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Posted November 24th, 2019
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Yeah, I could be a co-gm if need be. I have enough knowledge about Star Wars myself and if i need some outside help... well... I'm friends with a 54 year old who has every single book, comic, dvd collection, and statue of star wars ever made. I think we're covered in terms of info in that regard. :P

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Posted March 1st, 2018
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As a big fan of the Star Wars franchise, I would certainly be interested in joining this RP. I also have knowledge from the original EU. (I don't like calling it Legends.)
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Posted May 17th, 2019
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Just bought KOTOR II on steam sales, bit spotty on my memory of the original, but shoot why not?

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On the topic of EU, I don't know much about Star Wars, but I'd say out of the window with most of it. Keep interesting lore elements, but do away with all characters that are around in that time period and might be relevant. It keeps the potential baggage low for players who have not read every book in that specific part of the EU.
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