate. Unfortunately, the woman's hopes were proved wrong when she heard a familiar attack name being called out. The woman mentally cursed her luck, realizing that she only had one chance to hopefully knock Maruko out of his attack. With more or less a blind leap of faith, the woman dove for her hammer, skidding across the ground as she managed to grasp it in her palms.

      "I think ya need to back off!" Avril shouted as she rolled onto her back, before taking aim and firing the at the Fishman once more.

      Maruko was right on top of her, only seconds away from delivering a likely devastating finishing blow. However, as Avril turned and fired her hammer extension at the Fishman, he was positioned so that his head was directly in front of the path of the hammer. As it fired, Maruko was struck right at the bottom of his jaw, a damaging and painful blow that caused the smaller fishman to flip over and fall to the ground.

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      Avril Meads and Wright D. Morgan
      When Seafood Fights Back

      Avril took a sigh of relief, slowly climbing back up to her feet. She honestly was not expecting such a scrawny looking member of these Fishman pirates to put up such a fight. In one way, she figured that this was a lesson in the "don't judge a book by it's cover" department. Regardless, there was still one more of the Fishmen that needed to be taken care of.

      Glancing over in the direction of Morgan and Jishi, she listened just in time to hear the captain lay claim to what was going to happen to the island once he had found the treasure... HER treasure. Such a comment was not on the top of the list of things Avril wanted to hear at the moment. The woman reloaded her hammer, before slowly making her way towards Morgan and Jishi.

      "I think ya might be a little confused, Tuna Beard," Avril began with a soft smile on her lips, despite the fact that like Morgan, she was looking a bit worn at this point as well. "The treasure on top of the peak belongs to me. So it might be a good idea for ya to take your friend and go home. He doesn't look too good at the moment."

      Jishi glared at Avril as she began to speak. He took his eyes off her for a moment to see what she meant when she referred to Maruko, who was lying on his back, tongue stuck out and knocked out cold. However, if the desired effect was to frighten Jishi, it had a much more different effect than that. Instead, he glared back at Avril with rage. "A fishman losing to a human isn't worthy to be in my crew. Shen. Oogwei. Maruko. They can all burn with the rest of you scum when I'm done here." He slashed his whip as few times through the air, before twirling it in Morgan and Avril's direction. "I'll start with you two!"

      He popped the whip at the two of them with sharp precision, trying to hit them with the tip to cause a stinging damage. He demonstrated it once on nearby trees first, a single strike from the tip of the whip causing a perfect hole to shoot through the thick wood straight through to the other side. After demonstrating on a few more trees, he struck the whip the same way at both Morgan and Avril.

      Morgan dodge another one of the whip strikes. He was getting tired only because he had been dodging for more than a few minutes. Every snap test yielded no positive results. Morgan needed his fire to win. However, all the dodging did give him something. Jishi was almost tragically cocky. He enjoyed displaying his whip skills and looked down on Morgan and Avril. Therefore, he wouldn't expect anything significant from either one of them. A direct attack would probably be pretty successful, though Morgan already tried that and was quickly overwhelmed in his weakened state. Avril's hammer could do the trick, but yelling orders back and forth would give Jishi a chance to respond. Given his physical abilities, he could take 'em out easily. "Well, buddy, as much as I am fond with your wording of what sad fate your crewmates face, I don't plan on my girl and I burnin' in the way you are thinkin'. Instead, we got our eyes on treasure and then maybe if I am lucky a romantic getaway." Morgan stood up straight, straining himself a little. "So I need you to run back to your fish bowl along with your colorful group of friends. Do I make myself clear?"

      Jishi scoffed, getting more and more irritated at the arrogance the two humans were displaying. They didn't know how insignificant they were compared to him, so it was up to Jishi to show them. He didn't bother replying. Instead, he rose his whip over his head, swinging it a few times and began to make sweeping motions toward the two. He cut across the field multiple times, breaking apart anything physical that stood between him, before slicing sideways at Morgan and Avril, attempting to remove their filthy heads from their insignificant bodies.

      "I just need to get an openin' and I should be able to do a number to him..." Avril thought, quickly ducking beneath the whip as Jishi cracked it in her and Morgan's direction. It was a plan that was looking a bit harder to pull of by the moment. The captain seemed to have a pretty decent control of the battlefield, and the chances of the woman managing to pull something off were pretty slim. Gripping the last ball she had in her palm tightly. Avril took a deep breath before suddenly charging in towards Jishi. "Well... here goes nothin'!"

      Avril ran straight towards Jishi, doing her best to keep both the whip and the Fishman in her sights. As she ran, Avril began to move in a zig-zagging motion, trying to make herself harder to target with his whip. Once she got close enough, Avril took the last ball she had been carrying and tossed it straight at the Fishman.

      As Avril zig-zagged across the forest area, Jishi made swift, frantic motions with his whip to try and target her. He swung his whip consecutively, but each one barely missing her as she closed the distance between the two. Each blow that he missed would instead target a tree still standing and rip it apart, or a rock that even broke apart, or the very ground. It was clear that a single hit from the whip would rip any normal human open. The problem now was actually hitting his target. Jishi found himself growing more and more angier with each miss of his whip.

      She was relatively close now, which would make it a bit easier to try and hit her as there was less room to maneuver for her. However, at the toss of a small ball she held in her hands, Jishi made the tactical decision to try and aim for it instead of Avril. The ball came quickly, and as Jishi tried to swipe it with his whip, he found the target too small, and only barely managed to scrap it a bit, sending it off its course by only the smallest of margins.

      Avril cursed her luck as the whip managed to just barely graze the ball. The very slight impact of the whip meeting it caused the ball to snap open, sending a quick splash of water out of it. The problem was that due to the ball's original path being altered by Jishi's attack, he only managed to get a small dousing from the water that was inside. The rest of the water instead splashed against the ground and into the air beside him. The water had a somewhat strange smell to it, as if it was dirty. Needless to say, it probably did not do Jishi any favors in the body odor department.

      Jishi waited for the impact of the ball, but found it only to contain water on the inside. He looked across his body, which was partially soaked in it, and began to chuckle. "Water? That's your tactic? You stupid, stupid human. I'm a fishman! I live in water!" He swung his whip a few more times in the air, then sent it across in a snapping motion at Avril. After a few strokes sent her way, he quickly reminded himself of the other presence on the battlefield, turning to Morgan and sending another swiping motion of his whip at him.

      Avril tried to move to the side, doing her best to dodge the whip cracks coming from the now-damp Jishi. Try as she might however, the woman was not quick enough to pull off a flawless dodge. One of the whip cracks managed to graze against the woman's thigh, causing her to stall just long enough to receive another crack across her stomach. A quick, painful shriek escaped into the air as Avril fell to the ground. A somewhat painful looking gash was visible in both areas.

      "Damn... that somehow hurts even more than I thought possible..." Avril whimpered quietly.

      A loud snap echoed through the clearing and a torrent of flame worked its way towards Jishi. It was poorly aimed, but it created enough distance between Avril and the fishman. Morgan gingerly walked over to the battle. "Sorry 'bout that," Morgan said to Avril. "I had to do a procedure on my side," he continued pointing at his now scarred side of his body. To stop the bleeding that refused to heal, Morgan had to cauterize his wound. It stung, but it was the best he could. Sadly, it wasn't very...precise. Burnt flesh marked the area and it had less than desirable odor flood the air. Morgan's only hope is that it would go away in time, but he would have to count his blessings even if he wasn't the most religious of men. "My powers aren't completely back, or my Devil Fruit powers are practically worthless against him. He must be using a seastone weapon or somethin'. What a drag." Morgan scratched his head and looked over at Jishi, wondering what fancy whip trick he would try this time.

      "You're right, human," Jishi declared, snapping and cracking his whip a few times in the air. "My whip is infused with salts from the sea. Against any of you Devil Fruit humans, it takes that advantage away. It shows your true colors."

      Jishi cracked his whip a few more times in the air, then began to spin it over his head again. He measured out both Avril and Morgan, trying to go in for the killing blow. With a massive exertion of strength, he made another side swing of his whip, the weapon whiffing and screeching through the air along the sideways path to the pair of humans. Anything else in the way didn't just break: it was ripped to pieces.

      Morgan gawked at Jishi's strange circular motion and upon realizing that he was attempting to stir a whip hurriance, he literally leaped into action. Gathering a bit of flame in his hands, he fired at the ground, propelling himself in the air. He marginly cleared the sharp whip strikes and directed himself (luckily) towards Jishi. Once he aimed himself properly and obtained some sense of control of his direction, he copied Jishi's move and started spinning himself, lighting himself on fire, causing something of a burning tornado.

      Jishi's eyes widened, realizing that Morgan's powers were now returning to him. When he started massing up a torrent of flames in a whirling motion at him, he realized he wasn't in the best position to move out of the way of the incoming inferno. Instead, he reminded himself that his whip could still target the fireman even if through the flames. While bits of ember struck through and collided close to his body, he pressed forward and attempted to strike his whip on Morgan's lit up body. He didn't notice it at first, but a few of the lose flames began to spark close to his body.

      Avril managed a small smile as she looked up from the ground at Jishi. While her original plan had unfortunately managed to not be a rousing success, it seemed that another attack plan was born and managing to work out quite nicely.

      "Tuna Beard..." Avril called out in a slightly pained, yet somewhat happy voice. "I should probably let ya know the ball that you got splashed with was more like gasoline than just water... Good luck with Pepper-kun~"

      Jishi's eyes darted from the incoming flames from Morgan to Avril to his side. Upon hearing her words, his eyes widened, and he quickly looked up at what was coming at him. Morgan had used a blast of fire to direct himself away from the oncoming whip strike, flying across the sky to a nearby tree. Pushing himself off the tree with another blast of flame to give him a tremondous boost, Morgan was on a crash course with Jishi. He gathered all the remaning energy he had in his right fist. The flames took the form of a set blazing wings, as a large bird was crafted in the trail of Morgan's fiery shape. He closed in to Jishi and turned his whole body into the strike. "Phoenix Fist!" Morgan poured every ounce of flame into the punch. The impact of the attack and the resounding explosion due to the gasoline and fire combining, Jishi's body turned into a fiery missle that tore through the remaining woods into the core of the mountain. His cries of anguish and horror filled the afternoon air, until it turned into a muffled echo following a loud crash where he made his impact. Wherever that would be.

      "All I gotta say is I'm dizzy," Morgan admitted.

      "That worked out rather nicely, don't ya think...?" Avril asked with a grin.

      "Better than expected, yeah" Morgan replied with a nod. He made his way over to Avril and offered a hand. "Need some help?"

      "Thank you, Pepper-kun," Avril responded, taking hold of Morgan's hand and slowly pulling herself up to her feet. She winced slightly as she did so. It had been a bit since Avril felt this sort of pain. "This whole mess took a bit longer than expected... Do ya think the treasure is still at the peak...?"

      "It better be. I'm pretty confident most of the other pirates got scared because of all these explosions," Morgan said with a smile. But realizing that Avril was in pain, he frowned. "You don't look so good. I can't do much for it unless you want me to burn them better," he said with a sigh. "Come on, I can carry ya the rest of the way."

      A quick blush worked its way to Avril's cheeks before she looked away from Morgan quickly. "It's nothin', really... We should get movin', right? We don't wanna miss out on the treasure just in case." She turned and began to slowly make her way up the path, but another sharp pain from the whip cut in her leg caused the woman to make very minimal, if any progress in the trek at all.

      "Are ya sure you don't want me to carry ya?" Morgan said, placing his hands on his hips after putting his now dry clothes back on. "If we hurry up, we can probaby beat everyone there."

      "Alright then... Just until I have time to bandage myself up though," Avril replied.
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      Tristan D. Kuzo - Royal Peak, Duke Island

      Kuzo raced forward, bursting past trees and bushes at his top speed. In each of his currently enlarged hands, he gripped Vance and Bass. He did his best to have them avoid getting hit by stray branches or leaves but rising their bodies whenever he got the chance, but often, he would simply end up having to apologize each time their crashed into something. However, they were making great progress. In his current form due to his Devil Fruit ability, Kuzo had successfully maneuvered around most pirates without having to engage them. At this rate, he suspected they could be up the mountain and at the treasure before anyone else!

      They were now approaching close to the white area of the Royal Peak, where snow covered the tip and where likely the treasure was going to be located. Kuzo smiled, pleased with their progress. He made occasional glances left and right at all of the other pirates that they blew past, trying to see if he could identify any of them as part of his crew. For the moment, he didn’t spot any of them. However, at the title of his head to the right, he could see Markus fighting with two other pirates. He was at the tip of the path where the snowy terrain converged with the forested one. As he continued forward, his eyes remained focused on him, wondering what he should do. He wasn’t technically with them yet, but Kuzo had a good feeling about him. He couldn’t really explain it, even to himself, but he believed that he ran into the man for a reason.

      Not observing the road, Kuzo stopped suddenly when he heard a thud as Vance or Bass (or maybe both) collided with another branch while Kuzo was looking away. He stopped moving now, looking at the two of them and releasing his grip on them slightly as he smiled at them. “I’m going to go help him out,” Kuzo declared, pointing to Markus below them. “You guys go on ahead to the treasure. I’m counting on you!” He exclaimed. With that, his grip once more tightened on them, and the gave them one last boost forward, tossing the pair into the snowy region at the top of the Royal Peak. Not seeing the path they took, Kuzo turned around and proceeded to the battleground where Markus fought the Okama pirates.

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      Deadeye vs The Okama Pirates Pt 1

      "Oka...? What? I'm not sure I follow you." Graves looked at the strange individual in front of him, who was poised and ready for battle. "If it's a fight you want, you should know," Markus picked up his guns off the ground after losing them in the impact, "I'm not afraid to shoot a woman."

      "Woman? Eh?!" Elric angrily glared at Graves through his mask. He gestured to his body below him. "Just what part of me looks like just a woman, Marine? You're Oka-crazy, man." Elric brought his long fingernails up to his midsection, and scratch two ends of the fingernails together, then turned to his fellow crewmate. "Can you believe this guy, Ojey? Woman! We're Okama because we're more than just women!"

      "It's absolutely insulting, Elric. Oh, it makes me so darn angry!~" Ojey said, pouting with his hands on his hips.

      Elric nodded in agreement. "I think we should do something about it, then." He continued, grinning to show off his long, sharp teeth. "Show him why he doesn't oka-mess with the Okamas."

      "I wholeheartedly agree, Elric!" Ojey exclaimed, taking a few steps forward to position himself in front of Markus. "Let me handle him!" He said as he lifted his hands up, connecting his fingers and thumbs in a circle and pointing it at Markus. As Ojey did this, Elric quickly covered his nose with his fingers. "Smeru smeru beam!" Ojey shouted At his command, a green colored energy shot out from beteween his circular opening in his fingers, targeting Markus in his sights. It would be noticed that everything in that beam suddenly withered, being filled with a pungent, disgusting smell.

      Deadeye narrowly avoided the beam, not expecting something so bizarre. Then again, it wasn't the only bizarre thing about this situation. "I don't care what kind of woman you are, ol' cama or otherwise!" He lifted his pistol and lined the sights up at Ojey with ease. "I'll blow you away just the same!" With a delicate squeeze, Markus pulled the trigger, firing his gun at Ojey with deadly precision.

      Ojey's eyes widened at the quick release and trigger of the man's gun. He sidestepped only just in time to avoid a direct hit. Instead, the bullet targeted his shoulder, piercing right through and exiting the other side. Instantly the Okama pirate cried out from the pain. He clutched his shoulder and fell to one knee.

      "Ouch!~" Ojey exclaimed. He examined his injury, then his hand, seeing that the injury began to cause blood to flow. Angrily, Ojey stood up and prepped his arms in the same way before. Ahain he cried out "Smeru smeru beam", causing the green energy to shoot out toward Markus.

      Markus readily side stepped the attack this time. However, he began to notice that something didn't smell right. Quickly covering his face with his left elbow, he found it hard to breath. "What is that!?" he muffled through his sleeve. He readied his rifle in place of his pistol. "What are you doing?"

      Ojey began a high pitched giggle, covering one of his hands to his mouth as he did so. For the moment, he either seemed to ignore the graze on his shoulder, or didn’t bother with it, as his fingers brought to his mouth had been covered red by blood in the same color as his lipstick. “That is my Devil Fruit power!” He exclaimed, bringing his fingers from his mouth and positioning them again in the small circle pointed toward Markus. “A while ago, I ate the Smeru Smeru no Mi Fruit, the Smell-Smell Fruit! Now, whenever I position my fingers and target anything within them, my power will be released on them!” Ojey giggled like a little schoolgirl again.

      “Great fighters lose against me because they don’t realize how distracting that power can be, especially when…” Just then, out of nowhere, Elric approached Markus from behind. “Oka-Slice!” His sharp, long fingernails glimmered in the sunlight, and without warning, he attempted to bring them down upon the back of the Marine, trying to slash up his insignia on his bad while also targeting his back. One would find that Elric was quite adept with his fingernails, as they somehow struck with the same ferocity as if they were sharp, powerful swords.

      Markus barely noticed the Okama behind him, but it wasn't enough to avoid the attack. He stumbled forward, bleeding from the gash on his back. He's right. As long as this stench is here I'll never be able to focus on the fight. He swung around, and fired his rifle at Elric. Then he smelled something else. Another strong scent cutting through the odor emitted by the Devil Fruit user. That's it!

      Elric moved with surprising agility, darting to the side to avoid the shot by Markus. He kept his toothy grin on his face as he went in again for another hit. "Duo Oka-Slice!" He shouted again, this time moving in with both of his arms raised ready to be brought down on the ex-Marine. Ojey meanwhile maneuvered around, keeping Markus in his sights, so that he could launch his stink ray on him if moves too far away from the captain, probably distracting him enough to give him the opening he needed. As he fired the ray again, Elric coordinated to strike right after.

      "I don't have time for this..." Markus, still covering his nose, couldn't dodge both attacks. Uncertain about the true nature of Ojey's abilities, decided that the better option was Elric's attack. Jumping out of the path of the beam, Graves took a nasty cut to his right thigh. Almost immediately, he took off running into the forest. scrambling through the trees, looking for some quick refuge, he spotted a downed tree. He hurdled over it, and quickly sat against it. A quick observation of the situation provided him with what he needed. A puddle. He dug around in a small pouch of his, desperate to get rid of the horrible stench.

      After a few moments, he rose from his hiding place, holding his rifle on his shoulder, and his pistol at his side. "My grandma always told me not to fight a woman. Never paid her much mind though. I've faced bullies of all kinds. You could not forgive a simple accident.

      "I judge thee... " Markus turned around quickly, revealing a black mixture smeared above his upper lip, like a mustache. "Guilty!"
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      Vance, Bass, Avril and Morgan | Duke Island Mountainside

      Bass could only cry and out and try to shout at Kuzo to stop, but he only got whacked on the head by every single plant they passed. Branches hung out so they ended up being sharp, not enough to cut into his skin, but enough to rip pieces of his clothes, so much that by the time he was tossed away by Kuzo his shirt was shredded on the right side as were his pants and his mind was so jumbled that as he slammed into the snow it really didn't hurt that much... of course that was probably the endorphins coursing through his body at the moment. He gasped and huffed on the ground and let his head rest against the snowy terrain, "I-I'll get up in a few." He panted out to Vance. The toss had really shaken up his mind and he could see double image of everything as his brain tried to settle down.

      "Hrmmh nmmmph!" Came the reply from somewhere nearby. Not too far away from Bass, Vance's legs were poking out of a large snowpile, flailing about with everything from the waist and up stuck firmly down in the massive mound of snow.

      Bass managed to wearily turn his head up and he let out a groan. He managed to stand on his legs after a bit of wobbling around, but he slowly made his way to Vance and grabbed a leg and gave a gentle tug. "H-Hold on." Bass gasped as he had to double over and take in a few deep breaths. He gripped the leg and gave another tug, this time just barely pulling a bit of Vance's body out of the snow. He pulled again and once more had to take the time to suck in air. He then gripped the leg and gritted his teeth as he gave as hard a tug as he could. Vance would end up being pulled out, but at the same time Bass fell over and probably would have Vance lading right on him.

      A burst of snow and flailing bodyparts later, Vance groaned out quietly, raising his hands to brush snow out of his hair and from his face, teeth chattering from the cold as he wrapped his arms around himself.

      "Th-th-thanks B-B-Bass... I-"

      He paused, looking around with a confused look, until realizing he was sitting on top of his friend. He quickly rolled off and bent down to help Bass to his feet, though still visibly freezing cold from the dive in the snow as he wrapped his arms tightly around himself again. "S-sorry about that."

      Bass shrugged, "Heh, it's quite alright." Even with his ripped clothing Bass' fur was more than enough to keep the mammal warm, but he did tilt his head, "Something wrong Vance? Why are you shivering? Did you get a disease? I've seen people shake a lot when they get colds."

      "H-huh?" Vance replied, turning to Bass, hopping a little from one foot to the other to try and catch warmth again. "No, I-I'm just... v-very c-cold. A-anyways... where... are we? H-how long did K-Kuzo throw us?" he asked, turning around to look along the mountain's sides.

      Bass paused for a moment and he moved foward quickly and wrapped his wings about Vance. As he did so Vance would feel the warmth from not only his fur but his body as well, "You shouldn't be cold then." He said cheerfully. "Hm..." He looked down and frowned, "We came up a long way... that's all I know."

      Meanwhile, Avril and Morgan were steadily making their way up the mountain towards the treasure. As the two progressed, the scenery around them slowly began to change. The mild temperature of the town below began to change to one of a much more chilly nature. The grass and green vegetation that Morgan had not burned down during the duo's encounter with the Fishmen pirates slowly began to be replaced by lumps of snow or were frosted over. Thankfully, Avril did not feel as much of a change as most would who had managed to charge this far up the mountain.

      "Pepper-kun, it looks like your fire power is for more than just burnin' down trees and fryin' fish," the woman said, glancing over at Morgan from over his shoulder.

      "Eh? What do ya mean?" Morgan asked, turning to face her as he continued to hike through the snow. He effortessly plowed through the snow, most of it melting at his feet. This made the hike all the more easy. At this rate, Morgan firmly beleived that he would make it to the top before anyone else.

      Avril smiled. "You're very warm. I don't really feel any chill bein' way up here. It must be nice havin' that kind of heat comin' off, right?"

      "I don't make it a habit of walkin' around in the cold," he admitted. "The cool air of the ocean is about as cold as it gets for me." Morgan continued to hike, noticing how the snow melted with his every step. "But I guess it has it's uses ya know? How ya doing back there? Comfy?" He said with a wink.

      "More or less," Avril answered. "I've had far less accomidatin' modes of travel... And if I walked, well... We'd still be at the bottom."

      Avril looked ahead, her eyes narrowing as she spotted something slowly getting closer. The more she and Morgan made their way up the mountain, the more the shape slowly started to resemble a creature of some sort. The woman was not particularly thrilled by this sight. Avril knew that she was not in much shape to fight at the moment, and if this creature they closed in upon happened to be as dangerous as their last opponent...

      "Pepper-kun... You're not too bad off are ya?" Avril inquired. "Your wounds from earlier aren't hurtin' ya too bad, right?"

      Morgan stopped as they inched closer to the creature in the distance, ignoring Avril at first. His wounds did bother him a bit and carrying Avril, while she wasn't too heavy, did not help the recovery. But he would never admit that. He would just bank on bumping into anyone who had seastone or water powers. If he could avoid that, no one could hurt him and he'll be fine. The treasure was all but his...theirs. As they crept closer, he cracked a smile: "Fightin' won't be neccessary." Morgan stopped only a few feet away and stood tall above the creature and what appeared to be his prey. But as Morgan continued to observe the two, he chuckled a bit more. "Bass, I knew you were strange, but I didn't know you swung that way."

      "...Bass?" Avril questioned, glancing in the direction of the creature. Her eyes widened a bit at the sight of what appeared to her to look like a giant bat holding onto another person, one who Avril recognized from a previous encounter back in town. "A friend ya know...?"

      "Yeah, ya could say that," Morgan said to the side. "It's a long story. I'll share some time. After we get the treasure of course."

      Bass blinked and cocked his head at Morgan, "Um... swing?" He cocked an ear, "I'm not swinging anything. Vance is very cold but I dont know why. I'm warm right now so I'm not really sure what he's talking about. Do you know Morgan?" He asked as he opened his wings again, this time as a breeze flew through and would no doubt nail Vance with the chills.

      "H-huh?" Vance interluded, his eyes widening as he managed to shuffle around and see Morgan and even Avril of all people. His cheeks quickly darkened as he realized how this had to be looking to them and managed to squirm out from underneath Bass' wings.

      "That's because it is cold. Ya'll wouldn't know because you got all the fur. He doesn't have that, being ya know...a human first. I guess he didn't pack his winter clothin'." Morgan laughed before sighing. Bass wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. It was like he was a big kid. A big bat kid. It was nice to have such a kid around, but his navivity could be annoying.

      Bass cocked his head and then his eyes widened in realization, "Oooooohhhhhh. I understand! Also, did you get a new name? I think I heard your friend call you Pepper-Kun? I must have misheard that." He said with a chuckle.

      "Uh yeah. Ya'll could say that," Morgan realized what Bass was referencing. The name was kind of embrassing, but he grew fond of it. "This here is Avril. She's...uhhh...She's uh..."

      "A friend... Pepper-kun is helpin' me get to the top of the mountain so I can see the treasure," Avril finished for Morgan. She gave the bat and Vance both a warm smile. It was a bit surprising to see such a large creature... much less one that could speak as he did, but Avril decided not to bark up that tree for the moment. "It's nice to meet ya both."

      Bass nodded and grabbed Vance in a batty hug, "It's nice to meet you too Avril!" He said happily, "I bet Vance is excited to meet another friend too right?" He asked his companion eagerly.

      Vance had stopped shivering for the most part, but just as he was about to say something to the two newcomers, Bass grabbed him again, causing him to let out a yelp of surprise. "Wah! B-Bass, I'm not cold anymore!" After a bit of wriggling, he managed to squirm free, giving the bat's shoulder a pat. "But... thanks for warming me up."

      He then turned to Morgan and Avril, sending them both a sheepish smile. "Hey Morgan. Hey Avril. Funny seeing you up here! Skellen's still pretty angry at you, but I think I made him calm down. And for your information Morgan, he was only warming me up after I took a dive in a pile of snow." He added, raising a finger. He then gave a smile at Bass and looked back at Avril. "I already know her, from down in town. We helped out each other against a bunch of pirates."

      Avril glanced over at Vance, blinking slowly in the process. She tilted her head slightly as she looked the man over, before closing her eyes with a shrug and a smile. "I don't really recall that... In fact, I don't think we've ever met..." the woman said. "Maybe it was someone else who had my name."

      "... Huh?" Vance replied with a confused expression in his eyes.

      "Rrrright," Morgan said, doubting Avril's story only a bit. From what Morgan could gather Vance wasn't a great liar, but Avril had something of a skill with words. It really didn't matter though. He didn't care one way or another. "Well, it doesn't matter where we've seen each other. I'm guessin' we are all here for treasure. Let's get a move on then! I don't want some little league pirate nabbin' my stuff."

      "H-Hang on!" Bass said as he rubbed his small wing claws together, "Uh... shouldn't we go down? I mean... there will be a lot of pirates... all probably wanting to kill us. Shouldn't we go down and just be safe down there? What good is treasure if you get killed before you get it or if you get killed right after you get it? If we get it first then every single person will be trying to kill us to get to it... right?" He asked nervously.

      Avril shook her head. "Headin' back down after makin' it this far wouldn't work well for us either. The town was already a mess with that announcement anyways. At the rate they probably keep fightin' or killin' each other, I doubt very many would make it up this far."

      Bass cocked his head again, "But... we have to go back down... to the city... to get to our ship." He pointed out, "Or are we not heading to the ship?"

      "She's right, Bass." Vance added. "Like I told you earlier, if we go down now, we'll just run into a ton of people fighting each other. The longer we go up and wait with going down, the less people we'll be likely to face. We might even be able to avoid them all." He paused, then gave a light smile, nudging Bass' arm. "Besides! This is our first treasure as pirates! And pirates need their treasure. Right?" He glanced towards Morgan, as if for confirmation of the statement, clearly not completely sure what they'd be using a bunch of treasure for.

      "Eeyup. Pirates are all about treasure. And adventure. And a bunch of other things that Kuzo can tell ya about. I mean, I could tell ya too but he'll probably make it sound a whole lot prettier than I am willin' to," Morgan said shrugging his shoulders. "And if we bump into any fightin' I'll take care of it. I'm a bit hurt, sure, but most of these guys can't even touch me. Literally." Morgan took a deep breath, repositioned Avril so she was more comfortable and stared at the once cuddling duo. "So any more doubts or are you two ready to be real pirates?"

      Bass looked at Morgan, then down and then back up and nodded. "Y-Yes." Bass said firmly, "Yeah, I'm ready to be a pirate!" He stood up and smiled widely, "We can do this with you Morgan!"

      Avril smiled at the sudden display of energy Bass displayed. The bat sort of reminded Avril of a young child. "That's the spirit, Batsy-chan. Just remember to keep tough and everythin' will be just fine."

      "... I never had any doubt to begin with!" Vance exclaimed before nodding his head firmly and pumping his fists to his sides, with an excited smile. "And yeah, I'm ready Morgan! Let's go get our first treasure!"

      Morgan geninuely smiled. "Now ya'll speakin' my language!" He started walking up the moment, leading the way in stride. "Just follow my way ladies! My fire feet...thing...will clear the snow out of our way. It'll make it a whole lot easier to walk." After they finally decide to muster themselves, Morgan wanted to get a bit of momentum. Once they got into a flow, Morgan looked back briefly. "So you hear from Kuzo and all them?" What could of sounded like caring, Morgan was more curious on the competition. Morgan's affliation was purely on paper, hardly in practice. Though, Kuzo talked a big game...could he back it up? The was the real question.

      Bass flapped his wings, but quickly lowered himself as he coughed a bit, "Uh... strange... it's odd up here." He frowned, "It's like... there's less air." He followed along Morgan and nodded, "I have, well a bit at least. Kuzo is a lot of fun." He said with a wide grin.

      "Kuzo actually passed us on the way up." Vance added, walking behind both Morgan, Avril and Bass in the trail of the melted snow. "He picked me and Bass up along the way, then said something about helping someone and threw us up the mountain, where I got stuck in a snow drive. He seemed alright though. Skellen's probably alright... I think Leon's taking care of Lotte."

      "He threw ya up the mountain...?" Avril questioned, looking back over her shoulder at Vance with a small look of disbelief. "How in the world would someone actually manage to do somethin' like that?"

      "Oh, uhm... well, Kuzo has this ability to... change the density of his bones, I think? He ate the bone fruit, so he can either become super fast, or incredibly tough and strong, and... I guess that's what he used to throw us with." Vance concluded, giving Avril a shrug of his shoulders as if saying 'I have no clue either'.

      Morgan nodded in agreement with Avril and Vance. "The man does have an odd...charm about him, but his Devil Fruit is too strange for my taste. I prefer mine personally speakin'. Way easier to explain. Plus it makes for a cooler nickname...does Kuzo even have one? I mean what are all y'all gonna call yourselves? The Bone Pirates?" Morgan now was geninuely curious. He was a part of the Falcon Pirates because his captain's nickname and obssession with birds. The 'Strays' earned their name because well...they were stray pirates. Yet Kuzo didn't have anything. They were just...the crew. And that name would just never work.

      "You're pirates and your crew doesn't even have a name yet?" Avril inquired. She giggled lightly at the thought, realizing more and more how odd this group's captain seemed to be. "I always thought that that sorta thing was one of the first steps to actually havin' a crew..."

      "We're kind of... very new." Vance admitted, shrugging his shoulders lightly. Now that they mentioned it, he was getting really curious too, albeit a little worried with Kuzo's tendency to do things in just any way he could because why not. "... I hope we aren't going to be called the Bone Pirates."

      "I'm sure ya guys can come up with a much more clever name once ya think 'bout it," Avril replied. The woman looked about her currently traveling group. Taking into account with Morgan, Kuzo, and Bass, that was at least three members of this crew that had Devil Fruit powers. While she knew that it was not exactly unheard of for a pirate crew to have a slight chance of having one or two, Avril had to admit that it was a bit odd to have this many on one crew. "By the way... Is the use of a Devil Fruit somethin' that's required for your crew? It seems like a common thing among ya..."

      "We didn't even mention our other Devil Fruit user in Leon. So that makes about four of us, unless I am forgettin' someone else," Morgan answered with a slight sigh. Even Avril was lobbing him with the rest of them despite his constant reminders. "Anyway, it's not a requirement. It's just that Kuzo just threw all of us in big pot of pirates without really gettin' to know us. It's all happenstance really. Hell, Vance just got on the boat without knowing Kuzo's name," Morgan added with a laugh.

      "I think most of us didn't know his name... besides, Lotte and I were trying to get out of there and we ran into this guy named Wallace who said he had a ship... which turned out to be the ship we went on." Vance shrugged, resting his arms behind his head as they continued up the mountain, small puffs of white air exiting his mouth.

      Avril honestly did not know what to think about all she was learning. The crew did not have a name. Most of them did not even mean to join a pirate crew. Some of them even joined his crew simply by boarding his ship on accident. The woman had honestly never heard anything like it before... and quite honestly, it did little to help her rather low standards that she held for pirates. Just how far did they actually plan to get being such a mixed up and inexperienced bunch? Regardless, there was one thing Avril just had to know.

      "That's a very interestin' way to join a crew," Avril said with a smile. She paused for a moment, looking ahead over Morgan's shoulder. "So... If ya guys never planned on bein' pirates or at least joinin' his crew... Why didn't ya just leave or find another ship when ya reached a town?"

      Morgan considered ignoring the question. After all, Kuzo's deal was not exactly common knowledge. But if you are going to drop bombs, you may as well do it well. "Kuzo and I have a deal. If I beat him in a fight, I get his ship. I intended to collect, but then we got in a scrap with other pirates. Called themselves the "Strays" or somethin'. Small timers really. Then the whole ruckus concernin' the treasure made everythin' more complicated. Once I get the treasure, I intend to kick Kuzo's ass and take the ship for my own. If ya'll want to join me, you are more than welcome to join."

      Bass looked and let his ears flick a bit, "Really?" He asked with a frown, "Then... why didn't you just fight on the ship? I've seen where some men at night will fight each other outside of a bar over stuff, so couldn't you two just fight on the deck of the ship?" He asked with a confused tone. "You could have fought on the way here if you really wanted the ship." He said. "But... I... Morgan... I was wondering..." He looked away and let his claw hooks just slightly tap against each other, "... Sorry, it was a stupid thought. Forget I said anything." He said suddenly.

      "You do realize I set things on fire, right? I got my name for burning down ships like kindling," Morgan said bluntly. Was Bass really that thickheaded? "The deal was after we reach land. This here is land, but sadly no Kuzo to be found. The damn moron probably forgot about our deal anyway."

      Bass nodded slowly, "It... well, I just..." He thought for a moment, "I... c-can you..." As the bat spoke his voice ended up going to a softer pitch and by the time he actually managed to complete his sentence his voice was so soft that barely anyone would be able to hear it as he trembled there.

      Avril glanced over in the direction of Bass. She was curious as to what the bat was actually wanting to say, even more so with the fact that he seemed to be hesitant to say it. She offered Bass a small smile, as if trying to ease him into saying whatever was on his mind.

      "Is something wrong, Batsy-chan?" she inquired to the creature.

      Bass hung his head, "I... You're strong." He said finally to Morgan. "Y-You always have to stay by the strongest... and... and you just know how to do things. I..." He looked down again, "I... c-could you t-teach me?"

      "Teach ya? Like to be a pirate?" Morgan said turning around to face Bass. He wasn't aware he had a fan. Most people just ran way from him really. Probably because he had a tendency to blow things up. Like ships. And towns. And everything. Half of the time he didn't mean to, but that was all in the past. A past he has been trying to get over and move on from. "Ya sure ya want to learn from a guy like me? I'm not exactly...nevermind. If you insist on followin' me instead of Kuzo, yeah I can help ya out. Only if y'all are sure though."

      Bass smiled weakly, "R-Really? I mean, y-you don't have to. I... it's just... I... it's Leon." He finally blurted out, "He's so... he's.... he's not human, he's not even feral! H-he's something else... and I-I want to get stronger..."

      Morgan laughed, on the verge of roaring really. Not neccessarily at Bass, though his reasons were pretty funny. It was his description of Leon. His innocence. Bass would need a lot of work, but being a mentor. It seemed fun. It broke back memories of Morgan's younger self. Why he joined the Falcon Pirates. Why he stayed for so long. "You got a lot to learn, Bass. Lesson 1: Don't be afraid of nothin'. Confidence is key. You got to learn to stare death in the face and laugh. Just like I did. Got it?"

      Bass slowly nodded, "H-How do you get confidence?" He croaked out. "I... I don't think I can get it."

      "Fake it till ya make it," Morgan said with a shrug, shaking up Avril a bit by mistake. "Stop being..." Morgan considered being a vulgar but sighed. Bass was a kid basically. He didn't want to be too mean. Plus he had an image to uphold especially with Avril around. "Just believe in yourself."

      "Oh... okay." Bass nodded slowly, "I'll try... "

      "I'm not too sure 'bout that logic," Avril thought with a sigh as she listened to Morgan's advice for Bass. "Sure, standin' your ground and all that sort of thing is important, but... all that could do in the end is lead ya to an early grave... Not that it's any of my problem whether a bunch of stupid pirates wanna die that much faster..."

      Vance, having trudged along quietly in the wake of the melted snow behind the group gave a little smile, raising a hand to lightly pat Bass' back. "It's alright Bass. I'm new to being a pirate too. We'll learn together, alright? Although, uh... one thing if being confident, another is charging at every single fight. My mentor taught me that you need to pick your fights. If you know there's a fight you'll lose, it's better to try and avoid fighting it if you can. Knowing your limits is very important too."

      "As much I would love to debate with y'all, we're here," Morgan said. The summit was within eyeshot and with that the treasure would soon be theirs. It was just a matter of who would get to claim it first.

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      Skellen & Lotte vs. The Tensens | Duke Island Mountainside

      Though she had a moment of indignance at being so unceremoniously pulled along, Lotte soon grew grateful for the force of Skellen's hand dragging her along by the arm. While it wasn't as if Lotte couldn't run further than her delicate appearance suggested she could, dodging around brawling pirates and hurrying from town to the top of a mountain? It wasn't long before her lungs were burning, and she wriggled at her wrist, trying to get Skellen's attention. "Wait- just wait a seco--AH!" Tumbling forward as she stumbled over herself, she crumpled to her feet behind him in a flurry of white fabric and long blonde hair.

      "Ouch ouch-" She mumbled, looking down at the hand she'd used to stop her fall- slightly scraped and turning an angry red from the impact. But more than that, she took a deep breath to refill her lungs, before looking up at Skellen with a pout, "Why are we in such a hurry?! I'm sure the others are already there, and it's not like we can make a difference if we're the first ones there!" Giving a little huff, she pushed her hair away from her eyes with her fingertips, careful not to brush against the scraped parts. Yet despite her complaints, she got to her feet a few seconds later- her breathing evened out and seemingly perfectly fine.

      "Okay, now we can go." She pulled at his hand, with a face that expectantly told him to go first. ('Mush, Skellen, mush.')

      Skellen sighed, impatiently tapping his foot as he waited for Lotte to catch her breath and far to aware that with every moment that they waited the red-bearded pirate frm before and God-knows-who else were hot on their heels - not to mention whatever commotion Morgan was involved with further up.

      When Lotte finally got up and proceded to tug at his hand and look at him as though he had to go first he wasn't sure whether to celebrate or to toss her from the top of the mountain later on.
      "Alright, let's go then" he said to lot, proceded to sprint upwards again tugging Lotte along behind him and still talking as he did so "it looks like pretty much everyone on the island has deduced Royal Peak is the place to go, it's probably going to get crazy soon - especially since Morgan is already burning things to the ground up there. Try not to fall or anything and keep your wits about you because with my luck we've got half an hour at best before everything goes absolutley nuts." Other than that, Skellen didn't feel the need to say much unless he felt the need to make a sarcastic jibe or give an instruction.

      Soon enough other pirates heading up the mountain came into view, it appeared they were all second-raters - weak pirate crews or the lackeys of more fearsom captains.
      "Keep your head down Lotte, we're going straight through these guys."

      She listened only half-heartedly, busy looking around them at the sights flying past. Lotte was quickly coming to learn that she could mostly ignore most of what Skellen was saying- it was all so.... technical and logical and it just didn't make any sense to her. It seemed less like he was talking to her than just thinking aloud, as far as she was concerned.

      As such, his warning to keep her head down fell on deaf ears as she looked up and over his shoulder in curiousity at the sight before them-- pirates, all of them heading up the mountain. "I thought you said we weren't going to run into anybody?" She asked with an almost accusing tone, though didn't seem particularly upset about it- it was more teasing in nature as she peered around, wondering if they really had overtaken John. As her ears finally caught up with her brain, she turned her head sharply back towards Skellen, long blonde hair whipping about as she blinked at him in confusion. ".... Wait, we're going through them? Are you going to fight them then??"

      Skellen laughed manically
      "Fight them? Not exactly, they have noticed us yet and you may not have noticed but I tend to be pretty good with some pretty nasty poisons. If all goes well we won't have to do any fighting." Grinning wickedly, Skellen withdrew a knife from within his satchel - it had been soaked thouroughly in a nasty toxin - the poison soaking into the microscopic grooves in the specialised weapon.
      "Watch out, I don't want to accidentally cut you."

      Still pulling Lotte along behind him, Skellen upped his speed printing straight through the mass of pirates and delivering single gashes to any that he deemed to close. He didn't bother stopping to check his handy work, he simply kept running forward slashing at anyone in his way. He ducked under arms lunging for him and leapt over kicks - still attached to Lotte by the arm his hand tight on her wrist. He wasn't going to let her fall out of his grasp and get trampled - after all he'd grown oddly fond of the idiotic girl.

      It was only when there ceased to be any pirates in front of him that Skellen allowed himself to look back and he found himself quite satisfied by the sight that graced his eyes. The majority of the pirates they had run through were twitching on the ground, howling in agony whilst those that he hadn't cut attempted to treat there fallen commrades.

      Nearly bumping into him when he looked back, she gave him a quizzical look before throwing a glance over her shoulder as well-- the sight quite a surprise for her seeing as she'd not seen Skellen in a real confrontation with this many pirates before. The only one she'd seen him go toe-to-toe with was Leon, and the drastic difference in their mental capacities had always been the explanation for how equal their conflicts seemed to be.

      "It's not a lethal toxin" Skellen explained to Lotte as they ran "It's based on the venom of some spiders. It isn't going to kill any human any time soon but it will leave them incapacitated, in agony, writhing on the ground and feeling quite ill. I'm an amazing doctor am I not?" Skellen laughed, realsiing as he did so that Lotte quite possibly wouldn't get the joke - a thought that only made him laugh more.

      She looked back at him as he began to explain, keeping up with his pace with more ease now than she had before the break she'd imposed upon him. "Are you sure you're a doctor?" She asked-- she was dim, but she was usually good on picking up anything that would brighten her spirits, and so she let out a laugh as well, tugging playfully at his grip on her wrist, "I don't think I've seen you do a doctor's job even once since I met you- unless you count putting Leon to sleep. Maybe I really shouldn't call you Mister Doctor after all!"

      "I got the bullet out of Morgan's shoulder and patched him up too, don't forget that!" Skellen pointed out, still in a fit of laughter. He wasn't entirely sure why he was so amused, but there was something hilarious - he just couldn't pin point it. Either way, he was enjoying Lotte's company in the unfortunate situation they were in.
      "Plus, if we aren't careful I'll be tending to our wounds too" his tone here was a bit more serious, but he soo found himself laughing like a mad man again.
      Hopefully we get some smooth sailing for a while...

      "For the last time, I don't care! I want the treasure!" Young Mina Tensen said emphatically, her loud stride crushing any fallen leaves and kicking any pebbles that scattered the ground. A small dust cloud picked up in her wake, as her two crewmates prodded along.

      "Sis. You don't get it do you? There are dangerous pirates around here. Like "The Burning King" and "Akahige." You know. Real pirates." The younger of the two men, carrying a long rifle appeared to talk to down the Captain. This was a rather common occurance between Ronaldo and Mina Tensen. It wasn't going to end well.

      "Don't talk to your Captain like that!" Warp Tensen cut in, standing in front of his son, waving his scimatar wildly. "Treat her with respect!"

      "She's my sister, too. And your daughter. I'm looking out for her," Ronaldo protested, quietly before sighing and shaking his head, appearing to give up.

      Mina turned to face the close to bickering men. "These real pirates clearly never met me. "No matter who they are, they will lose! To me! The Great Mina Tensen! Oh-hohohohoho!" She erupted in a vain attempt at manacial laughter, only to have her voice pop into something borderline cute. Warp begin to praise his daughter as she laughed, bowing down in her magnificance as Ronaldo brought his palm to his forehead, muttering vulgar murmurs to himself. "And we will begin with you!" Mina ordered as she pointed to the chuckling Skellen. However she paused and cocked her head to the side. "Who are you...?"

      Skellen paused, dropping Lotte's arm at the sudden noise - apparently he hadn't heard the approach of the other group over his own laughter. Skellen turned slowly, a hand sliding into his pocket just in case and at the sight before him his jaw near nearly hit the ground. It was the three pirates that they had run into before, before the Akahige pirates had interupted. The whiny brat, the delusional old man and the gunman who actually seemed to have half a brain. Skellen raised an eyebrow at the confused looking girl.
      "My name's Skellen" he said to the Tensen's, a smirk spreading across his face "you haven't forgotten me have you prissy pirate? We only met a few hours ago - you know before the akahige's - real pirates - interrupted you in your pointless atempts at appearing dangerous."

      Skellen wasn't entirely sure what to do, if the Tensen's did attack he'd have to keep an eye out for Lotte as well and the pris did have a devil's fruit - in saying that though they did not seem to be a particularly dangerous group to Skellen based upon the seeming stupidity of two of them and the discension in their ranks caused by the gunman with a brain.
      Their ridiculous personaltiies make it hard to judge how hard it will be to keep Lotte safe... I think it is a safe bet that they'll target me primarily though.
      "So, are you here to finish what you started? Or are you going to go back to your boat and have a tea party like a good little girl?"

      Though released from Skellen's grip, she made no movements to hide away- only staring over at the little girl and what seemed like her two lackeys. How fascinating-- when she was that girl's age, she would hardly have ever even dreamed of leaving her home, let alone go searching for treausre and defeating pirates like Skellen. But as Skellen's mouth began to run with taunts, she glanced over at him with an exasperated look- she didn't bother to remind him that she didn't ever get wounds that really needed tending to- instead she glanced back to Mina Tensen, curiously waiting for the situation to play out.

      Mina fumed, steam practically pouring out of her ears as her face flushed in a bright red. "Ronaldo!! Shoot him!"

      "But he's an actual pi-"

      "I said shoot him! Now!"

      Ronaldo sighed as he took the gun from around his shoulder and quickly lined up a shot. In less than a mere second, a bullet whizzed by Skellen's face, leaving him with only a slight cut on his cheek, marking the bullet's trajectory. "That was a warning shot," Ronaldo said. Mina appeared to be more angry in the background, but Ronaldo completely ignored her inaudible yapping. "I heard about you, Skellen," Ronaldo continued as he reloaded his weapon. "And unlike my sister here, I know when to choose my battles. But if you threaten her, I will not hesistate to put a bullet right between your eyes." Ronaldo brought up the gun to his eyes and took aim for another shot. His eyes looked like a hawk's observing Skellen and Lotte's every move.

      "A fan?" Skellen said, grinning maniacally "well if you know me, you probably know that you probably want to avoid being cut up by me." Skellen's eyes narrowed, quickly scanning over the area around him. To his left there was the edge of the cliff, to the right a thick grouping of trees before a sharp ascent that would be almost impossible to climb.
      I guess using them for cover wouldn't last long, the trees are acked tight but that patch of forest is shallow. So I'm going to have to try something a little bit riskier...
      "Hey Lotte, wanna see something awesome?"

      In a single fluid motion Skellen had simultaneously thrown three dud razors (what he sometimes called the blades without posion) and ran forward, dropping into a tuck-and-roll skidding to his feet behind the Tenesen pirates. Withdrawing a knife from his satchel - this time a weapon that was most definitely poisonous - he brought it downwards, intending to drive it into Ronaldo's shoulder by his neck.

      Having whipped about to see Ronaldo's bullet graze Skellen's face, she had been warily listening to the incessant stream of taunts when Skellen suddenly jumped forward- while she remained standing where she was, unconcerned that she was technically also apart of the battle. Lotte's eyes followed his nimble movements as best they could, but to no avail- by the time she'd caught up with what was happening, Skellen's knife was already sinking through the air. But rather than staring at the knife, Lotte's gaze snapped towards the young girl and the older man, brow furrowing in realization that it was technically 3 versus 1-- a very unfair arrangement as far as she was concerned...

      The Tensen pirates all nimbly the dodged the razors. Ronaldo sidestepped the one, Warp ducked under his while Mina hit the dirt for hers, overreacting just a tad. As Skellen dove towards Ronaldo, intending to end the fight in mere moments. Warp intervened, shoulder bashing the preying Skellen, sending him tumbling into the dirt. "No one dares attack MY daughter and gets away with it!" Warp declared. He pulled out his scimitar, it's large blade looming over the bruised Skellen.

      Ronaldo, visibly disgruntled that he didn't read Skellen's strategy, prepared his rifle for another shot. "My father has a tendency to go a little beserk when anyone threatens our...captain. If you value whatever life you have, I'd say you should take your friend there and head home." Ronaldo took aim for Skellen's head. "Last chance."

      "Just kill him!" Mina barked.

      "Can it," Ronaldo shouted back.

      "Dear God you're all related." Skellen sighed, laughing at this sudden recognition "Seriously Ronaldo, your captain is your little sister? How did that happen?" Skellen acted as though he were merely carrying on a conversation, not lying on the ground with a gun pointed at his head - he had no intention of sitting there and getting put to death when Ronaldo caved into his sister's incessent whining.
      "Old man, realistically speaking you should be the captain here since your their father but in saying that if you want to last much longer on the Grand Line Ronaldo here should be running the show since he seems to have a brain. You missy," he directed his gaze to the fuming Mina Tensen "are too much of an idiotic whiny priss to lead a ship, and if you keep giving orders to kill people then I hope you're also prepared to die. You had a lot of innocents killed on that street back in the town, you're as bad as marines."

      The instant Skellen had finished speaking he rolled slightly to the side, forcing Ronaldo to correct his aim - but he was too slow to do so. Skellen pressed his hands hard to the ground and just as the muzzle of the musket found its mark once more his leg shot up into Ronaldo's hand and pointing the gun upwards. Skellen the quickly righted himself, elbowing the gunman in the gut as he got to his feet and through a handful of razors at Mina and Garp - each one of them dowsed in a neaurotoxin that would gradually shut down their bodies once in their bloodstream.

      Skellen now stood close, but nowhere near as close to the Tensen's and between them and Lotte.
      [i}If I can take out Ronaldo I know exactly how to deal with the other two - the problem is that I have to watch out for the others as well as his gun as I do so... In my next attack I'll faint towards them but aim for Ronaldo - that will let me put them in between me and his bullets and hopefully result in him no longer being a problem.[/i]

      Ronaldo's gun fired as Skellen kicked it up and the sharp elbow caused the sniper to take a few steps to recover and find his composure. The loud shot caused the edgy Mina to duck down, the flurry of razors just missing their marks. Warp's fatherly instincts kicked in and he went to comfort his daughter, causing those razors to also concidentially miss. Luck was not on Skellen's side. Murmurs were exchanged between the two before the two stared down their sole opponent. Ronaldo appeared to be winded. "Now," Mina ordered. Warp picked up his daughter and heaved her in the direction of Skellen. Mina went feet first, appearing to want to kick Skellen straight in the face, but Warp's aim was off catapulting the small girl into a nearby tree. However, the tree snapped, it's base shattering into hundreds of pieces as if a cannonball struck it.

      Mina emerged from the wreckage without as much as a scratch. "I ate the Kilo-Kilo Fruit," she proudly stated. "I can change my weight to whatever I want! Oh-hohohohohoho." She once again roared with laughter before suddenly ceasing to speak. "I am going to crush until you agree to help me claim the treasure that I want!"

      Lotte had since laced her fingers together, twiddling her thumbs in apprehension as shots and hits were exchanged- head turning left and right as she watched the battle like a stage performance... But at Mina's comment she tilted her head, piping up "... I thought you were trying to kill Skellen, not get him to help you." She pointed out, tapping her chin with the tip of her index finger in thought.

      "I-I-I--" Mina puttered, unable to really muster an answer.

      Ronald coughing as he caught his breath from Skellen's elbow. "Yeah, she's indecisive."

      "Yes, thank you for pointing that out Lotte. It means the world to me that you're trying to get me killed, really it does." Skellen winked at Lotte, might as well enjoy himself a little, turning to look back at Mina he just shook his head
      "You didn't have to tell me that, I know from our meeting earlier. You shouldn't brag about relying on Devil's Fruit anyway, it's a great way to make sure you die faster."
      I think they expect me to go for her...

      "I wasn't trying to get you killed, I was just making sure whether I should be worried or not." She replied candidly, running a hand through her hair. Still, Mina's devil fruit didn't seem like a very good power- being able to make herself change weight. She'd seen plenty of devil fruits on board their own ship already to make Mina's a rather unimpressive sounding one. (Who would WANT to get fat???)

      Skellen withdrew a dagger from his satchel
      "The best part about being me, is that if I cut you with something - even a tiny scratch - it could mean you'll die. This, little girl" Skellen continued, speaking directly to Mina so as to hide his true intent "will send you into convultions the moment the toxin it is coated with gets into your blood. It probably won't kill you, but the pain will be so incapacitating and exrutiating that you'll wish you were dead. You'll be unable to move bar the uncrontrollable writhing, so I'll get to very slowly cut out your organs to use later." Skellen moved forward, as though he was going to run for Mina, but at the last second spun on his foot lunging for Ronaldo and engaging him with a flurry of rapid slashes, kicks and punches.

      Lotte gathered up her skirts as Skellen went on about his knives despite having told Mina not to brag about her powers either. Tucking the fabric under her knees, she squatted and picked up a stick, drawing in the dirt as she waited for the battle to wrap up.

      Mina gasped at Skellen's threat and watching almost nervously (somewhat believing Ronaldo to be the fixer of all situations) as Ronaldo was confronted by Skellen's brutal attack. Ronaldo was hardly an accomplished close range fighter and the barrage of attacks overwhelmed in. He focused on the dagger, dodging those attacks successfully thought a solid kick nailed him in the gut, almost in the same spot as he was struck before. Ronaldo, taken aback, fell to the ground, wheezing as the wind escaped from his lungs. But as Ronaldo collasped to recollect himself, Warp dove into the fray. Brandishing his large blade, he sought to cleave Skellen in half. He swung wildly, lacking any sense of discipline in his stance or style. It was as if a father was blindly protecting his family with fury, rather than composure. Mina's face glowed as her father proudly swarmed Skellen with a barrage of scimitar attacks. But also, that was the cue for a given plan.

      Mina jumped high in the air, changing her weight to something lighter than air. For a moment, she was smaller than an ant in the blue sky. But, then her weight changed. She became heavier than steel and she was pulled in by gravity. As she came crashing down to the earth, she aimed directly for Skellen. This time she wasn't intent on missing.

      Skellen flashed a grin at the injured Ronaldo before being forced backwards by the wild swing being delivered by the enraged Warp. It was apparent that he lacked the discipline of the truly great swordsman, but that didn't mean Skellen could afford to let his guard down - if his plan was going to work he couldn't afford to be bogged down doging wild swings.

      Stepping back Skellen tripped on a looser patch of soil, falling to one knee and barely lifting the blade of his knife in time to prevent his head from being sliced in half by the larger of the two weapons. Skellen struggled against Warp, but was disadvantaged a lot by the leverage the older pirate had against him.
      I really cannot afford to be stu-where's the priss? Skellen shifted his gaze up slightly, catching sight of an object falling rapidly falling from the sky - falling straight towards him.
      "Oh... there she is." A mere fraction of a second before he'd have been completely crushed Skellen through himself to the side abandoning his knife in the process and being sent sprawling across the ground before he eventually rolled to a halt, climbing to his feet to see a decently sized crater where he'd been kneeling only a moment ago.
      "That could have been unpleasant, now where were we?"

      Skellen took a few deep breaths, getting his bearings and regaining his composure before launching his next attack. Skellen ran directly towards the regrouped Tensen pirates, taking note that Warp was inadvertantly blocking Ronaldo's shots with his positioning. Upon reaching the group Skellen swivelled past Warp's sword, using the blunter inner edge as a boost he simultaneously forced a loss of balance in the swordsman whilst leaping over his head allowing him to throw another flurry of toxic razors towars Ronaldo before he landed behind the gunman, not hesitating to see if his projectiles hit their target but immediately launching himself into hand-to-hand combat against the gunman.
      You don't like fighting close up so much do you...

      Ronaldo jumped out of the way of the razors only to be flanked by the clever Skellen. Skellen's skill on the field suprised Ronaldo greatly. Sure, Warp was unrefined, but he was strong. Mina was predictable but headstrong. Ronaldo had to show his strengths now. For he was adaptable. Ronaldo plowed the butt of his gun into Skellen's stomach, spun around and struck him again in the head. "I may favor long range, but I can hold my own well enough. You need to be up close to use those razors effectively," Ronaldo spaced himself, keeping Skellen away with his rifle aimed at his head, before smirking and suddenly popping a shot into Skellen's shoulder, knocking the doctor to the ground from the impact. "If Mina is intent on keeping you alive, I simply need to make you incapable of doing much of anything. Tossing around these little daggers," Ronaldo said with such lack of emotion as he knocked away any loose daggers with his foot. "These seem to be your weapon of choice. Well, with that shoulder you won't be throwing them around so easily anymore." He placed the muzzle of his rifle in Skellen's face. "Any last words?"

      "Oh- Yes!" Lotte interjected suddenly, raising her hand and the stick that had been tracing lines in the dirt at Ronaldo's prompt for last words. She got to her feet, shuffling over a bit closer at the opportunity to say something, "Yes I have some last words- or a last question really- that is, why are we fighting?" Tilting her head she folded her arms in thought, "I've been wondering for awhile now- but first you wanted to kill Skellen- why I'm not really sure- but then you wanted him to help you find the treasure... but Skellen and I aren't even looking for the treasure, we're just looking for our friends. And so we're not possibly fighting over who gets the treasure, right? And then if you point your gun at him like that, then you seem like you want to kill him again, but I don't understand why you'd do that either- since you seem like very nice pirates that don't go around killing people just for fun. So I don't get it: Why are we fighting again?"

      Ronaldo blinked and gestured with his head to Lotte: "Who is she exactly? Your answer won't count for the whole last words thing."

      "Lotte?" Skellen laughed at the sudden question "she's everyone's favourite tag-along. She ended up on a ship through a fortunate - well for her - turn of events and we ended up becoming somewhat fond of her."

      "That makes me sound like your pet!" She pouted, "I'm-...." A moment of hesitation as she realized that what Skellen said was in all technicality the only way to describe it- and it wasn't so bad, now that she'd gone over it in her mind. "... I'm tagging along!"

      Skellen then sat back, getting comfortable - appearing as though he was chosing his last words carefully. The pain in his shoulder was intense, and the bullet lodged in the wound was making it next to impossible to move his right arm properly.
      He thinks I'm a close range specialist... that will prove a useful oversight once I'm done with him. They won't expect me to attack from a distance. But still, I have to deal with him first and having that gun so close to my head is making it rather difficult.

      Skellen's eyes shifted down slightly to his satchel, a large syringe partially full of a transparent liquid catching his eye.
      That will certainly do the trick... and I kinda like this guy so not having to kill him is quite the bonus.

      Skellen looked up at Ronaldo, staring past the gun pointed at his head as though it wasn't even there and without taking his eyes off the gunman began speaking, his voice a strange combination of cold and calculated and adrenalin-fueled.
      "Lotte, want to see something else awesome?"

      "As long as it's cooler than what you've shown me so far?" She teased a little, stepping forward for a closer look-

      Skellen shot his good arm forward, pushing the barrel of the gun aside before rolling onto it - pulling the weapon from Ronaldo's hands, shouting in pain as his shoulder hit the ground the hard metal musket underneath it doing nothing to alleviate the pain.
      "Here's some words for you Ronaldo, nighty night". The Taipan swept the legs of the gunman from out below him, tripping him and reached into his satchel, lungign at the downed Tensen the syringe now in his hand. Landing over Ronaldo, Skellen jabbed the syringe containing a smaller dose of Leon's sedative into his opponents leg pushing the plunger down and injecting him with the fluid. Rolling off of Ronaldo, and wincing in pain as his shoulder hit the ground once more Skellen lay there panting for a while before slowly staggering to his feet.
      "Ronaldo was late for his nap time" Skellen smirked "Two to go."

      "Ronaldo!" Mina yelled as her brother collasped to the ground in a matter of seconds. The sniper seemed content as he slept on the floor, silently snoring as he escaped into dreamland. "Warp! Cannonbal!" Mina ordered as she leapt into the air. Her father caught her again and launched his daughter straight at Skellen with more speed than ever before. In midair, she altered her weight once again, going as heavy as she could. Flying through the air and aiming for Skellen's center, Mina hoped to crush every bone in Skellen's body.

      The succesful dodge was luck more than anything, Skellen had been expecting Mina to run her mouth some more not launch into an immediate attack and it was merely by chance that he'd staggered to the side in a shot of pain - the captain of the Tensen pirate's flying straight past him brushing him and knocking him to the side with her velocity. Wincing as he hit the ground, dirt getting into the wound and causing a painful sting, Skellen hurriedly pushed himself to his feet again. He needed to tire the Tensens out and keep them together, which would prove difficult if Warp just kept throwing Mina around.
      "I guess I'll just have to work it out as I go..."

      Skellen grinned
      Time to show them I don't have any problems with long range... Reaching back into the satchel, Skellen withdrew two razors and lauched them at Warp. They appeared to be heading directly for the man, but Skellen you they were actually slightly to either side of him, so if he dodged left or right he'd get hit. If he ducked he'd just be more vulnerable.
      Let's see how this goes...

      Warp eyes perked wide open as the razors flew at him. Warp ducked out of instinct as he prepared his blade for a major onslaught of attacks. Mina meanwhile leapt into the air after shifting her weight back to something far lower, hoping to grab enough air time to blitz Skellen and end the fight with a not so careful surprise attack.

      Skellen darted forward towards the crouching Warp intending to kick his head, temporarily forgetting to consider the speed at which Mina could come at him by changing her weight in mid air. Just as Skellen was about to connect his foot with Warp's face he remembered Mina, turning slightly to see her as she crashed into his right side and back with a loud crash and a crunching noise.

      The attack had been a glancing blow, throwing Skellen to the side with the ground he had been standing on taking the majority of the impact. A large crater was no taking the place Skellen had jsut occupied, the ground in terrible shape and Skellen feeling as though he wasn't doing much better. An enormous pain was running through the Taipan's right side and he found himself gasping and coughing, a trickle of blood rolling down his chin. In agony, Skellen forced himself back to his feet, his head aching and dizziness making him sway slightly on top of the great pain in his ribs
      A Snapped rib or two, punctured lung, potential concussion and a bullet wound in my left shoulder. I can't really afford to take much more, I'm not intangible like Morgan nor bulky like Kuzo or Leon - I rely on evasion, precision and agility rather than powering through hits I take and hammering on people as hard as I can.

      Skellen staggered over to Lotte as Mina climbed from the hole she had made, taking a rope from his bag and handing it to the girl.
      "Hold this for a while, it's the only one I've got so don't lose it." The Taipan then flashed one of his devilish grins and drawing more razors - these coated with a toxin that would gradually shut down the brain - ran towards the two Tensens ready to put his plan into action.

      Though unsure as to why she was holding on to the rope, Lotte nodded and clutched it to herself securely- feeling quite sorry for how beat up Skellen was in comparison to herself who remained surprisingly untouched. In fact, if she weren't a little concerned for the doctor, she might've just left earlier on seeing as the other pirates seemed wholly unconcerned with her- but perhaps she could use that to her advantage, as she watched Skellen dive back into action.

      Ah. There was something she could do though, wasn't there? She inched over towards the soundly sleeping Ronaldo, moving as inconspicuously as she could manage (not difficult seeing as she'd been mostly left to do her own thing the entirety of the battle) and tugged the man's rifle from his slackened grip. She hadn't the slightest idea how to fire a gun- but she could always render it unusable lest someone else get any bright ideas-- and so began to drag it over towards the cliffside, intending to throw it over.

      "Ronaldo's gun!" Mina yelled. She knew deep down how much Ronaldo valued the rifle. In fact, other than protecting his sister, the rifle was one of the few things he valued on the whole pirating venture she forced her family to endure. Ronaldo took great pride in the rifle and she believed his skill with it was second to none. Mina did her signature leap, aiming within inches of Lotte hoping to snatch the rifle before she tossed aside.

      Letting out a yelp of surprise, Lotte tumbled over her feet, splaying onto the dirt as Mina came flying by-- the force of it all being considerably more than Lotte had imagined it would be. The gun in her grasp clattered away, rolling dangerously close to the edge of the cliff but not quite making it over the side.

      Meanwhile, Warp braced himself for Skellen's charge. Lacking the sharp mind of his son and fighting on fumes to protect his daughter from the ill fate Ronaldo just faced. He drew his scimitar and was ready to bring down the blade, hoping to slice the doctor into two. A head on approach just seemed to work better in this case. He knew he was stronger than Skellen and if the doctor was going to run into his arms, why not let him?

      Skellen slid to a halt just out of reach of the older pirate's scimitar, smirking at Warp and gesturing at him to come right for him
      "That the best you can do old man?" Warp flying into an onslaught of hacks and slashes, Skellen quickly but subtly moved back further and further, always jsut out of reach of the Tensen's weapon. Skellen moved further and further back, until he was battling Warp practically on top of Mina and Lotte.
      "You're nearly done for" Skellen laughed at Warp, who was still clueless as to what was going on.

      "Ouch ouch--" Lotte whined as she pushed herself up off the ground-- but she quickly whirled around, hearing the sound of Skellen's voice just beside her and Warp's sword flying left and right. But where was Mina? .... As she looked around, her eyes fell first on the rope that Skellen had asked her to hold onto, and she dived for it instead of the gun, scrambling to her feet despite her torn up knee, "Skellen!"

      Mina dove for the gun when she saw the opening, the dust in the air causing her to almost slip off the cliff. She exhaled loudly, a major sigh of relief really as she saved the prized gun. Mina stumbled to her feet and attempted to aim the gun at Skellen as her father almost the pinned the deadly doctor to a very figurative wall. Trying to steady her aim, Mina fired a renegade shot, missing terribly and knocking herself back down the ground. This distracted the elderly pirate as he yelped for a moment, halting his attack for a mere moment letting his guard down.

      Seizing the moment, Skellen yelled for Lotte
      "Chuck me an end of the rope and run round to this side!"

      "What?!" She replied, flustered and surprised that he wasn't just taking the whole rope off of her-- actually getting her involved!! But though she questioned his instructions, she followed them without hesitation, tossing him the other end of the rope and running around towards where he directed without really processing what he was trying to accomplish.

      Skellen once again flashed a maniacal grin as he ran forward, catching the the rope and running to where only moments ago Lotte had been standing.
      "Pull tight now, we don't want them getting loose. Don't loosen how hard your pulling and do another couple of laps around them before stopping next to me again. Don't worry, they won't get loose so long as we keep pulling tight."

      "Can't you just run by yourself??" Lotte whined, catching on to his plan and instantly processing the alternative in which she wouldn't actually have to actively participate.

      "Just do it, you're weaker so can't hold them still as well." Skellen groaned, pulling tighter on the rope "Seriously, now!"

      Sticking out her tongue, she did as she was told, keeping the rope tight in her hands, feeling quite foolish as she ran and ducked around the two.

      Once Skellen had recieved the rope from Lotte, he proceeded to tie a tight knot in it, having to move clsoer to the Tensens as he did so - grinning his manic grin at them and making it apparent it was over for them. Skellen looked at Mina, narrowing his eyes accentuating his sharp gaze and snake-like look Skellen said to her in a low, deadly voice
      "Do you know what happens now?"

      "What happens now?" Lotte asked curiously, tilting her head despite the fact that the question had not been addressed towards her.

      "...what happens now?" Mina asked, gulping as her father was attempt to power himself through the tight knotted rope.

      Skellen's smile grew
      "This" and with that, the Taipan dropped pushing up on the ground with one hand and using it as an extra push to his kick - sending the bound pirates off the edge of the cliff.
      "Now... just give me a minute and I'll be ready to keep going" Skellen said, giving Lotte a thumbs-up.

      As she felt the rope in her hand begin to struggle against the weight of the Tensens falling, Lotte let go without hesitation, holding her hands up as her bit of rope whipped past her and down the cliffside. Welp, that was that. She brushed her hands off before looking down at her own knees at Skellen's prompting to give him a second-- no doubt for a breather. He'd taken quite a beating himself, really. She, on the other hand, checked her scraped knee-- pleased to find that the cuts themselves had already disappeared. All she wanted now was a wet cloth to wipe off the smeared blood and dirt....

      But of course, such things were nowhere to be found as they made their way up the mountain- thankfully unhindered this time. She was more careful this time- but still attempting to catch up with the others, swift. Had there been one stroke of good luck that day, it was that the blazing fires made it rather easy to find which direction they were supposed to be headed towards-- and making good time, Lotte and Skellen would soon reach the top of the peak.....
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      "The Crew"- Summit of Duke Island

      Bass followed along all the while as he thought about what they could experience up there. "S-So Morgan... how long have you been a pirate?" He asked. "Is it like this a lot?"

      Morgan plowed through the last ridge reaching the summit. He gently letting Avril off his back and stretched out his back and every muscle that had been occuppied for the past hour or so carrying the injured girl. Bones snapped back into his place and he felt his face twist in pain from his wounds. He did his best to hide it from Avril, trying to not incite any guilt in her. Though, would she actually care? Morgan had a pit in his stomach that she would bolt the second the treasure was claimed. It was a small pit, but the silver was enough to pull at him. The summit was relatively level, the steep hills and rocks replaced by a pristine field of snow and a majestic view of the rest of the island. It was breathtaking, almost literally because of the thin air. A cold sweep of air swiped through the ragtag group of treasure hunters, but Morgan conjured up a handful of flames for the team to gather around. "Lesson #2, you are gonna stop the s-s-stuttering. Takes away any authority ya got in yer voice. It makes y'all look weak," Morgan said with a spit and a scoff. "Anyway, I'd been a pirate for....what like 6? Maybe 7 years. A while, really. And this is a little more land lubbering than normal. Not that I mind. I can't really swim anymore." Morgan's memories of being a rookie flashed before him. He lost count how many times he was knocked off the ship in his early days as a member of the Falcon Pirates and had to convince his fellow crewmates he deserved to be allowed back on the ship. Nostalgia had a way of making you miss even the worst of times.

      Avril stood close to the fire Morgan had made. The sudden change in the temperature from leaving the heat he seemed to put off from his body to the cold that was the mountain air was a bit surprising, so she was quite thankful for the man to give the group a small heat source of sorts. The woman listened as Morgan lectured Bass, telling the bat that he needed to stop his stuttering when speaking. Avril offered Bass a warm smile.

      "I dunno if he has to fully stop doin' it... I think it's kinda cute," she said with a small giggle.

      Bass tilted his head at Avril's comment, then he looked at Morgan, "Okay... I can do that." He paused for a bit, "I mean... I guess I'm not really used to talking. To tell you the truth... when I got on the ship that's the only time I ever really talked to well... others. I really can't speak to the others back at the caves and anytime I did try to talk to anyone else they would run away screaming. It didn't take me long to figure out why that was." He frowned at that, "So, I guess... I just don't know how to speak. I try my best, I really do." He said with a fierce nod.

      Vance quickly trudged over and raised his hands to hold them close to the flame offered by Morgan, though his long-sleeved jacket seemed to keep the worst of the cold out. He looked up at Bass at his comment regarding himself, but didn't seem to have anything to say to add to the conversation for a few moments before smiling lightly. "For a guy who hasn't spoken to alot of people, you've done pretty well for yourself so far, if you ask me."

      "Fair point y'all. Just...just try to work on it alright? I think it will go a long way to ya getting all comfortable with this...human thingie ya going through," Morgan began. Noticing everyone huddling around, he pumped a bit more into the fire. "Anyway, I guess we better hunt down the treasure. It's probably in a chest, assuming that Kasumi lady is old-fashioned. I think we are the only ones here, so we can spilt up a bit and search the summit. Stay within earshot though, in case we get any visitors." Morgan closed his hands and extinguished the flames and called for a break before wandering around the summit, scanning the area quickly before any treasure, buried or otherwise.

      Avril began to poke around the area, trying to keep her eyes peeled for anything that might resemble a treasure chest of sorts. But for the most part the only thing she spotted were trees, rocks, snow, and more rocks. Glancing over her shoulder, she noticed Morgan.

      "Pepper-kun... I don't exactly remember all of what our host said earlier," the woman began. "Do ya remember if she happened to give any clues or hints about the treasure's location? Besides the fact that it's up here."

      Bass meekly nodded and likewise began to look about. He took in a deep breath and let out a loud screech that bounced around on the mountainside. His ears wiggled a bit and he frowned, "I don't sense any large objects up here. Do you think it's buried?" He asked out loud. "I would normally try to fly... but the air is strange up here. It's like... it's so small. I wouldn't be able to fly for long. What does treasure usually look like Morgan?"

      "It probably has somethin' to do with the air pressure... We are a good ways up, Batsy-chan," Avril told Bass with a smile. "As for treasure... it's usually kept in a big box of sorts... Lots of pirates like to bury it underground, but there are a few that decide to hide it in other weird spots. It would usually have shiny lookin' dithers and dathers in it, like this." To emphasis her point, Avril reached into her pocket and pulled out a single, gold coin for the bat to see.

      Morgan smiled and nodded. "Avril hit the mark. It's most likely in a box of sorts. Probably big too." Morgan looked around, getting increasingly frustrated as no one seemed to find much of anything. "The lady only said it was up here...but that was about it." Then a lightbulb flashed in his head. "Wait a minute...underground? Avril, would it be obvious where it would be buired if it was underground?"

      "Hmmm... Well, there's a chance I guess, like if it has one of those red 'X' markin's or somethin' like that," Avril replied. She was sort of curious as to just why he asked her about such a thing. After all, she had told him before she was not a pirate. Still, the woman decided to elaborate a bit on the matter. "In the event they decided not to be so cliche with that sorta hidin', I guess there's always the chance to look for somethin' that seems out of place... Like maybe an area with too many rocks or maybe a place where there isn't as much snow as the surroundin' area."

      Vance looked up from digging through a clump of snow off to the side on the summit, calling out to the others. "That's what I was thinking. I didn't hear the announcement... thingie, since I was already on my way up here, but it sounds like she likes making a big show out of everything. Only makes sense to make the hiding spot equally showy."

      Pausing for a moment, he looked over at Morgan. "Hey, uhm, Morgan? Do you think there's a chance you could, like... expel heat without fire? If we can melt at least a little bit off the top of the snow, we should be able to see something out of place. Or maybe just, like... a big bonfire in the middle of the summit?"

      Bass frowned, "Maybe it's under the rock then? She said on top of the mountain... or maybe it's not here now? Do you think someone got up here before us and took the treasure with them?" He asked.

      "Nah. Nobody got here before us. I made sure of that lil fact," Morgan said confidently. Looking around, nodding at most of what everyone was saying. "But I got a feelin' that this Kasumi chick wouldn't make it too showy. After all, people are supposed to be watchin' so they are all probably enjoying us pirates lookin' all stupid and whatnot." Morgan burned up a little brighter. "Well, if they want a show I'll give them one. Just stand back a bit. And maybe duck. Yeah, I'd duck." With a bold declaration, Morgan let off a small controlled expolsion at the center of the summit, sending all forms of rock and ice flying in every direction, leaving only a small pool of water in its wake, where snow used to be. In fact, the summit seemed a whole lot greener after Morgan's expolsion. And strangely warmer...probably because much of the surrounding grass was on fire. "There...snow melted."

      "I think ya went a little overboard with that one, Pepper-kun," Avril sighed as she looked around at Morgan's work. "Let's just hope that ya didn't blow up the treasure when ya did that one..."

      Bass quivered on the ground and peeked up slowly, "A-Are you done yet Morgan?" He asked warily. "I really don't want to be made into mush."

      Skellen hobbled along the path with Lotte in his wake, neither speaking much. He'd done a quick shabby job of tending to the wound in his left shoulder - removing the bullet and bandaging up the wound and he'd done his best to move his ribs back into the correct spot and bandage them up tightly. The agonizing cold was stabbing at his wounds, bringing even further pain to the doctor, but he didn't complain. Complaining wouldn't help the situation any, and he had no intention of looking weak to anybody - still he couldn't help but wince occasionally if a particularly chilling gust of wind wracked his body.
      "We must be nearly at the peak now, it's freezing." Skellen said as the pair climbed the mountain. Without thinking, Skellen removed his thick coat and passed it over to Lotte
      "One of us might as well be not shivering and I can fight better without that on anyway"

      "Oooh, what a gentleman!" She teased, the first words she'd cracked since they'd started their ascent towards the colder parts of the mountain. Though she jested with him, she happily took the jacket, wrapping it around herself with a satisfied expression.

      It was then that it happened - an explosion and a rush of heat hit the two, the sudden warmth soon subsiding to the freezing cold once more.

      "Alright, that was probably Morgan but stay behind me just in case." Skellen drew a razor blade from his satchel, taking note of the gradually dwindling supply - he only had about three toxic ones left in the bag and not many more than that hidden in his coat
      "Oh yeah, and if you need anything there's a bunch of razors hidden in that coat, but don't cut yourself on them if you go for them or you'll be the one who ends up dead."

      Lotte crinkled her nose at that- looking as though she'd had second thoughts on whether she really wanted this coat or not....

      With Lotte accounted for Skellen crept into the clearing, relaxing when he saw the group standing there was Morgan, Vance, Bass and...
      You have to be kidding me

      "YOU!!!" Skellen screamed, once again launching a sharp projectile at Avril's head.

      Bass' ears flicked about as he heard some footsteps amid the wind and turned to see some familiar faces. The Bat smiled and raised a wing, "Hey there Skellen!" He called out. At least they weren't other guys here to kill them. Maybe they knew where the treasure was? Though... that didn't seem to be WHY they were here though. In just a few seconds Bass could hear Skellen reaching to grab something and as it was thrown out his ears could tell that the object was small, and sharp, and moving fast! It was heading right to Avril and his ears could see that it would probably make contact with her head. He pulled his wings in and kicked off with his feet, grunting as he did his best to hit into Avril and get her down... or he could be a total klutz and miss. Without his wings guiding that tended to happen.

      Avril glanced over at the sudden shout just in time to see Bass diving at her. The bat managed to plow right into the woman, sending her falling to the ground in surprise. Avril let out a small moan as she tried to regain her senses as she shifted a bit under the weight of Bass, glancing up at the bat in confusion.

      "W-whoa!" Vance called out as Bass knocked into Avril at the same time as Skellen had thrown what looked like a knife at the girl. "S-Skellen, I know what your deal with her is, but you can't just throw knives at peoples' heads!"

      "Batsy-chan...? What was that for?" Avril questioned, not seeming to be annoyed or mad that she had been tackled to the ground by the bat, but still smiling at him like she had the entire time she had known him.

      Bass held her down, "Didn't you see that... thing coming!? Skellen threw it!" He looked back. "Morgan... why was Skellen trying to kill us?"

      "It seems our lil friend Skellen got some history with Avril here. Now don't ya?" Morgan directed at the grounded Avril. He grunted as he moved closer to Bass and Avril, slightly disappointed he couldn't continue blowing up things looking for the treasure.

      Avril managed to get into a position which allowed her to get a better view of her assailant. She looked thoughtful for a moment, before shaking her head slowly. "I've never seen the guy before. Is he a friend of yours?"

      Bass frowned and rose as well, this time spreading his wings a bit to get a bit of cover for Avril behind him, "Yeah... but why would he attack you then?" He looked back at Skellen and had enough tact to at least whisper this time, "Just stay behind me. At least with my wings he won't be able to get to ya."

      Avril gave a small shrug, giving the bat an innocent smile. "Mistaken identity, maybe?"

      Vance glanced from Skellen to Avril, looking rather confused. "... There you go again, saying you don't remember him, like you did with me." He looked back over to the two newcomers, a light smile touching his lips at the sight of an intact Lotte. At least Skellen had managed to find her and keep her safe.

      Without the slightest interest in getting involved, Lotte pulled up the collar of Skellen's jacket around the lower part of her face, letting her blue eyes blink over the rim as she waited for them all to stop fighting as usual, staring between Skellen and the bat and the stranger girl.

      "Well, while you two keep on yappin' and theorizin' about why an already psycho doctor is throwin' around little needles, Imma go speak with him," Morgan said, slightly frustrated at the whole thing. Skellen did seem a bit trigger happy in the limited time he spoke with the man, as evidenced by his desire to tranquilze Leon to cease the growling man's violent tendenicies. Morgan would never admit it, but was inclined to agree with Skellen. Though Morgan's variation would involve beating Leon over the head with a plank of wood. Regardless, Skellen was also fairly intelligent and wasn't one to mistaken identities, at least Morgan would assume as much. At least Bass was stepping up and protected Avril. He was so caught up in clearing the summit of everything to even notice Skellen's sneak attack. Maybe the little bat had some potential after all.

      Morgan eventually reached Skellen and looked back at Bass covering Avril, while Vance appeared to just be watching on the sidelines. "So why did ya throw one of those knives at my...erm, friend over there? Seems kind of rude don't ya think?"

      With Morgan stepping up to talk to Skellen, Vance trudged over through the severely lessened snow to crouch down besides Bass still on top of Avril, giving the girl a furrow-browed look, as if trying to solve some sort of puzzle. "... Why do you keep claiming you don't know either of us? I mean, it's not like we'd keep the treasure from you, as far as I'm concerned, you were a part of finding it with us, so it's only fair you get a share as well."

      "Rude? Says the guy with a tendency to burn everything in sight down to cinders" Skellen retorded, a scowl on his face his gaze still locked dead onto the confused looking Avril "and there is no way in hell I'm mistaking her for someone else. You want example of rude? Skipping out on a debt you owe someone, that's rude! Getting someone else tangled into your mess and then expecting them to save you, that is rude! I threw the last person to be rude to me off a cliff and I'm looking forward to giving her the same treatment!"

      Skellen looked Morgan up and down, noticing that he along with Bass and Avril were pretty beaten up themselves.
      "You guys look like crap, want me to patch you up after I'm done killing her?"

      "Alright, fair point there," he conceded to Skellen about his tendency to blow up things. "But to be honest, it's not really my fault that things explode so easily." Morgan tried to match his line of sight with Skellen's as he appeared to direct much of his anger at Avril. "And what are ya talkin' about, skipping out on some debt? She doesn't seem to recongize ya and I don't know the girl to lie...I mean she seems pretty honest to me," Morgan gestured to her. "I'm willin' to hear ya out, but if you threaten her you are going to be one to be the one that needs patchin' up," he finished staring down Skellen. "And I really don't want to have to mess ya up. I've wrecked enough faces to last me a good while."

      "Logia or not, threatening me is a terrible idea, but to save my crewmate the humiliation of losing to someone who doesn't even have a devil's fruit, I'll take the time to explain. That charming lady over there stowed away on a pirate ship to get here and managed to attract the attention of a guard on the ship. She then ran into me, with the guard chasing her, and claimed I sent her there so I ended up having to - to use your language - 'mess him up', saving her life in process. She agreed to pay me back, tried to seduce me and get me drunk and when that didn't work she blinded me with flash bombs and ran off. When I later saw her with Vance - whom she also managed to get into trouble - she sidled off in the confusion. That by the way, triggered a series of events that lead to me having to go three aganst one, well apart from Lotte helping me tie them up, with the Tensen pirates. So I don't know about you Matchstick, but I think I have pretty good reason to want to toss her off the cliff like I did two of the Tensen's." Skellen completely disregarded Morgan's attempts to stare him down, continuing to direct his furious, snakelike gaze towards Avril.

      "Uh, I'd like to add," Vance spoke up, raising a hand into the air to try and catch their attention. "That I was actually the one getting Avril in trouble and she helped me out."

      "Do you really think you can even hurt me?" Morgan questioned with a chuckle as he ran his fingers through his hair and laughed at Skellen a bit. Sure, the Fishmen got him but they used water guns and whatnot on him. "Anyhow, she hasn't done any of that to me, so either I am very pretty and you aren't or you are lyin'. Can't say I know which one I want to believe. But I am inclined to believe the pretty lady over ya. No offense."

      Avril remained quiet, watching the interaction between Skellen and Morgan for a moment. She then glanced up at Vance, a small frown gracing her features as she sniffled. "But... I really have no idea who this guy is supposed to be. He's startin' to scare me a bit too. What if he's some stalker or somethin' that's tryin' to find the right moment to take advantage of me?"

      "Oh, uhm... uh... I'm... sure Skellen... erh." Vance coughed a little, glancing over at Skellen, clearly not entirely convinced that the good doctor wouldn't do what Avril was insinuating.

      Bass still kept his wings up as he looked back at Avril with a soft smile, "Hey no worries. We're not going to let him get to you." He glanced back at Skellen, "Maybe it really isn't her Skellen? She doesn't seem like someone who would do that. There are many humans out there and to be frank... to me a lot of you really look the same." He couldn't help but shrug, "Maybe you mistook her for someone else?"

      Skellen raised an eyebrow at Morgan
      "I am fairly confident that I could yes b - WHAT THE HELL, AVRIL? You tried to seduce me, not the other way around. I'm not some kind of sicko, just a psycho." Skellen turned around to Morgan again and exasperated said, "Are you sure that you'd miss her that much?"

      Skellen face-palmed at Bass.
      Well conning you wouldn't really work if she seemed like a con artist would it?
      "I just used her name guys, if I didn't know her how would I know her name? Do any of you people think? Vance knows her too, I know her name and if she appeared to be a con-artist she'd be a terrible con-artist wouldn't she? I just hope that idiot Kuzo hasn't adopted her into the crew on a whim either. At least Leon is honest."

      "I think he already did..." Morgan chimed in.

      "... Wouldn't really surprise me." Vance added, clearing his throat lightly.

      "Um... you know her name because Morgan mentioned it earlier." Bass pointed out. "He said her name in front of you... so yeah." His ear twitched a bit as he still kept Avril safely behind him.

      "I sincerely hope you're joking"

      Though Lotte had her reservations about the situation as a whole, she wasn't sure she cared enough to voice her opinions. But she confidently took a few steps forward, planting herself in the middle of Morgan, Bass, Vance, and Skellen's argument. Lotte raised her hand, but only subtly for not wanting to extend her arm too far from the warmth of her new found jacket.

      "Hello, hello! Excuse me!" She chimed, putting on an expectant smile, "While I don't really care who knows who and who did what, I do care that it's cold outside! So how about this: Mr. Doctor is a nice man even though he looks like a bad man and sometimes does bad things-- and the Missus over there is a nice lady even if she maybe does or does not do bad things! See, this way everybody wins!"

      Lotte looked over her shoulder at Skellen, "So are we done? Is this all we came up here for? Can we go back???"

      "Oh, right, the treasure!" Vance remembered as he stood up again, seemingly having completely forgotten about Avril's odd lie. "Lotte, the sooner we find the treasure, the sooner we can get out of here, which I'm -very- inclined to do as quickly as possible." He sent her a smile before walking a little away from the group, he went to work brushing aside some of the few patches of snow that had survived, trying to find some kind of mark for where the treasure might be hidden.

      "That is why we came up here from the start after all... I guess some people just have to make a special entrance, even if it distracts from the mission," Avril chimed in, slowly climbing up to her feet. She patted Bass on his back, whispering a small word of thanks to the bat as she walked past him. "Now, then... Since Pepper-kun helped melt a lot of the snow, it should be pretty easy to go 'bout findin' the treasure."

      Skellen sighed.
      "Whatever, but quite frankly you owe me and I'll throw you overboard if you don't pay me back somehow. So, does anyone actually have a clue what we're looking for?"

      Bass blushed a bit at the compliment, though he didn't understand why. He nodded his head and glanced about as well. "Avril said before there might be a x painted somewhere right? Then should we look for that?" He tilted his head a bit, "Could we form a line and walk over the mountain top that way we don't check the same places twice?"

      Vance continued searching off in his little area, brushing aside patches of snow. Aside from being relatively flat, the peak had a few rocky outcroppings, and as Vance stood up to get a better look of the area, he blinked somewhat, noticing that the one side of one of the outcroppings had what had once been a large, snow-covered bush standing in front of it. However, after Morgan's little show-boating, the bush was a little... less of a bush and more of a couple of twigs now.

      That's when he noticed it. Behind the bush, tucked away under the outcropped rock sat a very large, wooden chest. It was a bit singed from the flames, but it was clear that it was made out of quality wood. Vance's eyes widened as he hurried over to the bush, breaking off most of the burned twigs, tossing them aside.

      "Guys! Guys...! Look, I... I think I found it!" He ducked down and reached in, grabbing the chest as he heaved, pulling it back out of the outcropping and into the open. Once it was a little ways away from the burned bush and the rocks, he stood up and wiped his brow, smiling brightly down at the chest. "This has got to be it! I wonder what's inside..."

      "Nice job, Vance!" Morgan ran over to the chest and looked at Vance with a grand smile. "Now, allow me to take a crack at opening this here big guy." Morgan gently shoved Vance out of the way and examined the chest. It had a golden padlock, making Morgan think he needed a key to open it. Well, crap. Hope nobody minds if I am a lil' forceful. With a fickle of flames, Morgan fired a bullet of flame from his fingers as a loud thump hit the stony ground as the golden padlock crashed to the floor. "There we go," Morgan said as he lifted the top half up, opening the chest with overflowing pride. Finally, it was Morgan's first victory in a while as a real pirate.

      With the chest busted wide open, Morgan looked down into the depth of the chest with a puzzled expression. His eyes were wide open, his mouth twisted in confusion, and his muscles visibly tense. Was it excitement? Why was everything tight? Why did he feel the way he did as he peered into the massive chest? He burned through everything to get here. He risked his life. This was to be an accomplishment. He expected to jumping up and down and swimming in gold. He half expected to have his name engraved in legend. Who needed the One Piece if you found this chest? He could almost retire. Or more likely, start anew. Revive the name of the Falcon Pirates and sail under that banner again.

      He reached into the chest and turned around to his face his friends and unofficial crewmates. In his hand was a single piece of paper:

      “Thank you for playing. But your treasure is on another island.” Morgan read aloud.

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      Avril Meads

      Avril simply stared at Morgan quietly as he read the piece of paper that had been in the treasure chest aloud to those gathered at the peak. The woman honestly not sure of just what to say. Slowly, she felt her legs start to move her closer to the man, a look of apprehension on her face.

      "You're kiddin'... Right, Pepper-kun?" Avril questioned, giving the man a weak smile. "It's just some sort of joke that you're tryin' to pull to lighten the mood, right?" Avril slowly made her towards Morgan, eventually taking the piece of paper from his hands to read it over herself. "He's not kiddin'..."
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      Top of the Royal Peak – The Real Kings!

      “So we end up comin’ all this way, and it turns out to be a dead end?” A voice suddenly piped up behind the group gathered around the large treasure chest . It was that of a woman, with medium length blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She strode through the snow to the right side of the group. Vance and Skellen would have recognized her as Katherine Matthews, one of the Akahige pirates that they had run into down in Regal Town.

      “Grrah! Maybe the note is made of some high quality material?! Like…gold paper or something!” Said another voice, belonging to a balding man with a mechanical-looking left arm, belong to Baron Dallas, another pirate belonging to the Akahiges. He stormed through the snow, his boots sinking deep due to his larger weight, causing him to shiver with each step.

      “Gold paper, Baron? Really?” Katherine shot back at her comrade. Her shook her head and crossed her arms. Her eyes then began to dart to the gathered pirates before them. One of her hands wandered to the sword clasped along her belt.

      “I seriously doubt it’s anything like that,” Came another response directly behind the group of pirates around the treasure. This came from a man with dark hair and beard, a matching dark apparel, and a disconsolate tone. Avril Meads would have recognized him as Santiago Dominique, the ‘Gun Saint’, the man she had met back in the bar at the Regal Town below. “This entire debacle started with Kasumi Kobushi. It’s like Kasumi who’s behind this. She likes to play her games I hear,” His eyes scanned the other pirates in front of him, and he sighed deeply. “Ah, but I probably shouldn’t have said any of that in front of them.”

      “Quit your yappin’ and stay sharp,” Said another man with a partially shaved head, a cigarette in his mouth, a camouflage-style jacket on and a towel over his shoulder. His hands were in his pockets as he casually approached beside Baron Dallas. This was Shin Koku, the first mate. He looked across the relatively desolate snowy plains of the top of the mountain and sighed to himself. “It’s damn cold up here…”

      “Aww, but Shin, I’m just sayin’,” Baron continued to whine. “We couldn’t have made it all the way passed all the other guys for nothin’, could we? I mean, was this all pointless then?”

      “Not pointless!” Came a final voice approaching directly in front of the group of pirates beside the treasure. It was a man, relatively tall with a red and black overcoat, over a red-brown shirt, and black pants. He had relatively short, red hair which traveled from the top of his head across his face to form a large, red beard. He had a large grin on his face as he spoke to the rest of his crew. “Far from pointless! It wasn’t the treasure itself that we strove to acquire. It was the competition that we encountered and beat that made this worthwhile!” Rackham D. John, known as “Akahige”, or Redbeard and Captain of the Akahige pirates, turned from the group and looked out at the mountainside below. “They’ll write the story of what happened here one day, and they’ll talk about how we took down everyone in our path, how we were unmatched! They’ll say in the end that only one crew was standing out of the dozens, and it was the Akahiges! They’ll say that we didn’t just conquer the Royal Peak, or Duke Island, or all the other pirates crews that showed up. They’ll say we conquered the King Pirates!”

      Akahige turned around and smiled brightly at his crewmates one by one. “And next time, when it really is One Piece, they’ll all know how that story will go. Besides, I’m sure we all had a blast getting up! Katherine, you got to test your sword skills against some pirates no doubt?”

      “Well, yeah I guess I did,” Katherine responded to her captain. Akahige nodded as he smile brightly.

      “And Baron, you took down a bunch of pirates too no doubt, right?”

      “Hell yeah I did, Captain!” Baron shouted back happily.

      “And Santiago, I’m sure you got the chance to fire off a few shots and prove you’re the best shot on all of Duke Island!” Santiago nodded silently, a small smile coming to his melancholy expression.

      “And Shin! I know you had a blast getting all the way up here too, am I right?”

      “No,” Shin replied coldly and indifferently. “It’s cold, my feet hurt, and I can’t feel my face.”
      Akahige instantly burst out into a roar of laughter. “HAHAHAHAHAHA! Always the wise cracker!”

      “Well, none of that really matters in the end, does it? I mean, we didn’t beat everyone…yet.” He said, ushering with his head to the group of pirates that they were now surrounding.

      “Ah, you’re right there,” Akahige responded. He gazed at the colorful cast of individuals making up the pirates that inhabited the top of the Royal Peak with them. His eyes set on Lotte. “So I’m guessing these are your friends then, eh, Lotte? As you can see, this time I brought mine as well. I wish you would have taken my offer and left while you had the chance,” He took a few steps forward, cracking his neck from side to side. The other Akahige pirates slowly began to close the distance as well.

      “Now…we’ll see who are the real Kings of Duke Island!”

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        Bass - A bit of clarity

        Bass truly didn't know what was going on. He knew that the treasure wasn't here, so he was a bit sad about that. He really wanted to know what a treasure looked like to be frank, but at the same time another group came up to the summit and began to talk about how the fighting and proving themselves was the real test… or something like that and how they had to keep fighting? He was a bit confused with the quick jargon but he tilted his head as this other group began to approach.

        "So… we're fighting to entertain a woman who isn't here and attempting to please her in any possible way because she promised us treasure but really had no treasure meaning that many innocent men and women just died so that she could have fun when there was no treasure really to give out?" He flapped his wings a bit, "So the reason we're fighting is really for no reason at all but to try and impress a woman who doesn't even know us but is probably trying to have us kill each other so that we might not be a threat to her later on? At least that's how I'm seeing it. So… we're kind of like chess pieces?" He turned to Morgan, "It is called chess right? I've only heard the term a few times, but it's kind of like that right? Like… we're one team but we're killing each other and she's the other team and just letting all of her pieces remain alive… at least I think that's how it is."

        He shrugged and looked back, "But I don't really see the reason to die here if I'm being forced to amuse someone I don't even know or will probably even meet. Anyways I'll head down. It's getting cold now." The bat hummed as he went to the side, his intellectual moment now over as he had to find his footing on the way down the rocks.
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        Avril Meads
        A True Appreciation

        Avril smiled at Bass. She knew that the bat meant well with what he said and that his heart was most likely in the right place. However, the woman knew full well that the group of pirates which stood opposite of them probably had no intention of letting any of them go. Chances were, Kuzo's crew and her survival rested on the sole option of the ragtag group managing to somehow overpower and defeat the Akahige Pirates.

        The only problem with that plan was it was most likely to be an uphill battle the entire way. Something told Avril that Bass was not much of a fighter. She did not personally know the young girl who had appeared with Skellen, but Avril still had the same feeling about her as well. On top of that, Morgan and herself were not exactly at 100% from their earlier battle against the Fishmen Pirates...

        "I'm really startin' to think I picked the wrong crew to tag along with, here..." Avril thought with a sigh.

        She glanced about at the pirate group which had called them themselves the Akahiges, when Avril finally managed to notice it. Her eyes went wide as she took in the sight of one of them sporting a metallic, shiny, mechanical arm. Avril knew that such attachments were common features among pirates, but this was the first time she had ever actually gotten the chance to see one up close and personal like this.

        "You," she stated calmly, walking towards Baron. Her eyes locked onto the man. For possibly the first time, a completely serious expression graced her face. The woman only stopped when she was just inches from the man. "...Did ya make this arm yourself?"
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        Bridges L. Skellen

        The Taipan

        Skellen raised his eyebrows at the appearance of the akahige pirates, eyeing them all off and analysing them. To the Taipan, they all appeared to be pretty tough - especially Akahige himself whom he had seen in action earlier, tossing aside brutish men that Skellen himself could not hope to overpower like flies.
        I'm not entirely sure that we can win here, our best option is to hold them off until we find an opening to flee. I doubt that even Morgan will be untouchable against these guys and unlike them all of us capable of fighting back are injured. Lotte has my coat, no longer counting the blade I already threw at Avril I only have two poisoned razors on my person. I guess the most intelligent thing to do right now would be to wait and see how things play out, then use our first opportunity to get the hell out of here.

        Skellen grinned over at Lotte
        "I hope you remember what I said about what's in the coat, can you look after m supplies for me?" without waiting for a response Skellen handed the girl the bag of medicinal supplies he had stuffed in his satchel.
        "Well, this will be interesting."

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        Hayden Vance | Top of the Royal Peak

        “There’s… no treasure?” Vance blinked in surprise as Morgan let everyone know that the treasure was one big fat lie. Vance took a peek into the chest and sure enough, nothing was in it. He sighed quietly to himself, raising a hand to scratch his tussled hair, just about to say something as several people, seemingly showing up out of nowhere, began speaking.

        He turned around to see each member of the Akahige Pirates approaching and chatting amongst themselves, and with each additional member closing in on their group, Vance’s face continued to go more and more pale, until Rackham D. John himself showed up and stepped up to finish the semi-ring the pirates had formed around Kuzo’s crew and company, at which point Vance’s expression had turned into a look of complete horror (Just picture him going D: ) while letting out a squeaky, near-noiseless whimper of fear.

        As Rackham himself spoke to Lotte, Vance’s eyes widened and he turned to the girl. “… You know Redbeard?! How do you know Redbeard, Lotte?! W-what’ve you been doing in town?!” Without waiting for an answer, he inched over to Morgan, firmly pulling his sleeve and arm several times to get his attention before half-whispering, half-hissing to him in pure desperation.

        “M-Morgan! I know most of us aren’t that experienced with pirating, but –you- know these guys! You- we can’t beat them! Especially not with half of us completely beat up! We have to get out of here!”

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