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Old March 14th, 2014 (8:44 AM).
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    Hey, at least you didn't have to transfer from Colosseum to FR/LG/R/S/E to D/P/Platinum to B/W/BW2 to X/Y. It took me an hour or so to do all of it XD
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    Originally Posted by Eevee View Post
    It is a super big pain. xD I know what you mean! Especially if you want a Pokemon with a certain move that can only be learned in the older games!

    But I guess that it's amazing that we can still transfer over older Pokemon to our newer games o:
    I agree with you, it can be hard to get the moves you want if they require TMs or Move Tutors in older games, like a lot of the popular B2/W2 tutor moves. But still, nice to see we can still transfer even though it's one that has a small fee this time around.
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