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Old January 24th, 2014 (6:06 AM).
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    Which Generation had the best starter Pokemon in terms of:
    1. Moves and Stats -
    It's gotta be Gen III with Sawmpert, Blaziken and Sceptile.
    2. Appearance - I think I'd go for Gen III again
    3. Evolutionary line - This one is most definitely Gen IV(or maybe V) with Infernape and Torterra.
    4. Mega Evolution - Pfft. Kanto. Is that even a question?
    I just wanted to end that topic

    By XVaporeon!

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    Old January 25th, 2014 (2:03 PM).
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    Would you like it if all starter Pokémon got alternative evolution forms? How do you think they would look?

    Mega evolutions, you mean? I think it would be fair if all of them did, for now we have a Mega for Blaziken and all the Kanto starters -- Charizard even has two. I'd like to see new types and abilities; Mega Feraligatr with the ability Strong Jaw, Mega Serperior with wings as a Grass/Flying type. Mega Meganium sounds funny though

    Old January 25th, 2014 (2:26 PM).
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      Username: Lucariokul (Call me Hyl)
      Partner: Snivy, for it's cool, collected but somewhat smug manner.
      For those of you who played X&Y or are playing it, which Kanto Starter did you choose and were you impressed with it's mega evolution? I chose Charmander on X, and venusaur on Y, their mega-abilities are very useful and Mega-forms look amazing.
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      Old January 27th, 2014 (12:32 PM).
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        Username(nickname): Gallant
        Partner(choose a starter from the list): Torchic
        Answer to current topic: I chose squirtle cause I wanted to see his meg evolution finally use the huge cannon on their back
        FS: Mankey,????,Riolu

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        Old February 22nd, 2014 (6:27 PM).
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        Aw man, I completely forgot to sign up for this D:

        Username: My username is Olli, but you can call me Olli :)
        Partner: I'll be choosing that Mudkip any day ;D

        Would you like it if all starter Pokémon got alternative evolution forms? How do you think they would look?

        Honestly, no, not at all. I can imagine people might want this to be the case with certain evolutions they never really liked or cared for (Quilladin seemed to get a lot of hate D:), but when these are the Pokemon you've known for 15/14/11/8/4/a bit under a year, you don't just want to change it up. And I actually like most of them, so that'd be an even bigger loss if that was the case :( I honestly can't imagined what they'd be changed to though. It'd be like creating completely new Pokemon, and my creativity is completely at the bottom, so that's definitely not something I could think up haha.

        So yeah, I'd love to see new starters, but I wouldn't want the current ones changed :(

        Since the club seems to have been dead for a while, perhaps a new topic could bring it back to life :D

        Which starter type do you favor? Why?
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        Old February 23rd, 2014 (1:49 AM).
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        Which starter type do you favor? Why?

        In general, fire. I always keep my starter on the final team, and if there's one type I feel comfortable with not switching out, it's usually fire because I most often do want a fire type on my team and there aren't too many. Especially not early on in the games. So fire starter takes care of many troubles :) Especially when they come with Fire/Fighting typing. I love that typing a lot, even though I thought Blaziken and Infernape didn't need the add of Emboar.

        I usually don't keep grass types on my team, so grass starter is only for when I fancy a more different style playthrough. And there are so many nice water types to choose from, so I feel kind of stuck if I pick the water starter.

        (I am still a member of this, am I? Been a while since I posted, I feel)

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        Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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        Old February 23rd, 2014 (2:17 AM).
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        Which starter type do you favor? Why?

        Actually, I don't think I have a preferred type, and if I have the chance to play multiple games in a generation, I'll probably pick all three starters. For example, in Unova I picked: Snivy (White), Oshawott (W2) and Tepig (B2). Otherwise, I'll just chose the one I prefer from that region's set, regardless of type.

        I don't know, it is kinda true that your starter influences what Pokemon you add to your team, if you don't want to repeat types for example, like Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers mentioned about Water-types. But Froakie & co are also among those nice Water-types I want on my team, so then I just won't restrict myself to just one Water slot on my team. I think I've almost always ended up with repeat types on my team because of this reason, hehe.

        Old February 25th, 2014 (1:13 PM).
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          Username(nickname): RedTerabyte
          Partner(choose a starter from the list): Turtwig
          Answer to current topic: I picked Bulbasaur since he has always been my favorite Gen I starter. Venosaur's mega evolution is pretty cool but I think they could have changed him a little more honestly.
          Old February 25th, 2014 (6:56 PM).
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          Which starter type do you favor? Why?

          It's definitely Water in my case, I tend to have the best results with Water. Fire maybe to a lesser extent as well. I know I don't tend to synergize with Grass-starters well, and I struggle to build a good team around them compared to the Fire and Water starters. I picked these starters in the following games: Mudkip (Ruby), Chimchar (Platinum), Cyndaquil (SoulSilver), Oshawott (Black and Black 2) and Froakie (X).

          Usually the reason behind one sticking to a specific starter of choice is probably for reasons on how to build a good team based around it. I'm like a more hyper offensive player in-game so yeah that's why I pick Fire and Water a lot, especially Water because it's my fave type.
          Old February 26th, 2014 (1:54 PM).
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          Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
          (I am still a member of this, am I? Been a while since I posted, I feel)
          Don't worry :) Unless it's specifically stated in the rules that you've gotta be active in clubs, or if they incorporate some sort of inactivity system, you'll stay a member even if your only post was 3 years ago haha.

          Which starter type do you favor? Why?

          I'm gonna go with MIAU here and say that I don't specifically favor any starter typing, just for being that specific type, though I do tend to like the Fire starters better. While Bulbasaur might be my favourite of the first generation starters, Charrmander is high up there. Cyndaquil is definitely on top, Torchic is close to Mudkip, Chimchar takes the fourth gen starters for sure, and Tepig is the only fifth gen starter I've actually throughout the entire game, and I really grew to like it. Can't say much for the sixth gen, but Fennekin was definitely my favourite design-wise. I'm not too fond of its final evolution though D:

          I can't say I really pre-determine which starter I want to use though, since I tend to build up my teams around whichever starter I chose, rather than picking a starter to fit in with the team I've decided, since I usually don't really tend to plan teams. That's also why I really hate it when I pick a starter, and find a Pokemon of the same typing that I really want, and that kinda sucks since I usually don't want more than one Pokemon of a specific typing unless one of them is a dual-type. So yeahh :p

          But while I might favor some of the Fire type starters more, it's kinda spread across the regions, and it all depends on how they're designed and how they function in battle. So yeah, can't say I have a specific favourite typing :D
          Old February 28th, 2014 (6:54 PM).
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            Username: The Pikachu
            Partner: Cyndaquil
            Which starter do you favour? Why?: Cyndaquil! My favourite Pokémon
            Is this place still active? And can you be in more than one fan club??
            Old March 1st, 2014 (4:11 AM).
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            Username: Zeratul

            Partner: Chikorita! <3~

            Which starter type do you favor? Why?

            Totally going for Grass-Types. Early on when I was a kid playing G/S/C, my friend had told me that Water-Type and Fire-Types were the best the choose, and that if you choose Grass-Types, you wouldn't get far. I was curious, and I chose Chikorita. Despite what my friend had said, I found it powerful as heck. I just caught a Pidgey to deal with Falkner and Bugsy, and when it gets to Chuck, oh wow it could bulk every hit. I really wish there was Leaf Storm in Gen II, just imagine how powerful that would be!?

            Also, don't forget Turtwig. Most Grass-Types are bulky ones (Exception being Treecko) and Torterra having a part Ground-Type makes it even more bulkier against Normal-Types. Venusaur can take a hit even in competitive, as when I played Leaf Green I had gotten a Bold nature. Just imagine how happy I would of have been if I knew how natures worked.

            And if you do choose Grass-Types, you always want to have some sort of Pokémon covering for it's weaknesses. Something like Ponyta in Platinum, Pansear in B/W, and Slugma in R/S/E. All good choices that I chose during my play of those games!
            Old March 2nd, 2014 (11:32 AM).
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            Which starter type do you favor? Why?

            I love them all; the starters are all absolutely adorable and each have their perks.

            But if I had to choose a type I'd go for grass as it has some of my favorite Pokemon. Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Snivy, and Sceptile are among some of my favorite grass types period, not just out of the starters. They tend to be a fair bit hard to use but that never stopped me from choosing them as I can always find workarounds.

            Chikorita in G/S/C and HG/SS though.. now that was tough. xD;
            pair family twin mal llsif
            Old March 8th, 2014 (2:02 PM).
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              Username(nickname): dooght
              Partner(choose a starter from the list): Cyndaquill
              Answer to current topic: I sadly don't have X or Y yet. D:
              Old March 9th, 2014 (7:37 PM).
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                Username: RoreyG
                Partner: Charmander
                Answer to Current Topic: I chose Charmander in Pokemon Y. Charizard is my favorite Pokemon, not just my favorite starter. I've had an attachment to him since the Original Red Version. The struggle that Charmander faces early on in the Kanto games, how he grows in strength, and then eventually evolves into a Strong Pokemon taught me a valuable life lesson in perseverance that I've taken to heart and apply in my everyday life.

                As for Mega Charizard Y, I couldn't ask for a better Partner. In addition to the Special Attack boost, Drought is the best thing to happen to Charizard in a while. It powers up the already boosted Fire Moves and Solarbeam ensures that he has an answer to practically all of his major weaknesses. He's actually the Ace on my team.
                Old March 20th, 2014 (4:00 PM).
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                  Partner(choose a starter from the list): Snivy
                  Answer to current topic:

                  Which starter type do you favor? Why? I prefer grass type over other two because I usually like their design the most out of the three

                  As for Kalos and Kanto- I will most likely go with Charmander once I get a chance to get my paws on the games - Why? I love both of his megas- Blastoise's mega is also cool - Venusaur is just ... Same - with one extra flower
                  I don't care about EV's or IV's - I play for fun not competitive.
                  I don't own consoles - I play on emulators on my computer.

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                  I am a fan of Criminal Minds, Crossing Jordan and some other series. I am also Harry Potter fan and Disney fan (I love Frozen!) - I also like other animes beside Pokemon.
                  Old April 18th, 2014 (1:41 PM).
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                    Hello, I would like to join. Starters Rule!

                    Name: Velveteenwolf

                    Starter: Pikachu (I LOVE them all, but Pikachu has a special place since it was my first starter in my first Pokemon game: Yellow. Maybe thats why I love those electric types. Plus you still got Charmander, Squirtel and Bulbasaur later on.)
                    My Kalos Kanto starter was Charmander of course. Finally Charizard turns into the awsome Dragon he is! LOVE his color scheme. Same as his Shiny counterpart.
                    Shiny Hunters Club, Shiny Count 45/720

                    Old April 19th, 2014 (11:27 PM).
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                    The Fire/Ghost type pokemon
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                      Username(nickname): DJ
                      Partner(choose a starter from the list): Eevee Reason: I played Pikachu edition... so even though you didn't get Eevee he was still a starter!
                      Answer to current topic: Mega Blaiziken *faints from his awesomeness!*
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                      Old April 20th, 2014 (11:50 AM). Edited April 21st, 2014 by Teh Lady S.
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                        Username(nickname): Teh Lady S
                        Partner(choose a starter from the list): Fennekin
                        Answer to current topic:
                        For those of you who played X&Y or are playing it, which Kanto Starter did you choose and were you impressed with it's mega evolution? Charizard. He's so awesome.

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                        Old April 20th, 2014 (2:10 PM).
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                          Username(nickname): Rapidame
                          Partner(choose a starter from the list): Bulbasaur
                          Answer to current topic:
                          For those of you who played X&Y or are playing it, which Kanto Starter did you choose and were you impressed with it's mega evolution?
                          Of course, I chose Bulbasaur. Mega Venusaur did impress me; it looks intimidating and adds an extra option on how to use it, the alternate special ability makes the mega a nice tank, possibly, and I love tanks.

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