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Autumn is coming

Started by skywalker August 19th, 2015 2:07 AM
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And so are we! Have you got any special plans regarding your roleplays or roleplaying activity this fall?

Thought of joining more than you usually do, or maybe take a step back, or maybe you have a grand plan for a new RP coming up?


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I'm happy that the roleplays I'm in doesn't demand to post immediately and is okay because the others are busy too. Hehe.

I did thought of planning a fantasy-rpg roleplay and a horror survival one but getting swamped already, so busy busy busy.

I'm slowly gonna make sure I'm active and not neglect the rps. :c


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I'll probably become more active, because my time will be much more organised. In the summer, I keep putting stuff off till the next day because I have the time, whereas when college rolls around my RP time will be more systematic and I'll use it more wisely.

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I'm back at uni come the 31st of August but I study from home so it shouldn't have a huge impact on my RPing. In fact I have a couple of RPs that I plan on having up in the near future so that will be good.


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Haha gimme, ever the massive GM ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing new RPs. I'll put up one of my own as well. I just need to learn to juggle my hectic work schedule with my online hobbies. Again >.<


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Oh, you kids and your school! I don't plan on changing anything, so you'll still see me hanging around in the background, participating in whatever I can.

I know one thread I'm in is planning on making a fun little Harvest Festival event to commemorate the occasion. Hopefully something fun and easygoing, compared to the fast pace we normally have! Anyone else doing anything IC with the turning of the season?
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