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Old February 16th, 2014 (3:43 AM). Edited March 10th, 2014 by MattII.
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    Not a programmer myself, so I'll probably never make an actual game, but I'll throw up a few ideas here, see if they help anyone else:

    Starter 'Town'
    * The prof's lab isn't in the town, it's in the neighbouring city, and to get across the grass you're escorted by the prof's nephew/assistant/your own father (who works for the prof)/etc.
    * As above, but your friend also show you how to catch pokemon on the route, and it's from here that you get your first pokemon.
    * Your starter 'town' is what would normally be the next town/city on your journey.

    * You can only carry a few (ie six) pokeballs total (empty or occupied), but you can retrieve tossed ones at the end of the battle, if you win. Every time you enter a poke-centre to get your pokemons healed, the nurse will remind you that if you don't stow some of your pokemons, you won't be able to catch new ones.

    * You have the right to refuse to battle most of the time, but it will cost you.
    * Whenever you win/lose a battle, you haggle over what you get from/give to the opponent (you can't give your starter pokemon though).
    * Wild Pokemon don't just appear in grass, you can be attacked by flying pokemon if you get too close to the trees on route maps.
    * You can face multiple opponents in wild battles.
    * Sometimes wild pokemon run away if they're facing an opponent much stronger than them.
    * Pokemon like/dislike some 'mons more than others (Fire and Water types don't mix for example).

    * Replace the PP per move system with an 'effort' system, where each move requires a certain amount of effort, which is drawn from a pool. 'Effort' regenerates at a certain number of points per space moved outside of battle, and by various foods.
    * Some HM moves can't be learned by pokemon below a sufficient size (Pidgey and Fly for example, A bird weighing four pounds carrying a person?).
    * Sometimes if you beat a wild pokemon you find a nest nearby, and have the option to take one or more of the babies.

    * As well as their other services, Pokecentres have an adoption section where you can buy pokemon.
    * Buying items is split between Pokemarts (Poke-Balls, escape ropes, repels, etc) and Pokecentres (potions, cures, etc.)

    * If you lose your first battle with the Bad Team, you're captured, and offered a position in the organisation, from where you either work for them, or betray them. If you work for them you can rise through the ranks, eventually getting to the point where you can challenge the leader.
    * There are pokemon police, whom you can join if you want to, or get rewards for helping out.
    * There are loner criminals around, not affiliated with the main gang.

    * The pokedex does not immediately tell you everything there is to know about the pokemon you've caught, known locations fe. will only be those areas where you (or someone else with a pokedex) has encountered them.
    * More people than yourself and your rival have pokedexes, and most will be willing to trade information.

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old February 20th, 2014 (7:24 AM).
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      I was wondering if anybody had done a Pokemon USA/America remake. Where instead of Japanese stuff it's remade with a whole bunch of USA stuff.

      There are a couple of ways I can hash this out. So bear with me while I think it through.

      I could release different games with different storylines. Or I could stick with the original image I found and release one game (I know that's a lot of work) but it might be easier to go with one HUGE game instead of many different ones. The games will have all redesigned maps and different sections of America. This game will be made using GPG Maker XP and Poke Essentials. Since this is the easiest way.

      Pokemon North America, or USA:

      First Storyline: North East (New York, NJ, Pennsylvania, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin)

      Second Storyline: Bible Belt (Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and into Virginia, Texas through the Great Plains to the Dakotas, and concentrated in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Mississippi.)

      Third Storyline: Western States past texas, four corners, north south dakota, idaho etc... (Not sure what to call this area)

      Fourth Storyline: West Coast California, Oregon, and Washington

      Additional Storylines: Somewhere in Texas you can jump into Mexico which will be very difficult to get through for an outsider. As well as explore portions of icy Canada. Different shipping ports will be able to get you to Hawaii and Alaska.

      How would I move forward with the locations? I can’t obviously include all the states and all the regions I would like to without making a storyline based on each state. (Which I won’t rule out in the future if I get really good at this). I was thinking of focusing on certain big cities and famous attractions in America.

      North East Region:
      New York City, Jersey Shore (this can be really funny), some type of ski resort for the north etc… Welcome to other suggestions. Maybe Chris Christie can be a fat gym leader here… I was also thinking of placing the elite 4 in Washington DC. Making Obama the last of the elite four.

      Bible belt- the Bible belt will focus mainly on over religious people who try to convert you to various religions. Though you remain strictly neutral on this level, there will be different trainers to face. New sprites could include: snake worshippers, priests, crazy old ladies and men chasing you with bibles along with assortments of cowboys, drunks and oil guys. I’m thinking of just making this a HUGE flat plains area. It will take a long time to get through and pretty much the same stuff for hours. Much like the ocean in regular pokemon games, but much longer and more annoying!

      I could make a specific Libertarian/Conservative Texas area too right after you exit the plains.

      Western region: I could focus on the Four Corners, Mormons in Utah, I was also thinking of making this a completely paranormal area due to Area 51 and Roswell both being here! Full of Ghost and Physic pokemon. I think the Rocket Headquarters could be Area 51 with Mewtwo being stuck there.

      For the West Coast. Silicon Valley will be the main focus, but I could throw in a couple of red light district stuff like sleazy prostitutes and gangs. Microsoft will be a huge presence in the game. As I just realized Bill as in the guy who made the PC in the regular Pokemon games could be Bill Gates in an American Version. You will of course get to battle Bill Gates as you make your way through Microsoft Headquarters.

      I was thinking of making Mexico a dark desert where you need Flash to get through and full of hard to beat people with almost no rest…

      I was thinking of making Alaska an icy slate. Hawaii an island paradise As well as Florida…
      Gym Leaders could be the politicians that represent the areas mentioned above. Could be the most famous/well known politicians of each region.. Hence why I used Christie as an example for NJ and Obama for DC.

      I’m still working on more specifics but I have a lot of ideas and more came to me as I was writing this. Let me know what you guys think!

      I also plan to include an area where you can catch ANY pokemon at ANY time. Kinda like Bill's Backyard in the anime.

      PS I can post links now:

      The first couple should give you a good idea what I am shooting for.
      Old February 22nd, 2014 (9:59 PM). Edited February 23rd, 2014 by MattII.
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        I'd say start off with California, it's got water routes, land routes, and even a big mountain with snow, so you have most or all of the climates covered. Just note, they've pulled like 4 generations out of just Japan and have yet to touch on the whole country, and there are 4 states in the US bigger than Japan.
        Old February 23rd, 2014 (11:21 AM).
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          Originally Posted by MattII View Post
          I'd say start off with California, it's got water routes, land routes, and even a big mountain with snow, so you have most or all of the climates covered. Just note, they've pulled like 4 generations out of just Japan and have yet to touch on the whole country, and there are 4 states in the US bigger than Japan.
          I know which is why I have to condense stuff. I could do a California one in the future since I plan to make it out there eventually and then I'll have some firsthand knowledge of the west coast to work off of from memory. I just know more about the East Coast and parts of the Midwest. California will be in the game but mostly it will be silicon valley and maybe Hollywood.
          To check out my daily progress for Pokemon USA please subscribe to my daily log!
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            What if Pokemon had a Side-scroll Battle system like Super Smash Bros? When a battle started instead of boring turn based strategy it was Smash-em-up with Strategy?

            SO here's my Game Mechanic Design Idea. A Battle system like Super Smash Bros. With the original 151 Pokémon:

            Pokémon Smash!
            Concept: Pokémon with the original 151 Pokémon remaking the battle system into a Side-scroll Action Battle System.

            Basic Attacks: Each Pokémon will have 10 basic attacks. Standing, Running, Up, Down, Left or Right, Air, Up Air, Down Air, Left Air, Right Air. These attacks cannot be changed. Basic Attacks deal significantly less damage than Special-Special or Special-Physical attacks and do not have special effects but do not require PP to use.

            Special Attacks: Each Pokémon can learn 4 Special Moves. When a new move is learned it is assigned to B+ Up, Down, Left, or Right. Most moves direction can be changed by pressing where you want it to go before the move is executed. Special Moves can be Physical, Special or Status Moves. Some of the stronger moves have cool downs and you must wait to use again. All status moves use of PP for the corresponding move.
            Special Movement: Each Pokémon can also have various special movements. They are set for each species and are learned as your Pokémon levels up.
            • Super Dash: Quicker start when dash is used.
            • Super Jump: When jumping from a crouch Pokémon jump’s much higher and faster.
            • Double Jump: Allows a second jump.
            • Fly: Pressing Up Up in air allows Pokémon to fly. Energy bar called flight determines how long Pokémon can stay in air. Pokémon will glide down once energy is depleted.
            • Glide: Pressing Up once in air will allow Pokémon to glide down slowly. Doesn’t use flight.
            • Quick fall: Pressing Down Down Allows Pokémon to fall much faster.
            • Air Dodge: Press R and direction allows Pokémon to dodge in air. Uses some flight.
            • Dodge: Pressing R and left or right allows Pokémon to dodge on ground. Some Pokémon have special dodges like teleport.
            • Blocks: Holding R allows Pokémon to take less damage from attacks. Some Pokémon have special Blocks like Invisible Wall (Mr.Mime)
            • Parry: Pressing R on point of impact allows some Pokémon to knock back foe or stun foe instead of being knocked back.
            • Burrow: Pressing Down Down allows Pokémon to go underground. Pokémon can still be seen by burrow trail but cannot be hit by most moves. Pokémon cannot dodge while burrowed and most come up to use most attacks.
            • Quick Recover: Pressing R at the point of collision allows Pokémon to not collide or recover faster. Some Pokémon have special recovers like rebounding of colliding object.
            • Dash/Dodge Swim: Allows Pokémon to Dash and/or Dodge in water.
            • Grabs: Many Pokémon can grab. Some Pokémon can use basic or special attacks while grabbing. Some Pokémon can use throws. Grab time (how long pokemon can be grabbed for) depends on multiple factors such as Pokémon’s grab, opponent’s weight, mass, and health compared to trainers weight, mass and health. Up, Down, Left or Right can be used to throw and can be combo with basic or special attacks.
            Stats: Attributes will be altered in various ways.
            • HP: Health points have an X% multiplier to make battle last longer.
            • Physical Attack: This will determine damage of basic attacks and Special Physical.
            • Physical Defence: Also effects basic and collision damage reduction.
            • Special Attack: This will determine Special-Special Moves Damage
            • Special Defence: No changes
            • Speed: Helps gives % bonus to move speed, dodge speed, grab speed, attack speed, and recover speed.
            • EV and IV stats will still exist in the game.
            Hidden Stats: Pokémon’s base hidden stats will be different for each species. Some can be altered through the Speed Stat. Some of these stats play a role in the speed, range and knockback of attacks. Some stats effects movement.
            Speed Hidden Stats
            Speed gives a modifier to many different hidden stats
            • Move Speed: How fast a Pokémon moves on land
            • Swim Speed: How fast a Pokémon moves in water
            • Fly Speed: How fast a Pokémon flies (Only for Pokémon that can fly)
            • Reaction Speed: How fast a Pokémon takes before using moves dodges, grabs etc.
            • Recover Speed: How fast a Pokémon takes to finish attack, dodge, grabs etc. Also effects knockback recovery.
            Weight Hidden Stats
            Weight gives a modifier to many different Pokémon’s hidden stats
            • Knockback resistance: Defence for how far a Pokémon gets knocked backed or trip.
            • Knockback recovery: How fast a Pokémon will recover after getting knockdown.
            • Force: Bonus to how much physical moves knock back.
            • Tumble: If stunned in air determines when a Pokémon can recover mid-air.
            • Turn Speed: How fast a Pokémon can turn around. Heavier Pokémon takes longer
            • Fall Speed: How fast a Pokémon falls down, heavier weight affects fall speed
            • Jump Speed: How fast a Pokémon jumps reaches max jump height
            • Max Jump Height: How high a Pokémon can jump.
            • Traction: How much a Pokémon slides while slowing down. Heavier = less
            • Grab Time: How long a Pokémon can be held in a grab for
            Attack Stats
            Instead of Power, Accuracy and Special Effects when showing moves, the Power, Force, Speed and Special Effects will be shown .How an attack works is determined by the animation of hitbox and properties. The Pokémon stats affect this.
            • Start time: Animation before hitbox to activates. (Effected by reaction stat)
            • Attack range: How far the hitbox reach goes. Attacks affected by Pokémon’s hitbox activate point. For example Pikachu’s hitbox activate point for Thunder Punch would have less reach than Hitmonchan’s
            • Attack hitbox size: How much space the attack covers on the battlefield. (Individual Pokémon’s hit box for physical, custom for special or status)
            • Attack time: Animation for how long the hitbox is out for.
            • Attack Priority: Determines whether a hitbox can cancel out other hitboxes through priority rules.
            • Rebound: Determines whether a move is interrupted when it clangs with another move. (Pokémon’s weight and Attack stat effect)
            • Attack Damage: Also Effect by Pokémon’s Attack. (Pokemons Attack stat effect)
            • Effect: Determines possible effects burning, freezing, sleeping, poison, confuse paralyse, infatuated, flinch, leech seed etc.
            • Knockback: How far the opponent gets knocked back.(Pokemons weight and attack stat effect)
            • Angle: Angle of knockback
            • Hitbox other effects: Determines extra affects such as absorb immunity, reflect immunity, unblockable etc.)
            • Attack recovery: Animation after hitbox is gone till Pokémon is controllable again. (Attack recovery effect.)
            Special Conditions (Amount of time is subject to play testing)
            • Burn: Every 5 seconds or so Pokémon loses 1/8 of its health. Pokémon’s Physical attack is also halved
            • Freeze: Pokémon is immobile and can only use an attack that would thaw it. Every 5 seconds there is an 8% chance it will thaw
            • Paralysis: There is a 25% chance every 5 seconds the Pokémon will stop what it is doing (Even mid attack) Pokémon’s speed is reduced by 50%
            • Poison: Every 5 seconds the Pokémon loses 1/8 health
            • Badly Poisoned: Every 5 seconds The Pokémon loses 1/16th Max HP for the first turn and then adds 1/16th to the amount to be lost so on 2nd turn 2/16th, 3rd 3/16th and so on until the Pokémon faints
            • Sleep: The Pokémon is immobile and cannot attack for anywhere from 5-35 seconds
            • Attract: Only works on opposite gender. Each attack has a 50% chance to make the Pokémon not attack for 5 seconds.
            • Confusion: For 5-20 seconds each attack has a 50% to attack itself instead. If no attack is attempting within 5 seconds there still is a 50% the Pokémon will attack itself
            • Curse: Pokémon loses 1/4 it’s health every 5 seconds
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            Developing: Pokemon: Cursed Time
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              Hi everyone. I'm 15 years old Finnish boy who would like to introduce you my new Pokemon game called Cursed Time (I'm making it with Poccil's Pokemon Essentials, RPG maker XP). I'm working this wirh my IRl friend already.

              Well, now let's get into the story:


              You see a dream, where three custom starters goes around and marvel at you. Then you woke up in somebody's house (not sure yet who's house) and then he/she tells you what have happened before you got asleep. A little, poor town got attacked by the Opaza grunts, and they used one of the most powerful Pokemon on earth to help them destroy and occupy the Callow region. However, your mom Azura battled bravely and powerfully with other gym leaders and elite four guys against the team Opaza and the powerful Pokemon. The rumor says that your mom was one of the greatest trainers ever.
              Then the legendary Pokemon that Opaza grunts used escaped from Opaza and settled down in a high mountain's top (Time Pillars). After that no-one has seen that Pokemon or Opaza grunts.

              You begin your adventure in a town which is North-East of the Callow-region. There's a abstracted young professor called Kenth, who have big eyeglasses and he is quite short and dressed in big white laboratory jacket. He will help you in your journey and probably is your rival.

              Ok I think there was the story. Now let's get into the features:

              • AT LEAST 9 new fakemon (starters) and a new legendary
              • new Callow region
              • Genereation I-V Pokemons
              • Autorun (like in HG/SS)
              • Set your own controls (you can yourself seth the controls what you like)
              • Graphics will be B/W and HGSS styled (we make own houses etc. ofcourse)
              Well, I think this was all, please reply if you like the idea!
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              Hello Yellow, I am DJTiKi, and this is Pokemon Destiny and Hope. This is a game I plan on creating using Pokemon Essentials and RPG Maker VX.
              Im not a frequent pokecommunity poster, being how I recently registered, which is weird, considering that I have followed this site for ages. Being how Pokemon Essentials upgraded to 13v, and i have been writing this project of mine. I was planning to seize the moment and start taking action. But writing is still going, and my PC broke , so Im using this moment on my android to continue writing all the while of making this Project known(and so my ideas arent stolen, hopefully). While I cannot give you ALL the features and stuff, what I give you fine people are stuff that came up in planning. When I finally get enough stuff done to post screemshots, i will give u gives the mist info possible. But enough about me, here is Pokemon Destiny/Hope:

              Pokemon Destiny and Hope Plot

              Summary: A new villan team, Team Omega, has surfaced. Their goal, is to create a new Pokemon War, in which they will emerge, with the Creation Trio, to stop the war. Then use, the Creation Trio, to demand a new world order, in which they are in control. The player, along with their childhood friends, Garrett(Sarah, if girl) and Destiny(George, if girl), must stop, Team Omega, from catching the Creation Trio, and starting the Second Great Pokemon War. To do this, they must battle, against Team Omega, while defeating the 8 gym leaders.Little do anyone knows, is that two new legendaries, has emerged, from a brutal trainer, and has unimaginable power.You may even meet an old enemy...

              Pokemon Starters: Swinub, Magmar, Elekid
              Mega Evolutions(Another Project I am working on with Fading Tree)
              649 Pokemon
              Modified Pokedex(Part of project, who has what abilites and movepools)
              Estino Region
              PWT of some sort
              Revisiting of a Region: Hint: Its a region from a rom hack(Hint-Hint: Its delicious)
              FAKEMON, just not abundant
              Secret Trainer Battles, some famous, some obsene, some just straightup awesome
              A Fantastic Set of Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members, who ill not reveal at this point
              Improved AI, based off of Trainer Type(Ace's and Veteran's has COMPETITIVE TEAMS)
              Old Pokemon Myths and Legends are brought to light again
              A NEW TYPE, SOUND

              Character Bios:
              You, 16: You set out with your friends, to conquer Estino's 8 Gym Badges and Elite 4, but you quickly become caught in feuds between Team Omega.

              Garrett/Sarah, 17: This person is your best friend. He is very headstrong and constantly gets mad at simple things, like being defeated in battle. He has strong feelings towards Destiny, or George, and is very temperheaded and jealous when embarrassed in front of them, and constantly loses his way to impress him or her.

              Destiny(Hope in Pokemon Hope)/George, 16: This person is very strong spirited and intelligent, and has a fastination with Mega Evolution. She dreams of moving to Kalos and meeting the very person whom stopped Team Flare. She becomes your rival to better her skills to defeat Team Omega, and to become more like her hero from Kalos. She is kind and strong and serves as your main rival, the one who has the better pokemon.

              Xelrick: Leader of Team Omega, he wants to rule over Estino, with an iron fist, because of tragic events in the past, he plans on capturing the Creation Trio, amd using their power to bring Estino's end.

              Zinzolin: The Team Plasma Admin is back, but why? He and Ghetsis appear in Estino as a way to renew their plans. He is as headstrong and powerful as ever, and has a goal to take Ghetsis down and take role as leader of Team Plasma.

              Ghetsis: Leader of Team Plasma, he is a minocal villian who seeks the end of Estimo and more importantly Team Omega. He has now gained a rivalry for Team Omega, who plans on manipulating minds, to acheive their goals.

              N: N is back, after hearing the plans of Team Plasma, N plans to finally end Team Plasma and stop them from ever trying to manipulate the souls of Pokemon once more. N loves Pokemon and has an ability to vocally communicate with them. With him and Reshiram, there is nothing this duo cant accomplish.

              TYPE CHANGING STUFF:


              *new **no longer there
              Water: weak to Grass, Electric, and *POISON
              Dragon: weak to Dragon, Ice, *STEEL
              resistant to Water, Grass, Fire, **electric
              Ice: weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, **steel
              resist Ice, *DRAGON, *ELECTRIC
              Electric: weak to Ground, *ICE
              Rock: resist Normal, *ROCK, *ELECTRIC, Ice
              Poison: resist *WATER, Fighting, *GHOST, Bug, Grass
              Bug: weak to Fire, Rock, Flying, *POISON
              resist *PHYSIC, *DARK, Ground, Grass
              Fighting: weak to Flying, Physic, *DRAGON
              Steel: resist **Normal, Grass, Physic, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Bug, Dragon, Flying
              *SOUND: weak to Flying, Bug, Ice
              resist Steel, Ghost, Water
              Supereffective against Steel, Ghost, Electric

              The attached file is the Estino Region Map
              Tell me what u think about it, anything that should be in, it would be nice, considering they're no screenshots.
              Attached Images
              File Type: jpg 20140301_214055.jpg‎ (998.0 KB, 16 views) (Save to Dropbox)
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                I wanted to make a game that has a real-life aspect to it, there are no limitations on what can happen in this game. Death, theft, destruction, you name it. I feel as though I have a solid intro or the story, and I also have some beginning events to start working towards a main story, but I'm having trouble getting ideas for motivation of the player and what the end goal is, why the main character feels the need to do anything in this world. I've begun some mapping production and character creation, but this is a brand new project so I haven't gotten too far yet.


                Project: Digitalize

                A game about how society, true society, would react to Pokemon being ripped out of the game, and thrown into the modern world.

                In this time, Pokemon is the number one best-seller across the globe, no matter who you are or what you do, you know about the Pokemon franchise. Now, a new technology is created that will innovate the way Players enjoy their gaming experience. A Digital Pokemon Starter Kit. This kit comes with your own Pokedex, which records any Pokemon data through infared connection, and later displays any saved information from other Pokedex. It also comes with your very own Pokegear! A cellular phone type of device that keeps records of all of your battling friends and allows you to contact them for battles, as well as use GPS to display a map of your exact location, and plays custom music of course. Finally, in this kit, you will receive six high-tech, realistic Pokeballs! These work by data transfer over local wifi, connecting from a DS system, or laptop, to the Pokeball. After connecting, the player may move Pokemon from the device into the Pokeball and use them in HD Holographic Projection Battles! This technology is every Pokemon fans dream come true, and only two rules for this system.

                1: The players may not transfer legendary Pokemon. The creators of this system were also Pokemon fans and they believed it would not make the legendaries exclusive as they appear in the game if everyone was running around with one.

                2: DO NOT use this technology to threaten, injure, or disrupt the peace...

                However, as many people as there are who love to play games, there are just as many who love to exploit and push the boundaries of what the game may actually do. After hundreds of thousands of attempts at cracking the system, multiple people succeeded. However, the outcome was far more terrifying than a simple exploit. The constant data disruptions caused a glitch in the system that prevented Pokemon from staying inside of their Pokeballs for a certain amount of time. Not only that, but as they began to be exposed to the outside world even more, they solidified into living, breathing creatures. To make matters even worse, the trainers started to lose control. The Pokemon would not listen and begin to turn violent towards their owners and others around them. Trainers would attempt to stop them by using other Pokemon, but eventually, those didn't listen either. Through the fear and misunderstanding of the situation, riots and war flooded the streets. People trying to catch the Pokemon to protect them, people trying to stop others from hurting the Pokemon, others killing the Pokemon, or being killed by Pokemon...after months of killing and fighting, the weaker Pokemon were forced to hide in every creavas they could find, while the strong roamed and terrorized anyone they could find. Eventually, "Trainers" learned how to capture these Pokemon and use them to their advantage, usually by force. After realizing the power of the Pokemon, they attempted to steal from others, build gangs and armies to become strong and have anything they wanted while ruling ith an iron fist. Several people thought this to be a good idea and so multiple gangs emerged and fights broke out everywhere. Soon territories were defined and leaders were formed. Three years have gone by and the world is in an apocalyptic state where the only thing that matters anymore is power, war, and survival...

                You start out the game as a 15 year old boy/girl. You go to high school, have friends and battle them with your DS. After living your life for a while, the new technology is realeased and liek everyone else, you purchased one as well. You play through the game as the world around you slowly is shrouded in chaos. Then you soon find yourself caught in the middle of a riot and end up pretty badly injured. You are in a hospital with your closest friends by your side, but then there is an accident. The hospital is crumbling down and your left by your friends as they could do nothing to save you. Helpless and unconcious, your body is burried under the rubble of the hospital. The time skip happens now; it is three years later. You find yourself awake and confused in a territory prison... The rest is open for discussion.
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                  This is just an Idea, but suppose the trainer and pokemon could somehow link consciousness so that you could control the pokemon during battles. Suppose it is an MMORPG and you actually fight as your pokemon with your assigned moves on each of four controller buttons. Make pokemon require real time skill. The game mechanics would be pretty difficult to get with so many moves out there and so many species, but the game has come this far we just need it free roaming. Expansions to realms would be extra. You would be able to have battles with friends across line and have tournaments online between in game characters. That is pretty much the idea post add-ons or thoughts if you have. I think this idea if done right would be one of the best games ever conceived.
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                    Pokemon: Lyrics of Time

                    "Fly,soar. The lines of time,from life it pours.
                    Sing,cheer. Idelia's melody holds hearts dear."

                    ...Such is the motto of Idelia,the Island of Songs.(based on Greenland) You wake up in the late night,roughly woken up by the blaring choruses of songs outside the house. As you peer out the magnificent view of your 2nd Floor wall-window,the great panel standing in the middle of Coolusk Village(from Kulusuk) or Aleuspa Village(from Alluitsup Paa)lights up. The smiling figure of the famous,smart,cunning and shrewd Superstar and Professor,Leah Von Sedge of New Nook City(from Nuuk City),better known as her celebrity nickname "Nukaster Will"(from Greenland Celebrity,Nukaka Coster-Waldau)blares on the screen,and introduces a kind offer of taking care of 3 Pokemon which she had recently received to study,loaned to 3 lucky teenagers for 2 weeks to foster and observe chosen from a lucky draw.

                    Your mother,having been a teacher of her when she was young,is overly enthusiastic and cheats a little by making a call to her. You obviously get in with your mother's help,but unfortunately,so does your pen-pal and rival on the other side of the region,Janua/Dece,and two other teenagers,one a peppy and cheerful boy named Feb,and a mysterious girl,called Jul,whom you discover is either a severe victim of Schizophrenia,or is just a complete weirdo talking to herself. Soon after,Feb also starts acting strangely..Who are they,and do they have anything to do with the mysterious turn ups of a notorious Team Minuet..? In time,nothing is set in Stone... And in time... History likes to repeat itself...

                    "January's child looks on with hope,
                    July's child finds it hard to cope
                    December's child mourns the past
                    February's child loves love's..."
                    ..? The rest of the note is torn off... (HINT: Use View Image on Feb's pic)
                    (DO NOT STEAL any designs or sprites below!)
                    (The Counterpart of the Protagonist you choose is a Rival,like in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

                    ~Dece E.(Embers) Winters =from December

                    ~Janua A.(Ari) Springville =from January


                    ~Jul L.(Leah) Autumne =from July

                    ~Feb R.(Rory) Valentine =from February
                    Eon Leaders(the Gym Leaders of Idelia) :
                    [SPOILER]"The First Challenge" ~Neo(from New)

                    "St. Upid Cupid" ~Allen(from Valentine,or Fallen)

                    "Marcher of the Blessed" ~Lane(from Lent,or Lane to Heaven)

                    "Armies up her Sleeve" ~Alicia(from Malicious)

                    "Madam of Liberty" ~Ma' Chere(from Madam,or Mother,or Pet)

                    "The Blind Stargazer" ~Christopher(from Crystal Clear)

                    "Indie Sculpture Designer" ~Stephanie(from Stiff,or Stone step)

                    "Unburdened of Life" ~Vertigo(fear of being high,or from Virgin)

                    Millennium 4(Elite 4 of Idelia,their nicknames are stated,followed by their real names)

                    "Free" ~Xept(Persimmon)

                    "Hunters of Prodigy" Oto & Ber(Freya & London)

                    "Thanked and Forgiven" Nova(Greta)

                    "Santa Soars" Mber(Cod)

                    [TO BE CONTINUED]
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                      Hi there. I am new in the scene.

                      I have tried alone to use Essentials, but I have no skills to use it an my free time does not allow me to develop them. Althought, i have the general guides of a story:

                      - The action takes place in a new region, where player begins to talk with his professor, named PINE. Further there will be actions in Johto and, finally, in Kanto.
                      - The professor happens to be connected to a Pokemon University that has its headquarters in one city of this region (2nd badge city).
                      - In order to help the research of the university, where ELM, OAK, PINE and other prevous carachters are, the players must get a pokemon.
                      - The starters are the one of jhoto or three new pokemon.

                      I don't need to take this really fast. I just want to create something I couln't as a kid. I am opened to ideas and I can work on the map and story.

                      I understand this is a big project and will be taken in a friendly, calm prespective. Just for the pleasure of creating a game. All credits will be given and the programmers/graphists ideas will be considered and choosen beside my ideas (that are poorly connected with the possibilities of the software). I will learn domething more about programming the events in Essentials.

                      I hope someone spporta my idea and takes this project forward.

                      Thank You

                      Below there is a stoy I created, but it can be all rewritten, of course.

                      Story (first lines):
                      - The player begins in a route where he lives with his/her grandmother. She tells him to go to schoo. Nearby the road, there is a city with the school. His rival (who happens to be a friend and classmate) tells the hero to go to the school where he/she talks to ELM and PINE.
                      - ELM and PINE talk to him, telling a dtory that happened 20 years ago in Johto, with a guy named CHRIS that was given a Chikorita. The reaearch stopped because of a thief stealing a Cynda. Two years after, a girl appeared and took the totodile (just like in the anime series).
                      - The research will happen again with the hero and the parter/rival.
                      - In the second city there will be a small building that is connected to the university. It works as a training place. Then, the hero goes to a third city and fourth city to get 2 badges.
                      - When he/she gets 2 badges, he/she is allowed in the poke university and must choose a specialization (Pokenon...): evoluiton, power, history and miths, types and human relations.
                      - He must take a quest with 6 lessons, batteling trainers and teachers. Misty and Brok could be 2 teachers, for instance. In the end, he/she will be given another pokemon. The last teacher is: Profesor JOHN (new), ELM, JOACHIM (new), MISTY and BROOK, according to the specialization of the player. If he completes, he will be given a charmander, eeve, squirtle bulbassour and pikachu by professor OAK.
                      - then he roams troght the first region completing 6 badges.
                      - He will be noticed that CHRIS is actually a long lost uncle that came back from his great jurney. He will have a Meganium and an Entei.
                      - The suicoone will be nearby a city in the first region, in a snow land.
                      - The player completes all badges, tem rocket, and so on.
                      - After this he is led to an event, an archaeological excavation that delas with all the subjects: the historical evolution of pokemon, the stongest ancient pokemon, ancient civilizations that lived with pokemons, the types of fossil pokemons and, finally, how did the relation between pokemon has a paper on human/pokemon evolution, ancient societies daylife, etc, etc.
                      - After the excavation, the player shall take the region's league where he defeats his uncle, CHRIS.
                      - Then he is sent to new bark town by a new road that leads to the town and crosses johto from noth to south west of the cave and indigo league (this is the reoad where the 3 starters appear, rarely. they were caught here by ELM).
                      - He takes the quest of complting 5 of the 8 badges of johto.
                      - He is sent to the indigo league.
                      - He defeats Gary.
                      - Then there will be 5 badges in Kanto.
                      - Then the league again.
                      - Somewhere in Johto he battles the girl from 20 years ago that has a Raikou and a Frealigatr.
                      - After the 16 badges there will be Oak, who battles him.
                      - Then he goest to the last cave, meeting ASH (or RED, whatever) (older this time), that lives with Molly. The player battles them.
                      - the he could go and catch a Mew and a MissingNo, a new pokemon actually added in this game :D

                      these are just guidelines I made very cuickly, they can be obviously changed.

                      Have a good day.
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                        Here's my Pokemon game Pokemon Oregon Version (unless I come up with a different title that maybe better) the region is based off of as the current title suggests the state of Oregon and a little bit of the surrounding states.

                        I am using Pokemon Essentials to make my project.

                        This is my project I started at the end of last year, I got my idea from my liking of the string theory (there being an infinite number of parallel universes) and obviously my home state.

                        You are a 19 year old boy/girl living with your parents and younger brothers/sisters and baby sister/brother. One day as you are going into town to find work, you unknowingly travel between dimensions into the Pokemon world, you only find out that you cross dimensions when you save a shiny Eevee that was cast out because of its color and is starving to death, after you get it to the Pokemon Center and go home (the Pokemon version of it) to rest, the nurse in charge of it delvers the Pokedex, a trainer card, the Eevee, and 5 empty Pokeballs, to you; you decide to challenge the Oregon League, and along the way you find out how you got here. Will you try to figure out how to get back to your reality or will you decide to stay in the world of Pokemon?

                        One starter Pokemon: Shiny Anticipation Eevee Female
                        A Doctor Who post-game sidequest with an unobtainable Fakemon (try to guess what it is)
                        Dual and Triple-Type Gyms
                        An Elite 5
                        5 safari zones (only one you can fly to though)
                        The ability to drive
                        The ability to buy a Condo (Post-game only)
                        The ability to have relationships (straight only also T-rated only)
                        Avatar Customization (no cross-dressing)
                        The need to eat and sleep
                        And more to come

                        Plot: 50% complete
                        Mapping: <1%
                        Scripting: 0%
                        Overall: .1%

                        I only have the Town Map done (It maybe changed later though)
                        Attached Images
                        File Type: png Oregon Region map.png‎ (29.4 KB, 5 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                        "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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                        Hello Pokecommunity, I am Whitney's Shaymin and have had a idea spring from my cranium and into my fingers to type onto the keyboard xD. Anyways here's the idea for the game!

                        Name: Pokemon Grace

                        Story: The setting is about 3 years before G/S/C. (Right after the events of R/B/Y) In the region know as Manako a girl stands in front of her TV, the girl is named Whitney. She knows that today is the day to get her pokemon. Now this region is diferent with giving out starters, they don't give you three choices, you get to pick! And this girl knows who exactly to pick, Miltank. Now with Miltank you must go and defeat the 8 gyms and Elite 4 so you can achieve your dream, becoming a gym leader yourself. Any you're going to do it all with the help of Miltank.



                        Whitney is a new trainer, who is focused on her one dream, to become a gym leader some day.


                        Blue is a guy who had just lost his place as champion, taking this loss hard he decided to try to have another journey but this time in another region.

                        This is what I got so far!

                        "The Incredibly Pretty Girl"

                        Gym Leader Whitney
                        link | link | link

                        FC: 4699-7156-4669 IGN: Gavin
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                          Pokemon Universal

                          I recently started making this game about a month go. I was playing Pokemon raptor and I said to my self, "Why is there not a good game that has a lot of cool features like Fakemon and not normal intros in the same game?" So I looked up how to make a ROM hack but quickly learned that making a game with Pokemon essentials was a better idea. So I got rmxp and Pokemon essentials and started making a game. You might say this game is not original. You would be right and wrong. I am using ideas from past games but not exactly. I am twisting lots of them up and putting them into one game. My hope is that it will be the mega evolution of Pokemon itself.


                          Millions of years ago there were humans on this planet, but they were not our ancestors. They lived alongside Pokemon very different then the ones today. The latest advancement in technology was a black and blue cube that they called Pocket-Squares. In the pocket squares the humans would capture Pokemon and use them to gain power over their world. There was one group of people that were better then the rest. The original member, Khan (Open to name changes), along with his twelve friends, wanted to become the strongest trainer in the world. He soon became the ruler and set up all twelve of his friends so no on could get to him while he studied Pokemon. He then discovered a legendary Pokemon, the elemental Pokemon (I don't have a name yet), along with the Pokemon of death. He found out that the elemental Pokemon could fuse the molecules of Pokemon into one. So he used the death Pokemon to get to rare Pokemon and then he fused them to try and find the ultimate Pokemon. He then realized that finding rare Pokemon himself was to hard so he recruited thousands of people to find them for him. He called his newly found team, "Team Universal." Soon he became consumed in his work and became desperate for power. He started corrupting the world of hatred and sorrow, almost getting rid of all the Pokemon for his personal army. At the time the only three legendary Pokemon were the elemental Pokemon, the Pokemon of destruction, and Arceus. After Arceus became aware of the current events he tried to stop it immediately. With the help of a young boy (Suggestions are encouraged) Arceus gave birth to the 53 legendary Pokemon that we all know and love. (kinda) It was only with them that Arceus and the young boy defeated Khan and his two new Pokemon. Arceus then banished the two Pokemon and gave the Pokemon of replication permission to replicate all of the people that had existed before. Then Yveltal destroyed the current world to make place for a new one. Finally Xerneas watched over the world making it so that no-one would do to much harm.

                          Present day:

                          Xerneas has fallen asleep an the consequences are terrible. A thought to be destroyed organization rose from the ashes and developed a Pokemon fuser based off of DNA they found from the Elemental Pokemon. But because it is not the elemental Pokemon itself, the machine uses vast amounts of energy and dispenses large amounts of waste. Some of the Pokemon created by the machine go terribly wrong and cause massive earth-quakes and tsunamis. You have moved to the _____ Region (Again open to names) with no awareness of the current happenings. Pokemon Professor Poplar has asked you to come to his lab but did not tell you why.


                          (Your Chosen Name)
                          You have moved to the _____ Region unaware of the current events. After you get your first Pokemon you strive to become the greatest trainer of all.

                          Peter Petrelli
                          Peter has chased after his friend (Insert Chosen Name) to the _________ Region with Claire not far behind. He is (Insert Chosen Name)'s best friend but is awkward at the same time.

                          Claire Bennet
                          Claire moves to the ________ Region with Peter and (Insert Chosen Name). She has a crush on (Insert Chosen Name) but will not tell him and is smart.

                          Professor Poplar
                          Professor Poplar is the twin of Professor Oak and enemy of Khan's replica. He gives (Insert Chosen Name), Peter, and Claire their Pokemon.

                          Khan is the leader of Team Universal and is trying to find the ultimate pokemon by fusing them.

                          • All 719 Pokemon
                          • Full Fakemon Pokedex
                          • More Legendaries
                          • New Enemy Team
                          • New Professor and Rivals
                          • New Region
                          • New Gyms, Elite Four, and Champion
                          • Complete Fusion Pokedex
                          • And Always, New Story

                          I always take suggestions and constructive criticism! Please give feed back!
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                            I do have somewhat of an idea for a game. It doesn't currently have a name or any form of a story, but I'll focus on what I've came up with so far.

                            The game (if I ever even get it started) will have fakemon as well as original Pokémon. It was originally going to be just fakemon but then I came up with two that were related to real Pokémon. I have 40-ish fakemon planned (already have stats, types and abilities still working on names and moves) but there may be more later. The only hints about the fakemon for now is that the starters' types are Dark, Fighting, and Psychic and the two mentioned above are an evolution of Ariados and a pre-evolution of Absol. Not all official Pokémon will be available.

                            With new Pokémon comes new moves (very unlikely that new abilities will be added) and of course a new and currently unnamed region. The locations I've thought of so far a volcanic cave, a snowy forest, a swamp, a desert, and some place with a castle. I've also considered the ordering and type of the gyms:








                            8: Steel

                            Types and ordering of gyms may change. I'd also like the game to be a bit more difficult than the official ones.

                            That's all for now!
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                              Legacy of Darkness
                              (Made using Pokemon Essentials ver 13+)
                              *Please note that this game is in VERY early development*

                              Back in 2003, In the midst of generation 3, a game developing company by the name of ‘Genius Sonority’ released a Pokemon side game by the name of ‘Pokemon Colosseum.’ Though the core mechanics of it was extremely similar, it had several features that had made it stand out from the core series such as
                              • A darker story
                              • New ‘Shadow Pokemon’
                              • The ability to steal Pokemon from other trainers, albeit it was only the ability to steal the aforementioned ‘Shadow Pokemon’
                              • A new region, Orre, based off America, instead of the usual Japan based region
                              The reception was overall good, and the game got a large amount of good reviews, and even sold well enough to spawn a sequel, ‘Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness’

                              Though a sequel was made, it was not as well-received, as it used a lot of recycle materials, an only slightly improved engine, and was often compared to the original saying that "not much has changed since the original." Thus, the series ended there, with not much hope for a sequel.
                              I want to change that.
                              Though there will probably never be a true sequel, we can make a fan-sequel, and Improve all the things that need improving. Though i May not me the most skilled, I am dedicated to make my vision a reality.

                              What’s it about?
                              20 years after the events ‘Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness,’ Orre was in complete peace, and without the lawlessness and treachery of Cipher and Team Snagem, as well as defenses if something as such would ever arise, showed no signs of war or hatred. Pokemon were even migrating from the region to the north, Unova, as well as the pokemon that had been imported from Johto and Hoenn, and now Kalos and Kanto as well, had began to breed and populate Orre.
                              But just as it had after the original shadow incident, the seemingly endless peace ends. Though nothing massive has happened, There are self-proclaimed ‘vigilantes’, who claim to be members of the resurrected Cipher, stealing pokemon and then disappearing with them.

                              Planned Features
                              All 722(?) Pokemon catchable or obtainable in some way
                              Fitting new locations
                              Return of important or memorable locations
                              An improved Colosseum system
                              Pokespots, which can increase chances of catching rare Pokemon
                              Fully explorable routes
                              Return of all notable characters in some way
                              A Colosseum similar to the PWT of B2W2
                              +Much more to be listed later

                              Screenshots, art, etc.
                              (Screenshots to come!)

                              All creators and contributors of Pokemon Essentials V13
                              Nintendo + Gamefreak for creating Pokemon
                              Genius Sonority for Developing Pokemon Colosseum, and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

                              Gods are forever alone - Chasing ideals that will never come true
                              But we never needed that candy
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                                Pokemon: Cherry Blossoms
                                Pokemon: Cherry Blossoms features a new region; Cehrey Region and an original story. You play as a female trainer, who dreamt of being a Pokemon Master. Her parents always be there to support her. Until one day, her dad never returned from work. Her dad works as a researcher, and was sent to an undiscovered island with some crews for a few days. When months has passed, she knows that her dad didnt make it... Her mom was worried sick, but you didnt lose hope. You worked harder to become the Pokemon Master, to make your dad happy. But meanwhile, an evil plan is hatching... A new evil team; Team Scarlet was planning to set the world upside down. And you will save the world. You'll met new rivals, new friends, and best of all, NO FAKEMONS! :D
                                This game is not affiliated with Gamefreak, Nintendo, or The Pokemon Company. I just make a fan game of it.

                                SUPPORT! :D
                                It's like having a dead Umbreon...

                                My unnamed POKeMON game is still in the works!! SUPPORT!! :D

                                Lets be friends too!!
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                                  Pokemon Red 2: Red Harder(title pending)
                                  Made with pokemon essentials
                                  You start off as Red and Misty's child who just turned 10 and begins a pokemonadventure from Pallet Town with Blue being the new professor. You choose a starter from 16 choices(1 for each type) and gathering 16 badges to qualify for the world tournament.. It begins by going to pewter city and immediately being sent to another region because Kanto is too difficult. The first town in the new region has a gym with only bidoof until the gym leader who has 2 bidoof and a bidoof-magicarp fusion. Other gym ideas involve Bronies with different forms of Rapidash, fighting gym with lead by an aged Bruno with Mega Machamp who has added some tribal tattoos, a church with only unevolved pokemon, and Michael Bay. The main antagonist is Regigigas who has captured arceus, palkia, dialga, and giratina.

                                  Some NPC'S can be recruited and hangout in the user's pirate ship. They can follow you on command and each contributes differently(hm's, double ev's, heal slightly after battle, double battle, repel)

                                  The story involves Team Steve lead by Steven in the new region and a revamped Team Rocket in Kanto. Kanto won't be like it was before as it has been 20 years(new towns, current towns heavily altered, new gyms)

                                  Some fusion pokemon and new megas
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                                    Note: This game contains mature and violent subjects, if this offends you, please leave.
                                    Discretion is advised.

                                    Pokémon: War
                                    This Game is made with Pokemon Essentials

                                    Upon entering the Hall of Fame, A famous Pokemon Trainer returns home, and is greeted by his mother. Today is the day your adulthood is acknowledged, and that she hands you a note from your long deceased father. In the note, he tells you to go on just one more adventure. One to find out what really happened to him.

                                    12 years ago, there was a war in the region of Kanto, They, Along with Johto, fought with Unova, allied at the time with Orre and Kalos. Even when the War ended, the relationships between the regions were tense, and to avoid any further conflicts, the whole war was covered up. Every casualty given a cover story. Every lost soldier, Forgotten.

                                    But there’s more to the story, hidden away on the top of Mt, Silver.
                                    The story of a man, and a woman, and why they left their families behind.


                                    A Fully Explorable Kanto
                                    A new story based on the Pokemon Kanto War Theory
                                    Two Storylines dependant on chosen Gender
                                    Play as Red’s Father if you choose male
                                    Play as Blue’s Mother if you choose female
                                    All 721 Pokemon Available in some way or Form
                                    A Restructured Pokemon League with 4+ New gym Leaders
                                    Visit select Locations in Kalos, Orre, Unova, and Johto
                                    Learn the Origins of many well-known Characters such as Giovanni, Lance, and Mew-Two
                                    +Much More![/LIST]

                                    Current Progress - V0.0.1

                                    No Demo yet
                                    Up to Mt. Moon Planned
                                    Up to Viridian City Beta mapped
                                    Up to Route 1 scripted

                                    Next up: 0.0.2

                                    Re-make Title Screen
                                    Plan Cerulean City
                                    Map Pewter City and Mt. Moon
                                    Script Viridian City
                                    Script Female Beginning

                                    Demo at or by 0.2.0


                                    To all creators and contributors of Pokemon Essentials

                                    Gods are forever alone - Chasing ideals that will never come true
                                    But we never needed that candy
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                                      Tools used: RMXP, Paint (should I be using others?)

                                      Introduction to project: I started this project because I wish I could've seen Pokemon go down its intended route. What I mean is, Pokemon wasn't intended to be as child-friendly as it has become. Which is why I wanted to personally create a game where I could explain an event that Nintendo never touched upon: The Great Kanto War.


                                      You live in a time before the Red/Blue times. People live in villages separated from "Monsters." A certain group of people exist at the time, who train these "Monsters" and go around villages offering protection from other "Monsters."
                                      Until one day, Silph Co. announces the invention of the Pocket Ball (Pokeball).
                                      It allows the user to catch a "Monster"
                                      The possibilities of what people can do with caught "Monsters" is infinite.
                                      Regions all around the world approve of the invention.
                                      Due to this invention, the "Monsters" are hereby known as Pocket Monsters (Pokemon).

                                      However, Kanto falls under attack by Pokemon, and successfully stop the exports from going to the other regions. Kanto remains alone in this battle, without knowing what is causing the Pokemon to attack more than ever!

                                      You are drafted to the Kanto Army, along with most men of the region.
                                      You are given a pre-caught Pokemon, trained to battle and catch, and begin taking on missions.
                                      You discover that there is more than meets the eye behind the Pokemon attacks.
                                      And the truth behind the Pokeball... and Silph Co's true intentions.

                                      If you liked what you read so far, please do not spoil the ending:
                                      Your hero will die at the end of the game, and a cutscene of your significant other giving birth... She names him Red.

                                      Key Chapters:
                                      Sgt. Surge and Pikachu
                                      Birth of Team Rocket
                                      Blaine and Dr. Fuji's Mewtwo experiment
                                      The Porygon Project
                                      The Birth of the Legendary Dogs

                                      • Significantly more difficult to catch strong Pokemon (other Pokeballs besides the Pokeball do not exist yet!)
                                      • Higher need for items (Pokecenters do not exist at this time)
                                      • Can only be in possession of 6 Pokemon throughout the whole game (No "Box Storage" at this time, which means you will have to let go of a Pokemon when you catch a 7th)
                                      • Rare chance of encountering a Pokemon in the wild that is TOO high powered (must be able to flee from battle somehow)
                                      • Player begins in the Safari Zone, which is an uninhabited forest to the north of Fuschia, which serves as training grounds for newly drafted soldiers (You can catch a variety of Pokemon to start off your game feeling good!)

                                      Progress Report:
                                      Very infant stage

                                      Pokemon Essentials
                                      Deviant Art for the random Sprites I found so far... (will credit if I end up using them)
                                      Soundcloud for possible soundtracks.

                                      Developer's Note:
                                      I recently got into making my own Pokemon game, and I have a long way to go before this can be finalized.

                                      Any questions or concerns, please reply!
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                                        [Logo is comming soon!]

                                        The Project

                                        Pokémon Pyrite is developed by an experienced programmer: iMeetYourMum.

                                        This is a project I started to think there was little, I draw Development ( Stuff & other). I want to do more than complete games, game miles possibilities.
                                        It is important to me and I do not intend to abandon it like that.


                                        You play Tyro , a young boy. It is not like other boys his age ; it has no Pokémon .
                                        Her mother find too noisy and clutter . Starting school, Tyro met a Pokémon abandoned. It will keep secretly and take him to the Professor Laron , Professor Pokémon corner , for the young
                                        boy has no knowledge of Pokemon ... The boy's mother will learn how to obtain this Pokémon , and will leave Tyro go on an adventure with his Pokémon . Unfortunately , the adventure is going to be complicated ...
                                        So he goes to the nearby town to show his Pokémon friends, Tyro meeting two people, trying to capture a Pokémon , so brutal. Pokémon suffered so Tyro decided to face the two people
                                        Pokémon duel . But who are these two people? Team Darkness . It is an organization whose sole purpose is to capture Pokémon to be able to utilisers in scientific experiments.
                                        Tyro will be the one , with his friends , to be able to stop . Your turn to you to vaincres !

                                        The world of Kayro

                                        The universe of Kayro is vast , offering you thousands of possibilities. You will find everything! Absolutely all activities , for exemple Basketball , fighting everywhere, because you are not the only trainer see even new events, sometimes down to specific horraires .
                                        Kayro also full of secrets , many secrets. Kayro mysteriously hides inédis legendary Pokémon . You will learn their legends to be able to find ... you play .
                                        But of course , relaxation and study are not all the universe, there is also the driving ! You can find 8 arenas in Kayro . And if 8 is not enough , know that two arenas are hidden somewhere in the map. Good luck.
                                        Pokémon are your friends , help them !

                                        Team Darkness

                                        It is headed by a person Anonymous , known as The Murder . The team is very dark, and aims to use the Pokémon in Scientific experiments.
                                        You will find " Elites Darkness" , the members of the Team, and the commanders , everywhere ...

                                        Characters (current)


                                        Tyro : A young boy , whom you play , which has Kayro discover and stop with Team Darkness Pokémon !

                                        X: A mysterious boy, friendly, always ready to help you, but is never there to affontrez Team Darknes ...

                                        Nator : Your friends, it will help you everywhere, it is ready for anything, but you also ready to compete in fighting Pokémon !

                                        Prof. Laron : This is the Pokémon professor . He studied, and will you entrust the Pokédex and Pokéshow so that you can go on an adventure .

                                        Other characters gets filled ...
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                                          Posts: 90

                                          P o k e m o n Q u a r t z a n d P o k e m o n O b s i d i a n

                                          N e w F e a t u r e s
                                          Cyber Type - The Cyber Type has been discovered in the Mara Region's computers and technical systems! Most Cyber Types are also Electric Types and most can control various, if not all, computer systems and circuitry. Well known Pokemon like Porygon have been reclassified as Cyber Types.

                                          Virus Status - Unlike most Pokemon, Cyber Types are not affected by moves that put them to Sleep or cause a Confused status. Instead, they can be affected by moves that cause a Virus Status that results in similar symptoms as Sleep or Confused Statuses.

                                          Freeze Ball - A Pokeball for catching Ice Type Pokemon. It has the added effect of freezing the target if it fails to capture.

                                          Burnball-A Pokeball made to catch Fire Types. It leaves a burn if it fails.

                                          Kinball-A Pokeball for catching the evolution or pre-evolution of a Pokemon the trainer has already caught. [higher catch rate on evo and prevo]

                                          Digitalball-A Pokeball created to catch Cyber Type Pokemon.

                                          G e n e r a l P l o t l i n e
                                          [Player] hase just moved to Newbeg Town. The Prof. asks [Player] to go on a journey for him because he thinks there might be something wrong with the balance of the region, and he's right. [Player] will go around winning Gym Badges (as is par for Pokemon Games), and collecting and sending things to the Prof. using a Cawnting. Eventually, [Player] runs into the evil Team Chrono. They're lead by Zeus and his two Admins, Artemis and Aries. They want to alter time so that they can create a new future with no discrimination or prejudice and chase the two legendaries Quarzion and Obsidiarz to do it. Quarzion is the Pokemon of the Future and is their main focus. Obsidiarz is the Pokemon of the Past, and is being chased for the sole purpose of bringing forth Quarzion as the two Pokemon hate each other. [Player] tries to quell the Legendaries' ensuing fighting, but can't. There is a brilliant flash and a portal opens up and transports everyone to the Future/Past (depending on the version. [Player] takes the Cybernetic Essence that was collected along the way [which was released with Obsidiarz and is used to call Quarzion] and the Mineral Essence that Zeus discarded [used to call Obsidiarz, was taken from a museum] and the two begin to glow and combine to form the Clash Essence which calls forth Garnezent. Garnezent, true to its title becomes the middleground and quells the two fighting Pokemon by befriending [Player] and then fighting both of them one at a time (which means [Player] gets to keep Garnezent and one Pokemon depending on which is wanted). The evil Team is disbanded after Zeus realizes that he is going about everything in the wrong way and that there are other ways of making his future plans come true. He thanks [Player] for helping him realize his mistakes and gives [Player] a rare Pokemon.

                                          F u t u r e V a r i a t i o n
                                          After the time portal is opened up, everyone is transported to the Future where they see what would come to take place if Zeus succeeded with his plans. It ends up being a distopia and Zeus is horrified at what has taken place, while the two Pokemon continue to feud. ([Player] takes Cybernetic Essence, etc.)

                                          P a s t V a r i a t i o n
                                          [Player] isvpulled through a time portal with the others and ends up viewing the creation of Garnezent, just like in the legends. However, being lords of Time, the two feuding Pokemon recognize [Player] and try to destroy [Player] because Team Chrono happens to be surrounding [Player] and the two Pokemon really hate them. Garnezent saves [Player], but doesn't know what to do to stop the two Pokemon. As a solution, it puts them into a time bubble and shows them the Present time. The destruction they've wrought. They stop fighting each other and help to restore the land then go their seperate ways. Garnezent returns everyone to their own time. (The evil Team is disbanded, etc.)

                                          T h e R e g i o n a n d P o k e d e x
                                          The Region and Pokedex can be found here:
                                          However, this is the unupdated version. A more accurate, newer version can be found here:

                                          The Pokedex is still being updated and changed, but there are several Pokemon that have definite designs that will not be changed.

                                          M a r a R e g i o n P e o p l e
                                          Prof. Thornwood - Prof. Thornwood, commonly referred to as just Thornwood, is the Mara Region Pokemon Professor. He's a kindhearted old man, but very eccentric (just look at his mustache) and incredibly energetic for his age. He has a "spur of the moment" sort of personality and usually just runs off or shows back up on a whim, completely at random.

                                          Rosalie Thornwood - Rosalie is Thornwood's granddaughter and junior assistant. She's about 8, and has grown up around Pokemon. She's quiet, a little shy, and very curious and polite. Her grandmother asked her to follow Thornwood around to make sure he doesn't get hurt. Even though she's not 10, Thornwood gave her a Pokemon anyway which, while against the rules, has actually saved his life and career on more than one occasion.

                                          Generic Player Names - These are the generic names that the would automatically provide players upon start up (like RED and ASH in the old Yellow Version games)
                                          Female Generic Names: Isabelle/Rose/Quartz
                                          Male Generic Names: Jake/Chris/Obsidian

                                          The Rival - Daemon is your rival, and is a little bit full of himself. His overconfidence is matched with a nasty temper, and he often throws a bit of a tantrum when he loses. Though it seems like he thinks little of you, he does in fact see you as a legitimate rival and someone to compete against.

                                          Gym Leaders
                                          Anne - Anne is the leader of the Normav Gym, and while she uses Normal and Fairy Types she should not be taken lightly. She's a fun-loving person with a bubbly personality and fairly average as far as that goes. Her clothing is a little out there in brightness though.

                                          Zachary - The leader of the Sparkplug City Gym, Zachary is a serious techie. He loves all things electronic, so it stands to reason that he loves his Electric and Cyber Type Pokemon as well. He's not too social, so don't expect much conversation.

                                          Antennia - Antennia is the leader of the Kindleton Gym and a Bug Type Pokemon user. She loves fashion, and has her own design studio with an entire line of Bug inspired clothing and accessories.

                                          Cascadia - Cascadia is the Water Type loving Gym Leader of Oceanna. Just like the city she lives in, she loves the water and is always busy with all kinds of things.

                                          Forrest - Forrest leads the Treetop Town Gym and is an avid lover of nature and anything to do with Grass Type Pokemon. Not surprisingly, all his Pokemon are of the Grass Type.

                                          Jack - Icy Blue eyed Jack is the leader of the Snow's Breath Village Gym and uses mainly Ice Types. Unlike most Ice Type trainers, his personality hasn't been touched by the cold, leaving him a warm and pleasant person to be around.

                                          Quetzal and Quatal - Quetzal and Quatal are twin brothers and the leaders of the Ciudad de Muerte Gym. They love Day of the Dead celebrations and are distinctly unique despite being identical on the outside. Quetzal loves the traditional style of celebration and decoration while Quatal loves the modern style. One thing they both agree on though, is that they both love Ghost Type Pokemon.
                                          (Quetzal is the leader who will be faced in Quartz, while Quatal will be the leader faced in Obsidian)

                                          Luna - Stylish Luna is the leader of the Shadyhollow Gym and loves Dark Types. She isn't exactly confident, but she does her best. She's proud of the way her gym is designed though.

                                          Elite Four Elvira - The first of the Elite Four, Elvira uses Poison Type Pokemon. She's got a very confident, intense personality and her battling style reflects the kind of Pokemon she uses.

                                          Elite Four Brawnson - Brawnson is a nice guy, if somewhat dimwitted. He's very strong, which is why he loves Fighting Types. He never backs down from a challenge and is seriously bummed when he loses one.

                                          Elite Four Allori - Allori is a little...different. She's rather cold and blunt, and doesn't really understand jokes or other social references. She uses Steel Type Pokemon, and has a resolve as tough as their armour.

                                          Elite Four Terrance - Terrance used to be a farmer, and had his Pokemon help him till the land. It's this past that has made them so strong. He put as much effort into raising his Pokemon as he did into raising crops. Naturally, he uses Ground Types.

                                          Champion Frita - Laid back Frita will take on any challenger, whether they're officially certified with all 8 Gym Badges or not. Frita loves Fire and Dragon Types, and has a lifelong shiny Charizard Pokemon Partner (like Pikachu with Ash) named Charlie. Being the Champion of Champions, Frita is the strongest of all of them so she's no pushover by any means.

                                          Zeus - Zeus is the leader of Team Chrono, and wants to make his plans come true no matter what the cost is. Despite this, he recognizes the significance of raising Pokemon with care and never treats them badly.

                                          Aries - Aries is the aggressive male Head Admin of Team Chrono, and Zeus' right hand man. He doesn't really see Zeus' point in doing all this, but he goes along with it anyway because it gives him the opportunity to battle.

                                          Artemis - Artemis is the female Head Admin of Team Chrono, and much more open minded that Aries. She can see every part of Zeus' plans and predict his decisions to a T. She's less aggressive than Aries, but is still a good battler.

                                          M a r a B a d g e s
                                          Simple Badge: Boosts the Attack power of all Pokemon owned by the Trainer, plus all Pokemon level 20 and under will obey.

                                          Tech Badge: All Pokemon under level 30 will obey the Trainer.

                                          Pincer Badge: Boosts the Speed of all Pokemon owned by the Trainer, plus all Pokemon level 40 and below will obey.

                                          Tidal Badge: All Pokemon under level 50 will obey the Trainer.

                                          Canopy Badge: Boosts the Defense of all Pokemon owned by the Trainer, plus all Pokemon level 60 and under will obey.

                                          Frigid Badge: All Pokemon level 70 and under will obey the Trainer.

                                          Ancient Badge: Boosts the Special Attack and Special Defense of all Pokemon owned by the Trainer, plus all Pokemon level 80 and under will obey.

                                          Midnight Badge: All Pokemon will obey the Trainer.

                                          O t h e r M a r a I d e a s
                                          -Story animations
                                          -Visiting the Pokemon in the DayCare Yard
                                          -Bringing back the singing Jigglypuff in the Pokemon Center from GenI
                                          -Bringing back Secret Bases
                                          -Having Pokémon that walk with the player

                                          W h a t W e ' d L i k e T o A c c o m p l i s h
                                          I'd like this hack to be different from anything else that anyone has ever done. This game needs to be epic! I have big plans and big ideas! I'd like to use all the current Pokémon in this game as well as Mega Evolutions. Also, I'd like to have the opening animation be more like an actual mini movie opening like the old games used to do and less like a preview of what you'll be doing. I'd like the title screen to have an animated background, and I'd like to have completely new sounds for all of my fakemon and for the intro, etc. For the battles, I'd like to use the traditional battle music that is heard in the mini movie opening for FireRed and LeafGreen. I'd also like to have Trainer art like X and Y have, you know those mugshots that show up at the beginning of the battle, instead of battle sprites.

                                          C u r r e n t P r o d u c t i o n T e a m: S a v a n n a S u n s e t P r o d u c t i o n s

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                                            Okay, this is just a suggestion of a plot rather than an actual game in the making:

                                            On his sixteenth birthday the protagonist [Name], who lives in Baldwin city is told by his father Gordon, who works for Professor Grayson in the nearby laboratory that the professor has a gift for him. Arriving at the laboratory, Professor Grayson says he knows that [name] is keen on pokemon, and so gives him a pokedex which will allow him to record information about any pokemon he encounters.

                                            Just then, the Professor's other assistant comes up, saying that Doctor Fulton, one of the Professor's friends who work in nearby Glenwood town has send a garbled email. Knowing that the Doctor is something of a perfectionist, this worries the Professor, and so he asks Gordon to take a pokemon and investigate. Gordon persuades [Name] to accompany him, saying it will help his education to encounter pokemon in the wild, away from the towns.

                                            Arriving in Glenwood, Gordon and [Name] go over to the Doctor's house, only to find the door bashed in, and the Doctor and his assistant gone. They're then approached by an elderly man, who say he saw the Doctor and his assistant being kidnapped by several men in dark clothes. Gordon phones the Professor and reports this, and the Professor asks if Gordon can try to track down the culprits. Gordon agrees, and so the pair journey back to Baldwin, with a slight detour when Gordon show [Name] how to capture a pokemon, though it's ultimately unsuccessful.

                                            Arriving back in Baldwin, Gordon and [Name] go back to the Professor's lab, where a pokeleague officer asks to be filled in on the details of the kidnapping. he then tells Gordon that though he can't prevent him from conducting his own investigation into the Doctor's kidnapping, that he shouldn't get in the way of the official one. After the officer leaves, Gordon asks [Name] if he'll help look for Doctor Fulton, but Professor Grayson interrupts, saying that since [Name] is only sixteen that he shouldn't be put in such a position. Gordon ponders this for a moment, then admits that the Professor is correct, and so wishes [Name] luck, and leaves. The Professor then gives [Name] another pokemon to take to start his own adventure as he wishes.
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                                            Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
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                                              Just throwing up my idea for a Super Pokemon Eevee Edition spinoff.
                                              You would play as RED, it would take place in the final days of the first generation, shortly after RED has become champion, and is working for the Hypervisors (so a prequel to SPEE).

                                              The game structure would be vastly different than normal pokemon games and SPEE too, instead focusing on shorter missions involving general peacekeeping of the Pokémon world.

                                              Missions include fixing anamolies (glitches in the game), defeating corrupted pokemon, foiling team rocket, and trying to figure out who the mastermind is behind an assassination attempt against the Master Hypervisor.
                                              It's storyline will lay the foundation and backstory of SPEE.

                                              Each mission you start off with a fresh team of pokemon, and it is your job to try level them up in that mission as much you want, but there is a timelimit constantly ticking, which can be increased by completing subtasks in the mission.

                                              It would in all likelyhood come out after i finish SPEE, and might just act as an expansion, allowing you to transfer your savefile back and forth between SPEE and this game, which will be named something like "Super Pokemon Origin Edition"
                                              Version 0.753 is out
                                              Thread | Website | Blog
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                                                Hi there,

                                                I have recently come up with an idea for a new pokemon region. It will include all of it's own pokemon (a whole bunch of new ones!) and a new storyline. Here we go!

                                                POKEMON WITH 3 TYPES!!!!!!!

                                                Evil teams : Team X

                                                New Starters:

                                                Kattorch, Tigrame, and Searlion = Fire/ ghost

                                                Quifly, Jaylake , and Gustraquia = water/flying

                                                Viplant, Cobleaf, and Anacontree = Grass/Poison

                                                New types=



                                                Negative zone ( like distortion world, but eviler)
                                                Name = Pokemon Plus/ Minus
                                                More mega evolution.
                                                New safari Games.
                                                CONTESTS GALORE!!!!!
                                                Aerial Routes.
                                                Arena battling (maybe) - All battles happen in a virtual arena/location , allowing TV-style dodges, counters, and Contest Moves. This idea would require a lot of reprogramming on the battle sequences, but it might work.
                                                Ride more pokemon!
                                                After the leauge- travel back to Kanto!

                                                Some new pokemon ideas=

                                                Shupplume - Skeareton = Ghost/fire
                                                Totectric- Rock/psy/elec
                                                Helichoptree- Fly/fight/grass
                                                Gyraid- Gravity
                                                Aileate- Abnormal
                                                Draceon- Dragon eevelution
                                                Serpectric- Water/electric
                                                Cannontar- Laser/ Fire
                                                MissingNo.- Glitch ( no, duh)

                                                I would like if I could get support and feedback on this before I start on making it.

                                                EDIT: I have attached a beta sprite for Quifly to this post- but i dont have much talent in it, as it is my first pokemon sprite. I also attached a beta pokedex word document
                                                Attached Images
                                                File Type: png Quifly final.png‎ (1.1 KB, 3 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                                Attached Files
                                                File Type: doc Pokedex.doc‎ (24.5 KB, 1 views) (Save to Dropbox)
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