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Old July 1st, 2014 (8:33 PM).
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    Digimon World, quite the inovative game. It was the first time we saw our Digi-pals in 3D, we got to explore File Island from the anime, we were able to take the virtual pet to a whole new level. The storyline focuses on a human brought to File City on File Island by Jijimon to save the island. Digimon have been losing their memories and becoming feral and the city has fallen into disarray. The goal of the player, who is represented by a young boy whose name is given as "Hiro/Hero" (this is a common Japanese naming convention for RPG protagonists), is to save the island by helping Digimon recover their memory and return to the city. Digimon World (デジモンワールド Dejimon Wārudo) is a video game by Bandai on the PlayStation, released in 1999, about the Digimon virtual pets.

    This is the Digivice a la Virtual Pet, you'll see this name pop up every now and then

    Story: 5/10
    The story is pretty bare minimum, there's a long FMV at the beginning that looks like your a child in a hitman game or its the final episode and a whole lot of ♥♥♥♥s about to go down. Basically you gotta save digimon and stuff then go fight 2 dudes and thats it. Theres nothing else, I'm stretching it on 5 but at least there's a plot. I can't really talk anymore about it, I wish I could but...

    Graphics: 8/10
    This game came out in 1998, for their time this game is actually fairly good graphics wise, you can tell which Digimon is which. TO be honest it kind of looks like what World of Warcraft looks like before they do the big graphics overhaul. I said before about the FMV's well I read that in Western releases the western localizers really screwed the pooch with the terrible FMV's. The graphics can be glitchy at times but kudos to Bandai for recreating File Island in all its glory. You see there was once an anime of Digimon and the first story arc took place on File Island. I got to immerse myself in something a child could only dream about. The graphics are more akin to those of a DS game, except without the grainy model textures.

    Gameplay: 10/10
    This game was literally a virtual pet put into a home console, and brilliantly might I add. Basically its the exact same as the Virtual Pets, you feed your digimon, you take your digimon to the toilet, you care for it, you nurture it. With this game you either hate it or you love it because everything that goes wrong lies with you, if your digimon dies or doesnt get to its ultimate form it means you screwed up somewhere. It's quite a learning experience and the experience is amazing. At the beginning its difficult to grasp but after a while you get the hang of it. Its very immersive and your digimon will last 12 years which goes by quickly if you dont watch the time, its devastating when your Gabumon/Agumon dies and it might seem like the whole world is over but

    Music: 6/10
    Okay this is quite contreversal some people hate the music whilst others like it, I am one of the latter. One major gripe however is the BGMs reset everytime you enter a new area like not map area but like going from room to room, wherever a loading screen is the music resets. If you compare the audio to other games of its time, you'll find that it falls behind it feels slightly rushed but its still enjoyable.

    In conclusion, I found the game extremely fun, I just finished playing it after playing it as a child and the enjoyment I had as a child is still there. The game hasn't lost its charm. I feel the game is very deserving of its 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... I don't know how many sequels on the gamecube, playstation 2, DS, 3DS. But every time they hit the nail on the head giving us a virtual pet but we are there too see it every step of the way none of this Pendulum stuff.

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