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FireRed Pokemon FireRed Advanced

Started by Z-nogyroP October 11th, 2015 11:26 AM
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yes it's a dumb name i know leave me alone

So what's up with this hack?

Well, it's a fairly standard dex-replacement hack, in the vein of Yet Another Fire Red Hack and Royal Emerald. The storyline of Kanto is largely untouched, but there are bonus goodies everywhere, plus an entirely new Pokedex comprised of Pokemon from gens 1-6. The difficulty has increased (as has the general linearity of Kanto), but difficulty was not a focus when creating this- my first and foremost aim was to create something fun to play, because let's be real here, if people want difficulty they can go download one of the other ten billion difficulty hacks out there. The game's not going to roll over and die in a gentle breeze, but again- this was supposed to be fun, not soul-crushingly hard.

Any specifics?

Both of the other dex-replacing hacks (aforementioned, and both very quality hacks if you're looking for one) focused mainly on using Pokemon that are already good and need very few alterations. This hack is different- my love in Pokemon hacking is the ability to take complete, objective trash Pokemon and turn them into something worth using. You can take every single fully-evolved Pokemon in the dex to the Elite Four. Furret. Delcatty. Magcargo. Masquerain, Luvdisc, Unown for crying out loud- everything's got some sort of gimmick, something they can do that nothing else can. Furret has Fur Coat and Coil + Baton Pass to either be a monstrous sweeper or a valuable supporter. Delcatty can abuse its new Fairy-typing and Pixilate to hit hard. Magcargo's gotten a generous boost and is no longer helpless to Water and Ground with its newfound Solid Rock. The list goes on and on.

What Pokemon exactly are in?

How far does it go?

The current beta goes up to the champion battle. No postgame, maybe eventually.

How about screenshots?

But of course!

Anything else I need to know?

-The linearity of Kanto has increased in places, and there is an intended order for midgame (that being SS Anne, Surge, Rock Tunnel, Pokemon Tower Rival, Erika, Game Corner, Pokemon Tower, Cycling Road, Routes 12-15, Koga, Silph, Sabrina). For example, you can no longer get the Tea until you've beaten Koga, and you can't enter the Rocket Hideout under the Game Corner without Erika's badge.
-Sevii islands were cut because they're just a pain.
-HMs- yes, including Flash- are no longer terrible.
-New attacks have been introduced. For example, there's Comet Shower, a Rock-type Overheat, Current, a Water-type move that can paralyze, and Swoop, a Flying-type Fake Out.
-TMs and Move Tutors are now reusable.
-Most trainers can be rematched just by talking to them after battle. Exceptions include Team Rocket, gym trainers, anyone on the S.S. Anne, and swimmers.
-If you're Nuzlocking, get your Route 2 catch before your Route 22 catch.
-If at any point you find a Wide Lens that must be reported to me because you are not supposed to.
-If you want to look at a Pokemon in the game with a tool, you must use G3HS- YAPE is incompatible with this hack because of the ROM base I used. The .ini to use is here.
-Don't write off any Pokemon, Unown in particular. I can't stress this enough- everything, and I do mean everything, is worth giving a go.
-Use the move relearner as much as possible, he's been relocated to Fuchsia. Every fully-evolved Pokemon (Unown aside for obvious reasons) gets something from him.

Known bugs-

-Flash does a weird thing in the menu. It'll act like the game froze for a second, but just wait. You'll understand it when you see it.
-Gooey can also behave oddly sometimes.
-Hydration seems to give the healing message every turn in rain, regardless of whether or not you actually have a status.
-Not everything is decapped.
-Cries have been partially inserted, but it's gonna take a while.
-The "ies" when people give you multiple berries is still capitalized.
-Certain Pokemon, namely Espeon and the Natu line, have Magic Guard as opposed to Magic Bounce. This is because in the ROM base I used, Magic Bounce is dangerously broken, while Magic Guard... is still not working 100%, but it's better.

Things to do, in order of priority-

-Implement cries (partially done)
-Fix any bugs
-Fix the habitat lists in the Pokedex
-Improve the overworld sprites, I guess?
-That's about it
-Maybe postgame if I get really bored

Credits to-

MrDollSteak, Chaos Rush, and Wiznatts for sprites
MrDollSteak's Decap and Attack patch for most of the new battle features
Doesnt for answering my hacking questions and helping me get a leg up when I was still a hakenoob
KDS and FBI agent for some ASM
Advance Map 1.92
Ability Resource Thread
KurainoOni, Ploaj, and MrDollSteak for menu sprites
Chaos Rush for cries


Pokemon FireRed Advanced v.1.2

Enjoy! :D


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What happened to the VS Seeker? I think that's a better way of handling rematches myself, you could have just moved it to an earlier location if you wanted it accessible easier.

And I'm a bit disappointed you removed the Sevii Islands, even if you thought they were boring they still provided something to do in the postgame which required relatively little effort to add. They were mainly optional in the original firered after all so I don't know why you act like you have to do them and they're just so annoying.


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Nuzlocking this at the moment, loving it so far. Just at Misty at the moment. One thing I did notice however was that Oshawatt evolved at lv16, when he is supposed to evolve at lv17. Also, I don't know if there is a way to remove money grains from trainer rematches, but given how easy it is, it may be a little TOO easy to find a rich trainer and grind out some cash.

Also, It's kind of my fault for not looking, but I did lose my Ralts to a dark type move because I expected it to be a Fairy type, not pure Psychic. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.
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@sharathbhat- Thanks! That was mostly because I prefer Gallade over Gardevoir, and I couldn't figure out how to get the gendered evo to work.

@shiyako- Nope, no Pikachu. There is Emolga, though.

@chrunch- Ehh, I was never a fan of the Vs. Seeker, partially because you can't use it in forests/caves/buildings, partially because of the wait time between rematches, partially because of the rematch teams which would take forever to edit. The Sevii islands were removed not only because I dislike them, but because it makes figuring out a level curve difficult. I can either make Giovanni's levels assuming the player didn't go through Sevii, which means people who did will have a big level advantage, or make Giovanni's levels assuming they did, which means people who didn't will either be forced to go through or grind forever. Neither of these is a desirable outcome, and neither is forcing them to go to Sevii, so I chose to remove them. I realize some people may not like this decision, but it's the one I felt was best.

@Britani Knight- Thanks!

@Mcguinness3- Oshawott evolving at 16 was intentional, because I have mild OCD and it really bothers me that two evolve at 16 and one doesn't. The money point is true though, but I can't think of much of a way to solve it outside of maybe making trainers give less cash based on how many times you've fought them, and I have NO clue how to implement that. And yes, Ralts being pure Psychic is intentional- with Gallade being the only evo, having a part-Fairy-type only to lose it upon evolving seemed pretty pointless.

@fallkitten- Thanks! There are actually 5 legendaries though, Darkrai and Cresselia are somewhere in the middle.

@Zef- Oops. Fixed!

Anyway it's early to be fixing bugs, but eh. Here you are!


Fixed Sunkern's dex entry talking about Vullaby.
Fixed "anrgy".
Nerfed Camper Liam a bit because a level 13 Roggenrola with Headbutt is kind of unreasonable when the last highest-level thing was level 10.
Dropped Brock to level 14-15.
Whismur should now actually evolve into Loudred.
False Swipe is back to 40 BP.
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So I've kind of been neglecting this on this site, but on the other main site it's on I've gone through quite a few updates. Here you go!

Gave Sceptile Sniper instead of Tough Claws.
Gave Delphox Serene Grace instead of Synchronize.
Flash was nerfed to 60 BP and 15% accuracy drop.
Vespiquen no longer gets Aurora Beam.
Pidgeot no longer learns Focus Blast.
Rock Climb now has 90% accuracy.
Archen's Attack and Sp. Attack were lowered slightly.
Dropped Slurpuff's Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense a bit.
Messed with Tyrogue's stats.
Buneary and Lopunny learn Double Kick at level 15 instead of 17.
Delphox's HM learnset is no longer insane.
Braixen and Delphox now learn Energy Ball by move tutor, but are no longer compatible with Thunder Wave (no relation).
Clear Smog has been removed; it seems to reset the game upon missing, such as when Fly is used or accuracy is lowered. In the majority of cases it was replaced by Haze or a different Poison move.
Escavalier and Accelgor now learn Metal Claw and Swift, respectively, upon evolution.
There are now wild Lickitung in the third Safari Zone area. Beldum's still Game Corner-exclusive, though.
Pancham and Pangoro now have the same EXP curve.
Porygon2 evolves at level 40 now.
The Fennekin line now gets Incinerate over Mystic Fire and Mystic Fire over Wish.
Fixed a large, shining Beldum flying over the sea.
Fixed two trainers who wouldn't rebattle you on Route 13.
Edited the Pokemon Tower rival battle a bit.
Bulletproof is no longer insane.
Reworked Lance a little bit.
Added recommended levels (read: levels of the leaders' aces) to the gym signs.
Elastic Skin, Overcoat, Soundproof, and Bulletproof should now actually work.
Possibly fixed the Seafoam Islands problem?
Smoochum actually evolves into Jynx. (i'm a good hacker you guys)
The free Johto starter has moved to Cerulean rather than Vermilion to make life easier for Nuzlockers with gift clause.
Brock has been completely overhauled, now with a team of Lileep/Omanyte/Dwebble.


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Great to see you back working on this hack. Your Pokemon selection really had me sold on this.

Currently playing: The Ultimate Rodent Solo Run Challenge Marathon
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Pokemon Sapphire Linoone Run: (8/8) (COMPLETED)
Pokemon Pearl Bibarel Run: (2/8)
Pokemon White Watchog Run: (N/A)


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Ghostar97: Are you using the most recent version? I fixed both of those errors in 1.2.

nemesish: Beldum can be obtained as a prize in the Game Corner.
Now I'm going to evolve my pokemons to complete the dex.

A question:
Will there be any way to get into the Cerulean Cave?
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Pokemon Reborn - Pokemon Rejuvenation - Pokemon Zeta/Omicron/Insurgence

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Ghostar97: Are you using the most recent version? I fixed both of those errors in 1.2.

nemesish: Beldum can be obtained as a prize in the Game Corner.
My Elastic Skin Drifblim just got hit by a Hitmonchan's Mach Punch :\ and it still gets hit by Electric type attacks


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So I got stuck at Seafoam Islands b/c the left boulder that stops the current magically disappears when i drop it -_- so i just used walk through walls through it XD.

So i tried Nuzlocking this and so far none died thankfully.
So far I'm using:
Bea, Lumineon - Drizzle - Hydro Pump, Hurricane, Bug Buzz, Disarming Voice(where's moonblast? or dazzling gleam?)
Kyla, Sceptile - Sniper - X-Scissor, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade
James, Gallade - Sharp Blades - Sacred Sword, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Leaf Blade
Zero, Accelgor - Dry Skin - Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, AquaShuriken, Sludgebomb
Ruth, Pidgeot - No Guard - Hurricane, Earth Power, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave
Cass, Heliolisk - Dry Skin - Hyper Voice, Thunder, Dragon Pulse, Heat Wave

And im on my way to Giovanni now :3
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