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Old July 2nd, 2014 (4:57 AM).
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i recently began playing pokemon again, and for a new experience, i thought I'd try Volt-White 2.
the game is wonderfully made, and i got really into it. after i defeated clay, wouldn't you look at that; a wild shiny tornadus. Woo! well, i might as well catch it right? Wrong! see, i have a pretty nice team of level 40's, and tornadus is a hearty level fifty with flinch moves. (I'm going to need savestates.)
i'm playing this on my phone, with the drastic emulator, and it's savestate mechanism (one of the two(the easier one)) overwrites it's self every time you save it.

so i'm battling tornadus, i get it into red health (naturaly i save-stated before i went into battle) then my gyarados feints, so, bring out the haunter. two moves later it's confused and asleep. (Great! savestate again(the easy way. overwriting the save before battle(even if it goes wrong, i have two or three moves to try and catch it(i can just use those over and over untill it works, right?)))

Wrong again! after two turns, it wakes up, hurts it's self, and feints. "great, whatever just reload and try again" NOPE!

Every time i load, the first ultra ball lets it out without wobbling, the second one wobbles three times, then lets it out, and then it wakes up and hurts it's self, and feints. Every time, as in, it doesn't change the catch rate, or change any variables when i reload. (i tried switching pokemon, tried using different pokeballs, every time it's the same. no wobbles, three wobbles, hurt it's self in it's confusion)

What i want to know, is when capture rate equations are conducted in BW2 and what it would take to change them mid battle

(it seems like, (and i don't want to ruin your view of pokemon, but) all calculations, every posibility and each move you could use, and the result of using it are all pre-conducted before the battle even starts.(win or lose, all possibilities are exactly the same, and you can't change them no matter how many times you load an earlier save.) once the battle starts, all variables and chances are removed)
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