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Second Generation Gold, Silver, Crystal

View Poll Results: Which Pokémon do you keep on your team?
Hitmonlee 1 6.67%
Hitmonchan 2 13.33%
Lapras 9 60.00%
Eevee 10 66.67%
Omanyte 1 6.67%
Kabuto 1 6.67%
Aerodactyl 8 53.33%
Snorlax 6 40.00%
Togepi 4 26.67%
Sudowoodo 1 6.67%
Shuckle 0 0%
Tyrogue 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 15. You may not vote on this poll

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Old June 20th, 2014 (7:50 AM).
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Which of the in-game event Pokémon do usually keep on your team?
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Old June 23rd, 2014 (3:02 PM).
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I voted for Eevee, Omanyte, Toegpi and Snorlax. I try and evole togepi into togekiss. Omanyte cause praise lord helix. Snorlax because he's awesome and eevee because he's a versatile pokemon.

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Old June 23rd, 2014 (5:54 PM).
Perdition Haze Perdition Haze is offline
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Aerodactyl and Snorlax are the only ones that I had kept on my team when I've received them. As for others, they went into my PC straight. They're not too bad, but there were other Pokémon that I wanted to use.
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Old June 24th, 2014 (1:14 PM). Edited April 26th, 2015 by LusoTrainer.
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I voted for Lapras, Eevee, Aerodactyl and Togepi.

Lapras is my go-to Water Pokémon and an almost constant presence in my team whenever I don't choose Squirtle or Totodile.

I pick Eevee and usually evolve it into Flareon. It remains on my team if I don't have a Fire starter.

Aerodactyl is my favourite of the three fossiles, so in the rare instances that I use a fossile on my team, it's usually Aerodactyl.

Togetic is also nice to have from time to time, so I voted for it too.
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Old July 9th, 2014 (11:49 PM).
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Eveee, lapras were the two I mostly I used in my team
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Old July 23rd, 2014 (12:45 PM).
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Hitmonchan, Lapras, Aerodactyl, and Snorlax.
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Old July 23rd, 2014 (1:46 PM).
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Eevee to evolve him into jolteon and Lapras because on the first gen i usually go with charmander as my starter.

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Old June 17th, 2015 (10:52 AM).
johtodexmastered johtodexmastered is offline
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I voted for kabuto , lapras , eevee and aero , as they are my faves but I find every 2 battles im back at the pc switching atleast one or two different members of the kanto pokedex into my party so all for me , but I tend to send my red snorlax to blue to train and my blue to red so I can actually get everything in the whole dex to respectable levels rather then having just one team and 2/3 hm slaves or even 2 teams , I never have a set team though my favorite pokemon is flareon or rapidash and my fave legendary is moltres from gen 1

I just feel like im being neglegtive if I keep sticking t he same things/being boring having the same team/same attacks over and over, its good to try new stratergies and movesets/ways of playing/difrent team combos

and im trying to fill up the hall of fames in game and on the stadiums using not a single rental pokemon !!!

also do this in gen2 aswell as I have every game in that gen with a working battery , a shop a ten minuite walk from my house fits new cr2032's for £3 sterling
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Old August 28th, 2015 (7:15 PM).
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Oh snap someone forgot spearow xD
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Old August 29th, 2015 (3:13 AM).
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When it comes to the in game event Pokemon in the Gen I and Gen II games, I recall using both Snorlax (nicknamed Ion) and Hitmonlee (nickname was either Vevut or Veshok) on my Star Wars Republic Commando Squads Team in Blue. I don't think I have ever used any of the other in game event Pokemon on teams in either Gen I or Gen II games.
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Old August 29th, 2015 (2:55 PM).
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It varied by playthrough. My Red team had Snorlax in it, and I recall using Aerodactyl as my Fly user for a while. In gen II, I've used Eevee, Lapras, Togepi, and Snorlax on my teams before.

I've never been a big fan of Shuckle, and it generally arrives late enough that I don't feel compelled to use it. I don't think I've ever bothered to use the other fossils (Kabuto and Omanyte lines) on my team, although I've used them in newer games. I don't think I've ever used the hitmon line for anything other than Pokedex completion purposes. I recall dragging Sudowoodo to the Elite Four the first time I faced them in Gold, but I didn't really have a team (just my unevolved Totodile and a bunch of HM slaves), so Sudowoodo was my buffer for reviving Totodile.
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Old August 30th, 2015 (1:28 PM).
salvadorbard salvadorbard is offline
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Lapras is always on my team in GSC, I never choose Totodile so I never have a reason to place it.

I almost always use Eevee (Espeon with bite is pretty sick).
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Old August 31st, 2015 (4:30 AM).
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I use Eevee, Lapras, Dratini and Aerodactyl as the rest of them are simply trash(except Snorlax).
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Old September 8th, 2015 (2:26 PM).
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I voted for Eevee, Lapras, Aerodactyl and Sudowoodo. Eevee, Lapras, and Aerodactyl are all quite generic choices, but Sudowoodo is quite an odd ball. I've always loved Sudowoodo though. As a kid he was apart of my team along with feraligatr and hm slaves (that was how I played back then). The two of them always got me through the elite four. I always thought rock slide was the best move ever and beat dragonites with it.

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Old September 9th, 2015 (6:19 AM).
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Only Eevee in Gen II. By the time I can use them I have my own team already. Though that is not to say they are bad Pokémon, in fact most of them are great like Aerodactyl and Snorlax in particular.
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