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Pokémon Welcome To SPD Page 2

Started by Pikafan5 September 6th, 2015 3:31 PM
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Ch 26: Pokeranger

Normal POV

Tracy wakes up from another nightmare about what happened three days ago. She uses the sheets to dry the sweat off her forehead and looks over at the alarm clock. It reads 2:45 am.

I wish these nightmares would stop. Tracy thinks.

Tracy lays backs down and tries to go back to sleep. She closes her eyes. She just tosses and turns. She gives up ten minutes later and gets out of bed. She changes into her workout clothes. She checks the clock again, and it reads 3:05 a.m.

I guess I'm starting my morning workout 'a tad' earlier than I planned. Tracy thinks.

Tracy fixes her bed and leaves the room. She heads to Kat's room. The door slides open and walks inside. Pikachu wakes up instantly. He leaps off Kat's bed. Tracy catches him in her arms. He climbs on her shoulder.

"Hey pal, I guess you're ready for our morning jog," Tracy whispers.

Pikachu nods. Tracy turns around, starts to leave the room but stops when she hears Kat begin to move around. She turns around and sees Kat still fast asleep.

Phew, that was close. Tracy thinks.

Tracy spins around and tiptoes out of the room. She stops by the common room to fuel up. Tracy eats some fruit, chia seeds and Greek yogurt. Pikachu eats some Pokémon food with some protein. Tracy programs some programs breakfast for them to eat when they come back. They leave a few minutes later. They get to the park ten minutes later and stop to stretch out. After they finish Pikachu leaps on her shoulder, Tracy walks over to a drinking fountain. She turns it on and takes a few long sips. Pikachu slides down to her elbow. Tracy puts her elbow close to the water so he can get a drink too before she turns it off. Pikachu leaps down, and they continue their jog. Twenty minutes later they finished their run, so they head back to the base. They're a couple of blocks away, and Tracy hears a rumble of thunder in the distance. She stops and turns around to look at the sky behind her. The sky looks dark and ominous. She spins back around and glances down at Pikachu. His cheeks start sparking, and the wind picks up.

"Come on pal, let's step on it before we get soaked, " Tracy says.

Pikachu nods. He uses Quick Attack and zooms ahead. Tracy sprints to catch up with him. Their efforts are in vain when the rain comes down in sheets two minutes later. They walk in the base soaked to the bone.

"Rangers, report to the command center." Rings over the speakers on the wall next to the door.

"Oh come on!" Tracy exclaims.

Trisha POV

We walked in the command center and saluted to Commander Cruger. He asks if anyone knows where my sister is. I tell him that she out on her morning jog.

"Try a race against a passing rain shower sis," Tracy says.

We turn around and see my sister. I watch the water drip off her hair and clothes. A few seconds later Pikachu shakes off the water flies off his fur and lands on my sister.

"Pikachu, I know you need to dry off. I'm wet enough as it is, pal." Tracy says.

I start to snicker quietly. Tracy looks over at me with an evil eye. I stop giggling. She asks me if I have Beautifly's Pokéball. I nod.

"Can I have it please?" Tracy asks.

I say yes, and take Beautifly's Pokéball out of my pocket. Tracy walks over to me. She slips in the puddle of water in front of her. I start to laugh when she lands on her butt.

"I'm glad you think this is funny sis. FYI the next time you fall on your butt, I'm going to laugh till I can't breathe instead of help you up." Tracy says.

Beautifly lets herself out of her Pokéball. She uses Sliver Wind. We watch it dry my sister and Pikachu off. Two minutes later Beautifly stops my sister's hair and Pikachu's fur sparkle for the dust from Beautifly's scales. Tracy walks over to me, I hand her Beautifly's Pokéball and puts Beautifly back inside.

"Sir, don't take this the wrong way. Can you please tell us why we're here before I faint." Tracy says.

I ask Tracy if she ate anything before she and Pikachu left. Tracy says yes. She ate something to fuel her get through the workout.

Normal POV

"What are you going to have for breakfast?" Bridge asks.

"Whole grain toast with peanut butter and a banana," Tracy answers.

"That was yours, sis, I thought you left that out for me," Trisha says meekly.

"No sis that was for me," Tracy says.

"Well you, should have put your name on it," Trisha argues.

Trisha I shouldn't have to write my name on my food to prevent you from eating my breakfast." Tracy snaps.

The girls hear Commander Cruger growl. They turn around to face him. He tells everyone they have the day off.

"Sir, not that I'm complaining or anything, why do we have the day off, I mean Grumm and Broodwing are still out there plotting some evil scheme to conquer Earth." Tracy says.

"True, but everyone needs to take a break every once and while. Besides everyone, has been working hard the past few weeks," Cruger says.

"That maybe true for everyone else but me." Tracy says

"What do you mean?" Trisha asks.

"That I'm not taking the day off sis," Tracy answers.

"Why don't you want to take the day off?" Kat asks.

"I don't deserve it. I haven't been working as hard as the rest of you the past few weeks." She answers.

"Tracy, you're talking crazy. You've been training like a mad man." Trisha says. " If you keep this up, you could get hurt."

"Not to mention you could get sick," Bridge adds.

"I don't care. You guys enjoy your day off." Tracy says.

== Welcome To SPD ==

Tracy salutes and leaves the room. She heads to the common room, eats breakfast, and goes out to the five-mile short course. She finished it in forty-five minutes and heads back inside the base. She took a shower and changed into T-shirt with a white tiger on it, a pair of faded blue jeans and blue high tops.

A few hours later Kat walks in the common room. Pikachu is on her left shoulder. She sees Tracy sitting on the couch. She goes over to her. Tracy flips her hair over her ears. She looks up at her.

"Hey Kat, what's up?" Tracy asks.

"Not much, what about you." Kat answers.

Tracy says that she decided to make everyone happy, so she went to the mall. Kat asks her what did she do. Tracy says she did something that will help the other cadets tell her apart from her sister.

"Let me guess you got your ears pierced." Kat says.

Tracy nods. She puts her hair behind her ears revealing her snowflake shaped studs. Kat tells her that they're pretty. Tracy thanks her. Kat sits down next to her. Quick Draw jumps on Tracy's lap.

"Why aren't you in your lab today?" Tracy asks.

"I'm heading there now, but I wanted to ask you something." Kat answers.

"What did you want to ask me?" Tracy asks.

Kat says that she was thinking about creating a Pikachu. She wanted to ask her if it was ok before she started. Tracy looks down at Quick Draw and begins to pet him.

"Kat this isn't my choice to make. Quick Draw what do you want to do?" Tracy says.

Quick Draw jumps off her lap. He starts punching and kicking. Tracy chuckles softly. Quick Draw stops what he is doing. Tracy knew what that meant, so she gets up. She picks him up and hands him to Kat.

"Kat, promise me one thing. You'll be careful." Tracy says.

"I will Tracy I know how much he means to you," Kat says.
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Ch 27: Grumm's Revenge

Normal POV
Three months later Kat finished making Pikachu's Ranger suit. She also made him a bracelet to use as his morpher. Tracy and Michael are sitting in the common room on the couch. She is happy that he is back in town. They spent the past few hours catching up. Michael takes a small box out of his jacket and gives it to her.

"You didn't have to buy me a souvenir from Japan. You know that, right sweetie?" Tracy asks.

"Yes, I know that angel. I saw this necklace in the shop close to where I was staying. It made me think of you, so I decided to buy it." Michael answers.

"Aw, Michael, you're the sweetest boy in the universe," Tracy says.

She opens the box and sees a heart-shaped ruby and Diamond accent heart pendant in a sterling silver necklace. Michael asks her what she thinks. She tells him that it's beautiful. He helps her put it on. He gets up and walks around to stand behind Tracy. She hands him the necklace.

He drapes it around her neck. After he sits back down, Tracy moves close and sets her head on his shoulder. Michael puts his arm around her. He looks down at her and sees her eyes sparkle. The next thing Tracy knew he was kissing her. The kiss is interrupted by the alarm going off. They back away quickly.

"I guess you have to leave to save the city," Michael says sadly.

"Yeah I'm afraid so baby," Tracy says the same way.

They get up and leave the room. Tracy heads to the command center. The ranges dash in and Commander Cruger tells them about the two separate attacks on the city. One attack is at sector 13, and the other attack is downtown.

"Sir, I have a plan to deal with the attacks. We might need to call some of the 'D' level cadets we've helped train the past few months." Tracy says.

"Why do we need them?" Trisha asks.

"Because Trisha the only way to deal with this is to split up the team" Tracy answers.

"Which "c" level cadets are you suggesting that we call on cadet Blankenship?" Cruger asks.

"I was thinking about Cadet Campbell and her brother, Cadet Dodger, Cadet Richardson, Cadet Charbonnet and Cadet Garcia," Tracy answers.

The six cadet walk in the room, Thomas and Alisha Campbell William Dodger Adam Richardson Tanya Garcia and Kimberly Charbonnet walk in. They're confused about why they got called.

"Sir, are we in trouble? If so, I sure it was my brother's." Alisha says.

"Relax Cadet Campbell you are not in trouble. We need your help with an urgent matter. Can you tell us your plan now cadet Blankenship?" Cruger asks.

"Here's the plan everyone. Sky I want you Bridge, Syd, Alisha and William to deal with the attack in sector 13, while Z, Pikachu, Thomas, Kimberly and I will handle the attack downtown." Tracy says.

"What about me, Adam and Tanya?" Trisha asks.

"You'll stay behind and help Commander Cruger if Broodwing tries what he did in the past," Tracy answers.

"What did he do?" Adam asks.

Tracy tells him that Broodwing attacked the base to take it over to use the delta command megazord to destroy the city. Trisha and the other "C" level cadets walked over to their commander. The Rangers morph and they see Pikachu's Ranger suit for the first time. It has a lightning bolt for the chest emblem and is the same colors as his fur. It also has the same design as the pattern on his tail and his back. His helmet has holes in it where his cheeks are, a swirl pattern, and the ear has the black tips on them too. Everyone leaves a few minutes later. Z, Pikachu, Thomas, Kimberly, and Tracy arrive downtown. They see a human-sized bird-like alien and an army of krybots.

"Hello S.P.D, my name is Nepan, how about we just get to the part where I destroy you," Nepan says.

"I'm sorry Nepan, but you're the one who'll be destroyed not us." Z says.

Tracy lets Beautifly, Skitty, and Kecleon out of their Pokéballs. The Pokémon help Thomas and Kimberly fight the krybots.

"Beautifly, use Solarbeam, and Skitty, use Assist," Thomas says.

"Kecleon, use Rollout," Kimberly says.

The Pokémon attacks clear path for the cadets. They run in and pull out their blasters. They use them to destroy the rest of the robots in front of them. Afterward, the team regroups to see Nepan throw another sphere and a few other objects. They see more kybots, a bunch of orange heads and blue heads appear.

"This isn't good," Thomas says.

"Thanks captain obvious," Kimberly says.

The cadets tell the Pokémon to use a different set of moves. Beautifly uses Arial Ace; Kecleon uses Ancientpower and Skitty uses Shadow Ball. Kimberly and Thomas use their blasters again. This time, their blasters run out of ammo.

Nepan charges towards Z, Tracy, and Pikachu a few seconds later. Tracy tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail. Z uses her sword, and Tracy uses her blasters. Pikachu's attack hits after Z and Tracy's attack find Nepal's weak spot. Tracy glances over at Kimberly and sees that she is in trouble. Skitty and the other Pokémon are doing their best to fight off the advancing robot army. Tracy tells Pikachu to help her. He nods and runs over to them.

Meanwhile in sector 13 Sky Bridge, Syd, Alisha, and William arrive, they see a dog-sized, snake-like, scaled alien and another army of krybots, orange heads, and blue heads.

"Hello cadets, my name is Tupal, let's just skip the chit chat and fight," Tupal says.

Tupal tells the robots to attack. They charge in towards the teenagers. Sky, Bridge, and Syd use their Delta max strikers to blasts their way through. Alisha and William charge in to fight Tupal. The battle goes the same as the fight downtown. Back at the base Trisha and the others feel the base shake. They look at the screens lining the walls. Each shows the same thing the base being invaded. The screen on the far left side of the room shows Broodwing walk in with two more alien generals. Trisha lets her team out.

"Ok cadets, let's head out. We can't let Broodwing take over the base." Cruger says.

Trisha and Cruger morph and everyone leaves the command center. Adam and Tanya help the rest of the base deal with the krybots.

"Hold on you two Maganium, Infernape and Crobat will go with you." Trisha says.

"Great," Adam says.

Maganium, Monferno and Crobat follow Adam and Tanya. Trisha and Cruger turn their attention back to Broodwing Trisha's Pikachu, along with her Gengar, and Rhydon stands next to them ready to attack.

"All right Broodwing, what makes you think that this will work?" Trisha asks.

"You humans say second time's the charm," Broodwing says.
Adam and Tanya arrive to help their fellow cadets. Trisha's Pokémon gets in front of them. They wait for one of them to call out one of their moves. Adam stands frozen in fear as the robots advance towards them.

"Maganium, use Leaf Storm, Infernape, Fire Blast and Crobat use Air Cutter," Tanya says.

The attacks destroy all the robots. Tanya glanced over at Adam. He is still standing like a deer in the headlights. She jabs her elbow hard into his gut. Adam groans loudly as he drops to his knees.

"Tanya, what was that for?" Adam asks as he gasps for air.

"To bring you back to reality, remember cadet Blankenship ordered us to help her sister and Commander Cruger defend the base. Here is a tip freezing up like a coward isn't helping them at all," Tanya says.

Adam gets to his feet slowly and says "Thanks, Tanya, I needed that, so how about we make cadet Blankenship proud."

Tanya nods. They take out their blaster and charge in towards the fray along with the Pokémon. Meanwhile, downtown Tracy, Z, and Pikachu defeated Nepan, and Tracy put Beautifly, Kecleon, and Skitty back inside their Pokéballs to rest up after the tough battle. The Rangers demorph and start to leave to catch up with the others. They turn around to see Piggy, two blue heads, and the orange heads come out from behind a dumpster.

"Piggy, what are you doing here? I thought you went into business with Jack and Ally." Z says.

"It turns out I work better with other aliens. I kept insulting the human costumers so much that Ally fired me." Piggy answers.

Piggy takes a smoke bomb filled with knockout gas that Grumm gave him out of his pocket. He tosses it towards the cadets and Pikachu. The bomb explodes once it hits the ground. The smoke surrounds them.

"Guys, don't breathe it in," Tracy orders.

They cover the nose and mouths to keep from breathing in the smoke. Tracy picks up Pikachu to protect him from the smoke. A strong wind blows a few seconds later the smoke is blown into their noses. The group loses consciousness instantly; two blue heads and three orange heads walk over to them. The blue heads tie Kimberly and Thomas together. Then they go over to the Rangers' morphers and the Pokéballs from Tracy pockets. Two orange head approach them. They pick them up and head back to Grumm's ship. Piggy and the two blue heads and one orange head robot leave to find the other Rangers.

Meanwhile, at the base Trisha and Cruger along with the Pokémon continue to fight Broodwing. The Pokémon continue to take out the robots. Trisha and Commander Cruger charge in towards him. Cruger slashes him with his sword after Trisha kicks him in the stomach. After he gets to his feet, Trisha uses the judgment mode on her morpher to judge him. When the red x appears on it, commander Cruger hands Trisha his sword. She closes her morpher and takes the sword. She uses the containment strike, and it hits Broodwing. She catches the card when it flies back towards her.

"I hope your sentence is longer than it was last time. I hope you'll learn this time that crime doesn't pay." Trisha says.

Trisha hands the sword and containment card to her commander. They demorph, and Trisha puts her Pokémon back inside their Pokéballs to let them rest after the tough battle. Adam and Tanya run up along with the rest of her Pokémon. She does the same thing as before with Pikachu and the others.

"Cadet Blankenship, we confined Broodwing, do you copy?" Cruger asks.

He didn't get a response. Trisha starts to get a sick feeling in her stomach. She is about to leave Cruger uses his arm to stop her.

"Cadet Shea, before you run off I'm going to call the others," Cruger says.

The same thing happened when he called Tracy. Trisha runs out without having a plan or knowing where her sister or her friends are. She gets downtown and finds Kimberley and Thomas tied together. She runs over to the cadets and unties them.

"Guys, what happened?" Trisha asks.

"Piggy showed up and tossed a smoke bomb filled with knockout gas at us," Thomas answers.

"Okay, you two head back to the base. I'm going to find the others." Trisha says.

They nod and head back to the base. Meanwhile on Grumm's ship the orange carrying the unconscious Rangers go to the cell and toss them inside. They head back to the main bridge. They enter and stand next to the other robots. Grumm walks up to the orange head holding Pikachu. He zaps him with a blast from his staff.

"Now it's time to see how strong that so-called bond the red ranger says it is," Grumm says.

Back in the cell, Sky, and the others try to wake up Z and Tracy. Z wakes up first. She slowly sits up. Bridge helps her to her feet.

"I can't believe that we're stuck here again." Z says.

A few seconds later they hear Tracy starting to wake up. Sky helps her up, and she looks around completely confused.

"Where am I?" Tracy asks.

"In a cell on Grumm's ship," Sky answers.

"How did you guys get here?" Tracy asks.

"Piggy, he led us into a trap where Grumm ambushed us," Sky answers.

"Tracy, do you think that you could use one of your Pokémon to break us out?" Bridge asks.

Tracy reaches into her pocket where her Pokéballs are. She comes up with nothing but air. A frustrated expression appears on her face as she sets her hand to her side.

"I'm going out on a limb here and say that Grumm took your Pokéballs away." Z says.

Tracy nods. The Rangers have no choice but to wait and hope this someone at the base will come and rescue them. Twenty minutes later Trisha gets thrown into the cell.

"My hero," Tracy says sarcastically.

"Trisha, are you okay?" Sky asks.

"Yes," Trisha answers.

"Do you have your Pokéballs on you?" Bridge asks.

Trisha reaches into her pocket where her Pokéballs are. Her hand comes out holding Gengar and Rhydon's Pokéball. She tosses them into the air. The Pokémon appear in front of them. Tracy notices that they look worn out.

"Sis, I don't think this is a good idea, they look worn out," Tracy says.

"Relax sis, they can do this," Trisha says.

Gengar disappears to go through the door without getting shocked. She appears in front of the door. Rhydon steps closer to the door. He stands ready for his trainers command.

"Okay, you two, aim your attacks at the top corners of the door. Gengar, use Shadow Punch, and Rhydon uses Stone Edge." Trisha says.

The Pokémon unleash their attack. The Rangers watch in amazement as the door opens up and the Rangers run out.

"Good job guys," Trisha says.

Trisha puts her Pokémon back inside their Pokéballs. They run towards the main bridge to get their morphers back and so Tracy can get her Pokéballs back too. They arrive to be greeted by a Thunderbolt. Pikachu walks up, and Tracy sees his eyes flash red. He is ready to unleash another electric attack.

"Tracy, what's wrong with him?" Trisha asks.

"That would be my doing rangers," Grumm says.

The Rangers watch as Grumm turns around in his chair. Trisha looks over at her sister. She sees a look of pure rage on Tracy's face because of what Grumm did to Pikachu.

"Grumm, you won't get away with this, you know?" Tracy says.

"I already did red ranger; your little electric rodent doesn't even know how you are anymore. I'm it's now trainer now," Grumm says.

"Dream on Grumm, Pikachu and I have been partners forever. It's going to take a lot more than one of your stupid spells to make him forgot everything that we've been through on our joineries together." Tracy says.

"How about we test your theory ranger, Pikachu, show your trainer that you belong to me now, and use Volt Tackle." Grumm says.

Tracy steps forwards and Pikachu runs towards her. His Volt Tackle hit Tracy hard they fly across the room. Tracy hits the wall hard. Pikachu goes back over to Grumm. He stands up, and Pikachu jumps onto his shoulder. Tracy slowly gets to her feet.

"Come on buddy, I know you can beat this. Show Grumm that he may be able to control you mind but your will power and heart are too strong to be controlled." Tracy says.

"Sorry Ranger, Pikachu, Zap Cannon," Grumm says.

Tracy screams out in pain as the attack hits her. Trisha couldn't stand by anymore and let her sister get hurt. She lets Rhydon out again. Pikachu launches a Thunder attack and Tracy braces herself for the impact. Everyone watch as the attack is the attack is directed towards Rhydon.

"What just happened, I want to see an extra crispy red ranger," Grumm says.

"Sorry, Grumm, my Rhydon's special ability Lightningrod. In other words, all of Pikachu's electric types attack will be drawn towards Rhydon, so you lose." Trisha says.

"Trisha thanks for your help, but put Rhydon back inside his Pokéball. This is my fight, and I want to finish this on my own." Tracy says.

"Tracy, what if Pikachu knocks you unconsciousness. I don't want you to get hurt." Trisha says.

"Trisha I can bring Pikachu back, but he needs to be able to use all his moves for me to do it. Please put Rhydon back, please." Tracy says.

Trisha nods reluctantly and takes Rhydon's Pokéball out of her pocket. She puts it back in her pocket. Tracy slowly approaches Grumm. She takes Pikachu off his shoulder and hugs him. He uses Thunderbolt to break free. Tracy doesn't let go and hugs him tighter.

"Come on, buddy, you have to remember me. Remember the time we fought Roxanne's Gym in Rustboro City. I used you to battle, and she said there was no way a cute and small Electric-type like you could win against any of her big and powerful rock- type Pokémon. We showed her that there was more to a Pokémon battle size and type. You've always been able to come through when I needed you and helped me prove that no matter what problem we face on our journey we could always get as a team." Tracy says.

Pikachu starts to hear his trainers encouraging words. Grumm starts to get upset.

"Pikachu, bite her now, and use Thunder," Grumm says.

Pikachu nods. He bites down hard on Tracy's wrist. She winces in pain. Then Pikachu uses Thunder. Tracy screams out in pain.

Maybe another memory of one of our gym battles has to help bring him back. Tracy thought

Tracy takes a minute to remember another all the gym battles they have fought together. The first one to pop into her head is the last battle they fought in the Sinnoh region against Crasher Wake.

"Pikachu, remember battling against Floatzel at the Pastoria City Gym. Crasher Wake said that it couldn't be beaten. We were able to defeat it because you were able to dig deep and show him why the bond between a Pokémon and its trainer is so important. Let's show Grumm the same thing, come on Pikachu," Tracy says.

Pikachu stops attacking a minute later. He removes his teeth from Tracy's wrist. He licks it and look up a Tracy. Before Tracy can say anything she passes out.

I guess that bond between them was strong than I thought. Well at least there down a ranger now. Grumm thought

Grumm heads back to earth to find the spot where he rebuilt Omni, and the Rangers rush over to Tracy.

"We have to get her back to the base now," Trisha says.

"Right, let's go." Bridge says.

The Rangers head back to earth. They are standing in front of Tracy's bed. Pikachu is lying under her arm.

"This is all my fault; I never should have put Rhydon back inside its Pokéball. " Trisha says.

Sky puts his hand on her shoulder. She looks over at him. She sees a comforting smile on his face.

"Trisha, your sister, will be fine, I promise." Sky says.

The alarms go off, and the Rangers leave the infirmary. Sky borrows Tracy's morpher so they'll have a leader for this battle. The Rangers rush into the command center.

"Ranger's it looks like Grumm has figured out how to rebuild Omni." Cruger says.

"Just great, how are we supposed to fight it?" Trisha asks.

"We could use the S.W.A.T megazord like last time," Bridge says.

"Don't you need five people for that?" Trisha says.

"Trisha, you going to have to fly my SWAT flyer, I'll take Tracy's," Sky says.

"Where is Tracy?" Cruger asks.

Trisha explains everything to Cruger. Then they leave to fight Omni again. After they defeat Omni again, Grumm stands before them.

"Grumm, I'm going to make you pay for what you did to my sister and her Pikachu," Trisha says.

"Bring it on," Grumm says.

They fight for a while before Commander Cruger shows up to help. He tosses his sword to her. She catches it in the air.

"Thank you, sir," Trisha says.

Cruger nods. She uses the sword to fight Grumm. She slashes him several times with the blade before using the containment strike for the second time to confine him. They head back to the base happy that Omni is gone and that Grumm and Broodwing are going off to separate prisons and serving a life long sentence. They head back to the infirmary. Trisha smiles happily seeing her sister is awake. She runs over to her and gives her a big hug.

"Trisha, I know you're happy, but I need to breathe at some point here." Tracy says gasping for air.

"Right, sorry about that sis, so what are we going to do now?" Trisha asks.

Trisha lets her sister go. She back away and stands next to her bed. Tracy sees a confused look on her face.

"Sis, what's with that look? We won remember, Grumm and Broodwing are gone for good." Tracy says.

"I know but what are we going to do now since we can't we rangers anymore." Trisha says.

"I'm sure will still be Rangers sis, I mean there are still a bunch of bad aliens running around that don't work for Grumm." Tracy says.

"We'll get to take them down together, right?" Trisha asks.

"Yup along with our Pokémon and our friends too," Tracy says

*The End*
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