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Old July 25th, 2014 (10:07 AM).
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Joined PC after trying some other forums to create and publish sprite comics. Back in the good ol' days, I was one of the more popular comic artists along with Matt Silver and Decepticon. I wouldn't say I was the best or even good, but at that time, I felt like I was making beautiful art. I had some pretty popular threads and comics and eventually gave it up. I spent my first year on PC in the Pixel Art area. I don't think I even knew the forums had areas besides Pixel Art. I made all my original friends on PC there and once the phase of sprite comics ended, I branched out. :)
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Old July 25th, 2014 (1:57 PM).
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    Some girl who's a member here told me to join so I did.
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    Old July 25th, 2014 (2:26 PM).
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      I searched for Pokemon forums and this was first choice. I recently got back into the game so what better than to engage discussions in a forum.
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      Old July 26th, 2014 (12:47 AM).
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      I was brought here by an old friend of mine. I had a love for both digimon and pokemon but mostly digimon lol. I had a rough past here, but I've realized how much this place means to me, despite all of those bad memories. I love it here. <3
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      Old July 26th, 2014 (3:05 AM).
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        I heard this forum's name being tossed around by a few people I knew, I came to check it out, I dragged Matt here kicking and screaming (actually he was probably the only person that didn't kick or scream) and here we are today.
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        Old July 26th, 2014 (6:28 AM).
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        I was looking around for a place on the internet that I could discuss HeartGold and SoulSilver with others and not just one friend I knew online that had the games. So I went to Google and PC wound up being the first place I saw in the results.
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        Old July 26th, 2014 (6:32 AM).
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          I was searching for pokemon forums and came across this one

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          Old July 26th, 2014 (8:20 AM).
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          I originally joined in November 2006 shortly after Diamond and Pearl released in Japan. I quickly lost interest, though. D&P was later available for me in April, but I didn't have the greatest trade experiences on Serebii. I needed a new hangout.

          So, I joined Pokecommunity in May 2007 and have been here, especially in trade, ever since.
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          Old July 26th, 2014 (8:35 AM).
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          I joined for game dev purposes.
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          Old July 26th, 2014 (12:47 PM).
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          I originally joined to talk about X and Y, as the games had recently come out and there were so many new things to discuss, but really I only started posting when I needed a place to showcase my new project.
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          Old July 26th, 2014 (4:45 PM).
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            The bus.

            I came from a different forum where I was having multiple issues with the members, so I decided to seek refuge here, considering another forum that i've been on wasn't very active.
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            Old July 26th, 2014 (6:59 PM).
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            While I was on vacation in Colorado, I was watching Drayano's Poison Monotype videos again from back in the spring. I saw a video in the Related Videos section that said "Ultimate Poison Monotype Challenge: VS Champion Iris" and saw it. There were a few other Ultimate Monotype videos from that same user, and I found out that they were done on the Ultimate Monotype thread here on this site. So I clicked my way over there, and after I was home from vacation, made my way into the challenger's cove.

            I may have found out about this site elsewhere, but it wasn't until the above that I really found my way here.
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            Old July 28th, 2014 (12:39 AM).
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            I was joining this forum because I want to have some friends to talk to (and I was not sure of making friends before back then), and I figured that PC will be my starting point, so here I am right now.
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            Old July 28th, 2014 (12:51 AM).
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            I wanted to have friends who shared my love of Pokemon, but also because I was power abused by mods at my previous forum and I wanted to escape from that nightmare of a forum. So that's how I ended up here.
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            Old July 28th, 2014 (2:34 PM).
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              Joined to find other Pokemon fans around my age to chat with and also contribute to the community. It also looked pretty cool and well maintained so I thought I give it a try.
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              Old July 28th, 2014 (8:25 PM).
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              I was really into Pokemon theories at the time, wanted to find a place to read/talk about them.

              Also, someone was giving away Charmanders.
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              Old July 28th, 2014 (8:44 PM).
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              I came here for just talking about Pokemon, but stayed because I discovered the ROM Hacks. I knew nothing about them until I joined. My friend, Antemortem, is how I found the website.
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