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Chapter 50
"Why?!" the Scizor cried, on his knees, by the stream, his claws covering his eyes, and he was crying, well, sobbing. "Wha-hu-hu-hy?!"

"Oh, for Arceus' sake," the Rapidash shook her head, her burning mane slightly flying to each side and disappearing in the wind. "Give it a rest already!"

"Hush, you," the Pidgeot hissed, glaring at the Rapidash, who just rolled her eyes. He extended a large wing and slowly patted the back of the sobbing Scizor. "There, there now. It's okay, it's okay..."

"It's okay?!" the Scizor shouted, sharply turning his pathetically-sobbing face at the wincing Pidgeot. "It's okay?! How in Giratina's balls could it be okay?! I killed them! I killed them!"

"By accident!" the Pidgeot reasoned back. "You didn't mean to kill them all, right?"

"B-b-b-b-but I still killed them!" the Scizor cried, again burying his face back to his claws.

The Rapidash groaned, sat down, and slammed her face to the ground...twice.

The Pidgeot ignored her, and continued to pat the armored bug's back. "Hey now. It's wasn't your fault! It was...erm..."

"Accidental murder?" the Rapidash suggested, making the Scizor sob even louder.

The Pidgeot glared back at her. "You're not helping." He then sighed and turned to the Scizor with concern. "Hey now. It was them that threw themselves at you while you were explaining things!"

"These t-things..." the Scizor whispered, pulling his face and claws away from each other. He stared at his shaky claws, slowly opening and closing them. "I...I tried to put them down so I could continue talking, but...but...I..."

"You cut them in half," the Rapidash continued.

"By accident!" the Pidgeot hissed at the flame horse. "And stop making him feel worse!"

"Oh, joy..." the Rapidash dropped her face on the ground again. "Yeah, and ignore me for suffering from his pathetic outburst."

"You'll live," the Pidgeot hissed, and then turned back to the Scizor. "It was an accident! Don't blame yourself for what happened!"

"B-but I killed them!"

"Um..." the Pidgeot looked away, trying to think of something to say. "T-they'll turn into ghosts anyway, so, uh..." he turned back to him with a nervous and hopeful smile. "You just...erm...transformed them?"

"By killing them!" and the Scizor sobbed again. "I don't know my own strength, and I killed a lo-ho-ho-hoooootttt..."

"Oh Arceus..." the Rapidash groaned. "Please kill me now..."

I felt something poking I slowly and quietly pulled myself back and out of the bush. The first face that greeted me was an unimpressed Pikachu.

"Oh, yes," Shock said, sounding veeerrryyy unimpressed, "we'll definitely let those pathetic creeps kill us."

"Oh, shut up," I shook my head. "They're still evolved Pokes, so we'll still have to be careful if we want to go and talk to them."

"K-killing by accident..." Krystal shivered.

I turned to her and flashed her a small smile. "Eheheh...yeah. Those are the bad guys of our fic..."

She blinked at me. "What?"

...I said that out loud? " mind."

"They don't look like how those Pokémon described them to be," Chikorita noted, and the others nodded in agreement.

I shrugged, ignoring the quiet sobs from the other side of the bushes. "They probably just exaggerated the story, since," I shrugged again, "y'know, they were on the receiving end of 'getting killed.'"

Vixie smiled at me. "So, it's a good thing that they're unlikely to kill us, right?"

I nodded, feeling great relief. "Yeah."

"I knew there were voices here," a female voice said from above me. I froze and found difficulty in turning my head up, and saw a bored-looking face of the Rapidash, towering over the bushes. "I can talk to you Pokémon, right?"

"Uh..." my mouth suddenly felt very dry.

"Hi!" Fay chirped. "We were just talking about you guys!"

I snapped to my senses and hit her head with a paw. "You shouldn't have told her that!" Oh, poop, me and my big mouth.


"That's no surprise," the Rapidash sighed, and just laid her neck on top of the bushes, her head hanging like a vine. "Always the center of talks ever since I evolved..."

"About that," Shock said, walking closer to her, "how did you evolve?"

The Rapidash stared boringly at him. "Shouldn't you know that as well?"

"Huh?" Shock blinked, and then understood. "I was born as a Pikachu."

"I see no difference."

"Just answer my question," Shock snapped back.

I'm starting to feel nervous at how Shock was talking to the unicorn horse of fiery doom. That horn looked very very sharp...

The Rapidash glared at him for a moment before she sighed. She then pulled her head back as she stood up. "And here I thought I could have a normal chat with you Pokémon." She then turned back to her comrades. "If you really want to know, ask the Scizor over there." She then started walking away. "But try not to touch him."

Shock shook his head and turned back to us, but his gaze fell on me, and he arched an eyebrow. "What?"

I glared at him. "If only you were a little bit kinder, then maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't have to talk to that Scizor."

Shock was about to say something when Fay cheerfully skipped in between us, humming to herself.

"Fay?" Vixie called, but Fay ignored her, "where are you going?"

"To the Scizor, of course!" was her only response before she leaped through the bushes.

Saur sighed and pulled his vines back, too late to catch the happy rat. "Let's just keep our distance from them as we ask them questions."

"Hi!" Fay's loud voice reached us. Knowing her, I'd say she doesn't understand the word 'distance'...

"I'll just..." Krys spoke, ", stay here."

I turned to her, and saw Chikorita smiled and nodded at her. "We'll keep you company."

"Can I stay, too?" I asked, but then something pinched my ear and dragged me towards the bushes. "Ow ow ow...!" I hissed, my vision started to blur from the tears of pain as Shock dragged me to the bushes, Saur and Vixie helplessly followed.

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Chapter 51
"AHHH!" the Scizor shouted, jumping to his feet.

"AHHH!" I shouted back, pushing my paws to run back.

"AHHH!" the Scizor pushed his back, um, backwards, flailing his claws around.

"AHHH!" Shock pinching my ear is starting to hurt.



A wave of water rained down on the face-winged Pidgeot while the Rapidash...dashed off to somewhere to avoid the water.

"..." I blinked, trying to understand what just happened. ""

Shock sighed and let go of my ear.

"So much for making a first good impression..." the Pidgeot sighed again as the Scizor got out of the water's surface, and was now flailing his arms around.

"Help!" the red bug cried. "I can't swim!"

Saur calmly walked towards the stream and extended his vines, but a large wing blocked them. Saur and the rest of us turned to the owner, and the Pidgeot just shook his head and folded his wing back.

The Pidgeot sighed once again and turned to his drowning friend. "It's shallow."

"No it's not!" the Scizor cried, then blinked, and slowly stopped moving. "Oh."

"Yes, Jay," Shock said, "we're dead."

I ignored him. I still can't believe the Scizor was, who crawled out from the water and smiled sheepishly at his deadpanning Pidgeot friend.

The Scizor turned to us and, "AHHH!" fell back into the water again.

"Does he love shouting before taking baths?" Fay chirped, but I ignored her.

"He probably is still traumatized from the murder he did," the Rapidash's voice said from behind us.

"Pyra, please," the Pidgeot hissed, pulling the red bug back on soaked ground. "It was an accident." One of his large talos quickly grabbed the frightened head of the kneeling Scizor, the entirety of the bug's face was almost covered. "And please, oh please, stop screaming."

The Scizor was crying, trying to get away.

The Pidgeot sighed and turned to us. "Um... Little ones," little ones? Ouch. "May I ask of you to take lots of steps back away from us?"

"That is," Pyra, the Rapidash, smiled, "if you don't want our friend over there to 'accidentally' murder every single one of you."

The Scizor whimpered loudly.

"Honestly, Pyra," The Pidgeot grumbled as I pulled Shock's tail back, who was stubbornly wanting to stay on his ground to ask them. "Give it a rest already."

Pyra grinned as we walked passed her. "Oh, I will when Scythe over there does as well."

I wonder if she wouldn't mind if I'll look up. I've never really seen a horse in real life back home. Just curious what her parts would look li—ow!

"Let go of my tail already!" Shock hissed after pounding me on the head.


Fay chuckled. "Hahah. Now you know what it's like!"

I hit her head.


"This good enough?" Vixie called, making Pyra take a few steps to the side for the Pidgeot to see us.

The Pidgeot then looked back at his held bug friend, studying whatever features he could still see from taloning his friend's face, and nodded at us after letting the Scizor go.

"Please don't come near me..." Scythe, the Scizor, whimpered and sobbed, and his entire body shook a bit. He then stared at his arms, er, cla...pincers? "Th-these things... Th-they kill things!"

"Oh, Xerneas' hairballs..." Pyra groaned.

"What's a Xerneas?" I mumbled to myself. I then shook my head to get rid of the thought. "Anyway, can't you guys just tape that thing?"

Aside from my friends, the Rapidash and the Pidgeot blinked at me.

"Um...I mean...String Shot it in place?"

"Good idea!" the Scizor shouted, making the rest of us jump. He then grabbed the Pidgeot by the wing joint, or shoulder, or base. Whatever. "Get me some strings! Plea-he-he-hessss!"

The Pidgeot's eye was twitching, and if he had teeth, I'd say he would grit them as well. "Pincers, ow ow ow, pincers..."

The Scizor gasped, pulling his pincers off of his friend. He then looked at his ar...pincer, you know what? I'm gonna stick with arms! He looked at his arms in horror, his mouth quivering as his eyes starting to water.

"No no no no—" the Pidgeot tried, but the Scizor cried a river once again.

"I need an arm to slap my face with..." the Rapidash sighed as she walked away. "I'll go grab some worms."

"Finally!" the Pidgeot shouted back at her. "Thank goodness, you're being useful for once!"

The Rapidash just ignored him as she went through the tall bushes. Well, those are tall in my perspective. To her, they're just knee-high. I miss being a tall human...

The Pidgeot sighed, and looked at his crying friend for a moment before turning to us. "Um...whatever you're here for, may I ask of you to wait just a bit more?"

"No," Shock said firmly, crossing his arms. "We're kinda wanting to know—heymmf!"

A green vine wrapped around his head, covering his opened mouth in the process. Shock shot a venomous look at Saur, who completely didn't notice as he stared at the Pidgeot with a smile.

"We can wait," Saur calmly said, and calmly turned his calm smile at the glaring Pikachu. "Can't we?"

Shock's ears drooped, and nodded in defeat. Saur chuckled and lets go of the vines and retracts them back.

While they were busy doing those things though, I kept on wondering why the freaking hell was I checking out that fire horse. I thought I already told myself I wasn't into furries! Gah...

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Chapter 52
Remember when I said that there are way too many mysteries in my world and this world? Well, seems like that these mysteries liked to pile themselves up to kill whoever planned to solve them all.

Anyway, after the awkward web-cuffing of the Scizor's pincers, and the Rapidash kicking the Caterpie to kingdom come after his usefulness was over—the Pidgeot wasn't happy about that however—, the red bug finally managed to calm down and the three evolved Pokémon were now seated in front of my and Krys' group.

The Scizor first cleared his throat and then apologized for his behavior after seeing us the first time. After that, he began a short story of what was happening around the world, er, this world, at least. During the story-telling however, other Pokémon began to appear and joined the audience, listening intently to the story.

The story went like this...

Arceus created worlds, and then created guardians to watch over those worlds before he went to slumber, because, hey, when a god is bored and randomly decided to created worlds, he'll need living, breathing and intelligent beings to watch over them after he wasted all of his power just to satisfy his boredom.

First, there's Dialga, who watches over space. Then, Palkia, overseer of space. Sorry, I often mix these two dragons up. Dialga watches over time and Palkia watches over space. Then there's Giratina, who watches over the Torn World, a world that balances this world, wherein Mew's the one who's watching over.

I really don't see how Mew can do a good job though, which the Scizor has pointed out, after the evolution process went glitchy. Sorry, can't think of other terms at the moment. I was a human working on computers and internets and blah blah blah. So sue me.

So anyway, back to the story.

Apparently, inside a mountain, there's this weird gem-like rock that was taller than any tree the Scizor has ever seen. I bet the Scizor will take that back after he learns the existence of the Tree of Life where Mew... Huh, now that I think about it, are there two Mews in this world? Eh...

Wait...I meant the Tree of the World's Beginning. Wait... Isn't that like the same thing? Bleah, whatever.

So anyway, this Scizor must not have seen that tree yet.

So there, Mew was being happy-go-lucky, something went ka-blooey, everyone devolved, Mew went nutsy. I don't know if Celebi already knew this or not. If she does, then I don't really know why she kept this information from us if she and Mew were soaring all over the world together, trying to figure out what caused this. Maybe she just didn't want to cause a panic or something. The audience here are feeling scared though, after the Scizor told us that something tampered with the Evolution Gem.

Yep, so Pokémon's evolution is possible thanks to the great big rock of evolution. It sounds like a Digimon animé though, now that I think about it. If that evolution rock suddenly turned into a Pokémon, then this will definitely start to sound like a cheap Digimon 3 rip-off.

Fortunately, that was not the case. The Scizor explained that the rock used to have been glowing brightly like that of the sun at high noon. Unfortunately, now, it's fluctuating like a dying light bulb.

A random Pokémon among the crowd asked how he knew all of these. The red bug explained that he lives in that very cave, or at least, near the cave, where lots of other Pokémon live as well. They have heard stories about that bright towering rock being the source of evolution, but they didn't really believe it until everyone living there started to devolve after a sort of darkness exploded from the glowing rock, and after he, the Pidgeot, and the Rapidash evolved when they touched it.

Other Pokémon also tried touching the stone, but none of them evolved except for the three in front of us. The Pokémon living there then called them the chosen ones, for reasons unknown. Mew checked that place a day after, and tried using her psychic powers to try and fix it. Unfortunately, it didn't work, though she did felt small traces of dark essence that lingered in the place. Mew said she used to live there when other Pokémon started living there a long long time ago. So the dark essence was new to her, and that's what kept her from believing that someone did do something with the gem.

Unfortunately, none of the Pokémon living in the area see nor hear anything that would have caused the gem to malfunction. It just went wonky.

So now, this infamous trio are going everywhere to gather other Pokémon to try and see if they can evolve, for reasons unknown yet again. There have been other Pokémon who were able to evolve though, but the number sadly only consist of one digit, five, excluding the trio in front of us. So there are eight evolved Pokémon in the world.

And that's the story. While the trio were doing some Q's and A's, I wondered if that dark essence belonged to Darkrai. Well, if the movie was to be judged, he's a good guy, right? After Palkia accidentally town-napped Alamos to another dimension.

Then again, there was another Darkrai that pawned Ash's team in a league match or something. But Krystal told me that neither Ash nor Red exist in this world, after she went around Pallet Town. Though Professor Oak does have a grandson, but the name escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure it wasn't Gary nor Green.

So, I guess I should stop using the show or manga as sources. Or at least, not base this world on Ash's nor Red's adventures.

So... Darkr—

“What's on your mind?” Vixie's voice snapped me out of my train of thought as she sat beside me.

I shook my head. “Nothin'. Just thinking about what the Scizor just told us.”

She blinked. “Well, at least now we know why everyone couldn't evolve.”

I sighed as a thought popped in my head. “Yeah, but nothing about why Krysie and I got here.” I saw a small hint of sparkle in her eyes, and I glared at her. “Well, I'm glad that's good news for you.”

She frowned. “You...don't like me, do you?”

I blinked. I didn't expect that coming. I looked away and sighed. “Sorry, Vixie. I tried, but...” I took a breath and sighed again. If she kills me here and now, well, at least someone can try and stop her... “Don't take this the wrong way, but I do like you, I just don't like you as in completely like you. If that makes any sense.” I slowly glanced back at her, and I could clearly see a question mark above her head.

She lightly shook her head. “I'll just try harder then.”

Whew, that was a big load off of my chest. So she wouldn't tear me apart if I break up with her? Cool. I'm a bit thankful that Bill's busy studying all the information that he just gathered to pay attention to what Vixie and I were discussing. But anyway, there was a new question that popped in my head. “What do you see in me, anyway?” There. Better be blunt about it than swaying around the point.

“Um...” she stared on her paws. Then she looked around.

I looked around. Everyone were busy with their own discussions, but I guess this wasn't really the right place and the right moment to ask such questions. Then again, she started it.

“I just like you,” came Vixie's reply. I turned my attention back to her and saw her small smile. “I don't know how humans do these things, but for us, well, for me, when I see someone that I want to live the rest of my life with, well...” she trailed off.

I blinked at her. “You weren't like that when we first met.”

She glared at me. “These things don't grow overnight, you know.” She took a breath and sighed. She then looked at me with tired yet longing eyes. “Feelings are like flowers. They take time to grow.”

Heh, wow, she used my metaphor when we first talked. But eh, two can play at that game. “If you give a flower to the wrong person, then that flower won't last long.” And brain, shut up. I meant a flower. Nothing else.

She smirked. “Good thing you're not a person then.”

I frowned at her. “Har har...” I shook my head. “Seriously Vixie. I tried, but I...just see you as a friend.” Please don't hurt me...

She still wore a smile as she stood up and...nuzzled my neck, and that contact made me freeze in place. She pulled back and smiled. “Your flower's just taking longer to grow. I can wait.”

My brain's dirty side was immune to freezing, it seems. I shook all over, brr, and shook my head. “Fine, fine... Just don't do that again.”

“No promises,” she winked, complete with a slightly tilted head.

I groaned, though I found that really really cute.

“Shock?!” a really loud voice erupted from the crowd somewhere. I was a bit thankful for the interruption though, for that at least made Vixie wonder who that was.

I turned to Shock, and was just in time to see his ears droop as he slowly pushed himself down to the ground. “Oh no...” I arched an eyebrow at that.

“Oh, Arceus!” a Pikachu exclaimed, who just got through the crowd and was now smiling wide, staring at Shock. “It is you!”

The newcomer was a female though, if her voice and that heart-tipped tail wasn't any indication. She rushed towards us and tackle-hugged Shock—I barely dodged in time—pushing him back and landing on top of him.

“Oof!” Shock groaned as he tried to push the female Pikachu off of him, who was currently nuzzling his neck. “Get off of me!”

“Where have you been all this time, Shockie?!” she asked cheerfully as she crawled off of him. “Mom and dad are gonna be so so happy to know that you've come back home!”

I blinked at the exchange. I turned to my friends, but they were busy staring at the scene as well. I poked Vixie's shoulder, capturing her attention.

“Um, explanation please?”

She just gave me a confused blink.

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Chapter 53
This new female Pikachu's annoying. She force-dragged Shock away from us, and we didn't have any other choice than to follow wherever this Pikachu's taking our Shockie. Krys and her friends decided to stay behind to gather more info from the evolved trio.

So anyway, back to our situation. This jolly female Pikachu's cheerfully walking on two feet, and pulled Shock's tail as she walked. Shock was gritting his teeth as he clawed on the ground, but his efforts were useless as we followed along the two line paw marks he left behind.

And oh, the female Pikachu kept on talking.

Worse, Fay was walking alongside her AND cheerfully talking with her.

“Where are we going exactly?” I asked the two females for the umpteenth time, but once again, it fell on deaf ears. I sighed and looked at Shock. “You okay there, bud?”

He shot me a very venomous glare. “Do I look like okay to you?” He then gritted his teeth as he tried to dig his hands on the ground to stop the female 'chu from dragging him, but he failed.

“Where do you think she's taking him?” Vixie asked as she turned to Saur.

The Bulbasaur calmly shrugged as his reply.

I sighed again. I'm getting derailed more and more. I need to return home, and the sooner, the be...

I stopped when I saw something from the corner of my eye. I turned to where I thought that something was supposed to be, but all I saw were bushes and trees. Just a forest, and nothing out of the ordinary.

“Huh...” I mumbled as Vixie turned and walked beside me. “I swore I...”

“Swore what?” she asked.

I just shook my head. “Nothing, I guess.” At least there are berries on those bushes. “I'm probably just hungry.” Quick white lie.

“Then why didn't you say so?!” shouted the female Pikachu, who was already far ahead. No idea how she, Pikachu ears... Never mind. She turned to smile at me. “We're almost there!”

“There where?” Vixie asked as we resumed our walk.

“Where else?” she grinned and turned her attention ahead.

I blinked, and noticed that we were heading towards a clearing, if the sun's light from there was an indication. I looked around and noticed that the line of trees are getting smaller. I guess that we're either heading towards a clearing, or we're going to exit the forest.

“Wow!” Fay chirped as the duo plus Shock exited the line of trees, Vixie, Saur and I close behind. “What a lovely place you got here!”

“And so many Pikachus...” Vixie breathed out as we exited the forest.

“Just kill me now...” Shock mumbled before he planted his face on the ground.

I have no clue where in the world map this place is. There's a stream, lots of miniature green hills and burrows underneath. And as Vixie pointed out, there were a lot of Pikachus around. There were even smaller versions of Pikachus playing around!

Anyway, this place was a clearing, that much I'm sure, since there were still lines of trees that bordered the place, but damn this area's huge. A few scattered trees here and there, bushes and flowers, the small hills I mentioned earlier, and...and...that's about it.

Also, Pikachus weren't the only ones living in this area though. As far as my little height vision could see, I could also see Poliwags near the streams, Pidgeys, Sandshrews, and Rattatas. Each species of Pokémon are grouped into their own kind and are settling in one part of the clearing.

“Visitors!” a random voice shouted from somewhere. It was loud enough to make almost every Pikachus' ears to twitch and their attention to turn to us.

I suddenly felt really conscious about myself with that many eyes on us...on me. I couldn't help but take a step or two back.

The Pikachus smiled and waved a paw at us while a chorus of hi's and hello's bombarded our ears. There were even Pikachus who were close enough to walk up to us and...started smelling us.

I awkwardly pushed myself beside Vixie as I try to push a Pikachu head away from me. I think some are even smelling my behind.

Vixie was ‘very helpful’ for giggling at my awkward situation.

I got awkward replies of ‘what's with you?’ and ‘stop pushing me’ and some other crap. I just kept on muttering to stop invading my personal spac—“EEP!”

I jumped forward, bumped on a yelping Pikachu, spun with a racing heart, and stared in disbelief at the Pikachu who poked his, I mean, her (if her heart-shaped tail's an indication) nose on my... She just blinked and smiled at me.

“Hey, back off!” Vixie hissed at her as she walked beside me and glared at the Pikachu. “He's mine.”

“You squealed like a girl, by the way,” I heard Bill say, and he chuckled.

I just dropped myself on the ground and put my two paws over my eyes. “Can't this get any more awkward?”

...ah, poop. I hope I didn't jinx it.

“—and then I saw Shock among the crowd!”

My ear twitched when I heard the female 'chu's voice. I pulled myself into a sitting position and ignored Vixie's fur that brushed on my side, and turned to look. I'm glad the large numbers of Pikachus already went back to whatever Pikachu business they were doing. The female 'chu's hand still has a tight grip on the tip of Shock's tail, and Shock was still lying flat on the ground.

They were surrounded by other Pikachus though, clearly happy for some reason. The female 'chu was talking to what looked like an old-looking Pikachu, complete with wrinkles and a graying fur. A shiny silver Pikachu! Har har...

My attention was caught by two small Pikachus who offered me and Vixie some berries. There was an adult Pikachu behind them, and Vixie growled at her. I just rolled my eyes and petted the two Smallchus on their heads. ...and they awkwardly liked it.

I guess Pokémon Amie taught me a lot of stuff. I wonder if belly rubs will work.

“So you like Pikachus more than Vulpixes?” Vixie side-glared at me.

W-what? I turned and raised an eyebrow at her. “I'm just petting them.”

She turned to fully give me the full intensity of her glare. She opened her mouth, closed it. She mumbled. She looked away, clearly frustrated.

And oh, the three Pikachus were already gone. I'm surprised I hadn't notice them leaving. At least they left us some berries.

I...internally sighed. I better fix this not-in-a-good-mood fox friend of mine before she eats me. And shut up brain. You of all body parts should know what I meant.

Anyway, I sat up straight...raised my paw, sighed, and scratched Vixie's nape. And by scratch, I mean like scratching an itch on one spot. I dunno. Back home, my neighbor's dog loved it. And it kinda surprised me that Vixie purred, her whole body shook, if only slightly.

I arched an eyebrow, but continued ‘pet-scratching’ her. She purred again as she turned her head and...leaned closer and started brushing her head under my chin like how cats do on our feet and knees. ...It was my turn to tremble.

“Aw...” I heard the female 'chu ‘aww'ed’ at us. “Shockie, why can't you be just like your friends over there?”

From the corner of my frozen eye, I could see and feel Saur's giant grin.

“Get a den, you two!” Fay shouted teasingly.

“There are lots of dens around here!” the female 'chu chirped. “I'm sure there's an empty one around.”

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Chapter 54
“Shockie,” I said, but I received a venomous hiss from the Pikachu. I rolled my eyes and sat beside him by the clearing's stream.

He didn't seem to mind my presence, minus the nickname part. He just stared down at his frustrated reflection on the water.

“Oi, what's up?” Well, I kinda knew what was going on. Though I am still just guessing what's what, but it's kinda obvious, if what that female Pikachu said—during that little ‘affection show’ of Vixie rubbing her face on me—was any indication.

Shock closed his eyes and sighed. “The sky...”

I felt my two ears droop as I deadpanned. “Har har... Seriously though, what's going on?”

He was quiet for a few minutes though, just sitting there, staring at his reflection. Finally, he sighed again as he rubbed his forehead with a hand. “She likes me.”

“That much is obvious,” I replied. “Though at first, I really thought she was your sister or a relative or something...” I shrugged.

Shock just sighed again. “If only she was...” He sighed again as he slowly turned his gaze up to the blue sky. “I don't like her, but she couldn't accept it.”

I rolled my eyes. “I think I can relate.”

He chuckled bitterly. “Hah hah... Good point.”

“But I thought you'd like to settle down with...y'know...your own kind?”

He shook his head. “Yes, I did, but not so soon!” He turned to face me, angry. “She's too impatient! I don't want to settle down just yet! And definitely not with her!” He extends both hands to his side as he stared back at the thin white clouds. “There's still a lot of things that I'd like to see in the world! I'm not ready to stay in one boring spot, being annoyed to make babies all the time!” And he finished it by punching the water, splashing the both of us in the process. He took a long breath and sighed as he pulled his hand back. “S-sorry...”

“Nothing to be sorry about,” I said as I shook a paw towards the stream, so the droplets would land there instead of on me or on Shockie. “But can't you just, I dunno,” I shrugged, “leave?”

“'cha! Mewtwo's toenails,” he chuckled. “If only it was that easy.”

...he knows Mewtwo, too? Eh, Pokémon have weird kinda-swear words here... What was that previous one? Xerneas' hairball? Then again, those are probably their versions of my world's ‘oh my god!’ or ‘holy sh*t!’ or ‘Jesus effing Christ!’

“Arceus knows how many times I tried and failed to get outta here...” he then turned to look back, and pointed at a direction. “See those?”

I followed the direction and saw a small group of Pikachus near the edge of the forest. Fay was with them as well, handing them some berries on her back. “I think so,” or maybe he was pointing at the thorny-looking bush behind those 'chus...

“We have scouts and watchers here,” Shock explained as he turned to me. “They're the fastest Pikachus around here, and they can easily...outrun me...”

I arched him an eyebrow. “What? Why would they want to catch you?”

He sighed. “Because they're ordered to.”

My arched eyebrow arched even further.

He rolled his eyes at me, and then turned back to the water. “She's the daughter of the herd leader.”

“Ah...” I think I get it. Actually, I think I'm starting to get it. “Does that mean you'll be the next leader then?”

He glared at me. “That's not the point!”

I chuckled. “I know.”

He grunted in frustration. “Gah! And I thought I could seriously talk to you about my problem! I'd rather talk to Fay!”

“Talk to me about what?” Fay asked, who spooked the living crap out of me by suddenly appearing right beside me from out of nowhere. There were still a berry or two on her back though...

Shock growled. “Go away, Fay.”

“Okay!” she cheerfully said and hummed to herself as she walked away.

“What am I going to do...?” Shock whispered to himself.

I lamely stared at him. “Oi,” I poked his shoulder. He ignored it. “You forgot. This time, you got us!”

I smiled wide long enough for him to see it as he turned to me a few seconds later. He arched me an eyebrow.

I huffed and grunted. “Aw, com'on. Let us help!” I grinned wide. “Besides! You don't want to stay here, and we don't want you to leave just yet!”

“That's just you,” Shock sighed. “They don't really mind if I stay here and leave the group...”

I blinked at him.

He then stared back at his sad reflection. “But, thanks for caring.”

I...don't know what to say to cheer him up... I honestly don't. I wanted to say something. Heck, my mouth is even opening and closing, making me feel the need to say something.

But, two green vines started to wrap around Shock, which surprised him, if only slightly. It forced him to turn around, and so did I. Behind us were our friends, and behind them were...

Shock gasped. “W-wh-what happened?”

Behind the innocent and happy smiles of our friends, each and every Pikachu on sight were...lying on the ground...and asleep.

Fay jumped on her feet and flashed us a berry. “Sleep powdered berries!” She then pulled it close to her and ate it, much to Vixie's surprise. “See?” And she was out like a light.

Saur rolled his eyes and pulled her on his back.

“How'd you...” Shock stammered. “Why'd you... B-but... H-how?”

“Saur,” was Vixie's simple answer.

I nodded and chuckled. “Good enough for me.” I turned and slightly punched Shock's shoulder. “See? We helped!”

He turned and arched me an eyebrow.

I rolled my eyebrows. “Fine. I was useless once again. They helped.”

He smirked as he turned to our friends. “I could hug you guys, but eh,” he turned around and started running. “That's not how I roll!”

“You're welcome!” Vixie chuckled as we chased him out of the clearing.

I dunno why, but I'm actually feeling quite glad that Shock's not leaving us just yet. Vixie and I shared a smile before focusing on the road ahead of...

I skidded to a stop and turned to my left. I swore I saw something. And this time, I'm not hungry to see black spots of unconsciousness.

“Jay?” Vixie called, but I ignored her.

“Oi!” Shock shouted. I turned and saw that they were already back in the forest. “What are you standing around there for?!”

“Ah...” I looked back at where I saw...something. It's not there... I tsk'ed and ran after my friends. I guess I'll have to tell them about what I saw later, when we're far far away from the land of the Pikachus.

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Chapter 55
“—and then you're seeing these black spots in the corner of your eye?” Vixie asked, or rather, turned my statement into a question.

Shock rolled his eyes. “That's called ‘being hungry’, Jay.”

“I told you,” I said, “I wasn't hungry that time. And they weren't exactly spots...”

“Hidden hunger, most probably.”

I turned and arched an eyebrow at Saur. “What? Is that a name of an attack or something?”

We were currently walking through the forest, heading back to Krys' group. It was hard to get lost though, since Shock left a pretty good trail behind.

Saur closed his eyes and shook his head. “You were hungry, you ignored it, your mind learned to ignore it, but in fact you're actually hungry.”

I shook my head. “That doesn't make sense.”

Saur just shrugged. “I heard the old human couple say it a lot of times on young trainers who leave their Pokémon for them to take care of. They usually compliment or scold the young humans, reminding them of their health.”

I chuckled. “That was the longest line I've ever hear you talk, Saur.”

He just smiled.

Fay chuckled. “You should listen to him when he drinks a lot of Rawst juice!”

Saur frowned at her. “Hey now. You promised not to—”

Vixie and Shock chukled.

“Oh, I remember that,” Shock chuckled again.

Saur gently glared at him, and Shock just chuckled, and didn't say another word.

I just blinked at everyone. “Yeah, I'm clearly missing something out here, but anyway...” I looked ahead. “It looked like something was hiding behind the bushes.”

“LOTS of us hide behind the bushes,” Shock said.

My two ears drooped. “Er, well uh... Good point. But still. Twice?”

Shock sighed and turned to look at me. “Loo—”

“Make that thrice,” Vixie announced, stopping.

We stopped and stared at her for a second or two before we followed her gaze. A bush shook, if only slightly.

Vixie growled low, jumped forward as she inhaled, and breathed a large wave of fire as soon as she landed. The bush burned, but only after a blur of red leaped out and stopped meters in front of us.

“Well,” I said, taking a step back, “...f*ck...”

The Growlithe grinned wickedly. “Been a while, Vixie.” He then ducked low to dodge a lightning bolt, slightly jumped to his left to avoid numerous razor leaves, tilted his head to avoid a fast shadow ball, and his grin was still plastered there. “...and company.”

I made a quick check. The bush was mostly burned, but flames were already out. The second to the last thing we needed right now would be a forest fire.

Shock stepped forward, cheeks sparking. “What do you want?”

“What do you think?” He lifted a paw and pointed at Vixie.

“No!” Vixie growled, and then ran to my side, and quickly nuzzled my cheek before glaring back at the shocked Growlithe. “I'm with Jay now!”

Well, if looks could kill, then Lithe's furious glare would have melted my soul already.

Lithe was angry, and slowly, red flames started covering his body. He growled. “Then let me change that!” And he charges at us. “You're mine, and you WILL be MINE!”

“SH*T!” I jumped back and slipped.

Fay suddenly popped out from the ground in front of Lithe.

The Growlithe stumbled, and rolled towards us as the flames around his body weakened. He jumped before a bolt of lightning could struck him. He landed, well, he could have, if it weren't for the vines that wrapped around him.

Saur hissed, bearing the pain as he lifted the growling Growlithe up and slammed him back on the ground. His eyes watered as he quickly withdrew his smoking vines back.

Fay's tail glowed, and spun horizontally, but Lithe was too quick to get back up on his feet.

Lithe breathed out fumes of fire at Fay, who was awkwardly still recovering her balance.

A bolt of electricity struck the ground in front of her, creating a wall of rocks and dust that shielded her from the flames.

Vixie suddenly appeared beside him and bit his back.

Lithe howled in pain, ducked, and jumped as he breathed out a blaze on the ground below him, sending him up like a miniature rocket, and carried Vixie with him. They were almost over the tree tops when Lithe stopped as Vixie yelped in panic. He grinned and grabbed her, and bit her nape as they both started falling back down.

Shock appeared below them, ready to catch her. He was instead showered by a wave of fire.

Lithe used Vixie as a cushion as they landed on Shock. He jumped and breathed another wave of fire to counter Fay's shadow ball. He then howled in pain as he landed, and wobbled. Two green leaves were stuck on his side.

Fay's tail glowed once more. She ran and jumped, and spun her body to slap her tail on him.

Lithe growled, and bit her glowing tail. The Rattata yelped as he pulled his head on one side, and slammed the Rattata on the ground on her back. He then breathed fire around and above him, burning the spores that were falling towards him.

Saur tsk'ed as he took a step back. “He knows us too well.”

Lithe growled and charged towards us.

I yelped and ran a safer distance, but Saur stood his ground. I skidded to a stop and witnessed just in time to see Saur slammed his head against Lithe. Saur was thrown back.

Lithe then breathed fumes of flame at Saur, and then turned his glare at me.

I gulped and took a step back. I then stared at my friends. Shock and Vixie were both unconscious. Fay was out cold. Saur was smoking...

“We Arcanines are born of strength,” Lithe hissed, turning his whole body to face me directly.

My ear twitched when I faintly heard someone from far away shouted someone's name...

“And no one stands in our way!” Lithe shouted, his body ablaze once more, and charged towards me.

F*ck, I hope that old trick still works! I quickly dug my paw on the ground and with all my might, threw sand and pebbles at him. I then quickly ran to the side, but Lithe turned an—

“ACK!” I wa...


I fell on the ground, my back feeling completely...hurt... I ignored Bill's stupid question if I was alright as I...

...oh, goddamn hurts to freaking much...

“That's it?!” Lithe growled. I slightly opened an eye and saw him already standing in front of me. “What does she sees in a pathetic fur ball such as yourself?!”

He bit my nape, and I was too weak to even yelp or cry. I felt air rushing to me, and the next thing I knew, I felt myself landing on the ground...hard, and rolled twice before I stopped on my side.

This too much... I wanted to cry...but I can't... I can barely move my body... Everything sounds so peaceful and quiet now... I could actually hear the gentle rustle of the gentle breeze against the blades of grass, the rumbling thunder that came louder and louder by the second, the angry female scream shouting Shock's name...


A tiny on my nose, causing me to jerk to consciousness. I gasped for air, and coughed as I saw through my blurry eyes a sparking Pikachu a few meters in front of me.

“Who are you?” the female Pikachu asked. “And where is Sho—” she gasped, and suddenly ran towards me. Well, not really towards me, but she stopped close. “Shockie? Shockie?!”

Lithe must have tossed me close to them... The Growlithe stood from a distance, and shook his head. “I'll take the Vulpix, if you don't mind.”

“What happened here?”

I coughed... I coughed again... I tried coughing louder this time...

Finally, I felt two paws grabbing my head. “Hey! Hey, you're awake!”

“He won't be, soon enough,” Lithe growled.

“Gr...” ugh...talking hurts as well... “Growlithe...fed you...sleepy berries...”

Though blurry, I could tell the female Pikachu blinked in confusion. “He did what?”

I hope this lie works... “ hurt...Shockie...”

Hey, if I die, at least bring along the one who killed me.

The Pikachu gently put my head back down, and if I wasn't in total pain as I already am, my ears would have felt another wave of pain from the angry shout and violent roar of thunder from the Pikachu right next to me.

“B-B-Bill...” I hissed, barely even hearing my own voice from the loud clash of fire and lightning. “Tele, please...”

...a flash of light.

...yellow hands...

...a flash of white...

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Chapter 56
“Vixie,” I said as I stared at the setting sun as Vixie and I sat on a rock on this beach. I turned to her.

“Hm?” She was smiling as she stared at the golden orb that slowly returned to the sea. Her fine and beautiful(bleah) features were highlighted magically.

Unfortunately, none of these magical things were affecting my confusion, and I was pretty sure my face was showing it. “Where are we?” I then turned around, and looked around. The place seemed really peaceful and quiet, which disturbed me. “And the others?”

I looked at her.

She looked at me. She smiled.

I frowned.

“They're not important,” she said softly.

I arched an eyebrow.

She placed a paw on top of my own. “Not right now, at least,” she said as she leaned close.

I awkwardly leaned back, but I froze when our noses touched. I saw a weird shadow from the corner of my eye, but my gaze were locked on Vixie's beautiful eyes that made my throat dry.

She moved her head up, and licked my lips and nose in the process. She giggled as I jerked back, and I fell down on the sandy ground on my back.

“Wh-buh-hu...” Yeah, I'm a jumbling-mumbling mess at the moment.

Vixie poked her head over the edge of the rock, smiling down at me. Smiling down... Smiling as she eyed down... Oh god...

“No!” I shouted as I noticed her preparing to...drop herself on me. “No! No no no no no—” I tried to run away, but was too late, she was already on top of me, grinning as her two paws pinned my shoulders down.

“You've been a naughty prey,” she growled, grinning.

My heart raced as I actually felt my pupils shrunk to dots.

She suddenly bit my neck with a ‘rawr’. Well, not really. I mean, she did bit my neck, but not forcefully. She just bit my fur, and shook her head as she growled, all the while eying and grinning at me. ...and she was slowly working her way down.

I suddenly felt my shoulders were freed. I quickly pushed them up, if only I could. I suddenly found my paws, separately wrapped by two green vines, and forced them on the ground.

I shouted in horror as I then saw Fay and Shock — both grinning like maniacs — each holding down my hind legs as Vixie hungrily eyed my—!


“Wow...” a voice echoed everywhere as I shut my eyes and waited for the inevitable. “You're a weird one if these arousing dreams are what you considered as nightmares...”

I ignored that annoying echo-voice as I tried to calm my racing heart by breathing fast and hard...shut up, brain.

I slowly opened an eye, and it was dark. Well, it was dark. Everything around me was dark.

I felt happy. I seriously felt really happy. Oh, god-damn it, it was all just a stupid dream!

I chuckled. I was still shaking all over, still breathing fast, and heart still racing, but I chuckled. Damn, I never felt so relieved.

“Definitely a weird one...”

I slowly rose up into a sitting position, and looked around. Weird that I can clearly see my own paws as if there was light, but everything around me was dark. Shouldn't I be awake by now?

I took a breath and called, “hello?”

Something suddenly appeared a foot or two in front of me. “Hi.”

“Darkrai!” I shouted, jumping back and...and...what the heck am I supposed to do here?!

“Whoa, whoa! Easy!” he(?) said, waving his hands at me. Weird that I could actually see his features clearly despite the dark background. His white wavy ‘hair’ was...well, waving? And his light-blue eye, wasn't so...threatening? “I'm not going to hurt you!”

I...just froze there. Darkrai, right? A nightmare legendary than can turn itself into a shadow and can jump at you without you even knowing?

He sighed, dropping his hands on his sides. “Sorry about the nightmare I gave you. It happens each time I come near someone who's sleeping...”

...I guess I've pictured him way too wrong? “Darkrai?”

He strangely sighed in relief, and nodded. “Yes, that's me.”

I blinked. “You' You're weird.” Is that even the right word to use?

He rolled his eye. “Says the one who considers having a sexy dream a ‘nightmare’,” he said.

I arched an eye. I shook my head. “Whatever. It's just that I...” I waved a paw, “...I pictured you to be more...tough? Serious? Scary?”

He actually chuckled. “Try being with Mew for a millennia. She managed to rub her childish ways on me,” he shrugged.

I shook my head. “Okay, so uh...” I looked around, despite knowing there was nothing else to see around here. I ended up facing him, still feeling awkward. “You paid me a visit?”

“Yes,” he nodded as he floated there.

I waited a few seconds, thinking he'll say something more. But after a few awkward and quiet seconds of nothing, I cleared my throat. “Um...why?”

He blinked in surprise. “Oh, right!” He fidgeted awkwardly, making me arch an eyebrow. “Celebi says you're” he waved a hand at me. “...human?”

I blinked. Wow, I didn't expect that. I nodded, feeling slightly hopeful.

He awkwardly scratched the back of his head. Damn, this Darkrai is weird... He completely destroyed how I pictured him. “Well um, Arceus sent me here to tell you that he'll look into it.”

My hopes...dropped like an anvil as my eyebrow soared like a rocket. Am I being treated like those annoying agents on the phone? Arceus, the ‘god’ of all Pokémon, just told me to ‘please hold’ and hung up? “Bullsh*t.”

Darkrai just blinked.

I stomped a paw on this dark ground and hissed. I glared at my own paw as I gritted my teeth. My eye twitched as I felt my blood boil.

...but why? Why the heck am I getting angry? Arceus just got notified that I shouldn't be here!

But what the actual f*ck! He just told me to wait for a moment? Can't his godly powers just, I dunno, send me back?! What the heck is far more important than my—!

I gasped and looked up. “You!” I shouted, stepping back and pointing a shaky paw at the blinking Darkrai. “You! You're the...y-you messed with the evolution gem thingy!”

He blinked. “What?” he asked with a flat tone.

“You're the one who caused every single Pokémon to devolve!” I shouted, feeling stupid that I'm actually saying this on my lonesome. He's a freaking legendary! Dream or not, he could kill me here if he wanted too, and I'm actually giving him a reason to!

I turned tail and ran away as I chanted to myself to wake up. This is a dream. MY dream, to be exact! And I want to wake up!

“What are you doing?” Darkrai's voice echoed as he hovered beside me.

In actuality, I seriously have no idea if I was really running or not. He was just...hovering there, staring weirdly at me.

“For the record,” he said, crossing his arms, “I did NOT tamper with the evolution stone.”

“Lies!” I should probably just shut up now. No idea why I felt like I shouldn't. “You're a dark-type! The Scizor told us that Mew felt your darkness around that stone!” I should also stop running now... I'm just tiring myself, strangely...

He blinked at me, uncrossing his arms. “Well, yes. Mew did told us she felt a dark essence there...” He closed his eye and shook his head. “But that wasn't me.” He opened his eye and stared at me. “I haven't been there before. So,” he actually shrugged again, “I have no idea where that stone is located.” Then he glared at me. “And even if I do,” his voice sounded...loud and scary, making me wince and stumble down.

I gasped as I felt his cold arms picking me up, helping me to stand back up. “C-cold arms,” I shivered.

He shrugged as he let me go. “Anyway, no, I didn't do anything with it.”

I looked down on the ground. “Then who?”

“No clue. And we legendaries are trying to figure that out as well.”

I looked up at him. “For two months now?”

He scratched his arm with the other. “Well, actually, almost three months now, and it's rather difficult to solve this mystery if all we had was that dark essence to go by...”

I tilted my head to the side. “Then why not ask Dialga to open some time-portal thing to see what happened in there?”

He blinked. He blinked. He blinked. And oh, he blinked. “Huh...” he whispered. “We never thought of that...”

I facepawed.

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Chapter 57
I woke up, and found myself staring at a white ceiling. I felt tired all over, and I wanted to fall back to unconsciousness. I could have easily have done that though, but after I turned to my left to have a more comfortable position on this comfy bed of mine, the crestfallen faces of Saur and Shock shook my sleepiness away. The two of them plus Fay were all seated on the bed right next to mine.

"Um," my throat felt itchy and dry. "Hey guys."

Saur and Shock just glanced at me, and went back to staring down. Fay, on the other hand, who's back was on me, turned to flash me a...rather pained smile.

"Hey, Jay," Fay chuckled, lowly. "Good to see you're awake."

It's strange that Fay was the one who greeted me. It felt like Shock or Saur should have been the ones doing the greeting. I forced myself up into a sitting position and ignored them for a short while as I scanned my surroundings.

We were inside a white four-walled room. The wall close to the bed's head had nothing but two picture frames. Opposite to that wall only had a door. The other two walls had glass windows, where I could see a hallway on the other, and a city under the golden hues of a...rising or setting sun.

I saw a bowl of water on the middle of my bed though, and beside it was my black collar, with a few holes on them. Huh, I guess that thing kind of saved me from Lithe's bites. Anyway, I satisfied my thirst first, which helped me with my throat problem. With that done, I returned my attention back to my friends.

I just then noticed their bandages. Saur around his forehead, Fay around her stomach, back, a paw and her tail, and Shock on one ear, and around his chest and back. I inspected myself and noticed that I had some around my neck, stomach and back, and on my right paw.

"So," I said, "what'd I miss?" I then slightly looked around again, double-checking. "Where's Vixie?" Not that I really care that much, anyway. She's a tough cookie.

I noticed my friends wince, making me arch an eyebrow.

Fay chuckled nervously at me. "Um... Lovely weather we're having?"

I furrowed my brows at her, ignoring the growing worry within me. "Fay. And the rest of you. Where's Vixie?"

Shock turned to look at me, and he tried to glare at me. Tried though. The intensity of his glare, and...weak, and... "Why would you care, anyway?" He looked back down on the soft white bedding. "You don't care about her, anyway."

I gritted my teeth, forcing my mouth to not bite on that one. I turned to Saur. "Saur," he winced slightly, but didn't look away. "Where's Vixie?"

"She's...still recovering."

I blinked at him. I furrowed my brows as I glared at him. "No lie?"

He shook his head, slowly. "No lie."

I sighed in relief, if only slightly. I then rolled my eyes. "Sheesh, so she's still recovering. That's good to hear, right? Or..." I suddenly felt my throat dry again. "...she's not dying, right?"

"Of course not!" Shock suddenly shouted at me. He gritted his teeth and hissed as he looked away.

"What the f*ck is wrong then?!" I shouted back at him. He ignored me. "She's alive and recovering! What's the big deal then?!"

"The big deal—" Shock shouted as he turned and glared at me, and this time, I felt his glare, "—is that she's—!" he stopped. He opened and closed his mouth several times, but he sighed in frustration and looked away again.

Saur looked worried at him. "She' another room."

"A-and um," Fay stammered, keeping her back on me, "we...we just don't know if she's already awake or not! Yeah!"

"Uh huh," was my only flat reply. Yeah, I'm not buying it. I wore my collar back, and winced during the process, and glared at my so-called friends. I was about to ask why they were lying when the door of the room suddenly swung inward, Nurse Joy and a tall Chansey coming inside.

"Good afternoon, every—h-hey!" she yelped as I jumped down, bore the pain from landing on my four paws, and scurried out of the room.

Fay and the others called for me to come back, but I ignored them. They're clearly hiding something, and it's about Vixie, too.

The hallway felt really big and long for a small one like me, but I finally reached an intersection of sorts. I turned left, for it had the brightest of lights out of all the three.

Up ahead was the main hall of the Pokémon Center. Y'know, where trainers come in and out, and where another Nurse Joy was stationed at the counter. That's what's up ahead. A few inches in front of me was no other than a startled Vixie, and if I hadn't stop in time, I would have crashed into her.

"Vixie!" I gasped, taking deep breaths as I suddenly felt how tired I was for bearing my painful body.

She was surprised. She was conflicted. Her mouth curved in a loop of smiles and frowns.

I actually felt...relieved to see her okay. I smiled, but now that I'm here...erm... I should probably say something other than shouting her name though. Maybe after I've caught my brea—

"There you are," a teenaged boy said, stepping a few feet behind Vixie, who winced after she heard the guy. "You seriously need some training and discipline if you're going to run off like that!" The guy said as he pulled out a small Poké...ball...

My mouth dropped open in shock at the sight of the Pokéball, and I ignored the slow footsteps of my friends coming closer from the hallway behind me.

"Vi...Vi..." I stammered. I couldn't...believe it... I...

She looked away.

The Pokéball grew bigger after the trainer pressed the button on the middle of the device. "I already have an Eevee if you're looking for a good time. But," he pointed the ball at her, "that would be your reward if you decide to be a good Pokémon."

"Jay... I..." Vixie said, looking at me with tearful eyes, but she couldn't finish whatever she was going to say. A red aura enveloped her, and soon she was absorbed into the trainer's Pokéball.

"Vixie..." I nothing...

"Go find another Vulpix, Eevee," the guy said before walking towards the exit. "It was trouble enough to catch her from those rampaging Growlithe and Pikachu in Viridian Forest." He shook his head. "Caught that strong Growlithe though, which is nice."

I snapped and inhaled sharply at that.

"Tsk, but that Pikachu got away. Missed that Abra, too..." he sighed.

Time seemed to slow down as I stared at the trainer's retreating form. Vixie was captured, by that guy... He stood in front of the door, waiting for them to slide open.

...he caught Lithe as well...

"Jay..." Fay whispered behind me.

I ignored her as I watched the trainer walk out, and as I felt hot all over...

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Chapter 58

A huge and tall mountain stood taller than its neighboring mountains. From afar, one could say that half of the said mountain was already covered by the thick and peaceful white clouds. In reality, it actually does. Its peak was as white as snow, going down until it was only a few more kilometers before it reaches the area where mountain's earth and the clouds itself touched each other, where hues of brown and green colored the mountain until it's very base, with a wide and blue water crashing down.

The tall mountain's base was overgrown with trees as old as time itself, housing many magical creatures of different species. Some flew, others walked and crawled, and others swam. The forest was full of life and chatter as the creatures prepared to embrace the darkness of the night as the sun beyond began to set.

However, a strange wind blew on tree tops, silencing the creatures who've felt it. After a second, silence governed as each creature froze to concentrate on what it was.

Something was wrong, they thought. Something was approaching, they felt. Something big.

There it was again. That strange wind. It blew in the opposite direction of the calm air current. Everyone shivered.

Finally, something boomed, a strong gust of air blew over the trees as a bright and white light broke through the space far above a clearing. Some shrieked and yelped as they tried to hold their ground, trying their best not to be blown away, even though the shockwave of air wasn't strong enough to blow anything away but loose twigs and leaves.

A huge purple creature leaped out from the large portal. It looked down before it dropped itself on the clearing below. The gigantic creature would have created a miniature earthquake if it didn't hover a few feet above the ground before landing as gently as its massive body could. It still made a loud thud! when it landed, but it was better than a miniature earthquake, it's black companion clearly pointed out to it.

“Huh, I'm impressed,” the black and small one said as it hovered just beside the tall creature's shoulder. This one was small that the giant purple one could actually eat it in one gulp. “That's actually a very big progress that you've showed me, Palkia.”

Palkia rolled its red eyes as it slightly shook its head slightly.

Another giant creature, a dark blue one, emerged from the portal up above. The newcomer floated down slowly and landed gently beside the purple one. Blinking, the blue one darted its red eyes left and right as it looked around.

“Hm...” the blue one said as the portal high above them disappeared. “I was expecting your fourteen-hundred seventy-eighth crater, sis.”

“Hah hah,” the pink one glared at the blue one. “Your head could use a good crater.”

“Now now, you two,” the dark one said, floating in between them. It actually softened the giants' glares. “We don't want to destroy the other creature's homes around here, now do we?”

“No, Uncle Darkrai,” Palkia grumbled.

Darkrai nodded at Palkia before it turned to the blue one. “Dialga?”

Dialga sighed, and then rolled its eyes. “No, Uncle Darkrai. We don't want to make the lives of those puny creatures to be more miserable than it already is...”

Darkrai quietly stared at the blue one.

Dialga grumbled and turned its eyes on the tall mountain. “Can we please just get this over with?” It turned once again and glared at Palkia. “I don't want to be anywhere near her.”

Palkia growled low. “We actually agree on something for once, brother.”

Dialga flashed a small smirk. “What? You can't stand yourself as well?”

Palkia roared at Dialga, it's gauntlet-like arms glowed bright pink as the air was filled with an other-worldly hiss.

Darkrai sighed and floated in between their line of glares. “I'm still here, you two...”

Palkia growled long and low as her arms dimmed and went back to normal, its glare never leaving its brother's teasing smirk.

Darkrai sighed again and murmured to itself, “I could use one of Mew's stolen candies right about now...”

“I can give you one if you'll let me punch a hole on that blue bastard's face.”

“Deal!” Darkrai suddenly said.

Dialga gasped in surprise. “Wh-what? That is not fair!” he cried.

“I was joking,” Darkrai said before turning its attention to the tall mountain. “Jokes aside, I ask you two to bear each others presence and work together of solving this mystery.”

“Fine,” the siblings grumbled in unison.

Darkrai then turned to the blue one. “Dialga,” it extended a hand, gesturing at the mountain. “If you may?”

Dialga nodded and took a step. And another. And another, until his two giant front legs were barely touching the lines of trees. He stared at the mountain, his gaze working up, up, and up.

“Hm...” Dialga hmm'ed as he slowly worked his gaze back down. “Sis needs to go away while I do this one...”

“What?” Palkia asked, angry. “I didn't ask you to go away when I opened that portal to get here!”

Dialga looked over his shoulder to glare at her. “I'm serious. Your space-aura might break the time here and of the time I'll be opening.”

Palkia and Darkrai blinked at him. Dialga ignored them and returned his attention back on the mountain.

Darkrai turned to Palkia. “Do as your brother asked, Palkia.”

“Grr...fine,” she turned and walked to the other edge of the clearing before turning back, ignoring its strong tail from creating a strong sweep on the trees behind her, eliciting a lot of startled cries as a cloud of earth, dust and leaves slowly settled back down.

Darkrai sighed and rubbed its head.

“What?” Palkia asked in annoyance...and in complete innocence.

“Nothing,” Darkrai simply said before turning back to Dialga. “Good enough?”

Dialga simply shook his head.

Palkia huffed. “Fine!” She extended her wings and flew up, much to the small creature's relief.

“I should try and calm her down,” Darkrai noted as it eyed the floating Palkia up above, who was obviously glaring daggers at Dialga. “Will you be fine on your lonesome?”

Dialga simply nodded, and Darkrai flew to Palkia.

Palkia stared at the approaching Darkrai, which helped her in calming down, if only for a bit. As soon as Darkrai settled on hovering beside her shoulder, she returned her angry gaze at her brother down below.

“Who do you suppose have caused this mess?” Darkrai asked, only to receive a low growl as a response. Darkrai rolled its eye. “Oh, but of course you'll blame him.” It crossed its arms as it stared at the concentrating time dragon. “But my bet is on that Cresselia. I still think she wants to frame me of causing this.”

“You and Aunt Cres are really angry at each other...” Palkia spoke out loud.

“I could say the same to you and your brother.”

Palkia growled lowly at that.

Darkrai crossed its arms. “It's not really my fault if Mew favors me more than her.”

Down below, Dialga had his eyes closed as he concentrated. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, his pupils glowed in hues of white and blue.

“Now...let me see...”

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Chapter 59

The air was cold and still, and undisturbed.

Nothing could be heard but the occasional droplets of water that either lands on solid ground or on a small puddle of water.

A loud booming noise suddenly erupted from the used-to-be-dark cavern, which was now engulfed in bright white flashes of light as an enormous portal appeared from one of its walls.

The cave-dwelling creatures of the area shrieked in fright. Some flapped their leathery wings to fly away, while those bound on the ground worked their claws, feet and slithery bodies to flee from the sudden source of their terrifying awakening.

A purple creature leaped out from the portal —THUD!— and bumped it's massive head on a giant stalactite, much larger than the wincing purple dragon.

“Is it too late to say to watch where you're going?” a blue dragon said as it emerged from the very same portal and landed gently on the cavern floor below.

The purple dragon hissed and dropped itself down, crushing a stalagmite or two in the process.

A small and dark creature then emerged from the portal, and hovered in between the giant dragons.

Finally, the swirling portal vanished, washing the cavern once again in total darkness.

“It's too dark in here,” muttered the dark one, “even for my taste...”

“Oh?” the blue dragon said as it began to radiant a faint blue aura around its massive body. “That is strange to hear, coming from you, Uncle Darkrai...”

The faint blue light was enough for the three creatures to see enough detail of their surroundings.

Darkrai shrugged, and then looked around. “I believe the gem should be...around here?”

“Palkia must have made a mistake...” the blue dragon glared at the purple one.

Palkia hissed at the blue one, as its body started to glow with faint purple light. “Be quiet, Dialga. It was you who have told us where to go.”

“Visitors of the gem, perhaps?” a voice echoed in the cavern, silencing the two arguing dragons. A gray spherical boulder suddenly began to move from a corner. Slowly, strong sets of arms and feet pulled out from it. It stood, turned around slowly, and an old yet smiling face greeted the legendary trio. “Are you here to test and see if you are worthy of evolution?”

The trio blinked at him. Palkia wanted to break the piece of rock for not addressing her as a legendary. Dialga was in awe for it was his first time for a normal creature to address him normally.

Darkrai was just wondering how a rock could move and talk. Then again, he already have seen a living ice cream and a living cotton candy in one of its and Mew's adventures a long time ago. Then again, he probably have already seen living rocks before, though he probably didn't pay them enough attention to care for their existence.

Blinking back to the scene at hand, Darkrai floated lower and settled in front of the old Golem. “We're...”

“Huh,” the old Golem scratched its chin in wonder. “You are a weird-looking Dusknoir, if you don't mind me saying.”

Darkrai just blinked at him. It doesn't actually know what a Dusknoir is, nor is the Pokémon before it. “Yes. Excuse me, old...rock thing, but may you tell us where the gem is?”

The Golem nodded. “You are very lost if you've reached this high part of the mountain. The gem is located far below, though—”

Palkia roared as she created a massive white portal underneath the four of them. They all glowed in white as the portal absorbed them, and vanished the instant they landed on a rather very well lit cavern.

The creatures living in the area yelped in surprise from the four's sudden appearance

“—I wonder how you could have missed it. The Pokémon living around the entrance of this mountain would have directed you there,” the Golem continued to explain.

“Is that it?” Dialga asked, staring far ahead where the light was coming from.

“Huh?” the Golem asked, turning to the same direction. “Why yes, yes that is it.” He smiled. “My my. How did we got here so quickly? I must be getting very old if I couldn't notice the time...”

The giant dragons ignored him as they flew towards the light.

Darkrai said its thanks and good byes to the old Golem before floating after them. As it followed them, it noticed that there were fewer and fewer Pokémon around the cavern, until there were no more. Or maybe some of the rocks lying around are probably sleeping Pokémon, it thought.

Emerging from the tunnel-like cavern, Darkrai noticed that the gem was glowing brightly, but not bright enough for it not to notice it's crystal-like features.

The gem had an almost transparent color, and towered even beyond the large cavern's ceiling. It stood in the very middle of a calm body of water, where other smaller and almost-transparent stalagmite-like gems surrounded the giant gem.

“Reminds me of that large crystal in Anistar where Mew visits her friend Dian...Deian...” Darkrai said as it stared at the crystal. “...the name escapes me at the moment...” It then turned to Dialga. “You said that whoever was responsible came here, correct?”

Dialga nodded. “It was during ... as you call it, a new moon. The darkness of the evening could easily hide its presence, but it's companion was easy to spot.”

Darkrai nodded. Dialga have told them that he saw two beings stealthily going inside the cave. They were suspicious, but it could have been nothing. But he kept on watching that timeline, and after almost an hour after the two creatures went inside the cave, a much darker-colored wave of energy erupted from the colossal mountain.

Dialga's eyes started to glow.

Darkrai took notice of this. “Is it okay for you to see through time in here?”

“We are in a closed space.” Dialga replied automatically. “Palkia's presence won't be a hindrance.”

Palkia was silent, but it took a few steps back, just in case.

Darkrai followed Palkia by giving the dragon of time some space. It hovered back and settled on floating beside the dragon of space.

Dialga glowed in a faint blue light. Faint white wisps of other-worldly aura swirled around him as he concentrated. Hiss fin-like metal-gray wing glowed in white. Finally, Dialga roared, creating a wave that grayed everything around them. Everything except for the trio of legends, where Palkia and Darkrai blinked and turned to see two four-legged creatures emerging from the long tunnel behind.

The two beings, just like their surroundings, were removed of color. The one walking up front was darker. It had a sleek body, two pointed ears and a bushy tail. Its ears and tail had a lighter shade of rings on them.

The other quadruped creature had a lighter tone of color. It had slender legs and dainty paws. Its ears were large, it has tufts of fur near its eyes, and had a small gem on its forehead.

Darkrai held a breath of awe. Never have it thought that they could actually see the events of the past. Why Dialga never have done this while outside puzzles it. It probably has something to do with closed spaces, as Dialga mentioned earlier.

“There it is,” the darker quadruped creature said in awe, it's voice that of a male.

His companion shivered and stopped. It nervously took a look back at the dark tunnel behind them. “I...I am starting to doubt that this is a g-good idea...” she said, her voice that of a female, her tone full of doubt and nervousness. She looked back at her male companion. “I...I really think we shouldn't be here.”

“What's with you?” the dark one asked in annoyance as he turned around to glare at her. “We've done so much research and already gotten this far! We can't stop now!” He looked back at the brightly-glowing tower of gem. “We'll be the greatest Eevees in the whole world! We can evolve to our different evolution branches at will! We'll be the first two that could achieve such greatness! We will never have to worry about being weak to other elements! We'll be invincible! We'll be...” he paused, took a breath, turned, and smiled victoriously at his doubtful companion. “...legendaries!”

“Insanity!” Palkia growled, creating a distorted wave around them.

“Hush, sister,” Dialga said in annoyance, his eyes still glowing as he stared at the scene of the past. “Don't break the sequence, or you might accidentally alter the past.”

Palkia growled lowly, not understanding this whole time-thing Dialga was spattering about, but altering the past is bad, that much she knows, so she kept quiet and controlled herself as the scene before them continued on Dialga's command.

Actually, now that she thought about it, changing this exact moment in the past wouldn't be a bad thing, would it? She is not certain, but she will have to remember to ask this to Arceus if she were to be given a chance of meeting it.

“Now, come on!” the dark one said in a mix of excitement, impatience, and annoyance, snapping Palkia's attention back to the scene. “Let's begin the extraction!”

“The...extraction...” Darkrai repeated in a whisper as it and the two dragons watched.

The lighter one gulped nervously and slowly, slowly, walked towards her impatient companion.

“Ugh...” the dark one growled, hurried behind his startled female companion, and pushed her forward with his head on her— “You're in heat? Already?” he asked with a slight shiver of excitement. “Is that why you're being so nervous?” he chuckled as he stood beside her, and nuzzled her neck.


“Don't worry,” the dark one whispered, still nuzzling her. “After this, we'll deal with that problem of yours.”

The lighter one shivered, but tried her best to nuzzle him back. They have been together for a long time now, going out on adventures. He promised that this would be their last adventure. After this, they'll settle down, start a family, and live a peaceful and loving life together. That recollection alone made her feel confident enough to swallow her nervousness. After their little show of affection, she took a breath and nodded, looking at him with determination. “Okay. For our last adventure.”

The dark one arched an eyebrow, and chuckled. “Last? Hey,” he nuzzled her again. “Every single day together with you is an adventure.”

Darkrai took note of that one. “Celebi might learn a few things from these couple.”

Dialga rolled his glowing eyes.

“Okay,” the dark one said, stepping aside and turned his attention at the glowing tower of gem.

He and his partner adjusted their paws and started concentrating, their energies making their bodies glow faintly.

A melodic hum started echoing around the cavern, making Dialga blink in confusion. The gray scene before them started to fade as Dialga lost his concentration.

“Dialga?” Darkrai asked, turning to the dragon. “Is something...”

The cavern they were in was back to normal. They were now seeing their own time, where the evolution gem was humming as it glowed brighter and brighter.

“...wrong...” Darkrai breathed out.

“Evolution,” a new voice said, coming from the tunnel. The tree legendaries turned and saw the old Golem slowly walking towards them. “My my. It's been such a long time since I last saw the gem this bright.” He took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the glowing gem before he addressed the confused legendaries. “Right. So, which one of you has been granted of evolution?”

The three blinked at him.

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Chapter 60
“Jay!” Shock shouted in surprise.

I gritted my teeth so hard as I glared daggers at the retreating trainer. I ignored the burning sensation that I felt and ignored how bright my surroundings were at the moment. He captured Vixie, and I wanted nothing more than to—

A gasp. A lot of them. I saw the trainer turned around and regarded me with a surprised look.

He should be, for I already ran and leaped towards him, my long front paws pushing his chest back, and he landed outside on his back with a thud. He yelped in pain. He gasped in surprise as I growled and leaned my angry face towards his.

“Release her!” I shouted.

He gasped. “Y-yo-you can talk?!”

I sensed something. I wanted to rip him apart right here, right now, but instinct kicked in and I jumped away from him, in time to avoid the fast-moving squirts of water from a Squirtle and a Poliwag.

I growled at them, but kept my eye on the gasping trainer. With a trembling hand, he pointed at me in fear. “Th-that Flareon can talk!”

“I know!” another trainer from the crowd outside said with a confident grin. “And my sister and I will catch it!”

“Right on, bro!” a younger female trainer said with confidence, and pointed a hand at me. “Poliwag! Bubblebeam!”

“Assist with your water gun, Squirtle!”

I growled and easily took a step to the side to dodge the fast bubbles. My vision brightened so suddenly as I glared at the approaching water gun. I allowed it to hit me, and I felt myself be absorbed by the water as I swam towards the yelping Squirtle. I growled as I splashed out from the water, and quickly felt my whole body ache in pain as I zapped the two water types with electricity.

“Wh-where'd that—!?”

I landed, and jumped out of that spot as soon as pillars of earth erupted from there. I glared at the Sandshrew. My body ached once more, but I didn't care as I saw the shrew slowly turned around as I was suddenly behind it. I growled and threw the shrew up with a torrent of water. I felt myself sliding up with the water, and I leaped out and found myself above the yelping ground type.

I felt my leafy bangs glow and harden, and I used it to slash and cut the shrew as we fell down. I used the bleeding thing as a cushion of my landing, and I then blew a wild fume of fiery breath at the sparking —and yelping— Magnemite.

My body ached, but I ignored it. I growled at the gasping crowd, and I furiously looked around as more Pokémon popped out into existence, readying themselves to battle.

I growled again, furiously leaping out to dodge thrown rocks as I countered by swinging my head to throw razor leaves at a Geodude. I growled as I zapped Spearows and Pidgeys. I glared as I floated a flailing Machop into the air and spun him around me and hitting the other surrounding Pokémon. I fried a sporing Oddish. I bit an Abra on its arm, ignoring its psychic energy around me, and tossed it at the crowd of yelping trainers. I headbutted a Mankey and threw a shadow ball at a Gastly. I sent angry psychic waves at a cringing Ekans as I pinned a Slowpoke down. I electrocuted a Psyduck after I froze a Diglett.

I was angry, and still am. He's not here. Where is he?! I jumped high and dodged low. I fired back and held my ground. Where in blazing hell is h—

Down a path, a lone figure was running away. It was him. It is him. I roared to the heavens as I wrapped my surroundings in flames. I grit my teeth and fixed my glare at the retreating trainer as I blew a cold and wild blizzard around me. I kicked the ground and left a roar of electric thunder from my wake. And a startled gasp greeted me as I stopped in front of the trembling trainer.

He gulped and stepped back.

I growled and took a step forward.

He moved his right hand.

My eye twitched.

He pulled out a Pokéball.

That's not the one.

I quickly swayed my head, stabbing a leaf on his right shoulder.

He cried in pain. He was about to run away.

I froze his feet.

He stumbled down.

I walked slowly yet angrily towards his frightened form.

“Pl-please,” he cried as I put a paw on his forehead and pinned it down on the ground. “D-don't hurt me...”

“Let,” I slowly said, my voice no longer sounded like my own, but I didn't care.

I glared at him, as I trembled from pure rage and anger. My mouth watered as I eyed his throat. I wanted to bite him. I wanted to chew him. I wanted to rip him. The fire within me is uncontrollable, almost.

“...the Vulpix,” I slowly said, already finding it difficult to talk.

Something inside my head is kicking in. It's not a Vulpix I wanted to save. It was something else. Someone...dear... Confusion only made me even angrier, and I growled loudly right in front of the trainer's wincing face.

“...GO!” I shouted, releasing sparks of fire, ice and electricity around me. My body was aching too much that I could no longer feel anything but my anger. My eyes were going black and red, and this pathetic excuse of a trainer is pulling my killer instinct out of me.

“O...okay...” the trainer replied, quietly and fearfully.

I growled lowly as he slowly and carefully moved his left hand towards his belt. I glared at his shaky eyes as sweat streamed on his face.

Soon, he slowly pulled his hand back, and shakily showed me a Pokéball. “Th-the Vul...” he gulped as he pressed a button behind the Pokéball. “Vul...pix is inside. I am...” he flashed a very small yet trembling smile. “...r-releasing her now...o-okay?”

Her... Not even the boiling lava of my own anger can stop how lovely that sounded. Her... Who...was she...? I know her... I should...

Did he caught her? Is that why I'm angry? Is he releasing her? He better be!

A popping noise snapped me back and my eyes quickly left the trainer and settled on the white blob of energy. Time somehow slowed as the white energy slowly formed into an Eevee... Yes... Yes, an Eevee. That's what she Eevee. She was an Eevee... I am an Eevee as well... I promised that it would have been our last adventure together... and then... and then...

...and then a confused Vulpix came out from the white energy...

Vulpix... Vulpix... Why is she a Vulpix...?

No... She wasn't a Vulpix... She was an Eevee, just like me! I growled and raised my paw up high, ready to cut this trainer's head off. I glared as the fires within me were fueled once more.

“No!” the trainer cried, closing his eyes and turned his head away, as if that would save him. “Please! I-I just want to g-go home!”

My breath left me as my mind suddenly went blank.

Home... Home... That word. It sounded so...

Home... That...that was my goal... Wasn't it? Home... Eevee... Home... Espeon... Home... Vulpix... Home... Human...

I took a sharp intake of breath as I felt how painful my body suddenly was.


That voice... It sounded so familiar...and so foreign at the same time. I gritted my teeth as I tossed around. My body is painful... Argh!!!

“Fay! Shock! Saur!”

That voice... It's her! No! Th-that's not her! That's not her voice! But it is! Aaaccckkk!!!

It's too hot! It's too cold! Sparks... Snow...!

“Jay!” a voice shouted, “s-snap out of it!”

“Jay?! T-that's Jay?!”

AAAHHH!!!” I shouted as I felt unbearable pain coursing through me. I felt a lot of energy that coursed in and out of my body! I shouted as I looked up, but I couldn't see anything other than colors of red, blue, white, yellow, black...and others...


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Chapter 61

... ...

... ... ...

I feel so...light...and at peace...

I see nothing but black. I guess I'm asleep or dreaming once again.

It's...weird though. I feel like I'm floating in outer space, without the tiniest hints of light from any star, near or far. Weird, but it kinda also felt so...soothing.

I...kinda like it here. My mind feels at ease. I feel awake, yet asleep at the same time. Lucid dreaming, maybe? Wait... I didn't accidentally went inside the spirit world, like in that Insidious movie, right? That would suck.

I looked around, or at least, I tried to, but while I feel so at peace and so relaxed here, at the same time, I could also feel nothing at all... I don't feel the fur on me. I don't feel my limbs... I can't even feel my heartbeat.

At least I still have a mind for thinking all of these stuff... Eh, this is definitely a weird dream.

But why am I here, anyway?

“You lost consciousness.”

Well, that's a rather obvious thing to say. Even I could have concluded that. I just don't know why I went unconscious in the first place.

“...what do you last remember before you blacked out?”

Huh... I dunno... Lemme think...


... ...

... ... ... Well, I remember...that V-Vixie was caught by a trainer... kinda feeling angry about that though. I guess I want to rescue her, or something, but I'm not really sure if I should. I mean...I shouldn't really care, right? Shock pointed that out to me, but...why do I really care, anyway? It's not like I like her.

Um...that last one was a lie... I do like her, as well as the rest of my friends. I guess, as a friend, I just don't want her to be caught, just like myself disliking the fact of getting caught...

I dunno... But whatever. I should probably try to wake up to help Shock and the others to formulate a rescue plan or something.


Why? I just told you: she's a friend. Just like Fay told me before: friends help friends.

“What about home?” step at a time, Darkrai.

“...I am not Darkrai.”

Eh? Sorry... I thought you were Darkrai, since, y'know, you're with me in my dream or whatever this place is. I in a coma? Or maybe you're a Pokémon that is feeding off of my dream like a Drowzee? Are you a Drowzee? dreams taste good?

“...I am not a Drowzee, either.”

Oh. Uh... An Exeggcute? A Genga—er...Gastly? Any Pokémon that knows the move Dream Eater? Or are you another legendary that shares Darkrai's ability of visiting dreams. Cresselia, maybe? Wait, your voice doesn't sound feminine, so scratch that one...

“...I can't believe how noisy you are...”

Well, excuse me for not being able to do anything else than think! So uh...who or what are you?

“...I am you.”

Har har... What movie was that from? I've watched a lot of movies before I woke up in this world, and so if you were ‘me’, then you'd have no trouble answering my question.




...oi, you still there?


...drat. Way to go, me! You scared him off with your yapping mind. Now I'm left all alone, talking, er, thinking to myself... That's a weird thing to say.

Ouch... Okay, where'd that come from. I suddenly felt...pain on my...everything. Ugh, the pain is getting worse and it's irritating that I couldn't move to ease them. Ack... Okay, calm down... How the heck can I calm down!? I am in pain! Well, it's bearable at least, but the helpless feeling of not being able to move to do anything about it is...irritating...and annoying...and ugh...

At least I can faintly hear voices now. I guess I'm slowly waking up. Thankfully. Weird. I guess this his how someone feels when they're in a coma. I did read that the brain is still aware of the surroundings. After I figure out how I ended up like this, I'll try my darnest not to get into this kind of situation again!

“—and then Jay glowed again and changed into a Leafeon and slashed that poor Sandshrew with the leaf on his head—”

Ugh... Fay...

“—and he glowed again and changed into a Flareon before he landed and burned that Magnemite! But then more and more of those human-captured Pokémon came out of nowhere and swarmed him!”

“Fay...” I groaned as I shivered from the cold air I inhaled.

“But Jay was too quick and was changing so fast that not even the swarm of many Pokémon could stop him! There was fire and water and lightning and...and...everything! And then—”

“Fay...” I hissed as I rolled on my belly, slowly, and rubbed my aching head, as if that would heal my aching body. “..shut up...”

“Look who decided to return to the land of the living,” Shock's voice reached my ears. He sounded like he was sitting beside me, and was smirking at me.

“—huge blizzard that almost froze everybody outside that healing human building thing and then a loud BOOM of thunder sounded from where Jay once stood! The next thing we knew, he was already far far ahead, in front of that—”

“Tell her to shut up...” I groaned, gritting my teeth and barely managing to open my eyes to bear the pain I felt. “My ears are painfully ringing...”

I heard Shock chuckle, but he called Fay to keep her mouth shut, which I was thankful for.

“But I was about to tell Vixie the best part!”

“Oh, for the love of hotdogs,” I hissed and then took a sharp intake of breath. “SHUT UP!”

Finally... Peace and quiet.

“You okay?”


I sighed, bearing the pain by grinding my own teeth. “...I think so...”

I felt a nose on my neck, and then it went into a nuzzle. I was too occupied with my own pain to even care that Vixie was nuzzling me. “Thanks for rescuing me,” she said quietly.

“Oi,” Shock said, “Saur, Fay. Let's give these two lovebirds some room, shall we?”

“S-Shock...” I hissed.


“F*ck you...”

He chuckled, and then I heard a series of fading footsteps as Shock ushered Fay to come along.

Vixie already pulled her nose away from me and we were both quiet for a while before I felt her lying down on the ground beside me.

“A-are you still in pain?”

“Nnn...” there's no point in lying, because it's obvious. I just wished she didn't ask the obvious as well... I sighed. “Yeah, b-but I can't really remember why...”

I felt her whiskers on my cheek. She probably shook her head while being so close to mine. “From what Fay told me, I couldn't blame you.” She went quiet for a short while. Finally, she laid her head besides mine. “Thank you.”

I felt my heart race...and it felt painful as well. But...strange that I like her close like this. Maybe it's because I'm hurt all over. It's...nice to have someone there with you when you need them to...just be there. If she could help me stop this pain, that'd be great, though I doubt that she could do that.

I chuckled lightly. I tried to shrug, but eh, I couldn't. “T-that's what friends are for, right?”

“Friends...” she whispered. “...can't we be more than that?”

“Um...Vixie...” I said, “...I'm in pain right now, so uh...can I postpone to answer that one?”

She sighed quietly, her breath smelt of...berries. “I doubt I can take a ‘no’ after what you've done.”

I sighed. “About that though... I couldn't really remember what happened...”


“All I remember was that...I was staring in shock at your trainer—”

“Ex-trainer,” she corrected.

I guess the rescue was a success. “Right. Ex-trainer... That, and I felt like I needed to...” I trailed off.

“Save me?”

“Um...” I finally managed to open my eyes without any sharp pain and I saw her eyes reflecting mine, which made my heart go even crazier. “ tell the others that...we need to get you out?”

She chuckled, and pulled her head back a bit, which I was thankful for. “In other words, you wanted to save me.”

I sighed, rolled my eyes, and closed my eyes.

...and then I felt a soft, wet, and slightly cold...thing on my cheek.

I opened my eyes in time to see Vixie had licked my cheek. “...eewww...” I cringed.

She chuckled, and then she laid her head on top of my head. “This feels nice...”

I deadpanned. “Horay for being a pillow in pain...”

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Chapter 62
“I evolved?” I asked as we sat on a bed in one of the Pokémon Center's rooms, where Bill was furiously filling the air with his furious typing noises on his laptop.

“Yup!” Fay cheerfully chirped, bouncing a bit from where she sat. “You evolved into a Flareon! And then a Vaporeon! And then a Jolteon! And then—”

I arched an eyebrow and turned to Shock. “I evolved?”

“—an Umbreon! And then an Espeon! And—”

Shock shrugged. “I saw it happen. I still don't believe it.”

“—then a Leafeon! And—”

I turned to Saur. “I evolved?”

“—then a Glaceon!”

Saur just smiled and nodded.

Fay suddenly blinked, and her smile turned into a confused frown. “And that weird pinkeon with tentacles worming around you.”

“That's a Sylll—” I shivered at the sudden pop-ups of images in my head about the ‘things’ I saw on the internet about that girly 'mon. Brr... “...a Sylveon, Fay... Anyway...”

I shook my head and turned to Vixie, who was annoyingly leaning on me, and resting her head on my shoulder.

“Ahem,” I said, pushing her off of me a bit. I failed to get rid of her smile, unfortunately. “So... I evolved?”

“Yep,” and she went back on leaning her head on my shoulder again...

I sighed, and turned back to each one of them. “Okay. So, I evolved, as you claim, right?”

They nodded.

I frowned. “Then why the freaking hell am I still an Eevee?!” I held a paw up, stalling Fay's deep intake of breath. “And more importantly, how the hell was I able to evolve into different Eeveelutions?!”

“Eeveelutions...” Saur quietly repeated with a smile and a nod. “I like that.”

I glared at him. He shrugged.

Shock cleared his throat. He raised a hand, extending a finger for point number one... “For your first question, we do not know.” Second finger. “For the other one, WE should be the ones asking THAT question, not the other way around.”

I frowned.

“So, how'd you do it?!” Fay asked excitingly.

My frown deepened.

Saur chuckled. “Jay doesn't seem to know either.”

Shock arched an eyebrow at me. “Our party's weakest member happens to be the strongest as well, yet he doesn't know how he did it...” He shook his head in disappointment.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, yeah. How sad, isn't it?” I glared at him.

I was being sarcastic. They didn't notice. I sighed.

I pushed Vixie away and turned to Bill, and noticed that his Murkrow was sleeping beside his laptop. What was her name again? I think it rhymns with lies... Eh, whatever.

“So,” I said, stopping for a moment when Vixie finally stopped pushing her head back on my shoulder. “What now?”

“We wait for Krys' group,” Saur calmly replied.

Fay nodded cheerfully.

I blinked. Oh yeah. I almost forgot about her. “Where are they now?”

Shock shrugged and pointed a paw to Bill. “That human Bill guy over there last said that they were following Scizor's group.”

I blinked again. “To where again?”

Shock sighed. “Ever since you evolved, your brain doesn't seem to work anymore.”

I glared. “Well, excuse me for waking up and suddenly feeling like I could have been fried to a crisp!”

“Wouldn't that be a wonderful sight to see.”

“Shock!” Vixie gasped.

The Pikachu waved her off with a hand. “I was kidding. Sheesh, you're being over-protective of your mate lately...”

I frowned. “We're not mates.” I noticed Vixie's frown from the corner of my eyes, and I sighed. Here we go again... “Anyw—”

“Jay,” Bill called.

We all turned to him.

Bill turned, slightly carrying the chair as he turned so he could face us directly. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine, I...” I suddenly felt how free my neck was. I touched my neck with both paws, and yep, no collar there.

“Ah, right,” Bill said, smiling sheepishly as he scratched his head. “The collar the time I got to where you were resting after that...incident.”

I turned and glared at Shock. “See? I was fried!”

Shock just rolled his eyes as Fay giggled.

“Anyway,” Bill said as he returned his attention back to his laptop. “While you were sleeping earlier, I took some blood samples from you and—”

I gasped. It wasn't enough to break his concentration on whatever was on his screen.

“—compared it to the other Eevees from the trainers that were here.”

My eye twitched. I hate needles so much. Just imagining myself being stabbed by... I shivered, and Vixie was quick enough to lean her head on my shoulder again. I sighed.

Bill turned his laptop for us to see two large images side-by-side. It was that aurora-like-rainbow-thingy-thingy again. Bill was frowning at he turned back to us.

“There wasn't any difference, as far as I can tell...”

Well, that was useless information. I frowned. “Can I have my blood back?”

Bill shook his head and returned to his laptop. “Professor Oak went back to Pallet Town so he could do his own research better. And...” he trailed off. He was already absorbed by his laptop that waiting for almost a minute for him to continue became pointless now.

“So...” I said as my friends turned to each other. “We wait?”

Shock nodded. “That's the plan, yes.” He suddenly shook his head. “But I don't like staying here for long.” He looked around. “Feels like we're captured and forced to follow that human.” He looked back at us. “We're leaving.”

I arched an eyebrow. “We leave to...where?”

Shock shrugged. “Nowhere.” He turned to the only window in the room, smiling at the calmly rolling white clouds on a blue sky. “It's a big world out there. There are still so many things for us to see.”

I rolled my eyes. “When did you become so poetic?”

“Shut up.”

I chuckled. “Anyway, so we'll go on an adventure while waiting?”

Shock grinned at me.

I turned to the others. Fay was smiling happily as usual. Saur was smiling calmly as usual. Vixie was annoyingly leaning her head on my shoulder, which I am hoping will not become a usual.

I sighed quietly. Our little group started this little adventure of ours so that we could get to Professor Oak, since that's where Bill was, in hopes for me to return to being human.

We ended up with failure, since Bill can't help me with my situation.

I am still kinda waiting for Celebi, or any legendaries that might bring me the word that Arceus is finally going to help me.

Waiting... Waiting...

Am I just going to sit here and wait? I could. That's a safer option. I thought of that as well when I was in Oak's lab. I ended up working with them to at least help solve the devolution mystery, with the promise of them helping my situation. The promise ended up being nailed in the waiting list... Also...helping them, I kinda didn't like it. It wasn't about me...

Selfish I may sound, but I am truly not supposed to be here. I need to go home. The legendaries, as far as I've seen, are powerful, and they can help me, and it's going to be worth the matter how long?

Shock wants us to go on an adventure...the five of us. But for what? I think I'm satisfied with the knowledge that I have about this world from the animé, game and manga. I don't really want to experience everything firstha—paw... And there's also t— “Eep!”

I jumped aside in a jolt after I felt a wet lick on my cheek. I stared in disbelief at the giggling Vulpix.

“You think too much,” she said.

“And welcome back to reality,” Shock grinned with an eye roll. “So, what do you say?”

I sat down, leaned down, wiped my cheek on the soft bedsheets, and stayed lying there with a confused sigh. Bad idea. Vixie laid her head on my back. I grunted in annoyance.

“You two look cute together.”

“Shut up, Fay.”

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Chapter 63
It's been two days now since my friends and I left Viridian City. I doubt Bill would be happy that we left though... But I did left a note.

Holding that pen on paws was freaking difficult that I had to ask Saur to wrap a vine around it, and I just used my paws to guide the pen on what to write. The letters we wrote wer squigly, but it was readable at least. We could have used his laptop though, but Lais might notice and wonder what we were doing. That, and it's probably protected with a password.

Anyway, I still didn't like the idea of leaving. Then again, waiting would be boring...and my friends threatened me that they'll leave me and Vixie behind. NOT want to take care of Eggs!

...what? I'm not that oblivious. From what Vixie has been doing, it's obvious that she'll force me at some point in time if she ever gets the chance...

I shivered, not from the cold night air.

I sighed, and then stared back at the vast sea of stars up in the heavens. My friends and I took yet another Tauros ride on Mister Tauros. I was actually quite surprised that the herd were just about to go back to Johto when we arrived there. Mister Tauros was more than happy to give us a ride, which we were quite thankful for.

I lied on my back, so I could stare at the stars properly. Vixie's head was on my chest, and she was sleeping peacefully. I got tired of shoving her away. That, and her body heat helped a lot in staying warm during nights like this one. It's probably good being a fire type, I guess.

...or are they maybe constantly in heat?

I chuckled quietly at my own terrible joke.

My friends were already sound asleep. I'm still quite surprised that we all can sleep comfortably on a single Tauros' back.

I sighed again and caught a glimpse of a shooting star. Aside from the constant sounds of hooves on ground, I heard quiet sounds of awe from a small number of awake Pokémon who also asked for a ride on other Tauroses. Yeah, shooting stars are really a cool thing to see at night. Sad that we had so much light pollution back home though. No one there could actually take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the night sky truly is.

My ear twitched when I heard Shock mumbled something from his sleep. I suddenly remembered the weird look he and the rest of my friends gave me when I suggested that we return to Johto.

I took an hour to think about Shock's offer of going out on an adventure. There really was nothing there for me to gain, so I thought a lot about the things that I might get from adventuring.

I suddenly thought about my favorite Pokémon movie. The third movie. The Unown. After I saw the Jirachi movie, I dubbed the Unowns as the true wish makers.

If the legendaries are busy solving the evolution mystery, then I would try and see my chances with the Unown. I already told myself that I shouldn't heavily base everything on the animé and manga, but eh, it's worth a shot. Besides, Fay and Saur liked the idea of seeing the Ruins of Alph.

According to Saur, the old daycare couple used to tell him and the other Pokémon some stories, and included was the mystery of the Alph Ruins. Saur shared some things about the story, but I couldn't remember any of it right now. Eh...sleep is probably and finally getting to me.

I yawned. Long. Wow, I guess sleep finally caught up with me. I wonder what time is it now.

So anyway, Fay liked the story as well, so she's excited to go there. I also dug a little something about my friends' past. Apparently, Fay used to visit the Daycare often, just to snatch some free food if she felt lazy of fighting other Pokémon for berries in the forest. That's how Fay and Saur met.

“Mmm...” Vixie suddenly mumbled, her ear twitched a bit. With eyes still closed, she rose to a sitting position, though slowly. I'm guessing animals can do those while asleep. As I thought, she used a hind paw to scratch behind her ear, and then she went back to lie on my...

I stifled a gasp. She lied her head a little too low for comfort. Zip it, brain. Anyway, I carefully and gently grabbed her head and dragged it back on my chest.

Huh, strange... I kinda like how my paw rested behind her neck like this. Feels nice, actually...

I sighed as I gently stroke her neck's fur with my paw. I hate to admit it, but I really am starting to like her... Which is wrong... Super duper wrong. I shouldn't be attracted to her. I'm human, for f*ck's sake, and she's...just an animal. animal that could talk and think. An animal with emotions. An animal with a conscience...

I've been torn away from my home for far too long, it seems. There are still humans here in this world, sure, but I'm not... They treat me differently here... Bill already knew I was human, but I could barely feel him treating me like one. I guess I just miss the normal days of my life back home... I wonder if that cute girl back in the office misses me...or maybe I'm just a nobody to her and she already found a guy to be with. Sigh...

This sucks. This really sucks.

I like Vixie, yeah, and so are my friends. But I'm starting to like Vixie more, and it feels so so freaking wrong. We need to get to the ruins while I could still control myself. I just hope I won't regret this later down the road.

I sighed again. Damn, where did sleep went off to? It was suppose to make me fall asleep minutes ago...


... ...

... ... ...

I wonder how Krystal is doing.

If the Unowns can help me return home, I wonder how the heck can I let Krystal know. Maybe I can ask my friends to do it? Hey, it's going to be another adventure, so chances are that they might do it.


... ...

... ... ...

I should get some sleep. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea right now. All of those thoughts made me kind of depressed...

“Night, Mister Tauros,” I whispered.

“G'night, kid,” he replied.

I stared at the stars for a few more moments before sighing and closing my eyes. “Night, guys,” I whispered as I stroked Vixie's neck one more time. “Night, Vixie...”

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Chapter 64
I heard my friends' voices as I rushed back to them.

“—and they said that the trainer got really bad burns, and his Growlithe disappeared.”

That was Vixie's voice... I turned and finally reached them, who were seated in a circle, eating berries, and were outside the edge of this forest.

Shock nodded as he chewed. “Sounds like Lithe alright.”

A three rhymed words combo. Nice.

“Saves us the trouble of informing his mates,” he added with a smug grin. “If we see them along the way, that is.”

Vixie sighed as her ears drooped. “I just hope to never see him again.” She looked up in time to see me arrive. She instantly brightened, which made me roll my eyes. “Jay! How was it?”

I glared at Fay as I sat beside Vixie. “Remind me not to eat rotten Makigarp meat ever again.”

“What?” Fay asked innocently. “It was deliscious.”

Shock and Saur suddenly stared at the berries with disgust.

“Or anything rotten by that matter. Anyway,” I cringed before I turned to Vixie, “it...went well, but...” I closed my eyes and shivered. “A...a Poliwag saw everything.”

“So?” Shock asked as he took another berry.

“I still don't get this whole ‘privacy’ thing for just taking a poop out of your system,” Fay said, giving me a confused frown. “I do it all the time!”

Thank the heavens that I have never seen any of it, and I plan of keeping it that way.

“Exactly,” Shock added before taking a bite.

I glared at the two of them. “Well, excuse me for being a descent and proper human. What? You expect me to take a dump here while you guys eat?”

“As long as you don't poop on the berries,” Saur calmly said.

“Or on any of us,” Vixie joined in on the teasing.

I groaned, ignoring their chuckles. “Yeah, yeah... Laugh it up.” I took a berry and was about to take a bite when Vixie interrupted me.

“So, what was so bad about a Poliwag seeing you doing...that?”

“Aside from the fact that it saw everything, which is disgusting, and creepy, and weird, and a violation of my privacy and concentration...” I ignored Shock's rolling eyes, “it also...” I suddenly lost my appetite, slowly returning the berry back. “ also”

“Which is...?” Shock asked as he chewed.

I sighed, and groaned. “It...wanted to...l-l-lick my butt clean.” There. I said it. Goddamn it, I know wiping my butt with this body is close to impossible, but damn, that Poliwag...

Vixie choked on a berry as the rest of my friends burst out laughing. At some point, as I helped Vixie recover from her choking fit, Shock choked, but kept on laughing anyway...

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Chapter 65
Goldenrod is a really big city.

My friends and I walked outside the city's border, hidden behind the safety of the trees and bushes from any human eyes. I don't want to risk them seeing us, or ME, and then try to catch me, and ruin my day.

Despite that though, I felt really glad to see the golden city under the morning glow of the already risen sun. Memories started flooding back in, the good, the fun, and a whole lot of annoying and bad memories as well.

...I suddenly felt a great pang of guilt. I wonder how Kit is doing...

“Well, well, well...”

...Well, that answers that question.

We stopped and looked up, and saw the Meowth standing on two legs on a thick branch, staring at us—or at me—with piercing eyes. He was also slightly tossing a gold coin up with a hand, while the other was resting on the tree. “Never thought I'd see you again.”

“Who are you and what do you want?” Shock asked. I cringed at how straightforward and stupid that question was.

Kit didn't respond as he jumped down and landed in front of our party. I winced slightly after I saw some clear and furless scars around him.

“Do you know him?” Vixie asked, who was beside me. She must have noticed my reactions.

“Oh, he definitely does,” Kit glared at me. “And I'm here to settle a score with him.”

I gulped and took a step back, as my friends turned to look at me. I just smiled nervously. “Eh...heheh...uh... Can't we about this?”

He clenched a paw and punched the palm of his other paw. “No.”

Loud rustling noises echoed all around us, making my friends and I to look around. I turned back to Kit, and saw him flashing a wicked grin. He showed the coin, one side had a Meowth face, the other had a Meowth tail.

“You've put me in a lot of pain, Eevee,” he said as he tossed the coin up in the air. He then caught it before it could land on the grassy ground, and showed us his paw, and the coin with a Meowth's face. “It's your turn.”

“I was in a lot of pain that time, too, y'know!” I shouted, but it was completely drowned from the loud battle cries of many many many different Pokémon that jumped out from the sea of greens, and each one of them were ready to hurt us.

... One shockwave, heat wave, swift wave and leaf wave later...

All of them were painfully wincing on the ground, barely able to move or even groan in pain.

I nervously stared at the Meowth, whose mouth hung agape in shock, losing his grip on his gold coin. “So, um...” I took a few steps forward, so I would be in front of my friends. I cleared my throat and calmed myself down. “Kit, listen.” I frowned. “I'm sorry for what happened. I was...just desperate to get home... I still am...”

Sounds of rushing footsteps from afar reached our twitching ears. I turned and saw people running towards us from the city.

“Time to run, guys,” Shock said, running away, followed closely by Fay and Saur.

Vixie ran to my side and nudged me to move. “Let's go, Jay!”

I gasped at the realization that I was just simply standing there. For a moment there, I completely forgot that I was still an Eevee. I looked back and saw that Kit was no longer around. I sighed internally and ran after Shock, with Vixie following close behind.

Away from the area of the battle-that-wasn't-really-a-battle, we reached a small clearing where Shock and the others were waiting for us.

“Okay,” Shock said as I sat down to catch my breath. “Who was that cat and why does he want to hurt you so badly?”

I slightly shook my head, still catching my breath. “I guess I'm starting to get my very own Lithe.”

Fay blinked in confusion. Saur arched an eyebrow. Vixie just stared blankly at me.

Shock glared at me.

I sighed. “Remember that wrecking ba—accident that I caused in the city?”

“The only thing we know about it was that you were the one who caused it,” Fay said, strangely in a seriously confused tone.

Saur nodded. Vixie sat beside me.

Shock crossed his arms and was still glaring at me.

“Kit was there,” I said.

“You almost killed him?” Shock asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No!” I yelped. I stopped. I gulped. “M-maybe?”

Shock sighed. “Explains why he wants to hurt you so badly.”

“He agreed to help me!” I reasoned.

“Which was stupid of me,” Kit's voice echoed from the trees.

We turned and saw him lazily lying on his back on a branch, glaring at the small gaps of the sea of leaves up above while casually playing with a coin on a paw.

“Round two?” Shock dared, taking a step forward. I grabbed his tail and tried to pull him back.

Kit closed his eyes and tsk'ed. “You guys are too powerful.” He stood up, opened his eyes, and glared at me. “Expected from used-to-be evolved Pokémons.”

“For your information,” Shock glared at him. “I never evolved into a Raichu, and I don't plan to.”

“Why?” I blinked, letting go of his tail.

Shock turned and blinked at me. “...because they're fat and slow?”

I shrugged. “Eh, good enough. Anyway,” I looked back at the glaring Meowth. “Look, Kit... I am really, really, really, REALLY, sorry for what happened!”

“That's four ‘really's’,” Fay chirped suddenly.

I ignored her and continued, “I was scared that they'll take me away and never let me go home again.”

Kit hissed. “Bill. Returns. A. Month. Or. Two.” He shook his head. “So what if they'll take you in? At least you get free food!”

“I like free food,” Fay chirped once again.

“Not now, Fay,” I sighed and pushed her to Saur. “Kit, I couldn't wait that long. The longer I stay here, the longer I...” I bit my lip and took a glance at the curious Vulpix beside me.

“Does he know?” Saur suddenly asked.

I blinked and look at him. “What?”

He gestured his head, pointing at Kit. “Him. Does he know?”

Does he know what? I don't get it.

“That you're a human...” Vixie quietly whispered.

Oh...that. I shook my head. “No, he doesn't.”

“Keep it,” Kit suddenly said as he went back to lying on his back on the branch, his angry gaze on the leaves. “Keep your stupid reasons and secrets to yourself. I don't want to carry it.”

“Good choice,” Shock said.

I glared at the Pikachu. He ignored me. I sighed as I stared back at the Meowth. “So...we're cool?”

“Meh,” Kit said, unamused. “Just leave already before I decide to call your dog friends.”

“Dog friends?” Vixie asked, looking at me.

I sighed. “How are they, by the way?”

“Better with you no longer there,” Kit replied calmly, yet his voice still felt cold.

I winced. I regret what happened. I didn't mean for those things to happen, but what could I do at that time? They were holding me down, so I had no choice. But still. I took a step forward as I took a deep breath. I looked back at the Meowth, and wanted to apologize again, but his angry eyes, even though directed at the leaves, still were...

I sighed, my ears drooping. “L-let's just go, guys...”

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Chapter 66
Two days after that Kit incident, my friends and I stood on a tall hill, and we were staring down at the peaceful town a few rolling hills away. It was a beautiful and peaceful town, being painted by the wonderous glow of the setting sun, and the tall tower beyond it was really breathtaking.

It would have been a magnificent sight if I didn't say the “oops” word that time.

Shock turned to me and gave me a very, very icy stare. “What do you mean, ‘oops?’”

I hid behind Vixie's side, staring apologetically at the glaring Pikachu. “Eheheh... Um... We...might have made a wrong turn...”

Shock's eye twitched, and then he groaned as he rubbed his forehead with both paws.

“Well,” Vixie said, smiling at me, and then looking at the town. “That village looks really nice. For humans, at least.”

“It's Ecruteak City...” I replied as I mentally slapped myself 'cause I've been calling it a town from the start.

“Ehku-huh?” Fay's face scrunched in confusion.

I ignored her. “The ruins is south-east from here...”

I wonder how we missed the route to Violet City though. I guess we were probably asleep on Mr. Tauros' back while we were passing there...

Shock sighed. “Anything you want to do here before we move on?”

“We can rest here,” Saur suggested.

Shock gave it some thought before nodding.

... Those events were yet another two days ago.

My friends and I were now seated on the edge of a forest, quietly waiting for Saur, who was talking to a Mantine by the river. The ruins were really visible from here though, but damn, this river is big! That, or my small body is making it look big. Though the ruins does look far away from here.

While Fay and Shock were busy arguing about clouds being a Pokémon or not, I was lying on my stomach on the grassy ground, groaning in annoyance as Vixie ‘groomed’ my backside by licking and biting my fur. She has tried to do this in the past few days though, but I managed to push her away and stop her. This time, I was too freaking tired to say no, 'cause we didn't get some sleep last night 'cause there were trainers who decided to catch Pokémon in the night.

“You really need to clean yourself more often,” Vixie whispered.

I groaned. “I don't want to choke on my own hairball.” I sighed as she went back to grooming. “Seriously, there's water literally right in front of us! Can't I at least just take a bath there? What you're doing is really, really disgusting!”

“I actually feel jealous.”

“Oh, go kill yourself, Shock,” I hissed as I glared at his chuckling form.

I suddenly yawned like I haven't yawned in my life, and licked my lips as Saur called us. The Mantine then dived underwater, making me arch an eyebrow.

“So?” Shock asked as we got there.

Saur shook his head with a frown. “None of them are willing to take us there.”

“Well, that sucks,” I sighed.

“See?” Fay stared angrily at Shock. “I should have been the one to ask those meanie rays!”

I doubt she could even catch any of their attention.

...or maybe she could. But eh, the results would still be the same anyway...

“So, what now?” Vixie asked.

“We go around it,” Shock said as he stared at the ruins.

I blinked at him, and looked left and right. “Seriously? This is a big lake!”

“It's a river,” Saur corrected.

“Rivers, lakes, seas,” I rolled my eyes, “they're the same bodies of water.”

Saur shook his head. “No, they're not.”

“Whatever,” I sighed and sat down, wincing that I sat on my tail a bit. Hey, I'm starting to know how to control it, but still kinda not used to it. “I'm still too tired and sleepy...”

“All of us are,” Shock pointed out.

I looked around and spotted a group of Pidgeys. “Can't we ask them to fly us to the other side?”

Shock wondered what I was talking about. He turned, and scoffed. “Good luck.”

I turned to glare at him, but my gaze fell on Fay, who was cheerfully humming to herself as she swam in circles in the river.

Hm... I turned to Shock. “Can you swim?”

He tore his gaze from the ruins and turned to me with an arched eyebrow. “Yes?”

I nodded and looked at Saur. “You can swim?”

He just blinked at me.

“I'll take that as a ‘no.’” I then turned to Vixie. “How about you?”

Vixie frowned at me, and then frowned at the river. “I...can...yes... B-but I don't do it often...”

I nodded. “Good enough.”

“Oi,” Shock called. I turned. “What are you up to?”

“Water jet ski,” I said, turning to the river. I hope the water's enough to rid of our sleepy status condition. “...minus the ‘jet’ part.”

“Hm?” Fay stopped and floated, blinking at us.

Shock was grumbling, but I couldn't hear what he was saying 'cause his mouth was under the water. Fay was humming cheerfully as the two of them swam ahead.

A vine was wrapped around their back and belly, pushing the frowning and floating Saur along, his abdomenal-parts completely under the water's surface.

Vixie was trying her best to stay out of the water on top of the frowning Bulbasaur, while I tried my best not to let go, holding onto Saur's bulb as I kicked my hind legs against the water to at least contribute something.

...I can't swim, by the way.

“This is fun!” Fay shouted ahead.

“This is, by far,” Saur said, wincing a bit when Vixie placed a paw on his head for balance, “the stupidest thing you've come up with, Jay.”

Vixie yelped when she almost lost her balance. “V-v-very stupid,” she gulped.

I am trying to control my nervousness, 'cause if I let go, I'd drown for sure, so I ignored them and the strange looks we were receiving from the eyes of the many water types around the river.

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Chapter 67
The closest that I could describe the ruins though, was that they looked like they were made out of bricks that were used to build the pyramids back in Egypt. The entrances, I mean, since they all lead inside this huge mountain. Anyway, yeah, these bricks were old and yellow, and so freaking huge! I haven't really gone to see the pyramids myself but, I've seen images online.

And just like the pyramids, the walls here have patterns on them. They looked like they've been carved, and then painted black. Whatever paint the old people or Pokémon used, it sure could withstand the test of time! I mean, just wipe the dust away, and I could still clearly see each and every Unown markings that were written.

I was quite thankful that Shock and the others were stubborn enough to rest first before we went inside. After a good rest and...a berry-filled belly...we went inside and began our little exploration inside one of the many entrances that didn't have any human presence.

At first, we went back outside 'cause it was too dark. Shock volunteered to shed some light, but he might be drained out of energy if he did, reminded by Vixie. Shock argued that he was stronger than before now, but still accepted that fact. So Saur volunteered, absorbing some sunlight and his bulb actually glowed while we were inside the dark chamber!

Do Bulbasaurs normally learn Flash? Eh, whatever...

Aside from the fact that the place was dark, the air here was also cool, and carried the smell of old and...weirdness. I can't describe it pretty well. It just felt really weird in here. The closest I could guess is that we were feeling a faint psychic wave around the place. If that was true, then that would explain why we could listen to the Unown through the radio in the games.

I haven't played HeartGold or SoulSilver, unfortunately. I skipped to Black after Ruby, and then skipped to X. Damn, Unown knowledge is pretty useful right about now...

Anyway, Saur and Fay were on one group, chatting quietly yet excitingly. They sounded really amazed though. Shock went on his lonesome, studying a different wall, while, as usual, I was stuck with Vixie.

I decided not to trouble myself with her for now. At the moment, I'm wondering where on earth these Unown messages start...

“May I ask,” Shock asked, squinting his eyes as he leaned closer to a particular spot on the wall, “what are we looking for here?”

I returned my attention back to the wall in front of me. “I don't know yet.” I started ‘reading’ the letters.

Shock sighed. “That's useful...”

“Hmm...” I hmm'ed as I mentally read what was written on the wall.

“You can read these?” Vixie asked.

Her question broke my concentration, and I blinked as I turned to her. “Y-yes?” I blinked again. “ can't?”

She closed her eyes and shook her head. “Nope.”

I blinked again. “Really?”

“None of us can!” Fay chirped cheerfully.

I felt my two ears droop. “...really?”

“Yes, really,” Shock replied, irritated.

“B-but I thought—”

“Well, you thought wrong,” Shock angrily said. He then took a deep breath, and sighed as he rubbed his forehead with a paw. “Sorry... Anyway, no, we can't.” He took another breath and fully turned to face me. “Wait... You weren't expecting us to know how to read these, right?”

...I guess my sheepish smile was enough of an answer to him.

He groaned and shook his head. “You can at least read these, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah. At least, I think so...”

“Wow, really?” Fay asked cheerfully, hopping from where she stood. She spun around, facing a wall, and pointed. “Oh! Oh! Read this one! Please, please, please, plea—”

“All right, all right,” I hurried over, Vixie following me behind with a chuckle. “Sheesh. Don't wet your pa—fur?”

“What?” Saur blinked.

I shook my head as I reached them, Shock approaching us. “Never mind,” I said.

Fay stepped aside and faced me as she pointed at an Unown letter on the wall. “What does it say?” she asked.

Huh... Strange that this letter followed a blank space. I guess this is a start of a new line of sentence or something. I looked right, to the following letters, and wiped the dusts off of them as far as I could reach just by standing on this spot. Vixie wiped the rest.

“Okay,” I said, squinting my eyes a bit as I realized that whoever wrote these didn't know how to separate each new words with spaces... “It says... ‘us get agua plants grow make food’...”

Fay giggled at how silly I sounded. “You talked silly...”

“Wow,” Shock said with a deadpan, “that was reeeaaalllyyy informative.”

“Well,” I shot him a soft glare, “that's what was written.” I looked back at the wall and wiped the top parts. “Hm... ‘unown act weird many people stand in unown home’... Well, that's something...”

“Try that one,” Saur said, pointing on another wall with his vine. He was pointing at a drawing of a sun.

“Huh,” I blinked as I got closer. I actually didn't expect other symbols besides the Unown letters were used here. “‘Sun too hot we pray unown rain and sky rain’...”

Fay giggled again as Shock sighed.

“This is useless,” Shock shook his head. “There's nothing here but gibberish texts of ancient humans!”

I shook my head. “Wrong,” I said as I read it again, a small smile forming on my lips. “What I just read is proof!”

“Proof of what?” Shock asked, unconvinced.

I turned to him with a smile. “The Unown made it rain that day!”

“So?” Shock arched an eyebrow. “They just rain danced. Drought problem solved.”

“Nah ah ah! That's the thing!” I said happily. “Unowns can't do rain dance, or any other moves! They only know hidden power!”

“What's a hidden power?” Vixie asked.

I ignored her as I looked back at the wall and went to read a random spot. “They can grant requests! They're the true wish makers! Or wish granters? Whatever! Like this one! ‘Food not enough pray unown food and unown give food’!” I ran and stopped and read a random spot. “‘Unown make dead tree alive again!’ Or this one! ‘angry magical beast attack we pray unown protection and unown help us!’ Or this! ‘cannot make mate pregna...’” I took a step back and shook my head. “Whatever! You get the idea!”

I turned back to my friends, a giant grin on my face, actually feeling overjoyed.

“Can't you see? They can help me! They can help me go back home!” I was actually jumping in place from joy. “I can go back home!”

Saur was smiling calmly at me. Fay was smiling and jumping on the spot as well. Shock was somehow smiling at me as well while his arms were crossed. Vixie...has a sad smile.

But whatever. This is good news! Definitely good news! “This is great! Now all we have to figure out is to how to call them ou—”

I landed on some sort of scrabble piece on the floor. I stopped as I stared at the spinning piece on the ground, and then it settled on the floor...and then it glowed in blue... and went back to normal.


The walls glowed in a blue aura, and a few of us yelped in surprised as we grouped together, and nervously staring at the glowing walls.

“Wh-what did you do?!” Shock asked.

“Th-they look pretty though,” Fay said in a nervous tone and followed it with a nervous chuckle, failing to help us calm down.

I...was starting to feel like every hair around my body were standing.

“L-let's get outta here!” Shock said, grabbing Fay and Vixie as he dashed towards— “Where'd the exit go?!”

I gasped after I nervoulsy took a glance up. The others did as well, and we saw a swirling white and blue other-worldly cloud swirling on the ceiling, a starry world in the black and blue hue beyond.

Aside from the faint sparks and air current, an other-worldly hum echoed all around us. The ground was starting to shake as I slowly felt gravity malfunctioned. I felt a vine wrapped around me and saw Saur, already floating, has grabbed me as he grit his teeth, trying not to let his other vine lose its hold on a jagged spot on the floor.

“Jay!” Shock shouted. I turned, and saw him extending a paw towards me. I caught him. “Wh-what's going on?!”

I nervously stared at Fay and Vixie, who were grabbing on Shock's tail. They both looked really terrified... I nervously looked back at the confused and nervous Pikachu. “I...I-I don't know!”

There was a loud noise, and everything went white.

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Chapter 68
White... White...

...and sounds of falling paper everywhere.

...and I just realized that I'm buried in a huge pile of paper.

...what just happened?

“Oh my god!” gasped a very very familiar female voice, and immediately followed by sounds of hands digging through papers. “I-I'm so sorry, Jay!”

A large hand emerged from the papers, and I froze as I saw it bump into my eye.

“Ow...” I winced.

The hand immediately pulled away. “S-sorry.”

The papers slid off of my head, and I saw... “C-Claire?”

I blinked. She was that cute office girl I really wanted to ask out for lunch or dinner or whatever. Fair complexion, long black hair that was tied into a ponytail, beautiful brown eyes... And oh, behind her was...


He was smirking and mouthed the words ‘you're welcome’, then gestured with his lips, pointing at the sorry-looking Claire, and then he walked off.

“What the hell is going on over there?!” shouted the voice everyone dreaded to hear. I gasped and immediately tried to push myself away from the pile of papers that buried my...body...

...I...have human arms...


I yelped and stood up straight. At least, I tried to... I stepped on a few pieces of paper, and I slipped, my back landing on the bed of papers. After wincing for a short bit, a fat and angry face of my boss glared down at me. He held a hand in front of him, his thumb and index finger extended, and almost touching each other.

“You are this close of getting fired, stickboy! Clean this mess up and get back to work!”



I shut my mouth, rolled and pulled myself up half-way before kneeling down, and hurried to pick up the papers. I heard his loud footsteps, getting fainter and fainter, until it was drowned by the sounds of keyboards, printers, yawns, and other usual office noises.

I am still a bit confused as to what just happened. Wasn't I in the Pokémon world a few moments ago? Wait... Wasn't I there many days was I stuck ther—

I accidentally grabbed a very smooth arm instead of paper. “Sorry!” I said as I jerked and let it go.

Claire just shook her head, shot me a sad frown, and went back to picking up the papers. “I'm really, really sorry, Jay,” she said, stacking her collected papers on a trolley that I just noticed. “I tripped...and...a-and almost got you fired, and—”

“Nah,” I waved her off with a few papers I had on my hand. “It's fine. Don't worry about it.”

She looked at me, her frown went further down. “I almost got you fired because of my mess up!”

I shrugged, and continued to act casual, but it was freaking hard to do so with my stupid racing heart. “Eh, I'm still here, right?” I smiled as I put some papers on the trolley. “So really, don't worry about it.”

I saw Mike out of the corner of my eye, giving me a thumbs up and gesturing for me to keep it up. I rolled my eyes. He's one of a few of my best friends here, and he has tried to convince me to date someone already. I just told him that I wasn't in a rush. That, and none really caught my interest before Claire got hired.

I just took notice that two of our co-workers, whose tables were beside mine, started helping out as well. As we gathered the papers, I chance a glance at Claire, and she was still looking quite troubled. I sighed internally as I thanked the two. I turned and wanted to smile at Claire, but she already pushed the trolley away towards...wherever she needed it to be placed.

I frowned and sat back on my chair, and immediately stared blankly at a website that was currently displayed.

‘What was I doing here again?’ I asked myself. Seriously, what was I doing before I woke up as an Eevee? Then again, how DID I woke up as an Eevee?

I shook my head slightly and checked my email. The boss usually sends us emails about the tasks we're needed to do for the day.

I...had a hard time controlling my own fingers... butt felt kinda awkward without that tail... And I suddenly felt colder...

I closed my eyes and once again shook my head. Concentrate, Jay. Concentrate! You're back. You're back. I am back, right?

...y-yeah... Yeah, I am back... I should stop pinching myself now.

I...failed to stop myself from smiling. I suddenly felt really...happy. I want to jump and shout and tell the world that I'm back!

...unfortunately, that might get me fired, so yeah, I'm going to have to contain my joy, at least for the time being.

Okay... Work... Damn, it's still ten in the morning...

Aw well. I'm going to do my task, and then finish this day, and celebrate. But before that, work.

As I clicked on my email on one of the tabs of my browser, I suddenly noticed my Skype icon was flashing an orange circle. Meaning, someone chatted with me. I clicked it, and saw that it was Mike.

“dude!” his chat began. “whyd u hold back?”

“eh?” came my usual Skype reply.

While he was busy typing his reply, I went back to my email and read the task that was given to me. From the looks of it, it was going to be yet another long day, but eh, screw it. I'll finish this and be done with it. I don't want it to haunt me in my sleep later tonight!

“you know what I mean!” Mike replied. “did you ask her out for lunch at least?”

I was about to reply when another person started a chat conversation with me. It was...

“er...” I replied to Mike. “brb”

“hey” began Claire's chat message. “sorry about earlier”

I rolled my eyes as I typed my reply. “it's fine. really” Really, it really was no big of a deal, sheesh...

“i feel bad about what happened” was her reply. “i wanna make it up to you”

I sighed and ignored Mike's reply for a while, as I typed my reply. “fine, fine” I heard the word ‘fine’ had a different meaning to females. But eh, screw it. “what do you have in mind?”

“well” she took a few seconds to continue, so I read Mike's reply. It was just spam, so I didn't bother to reply. “how about ill treat u lunch?”

“Er...” was my reply as I er'ed. I slowly opened Mike's conversation window. “she just asked me out”

“YES!” Mike suddenly shouted from where he sat, his loud voice echoed in the office.

It was then followed by an even louder, and scarier, voice that called his name and made some stop from chuckling.

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Chapter 69
After the double glass doors slid open, Claire and I stepped out of the building where we worked. A gust of dusty air blew past us as I looked around. I stared at the cars moving and waiting for the traffic lights to change. I stared at the tall trees that stood on sidewalks to give some shade and fresh air. I stared at my favorite hotdog stand, where Mr. Kelly had just given a hotdog on a bun to some gangster guy.

“What are you standing there for?” Claire asked, but I ignored her for a moment.

I still couldn't believe that I'm really back. I really am back, aren't I? I could breath the dusty city air. I could hear the city noises. I could even feel the harsh noon sun!


Finally, I blinked and looked at her frowning yet gorgeous face.

“Something wrong?”

“Not...” I slowly said, looking back, and through the glass, I saw Mike sweet talking to the woman behind the information booth. “...sure...” I breathed out as I noticed a few of our coworkers were walking towards us to go out and eat lunch.

“What's wrong?” she asked.

I shook my head and sighed with a small smile. “Nah, nothing...” I turned to her. “Eh, lead the way, I guess?”

She blinked, and studied my expression with concerned eyes. “You' weird...” she said as she moved closer to me, to give way to those who just went out of the building. “If you do anything funny, I'm calling the cops,” she said with a slight glare.

I arched an eyebrow. “Where'd that come from?” I closed my eyes and slightly shook my head. “Eh... I guess I'm hungrier than I thought I was...”

She tilted her head slightly, but then nodded. “Well, that's good.” She turned and stared at some restaurant not too far from where we were. “I may be new to the company, but I'm not new to this city!” She looked back to me as she pointed at the restaurant. “That there's a good place to eat! Good food and price, too.”

I nodded, and tried to feel my wallet through my jeans. The Next payday is next week, if my estimation is correct. Hope I have enough cash left... “Sure,” I said as I turned to the road, just in time to see the pedestrian light turned green. “After you, then,” I said with a small smile.

She nodded and led the way, though it wasn't really needed. We still don't know each other that much, so walking side-by-side would be awkward, to me at least. That, and I could steal a glance at her ass.

...what? I'm a guy! So it's natural for us to do these things.

Anyway, normally, I'd do that, but as I followed her, I was also looking around, staring at the parked cars, taxis, and other vehicles, shops and stores and restaus and other establishments around.

I don't really know. I should really be happy to be back, but at the same time, I also find it hard to believe that I'm back.

...or maybe the thing I find hard to believe was that I went to a new world, leaving my world frozen in time until I returned.

...or maybe, just maybe...I'm trying to spot a creature, or three, with a yellow, purple, or brown furs...

“Here we are!” Claire's voice broke my train of thought.

I turned and saw her grabbing the door handle, and pushed the glass door open.

I mentally slapped myself for letting her open the door. Minus points for being a gentleman, Jay. Damn, I'm having a bad start already...

The place is well-lit. Not too much, and not too dim. Wall was dark blue, I think, and the tables here looked not so classy, with plain maroon table clothes. Chairs were black and looked like they're made of metal.

There were a few diners as well. Hm... I guess they're called lunchers? Eh... Anyway, it's not really a fancy restaurant where some waiter or whatever the guy is called, who stands by the door and escorts you to your table. Nah, here, there were already cooked meals at the counter to my left, behind clean and transparent glass. I guess this is one of those self-service Asian restaus? Anyway, the food there were steaming as I followed Claire.

As she looked at the various food, I already took a tray.

“What will you be having?” she asked without breaking her eyes off of the different food.

I shrugged. “Something cheap that won't put a hole in my wallet.” ...I should probably try not to sound too...uncaring?

She looked at me with a frown. “I told you that I'm treating you to lunch, right?”

...oh yeah. I forgot. I just smiled, shrugged, and play it cool. “Oi, what kind of a guy would I be if I'll let you pay for everything?”

She frowned even further. “A guy who almost lost his job because of my screw up.”

There she goes again. I rolled my eyes and slightly shook my head, and stared at the food, or to be more specific, at the food's price tags. Huh, food here's cheap. “Aaand I told you not to worry yourself about that, didn't I?”

“But still, I—”

“Can you two lovebirds get a move on?” said a very familiar voice behind us.

I gulped, and suddenly found it hard to turn, yet I still did, and saw the boss boringly staring at the both of us. I smiled nervously as I tiptoed to the side, Claire did as well. “A-after you, boss!”

“We're not in the office,” he said, taking a step forward and stared at the food. “So don't call me that.”

I blinked. Weird to see him so calm and not caring like this. Then again, maybe he's just different depending on where he is. Some people are like that, right?

Here, he acts like he doesn't even know who we are. He just made his order, the two middle-aged females behind the counter prepared his food and placed them on his tray, and off he goes to a table by the corner, his eyes glued on a television screen that I just noticed.

Claire stared at him for a few moments before staring back at me. I just shrugged and ordered rice and chicken curry. Claire ordered some veggie salad. Sheesh, females and their dieting habits.

Anyway, I led her to a table, a few tables away from our not-our-boss-at-the-moment boss. I held my tray on one arm and pulled a chair for her with the other. She rolled her eyes, but smiled nevertheless. Score points! After she sat down, I went to my seat and we quietly, and awkwardly began eating. Awkward for me, at least. I was always eating lunch with Mike and a bunch of other dudes in some fast food restaurant. Here though, I'll have to properly hold the silverware while I eat. Y'know, for more plus points. At least the curry taste good.


“Hm?” couldn't give much of an answer if I'm chewing.

“I'm sorry again for what happened,” she said, staring at her salad. “I know, I know... I apologize too much, but I couldn't help it.” She looked at me with a sad frown. “I really felt bad about it.”

I shrugged as I swallowed. “Eh, it's fine, really.” I was already getting tired of saying that answer again and again. Hm... Eh, screw it. “At least I ended up having a lunch date with a cute girl like you.”

“Har har,” came her smiling answer. “You boys are all the same.”

I shrugged. “Can't blame me for trying to steer the conversation to other roads.”

She frowned at that. “If it ticks you off if I apologize too much, then I'm n—”

“Oi, oi, oi,” I said, stopping her. “I never said that. I get it that you felt bad about what happened and all, but, please, when I say it's okay, it's really okay,” I smiled, “okay?”

She took a breath, and nodded. “Okay.”

I nodded and then returned to my meal. “Sorry for interrupting you though.”

“We're switching places now?” she smiled and ate.

I rolled my eyes. “Hahah.”

And we were quiet as we ate. I have to admit, I'm quite surprised how composed and calm I am. I mentally shrugged. But anyway, this silence is a bit uncomfortable, and even though I'm usually the quiet one, I need to say something to break this silence.

“So,” I began, “how's work so far?” It's better than saying that the weather today's nice.

She focused on her meal as she thought about it. “My first week wasn't really that exciting.”

I believe this week's her second week. Anyway, I smirked. “I doubt any week will be.”

“How do you manage?”

I shrugged. “Eh, by listening to music as I do my work. Though that method backfired a couple of times. I erm...couldn't hear if other pipz are calling me, especially the boss.”

She frowned at me. “What's the purpose of Skype, then?”

I shrugged again. “Eh, I didn't question it.”

“Oh,” was her only reply before she went back to eating. At least, for a minute or two. “How long have you been working there?”

“Hm...” I paused from my meal to think about it. “Dunno... Two years and a few months, maybe? I lost count.” I suddenly felt a heavy hand pat my shoulder. I looked back, and froze in the middle of the process.

“Food's on me, kid,” said our boss, and then leaned closer and whispered to my ear. “Nice catch, by the way.” Strange that despite my frozen state, I could actually feel his smirk as he said those lines.

“Eh heh heh heh...” I chuckled nervously as he walked towards the counter. I turned back to Claire. “Phew... Well, that was weird.”

“What just happened?” she asked, staring at the boss.

“He...just paid for our meal.” I guess he really is a different person outside the office.'d he ate so fast?

Claire seemed shocked to hear what I just said. She waited for the boss to leave before turning to me. “R-really?”

I have no idea... I turned to the counter, raised a hand with a thumb's up and with an arch eyebrow, and the ladies there smiled and nodded back. I turned back to Claire. “Yeah, really.”


“Tell me about it,” I chuckled.

She chuckled as well. “Lunch suddenly tastes better.”

I smirked. “Free food always taste better.”

She chuckled, and then we went back to eating. After a few moments though, “hey,” she said, “just curious, but are you um...s-seeing someone?”

...and there it was.

Weird how the times have changed over the years. Before, it was the males who ask the females out. Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, I couldn't help but smile shyly as I suddenly found my almost empty plate to be the most interesting thing to stare at. Can't blame me for suddenly feeling nervous. “ None...” ...Vixie doesn't count. “ the moment...” I slowly stared back at her. She was also looking at her salad. “H-how about you?”

“” She slightly shook her head and looked up at me with a shy smile. “What are you looking for in a girl, anyway?”

I shrugged. “Simple, and cute. Loyal could be an added bonus. I guess...” I swallowed, and shouted ‘f*ck it’ in my head. “...someone like you.”

Her reddened cheeks reminded me of Vixie though. Strange, even I don't know why.

Anyway, we were quiet for a long while until I took a glance at my wrist watch. I almost let out a gasp. Lunch time was almost over. “Okay, I'll be frank,” since time's a-wasting already. “I like you. I started liking you on your first day, while you were introducing yourself to everyone. I don't understand it, but no other girl made me feel” ...and my tongue got tied...darn it.

Whether I blew it or not, it's up to her. At least I told her how I felt towards her, right? If she turns me down, then at least I wouldn't feel so bad...I hope. Anyway...reality calls.

“Anyway,” I slowly and awkwardly stood up, my legs suddenly felt weak and shaky. “Lunch time's almost over.”

“Oh!” she said as I quickly walked behind her to pull her chair as she stood up. “T-thanks.” She shyly said. We then slowly and quietly walked towards the door, her following me from behind. “Can I um...have your number?”

...goal! I couldn't stop myself from smiling. Too hard to hide it and play calm though, but I managed it, thankfully. I turned around as I pulled my phone out. “S-sure!” Bottling my excitement failed. Whatever. “Why not?”

She smiles with reddened cheeks as she pulls her phone out from her small bag, and then started pushing some buttons. “Also, c-can we go out for dinner tonight?”

...really, really weird times now, the girls are asking the guys out. Aw, what the heck. “Su—” I stopped myself, surprised, after I saw my phone...

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Chapter 70
...or to be more specific, after I saw the date on my phone.

I stammered as I argued with myself inside my head of what to do. The weighing scale appeared and started measuring both sides, and for me to see who would win.

For one, I really, really wanna be with Claire. She's cute and she just asked me out! That has to be one of the rarest of chances I'll ever have in my life.'s my bro's...birthday... my brother so much, and so are the rest of my family, that I actually put them first before my own needs...

...I sighed. “I...can't...tonight...” I looked up and saw her disappointed frown. I flashed a small and hopeful smile. “M-maybe tomorrow evening?”

She opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off when my phone made a sound. I received a text message.

“Hey bro,” the text began. “Don't worry about me.”

I almost let go my phone. It's impossible for my bro to text me, let alone for him to own a cellphone at his current state! He's in a hospital! He's in a coma!

I received another text message. No, I didn't. But the one I recently received...from my brother...was updated. “Hey Jay,” it now began, “don't worry about your brother tonight. I'll take care of it.”

It was now from my mom. But she's not even in this city! Nor is she anywhere near this city!

My phone rang again as the message probably got updated again, but I wouldn't know...since I already dropped it in...horror.

“Jay?” Claire called.

I looked up to her, but before I could see her face, a bright flash of white blinded me for a split of a second, and I immediately felt a very powerful pain that coursed around my body. It disappeared as soon as I felt it, but that didn't stop me from flinching and gasping for breath.

“What's wrong?” ...her voice dropped when she said that last word.

I looked back and gasped when I saw her...‘glitched’ up, like some sort of video that got corrupted. Not only her, but the restaurant itself started...changing, and going back to normal, and back and forth.

I looked around in panic, and decided to run towards the door, but as I grabbed it, my hand went through it...or paw went through it...

“W-what...?” I gasped in shock as I nervously and slowly pulled my...paw...back...through the door.

The door itself turned white, black, white...until it was gone.

“Ack!” I shut my eyes and held my head with both a powerful wave of pain coursed through my body once again. I gritted my teeth and took sharp breaths as it felt like the pain I felt was being turned on and off like a switch. “Gah!”

Through blurry eyes, I noticed my surroundings were now dark, dimly lit by purple and white light. Through the loud painful ringing noises in my ear, I could faintly hear...this weird and otherworldly a panic...otherworldly chant noise...

“J-J-J-Ja-Jay...” Claire's voice echoed behind me. “W-w-w-w-what's wrong?”

Despite the pain I felt, I took a breath, and shouted my pain. The otherworldly noise buzzed louder and louder as I felt gravity had grabbed me and pulled me down to a solid and dusty floor.

I painfully coughed several times, and I suddenly felt how seriously weak I was. I noticed the noise were above me, and I weakly looked up, and saw a small group of Unowns, formed in a circle, and were shivering as they floated in their spots, their eyes visibly closed in pain. In the middle of their circle was an energy sphere of some sort that is white and purple...and white and purple...

...was I...?

I weak ears twitched when I heard other noises to a direction. I turned towards it, and was too weak to gasp. Shock, Fay, Saur, and Vixie were each inside that same sphere, and were also being held by other groups of Unowns, chanting and circling at each of my friends...

...and they were smiling... My friends were smiling...b-but their bodies...!

No... I... I...

I gritted my teeth as I pushed myself up on all four paws. As I did so, I was staring down, staring angrily at my bone-thin paws.

...I...I want to lie down...and rest...

...N-no... I...I can' that...

“Jay,” her voice echoed as my group of Unowns began circling around me, encasing me with the sphere.

My vision was changing again, but I gritted my teeth and glared at each faintly-passing Unown. Claire was visibly naked in front of me, but I glared through her lovely eyes, and directly into the eye of each passing and panic-looking Unown.

I was slowly feeling the pain once more, yet I ignored it as I clenched my fists, and punched her in the face, my vision returning to normal as the Unown shivered in panic.

I suddenly felt my sharp nails and tried to swipe a vulnerable Unown that was in front of me. But I stumbled, my paws too weak for that sudden forward motion I just did, and I collapsed on the dusty floor yet again, coughing...

I gritted my teeth as I tried to stand back up again, ignoring the dusty skull that was lying in front of my eyes.

Ungh... D-darn it...!

I was back on all four and was breathing deeply for air, and glared at the shivering Unown in front of me.

Bite... Bite...

B-bite is a dark-type move...

Psychic-types are weak against dark...

Bite... Bite...

I moved forward. Only inches away now. Just two or more limp steps...

One... ... ... ...two...

...this thing is bigger than I thought...

The white part of the Unown's big eye...reflects an image of a deep-breathing, thin-looking and glaring Eevee.

It suddenly stared at me, and I immediately jabbed a paw at its eye, feeling a weird...slime...

It yelped, and quickly hovered away as I cringed and wiped my slimey paw on the dusty ground. The others sounded like they cried in shock and disbelief, and began to circle around me again, this time with angry and glaring eyes.

“Go...” I gasped for breath... “...away...”

My vision was changing again...

...I can't let it...

...b-but what can I do...?

...if...if only I know a stupid range-attack move...

The Unown were slowly, slowly, fading away as they trapped me in this false reality...

...I...I don't want to be trapped here... B-but I'm too weak... I...I can't...escape this... I-I'm sorry, guys...

I hung my head as a false light of a room shone above me, and my eyes started to water as I quietly stared at my own shadow.




“Well, duh!” I suddenly remembered what Fay said to me that one time... “Anyone can do a shadow ball!”

...shadow ball...

...t-that's it!

I shot my head back and glared at the faint frames of the Unown that circled me once more. They're psychic-types. Shadow ball is a ghost-type move... And psychic-types are weak against ghost-type moves!

I spread my legs apart and opened my I seriously try to ignore a certain illusion that started to unzip my jeans.

...shadow ball...shadow ball...shadow ball...!

Come on! Shadow ball! Just one freaking shadow ball!

Fire already!

H-how the freaking hell do I do a goddamn shadow ba—oh, there we go...

It exploded, and my vision suddenly returned to normal. As I collapsed on the ground, I saw an Unown fell down on the ground a few feet in front of me as well, and it was smoking...and faintly shivering.

I heard the other Unowns gasped in their own otherworldly way as I slowly rose back up, and I slowly turned, and glared at them as I prepared another one.

I don't know how I'm doing this, but right now, I don't freaking care. These little lying pieces of sh*t need to die!

I hit another one, and the others finally got the message and created a small portal for them to run into.

I ignored how painful my body was becoming. I need to save the others! This was my fault from the start, and I don't want them to...!

I turned and fixed my aiming glare at the closest group of Unowns. I hung my head to at least try to calm myself for only a bit, so I could concentrate, ignoring my long and black front paws as I took a few breaths.

Okay. I snapped back and quickly prepared a shadow ball with ease. I've no idea how easily I prepared this third one, but it suddenly felt natural to do it. I fired it, quietly in awe at how big it was and how powerful the explosion was.

Shock dropped down with a weak and sleepy groan as his Unown captors turned to look at their fallen comrade. I fired another one, hitting another one. Each gasping survivor escaped through opening a portal again.

I took aim at another group, saving Saur. Another group. Fay fell down. Another group. Vixie fell down.

All of those floating f*cking letters disappeared, and the chamber became pitch black without their glowy bodies and psychic spheres and...whatever.

...despite the total darkness, I could see clearly, and my anger was quickly washed with guilt and worry as I approached one of my friends who was closest to me.

Shock looked so...frail and thin...b-but still breathing. I swallowed a lump as I slowly felt my ribbon-like feelers began to move and slowly and gently wrapped around him.

...I...don't care what I am and how I did it at the moment. My vision wasn't as clear as earlier before I felt these new appendages of mine, but I don't care.

I placed him gently on my back as I moved to pick Saur up. He' yellow and dried up...b-but still breathing... I whispered an apology, then I put him on my back beside Shock as I stared at my two other friends. Their thin frames were still moving, and it made me feel a little bit relieved to know they're still breathing...

I slowly moved, and picked Fay up, who looked so thin as well...and her mouth hung open, and her tongue was stuck out, complete with drool... I frowned... Fay...even in near-death, you're still looking quite stupid.

My back felt like it's only good for two passengers, so I carried Fay on one of my ribbon-thingies and carried Vixie with the other.

Vixie looked so thin... So...weak...and so...fragile...

I pushed back a sob as I started to move. Fairies are drawn to the light, it seems, and I'm following that instinct as I slowly moved so I won't trip on the bones that were lying around...

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Chapter 71
“...nothing happened,” the female Chikorita said with a breath of relief.

She and her Surskit friend, who was currently wrapped around her back, weren't really super excited to evolve just by simply touching the towering gem of rock under many layers of earth beneath a tall mountain. At first, it sounded...suspiscious, so they and their Eevee friend followed the evolved trio into the mountain with caution.

It would seem as though their efforts of being alert and cautious all fell for nothing. The evolved trio has guided them here without any trouble.

“Strange,” one of the evolved trio, the Pidgeot, said with a confused frown. He rubbed his chin with his pollex in thought. “Why did the gem glowed from your friend's touch, yet nothing happened?”

His other comrades bore confused looks as well. All of them stood there and saw the Eevee touched the base of the massive gem with her paw, and almost instantly, if the seventeen seconds of nothing counts as ‘almost instantly’, the gem hummed and glowed. The female Eevee and her two friends gasped when it happened, but after only a few seconds of glowing, the gem dimmed and returned to ‘normal.’

None of them evolved. That fact alone was a big disappointment for their small audience, who were already moving back to where they had come from.

“Bummer,” Mew said in disappointment as she floated down until she sat on the ground near the Chikorita. She had arrived a day or two before they got there. The Eevee was pleasantly delighted to see her the first time, and Mew was more than happy to be friends with them. “I was looking forward to something cool...”

The Rapidash, one of the evolved trio, shook her head. She couldn't believe how carefree the legendary sounded. She also couldn't believe that nothing happened after the gem glowed.

“Though...” Mew continued, looking up at the gem. “I did felt something while that big rock-thingy glowed...”

“Oh?” the Pidgeot asked, quite intrigued. “Pray tell, dear Mew, what was it that you have felt?”

“I'm not...” Mew murmored, but stopped as she looked at the Pidgeot. “You talk like Ho-oh.”

The Pidgeot blinked at that. “Um...thank you?”

“Ancient and boring,” Mew nodded, to which the Pidgeot almost lost his balance and for the Scizor, a member of the evolved trio, to laugh at. Mew then shook her head, hopped to the air, and floated there as she stared at the gem. “It felt like how I change forms.”

“Evolution,” the Surskit muttered.

Mew nodded. “Yep! Changing my form is almost like evolution...I think. But something's weird...”

The Rapidash's eye twitched. She was starting to hate Mew for keeping them in the suspense, so to speak.

“Why?” the Scizor asked.

“It was like psychic, see,” Mew explained as she darted her eyes to each one of them, waving her hands around as if to try and make her explanation clearer. “When I use psychic, I connect my mind to something, like a rock! And then I can lift that rock!”

“So...” the Rapidash deadpanned. “ felt a rock.”

Mew blinked at her.

“Well,” the Scizor scratched his shoulder, trying his best not to show his dissatisfaction with Mew's ‘new’ information. “Uh...the gem kinda is a...rock, after all...”

Mew blinked again, and suddenly, she laughed. “Oh! No no no! That's not what I meant at all!”

“Ah,” the Pidgeot exclaimed as his face brightened with a thought. “I believe I get what you mean now, my dear Mew. What you mea—”

“I'm not a deer,” Mew frowned at him. “Unkie Xernie is a deer.” She turned to the Rapidash. “Do I look like a deer?”

The Rapidash was about to respond, but bit her lip in annoyance. “...ask someone else.”

“Ahem... If I may?” the Pidgeot said. “I believe what our d...what Mew is trying to tell us, is that she felt a ‘link’, to make things simple enough to understand, that linked the gem,” he extended a wing, pointing at the dim evolution stone, “to another,” he made circle motions with his other wing. He then folded both his wings back to his sides as he slowly shook his head. “To where, I do not know.”

“So...” Scizor blinked. “...what does that mean?”

“Someone evolved,” the Rapidash guessed. “But is that even possible?”

The Pidgeot looked down in thought. “Hm... If what that old Golem had told us earlier was true, then quite possibly, yes...”

The Rapidash felt angry at that recollection. “To think that a stupid Umbreon and Espeon were the cause of all this!”

As the Pidgeot tried to calm her down, the Scizor turned to the floating legendary. “So,” he began, “someone evolved...” he waved a pincer at the dark tunnel, “...out there?”

Mew simply shrugged. “I dunno...” she turned and looked at the dark tunnel. “I can probably trace it.” She shook her head. “But I dunno if I should follow it, or tell the others first.”

“I think,” the Chikorita voiced out, “that you should go and follow it. I may not be a psychic type, but I know that traces can disappear if left alone for too long.” She turned and smiled at their Eevee friend. “Right, Krystal?” She blinked, her smile fading. “Krysie? Something wrong?”

The Eevee however, was still standing there, her paw still on the gem, her absent eyes locked on her paw.

“Krystal?” the Chikorita called once again, approaching her friend, making splashing noises as she walked through the shallow water that surrounded the gem. She was starting to get worried. “Hey,” she said as she reached her, slightly poking her shoulder. “You okay?”

“Ruins,” Krystal replied blankly, completely ignoring the voice that was coming from her earpiece.

Mew finally decided to approach them, confused at the whole scene. “Is she okay?” she asked, waving her tail in front of the Eevee's eyes. “Maybe not.”

Everything was suddenly enveloped with a bright white light as the cavern was suddenly echoing with a loud humming noise.

Mew floated back in surprise. The Chikorita jumped back, and slipped. The evolution trio yelped as they shielded their eyes from the bright light.

Finally, after a few seconds, the evolution gem slowly dimmed.

“Poopie,” Mew rubbed her eyes, as she ignored a series of splashing noises. “That hurts...”

“Kr-Krystal?!” the Chikorita called, unsure if she was seeing things.

“What the—?” the Scizor yelped in surprise.

“Who the—?” the Pidgeot blinked.

A quick purple blur just ran past them and headed towards the dark tunnel.

“It's her!” the Rapidash galloped after the blur. “She's one of them!”

“One of who?!” the Scizor asked, flying after the flaming horse.

The Pidgeot froze, not knowing what to do. He finally snapped back after he heard another series of splashes. Turning, he saw the frantic-looking Chikorita running after them. Taking a quick glance at the gem, he then flapped his wings and grabbed the grass-type with a talon, and then he flew up, flying through the hole above where the gem continued to tower.

The Chikorita yelped. “Wh-where are you going?!”

“The shortcut,” the Pidgeot simply replied, as he tried to piece together what just happened.

Mew finally recovered her sight, and then she blinked, looking around her. “Hey!” her petite ears drooped. “Where'd everyone go?”

Suddenly, a hum.

“Huh?” Mew turned back, and saw the towering evolution gem, glowing and fading.

She wondered what was going on, but she then heard the Rapidash's voice that echoed from the tunnel. Looking back from the tunnel and the gem and back, she blinked and quietly hovered after the voice.

“Stop her!” the Rapidash shouted, who was still far away from the small and fleeing Espeon. “Stop her!”

The Pokémon living in the dark cavern were confused about what was going on, while some were too slow to move or to try to be a hindrance to the Espeon's path.

Suddenly, the earth started shaking. Geodudes and Golems up ahead suddenly created a massive wall of rock, but the Espeon kept on running towards it.

“Is she mad?!” the Rapidash shouted.

The Espeon glowed white, and vanished just before she could collide with the wall.

“...of course...” the Rapidash growled as she skidded to a stop.

“Pyra!” the Scizor called, stopping beside her. “What was that all about? What's going o—”

“Just break the Arceus-damn wall, already!” the Rapidash snarled, making the Scizor flinch.

Meanwhile, the cave-dwelling Pokémon were either unable to stop the escaping Espeon, or were having no idea what was going on to do anything. The latter became common as the Espeon was getting closer and closer to the surface. At one point, she finally took notice of the earpiece on her ear. She just simply used a flicker of psychic energy to pull it off and smashed it on the ground as she kept her pace.

Finally, she was out of the cave.

...but a large shadow loomed over her.

Giant talons suddenly appeared in front of her, and she gasped as she was caught in a split of a second.

The Pidgeot flapped his mighty wings as he headed straight into the cave once again. Looking at his catch, he noticed the Espeon glowed in white.

...and became a puff of white smoke.

“Wh-what?!” the Pidgeot gasped, losing his aerial balance as he tried to stop and control his surprise.

An explosion of dust and bubbles erupted meters away from the mouth of the cave, near the line of trees.

The Pidgeot awkwardly landed on the ground and turned to look.

The Espeon jumped back to avoid another series of bubbles that were aimed at her.

“Krystal!” the Surskit's partner shouted as she threw her head in a waving motion, throwing sharp leaves at the Espeon. “Or whoever you are! Stop!”

Both the Surskit and the Chikorita still couldn't believe what the Pidgeot had told them as they flew earlier. With the Eevee suddenly disappearing, and the Espeon suddenly appearing out of nowhere, then...

The Espeon suddenly glowed, and turned into a Jolteon with a snarl as jolts of electricity sparked around her, zapping the leaves in the process.

With a yelp, the Chikorita pushed the stunned Surskit out of the way as the Jolteon fired a bolt of electricity...behind her.

“Gah!” the Pidgeot's pained shout was almost completely drowned by the sounds of sparking electricity.

The earth shook beneath her, but the Jolteon needed a moment to recover. A Diglett emerged, headbutting the electric-type's belly, and sent her flying above.

The Scizor suddenly appeared, and jumped towards the Jolteon to attack as his pincers glowed. The Jolteon yelped, and the Scizor...hesitated. Instead, he grabbed her, or at least he tried to.

“Aaahhh!” the Scizor cried in pain as he suddenly found himself in flames.

“Scythe!” the Pidgeot cried, helplessly paralyzed.

A blackened and smoking Scizor landed on the ground with a dull thud as the Flareon landed on top of the unconscious bug, and continued her escape towards the trees.

The Chikorita called, but she yelped instead after strong and powerful hooves broke the ground beside her as the angry Rapidash dashed after the fleeing fire type.

Digletts and Dugtrios emerged from the ground, in hopes to stop or slow the Flareon, but the fire-type expertly avoided each one (and three) of them while still keeping her pace.

Pyra was now a Rapidash away from the fleeing Flareon.

...or five Flareons.

“Why you...!” Pyra growled, her horn glowed as she darted her eyes from every shadowy copy of the Flareon's double team ability. With a powerful kick, she jumped, and slammed all four hooves as sharp and spinning stars quickly flew out of her horn, hitting every Flareon in sight, including the real one, and exploded upon contact.

“Ahh—” the Flareon wasn't able to finish her shout as she lost her balance, and rolled painfully. Finally, she reached the trees, and she rolled towards a bush, and emerged on the other side, hurt and bruised, and landed on the ground with a painful thud. She tried getting up, but a strong hoof pinned her nape down.

Pyra leaned down and snarled into her ear. “Stay down!”

A violent wave of water suddenly pushed her off after the Flareon glowed, and the yelping Rapidash found herself being pushed against a tree with a mighty torrent of water pushing her there for a few seconds. When it stopped, she collapsed on the wet and grassy ground with a pained groan. She weakly glared at the Vaporeon, who was limply making her slow escape.

Mew suddenly floated in front of the Vaporeon, curiously blinking at her. She tilted her head as the Vaporeon prepared another water attack with her mouth.

“Weird,” Mew muttered, blinking at the Vaporeon. “You're linked to the gem, too. I wonder...” she yawned, suddenly feeling quite sleepy after a soothing melody echoed around the forest. “...why...”

Mew's eyes slowly drooped, and so did her, and so did the Vaporeon.

After a moment, the Chikorita stopped whistling on her leaf with a frown. Pulling her leaf back, she slowly began to approach them, the Surskit on her back removed his two front legs from his ears.

“That went well,” the Surskit whispered as the Chikorita finally reached the Eevee right next to the Mew, both in deep slumber.

“S-Shadow...” Krystal weakly whispered in her sleep as the Scizor limply reached them, the Rapidash slowly getting back on her hooves and the Pidgeot slowly landed.

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Chapter 72
I have lost track of time as I limply, and finally, walked out of the stupid ruins.

“Well, that twenty-seven minutes of walking and flying around in darkness is finally over!”

...I sighed as I ignored my flying clock.

“You're welcome,” the Zubat smirked, gliding above me in a circle.

I gritted my teeth as I slowly and gently placed both Fay and Vixie on the ground. My extra ribbon-thingies hurt so so much, but I took a deep breath as I tried to move them, grabbing Saur and Shock off of my back, and gently placed them with the others. With that done, I collapsed on the ground, panting for breath as my vision blurred.

“Oh! Oh!” the Zubat yelped in fright. “Food! Right! H-hang in there, big guy!” he said, his voice trailed off, as well as the flapping noises of his wings as he flew away.

The evening air was really cold out here. Trainers or other predatory Pokémon could easily spot us here in the open, but luckily, the ruins' entrance walls kinda extended further, shielding my friends and I from sight.

...and that Zubat... I met, I stepped on him while I was still inside the ruins. He said something about making a slow progress of crawling out so the Unown wouldn't notice him. He and his friends were caught in the Unown's trap, and he was the only one lucky enough to survive. As a bat, he was blind, so luck really contributed a lot to his survival back there.

I was too weak to yelp after two berries fell on my head. I didn't realize the Zubat, but now that I did, I heard him already flying away again.

My stomach growled weakly after the smell of berries entered my nostrils. Despite my blurry eyes, I saw the other one rolled away from me, and stopped beside one of my friends. The other one was a paw's reach in front of me. I gritted my teeth as I forced my brown paw to grab a hold of it with the help of my nails. I...guess I'm an Eevee again... I exhaled, then inhaled as I pulled my paw back. body is so painful right now, but my mind was too weak to register them al—ow...

The Zubat dropped two more berries on me, and flew away again.

I was really really tired, but I had to eat something... I might not be able to wake up if I do give in to sleep, and that scary thought was enough for me to force myself to eat the berry on my grip.

The berry felt hot and spicy, but I tried my best to ignore the burning sensation on my lips. I'm probably eating something that removes the frozen status... Rawst, maybe? Not sure... I never cared for the berries except for Orans, Sitruses and Leppas when I was still playing the game... I'll just...try and eat the counterpart berry next...

The Zubat kept on dropping berries, either on me or not on me. I was getting annoyed at him for dropping them on me, but I kept it in. I should be thankful that the bat was doing the trouble of collecting berries for me...for us to eat.

...I just hope my friends wake up soon...

“Is that plenty enough?” the Zubat asked, gasping for breath as he wobbled from where he stood.

...I was actually having a hard time seeing him able to stand up like that. Weren't their feet...pointed, or something? Anyway, I weakly nodded. “Ye-yeah... This is...plenty enough...”

“Cool!” he said, swiping a wing on the small mountain of berries to grab one. He bit on it...and sucked the juices quicker than a blink. “Ah! That hits the spot!” he said as he grabbed and bit another one. He spat it back. “Pleah! Sitrus! Bleak...” he stuck his tongue out in disgust. Poor guy, can't see the berries he wants to eat. But...

“Can't you smell them?”

He grabbed another one. “Too hungry to smell.” He bit the berry and sucked it dry.

After about...I lost count how many berries he sucked...but after that, he lied down on the ground on his juice-filled belly.

“So...” he said as I was chewing on my third berry. “...who are you and where's the big guy?”

I gulped down what I was chewing and winced at the pain that I was still holding back. I'm slowly regaining my strength, but at the same time, I'm also slowly feeling how painful I was at the moment. I took a deep breath, the cold air easing the pain a bit, and sighed. “I...was that big guy...”


My ears drooped as I sighed again and grabbed another berry. “It's a long...and complicated story...” I still couldn't believe I could do that. Also, I have no idea how I did that. But I was so thankful that I did it. 'Cause if I wasn't...then...

The Zubat nodded with a smile. “Okay, okay! Maybe you can tell me all about it in the morning?”

“Erm...h-how can you tell the time?”

“Dunno. I just know.”

“Ah...” I don't wanna know then.

We were quiet after that. He was blindly staring at me, and I was eating a few more berries. As I chewed, I was also cursing myself for putting myself and my friends in danger...

My excitement made me blind of what the movie had showed me. The Unown couldn't grant wishes. They only make you think they can, through illusions and psychic powers... That little missed info almost caused me my own life, and my friends' lives, and I doubt they could ever forgive me for that... I doubt that even I could ever forgive myself for that...

Shock would be so angry at me... Fay and Saur would be disappointed. Vixie would...

“Hey,” the Zubat suddenly said, breaking both the silence and my train of thought. “I heard that half-eaten berries won't be delicious if you let it seep a lot of cold air.”

...oh... I forgot to continue eating...

“But since I'm talking now, I just wanna say that it was really cool how you managed to save yourself and your friends from those energy-leeching bastards!” he said with a smile.

...without the eyes' expressions, I could barely tell if he was smiling genuinely, sarcastically, angrily, or whatever...

“So if you're thinking that you did something bad, then don't! You saved them! And they're alive!” he blindly turned to my friends' sleeping forms, his smile had gotten smaller. “...unlike I...who was helpless... I just listened to my friends' cries...”

“You were powerless...” I said, not in the mood to feel sorry for anyone else but me and my friends. “...and you're a poison-type. You're weak against them anyway.”

His smile was gone, and he was quiet for a while, until, “you're bad at helping others' feelings...”

“Sorry...” I sighed. “I'm still...angry at myself. I...was the reason the Unown got us...” I weakly threw my half-eaten berry...somewhere. “I almost got them killed because of my selfishness...”

I was being selfish from the start. They didn't mind it at all. Have I gotten used to it? I selfishly try and steer our group to one hopeful place to another, hoping that I could find a way to go back home, without thinking of the dangers that awaits us there!

...then again, how could I even know what the Unowns were capable of doing...or their intentions of meeting other Pokémon...

I sighed... Again, selfishness... If I was patient, like Saur, then I could have thought of asking the nearby Pokémon about this place first...

“You're a good Pokémon,” the Zubat suddenly said in a calm voice.

I glared at him. “I got my friends almost killed. I guess that's your definition of a ‘good Pokémon.’”

He shook his head, albeit with a little bit of difficulty. “You admit to your mistake. You felt sorry for your actions. And I think you also think that you want to change your ways.” He nodded with a smile. “That's what a good Pokémon is.”

I frowned at him... I wanted to argue that I'm not really a good Pokémon. I'm not even supposed to be a Pokémon in the first place. But, arguing with this simple-minded Zubat might be not worth it...


“T-thanks,” I said with a small, yet sincere smile. “I'll...try to be better.”

He nodded twice, still with a smile, and then flapped his wings. He flew up, hovered there, and circled, flew back at the ruins' entrance, and hung himself up-side-down on the ceiling.

I arched him an eyebrow.

“I'm sleepy, which is kind of weird for a nocturnal Pokémon such as myself. So, good night, little big guy!” He stretched his wings, and folded them back on his sides. “I'll keep an ear out in case you need help with anything.”

Wow... I'm actually cursing myself for cursing the Zubats to just die during my cave travels in the games. I wanted to ask for his name, but I think he's already asleep.


My ears perked up as I sharply turned, and hissed at the sudden jolt of pain that coursed through my body.

“Guh...muh...” Shock mumbled, stirring weakly.

“Hey, hey,” I hurried over to his side, and helped him to sit. “E-easy now...”

“I'm so...weak...” he blinked weakly. He sniffed, and his mouth started to water. “...and so...hungry...”

I picked up a berry and...pawfed(?) Shock. He didn't want to be helped like that, but after the berry fell off of his hands, he surrendered and allowed me to help him.

“Wh-what happened?” he asked after his fourth gulp.

I slightly shook my head. “Long story... I'd rather...tell everyone what happened at the same time, if it's okay...”

“Wh-where are...” he slightly turned, and saw them. “...oh...”

My ears fell flat. “Yeah...”

He turned to me, and studied me.

I sighed through my nostrils and nodded slowly.

He looked ahead and sighed. “I...guess that's what happens if all of you make babies all the time...”

I blinked at him. “Wait...what?”

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Chapter 73
“Let me get this straight,” Shock said as he rubbed his forehead while he tried to stall an incoming headache. “We went inside the ruins. The Unown then trapped us each inside a psychic sphere-thing where we dreamt of happy things while they ‘leeched off of our energy?’”

I simply nodded as I chewed a berry. “I think they just feed on positive energy. I woke up after I wasn't feeling happy anymore...”

All five of us were now awake, and we all sat around the small pile of berries that Zubat collected. It was also already morning, where the sun was just starting to crawl out from the horizon, if the early morning colors were any indication. Our location was surrounded by trees anyway.

I was really happy to see them all awake. They immediately started eating to get some strength.

“And then,” Shock continued, waving a paw at me. “You ‘managed’ to ‘wake up’ and started firing shadow balls at them. They escaped, and you dragged us out of there, all by your lonesome?”

“Well,” I swallowed. “Yeah.” The Zubat doesn't count. I did all the dragging. And carrying.

“Puh,” he scoffed in disbelief. “I think you're still dreaming.”

I frowned at him.

Fay, despite still being weak, jumped on her spot as she chirped. “Oh! Oh! Maybe Jay evolved again!”

I turned to her and frowned even further. “I did... I just didn't know how I did it...” I then turned back to Shock, my frown still present. “And I still can't believe you dreamt about us se-having sex to death.”

Shock just shrugged. “Hey. It's always my dream to see my friends happy. Of course,” he took a berry, “the sex happened after we were done adventuring in our lifetime. I'm gonna miss seeing you guys in your evolved forms though.”

I sighed. I already knew who I was paired with. Thankfully, Saur sat in between Vixie and I. Fay was seated on my other side. Shock sat beside Vixie and Fay.


“Shock,” I called, catching his attention as he chewed. “Just curious. Who was Saur paired with?”

“In my dream?”

I nodded.

He shrugged. “Nah. It might ruin the surprise.”

I arched him an eyebrow.

He shrugged again. “Ask him if you wanna know.”

“I hate you.” I then turned to the Bulbasaur. He looked like he didn't hear anything. Oh, and he's not-so-yellow anymore, which was really comforting to know. “Saur?”

“Hm?” he turned to me, with a half-eaten berry on his vine-hold.

I deadpanned at him. “...don't tell me you didn't hear my question with Shock just now.”

He just blinked with an ‘innocent’ smile. “Nope. What was it?”

I sighed, and felt my ears droop as I heard Fay and Vixie chuckle. “Never mind.” I looked back at him again. “So, what did you dream about?”

He shrugged and looked back at his berry. “Same as Shock, minus the adventure and that ‘activity to death’ part.”

“So you did hear us...”

He ignored me. “Was just happy raising a family as an Ivysaur.”

I blinked at that. “Ivysaur? Why not a Venusaur?”

Shock suddenly began laughing. “Hahahah! Poor girl's gonna get flattened if Saur evolves into that!”

Vixie shot him a glare as Fay laughed along.

I just shook my head before I turned my attention to Fay, her laughter already died down. “What about you?”

She blinked at me with a smile. “What about me?”

I glared at her.

She chuckled. “Same as Saur. Enjoying a life with my own family.”

“I'm sure your kids would be pooping with energy,” I shook my head and turned to Vixie. She opened her mouth, but I stalled her with a raised paw. “I already know. Me and you, raising a family. Yeah, not happening.”

Vixie rolled her eyes and continued eating a berry.

I turned to Shock. “What about you, Shock?”


“Kinda unfair if only us were ‘having fun’ while you weren't.”

Shock blinked at me, then frowned, and then stared at the berry on his paw. “Erm...”

I blinked with a sly smile. “Oh? So you weren't just watching in the sidelines. Well, was it that...Pikachu back in Vi—”

“Arceus, no!” Shock suddenly said, glaring daggers at me. “That will not happen! Never! Period!”

“You mean, ‘exclamation mark,’” Fay giggled.

“Shut it,” Shock snapped at her. He then glared back at me again. “It was Vixie, okay?! Not that Pik...uh...” Shock's red spots on his cheeks grew, almost painting his whole face in red. He looked away, angrily mumbling something.

I was just staring at him in...shock. “Wow...” Busted. I grinned, looking at Vixie, who was staring at our Pikachu friend in surprise. “So that's why you're still very protective over her.”

“Say another word, and I'll zap you.”

I chuckled.

Fay suddenly chirped. “So, who was Jay with?”

Uh... “ I even wanna know?”

Shock's face went even redder. “Er...” he fidgeted uncomfortably... “...obviously with Vixie...”

Vixie's own red-furred face went even redder.

My mouth hung agape, my mind went down the drain.

Fay blinked, confused. “Wait... How does that even work?”

Saur just calmly took another berry with a vine. “Fay, you're better off not knowing.”

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Chapter 74
We spent a day by the ruins' entrance, for us to get our strengths back. Not one hundred percent, but enough for us to get the hell outta there. During that time, I introduced them to the Zubat, and I thanked him properly before he flew away for good.

Shock and Vixie were really quiet with each other though. Either one of them would immediately jump to the chance of getting away from each other during berry hunting. Just like now. I offered to go berry picking, and instead of Saur, Shock went with me.

Anyway, Saur, Fay and I weren't blind to notice the tension between the two of them. But the three of us just kept quiet. I don't know about Saur, but Fay and I have no clue of what to say to the two of them. But I'll think of something...I think...

If I recall, those two were mates for a period of time before they found me. How long or how short they were mates, I don't know. Though when I asked, Fay told me that it was only for a short while. She guessed that it was only two or three moons, and Saur confirmed it with a nod. So, Shock and Vixie were a thing for three months.

Despite them being mates at the time, there weren't really any actual mating that happened. Fay said that Shock couldn't, 'cause he was still believing, or rather, he was still trying to overcome his belief that he should only mate with his own kind.

Shock was hurt, but a huge part of him was relieved when Vixie ‘broke up’ with him. During that time, Shock told them that he just probably jumped to the affection that Vixie showered him, and that he also kind of liked her.

They were living in Ilex Forest, and the whole forest knew of them being mates. After the news that they were no longer mates, Lithe started pestering them, or Vixie, to be more specific.

Then the devolution happened a few moons after.

...and then they found me unconscious a few more moons after.

“Do you think,” Shock said in a low voice as we picked some berries around the area. “Th-that I made things worse?”

I ignored him as I struggled to pull this pesky berry with my mouth. Yeah. Berry picking is not easy if one has no hands. That, and this berry was too high for me to use my nails to cut the ... thing that attached the berry on the tall bush.

Shock sighed. “I'll take that as a ‘no.’”

Thud! I landed on the ground on my butt pinning my sensitive tail. I cringed in pain, the berry in my mouth that I finally pulled out almost bled its juices out.

“What are you doing?”

“Berry pulling,” I groaned after I spat the stupid thing on a giant leaf on the ground. We've collected a rather satisfying amount already. I guess it's time to go. “So, what was it that you were telling me?”

He shook his head with a slight glare. “Never mind.”

I arched him an eyebrow.

He just looked away.

I rolled my eyes then I bit the giant leaf, and started dragging it back towards our resting site.

“It's...weird...” Shock said, following me from behind. “...that there's only a number of Pokémon around here.”

I noticed a Pidgey shadow passed over us. “Hrm... Mhbeeh ee's cosh of zah Unoun...” I said with a bit of difficulty.

“Guess so,” he replied as he walked beside me. “Need help with that?”

I stopped and blinked at him. I shrugged and let go of the leaf.

He grabbed it and dragged it as we headed back.

Heh... Less work for me! Anyway, now's my chance to talk to him properly. I don't want this tension to last longer that I'd want it, and neither would the rest of us, Shock and Vixie included. “So, Shocky...”

“I told you so many times not to call me that.”

I ignored him. “You still have feelings with Vixie, huh?”

Shock was quiet for a while.

I pressed on. “And it looked like Vixie does, too.”

“...and you don't.”

I glared at him. “I don't swing that way, buddy.”

He blinked and looked at me, confused. “What are you—?” he stopped mid-sentence and glared. “That wasn't what I meant!”

I chuckled. “Just trying to lighten the mood.” I looked ahead. “But...I won't lie. I like her, too, but...”

“You're a human. You wanna change back. You want to return home,” Shock finished.

I nodded. “Yep. Kinda silly, now that I think about it...”


“It's like I'm repeating history again. First was Krys' journey. Mr. Tauros confirmed that.”

Shock blinked. “His name was Rumblehoof, not Mr. Tauros.”

“...and now, I'm repeating your journey with Vixie...”

Shock was quiet.

“I heard that you liked her, but you were held back because you want to settle with another Pikachu. Or a Raichu. Anyway, I...guess I like her too, with all of her attempts for me to like her back. But...” I sighed, my ears drooping. “I'm a human, Shock. Was, at least. And...I'm not really into furries...”

“...another human term?”

“ can say that.”

“And what does it mean?”

I shrugged. “I dunno. It's just a term I learned from the internet. I didn't bother looking it up.” I quickly continued, because I freaking do NOT want to explain to him what the internet is. “I just assumed that it meant that, humans attracted to ani—er, to creatures with fur...”

Shock looked ahead. “Hm... Is that related to that—” he shivered slightly, “—uh, that bestiality word?”

I shivered. “...maybe? Not sure.”

Shock nodded. “I still don't believe you. You being a human, I mean.”

“Yeah, I know...” I sighed. “Maybe its this Eevee body I'm using. It maybe still has it's instinct-mode turned on.” I shrugged. “Probably why I started liking her, despite me not wanting to.”

And we went quiet for a while.

...and I just noticed that we have been walking for a while now. Did we really went too far? Though the path we were walking felt familiar.

Shock suddenly broke the silence with a sigh. “I made things worse, didn't I?”

I looked at him and saw his ears and face drooped. “Not really. At the very least, you made Vixie stopped pestering me.”

He rolled his eyes. “And I'm sure you're thankful for that.”

“Hey,” I looked ahead, seeing the edge of the treeline already. “At least you can get another shot at her, right?”

“What about you?”

I turned and arched him an eyebrow. “What about me?”

“You like her.”

“I like to be a human more.” I shook my head. “I do NOT want to be stuck as an Eevee forever.”

Shock shrugged. “You can evolve.”

“You know what I mean!” I looked ahead. “Besides...” I paused what I was saying as we emerged from the line of trees, and saw our friends talking with Darkrai and Celebi. “I think it's already long overdue for me to return this Eevee body that I accidentally borrowed.”

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