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Old November 27th, 2012 (3:49 PM).
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Hey everyone, I have to put this hack on pause until I can get on my computer again, my laptop can't do anything except for internet, so I can't can't do anything with a rom/hacking tools, so I'll post here again and tell you when I can get on my computer again, I'll still be checking on here to answer any questions anybody posts.

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Old November 27th, 2012 (4:16 PM).
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I think these are who made these, I'm just checking by the "About" in the Program and the readmes, if I got some wrong, please tell me.
LU-HO for AM 1.95
HackMew for A-Trainer and A-Starter
Creator of YAPE, I'm sorry, I don't know who made it
Creator of XSE, same as YAPE
Err, just to let you know, HackMew created XSE and I think YAPE. I'm not sure about YAPE but I am certain HackMew made XSE Nice hack btw.
Old November 28th, 2012 (2:08 PM).
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Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Leon
Where to put: Pallet Town in my room
Pokemon on team: Charmander lvl 5, Squirtle lvl 5, Bulbasaur lvl 5
Old January 2nd, 2013 (4:34 PM).
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The Monkey Man
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Location: Ecruteak City, Johto
Age: 21
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Posts: 129
Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
What Gender: Boy
Trainer Name: Taylor
Where to put: Seven Island
Pokemon on team: Aipom - Pidgeot - Raichu - Feraligatr - Quilava - Chikorita

My Johto team /\ :D
Ok, so it is my Johto Dream Team...
Old January 11th, 2013 (6:22 PM).
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I like the idea of this hack, Can't wait to see more!!
Like all the others here's my Trainer Application :D :
Trainer Type: Trainer (He has a blue cap, orange jacket and like a cable of electricity with him, idk what his trainer type is... sorry)
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Andrzej (yes it's spelled right xD)
Where to put: Pokemon Tower at the very top, right before the Marowak ghost (Lavender Town)
Pokemon on team: Electabuzz 45, Pinsir 45, Arcanine 46, Kabutops 47

P.S.: In the entry text you could mention something about not being from this country/region :) thx Hope to see more of this Hack!!
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Challenges Done:
-myrrhman's FR/LG Monotype Challenge (Dragon).
-myrrhman's D/P/Pt Solo Run Challenge. Using Vars the Starmie.

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Old March 2nd, 2013 (2:29 PM).
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here's my Trainer Application
Type: PKMN Trainer
Gender: Male
Name: Stephen
Where to put: just outside of the Battle Tower
Pokemon on team:
Swellow 85, Manectric 87, Milotic 89, Hariyama 91, Snorlax 93, Salamence 95
Have Salamence know Hydro Pump

When you enter the fight, please have him say, I come from the Hoenn region to fight the strongest
Pokemon Fire Red Hack
-3rd Gen game
- more rival
- New Tiles
- New Trainer sprites
- New Map for Hoenn (replace Sevii islands)
Finished making the Hoenn & Kanto Gym leaders
Finished making the Hoenn & Kanto Elite four and Champions

Old April 1st, 2013 (2:30 AM).
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Hi nice game I really wanted to be in part of it...

Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Seth
Where to put: Routes 13 (46-50)
Pokemon on team:
Dragonair Lvl. 47
Onix Lvl. 46
Vileplume Lvl. 46
Ninetales Lvl. 48

Old May 2nd, 2013 (10:38 AM).
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I want to be a SuperBoss in this game.
Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
Trainer Name: Sonic
Gender: Male
Where to put: Wherever my team fits.
Pokemon on team:
Latias Lvl. 100 w/ Soul Dew
Pikachu Lvl. 100 w/ Light Ball
Kyogre Lvl. 100 w/ Leftovers
Mew Lvl. 100 w/ Twistedspoon
Regice Lvl. 100 w/ Brightpowder
Metagross Lvl. 100 w/ Scope Lens.
I want to be as hard as possible to defeat, so could you give them as good coverage as possible please?
I mean, I do want to be a Superboss.
Let's Blast Through with Sonic Speed!

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Eon Red the level 80 Latias!
Old May 20th, 2013 (7:48 AM).
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Wait, Ralts as a starter Pokémon? That is quite possibly the best idea I've ever heard!
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Old May 20th, 2013 (11:40 AM). Edited May 20th, 2013 by ExitTae.
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This hack actually seems like it's worth playing. I haven't really had time to play any new hacks, so I'll give this a whirl when I can and let you know what I think. Love the idea of Ralts as a starter, makes the game a little more challenging.

Oh, and before I forget, I've always wanted to do this!

Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Noah
Where to put: Four Island
Pokemon on team:
Umbreon LV. 84
Typhlosion LV. 91
Milotic (if available) LV. 86
Togetic LV. 80
Ampharos LV. 82
There once was a man named Gold Rogers...
Old June 26th, 2013 (3:49 AM).
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Nature: Calm
Posts: 488
Type: Cool Trainer
Name: Steven
Gender: Male
Team: Gengar 46 LvL, Weezing 44 LvL, Hypno 45LvL
Location: Pokemon Tower

That's My Choise
Old August 3rd, 2013 (5:30 PM). Edited August 3rd, 2013 by Pokefreak20ify.
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Pokemon Ranger
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Trainer Type: Ranger
Name: Lunick
Gender: Male
Location: Sevault Canyon (Outside the Tanoby Key)
Lv 100 Minun
Lv 99 Blastoise
Lv 97 Lugia
Lv 95 Dragonite
Lv 99 Charizard
Lv 100 Pikachu
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Old December 16th, 2013 (5:19 PM).
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Trainer Type - Champion
Name - Kenny
Gender - Male
Team - Noctowl Lv. 100, Politoed Lv. 100, Gengar Lv. 100, Alakazam Lv. 100, Butterfree Lv. 100, Typhlosion Lv. 100
Location - Rocket Warehouse in Five Island
Please have say before you battle him,
Huh you think your so strong because you are the you are the Kanto Champion but I'm the Johto Champion battle me!

Old January 5th, 2014 (6:01 AM).
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Seems like a cool hack. Can you make my trainer?

Trainer Type: Bug Catcher
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Samuel
Where to put: Viridian Forest
Pokemon on team:
Caterpie LV 6
Weedle LV 6
Metapod LV 7
Kakuna LV 7
Beedrill LV 8
Butterfree LV 8
Well, hello there.
Old January 26th, 2014 (1:22 PM).
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Gender: Male
Posts: 8
Trainer Type: Scientist

Gender: Male

Trainer Name: Dive

Where to put: Route 1

Pokemon on Team:

Porygon LV 4

Voltorb LV 5

Could the dialogue be, Before Battle: Ha, my Pokemon can beat your silly Ralts!

After Battle: Woops, sorry for that.
Somewhere, a young man sits, thinking about the pure beauty that is a Noctowl.

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Old January 30th, 2014 (9:58 PM).
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Does anyone know if this is complete?
Old March 8th, 2014 (11:54 AM).
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Location: Johto
Gender: Male
Nature: Hasty
Posts: 50
Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Ace
Where to put: Where the best trainers are located.
Pokemon on team:
Charizard (male) lvl 95 (Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace, Fire Punch)
Flygon (male) lvl 90 (Earthquake, Fly, Dragon Claw, Dragonbreath)
Umbreon (male) lvl 85 (Crunch, Toxic, Moonlight, Confuse Ray)
Espeon (female) lvl 85 (Psychic, Calm Mind, Hypnosis, Psybeam)
Lapras (female) lvl 88 (Surf, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hypnosis)
Sceptile lvl 90 (Leaf Blade, Synthesis, Sunny Day, Solarbeam)
Pre- Battle Dialogue: Those with power shall fear me! Those without power will seek me!
After- Battle Dialogue (Win): Perhaps this is what I have always wished for since that day. The loss and destruction of all. That's right, one must destroy before creating. In that case, I have no other choice but to move forward
After-Battle Dialogue (loss): Really... Weakling.
Perhaps this is what I have always wished for since that day. The loss and destruction of all. That's right, one must destroy before creating. In that case, if my conscience becomes a hindrance to me, then I will simply erase it. I have no other choice but to move forward
Old October 28th, 2016 (10:57 PM).
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Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
I really like it that it's a Ralts! And I hope that it'll be successful! :D And here's my custom trainer:

Trainer Type: Youngster
Trainer Name: Blake
Where to Put: Mt. Moon
Pokemon on Team: LV. 14 Charmander, LV. 15 Dratini, LV. 13 Scyther
can u send it too me on gmail
Old October 28th, 2016 (10:58 PM).
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can someone send it too me on gmail
Old October 29th, 2016 (1:54 AM).
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Originally Posted by bigcookie879 View Post
can someone send it too me on gmail
This thread's been dead for two years, and I'm afraid the attachment isn't working either, so I'll be closing it. If anyone still has this hack please let a moderator know so we can put it in the first post!


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