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    Samantha Felicity Cooper - Uncertain

    Sammy froze up a little upon seeing Cynthia. This woman was a Champion, the real deal. She probably could have crushed Team Rocket by herself if she'd been given a clean and fair shot at them. And she looked so incredibly awesome as well, and she seemed to be taking Sammy seriously. Suddenly she began to doubt herself - why had she thought this idea was individual to her? If she'd thought of it - a total knucklehead - then someone else must have done as well. Who was to say the reason Mr. Oak was out wasn't to take action on the plan she'd come up with already? She was only good for one thing, fighting, and she wasn't even good enough at that yet to be worth noticing.

    But... if no one else had thought of this yet it could be important that she tell Cynthia. And even if they had, what harm would it do to mention it? So a totally awesome Champion would think a bit less of her, so what? She'd just have to work hard enough to regain that respect (that she never had). Nodding to herself Sammy looked directly at Cynthia, determined to be heard out either way.

    "...Hi. Listen, I was part of the raiding party earlier today. It was a complete mess, even if we did sort of take them down for, like, today, I still think we lost. Some friends... well, some kids I know got the worst of it. You probably know about all of that..." She trailed off and frowned. She didn't really want to have to say that they'd been transformed into Pokemon possibly forever. It just sounded so absurd that a part of her still hoped denying it would make it go away. But that never got anybody anywhere. She took a deep breath before continuing, tightening her grip on the egg case in her arms.

    "When we were there, when we were chasing after the people Team Rocket took before they... changed them. There was this massive door behind this stupid puzzle, and on the other side were a bunch of scientists. They were working for Team Rocket, obviously, and one of them with a funny accent spoke to us. I... I can't really remember what he said, I was too amped up at the time. But the thing is they didn't care that we were there trashing the place or smacking their bosses around. They just let us through and kept doing... whatever. They've gotta be the ones who made the machines that did this to people, so they have to know how it works. Maybe how to fix it. They didn't seem to want to leave their work so maybe they're still around somewhere, I don't think they'd go far from all their equipment even if it is a bit trashed."

    Here it was. No turning back now.

    "...I think everyones wasting their time. Uh, Miss. Because chasing after the Rocket losers that are left won't get us anywhere, most of those guys barely know how to work a Pokeball. And even the bigwigs, the leaders and stuff, they'll know what the machinesdo, or did, but not how they did it. And hell, WE know what they did, but not how they did it. We gotta figure out the how so we can undo it. We need the science nerds. Uh... science guys. Miss."
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      Lucia, Valorie, and Mark - Lots of drama and craziness!

      The idea just might have been crazy enough to work! Using Mimic to learn Transform and in return, turn back into their human form. It might just help Lucia remember who she was, as well as fix the issues with alot of the students. They just had to make sure that it would work. Mark didn't have any better ideas anyways.

      "Good idea Val! But... the only Pokemon I think knows Transform is a Ditto... we would have to catch one somewhere on this island. But I suppose we should worry about that after we teach both of you Mimic." Mark said. In the process he had to start chatting it up with Lucia and get her to remember what she could in her current form.

      Lucia tilted its head about, "Hm... Mimic is nice... but why don't I get something better!? Like Protect... or maybe Earthquake? I can learn earthquake right? I think so... hm I'll need to access my files... I think... not. But I can learn Shadow Ball! I can always go pick up a TM such as that!" It chuckled at Valorie, "But why look like a silly human? Unless you're trying to evade Team Rocket, that's the only reason I could think of... hm... weren't we talking about them? Finding them or such?"

      Mark nodded to Lucia. "Uh... trust me. Mimic might just work out nicely for us. I mean, being able to transform into just about anything could be interesting. Besides-

      Valorie on the other hand was totally losing her temper. "We /are/ humans. /I/ am a human, and I'm not... And I'm not going to be like you, and forget!" she cried out, very irritable with the sitaution.

      Lucia just tilted its head a bit more and stared at Valorie, "What... do you mean?" suddenly a shriek came out from the Porygon, almost as if something was frying and suddenly the lights in its eyes turned off. It fell to the ground with a slight bounce and laid there.

      Mark quickly moved down to pick up Lucia from the ground. Well something seemed to spark in her noggin... Next time Lucia was awake, Mark would need to get around to asking her a couple questions. "She'll wake up soon... I'll hang onto her for now. Lets go find the move tutor." Mark said.

      Valorie just sort of... stared for a moment. What the heck was wrong with that girl? It was a shame she didn't have a handy dandy pokedex on hand to quickly identify the features and qualities of pokemon she didn't happen to have studied beforehand. It was also a shame Lucia wasn't a dragon.

      Why couldn't everyone be dragons?


      Valorie nodded after a long moment's awkward train of thought. "I know where he is... I paid him once--to teach Flygon." she explained, beginning to lead the way.

      As the two walked along Tyro followed behind as did Diana, though her pace was much slower. Not only that but Lucia's eyes sparked as it managed to lift its head up a bit, "Hm... what happened?" It asked. "Mark? Urgh... I don't feel so well."

      Mark followed Val to where the Tutor resided. He had thought about teaching his Pokemon a couple of moves but didn't know if he had the money for that sort of thing. He quickly looked down once Lucia began speaking. "Lucia? Are you alright? You just passed out back there... what happened?" Mark asked, though he was mostly wondering if she remembered anything.

      Lucia frowned, "I... I think I suffered a malfunciton of some kind. I remember seeing something come up, but then my processes shut down."

      Mark tilted his head. "What do you think you saw? Think slowly about it. I don't want you to get knocked out again..." He said.

      It frowned, "I... I saw a human. One with you. Though it was odd. I didn't SEE the human itself, but I was able to see hands, and that's really it. Mostly I saw your face other than that. "

      It was working then... She really was starting to remember. Mark had to keep this up then. "Hands huh? Maybe its something from your past or something? Just a sudden flashback. You sure there wasn't anything else?" He said

      Lucia shook its head, "I don't think so. That was all that hit me. If anything else did hit then it was deleted immediately afterwards. Hm... what do you mean by my past?"

      Mark stared down at Lucia. "You took a pretty hard hit to the head awhile back. Maybe you have some kind of amnesia? You might see some other images if we help you try to remember..." Mark said

      It nodded, "We might as well try. Where are we going?"

      "Right now we're heading to a move tutor to teach you and Val mimic. We think it might help you remember a couple of stuff and just help out in general. We need to use Mimic to learn Transform." Mark explained.

      And just like that, Valorie pointed out a small shop. She couldn't wait until this place was big enough for an actual mall, not that any shop would appreciate a goodra dripping around if she didn't figure out a solution to her little problem. "That should be him..." she mused out loud, only slightly unsure of herself. "I don't think it's a good idea for me to try talking to him, especially considering he can't understand me." she went on in a lackluster, almost exasperated tone. The implication was that she was urging Mark to head the trip.

      Mark headed over to the Move Tutor. He had never tried this sort of thing before so the whole process of tutoring a Pokemon would just be another learning experience for him. "Um excuse me? Your the Move Tutor correct? I was hoping you could help teach two of my Pokemon the move Mimic..." Mark asked.

      Lucia glanced about and stayed quiet as Mark spoke, though Tyro was laying on back, just silent as well as he watched the proceedings. Diana stayed on back and just laid on the ground. Lucia after a while however nodded her head a bit, deciding the play the role of Mark's property for now.

      The tutor ended up being a young female... not quite what Mark expected at all. The next thing Mark knew, the girl seemingly took on the look of Mark! "Um, excuse me? Your the Move tutor correct?" She said. The girl still had female traits but somehow she seemed to quickly change into an outfit simlar to Mark in an instant.

      "H-how did you do that?" They both said at the same time. She even had the voice down! "Hey your mimicing me!" They both said again. Snype was confused hearing the two voices at the same time. The girl simply laughed.

      "Of course! Its my hobby! Nowadays I teach others how to mimic other people or Pokmon just like me! " The girl said.

      "Ah, well that's kind of why we're here-" The girl interupted in Mark's voice. "What's your name miss?" She added.

      "Well, my name isn't too important! Everyone calls me the Mimic Girl or the Copycat! Either is fine!" She said. Comunicating with her was tough... but Mark had to pull through!

      "Alright then Copycat. I'd like my this Porygon and Goodra to be able to learn Mimic-" He was interupted again. "But just how much would it all cost?"

      "Oh well teaching Mimic to others isn't exactly an easy task... buttt for two Pokemon, that would be a lovely price of two clefairy dolls!" She said. Mark just tilted his head.

      "C-clefairy dolls? Do they even sell those around here...?" Mark said to himself. The girl took over Mark's voice again and began mimicing him. "Oh but surely theres a way I can find them! She's so cute that I may just fall in love~!" The Copycat said. Mark blushed and turned around to her. "H-hey!"

      Snype was laughing his butt off in the background.

      Valorie just sort of stared with a deadpan expression on her face. She for one had seen this act before, apparently.

      Likewise Tyro was chuckling to himself, shaking his head at the antics going on. Lucia just looked confused as its head swiveled between the girl and Mark.

      Mark sighed. "Alright then. Two Clefairy dolls it is. I'll look around and grab some. There's gotta be a little store somewhere in Oak Town surely..." Mark said, but of course the Copycat started mimicing him. "I'd best move quickly though! I wouldn't want to keep her waiting!" She added. Mark blushed again and headed on out the door. Well, looks like he'd have to make a detour toward one of the stores. How hard could it be to find a clefairy doll after all?

      "...uh... they DO sell Clefairy dolls around here... right?" Mark wondered aloud.

      Tyro followed along and grinned, "We could fan out and find some." He said, "I've seen dolls in the past before, though I'm not sure if pokemon wandering alone is allowed down here. I highly suspect not."

      Mark walked around through town checking whatever stores might possibly hold one. Perhaps general stores or something like that? A clefairy doll was very specific! After a little while though, the group eventually did find two clefairy dolls. Granted they had to do alot of searching, they ended up getting their "currency". Mark quickly headed back to the Copycat and handed her the two Clefairy dolls. "Here you go. That was tougher then I thought-" The Copycat began mimicing Mark. She was still in his outfit. "Now could you please teach my Pokemon how to mimic as well as you?" She said while hugging the two Clefairy dolls.

      "Of course! I'm a girl of my word! Bring them on inside and I'll teach them what I know! Your Porygon and Goodra right? Lets get right to it!" She said

      Lucia slowly floated up, looking a bit confused at the whole procees as it looked at the girl with a bit of suspicion.

      The Copycat looked down at Lucia and threw out another Pokeball. It was a Dodrio that also knew Mimic. "Dodrio here will help you all master Mimic. He's a bit like me so you'll all be able to communicate a bit easier!" She said. The Dodrio looked down at the Porygon and over to the Goodra and just had to get something out of its system. It began by mimicing Lucia.

      "I hope learning this move is really worth all this trouble! Seems kinda silly!" The Dodrio said, speaking with Lucia's voice. "Hey hush up of course its silly! That's the whole fun of it! Copying another Pokemon's moves and catching them off guard? Nobody expects it! Imagine using something like Earthquake despite being so tiny!" The Dodrio explained. The other two heads started to speak.

      "You think they can handle it? Not everyone can mimic like we can" The left head said.

      "Pshh you worry too much! It really isn't all that hard!" The right head said.

      Lucia twirled it's head upside down and blinked a bit, "Can you mimic this?" It asked cooly.

      The Dodrio's weirdly enough ended up twirling their heads upside down with little trouble thanks to Mimic. They didn't stay in that position for too long because frankly, it was kinda painful. "That it? Throw an attack! We can pull that off! Hey! Goodra girl! If you know any big moves, give it a go! We'll demonstrate the art of mimicing!" It said.

      Lucia frowned, "Why would I battle now? There are many people here, someone could be hurt." It said plainly as it began to twirl it's head about counter clockwise continuously.

      The Dodrio mimiced Lucia "Maybe it would be a better idea if we went outside instead of going with a dumb idea like that?" One head mimiced. The middle head pecked the head on the right. "I was getting to that part!" The middle head shouted. The right head just muttered back to it and started to head on outside. They'd need room to learn the process of mimicing.

      Mark and the group would eventually go through the process as well as the "science" behind using the move Mimic to copy the opponents moves as well as copy other various actions.

      "...and that should do it! Your Pokemon should be able to Mimic any move that your opponent knows! Just use the process I taught you and it should simple!" The Copycat quickly mimiced Mark. "Well thanks! See you around!" She said. Mark simply nodded and headed out the door with the group. "Well thats step one out of the way..."

      Lucia nodded and flaoted in mid-air, "So... what now? Rockets or something? That is what I heard."

      Tyro rubbed the back of his neck, "Well, it's up to Mark I really think. Though I do put a vote in for Rockets as well."

      The group needed to find a Pokemon that knew Transform. The chances of finding a Ditto around these parts were slim though. He wasnt even sure if they were even in the wild around Oak Island! At least itd make a good backup plan.

      "Yeah. Theres gotta be grunts hiding a around here somewhere. Perhaps disguised...? One of them could be an inch away for all we know." Mark said

      "...What about transform?" Valorie asked, puzzled at the sudden rush to abandon the plan and go find rockets. What good was mimic alone?

      Mark nodded. "Right. But we need to find either a Ditto, or a Pokemon that knows Transform. I've never seen a Ditto around the island and I don't know anybody who owns a Ditto.

      Lucia nodded, "You want a ditto? Well... If you really want transform that badly you could probably find one in a rocket base right? They have lots of pokemon there, so odds of finding a ditto is high enough."

      Valorie just sort of peered at Lucia for a moment, unsure how to acknowledge her. How did she /not/ point out that she was human at every waking moment? It itched at her, an irritating elephant in the room.

      Geez! Why did she care so much?!


      "...I gues so! We could also just ask around. I bet at least someone here or at the academy has a ditto." she replied casually.

      Lucia titled her head at the Goodra, "I suppose. But as I said before, knowing Mimic might just be handy enough... Oooooh! I could use thunder against someone! Or cause an earthquake! Heh, that would be fun!" It said as it nodded its head up and down. "What do you think Mark?"

      Tyro leaned into Mark and whispered once mce more, "So, either we find a freaking ditto or we go and try and restore these two to their original forms. Your call kid, I ain't the trainer here."

      "Getting them into a human form with Transform is just a temporary fix to hopefully help Lucia remember who she is as well as get Val out of that Goodra body. Once we get that out of the way, we're investigating a permanent solution." Mark explained to Tyro. He looked at the other two.

      "Lets start searching. We'll ask about any possible Wild Dittos as well as men in black suits running around. But be careful. Any of them could be disguised for all we know." Mark said, While searching, Mark also planned to ask Lucia some more questions to help her remember more. It seemed to be effective last time.

      Mark started to search through town and turned to Lucia. "So Lucia, just wanted to ask a few things while we search around. Maybe it'll help you remember more... Say, got any favorite foods?" Mark asked. Surely a Porygon wouldn't eat but a human would. She'd find something deep in there hopefully.

      Lucia nodded its head, "Of course silly. I eat megabytes mostly, some trilobyes, oh and fries! I do love my fries! What do you like to eat Mark? I bet silly human food right?" It said with a chuckle. Tyro was following along and nodded at the boy, wanting him to conitnue.

      Mark tilted his head at fries. That was human food... rather then question her, he decided to press on. "Fries huh? What kind? How'd they taste? They're pretty good with Ketchup..." He continued.

      Lucia nodded, "That they are. Well, I guess salty are the best. The more salt the better. Hot fires are sooo much better than cold ones. Cold ones you have to heat up again, but it sucks when you do that cause they just taste wrong." It paused and twirled its head upside down, "Hm... can he provide information?" It asked as it pointed a fin over to a Sudowoodo who was standing on a sidewalk trying to look like a tree.

      So far so good. Lucia at least remembered human food. He'd have to ask more after talking with this Sudowoodo. Snype was quickly on the case being the smooth talker that he was. The Sableye crawled up to him and began asking him.

      "Hey there! I'm sure a tree like yourself must have seen a couple things walk by. Have you seen anyone wearing black suits nearby?" Snype asked.

      The Sudowoodo however remained silent, his face unmoving as he kept as still as possible there.

      Well Snype should have expected this to happen. Sudowoodos tended to be this way. Snype poked at his face a couple time and wiggled his branches a bit. "Hey uhh... you awake?" Snype said. He leaned closer and whispered to the Sudowoodo. "Hey I won't tell anyone you aren't really a tree if you help us out. Keheh." Snype said.

      While Snype was busy, Mark wanted to continue asking Lucia more questions. "He might be a little while... so Lucia, got any other hobbies? How about swimming?" Mark asked, going down the list of what Tyro suggested before he went to his own.

      The tree remained silent as it stared on ahead, Snype's tactics really not causing it to budge.

      Lucia nodded, "I've swum before. It's nice and all, but don't you hate the water?"

      Snype scratched his chin and stared down the Sudowoodo. "Hmmm... stubborn one aren't ya. Well, hey I'm sure I could help with those little leafs somehow... plants like water right?" Snype said, hoping for a reaction.

      Mark nodded. "I don't hate water. I'm just scared of it. Mostly the Ocean though. I haven't tried swimming in a pool since day one. But uh, how good are you at swimming? Don't you have a pool back at your home or something?" He asked

      The Sudowoodo paled and whispered out, "H-Hey, not cool man!" He hissed out while still remaing still.

      Lucia nodded, "Yes I do! It's large and Lirum used to be the lifeguard there. I guess one of his brothers took over that position now."

      Snype poked the Sudowoodo right in the nose. "Kehe, sorry! Had to get you to speak up somehow! I just wanna know if you've seen anything weird lately! We'll leave ya alone afterwards." Snype explained.

      Mark smiled. "Cool! I guess you swam back when he was in charge there. Must have been alot of fun. Our home dosn't even have anything resembling a pool anywhere nearby. Hey maybe you could throw me some pointers sometime? It could help with my little.. erm... problem with water." Mark said.

      The Sudowoodo thought for a moment, "I saw some guys in the forest alright? Now leave me alone."

      Lucia nodded, "It's rather easy Mark. All you do is move your legs and arms, nothing to it really." It said with a meek shrug.

      Snype pet the Sudowooda and grinned at him. "Right on bud! Thanks for the info!... oh! Any chance that you've seen a Ditto around these parts too? I'll leave ya alone after this I swear! " He explained.

      Mark shrugged. Rubbing his head a bit. "Heh... guess I haven't tried it enough. Guess I'll try to take it on later." Mark said. Good! She was figuring out more details of her human life! Mark had to keep pressing on and ask more human questions! "Say how is life in the Suicune Dorms for you anyway? I've only been in there a couple times. I'd guess the morning routine there is pretty relaxing in comparison to the Raikou dorms. Its really cramped back in my room." Mark said, wanting to continue the conversation. If Lucia explained her morning routine then maybe that would help point out some contridictions in her "Pokemon life".

      The Sudowoodo rolled his eyes, "Once... a year ago. Can you go now?"

      Lucia nodded, "A bit you can say. It's roomy and it's nice sleeping on the bed. It feels really comfortable you nkow? But Raikou sounds like it sucks hard care."

      Snype sighed. "Sure thing. Sorry for the trouble. Keep on doing... er... tree things." Snype said. Well that didn't go very far but at least they had a lead on the Rockets. Snype headed back and passed the information onto the other Pokemon.

      "Heh. Raikou is better then nothing. The biggest problem I've had there is the showers. Sometimes the heat just dosn't work and I'm stuck with a cold shower. The towels kinda suck too. On the bright side, I've gotten used to it! I figure they're way better in your dorm though." Mark said.

      Tyro crossed his arms, "We can go and see what is there. If we can find a rocket then we can nail him in the head. Besides, it's time for some payback, right Snype?"

      Diana frowned at the news, "But... what if it's a trap as well?"

      Tyro grinned at that, "Nah, they had their base hit hard. Probably it's some guys trying to find a safe place. Once we get them then we can interrogate them and see if they can fix those machines."

      Lucia nodded, "Yeah, better than nothing. So what shal we do now?"

      "Well our Ditto problem still hasn't been solved. I suppose they're pretty darn rare in these parts. Thats a big problem..." Snype said

      Tyro chuckled, "But it could also mean that a ditto is hiding. They CAN transform so maybe they look like other pokemon all the time?" He asked with a shrug.

      Snype chuckled to himself. "Keheh, yeah. For all we know, That Sudowoodo was a Ditto! Kehe. I guess they'd find all sorts of ways to stay out of sight. Crafty little buggers." Snype said.

      Valorie sighed. What a goose chase this was turning out to be! "Pokemon tend to have a convenient way of appearing when they want to." she mused out loud. "Maybe this just isn't the right place if we haven't seen one yet." she then proceeded to offer, racking her brains for the location an amorphous blob might like to live in to no avail.

      Tyro turned to her, "That could be it... well, if I was a ditto... I would stand out really. Think about it like this, if a Ditto transforms into a MIghtyena then it doesn't know how a Mightyena's brain works. Mightyena stay in packs but a Ditto wouldn't know that. So... I say we can try and find a mon that looks out of place. A pokemon that goes against what its instincts are."

      Snype nodded. "Right. But you never know. Those little blobs could be really darn smart sometimes. After all, they've survived in the wild for so long. They'd have to adjust. But I'm no Ditto so looks like we'll just have to keep an eye out." Snype said.

      Mark began to get moving. "Val is right. We aren't going to find any Ditto's in town. They could be anywhere in the wild disguised as any kind of Pokemon. We'll have to be preceptive to find one. Lets get moving to the forest and look around for Rockets and possibly some Dittos." Mark said.

      Tyro followed along as did Lucia, "So... where do we go? Just find a trail and see where it leads them?" It inquired.

      "We just need to investigate. Right now, the only lead we have is that they were in the forest. That means watch your back and look around for anything suspicious when we get there" Mark explained

      As they traveled through the forest, Mark began to feel some vibrations along the ground. Almost like a small earthquake.

      Tyro and Lucia paused there, "Huh... odd." It said. "You think that could be an indication of some kind?" The Porygon asked. "I say we follow these vibrations Mark."

      Mark nodded and headed toward the direction of the rumbling. "I heard something just past here. Lets see if we can get close- huh?" As soon as Mark made a turn past one of the trees, he noticed that there we a couple of folks in black outfits running for dear life. Team Rocket! "Hey! That's them!" Mark said as he quickly started make a run for it. "Just what are they running from thou-" Once Mark turned around to look behind him, he was greeted by one hell of a sight.

      It was the face of what seemed to be some sort of red T-rex looking thing, just staring at him. Mark froze up for a moment. "W-wha?!" The Pokemon didn't attack, but it did let off a loud roar right in front of them, which sent Mark flying right into a nearby tree! Mark had never seen a Pokemon like that before! Maybe it escaped from the base and was trying to get revenge?

      Tyro looked on as well, "What do we do?"" He asked Mark, "You're the trainer here! Direct us!"

      Mark got up to his feet, wobbling a bit from the heavy hit he took from that Roar. "I know what I'm doing Tyro! Lets go after that thing! Nothing good can come from something so huge rampaging through the forest! We'll find Team Rocket on the way!" Mark said. He could hear stomping and the sound of its roar through the forest. Different bird Pokemon and bug Pokemon were starting to act up and fly away in response. Mark began to chase after the rampaging Pokemon.

      Tyro followed along as did Lucia. "So we're taking it down?" It inquired as it locked onto its target. "Hm, it seems rather powerful. Think we can take it down?"

      Tyro smirked and jumped up into the air and did a bit of a mid-air roll before finally falling down toward the out of control mon. He let one foot slam into the dino's back before his second foot followed suit. He landed on the ground and jumped back some way. Lucia fired off a Tri-Attack and afterwards tilted its head, "Uh... should I attack without you saying something Mark? I'm not sure the circumstance right now. Usually it's me battling you." It said with a chuckle.

      The three grunts were still attempting to run away from the rampaging dino. When they noticed that other Pokemon were attempting to slow it down they began to see this as a means to escape. Mark wasn't going to let that happen.

      "Tyro! Stop those Grunts! We can handle this thing! Make sure they don't get away!" Mark said. The dino Tyruntum was hit by the Tri Attack but didn't seem to be effected very heavily by it. Mark had no idea what type this thing was, but since it shrugged off Tri Attack, he had to assume it was Rock.

      Tyro nodded and ran past the dinosaur, grinning as he found his balance and opened his jaws wide. He aimed up to the trees and sent out a wave of flames that hit some branches and caused a few to break off and drop before the grunts. One managed to jump over them but the other two were trapped. Tyro walked up calmly and smirked, "So... easy way or hard way?"

      Lucia flew to the side and whistled electronically. "I see... let me try this!" Lucia's nose tip buzzed brightly as a Signal Beam was launched out at the dino.

      The dino winced in pain from the attack. Odd that such a big thing would be so easily wounded from an attack like that. The Pokemon retaliated at Lucia and used Crunch on her!

      "Lucia look out!" Mark shouted out.

      Lucia screamed out as the jaws crushed it and it shook about wildly, trying to send out another Signal Beam at the beast. "Let me go!" It howled out. "Mark! Get someone else out! Ah! This... pain!" It had never really felt so much pain before and flails all the more.

      Mark pulled out another Pokeball and sent Len out of his ball. "Len! Use Brick Break!" Mark shouted. He was quick to respond and swiftly jumped toward the Pokemon's head and used Brick Break. It hurt enough for him to release Lucia from its Jaw. However the Tyruntum wasn't quite done yet! Once it caught sight of Len, he used Dragon Tail to send Len flying quite a distance and forced right back into his Pokeball.

      "Haha... a tough one! You my friend are going to make a wonderful addition to the team! Lets weaken it Snype! Will-o-wisp!" Mark shouted. Snype sent out several blue flames out of his hands and hit burnt the dinosaur Pokemon right on the spot, severely weakening it!

      Lucia fell to the ground turned its head upright, keying in on the dino and sent out yet another Signal Beam at it. "Heh, well this one is tough. It's not buckling at all!" It floated back just a bit, "I have no informatin on this species Mark."

      Mark reached into his bag and pulled out an Ultra Ball. "Well, may as well give this a shot!" Mark said as he threw the ball right at the large Pokemon. It was quickly sucked right in and the ball began to shake. One... Two...Three... just when Mark thought he had caught it, the Pokemon burst right out of the ball and let out another loud roar.

      "Damn! So close! Snype, hit it with Shadow Sneak!" Mark said. The dinosaur Pokemon was certaintly getting weaker... just a little more and this thing would be on Mark's side! Snype appeared behind the dinosaur and scratch its back with his claws. In response, it looked right back at Snype and stepped back a bit, lowering its head.

      "Is it trying to... Snype! Watch out!" Mark shouted. He was trying to ram right into Snype with its head! The Sableye ended up being hit directly by the powerful attack and was pushed right into a tree. That one move was enough to instantly knock out Snype but in return, left the dino exsausted.

      "Snype! Return- gah! Wait! I can't! His ball dosn't work! I gotta try capturing this thing..." Mark pulled out another Ultra Ball and threw it once more it that dino. One... two... three...


      The Pokemon was succesfully captured! And what a hell of a catch it was! Mark quickly ran over to the unconcious Snype and picked him up. "If only your Pokeball worked... geez...

      "That Tyrantrum looked oddly familiar..!" Valorie mused out loud, studying a particular battle scar on the rare dragon type pokemon.

      "Familiar? Whatcha mean?" Mark asked. So it was a Tyrantrum... well, Mark couldn't argue with having a brute like this on his team!

      Lucia blinked and floated on in, "Yes, explain please Valorie." It said.

      Tyro coughed up and frowned, "Hey, guys over here! You know, rockets... I caught them and such, would be nice to get some answers perhaps?"

      Mark looked back at the captured grunts and quickly ran over to where Tyro was at. "Right. Almost forgot.. now then you two... We saved your butts from that rampaging Pokemon. I think its only proper that you give us some information in return. Alot of our friends have been turned into Pokemon thanks to all your little plans. We want to know about ways to turn them back to normal or who to go to." Mark asked them.

      The two grunts looked at eachother and back at Mark. "W-what? That's why you caught us? You think a couple of grunts like us would really know how to do that sort of thing? After the base was taken out we've been on the run to avoid capture! Suddenly that Dinosaur thing pops up and here we are." He explained. That didn't get them anywhere. The grunts looked terrified as well.

      "You have to know someone that's in on this! Higher ups, scientist, something like that! You creeps ruined the lives of several students in the school! I'm not letting you go until we get a lead!" Mark shouted.

      Lucia stopped and tilted its head, "... what did you say? About... your friends Mark?" It asked softly.

      One of the grunts chuckled ever so slightly. "Whatever, kid... We're just trying to make a living." he replied dismissively. "You want to change your friends back? There's a prototype somewhere in Oak Town--Or at least there was one. I remember it being on a list of things to guard... You'll have to figure out how to actually make the thing work yourself." he rattled off, earning a skeptical glance from his colleagues. He seemed to have no interest in protecting this info.

      Lucia blinked and looked about, "Uh... hm... not sure if they will understand this... but I'll try. Translate if need be Mark, but where are other bases? Surelly that base up there wasn't your only safety on this island. There has to be other smaller places you congregate at."

      A Prototype in Oak Town... that was valuble information. Who would have thought something like that was right in the center of town? These grunts seemed pretty darn willing to give the information too. He doubted that the grunts would know how to make it work since, well, they're grunts. That kind of information would go to admins. "Do you guys have other bases around? And just what happened with Team Rocket after that raid anyways? Considering that you guys are still runing around I doubt that they've given up." Mark asked.

      The grunt from before frowned. "Kid--the prototype has no value to us. We ain't sabotaging our team." he replied, extremely dismissive in tone. It appeared he had no intention of revealing more information. Apparently Team Rocket simply didn't care if they healed their friends.

      Lucia pulled back a bit, but began to pace, "What were you saying before... about friends again Mark?" It frowned a bit as it asked, but it had to know again.

      Mark turned back to Lucia. "I already told you Lucia. You were- well, you are human. I know that because you still have the instincts of a human.

      The Porygon stared for a moment, before it slowlly began to back away from Mark, "N-No... No... no I'm not." It stammered out awkwardly.

      "Lucia comon... when we were talking before, you were telling me about your favorite foods and such. Fries and all of that! Your still clinging onto some form of humanity!" Mark said. She was going to break down again... either that or panic... he had a bad feeling about this.

      Lucia shook a bit. "I... S-stop... s-stay back!" It buzzed out. It took quite a few paces back as the Porygon shook a bit, and then in a second it turned and diesappeared as fast as it could into the forest.

      "Lucia!" Mark shouted. He was afraid this was going to happen eventually. He shouldn't have been so direct... Mark looked back at the Rocket Grunts. They couldn't just be left here...

      Lucia kept on flying through the trees as Tyro stood with the guards, "I got them Mark! Go after her!" He looked at the guards as flames surrounded his wrists. He wasn't going to go easy on them if they did try to escape.

      Mark was still hanging onto Snype... but hopefully Tyro could take care of himself. Oak Town wasn't too far off. "...Bring them into some authorities back at Oak Town! I need to find Lucia!" Mark said as he quickly ran off to find out wherever Lucia is.

      Tyro shrugged as he turned to the grunts, motioning for them to rise and follow him for now.

      Lucia meanwhile kept on going until it clipped into a tree and swirld about, falling to the ground whe it silently stayed for a while. Finally loud screams escaped the Porygon's head as it layed there, screams echoing around the forest for all to hear.

      Mark quickly followed the source of the voice, thankfully being able to find Lucia quickly. At least before she got too far away. Mark noticed her on the ground and just stared for a moment. "Lucia..."

      Lucia kept on screaming until finally weak whimpers escaped and it began to bang it head against the floor, "MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!" It screamed out desperatly. "IT HURTS!"

      Mark ran up to Lucia and placed a hand onto her back. "Lucia! Stop! That isn't going to make it better! I don't want to see you do this to yourself!" Mark said.

      Lucia paused and laid still for a bit, "I remember... I remember... and I don't... it hurts... it keeps hurting me." It was silent for a bit, "I think I'm defective..."

      Mark kneeled down to Lucia. "Remembering tends to hurt... its completely normal. You aren't defective. Talk with me Lucia. What's in your head right now? It's just me and you right now." Mark said.

      It was silent, "I... I remember hands... I remember... feeling... things." It shivered a bit more, "I-I'm a Porygon though... I've never had hands... so why do I remember that?" It frantically babbled out.

      "It like I said. You were previously human at one point. I think your trying to remember what it feels like to be a human... it just hurts because that's just part of being human." Mark said, as he held onto Lucia's fin with his own hand.

      Lucia gripped as best as it could back and blinked, "I... I have different... memories here and there... how do I know you're not lying?" It croaked out.

      "Because I owe you that much. You were always there for me when I was having a crappy day and were always around to help me. You helped me when Able almost killed me, helped Len evolve, and were always there to just sit down and talk. Your my best friend in this school Lucia. Don't you remember all of that?" Mark said.

      It was silent and slowly nodded, "I... I remember...." I said hazily, "I... I trust you. I... I am human... what did I look like as a human?" It asked slowly.

      Mark smiled to her. "Well... you had blonde hair, dressed usually in white clothing, great complexion, and were able to defend yourself pretty well. To be honest, you looked pretty cute too..." Mark said, speaking a bit lower around that last part and blushing a little.

      It fell silent, "I... I remember. I... I was going... to ask you out." It tilted its head a bit, "Why didn't I remember that before?" It mused softly.

      Mark opened his eyes a bit wider when Lucia said that. Lucia? He had no idea that she was interested in him! But guys tended to be oblivious like that... he wasn't going to deny her either! "R...really? Me? Lucia I-I..." He smiled and blushed, looking away a moment with a big smile on his face. "Maybe those kinds of memories can help you get some humanity back? So you can hang onto it. Like... well... why you like me." Mark said, smiling at her.

      Valorie was just sort of... silent.

      Lucia noded slowly, "Thank you Mark... thanks. What now though?" It asked confusedly.

      Mark gripped onto her fins lightly. "We need to find that prototype in Oak Town. If we can figure out where it is, theres a Chance that we might be able to help the other students and change you two back into humans" He said.

      It nodded slowly, "I... okay." It floated up a bit, "So... we shall head there then, yes?" It inquired. "I just feel a bit flustered is all."

      Mark grinned and got up to his feet. First things first, he had to go check on Tyro back at town. He was sure Tyro could handle himself but... he just left him by himself with a couple of grunts... The third one ended up getting away. He prayed that Tyro made it back to town safetly.

      Lucia nodded and floated up as well, "So... let's go there and find it then." It turned back to Valorie, "Well... hopefully this will work."

      Mark and co eventually made it back to Oak Town. While Mark didn't find a Ditto out there, he obtained some valuble information. A prototype for transforming people into Pokemon right here in town. He wondered if anybody in the school knew about that? Well, for now, Mark moved over to the nearest police station to see if Tyro made it back alright.
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        Mike Forde, Dorm Room

        Mike tosses and turns in his bead, not wanting to wake up, and still having nightmares of the time he was in the Lugia Dorm. "No...Dragonite...Gengar...AAAAH!" Mike accidentally rolls off his bead and gets up, fixing his hair, putting on his clothes and swaggering out the door and into today's field. "Alright, time for more adventure today...isn't that right, Fang?" ♥♥♥ spreads her wings around Mike like it is his own wings, and Mike walks out towards Oak Town for today.
        Pokemon Trainer Academy Character: Mike "Miketastic" Forde V

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        Cynthia - Main Office
        Cynthia listened quietly while Sammy explained herself, seemingly without a hint of prejudice. Few to no champions were as well known as Cynthia; it was simply a virtue of her being very much a 'people person' and getting around quite a lot. To say she was pleasant to be around was an understatement. In spite of her size and somewhat mature demeanor and visage one had to wonder how old she actually way, she seemed to brim with youth! Cynthia's personal fan club aside, the tall woman nodded in agreement.

        "You're precisely right, Miss Cooper! You may call me Cynthia by the way." she responded with a wink, a smile manifesting itself. Noteworthily, Sammy hadn't given her first let alone her last name. "It would be quite a lot easier to do it your way; unfortunately things are a bit more complicated than that. May I show you something?" she continued, raising a finger to ask the other to wait as she retrieved a crude poster with the face of a certain bolding old man. It was the man that had been sporting that quirky accent from the lab!

        "Unfortunately what the men did in that rocket base isn't technically illegal." Cynthia went on, holding up the poster for Sammy to better see. "While it's true they assisted Team Rocket, the Rockets have a long history of buying and otherwise 'forcing' businesses and politicians to cooperate with them. This man however is different. We've been told by several students that he was spotted during the raid. His name is Doctor Baxter and the police have been hunting him for years. He's a very wily old fellow and the source of a great deal of embarrassing press." she went on, putting the poster down. She'd become much less cheery since several moments ago.

        "While it might /seem/ easy enough to force the scientists' cooperation for the sake of our students, a little bit of patience might have them cooperating in /other/ ways." Cynthia explained, that last part very slow and full of deliberate overtones. It seemed she had a plan in mind and was somewhat reluctant to explain.

        "Devon Corp has been working on machines of this nature long before we commissioned them." she was quick to add, not stopping for too long. "They're practically finished already. They say they just need to make sure the machines are /safe/... I promise, we'll take care of everyone victimized by Team Rocket." she added, seeking to soothe Samantha.

        "In the meantime if you've any idea where Doctor Baxter might be he could definitely help us get through this faster and I would be more than glad to assist in tracking him down. If only we had a lead..."

        It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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          Samantha Felicity Cooper

          Sammy was a little crestfallen - of course people more experienced than her were already on the ball with this. It was vindicating to know she was thinking along the right lines however, and Cynthia was being so awesome about everything. The wink and the smile made her blush profusely - something she couldn't remember doing ever. But what Cynthia was saying was a real problem, how could they not have done anything illegal? Even if you put the kidnapping down to the rockets surely turning someone into another living creature was some sort of grevious bodily harm, or medical negligence or... something? She didn't know enough about the law to judge, and what little she did know was more applicable to maritime.

          The sad truth was that she didn't have any leads, this idea was all she'd had. She'd hoped the authorities could use any leads they already had to narrow their search to the scientists... which was naive now that she thought about it. She'd come here with nothing more than a vague concept that people with training and experience had thought of, quite literally, years before her. She only hung her head for the briefest of seconds before getting herself together and furrowing her brows.

          "Well, I don't really have any leads. Sorry. But guys like that don't really have anything other than work going for them, right? I mean it's not like he has a busy social life. So if he's left the base, but is still on the island, he'd want it to be somewhere he could keep working. There's a bunch of places secluded enough."

          Aw, crap. Another idea and this one meant admitting she'd fled the scene of a crime - even though it wasn't her crime - and kinda made her friend falsify a police report... but it was the only thing that gave her any information other than what the authorities might already have. Besides, what were the chances that Cynthia would know about the incident, and any difference between the official story and Sammy's true version? She took a deep breath.

          "Well... a little while ago, before the raid I mean, I was attacked in the forest with my friend Mark. A pair of Team Rocket goombah's jumped us and stole some of our Pokemon. We chased them down to the old Power Plant, the one with wild Pokemon everywhere, y'know? They seemed kinda comfortable there, they weren't worried about the wild Pokemon at all. And they had this computer they used to do... something, I dunno what, to Marks Porygon. I dunno if it was waiting for them at the plant or not, but they knew how to work it and safely use the old plants power." Sammy shrugged, awkwardly shifting her grip on the egg case. "I guess that's the only place a, like, mad scientist could draw a whole bunch of power for his experiments from without drawing too much attention. But you've probably already checked there Mi-, uh. Cynthia. Oh... I'm Sam Cooper, by the way..." She mumbled, a bit embaressed at not having introduced herself before she launched into either of her wild theories.
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          Mauve Banzett

          Mauve Banzett, a coordinator of greatness in the making, was taking a view of the Pokemon Trainer Academy from afar at the front of the boat. His eyes could only be fixated on the island, the place where he would further his education, and become a greater trainer. He chuckled, and chuckled more, beginning to laugh. "Well, dear Toxy, looks like we'll be there soon... I'm very glad to have you along." He looked down at the Cascoon he held close to his chest, the Cascoon cooed in response. Her eyes were also glued to the island.

          "In fact... Venin! Mira! Come out and see this!" With a flick of two Pokeballs, an impressive Seviper and a joyful Maractus appeared on both sides of their trainer. "Se-vi-perrrr!" Venin stretched itself out, as Mira simply jumped for joy. "Mara-Ma-Maractus!" Mauve smiled, and said to his other Pokemon, "Take a look, my lovelies. It's the academy. Impressive, isn't it?" Venin slithered to Mauve's side, receiving a gentle petting across the top of his head, giving a contented hiss. Mira simply hugged his leg as she was in awe of her surroundings. A smile grew widely on her face.

          "Soon, we'll be learning from this academy, and becoming stronger and stronger. And, of course, we'll be recruiting new members, hmhmhm..." Mauve tried to imagine what sorts of Pokemon lived on the island as wild inhabitants, but he could only draw a blank. He was thoroughly excited about his arrival to the academy.

          After a scenic ride to the academy, Mauve and his team have finally made it to their destination. The academy was right before them.

          Mauve, having collected his blue jacket when touring the academy a bit, he arrived at the Suicune Dorms. "Simply marvelous... Not particularly my color, but still lovely, nonetheless." He returned Venin and Mira previously, but still held his Cascoon, Toxy, close to him. "Well, Toxy, let's take a look at the room." "Cooon." She cooed with a gleeful look, despite her supposed, sharp glare.

          He set Toxy down on the bed, while he unpacked and folded his clothing, separated the notes from previous tutoring sessions with his mother, and lastly set an alarm for an exact, timely schedule. "Cooon. Cas-Cooooon." Toxy was rocking back and forth, hopping a little bit. With a chuckle, Mauve responded, "Of course, dear Toxy. As far as I recall, we shouldn't have any plans for today. So..." Scooping up the Cocoon Pokemon, he kissed it on the forehead. "Let's take a tour of the academy, shall we? Maybe we can even head to Oak Town." "Coooon." Toxy cooed in agreement.

          After locking the door, the two left to take a scenic walk around the academy.
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          Tyro was humming to himself as he saw the human and pokemon arriving. He yawned a bit and stretched in his seat while Lucia floated near Mark, "So... uh... we find this machine right? It'll all make us human? I'm sorry Mark... but it sounds like a wild goose chase to me. How can one machine do that? I mean, the rockets have theirs sure, but wouldn't they have already taken this machine up or something?"

          Mark rubbed his head, looking around the city as of hoping for a lead of some sort. "Well, two grunts are in custody now. If anything, the police are bound to learn something out of them. If this Prototype dosn't help you turn human, then we'll at least be one step closer to it." Mark said.

          She nodded a bit, "Yeah... so what does it look like? I mean... if no one has found it yet does that mean it's camoflauged? Is it hidden in a basement somewhere here?"

          Mark stopped to think a moment... he really had no idea where to start looking for this thing. The grunts weren't very specific about it. Maybe it was in some abandoned house...? Or hidden in a basement... did the staff know about it? If they did then Mark wouldn't be searching around for this thing.

          " clue. I mean at least we know its in this town and not just anywhere on the island. Its some kind of lead. Though we should probobly head to the Pokemon Center before we start searching. You took pretty heavy hit back there." Mark said.

          She chuckled, "Uh... I suppose. Hm... I wonder... I just feel so used to this body, it just feels so natrual you know?" She floated up a bit.

          Mark smiled at Lucia. He signaled Tyro to come along with them to the Pokemon Center to get healed up as well. Mark also had to get aquainted with his new party member. He still couldn't believe he caught such a huge Pokemon! "Heh. I getcha. Hey are you hurt or anything? That bite from Tyruntum looked pretty bad." Mark asked in concern.

          "Not really... it doesn't really hurt, more along aches." She said. "Well, might as well put me in my ball right?"

          Mark nodded. "Right. Once we get you healed up, I'll get you out of there right away. Rest well Lucia." Mark said as he returned the group of Pokemon back into their balls. From there he arrived at the Pokemon Center and everyone healed up after a bit of waiting. It was a pretty tall order being about two trainers worth of Pokemon and all. As soon as he was done, he sent Lucia and Co. out of their balls.

          "There we go. How do you all feel?" Mark asked.

          Lucia wiggled a bit, "Uh... better in a way."

          Lirum was already quick to make his way to Snype with a wink, "Hey there cute thing. So... how much time do we have left? *Gasp* Twenty three hours still!? My, time sure stands still, doesn't it?"

          Mark grinned, glad that she got through the whole Pokemon Center healing process alright. "Good to hear. Well, I guess I should get aquainted with our new team member huh? Lets hope he dosn't go beserk or anything." Mark said as he started heading outside. He'd probobly need some room for this anyway.

          Snype crossed his arms and looked over to Lirum. "Riigghht. Sure it does." Snype simply replied.

          Once the group was outside, Mark pulled a Pokeball and let out his new anticipated member! Only as soon as he let out what he hoped to be a huge T-rex, it ended up being something completely smaller. A... caterpie...? Mark knew very well that he caught that Tyruntum! No screw ups or anything like that! Talk about dissapointing.

          "Did they give me the wrong Pokeball or something...?" Mark wondered

          LIrum burst into loud laughter at that, "[color="blue]Hahahaha! A freaking caterpie! Bwahahaha![/color]" The Golduck fell over, "Oh, how terrifying!" He wiped a few tears from his eyes as he walked up to the insect, "What? You're going to spray me to death with string? Hahaha!"

          Lucia frowned, "Lirum be nice!"

          Tyro frowned, "So... where's your dino? Did you catch this sometime later? I didn't know you were the kind for bugs Mark."

          Mark shook his head. "No! I swear I caught that thing! I wouldn't go out of my way to catch a caterpie! They must have gave me the wrong Pokeball... but it seems like its the right one... its ID'd to me and everything." Mark said, still feeling confused.

          The Caterpie just glared at Lirum. He wasn't intimidated or anything like that but just growing a bit irritated. It kept silent though.

          Lirum grinned and suddenly conjured up a Water Pulse, holding it over the bug's head as tiny droplets would fall on it, "Hehe, man this is too easy!"

          Tyro gritted his teeth and came up, pushing Lirum in the chest, "Hey, knock it off! We were all at that stage too in case you forgot. Well, I say check with the center. They might have screwed up something there. This is probably some new trainer's mon."

          Lucia rolled about a bit in mid-air, "So... " She glanced over at Roberto's still shut ball, "Uh... what now? Do you go in and just ask if they made a mistake?"

          Mark sighed. "Gah... hang on. Keep an eye on him I won't be long." Mark said as he headed back inside the Pokemon Center to hopefully set things straight.

          The Caterpie meanwhile gave off an annoyed sigh. This was not the situation he was hoping to be in clearly. This immature Golduck was really pushing it though.

          Mark eventually came back after a few minutes. "Nope. They're positive that this belongs to me. They checked the Pokeball and the ID matches mine. That still dosn't solve why a Tyruntum got mixed with a Caterpie though...

          Lucia's eyes suddenly flashed, "System error. Glitch happened and trainer IDs could have been swapped with a few pokeballs." Her eyes returned to normal, "Well, I say have them look through the other pokeballs. Shouldn't be that hard for them to check up to see if they have a Tyruntum still in their databanks. We just exchange there and go on our way."

          "They checked that too. Funny enough, there were no signs of a Tyruntum being deposited in there. Hmm..." Mark looked over to the Caterpie and watched how it was just silently looking around. Snype however, decided to take initiative.

          "Hey there! Keheh.. looks like you got mixed up with the wrong trainer or something huh? Think you can tell us what your trainer looks like?" Snype asked. The Caterpie stared at him silently, unamused.

          "...Um... this isn't really helping us. If you let us know where your trainer is then we can get everything under control! He might be looking for you as we speak!" Snype tried to explain. No response but the Caterpie did look more annoyed. He looked more impatient then anything.

          Lirum snorted and crossed his arms, "Stupid to boot too. I was never that stupid as a Psyduck."

          Tyro just rolled his eyes, "How about you apologize to him?"

          Lirum looked down and sighed, "Fine! I'm sorry... that you're stupid."

          The Caterpie quickly squirmed on over to Lirum and fired a string shot right at his beak to shut him up. He spoke in a simple, intelegent sounding voice. "I was hoping to hold the charade on a little longer but the blue duckling here just had to test my patience and annoy me. Are you all still trying to figure this whole situation out? You think they would really mix up a Caterpie with a Tyruntum?" He said.

          The Golduck pulled off the strands and glared at the Caterpie, "Oh? A wise guy huh? Well let's see how wise you get!" He snapped as his eyes glowed blue and he shot a hand out, gripping the Caterpie with psychic energy.

          Lucia wiggled about in the air, "Mark! Uh... recall or something?"

          Mark was just about to call back the caterpie until the little guy pulled off something that caught him by surprise. The little guy suddenly changed into Lirum, who quickly countered by using Disable on the real Lirum to hold him in place for a moment.

          "Wise enough for you? Human, please recall him, I just got out of the Pokemon Center and I'm not in the mood for another fight." It said.

          Mark just stared a moment. "What just happened?"

          Lirum blinked and managed to ready a Water Pulse, "Yeah, you're a wise guy." He tossed the pulse at him just as Tyro got to him and quickly restrained his arms behind his back, "Knock it off! Sheesh, this ain't the mansion!"

          Mark quickly returned Lirum to his ball. He was getting out of hand and right now was not the time to deal with this. "Sorry about that.. wait... you changed into Lirum back there... does that mean..."

          The Golduck crossed its arms and nodded, transforming into its true form. A ditto! "Correct. Took you long enough to figure it out. I was hoping you would have sent me back to the Pokemon Center thinking that I was just some caterpie so I could get mixed up in there and thus, make a clever escape. Though, your friend there seemed to distract me and here I am." The Ditto said calmly.

          Lucia peered in close, "Huh... a Ditto. Odd." She said.

          Tyro shrugged and kneeled down to the pink goop, "Interesting i have to say. Though... I thought Ditto had to see a actual being belonging to a species to change into them."

          The ditto nodded. "Correct. Those Rocket Grunts were being bothersome and went to the point of threatening me. While I was in custody I recalled seeing a Tyruntum along the way and used that as ammunition to chase them off. Then you all came along and *ahem* calmed me down. Before I was captured though I assumed the form of a caterpie. Considering how common they are, I thought an experienced trainer like him would just toss me aside. Apparently that wasn't the case. Nonetheless, I'm here, and am now his property to train and use in battle. I'll have no regrets as long as he dosn't ask me to transform into something rediculous." The Ditto explained.

          Mark kneeled down to the Ditto and held out his hand. The little blob returned a handshake to Mark to officially agree to their companionship. "Welcome to the team Ditto! Hmm... now what should I nickname you..." Mark said. The Ditto blinked, worried it'd be called something silly.

          Tyro blinked in surprise, "[color="orange"]I see...[/orange]"

          Lucia titled a bit, "Um... I think it might want to name itself."

          The Ditto shook his head. "Nono, I'd like to see what he thinks." It said.

          "Alright! Well... how about Xerox? Xerox the Ditto? What do you think?" Mark said. The Ditto stared at Mark and gave off a small grin.

          "Not bad. Very well. Xerox it is." It said.

          Lucia sort of shrugged, "I would have gone for gemini, since he would essentially be a twin to whoever he fought in battle. I don't know, I like old names." She stated.

          Tyro tiled his head, "So that machine or something right? We're gonna find it?"

          Mark shrugged. "Yeah... hough now we finally have a Ditto on our side. We could use Ditto to help you two transform using Mimic! Though... I guess the only problem with that is we would need a picture or something of your human forms so that might have to wait."

          Lucia rolled even more in the air, "True. But for now... I think I might want to get out of this form to be honest. It's doing strange things to my head Mark."

          Tyro nodded, "I agree."

          Mark nodded. "Gotcha. Guess we should give Transforming a go. Hey Xerox, I need a favor from you. Could you use Transform again? I need Lucia here to use Transform." Mark asked. The Ditto simply nodded and out of all the things it decided to transform into, it was Mark. Well that counts two times he's seen his double. Now they just had to learn Transform through mimic. After that, they'd just need a picture.

          Lucia took in a deep breath as she saw the attack. "Okay... I got it, I think." She tilted her head a bit, "Uh... I guess I'm a bit scared to try it. What if it messes up my DNA code again? What if I use it and I can't ever change back?"

          Lucia had a point. Mark didn't think of the possible risk of Lucia using Transform. She was human after all... what if something DID go wrong? What if she turned into something worse through this? Xerox stepped in.

          "I can't say how using Transform will work on other species of Pokemon. I suppose in a sense, it could work. A smeargle could copy the ability and use it rather efficently. Transforming is temporary anyways for the most part and it takes a bit of skill to get it right. If your transforming off of memory you might get some details wrong... just a warning." Xerox explained.

          Lucia twirled a bit more, "I... can try. Uh... so is there any chance of accidentally tranforming into a blob and dying like that?" She asked anxiously.

          Xerox shook its head. "I doubt it. Seeing how you used Mimic, the whole process should work smoothly. You'll be able to transform back into your Porygon form at any time as well. Like I said, Transformation is temporary. Lasts awhile but is still temporary. Just focus on what you want to transform into so you don't mess up any of the details. Especially the face." Xerox continued.

          Lucia looked over at Tyro and frowned, "I'll... try. Okay... I can do this." The Porygon stared as her body began to shimmer a bit. A little bit of her anatomy began to change, her structure began to change as arms and legs pulled out. Her body began to smooth out and fur began to grow. She cried out as talons grew out of her arms and she let out a shaky gasp as she finished. A copy of Tyro stood there, doubled over a bit.

          "Dang." Tyro muttered.

          Lucia huffed a bit, "Y-You didn't say it would hurt!"

          Mark watched as Lucia transformed into Tyro. Well, close enough to human anatomy but still not quite Lucia. Mark moved to Lucia's side to make sure she was alright.

          Xerox simply sighed. "Well I'm just a blob. I wouldn't know if it would hurt or not. I'm just used to it and with enough practice, so will you. Not bad for your first transformation though." Xerox said.

          Lucia sat on down, "I'm fine Mark." She panted out, "Just.. it hurt a bit was all."

          Tyro nodded, "Well... you're more humanistic now at least."

          Lucia sighed, "So... we going to find this machine or what? It could be anywhere really."

          "Yeah. At least we have transformation down. But yeah. It could be anywhere in town but other then that, we don't have any leads on where to start looking. Its not like we can just knock on some random persons door and search their house or something." Mark said.

          Valorie seemed to watch quietly, considering her options. Did she really want to transform into another person's body?? ...Now that she thought about it that sounded pretty gross actually! As much as she valued things like her humanity, being stuck in another human's body wasn't something she was sure wouldn't traumatize her all over again and she decidedly refrained. She /could/ however pick a less obnoxious pokemon body and that was something that felt like a direct upgrade to her, whereas a random human's body was more like a side grade..?

          Valorie shook her head quietly, lost in her own little world.

          She focused very hard on how she remembered herself, producing a mental image for her newly mimic'd power to base itself off of. It was honestly a lot more difficult than she would've thought it might be. All these little details that really didn't matter were lost in the translation and quite a few details that probably did matter but were lost anyway.

          As her body began to glow it compacted and shifting into the form of a little girl...

          ...A very, very little girl.

          It turned out that trying to transform into yourelf based on a mental image was a very poor way to go about things. The Valorie that emerged looked more like a cartoon characterization of herself than any real human, with perfectly smooth skin and slightly deformed body proportions based on what she was self-conscious about.

          What I'm saying... is that she now stood at an entire three feet tall, give or take a couple of inches. She had also gained a bit of weight, and her skin had the texture of flawless plastic. The best comparison that could be made was a life size barbie doll minus the visible joints and plus a pear body shape.

          Valorie turned her gaze up at the two and smiled innocently, slightly oblivious. "How do I look..?" she asked, still speaking pokemon.

          Tyro snickered and did his best to keep his mouth shut while Lucia smiled a bit weakly in her Blaziken body, "Uh... good... very good." She said rather unconvincingly as she jabbed her elbow into Tyro's side to get him to be quiet.

          Mark rubbed his head and just stared silently for a moment. "U-uh... yeah. You look fine, I'm pretty sure with enough practice you two will be able to get used to this transformation thing. Guess now we should figure out where to start our search?" Mark said.

          Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
          Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
          Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
          Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
          Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
          Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
          Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

          (In Box)
          Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
          Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
          (Ability: Swift Swim)
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            Ellie Ward - Dorm Room

            "Ugh, I feel awful..." Ellie whines as she rubs her eyes, the light flooding the room making it apparent she didn't sleep for long. Opening her eyes again she quickly remembers what happened to her earlier today. "You alright?" Eliot asks her, Quickly reminding her that she can speak to him as well. "Uh yeah, just feeling a little hazy from waking up." she responded, rubbing her temple.

            Ellie had no idea what she wanted to do for the rest of the day, thanks to team rocket there wasn't much she even could do but she sure as heck didn't wanna spend the next who knows how long sleeping in her dorm room.

            Looking over to Eliot she did have an idea of what to do. Was he still mad about her snapping at him earlier though? "Hey, Feel like helping me out with something?" Elie asked.

            "With what?" He responded.

            "I figured since I'm gonna be stuck like this, I might as well learn how to use some moves Just in case ya know?" Ellie asked.

            "Yeah, Sure! Know anywhere with some space we can use?" He asked excitedly

            Battlefield 9

            "C-Couldn't you have picked somewhere warmer?" Eliot shivers, Looking around the room.

            "No, The pool is being used and I don't know where any others are, And I obviously can't ask someone anymore." She tells him, Seemingly fine with her choice. "Now come on, What's first?"

            "Fine, I'm not at fault if we freeze..." Eliot complains one last time. "How about Aqua ring? You'll need it if we continue to Double Edge." He suggests.

            "Alright I guess. What do I need to do?"
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              Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm
              Forest Clearing/Training Ground

              Wiping the sweat from his brow, Shawn stepped back and admired his handiwork. There were 6 fairly large rocks in a straight line that he carved rings upon to make targets. There was enough room to put down many large straight dead branches end-to-end and make a somewhat-smaller battling stage. He even found a couple extra planks of wood in Oak Town (thanks to the TM store being rebuilt) to rest on some smaller rocks to make a pair of benches. He smiled as everything looked good to him, albeit very simplistic. Now he had somewhere to go to train his pokemon without having gawkers around him giving him unneeded and unwarranted advice. Now he had to test it.

              As he reached down to his pokeball belt, his hand brushed against the pocket of his jacket. The box he was supposed to give Kayla during their date the other night was still there. He didn't remember much about that night save their encounter with a small boy and a Growlithe that tried to attack. That was the last thing he remembered. "Next time I see her," he reminded himself, "this will be given to her." He patted the outside of the pocket and pulled off his six pokeballs, throwing them into the air to summon his team. All 6 pokemon came out and stretched, glad to be out and about for a change.

              "Ok, everyone," he spoke loud enough for each of them to hear and pointed at the row of targeted rocks, "Line up 10 steps away from those rocks." Each of his pokemon took their place, each in front of their rocks. "Each of you will use your own projectile attacks to hit the targets." Everyone but Sting nodded. "Sting, I know you have no projectile, so I want you to practice your evasiveness by passing through the target area avoiding the attacks and landing your own fang attacks on your rock, ok?" The large Drapion nodded, indicating he understood. "Ok, guys and girls," he announced, "Ready, aim, FIRE!"

              Each of his pokemon started off with their projectiles. Rocker, his Geodude, used his Rock Throw while Cactuar, his Cacnea, practiced honing in his Poison Sting. Zapper, his Emolga, used Thundershock. Next to her was his Litwick Pyra who used her least-accurate move, Will o Wisp. Finally there was his Shellder Shiva attacking her rock with Icicle Spear. Darting through on every attack was Sting, who got hit sometimes but was able to get through the course easier and easier. At least until Shawn noticed something else happening to Cactuar. He came closer and saw that he was alternating his attacks. He did Poison Sting, but also shot out an assortment of needles out at the target as well. The amount of times shot, he noticed, were random. Sometimes he shot out only twice, but the maximum seemed to be 5. Shawn smiled and said, "Way to go, Cactuar. Looks like you learned how to do Pin Missile!" Cactuar kinda did a small dance, elated to learn something new and get some recognition for it.
              RPs I'm in:

              Pokemon Training Academy - Shawn Williams (Sting *in box*, Cactuar, Zapper, Shiva, Pyra, Rocky, Crash)
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              Cynthia - Academy Office
              Cynthia seemed to consider Sam's words for a moment, puzzling over Sam's words. As a bit of a social butterfly things like official police investigations into students being involved in a crime tended to earn her ear. She did notice something odd about what Sammy had said, but if that hadn't been enough the other had been noticeably hesitant to bring this up anyway.

              "...That's quite the interesting lead you have there Miss Cooper!" Cynthia replied with a tap of her finger upon her chin. She seemed to be puzzling over the suggestion. "I can't help but wonder now if Team Rocket was at all related to all the electric pokemon migrating there!" she quickly continued before allowing her arms to drop. "It's worth checking out, but I'll need some help from an 'eyewitness'." she explained, smiling ever so pleasantly at the other. "Miss Cooper, would you mind accompanying me to the power plant so that we may investigate?" she asked rather casually.

              "That is... assuming you trust me." she was quick to append with a slight frown. "There have been incidents of Team Rocket impersonating teachers frighteningly well. I would understand if you wanted someone else to accompany us." she explained.

              It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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              Ernesto Kolten - Raikou Dorm
              On the Ship

              The Arrival
              Ernesto was leaning on the rail, looking towards the island that would be his new home. He was excited, almost estatic, to see that kind of people he would meet. Although he wasnt looking forward to classes and homework, he couldnt wait to see how good of a Pokemon trainer his classmates would be. It was around 12pm and the sun was shining bright, making the ocean around him look crystal clear. *At least i will still have the ocean close by* Ernesto thought, thinking about what he left behind. He wasnt the type to get home-sick, but he still missed his family and asked himself when they would meet again.

              "We are almost there kiddo! I bet you are very excited!". Bruno, the sailor who was with him on the ship, was a middle-aged man, with a very nice tan and an euphoric personality. "Ive seen so many of you come and go, its always great to meet a new face!" He continued talking. "Ernesto was your name right?" "Yes, exactly sir." Ernesto answered. "Nah dont you call me sir son! Im not that old yet" Bruno answered, bursting out in laughter. "No matter what happens kid, remember you are here for a reason! Thats what my dad used to say". Ernesto wasnt sure what the sailor meant by that, but he still replied "Thank you, i will!" to not seem rude. The ship was almost there, and Ernesto could distinguish what looked to be a building complex in the distance, maybe the dorms?

              "Well kiddo, take care alright? I would come with you, but first i have to take care of this beauty you know, thats going to take a while." Aw yes, Bruno loved to call his ship his beauty. Ernesto could tell the ship was old, pretty old, but it still looked pretty good, probably because Bruno took care of it so well. "Just stay on this path, and you will get to the Academy and the dorm in no time!" Bruno had told him that normally, there would be a group of new students arriving together, but for some reason, Ernesto was the only one on the ship this time around. "Alright, i will. Thanks for everything Bruno!" Ernesto said, grabbing his bags as he started to walk down the path. He looked back at the ship, and he could faintly hear Bruno singing something, which put a smile on his face.

              Ernesto was excited to find out what classes he would be taking, and even more excited to see what kind of kids were at this academy. He knew they would be the best and most promising students from different corners of the world, he just hoped they were nice and not too arrogant. As he continued on the marked path, he kept looking around and loved the sight of the beautiful nature all around him. He could also see some kind of mountain far in the distance, and Ernesto immediatly knew he wanted to climb up that mountain one of these days. There was even snow at the peak, how great was that! As he kept walking, he started hearing some rustling to his right side. There was a tree and a few bushes, some of it covered in snow, and again, the grass shook and rustled. Ernesto was about to walk away, but suddenly a group or Rattata bursted out, apparently running away from something. "Whoooahh whats going on here!!" Nestor said, as the group of Rattata ran away, some touching his legs. And then he saw it, a Furfou, which was obviously angry at something and going rampant. *I guess this is a good as a chance as any to gain some experience* Ernesto thought, dropping his bags and grabbing one of his Pokeballs. "Go Llamas, time to put in some work!"

              Llamas was excited to be out of the Pokeball. He stretched his arms for a second, and assumed a battle position. "Go ahead and use Double-kick" he said, and the Combusken attacked. The Furfou was pushed back, but took the hit pretty well and responded with a Tackle. Combusken took the hit, but worse than Nestor expected. "Are you ok Llamas?" he asked, and the Combusken, apparently hurt in his pride, had a serious look on his face. "Use Flame Charge, go!" The Combusen started glowing red as the flames built all around him, crashing into the opposing Pokemon. Apparently the hit landed perfectly, and the Furfou calmed down. He looked at Ernesto for a dew seconds, then he turned around and ran away.

              Llamas went back into his Pokeball after Ernesto patted him on his back "Good job Llamas, thank you!". He ran for the remainder of the path, anxious to get to the to his new school, and a few minutes later he finally arrived at the Academy. There seemed to be a person waiting at the door. As he arrived, he realized it was a girl (Hilda). "hey, you must be Ernesto...Kolten right?" She said in a sweet voice. "Yes thats me, im a new student here." "Oh i know that" the girl replied with a smile "Im work here at the Academy, ive been waiting for you"

              The girl introduced herself as Hilda and she was the Vigilante at the Academy. She explained that Ernesto should go to his dorm first, and that later on he would get a list of classes to attend, as well as some other stuff, like a list of house and dorm rules. "And here is your Raikou jacket!" As she handed Nestor a Black college jacket, with yellow highlights and the silhouette of a Raikou on the back. Ernesto fell in love with the jacket as soon as he saw it. "Wooow thanks so much Hilda! It looks great!" After trying on the jacket, which fit perfectly, they said goodbye, and Nestor started walking towards the dorms.

              He got there soon after, but apparently he had lost his piece of paper on the way here, and now he didnt know what room was his. He looked around, but there was no one who coluld help him. *Well, thats a great way to start things of* Ernesto thought, not sure if he should knock at a random door and ask for help...

              ~ Anything for my Nakama ~
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                Lucia, Val, and Mark - In DA city

                Lucia squirmed a bit at the picture perfect image of Valorie and looked over at Mark with a slight twitch, "Um... we should split up! You know... cover moe ground and all." The Blaizken looked away again, "Uh... right Mark?" She asked as she elbowed him in the ribs, "You're the trainer and it makes sense right?"

                Mark would have normally been against splitting up but Oak Town wasn't to huge or as dangerous as the forest. "Yeah we could. I say we meet by the Pokemon Center once we're done since you two don't have phones on you. I say we split into two groups. Since only two of us can speak human language it might be good to have one on each side. Lucia, You should stick with Val while me and Snype search around." Mark said.

                Lucia nodded and looked over at Val, not able to look without squirming a bit, "So... uh... well... where should we... start?" She asked weakly.

                Valorie seemed to think about it. Her expressions were comically exaggerated, very much like a walking cartoon. She had a very silly idea of what humans looked like in her head! "Well... Do you want to get a drink and maybe ask around? Usually the shop owners around here are very open with information." she suggested. In reality she totally just wanted that drink, even if it was a legitimate suggestion.

                "NO!" Lucia cried out, but she quickly chuckled and tried to calm down, "N-No... uh... well, you can't speak pokemon right? I mean, we can't speak to anyone... so we can just go around and see what we can find." If anyone caught sight of Valorie... oh dear god they would be in deep s**t. "Um... we have Tyro too so we three can go around."

                The Blaizken nodded, "Technically we have two Tyros... but sure. We'll look around and we'll see just what we can find. Hopefully we get a good lead."

                Valorie puzzled over this for a moment. "Oh... You're right." she replied, a little bit depressed at this revelation. She had to remember that she sounded ridiculous to others. How did vocal cords even work? She had no concept of the finer details and thus couldn't properly emulate them with transform. "M-Maybe you should decide..? Or maybe we should let your pokemon decide? I don't know..." she continued, finding herself suddenly overwhelmed with the prospect. She briefly went over and fixed her clothes in a self-conscious manner.

                Tyro waited for a moment and then sighed, "I'll tell." He muttered. The Blaziken kneeled next to Val, "Hey, I know this might not be what you want to hear, but you look ridiculous. The ditto was right, if you use transform you go into a imperfect image of another, in your case you're too short, look too clean and squeaky, and it just seems that you look like a cartoon. IF you are seen like that well... people are going to freak out. You might want to transform whenever you get back to your dorm and find a picture of yourself, but for now you need to get out of that form and into something differently. You could try transforming into me... or something else. I'm not sure if three Blazikens walking around would be seen as suspicious or not."

                He stood back up as Lucia just blinked, "Well... that was... look Val it's nothing agianst you, but Transformations can be imperfect that way. You just look a bit different is all. This can help make us humans again, but no doubt the same thing would happen to me if I tried to change to my old self. How about you look around and see a pokemon you could try and become? I even have Lirum and Diana so you could try and transforming into them too if you want."

                Valorie appeared heartbroken. Her hands balled and rose to her shoulder blades and she totally pouted on the spot. "But..!" she started, only to stop in her tracks and actually consider what was being said. She looked down at herself. ... ... ...Heresey! Clearly she just needed to approach this differently. Valorie focused and her body began to shift again. This time she got bigger and bigger and--OH SWEET ARCEUS.

                Tyro gritted his teeth and moved forward as he held her down, "Listen here human!" He snapped, "You need to settle down! Don't focus on what you CAN'T see! Just look around and find something to copy!"

                The energy surrounding Valorie faded... and a distinctly human face stared back! Valorie was suddenly approximately six feet tall... and... /older/! It seemed she'd filled in the blanks of her appearance with someone else. By the looks of how stunning she frankly was it had been a model. She had just become the unrealistic expectation of female beauty, literally! "...I did!" she replied coyly. Noteworthily, she lacked a lot of the cartoonish features that had been seen before. There were still an oddity or two, but they were extremely subtle.

                Tyro stepped on back and blinked, "Oh... uh..."

                Lucia stared on, "Val... where did you copy this?" She asked with her own frown. "I mean... this will be a bit of an attention getter... so uh... just try not to talk to anyone."

                Valorie just sort of casually pointed to an ad featuring a beautiful woman within sight. It appeared to be for a beauty product. ...Well at least it was appropriate, right?

                Mark seemed to watch Lucia and Valorie discuss plans. Well at least they'd make a good pair. Valorie seemed to still be unable to speak english for some reason but at least they could communicate with potential Pokemon. Mark could handle the citizens in town. Perhaps going to one of the shops would be a good start. When Valorie transformed again Mark started to blush a storm at Valorie's new look. Hot damn! He just stared with a surprised expression for a moment.

                "...u-um, alright, so we're all set to start investigating right? I can check out the shops like Val suggested. I'll grab you all some drinks too on the way." Mark said with a smile.

                Valorie turned and gave Mark her best cheery smile, ever so content with her new body. For once she was looking down at him! Why did she want to be human and unable to do awesome things like this again? "That sounds great!~" she replied at the offer of a drink. "No soda though, alright?" she quickly added out of weight watching habbit.

                Tyro nodded, "Yeah we can. We'll just stay together is all."

                Lucia nodded, "I guess you can act like our trainer or such?" Lucia asked Val.

                The short--er...tallcake turned her gaze on Lucia. "Yeah... I can just pretend to be mute~" she replied in an amused tone.

                Mark nodded, he looked up at Valorie, kinda getting used to the fact of how she was suddenly way taller then him! He had to quit acting like this. Lucia just said she was going to ask him out and all! The woes of being a young male. "Gotcha. When we're finished, lets meet up back here in front of the Pokemon Center. You all be careful at there alright? Just shout out if you need me or some kind of signal. I'll bring Snype and Xerox along with me." Mark said.

                Lucia stared on and frowned as Mark kept standing there... She curled up her taloned hands, "And Val will be with us." She said. "So go ahead Mark and we can handle ourselves." She explained. "We should head out and find this machine soon." She said as she headed down the sidewalk with Tyro sighing and quickly following after her.

                Mark nodded and waved to the group as he headed off on his own way. "Watch yourself Lucia. Anything could happen in town." He advised as he started to make his way to the various shops to start asking around.
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                Time to start investigating. His first stop was a nearby Cafe, mostly to grab both himself and the others a drink as well as ask for info. Xerox was currently morphed into the form of Snype which just made things confusing. Xerox never seemed to like just being in his normal ditto form and seemed to always have the need to stay transformed as something.

                Mark entered the Cafe and sat down by the counter, for whatever reason, he decided to order coffee for himself. He had never tried it before and all of a sudden, he felt the urge to give it a go. Mark never asked what the others specificly wanted, so he just got them all cups of orange juice. May as well stay healthy right? Val didn't want Soda anyways.

                The man at the counter slid Mark's drinks over to him and he took the opportunity to start chatting.

                "Oh uh, excuse me. I wanted to ask you something. Right now me and my friends are looking for something around town. Its some kind of machine thats shaped like a pod. Have you ever heard of anything like that?" Mark asked.

                The bartender turned to Mark and was quick to answer him. "Actually... that does sound familiar. Awhile back there was some news of a child who broke into an abandoned home and seemingly went missing. They only recently found out where she broke into but all they found was a strange machine. It was a pod, kind of like what you described." He explained.

                This was good info. Maybe the Police found the machine but just didn't know what to make of it? For all they knew, it was broken. Mark finally had a lead. "That's good info. Thanks, I'll ask some officers when I head out." Mark said, leaving a well earned tip for the bartender.

                Could that machine really be the same one that they were looking for? And what was this about a missing child? Maybe he or she knew more about all of this. They could be the key to figuring out this whole ordeal.

                Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
                Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
                Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
                Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
                Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
                Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
                Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

                (In Box)
                Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
                Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
                (Ability: Swift Swim)
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                  Samantha Felicity Cooper

                  Sammy hadn't been expecting to get invited on a scouting mission with a Pokemon Champion, heck, she hadn't been expecting to go anywhere. The reason she'd decided to report her suspicions rather than act on them was because she'd been given this freakin' Egg to look after... was heading out into the field with it such a good idea? She couldn't leave it at the Academy, that was the sort of thing the nurse had given her the Egg to prevent. But could she guarantee its safety? If she couldn't, surely a Champion could. Any Rocket goombah's would be no match for Cynthia, and Sammy could at the very least watch her back. She could do more than that - she'd held her own and more besides against plenty of Rockets already. She probably had more crime fighting experience than Cynthia herself did, even if there was a gap in the strength of their Pokemon.

                  But what was this, Rockets impersonating faculty members? Why would Cynthia even mention that? Surely the fact that she brought it up meant she wasn't a Rocket, unless that was a ploy to throw her off the scent... or was it some sort of test to see how Sammy reacted. She furrowed her brow, working very hard to think this through. Battling was a lot easier than this...

                  "I think... that a Champion would be too high profile to impersonate. You're on the chat shows and televised tournaments all the time, making appearances and stuff, so if you were really a Rocket and Cynthia was somewhere else, well, it wouldn't last long. And... and if Team Rocket managed to kidnap you - I mean Cynthia - to replace her, they'd have a hard time taking a Champion and her Pokemon down I think. And if you had managed to do that, Team Rocket had anyway, then you've now made me start thinking about it. So if I say no, I don't trust you because I think you're a Team Rocket spy, then you'll want to make sure I don't go spreading my theories around. I don't like knowing you might sneak up on me, so I'd rather just believe you're not an imposter, and even if I did believe it I would pretend I wouldn't - so I could keep an eye on you. I'd have a better chance fighting you head on than dealing with some sneak attack I can't see." She took a deep breath. "I think."

                  She looked at Cynthia, a little confused by her own convoluted theories, but fairly sure she was doing the right thing. "So, I guess I don't think you're a spy. And if you are, I've got a better chance of catching you if I stick with you. So let's go, I guess."

                  The whole thing had kind of put a dampener on the excitement of meeting a Champion, but Cynthia seemed to think Sammy could be helpful somehow, so she might as well do her best. She'd be keeping one of her Pokemon out and on guard as soon as they left the Academy though. Just to be safe.
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                  Liam Conor Crawford - Inside Conor's Raikou Dorm Room

                  Conor was fast asleep inside his dorm room. He was sleeping a lot more than usual these days, he rarely spent any time outside at all, which is unusual for him considering outside is the one place he’d rather be above all else but these days, he just tucked himself away into his room, out of site and out of mind.

                  His face began to frown as he tossed and turned in the bed. It gradually became more violent before he lunged up and sat upright in the bed while breathing heavily. He placed his hand on his forehead while he closed his eyes in order to regain his composure. Looking down at the bottom of the bed he could see his Poliwag fast asleep, unfazed by Conor’s violent movements in the bed. Conor carefully crept out of his bed and headed into his bathroom in order to clean up.

                  20 minutes later Conor emerged from the bathroom with a clean set of clothes on and for once in a long time, he actually combed his hair. He walked over and grabbed a bottle of water that he had sitting on his bedside table and took a few mouthfuls before closing it up and placing it back down again. He walked over and sat down on the small armchair that he had in his dorm which was placed near the foot of his bed. Exhaling heaving he slumped down in the chair before he started to stare out his dorm window. After looking out the window for a few seconds he turned his head back round to look at his dorm again. He leaned down and reached into his bag before pulling out a Poké ball. He held the Poké ball in front of him as he stared deeply at it. Memories and flashbacks of the battle between Iny and Mike came rushing back to him. Iny had her Vulpix and Mike had his Wartortle. Conor thought he had his Pokémon all fired up, ready for action, he finally thought that she would fight … but alas he was wrong. Once the battle commenced, it was every trainer for themselves. He decided to go for Mike first as Conor had a bit of a soft spot for Iny. As he suspected his Pokémon ran in ready for a fierce battle but once the Wartortle turned to face Conor’s Pokémon, it simply teleported away back to Conor. Conor could do nothing but forfeit the battle due to his Pokémon’s cowardliness. After this, he didn’t even bother to stick around for the rest of the class, he just ran straight back to his dorm room where he has stayed since. So what Pokémon caused all this? Why it was Conor’s Ralts of course. Conor has always known that Ralts was a weak Pokémon, that she was scared to fight but never has he been ashamed like that before. He himself looked weak, as a trainer. Someone who wasn’t even able to raise his own Pokémon was ridiculous, he felt terrible. He felt as though he failed himself and his parents.

                  Conor shook his head and tried to clear his mind of these previous events as he placed the Poké ball back down into his bag. He stared over at Poliwag who was still fast asleep. Conor knew he’d been holed up for far too long and that he needed to go and get some food for both him and his Pokémon. Conor removed the first Poké ball on his belt and returned the still sleeping Poliwag to its ball. He placed his head through the strap of his bag and walked towards his dorm room door.
                  He reached for the door handle very slowly, he was cautious about heading out after what had happened. What would people think of him now that they know he can’t raise his Ralts? Whatever was out there it didn’t matter because he knew he had to get supplies for both himself and his Pokémon. It wasn’t going to be easy but he had to do it. He took a deep breath and turned the handle of the door slowly before heading outside and locking the door behind him.

                  He peered down the dorm hallway … there seemed to be no-one in sight. “Perfect!” thought Conor as he headed on down the hallway with his head facing the ground, trying to attract as little attention as possible, looking up ever so slightly every so often to see where he was going. As he left the hall with his head bowed down low his mind jumped back to the battle again. His mind was so engrossed with the battle that he forgot to look up to see where he was going.

                  “Oof!” Conor was knocked straight to the ground as he collided with something he didn’t even see. Looking up he could see a boy who looked to be about Conor’s age with short black hair, slightly tanned skin and he was also wearing a Raikou jacket. He was a student alright. Question is how long has he been here? “So much for keeping a low profile” thought Conor.

                  “I better say something quick” Conor thought as he continued to stare up at the boy. “Uh, sorry! I wasn’t exactly looking where I was going. I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Conor finally said as he rose up to his feet, dusting himself off secretly hoping to himself that this guy didn’t know who Conor was.

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                  Mauve Banzett

                  Somehow, someway, Mauve and his Cascoon, Toxy, ended up in Oak Town. After much walking about, Mauve found himself in the bustling town, full of trainers of varying experience. "Well, well... this must be Oak Town. It's supposed to be a good place for trainers to rest, and even buy Technical Machines... very nice." Toxy rumbled about, cooing at her trainer. "Well, well. Is my little Cascoon hungry?" "Cooon~" Mauve chuckled, and responded with, "Well, let's find a place to have dinner. Maybe Venin and Mira can join us? Hmhmhm..."

                  Having looked at a variety of places to eat, he decided to eat at a deli, having a seat outside so his Pokemon could eat with him. He had each set of Pokemon food for his Pokemon, knowing full well restaurants might not have Pokemon food. That's when the waiter arrived, and had asked, "Welcome, sir. May I take your orders? Maybe some Pokemon food for your Cascoon?" With a look of utter relief, Mauve turned, and said, "Ah, yes. A bowl of Bug-type Pokemon food for my dear Cascoon. Ah, and possibly one bowl of Poison-type, and another of Grass-type? I'll have... a sandwich, with pepperoni, salami, lettuce and red onion, if you please. With a glass of lemon water, too."

                  The waiter had written down the request, and stood up. "We'll have it right out soon, sir. Thank you for dining with us," the waiter said before heading inside. "Ah, what a lovely place, Oak Town is. And, such a nice waiter, right Toxy?" "Cooon~ Cas-coooon~" Toxy was rocking back and forth, looking up at her trainer with those adorable, teary eyes that won her trainer over time, and time again. "Of course. Venin, Mira! Come on out!"

                  "Sevi-perrr!" "Mara-ra-ractus!" Venin hissed proudly, stretching himself out from being in his Pokeball for too long, and Mira simply hopped with joy. Mauve, petting both his Seviper and Maractus, told them, "Well, my lovely Pokemon, we're in Oak Town. We're just about to have a wonderful meal." Venin hissed with contentment, coiling up next to his partner. Mira, however, sat in the chair next to Mauve. She was very excited, as she sang an upbeat song, shaking her arms to make maraca sounds to match her song. Mira was quite the singer, usually being able to liven up Mauve and his Pokemon. Looking around the pleasing area, being with his Pokemon, Mauve felt happy. "Well, my dear Pokemon... there's something I want to discuss with you all while we wait." Mira stopped her song, and looked over at her trainer, giving him her undivided attention. Venin also gave the look of attention. "Coon?" Toxy looked up at him from her trainer's lap.

                  Mauve took a deep breath, he began with, "You know I want to do what will make us all great, yes?" His Pokemon nodded in agreement, knowing he loves his Pokemon, and wants to make them as great as possible. "Well... I want to become a Coordinator. I want to show how... beautiful you all are." He looked over at his Seviper. "Venin, my dear partner. We've been through a lot together. I know you're a real vision of strength, and awe. I couldn't have asked for a better partner." Venin simply nodded, returning the gesture. "And of course... dear Toxy." He stroked the Cocoon Pokemon gently, continuing his speech. "I know you'll be an amazing Dustox, as I always dreamed. And soon, we'll make it a reality. I know you've been wanting this, too." Cascoon hopped with excitement. She did want to evolve, to become strong, like Venin and Mira.

                  "And finally, Mira. You're such a joy, I couldn't possibly imagine you without our lovely family." Mira jumped for joy. "That's why I want to be a Coordinator. To show how beautiful my Pokemon can be." With that, the waiter had arrived with Mauve's order of food. "My, my! What a collection of Pokemon you have, sir. A Seviper... a Cascoon, and a Maractus. You've been raising them well." He said this as he set the food down in each respected order. Mira began gobbling her food, Venin taking his time, as well as Toxy. "Thank you very much. It's only the best, for my dear Pokemon." The waiter bowed slightly. "We'll have your bill out once you're finished." Mauve nodded, with a thank you.

                  As the waiter headed back inside, Mauve and his Pokemon ate together, enjoying the time together, and the sounds of the bustling city.
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                    Samantha leaned over the edge of the ferry, the island of the Academy clearly visible from her vantage point.

                    "Wow! It's even bigger than I imagined!" she exclaimed, her eyes glued to the academy grounds. Her brown hair was tied up in a pony-tail, swaying slightly in the breeze. It was such a gorgeous day out; perfect impression of her arrival today, she felt. She clutched the Pokeball on her belt, containing the only Pokemon she owned, a Duskull named Sid. She smiled, overjoyed that she was finally getting to live out her dream. She has just barely managed to pass the entrance exam, but that didn't faze her in the least. She was determined to prove her worth, whatever it took.

                    After several minutes, the boat had finally docked, allowed the passengers to finally begin their lives at the school. Samantha eagerly rushed through the crowd of student, starting at a full sprint to the Academy area to get her housing assignment and uniform. She lifted her heavy luggage case behind her, but due to her excitement and rush the weight didn't slow her down.

                    "Outta the way! Coming through!" she shouted, decency being her only restraint against all-out shoving students out of the way. She dashed to the academy. Once she made it to the admissions desk, she was completely exhausted. Maybe running there full-speed wasn't such a good idea.

                    "Samantha Lee... Fortree City... Raikou... dorm..." she said in-between pants as she caught her breath. The receptionist smiled at her enthusiasm, quickly gathering her new belongings: a school jacket and a key to her new room in the Raikou dorms. She was elated, and suddenly burst out of the building with a newfound vigor, running towards the dorms.

                    Once she had made it to her room, she turned the key to unlock the door, swinging the door open and haphazardly tossing her luggage inside, the bag landing on the floor with a loud THUMP.

                    "Home sweet home!" she cheered. She grabbed the Pokeball on her belt, holding it front of her. "Come on Sid, see how cool our new room is!"

                    The Pokeball opened up, but quickly fizzled out, it's hollow interior completely empty. She looked at it for a second, confused.

                    "Sid? You in there?" She brought the Pokeball closer to her face, inspecting the contents. She did grab Sid's Pokeball when she left, right? Of course she did... she only had one Pokeball... at least, she thought she did.



                    Samantha jumped in surprise, falling to the floor in shock. She looked behind her, seeing her Duskull laughing silently at her reaction. Somehow he had snuck out of his Pokeball.

                    "You little brat!" she accused sarcastically. "Stop fooling around and help me unpack."

                    The Duskull snickered at her once more before floating over to her luggage. She quickly unpacked her things, organized her clothing and knick-knacks, and hung up the various posters she had brought with her. The poster were incredibly varied in content: some depicted boy-bands and other "girly" things, while others depicted Death Metal bands and dark imagery. She was a girl with varied tastes, it seemed.

                    Once she had finished, she threw on her school jacket, admiring how it looked in the mirror before turning to face Duskull.

                    "Well? How do I look? I think it looks pretty spiffy!"

                    Sid just looked at her, clearly not understanding her fascination with the outfit. He wasn't even sure why they were here, to be completely honest. Whatever their intentions, Sid could sense that Samantha was happy, and in turn, it made him feel slightly happy as well.

                    "Come on, it's a free day today. Let's go explore some!" with that said, she grabbed her necessities: a simple billfold, her phone, and her MP3 player and headphones. She wouldn't be caught dead without her music. She put the headphones over her ears, locking the door to her room and walking casually towards Oak City, with Sid following close behind her.


                    She sang loudly as she made her way to Oak City, Sid hovering quietly behind her.

                    "Taaaaaaake me, maaaaaake me, breaaaaaaaak! Watch me get wicked and drop like a hand grenade!"

                    She wandered around, enjoying the sights the city offered. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do, but she was going to find out sooner or later.
                    "Johnny rocked that golden circle, and all those VIPs, and that music that had freed us became a tired routine.
                    And I saw his face in close-up tryin' to give it all he had, and sometimes his eyes betrayed him, you could see that he was sad.

                    And I tried to rock on with him, but I slowly became bored
                    Could that man on stage with everything somehow need some more?"

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                    Mark left the Cafe, two drinks in hand for both of his friends whenver they met up. Mark had already made some great progress! Now he just had to find some authorities and ask them about that machine. The bartender mentioned an abandoned house somewhere in Oak Town so it was bound to stick out from the crowd.

                    "So you heard huh? Yeah there was a child that went missing in that building. As for the building, your free to check. The Machine that we found in there seemingly vanished. We've looked around the entire building but there was no trace of it anywhere." The officer explained.

                    Crap. Back at square one. The best thing he could do is investigate that abandoned house for any sort of signs of where the Machine may have vanished. He doubted anyone in town would know much more then that. His best shot would be to wait for Val and Lucia to get their own info. He had the location of the house now at least. He started to wander around town on his way back to the Pokemon Center. Mark was fairly deep in thought as he was plotting out how to approach the situation.

                    Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
                    Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
                    Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
                    Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
                    Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
                    Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
                    Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

                    (In Box)
                    Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
                    Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
                    (Ability: Swift Swim)
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                    Liam Conor Crawford & Ernesto Kolten

                    "Ouch!" said Ernesto, as something almost knocked him off his feet. He looked to his right, to see a boy on the floor. Apparently he ran into Nestor and was knocked back. He looked around the same age as Ernesto, so he assumed it was a student. "Im sorry if i hurt you" said the boy. "Oh no dont worry, im sorry, i wasnt paying attention" Ernesto answered. There were a few moments of awkward silence, and Nestor decided to add: "So, are you a student here? Because i cant find my room, i just arrived".

                    Thankfully Ernesto wasn’t annoyed about the fact that Conor bumped into him almost sending him to the ground. Conor continued to hope that Ernesto was a new student, eliminating the possibility of him knowing who Conor was. After a few moments of silence, Ernesto spoke, “So, are you a student here? Because I can’t find my room, I just arrived". Conor almost let out a loud sigh of relief when he heard this, thankfully Ernesto was new so there was no way he’d have heard about Conor’s embarrassing battle.

                    He looked at Ernesto and could clearly see that he was wearing a Raikou jacket, so he was definitely in the right building. “You’ve just arrived huh? Well I can show you to your dorm, it’s just down the hall here” Conor replied giving Ernesto a friendly smile. It’s been quite a while since Conor gave anyone a smile, perhaps Ernesto would be the guy to finally lift Conor’s spirits and make him forget about that battle that haunts him?

                    "That would be great, i have no clue what way to go". The student seemed a nice guy, and he smiled at him, so Ernesto smiled back. After grabbing his bags, he started following his new guide "Just this way" he said, and started walking down a hallway. Ernesto was walking beside him, observing the kid from the corner of his eye. He seemed concerned with something, but Nestor thought that was none of his business. He tried to lighten up the serious walk "So, whats this place like?? Lots of battles?"

                    The two boys walked down the hallway towards Ernesto’s dorm room in almost completely silence. Conor had no idea what to say to him, so he just decided to keep his mouth shut for now. The silence continued until Ernesto spoke. "So, what’s this place like?? Lots of battles?". Flashbacks and memories came flooding back to Conor as soon as Ernesto mentioned battles. He swallowed a lump in his throat as he continued walking beside the new guy. “Uh, yeah there’s tons of battles here. No shortage of them anyway” Conor replied in a shaky, anxious tone. He needed to move the conversation away from battles quick.

                    “So … I never did catch your name. I’m Conor by the way. You just arrive in there recently?” Ernesto seemed like a nice guy, he certainly wasn’t mean or ignoring Conor and he did claim it was his fault for Conor falling to the ground. At the back of his mind, Conor was somewhat excited to finally have someone to talk to but he still couldn’t shake that battle from his mind.

                    "Aw yeah, totally forgot. Im Ernesto, but you can call me Nestor if you prefer" He stopped walking, and stretched out his hand to shake Conor's. The boy stopped and looked kind of surprised, but stretched out his hand as well, and both shook the others hand. "Im sorry, my dad used to say thats how one introduces himself to others...just a habit" *How uncool was that* thought Nestor to himself. They were kids, not adults. The handshake was totally too much. He was hoping to befriend Conor, so he had to act a lot more normal than that. "Im from Olivine City in Johto, and you?" He asked.

                    Conor was a bit taken back by the handshake, slightly formal considering they were just kids at ‘school’. Ernesto told how his father said that’s how he was to introduce himself to others. As Ernesto explained, it was a habit, but truthfully it didn’t bother Conor that much. Ernesto followed the handshake by asking Conor where he was from. “Me? I’m from Fortree City in Hoenn. Olivine City huh? What was living there like?” As the boys walked down the hall, it dawned on Conor that they had no clue which room was Ernesto’s. Conor didn't remember him saying anything about a room number. “Sorry, Nestor. Did you say what number was your room?”

                    "Aw, it was very nice, i loved to swim in the ocean and play outside. And the weather is great" Nestor had to think about his family again, but he did not want to get all emotional on his first day there. Conor was apparently from Fortree, and if Nestor had payed more attention at school, he would know a lot more than he acually did. He was about to ask him about his city, but Conor interrupted his thought process: “Sorry, Nestor. Did you say what number was your room?” Embarrassingly enough, Nestor had lost his piece of paper with the room number on it, and he wasnt sure which room was his. "I lost the piece of paper it was on...but i 8?" *Please let there be a room with the number 8* was all Ernesto could think as he said that.

                    “Room 8 huh? Yeah I think there’s a room 8 just further up the hall a little bit”. Forgetting your room number on your first day! Man he almost reminds me of myself, careless but mainly a good guy. Conor thought to himself as he smiled a little bit. It felt good to talk to someone, for once Conor’s mind wasn’t focused on that battle. The two boys walked a little further down the hall before arriving at room 8. “Well … here we are. I assume you still have your key right?” Conor asked letting out a small chuckle in the process. "Let's hope this is the right room"

                    *Phew, there was apparently a Room number 8, thankfully* Ernesto thought. He was really starting to like this Conor guy. He seemed to be nice and helpful, and he was being nice enough to help him out. Before getting to the Academy, Nestor was afraid most kids would be arrogant and would look down on him, but apparently he was wrong. Or was Conor just the exception to the rule? He would proably find out in the following days. A few seconds later, they got to the room. “Well … here we are. I assume you still have your key right?” Nestor checked his pocked, and the key was still there. Conor chuckled, which made Nestor crack a smile. "If it doesnt fit...then at least i know someone i can bunk with" he said, taking the key out of his pocket. A little bit nervous, he tried the key out. a little *Click* could be heard, and the door was open. Nestor was relieved, and he swung the wooden door open. "Thanks so much for the help Conor, really!" He said, looking at the boy. He wasnt sure if he should invite him in or not, but he did not want to take up any more of Conor's time. "Are you doing anything now?" he asked

                    Conor smiled as Nestor opened the door to his room. He could see inside, it looked a lot like Conor’s room minus the junk and clutter from home. He could see that Nestor was happy to be here, he reminded Conor of his first day on the island. He was a bit unsure what to do next so he remained in the doorway, waiting on Nestor’s instructions. He didn’t want to be rude and just barge on into his nice new room. Nestor turned to Conor and asked him what he was for doing now. “Uh … I was actually heading on into town before I met you. I still have to go there actually. You’re more than welcome to join me if you like. You’ll get a nice feel for the island and … maybe even see some cool Pokémon on the way”. Conor leaned up against the doorframe, awaiting Nestor’s response.

                    Ernesto was happy Conor invited him to tag along. Better than spend all day by himself, and Conor already knew the island, which was a big plus. "Yeah that would be great!" Nestor answered, excited about getting to explore the island on his very first day. "Let me just put these bags somewhere, and we can get going if you like". He stepped inside the room that was going to be his home for the foreseeable future. It was simple, but nice: A bed, a little desk and a closet, as well as a chair. Apparently he had his own bathroom, nice! As he threw one of his bags on his bed, one of his pokeballs fell down, releasing the Magnemite that was inside. "Oh hey Albert, what do you like of our new room? Nice huh?" He said to the Magnemite. Albert buzzed around, taking a good look at his surroundings. Ernesto realized Conor was leaning on the doorframe. "Come in Conor, dont just stand there!" They just met, but Ernesto already felt pretty comfortable around him. Conor stepped in, and looked around. "I guess we can get going if you want?" Ernesto asked, returning Albert into his Pokeball

                    Nice room! I never did get to see the inside of another students room before. Conor thought. He also couldn’t help but notice the Magnemite which seemingly escaped from its Pokeball as Ernesto placed his bags down. “A Magnemite! That’s really cool. And … yeah let’s get going” Conor replied. Ernesto returned his Magnemite back into its ball before they got ready to head off. Conor spun round and headed back out the door. Conor was curious. What Pokémon did Ernesto bring to the island? Did he have more than just the Magnemite? So many questions but he decided not to ask him just yet as it might seem rude. This was Conor’s second visit to Oak Town, the first time, he ended up in a battle on the road into town. Hopefully nothing would attack him this time, after all his Poliwag seemed to be still sleeping. Conor’s Poliwag rarely ever stays in its ball unless it absolutely has to so Conor could only assume he was still sleeping as he hasn’t appeared yet.

                    Ernesto and Conor walked out of the room, and Nestor locked the door behind him. He was only taking his Pokeballs, wallet and keys with him, as he didnt think he would need anything else. "Do you need something from your room Conor or can we leave?" Conor thought for a minute before he decided that he didn’t need anything. Everything he needed was right inside his bag.”Nah I’m good I’ve got everything I need right here in my bag” Conor responded as he gave Nestor a friendly smile. The two boys headed back down the hall towards the main reception in order to exit the building. It felt weird to pass the reception desk on the way out, it had only been a couple of days but it felt like Conor locked himself away for weeks. Conor stood in the main doorway and looked outside. The sun was shining bright in the sky while remnants of some snow still lay on the ground. The bright sunlight twinkled off the snow causing it to glisten and sparkle. Conor squinted his eyes a bit in order to adjust his vision to the intense light. He did just spent days locked away in his dorm room. After squinted some more and rubbing his eyes he seemed to finally open his eyes some more as they adjusted to the sunlight. What a beautiful day thought Conor as he looked up at the clear blue sky. Looking back he waited for Nestor to join him.

                    Apparently Conor was set to go, so they headed back to the main reception. Nestor was looking forward to see what the island had to offer, and curious to see what Oak Town would look like. He wondered if he needed anything from the store, like Pokeballs or Potions, and made a mental note to look for those once they got there. Conor walked a few feet in front of him and was looking out the window. Nestor stopped for a second to look out of a window himself, as something had caught his attention: Pokemon Battlefields. They were a bit far away, but Ernesto could tell there were probably 4 of them. He really could not way to test his skills against the other trainers, maybe against Conor first?? He thought he would propose him a battle once they got to know each other better. Conor was waiting for him, so he walked to him, and they stepped outside. The sky was a clear blue, and a gentle breeze made for a perfect weather to walk around! They started walking down the path, and Nestor was curious to find out more about Conor. "So, why did you join the Academy?" Was his first question.

                    They headed off down the path which would lead them to Oak Town. It was about a thirty minute walk so it was a long enough walk but at least this time, he had some company. Nestor started the conversation by asking Conor how he got into the academy. “Well, you see I didn’t exactly join the academy on my own accord. I was in Viridian City living with my aunt at the time, so one day when I’m on my way back to the house, I see an injured Pokémon in the middle of the road so naturally I scooped it up and took it straight to the Pokémon Center. After that was done, I tried to let the Pokémon go … but he wouldn’t leave me. He insisted on staying by my side. Okay so next thing I know I bump into this other trainer and he instantly challenges me to a battle, like right there in the middle of the town! Anyway I lost almost right away, I didn’t stand a chance. After this I picked up my Pokémon and dashed back to the Pokémon Center to get him healed up again, I brought him back to my aunt’s house where we would have a good night’s sleep.”

                    “Okay so next morning I wake up and head down the stairs and then ‘boom!’ right there on the kitchen table was a package and a letter from Professor Gary Oak saying that I got accepted to this place, funny thing is I never applied to this school I just sort of got brought in. The only thing I can think of is that someone in Viridian City witnessed the battle that day and then darted off to Pallet Town to tell Professor Gary Oak about me. Not that I won or anything. Makes me wonder why they took me in at all?” Conor reached down to his belt and unclipped one of his Poke balls. “Here he is, the little guy who started all this for me. My Poliwag, without him, I wouldn’t be here at all.” Conor said as he stared deeply at this Poke ball with a smile on his face. Snapping out of his daze, Conor clipped the Poke ball back onto his belt and looked over at Nestor. “Wow, sorry I got kinda caught up in the story there Nestor, hehe. So what about you? Why did you join the Academy?” Conor asked as he looked over at Nestor as they continued to walk the path to Oak Town.

                    Ernesto was impressed by Conor's story. He already thought Conor was a nice guy, but the story he just heard proofed exactly what a good person he was. The Poliwag must have grown really attached to him after that rescue, so they probably were the best friends by now. And Conor was invited although he didnt win the battle, which made sense, since he had just met the Pokemon he was using! But apparently someone saw potential in him, and thats how he got here. "Wow Conor, that's amazing! That Poliwag was really lucky you were the one who found him, really!" He said to Conor, and it looked like the boy blushed a bit. Then, Conor wanted to know how he got to the Academy. "Well, there was this tournament in my city, so of course i signed up right away! The top three trainers would get a chance to apply to PTA, and after a hard tournament, i managed to place third, thanks to Llamas, my Combusken. He used to be a Torchic up until that battle, when he evolved and secured me the win! I honestly wasnt that interested in PTA, i just wanted to see how well i would do against other trainers. But my parents told me this Academy would be an unique here i am." Ernesto told him, while having a big smile on his face. He looked at Conor, wondering what he thought about his story.

                    "What are the..." Nestor was about to ask, but a sudden noise that came from their right side made him stop. "Did you..hear that?" He asked Conor, who was also looking in the direction the sound came from. There wasnt much there, just a few trees and bushes. Nestor had to think of the Furfou that had attacked him earlier. "Feel like checking that out?" He asked, as a Mankey leaped out of the tree, who didnt look like it was in the best of moods. Nestor was quick to grab one of his Pokeballs and sent out his Corphis: "Go Claws, show me what you got!" The Mankey looked like it would attack in a rage at any moment. "Quick, use Aqua Jet Claws!!" The corphish was quick to execute the attack, and crashed into the Mankey, head-on. The Pokemon was knocked back a few feet, but countered with vicious fury swipes, that seriously damaged the Corphish. "Watch out Corphish, go for another Aqua Jet!" Ernesto was only paying attention to the battle, and didnt notice Conor behind him, just watching him do his thing. When Nestor was in a battle, his mind was blank, only focused on what move to use next. Claws crashed again into the Mankey, this time knocking it out. "Phew, good job Claws, thanks!" He have the Corphish a pat on his head, and returned him to his Pokeball. The Mankey got up moments after, and ran back into the bushes. "Wow, there is so many different Pokemon around here!" Ernesto said turning around to Conor, who had a weird look on his face. "Hey...are you ok?" Ernesto asked

                    Conor was thoroughly impressed with Ernesto’s story. He certainly sounded like a good trainer. Placing third in a big competition which decided who would get to sign up for PTA. It sounded exciting and unfortunately for Conor impossible ... There would be no way that Conor could ever even come close to the top 10 in something like that going by his skill. He was about to continue talking until Ernesto stopped him saying that he heard something over there by some trees. The first thing that came to Conor’s mind was, Could it be the Phanpy from before? It was around about this area when it attacked me. However Instead though, out jumped a Mankey. Ernesto was quick to react by sending out his Corphish to attack. After a small scuffle, the Mankey ran away back into the trees while Ernesto returned his Corphish to its ball. In the short time that this battle took place, Conor was engrossed and immersed by the way that Ernesto handled his Pokémon. With such confidence and strength, and of course his Corphish listened to his every command. Conor remained in a stare until Ernesto snapped him out of it. “Me? Uhh yeah I’m okay. I’m just really impressed with the way you can control your Pokemon.” Conor said as he looked at Ernesto with a blank expression on his face.

                    "Aw...thanks man." Ernesto answered after a short moment of confusion. He didnt think of what he just did as anything special, but Conor seemed to be impressed. "Dont worry, ill let you take on the next Pokemon that attacks us!" He said, trying to make a joke. Conor just kinda smiled back at him, and asked if they wanted to keep going. Ernesto was fine with that, and the two continued down the path. They kept talking and exchanging stories, getting to know each other better and better. As they were almost arriving in Oak Town, Ernesto thought of how glad he was to have already made a friend!


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                    Mark continued asking different officers about possible info on where the machine may have ended up but didn't have much luck. How could a machine like that just vanish? Maybe it was invisible? Somebody would have had to notice if some robber just packed up a huge machine like that and just walked away. For all Mark knew though, maybe that machine was pocket sized?

                    For now, Mark decided to make his way to the TM store. It seemed to finally be restocking now. Mark was debating getting some new moves for his Pokemon. One move in particular was Ice Beam for Commodore. He remembered how much trouble his team had with dragons. A good Ice move would be very useful on him. That was all he purchased though. Mark would end up burning through his savings if he kept buying these powerful expensive moves all the time.

                    Mark headed outside and let Commodore out of his ball to start teaching him Ice Beam. He placed the disk on the Porygon's head, and after forgetting a previous move, Commodore had learned Ice Beam!

                    Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
                    Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
                    Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
                    Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
                    Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
                    Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
                    Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

                    (In Box)
                    Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
                    Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
                    (Ability: Swift Swim)
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                    Holly Amarosa and Kayla Makihatayama (somewhat)

                    Holly sighed and watched as Amy and Chase packed up their things. Finally... she thought impatiently. Her brother and sister stayed with her at the Academy for a while, trying to see if Holly would really be okay. Kayla had let it slip that Holly wasn't taking her medicine, and like the overprotective siblings they were, Amy and Chase insisted on staying to protect her. They even had Kayla's parents transport some of their clothes to the Academy. Holly managed to talk them into going home (one mention of work was all that it took to convince Chase to go home, but Amy was harder). Holly, Kayla, and Chase had to talk the stubborn woman into going home by mentioning her boyfriend and soon-to-be born baby. The woman reluctantly agreed, only to get everyone off of her back.

                    Amy walked over to Holly and gave her a big hug. "Are you sure you'll be okay, sweetie?" she asked. The Growlithe that Holly had saved from the boy, who she named Blaze, whimpered and ran under the bed. Holly sighed and didn't look Amy in the eyes. "I'll be fine... I have Kayla here with me... And Molly..." She paused for a moment before adding softly, "Good luck with your baby." Amy nodded and let go of Holly. "Thank you... You take care of yourself. I'll call you later." She noticed Lumina sitting on the bed and smiled at her. "You know, Flara misses her baby. I hope you're taking care of her." Holly laughed softly. "She's a bit of trouble, you know. Just like you."

                    "Amy, we need to get going. Alpha's waiting for us." Chase poked his head in the doorway. Amy nodded and kissed Holly on the forehead. "Bye, honey." Holly watched her walk out and sighed. "Bye, Amy..." she whispered. Molly floated over to her and nuzzled her. Blaze crawled from under the bed and tilted his head. Holly hugged Molly and looked around the room. "Let's get out... Maybe we'll run into someone we know," she whispered. She heard a knock on the door and looked up, frowning when she saw Kayla. Couldn't she have minded her own business? she thought angrily.

                    "Did you take your medicine?" she asked softly, standing in the doorway. Holly shook her head and returned Lumina to her Pokeball. She whistled softly to Blaze and hustled past Kayla. "I'm going to release Blaze back into the wild. You can do whatever you want, Kayla," she said coldly. Kayla looked after her cousin sadly and sighed. "Where's Shawn when you need him?" she muttered, walking out of the room and closing the door behind her. Maybe I should go look for him...
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                      I don't think i need to copy my opening post, it's in the OOC.

                      The story of the lost bag

                      Idan walked throught the academy gates, still amazed. As he slowly entered in, he saw lots and lots of students,probably at a recess. He sat down on a bench and ate the lunch his mom packed for him. "This is delicious!" he said. "I'm going to miss that. Well,better find a training field" he added and started to walk around the campus.

                      He walked a few miles, until he found a large gate. "Suicune dorms. I guess i'm staying here."He went inside his room and unpacked. He got out of the dorms, and continued to walk towards the exit of the academy campus. He got out and ventured until he stumbled across an iceberg. "That looks!" He started walking on the icy surface, and heard a cry coming from up ahead. He started running and saw a Snorunt,standing on the ice, crying: "Sno! Snorunt-sno!" He immediaty came to his rescue,picking the snorunt up and helping him cross through the ice plain on which they stood. "The snorunt smiled, and took Idans' bag!

                      "Hey, come back here! That's my bagpack you..." He stopped. The snorunt was nowhere to be found. "Leo,come out here!" he called out the litleo. He started walking throught the icy plains, moving slowly and steadily towards the patches of grass that were in the horizon. He suddenly heard a noise. "Leo,go and please check what was that sound." The pokemon answered "Lit!" and started running towards the noise. A couple of minutes passed.Leo disapeared. "Slime, help me search for Leo!" He called Slime out, who was reluctant at first. "Goo.Goomy-Goomy-goo." he said with a sarcastic tone. They walked through the plains until they saw 2 Rocket grunts, holding Idans' bag. And the Snorunt and Leo caged up.There was another cage, with a huge Glalie in it. "Hmmm,some money,a pokeball and.." said one of them."Good job. A couple more of these and we'll give you your dad back"."Wait wait,what's that sound?" said the other one.

                      "Let go of my stuff! I said let go! "Slime, use Tackle!" Idan shouted. "Ain't you a pest? Raticate,get rid of him!" Shouted one of the grunts.
                      Goomy tackled the raticate before he could move an inch, knocking him back. "Raticate, hit him hard with your bite!" shouted the grunt. In the meantime, Leo tried to break the cage, but he was unsuccesfull. The raticate bited Slime, who was hurt. "Slime, blind the grunt with Bubble!" Slime created a mass of bubbles, temporarly blinding both the raticate and its master. "Leo,flame charge! Slime, use bubble again!" Shouted Idan. Leo used flame charge and heated the cage while the bubbles continued to blind his foes. They finally got out of the cage. "Leo, i'm so happy you're okay! Now, work together, Leo use Flame charge and Slime, Dragon breath!" This was enough to knock the raticate down. The grunts shouted "Take your stupid bag! I can't believe i lost to a..a kid!" They ran off.

                      "Snorunt...come here now. We'll help you get your dad out, wait here. "Goomy,Dragon breath, Leo,Headbutt!" The cage broke down. "Glalie,Glalie li." Said Snorunts' father.
                      "What you did was wrong Snorunt, but i get you. You just wanted to free your dad. Listen, do you want to join me? Your life would be better, you wouldn't have to steal food. Here,take this". Idan handed some pokemon food to the snorunt. "Sno,Snorunt sno!" The snorunt jumped and hugged Idan. "Okay okay, don't be all excited about it. Get in here" The snorunt tapped the pokeball and got inside. "I'll call you Flake." Idan said, and sat down to eat with all of his pokemon.

                      A few hours later...

                      "Goodbye, Glalie!" Said Idan when he started going back to the academy.
                      "My god it's late, i better go to my dorm room."

                      Leo (Litleo),gained 2 levels 23-> 25
                      Slime (Goomy),gained 2 levels 20-> 22

                      New capture
                      Flake (Snorunt), caught at level 20,male. Flake is hyperactive.
                      -Powder snow
                      -Double team
                      -Icy wind
                      ~Made by Pebbles~
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                        Alys Mary Rainsworth : Arrival

                        The cool breeze of the ocean whipped the girl's hair back, the white strands fluttering like ribbons behind her. Pale red eyes locked onto the sights of the island that was steadily coming into view, the buildings one of the first things that caught her eye. Her lips curled up the slightest in the corner, fingers curling themselves almost nervously around the cool metal bars of the ship's balcony. Standing beside her with its brown fur blowing in the breeze, the eevee cocked its head. The movement made the bell around its neck tinkle melodiously.

                        "Vee?" it chirped, turning its head up to look with big brown eyes up at its trainer, who appeared lost in thought. The mammal-like pokemon's ears lowered at the neglect. Gently, it lifted a paw and nudged at the girl's stocked leg.

                        Alys perked up, glancing down at her eevee. Her lips curled into a gentle smile and, slowly, she bent down to scoop the small creature in her thin arms. The eevee climbed up until its front paws were rested comfortably onto one of its owner's shoulders. Alys hummed, giving its warm cheek a light kiss.

                        "We're almost there, Avril," she breathed, voice gentle. "Just a mile or so, and we'll be docked on the school's shores."

                        "Vee..." the eevee purred lightly, looking a bit distressed. Alys's smile turned motherly, one of her hands reaching up to lightly stroke the eevee's back.

                        "Aw, Avril, are you nervous?" she asked lightly. The eevee didn't respond, and instead huffed. Alys chuckled a bit. "Don't be, silly. I'm sure you and Sqweegee will make lots of pokemon friends there. You'll be able to romp around and play with them all you'd like in the open fields." She paused. The eevee appeared to be slightly comforted, but not enough so that it was smiling. Instead, its little muscles had relaxed and it plopped its cheek against her shoulder. Alys continued softly; "How about when we get to our new room, I play some of your favourite music? Does that sound fun? You can pose for me and I can draw you, just like when we were back home."

                        At that, the eevee's tail swayed and it chirped out a delighted: "Eevee!" Alys sent it a loving smile before giving it a soft nuzzle.

                        It had been little over half an hour before the albino girl heard the conductor's voice ring through the salty sea air; "We are now arriving at Gary Oak's Trainer Academy!"

                        At the words, the girl quickly turned on her off-white flats and scuttled into her ship's bedroom to gather her materials. With a gentle movement, she settled Avril down onto the blue bedspread and quickly gathered her suitcases and purse. The eevee tilted her head, glancing around the room as if to give a quick once over to make sure her owner hadn't forgotten anything.

                        "C'mon, Avril!" Alys chirped, voice light and airy. The eevee perked its ears up and leapt off the sorry-excuse for a bed, following after the girl with light paws. Alys waltzed herself off of the ship's provided handing before stepping onto the docks, where she took a swift look around.

                        The academy was more than she was expecting. Withh delight plain on her face, she knelt herself down and opened up her purse for Avril. The pokemon mewled generously before leaping into the warm confines of the back and keeping its head and front paws out. Alys eagerly padded off the pier and onto the provided pathway, walking with a swift skip in her step to the school. She paused, her lips compressing. Okay... So... There were three buildings, not including the main one. Just um... Which one was she to enter?

                        Alys shuffled nervously. "Uh... Avril, I'm not really sure where we're supposed to go now."

                        The eevee perked up and looked up to its trainer. It whined before scuttling down into the back and shuffling about for something. Alys was too lost in her anxiety to notice. Everything was so... Big! Oh, Arceus, how would she be able to make it to all of her classes on time? How would she know where she was to go? What if her teachers didn't like her? Oh, Arceus!

                        Suddenly, Avril chirped. Perking up, Alys peered down. The eevee held in its mouth a map of the school, pride shining in its bright brown eyes. Alys breathed a sigh of relief before she gently plucked the paper up out of the pokemon's jaws. She opened up the tri-folded paper and looking at the colorfully decorated and coded paper.

                        Suddenly, she began to walk, but not bothering to look up. With her nose buried in the map, she waltzed along the path of the campus blindly.
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                          Lucia and Valorie : Oak Town - A familiar face

                          Valorie looked around searchingly. Well where did they even start with this?? She peered into the distance. "...Do you think any of the local wild pokemon would even remember something like this?" she asked out loud, not quite sure how to handle herself.

                          Lucia looked back, frowning still at the disguise Val had. "Maybe? I don't know, you're supposed to be an expert right?" She asked with a bit of a tone in her voice. Tyro sighed and shook his head, "Women." He muttered under his breath, "Well, maybe. If we could find some we might be able to ask. How well are your interrogation skills Valorie?" He asked.

                          Valorie placed her hands on her hips and glaned back at Lucia with a quirked brow. "Uh--That sounds really wrong." she remarked simply, a troubled look coming over her face. "Maybe we won't need to.../torture/ pokemon to get them to tell us about this stuff?" she asked hopefully.

                          He sighed "No... like... talking skills. Interrogation skills in this mindset means that you talk to another, but with the purpose of calming them down and getting an answer as quickly as possible. Roberto is good at it.. but he's out of commission at the moment."

                          A single sweatdrop rolled down Valorie's forehead. "...Better than someone who calls that 'an interrogation'." she remarked half-jokingly with a shrug. "It's worth a try I guess~" she quickly added, looking around curiously. "The question is... where do we start, and with who?"

                          Tyro spread his arms, "Just... find someone I guess? You've been around here longer right? Surely you know what mon are around. Just lead us around."

                          Valorie pouted ever so slightly. "I'm... a human though! Most mons just look the s--" she started to protest when something caught her eye. It was a familiar familiar girl with flared purple pants, socks with sandles and terrifyingly clashing color choices. She had short white hair mostly hidden underneath a poofy black hat.


                          Valorie started moving forward. "Hey... Hold on a moment." she said, a tad suspicious at the sight of the supposedly missing girl. There was something slightly off about her, body proportions slightly off... Valorie wasn't quite sure what to make of this however. "I know that girl..." she remarked, not entirely thrilled but still interested none-the-less.

                          Tyro looked at her, "Hm... do we have paper or pencils? Um..." He glanced about, "Uh... we should find some then! You still can't talk human so we need to find stuff that will let you at least write a message. I highly doubt we have the time to play twenty questions here."

                          Lucia's body shimmered as she shifted back to that of a Porgyon-Z and she blinked, "Oh... look at that." She mused, "Guess you'll be changing back soon too Val... unless you have greater self control." Though Lucia also sounded quite eager for that to happen. Wasting no time Lucia flew forward and stopped in front of the girl, "Hm... you look okay..." She mused, "Though you can't understand a thing I'm saying."

                          MacKenzie peered down at Lucia. "Sounds like you've got a decent taste in fashion!~" she remarked coyly, seemingly praising herself as she took a sip of a thermos full of coffee. Wait had she just replied directly to Lucia? Valorie noticed this and slowed to a stop. "Wait... you can understand us?" she asked in a puzzled manner.

                          MacKenzie rolled her eyes slightly. "Of course! Don't you know that talking to pokemon is the newest style of training?" she asked in a tone that suggested she found Valorie's question contemptible. Valorie was unamused. "...Well--See, we were turned /into/ pokemon..." she started. This conversation would've been a lot harder if she didn't silently know she looked fabulous.

                          "It's me, Valorie Ryder." she quickly added.

                          MacKenzie went silent, eyes widening slightly. She looked Valorie up and down for a moment, suddenly recognizing her old 'friend'.

                          Tryo glanced at the two and Lucia looked around, "Um... yeah, anyways we were looking for a sort of.. eh... it's some kind of machine around here. Not sure what it looks like but it changes you into a pokemon. Have you seen it?" She asked.

                          "...Y'know, I never took you for a brave one." MacKenzie remarked thoughtfully, sipping on her coffee before continuing. "As a matter of fact, I do!~" she continued, eyeing Valorie up and down again. "You could use some pants, though!~" she remarked teasingly, shaking a finger at the other. "Maybe a littl more sleeves here... and some alternative skin cream... and a hair cut..." she began musing out loud. It was super effective! Valorie quickly became irate and blushed in embarassment. "Shut up..!" she replied indignantly. Hadn't she had enough of that this morning?

                          MacKenzie laughed light-heartedly. "Just had to make sure it was you~ You're looking a lot less like a footrest than I remember!~" she joked, finding herself amused with the other girl's insecurities. Valorie was entirely unamused, but this time she just ignored the remark in favor of getting the information they needed.

                          "...Anyway yeah. There was a prototype of a one of those mahines in town. Devon Corporation develops them. They're the bleeding edge of pokemon tech, y'know? I of course have to know~" MacKenzie explained, earning a thoughtful silence from Valorie. Wait... Devon Corp built the prototype? ...The one Team Rocket had known about?

                          Lucia groaned as the two engaged in girl talk, a thing she was not great at. She too perked up at the machine and pressed close to the girl, "They were made by Devon? But..." The normal type slowly foated back, "Uh... does that mean Team Rocket would use the machine then!?" She asked and suddenly she backed a bit more, "Val... get away from her." She said, "It's why she's so... cool and relaxed. She knows a lot about the machines and all then could she... be..." She didn't want to really think about it though.

                          Tyro knew what Lucia was saying as the flames lit up on his own wrists, yet he didn't show any aggressive stances... yet.

                          Valorie frowned. She wasn't convinced. As much as she wanted to picture MacKenzie as her enemy, she knew the answer was probably much less convenient for punching the other girl in the face. MaKenzie was the first to speak up though. "...Team Rocket?" she asked skeptically. "Man, all they want is /money/!~" she lamented casually, entirely unfazed by what she'd heard. "Have you ever read about Team Plasma? They've got some really radical ideas about how we should interact with pokemon~" she quickly added. "Speaking of which, I'm not a pokemon trainer anymore. It was a bit too 'mainstream' for me." she mused cooly.

                          Valorie frowned. "...My Mom said they were glorified thieves." she remarked in a matter-o-fact tone.

                          MacKenzie smirked. "...Look at you! You're six foot and still quoting your mom~" she teased light-heartedly.

                          Valorie appeared saddened. A heavy pang of homesickness had just slapped her. Then an epiphany hit. "...Let's go." she stated simply. "I think I know what's going on." she quickly added, turning to Lucia and company.

                          Lucia blinked, "Um... okay?" She asked warily as she followed along.

                          Tyro snorted and followed, "What's up then?" He asked as he followed, "That girl... is she team rocket?" He asked as he glanced back, "If so we could always capture her and interrogate her."

                          Valorie shook her head. "...No..." she started in thought. "I think Devon Corp is working with Team Roket." she quickly added in a less than amused tone.

                          Lucia blinked and Tyro glanced back, this time raising his arms as he growled, "That's it! We are grabbing that girl!" He hissed. "You!" He pointed a taloned hand right at MacKenzie, "You're coming with us no trying to get out of this!" He snapped as he marched his way over.

                          Valorie just sort of watched all embarassed like as Tyro kidnapped that teenager. MacKenzie sighed and moved to follow, shrugging her shoulders helplessly. "If you say so." she replied unenthusiastically. "I need some time for writing and alone time in my dorm room though." she quickly added, entirely unfazed by the seriousness of the situation.

                          Tyro gritted his teeth and jabbed a claw against her chest, "You... you don't realize do you!?" He snaped angrily as the flames on his wrist continued to glow. "Don't you realize what just happened!? How the rockets are going all over!? I have a right mind to slap your little a** so you can understand! Now tell us here and now, WHAT are they planning!? Just getting inside and killing everyone or what!? And you better tell the whole truth or I will melt you smug face off!" The Blaziken huffed and shuddered there while Lucia looked on, "Oy... Tyro has never gotten that mad before..."

                          "You're not supposed to hurt humans..." Valorie whined quietly in a concerned manner. MacKenzie was equally unfazed by chest prods. "...Well, actually I'm in a pretty similar situation to you guys!" she admitted casually, her body deforming. The next thing any of them knew, a smeargle was standing where she'd been. "I was the first student to get turned." she proclaimed without a hint of evidence in sight. "Not everyone gets medals of honor for this sort of thing, y'know!" she was quick to add, ever so slightly condescending in tone. "But... really I have no idea what Team Rocket is 'planning'. I know Devon Corp has been working on these machines for a very long time though." she finished, absolutely unfazed by the other's threats. For a girl she sure had... guts! Lots and lots of guts!

                          Tyro stared on, and then he graoned, "No wonder you never went back to the academy... you thought Devon would capture you." He groaned out, "Great, just great."

                          Lucia looked about, "So... so, we can't go back to the academy. If we do we'll be caught and if Devon is with the rockets then that means they can easily... wait the humans turned to pokemon!" She cried out, "I... I remember I was brainwashed by them and and... if they have humans in there transformed into their most powerful or most rare pokemon... then Devon can ship them out. Say they need therapy... ship them out and get a pay day or something!"

                          Her fin arms flailed around. "Don't you get it!? There are rare mon that were humans once! It's... it's simple. Just deliver them to team rocket... and it'll all go downhill."

                          Tyro grunted, "That brainwashing wasn't as severe... but still, if they have time they can still do it... and scientists DID get out. If Devon has the transformers... then they likely have machines the rockets gave them too. Hell those brainwashing machines could have been provided by Devon. Meaning all those pokemon there will be pushed into a machine Devon gives the academy, told it does one thing, but it does something else. Essentially a legion of brainwashed mon taking the academy from within."

                          Lucia groaned, "That's... huge. But it could be a possibility then... so could we have been the experimental batch? Just seeing if it could work?" She asked.
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                            Ellie Ward - Battlefield 9

                            "Ok, Lets try this again..." Ellie says aloud, Water slowly forming all around her body, eventually shaping itself into several rings orbiting around her. "How's that?" She asks.

                            "Yet again Too slow, If you try to use that in battle you'll just be hit and lose your focus." Eliot instructed, Apparently more used to the cold after being there for awhile. "And you need this so what I teach you next doesn't hurt you too much." He continued to explain.

                            "Yeah, Yeah, I get it!" She groaned a bit, Already given this speech several times.

                            Trying again, She slowly repeats the process, Trying Again and again making slow progress.

                            "Alright, It's fine for now." He interrupted Ellie. "It could be faster but it's alright."

                            "Thank god, I'm so sick of doing that..." Ellie says relieved, Falling back ready to take a break.

                            "Not yet! We got the next move you need to know, Get up!" Elliot Instructs, Pulling her up from the icy floor. "Alright, Take my hand, I'm gonna show you how to use double edge" He says, Grabbing her hand before she has a chance to do it herself and begins to charge.

                            Ellie was just dragged along, Barely able to hold on as he preformed the attack, slamming into a Block of ice and causing it to break in from the force, Ellie Hitting the ice as well more out of leftover momentum than actually attacking.

                            "W-What did you do there?" Elliot asked, Seeming genuinely confused.

                            "What do you think!? I Was Drug along by you head first right Into that block of ice!!!" Ellie Yelled at him Furiously.

                            "No, Well I'm sorry but... What did you do there!?" Elliot asked again, Unsure of how else to word it. "Do you already know this attack or something?"

                            "No, As I told you The only moves I've used before are Aqua ring and Tail, And ring is still barely working." She reminded him, Trying to get rid of her coming headache.

                            "Then why was it that powerful? Was it just a fluke?" He asked himself "Alright look, We're doing it again, I'll let you get ready first this time."

                            "What!? NO! Not after last time!" She protested, Quickly pulling away from him.

                            "Come on, Just one more shot! I wanna see if it happens again!" He tries to persuade her "Anyway, You should be fine now, That's what the Aqua ring is for!"

                            Ellie lets out a short sigh after noticing her headache was already gone. "Alright fine, One more time. What the heck do you think is going on though?" She asked, holding out her hand reluctantly.

                            "I'll tell you after this!" He says quickly, Grabbing her hand before she has the chance to change her mind. "Alright, Ready? GO!" He said before charging full force again.

                            Ellie managed to keep up a bit better this time but is still mostly being pulled along. Closing her eyes, she attempts to attack at the same time he starts. However, When she tried to follow up, she didn't come in contact with anything and ended up spinning around and falling to the ground.

                            "Ugh, So what happened?" She asked, Trying to unblur her vision.

                            "It actually worked. The ice is gone!" He exclaimed, Quickly pointing her in the direction of the ice they attacked.

                            "What? Surely you couldn't have hit it that..." She started to say as her sight came back to her. "It is gone!" She exclaimed back. "I didn't even hit anything, What happened?"

                            "I don't know, I just felt more powerful that time." He explained, Looking back at where the ice used to me. "Are you sure you haven't used any other moves? Cause there is no way I could do that by myself." He says, trying to figure out what happened.

                            "N-No, I don't think so at least..." She explained yet again "Anyway, I transformed into you, I should know the same moves as you... But, now that I say that it bugs me. Why am I still a girl?" She asked, Thinking it through a bit more.

                            "Well, I was just thinking you might have a different move set but that is a good point. Didn't you say you found me where you left me back at the base?" He asked, trying to help her think.

                            "Yeah, I was just thinking about that. That means they couldn't have changed me into you, but rather they must have just changed me into an Azumarill." She finally concludes. "I don't know what this means but it could definitely mean I either have a different move set, Or no move set at all."

                            "Well, You already knew two moves right? What could that mean? Eliot asked, Still unsure of this theory.

                            "Well, Originally we swapped minds right? Well according to the teachers that was actually just us swapping memories." She started to explain. "This happened before they Changed me. I don't remember much from when I first woke up but I was able to use them as far as I remember. These are also the two moves you used when our memories were swapped. Maybe that's why I know how to use them!" She finally Concluded "And maybe the reason why I'm having problems with aqua ring is that You didn't really use it back then, you just had it up."

                            "That, actually makes A lot of sense." Eliot commented, trying to comprehend all of this.

                            "Doesn't it? It might not mean too much but it does mean that I'm not just a copy of you. Maybe what happened back there is indeed another move I know." She Finally concluded.

                            "There's Only one way to find out." Elliot said, Holding out his hand.

                            "Gosh dang it..." Ellie muttered under her breath.
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