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Started by GreyBidoof May 20th, 2016 8:58 AM
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O hi

I'll be leaving the UG soon to be here more, so expect a certain Mai to return
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Gutted I'm not ready for a roleplay return yet ;(. Doof has permission to abuse Kariyai though.

:3 /watches from the shadows


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"I never wanted to be a snowflake"

23 // Spectrum // Female

Attire: Harper is a shy girl, and as a result, will rarely be seen sporting any figure hugging attire in her daily life(Despite the suit she was given to wear in her days with the meta-force). She can normally be found at college, wearing rather baggy hoodies or knitted jumpers. Her favourite colour is teal, so she most commonly wears a teal hoodie, with teal converse shoes and black leggings.

Her super suit is the complete opposite. When being trained in the meta-force, she was made to wear a tight black jumpsuit with rainbow bracers around her wrists and ankles.

Personality: Harper is a generous girl. She is very trusting, and quick to forgive those who have wronged her. She is naturally shy, and often quiet around new people. Her proneness to become quiet around new people could also be attributed to her fear of authority. She is reluctant to take charge of a situation, and will often fall to the background in serious group conversations.
Neatness, organisation and discipline. These are three of the natural instincts that have been instilled into her, from her family life in suburbia. More often than not, she feels inclined to follow authority and not stray too far from the rules. Though she is still intelligent enough to use her initiative when the time calls for it. She loves art, and is very crafty and resourceful as a result.

Harper is able to create a bow using light. As long as she has a light source, her power can work. This means that she cannot conjure the bow in total darkness, but it also gets stronger, the more natural light that is shining.
Her bow has 7 different abilities, one for each colour:
RED- Light Arrow
ORANGE- Hardlight bubble Shield
GREEN- Teleportation (Allows her to teleport to where the arrow lands)
BLUE- Healing
INDIGO- Stores Light
VIOLET- Creates Light Source(Made from light stored in the Indigo Arrow)

Origin Story (history): Her life was incredibly normal. Before gaining her superpowers, Harper spent the majority of her time scrolling through social media, hanging out with friends, going to acting class and drawing. She began to realise her talent for drawing at a young age, and found people were willing to pay for them as she improved her craft in her mid-teens. As her paintings and drawings grew more popular on-line, she started taking requests and eventually came across a customer who wanted to pay her to continually to draw. She was reluctant at first, but when she was told how much she would be paid she quickly accepted. Over a long period of time, she got to know her customer and even began meeting them in public and painting for them.

For the most part, she found the situation strange, but it made her good money and she hadn't been in any kind of danger. It wasn't until her client seemed to run out of ideas that Harper began to truly question just what it was she had been painting all this time. They were people? Suits of armour? All with such specific and intricate designs. They'd always been so specific and strict about what it was that they wanted. Not long after building up the courage to ask about what it was exactly she was drawing, she was "invited" to a special meeting for her clients "company". It was there that she met Helen Harden and Mai Chesire. Her teammates. From that day she would train alongside those two, developing her abilities and awakening her latent powers.

The most unfortunate of things followed however, but that's a tale for another day.

-She is crafty and resourceful, she uses this to her advantage in sticky situations
-Her generosity is often remembered by those she meets and her compassion makes her the ideal person to talk to when you're down
-She excels at ranged combat. Her bow is a very powerful weapon.
-Versatility. Her Bow has many different capabilities, some of which she's yet to discover.
-Acting. She's has managed to weasel her way out many an awkward situation thanks to her acting prowess, and is capable of applying it in many more predicaments
-Her small and slender figure means that she isn't particularly strong or quick. Though she excels at ranged combat, she'd be pretty useless in a fistfight
-Her trusting and kind nature is often taken advantage of by others
-Her crippling shyness will means she'll often lose an argument with some one who speaks with more conviction. Even if she knows she's right. It also means she is reluctant to take charge of situations.
-The Darkness. She cant use her power in complete darkness.

RP Sample

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Crimson Circuit

Real Name: Chie Kizama

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Chie stands at a height of about 5'9" with a lean, yet slightly toned body build. Her hair is kept a dark, forest green in color, with her visible eye being a strange purplish-blue. Chie's nose comes to a somewhat defined point combined with thin lips. Her facial features are completed with a small, crescent-shaped scar under her covered eye. Chie's hair is quite long, easily reaching down to her lower back. That said, Chie tends to keep most of it swept off to one side. Her skin tone tends to stay very pale in terms of complexion. She manages to maintain a somewhat athletic body build, despite the fact that she is rarely seen eating or drinking anything. Then again, when only half of her body is organic (if she's lucky to have that much), things like calorie and nutritional intake are never exactly high in necessity. She sports a tattoo on her left shoulder baring the numbers "01".

Attire: When under her normal persona, Chie dresses in a rather casual sense. She will more often than not be seen sporting a pair of knee-high, black leather boots on her feet. She tends to wear denim skirts around her waist, held in place by a black leather, studded belt. Her tops are almost always red in color. She tends to wear tank tops the most, giving off a somewhat odd look that makes the tops appear to have one sleeve due to her mechanical arm being the same color as the fabric. Chie tends to wear a black, leather jacket over her tops, and offsets the whole appearance with a choker around her neck. A black eye-patch covers her right eye.

When under the guise of the Crimson Circuit, a pair of looser-fitting, brown leather boots adorn her feet. These boots rise up to just short of her thighs. A form fitting, red, leather dress is worn over her body. The dress is sleeveless, and she sports a fingerless, red and brown glove over her mechanical, left hand. Crimson Circuit wears a thicker, brown eye-patch over her right eye, and keeps most of her face concealed with a high-collared, worn, yet durable brown cloak.

Powers And Abilities: Chie's powers are more or less defined by herself. With her cybernetic body parts, the woman has essentially become a living weapon. Combat-trained from the time after her transformation, she is able to perform in both ranged and close combat, but she is more suited for close-range a majority of the time.

Wire Arm And Mech Hand: Chie's right arm, which is entirely mechanical, has a built-in wire. She is able to use this arm for several things, including a grappling hook of sorts or as a ranged attack, the wire capable of wrapping around targets to trip them up or strangle. Chie's left hand, which is also fully mechanical, is able to fire small bullets from her fingertips.

Cyber Eye: Under that eye-patch lies an eye that has been modified as well. It is able to be used in scouting, containing thermal-seeking technology which tracks the body heat of nearby individuals. The eye is also able to fire small lasers, but doing so in rapid succession can cause it to overheat and malfunction.

Cyber Legs: Both of Chie's legs, from her knees on down, are cybernetic replacements as well. They allow her to make higher leaps and jumps than normal humans would be capable of making. Since they are reinforced with enhanced alloys, Chie is able to jump down from much higher elevations that would normally be considered bone shattering.

Augmented Strength: Being a cyborg, Chie's strength is much higher than that of the normal human. Her kicks and punches are capable of dealing more damage due to these cybernetic enhancements. While she may not be physically as strong as some fellow Resistance members, but she's able to get the job done where it counts.

Personality: Chie sports a cold, calculating personality. She often does not find amusement in mingling with those on a casual level, almost always approaching things with a work-oriented attitude. She can be somewhat cynical and tends to be a "glass half-empty" kind of woman. Chie is brutally honest and is never afraid to speak her mind. If she finds someone to be acting stupid or irrational, she is not afraid to let that person know, regardless of how they would take her criticism. For Chie, logic is everything. She wages every decision carefully, making sure to act accordingly to every given situation.

Brief History: Chie Kizama was at one point the normal sort of girl. Born and raised in Japanese city of Tokyo, she lived with her father who made his living as an avid scientist. Up through her middle school years, she did the sort of things that no one would dare bat an eye at. She went to school, hung out with friends, Chie was even spent her summers playing soccer as one of the team's star players. Many people would consider it to be the dream life, especially considering the fact that her family was comprised of only herself and her father. However, things were vastly different on the inside than they appeared on the outside.

While Chie's father was indeed a scientist, he was not doing work for the government or a pharmaceutical company. Rather, her father made a living working for the Crimson Dragon, a Japanese crime-syndicate who made a fortune on the Black Market. They were renown for several big sprees, including drug peddling, human trafficking, robberies, and murder. They had gradually came to be a huge thorn in the side of the Japanese government and all law abiding citizens. Likewise, the government gradually became a problem for the syndicate as well. There was always that risk that eventually the empire that the Crimson Dragon had become would come tumbling down, and it was that responsibility of prevention that fell to Chie's father.

It started out as just research. The Crimson Dragon needed to become stronger, strong enough to fend off the law and grow more and more in power, fear, and wealth. He toyed around with several ideas. Modifying weapons, using chemicals, and even the possibility of bombings. However, it was through pure chance that Chie's father would come up with a different idea all together: human modification. The idea came out of pure chance, when he happened upon his daughter watching a Japanese anime one afternoon. Everything in his head just seemed to click together. He had the money, he had the smarts and the technology available... All he needed was a subject... and what better subject than his own flesh and blood.

What followed next was a living hell for Chie Kizama. The girl endured having her entire life ripped out from underneath her, becoming a living experiment for the twisted workings of her father and the Crimson Dragon crime syndicate. She was forced into having her body ripped apart and rebuilt, her limbs replaced with cybernetic enhancements and weapons constructed inside of her new limbs. With every addition and passing day, more and more of the girl that was Chie Kizama was ripped away, essentially dying on the table only to be replaced with a living weapon constructed with the intent of only bringing pain and misery to those who would dare defy the Crimson Dragon syndicate. Forced to be a mechanical monster, a slave to their whims, the girl that was Chie essentially came to exist in name only, her mind gradually warped on account of the twisted work.

She was trained to be ruthless. She was trained to be a cold-blooded, killing machine. Over the years Chie was put to various sorts of tasks, many of which included assassinations. The money started to come in faster than ever for the syndicate. However good for them, it would eventually all come to an end. Chie was eventually sent on an overseas mission to... "take care of" a foreign client who owed the syndicate a lot of money. It was supposed to be a simple task for her. Just kill and run, something she had taken care of before several times. And for the most part... she did. It all changed however, after she made that kill... and came to find herself staring into the eyes of the victim's daughter, a small, frightened, twelve-year old girl... like she had once been herself.

It was that look that awakened part of the old Chie, the one who had been locked away from all the experiments performed on her over the years. She began to feel hate. She felt hate for what she had become, hate for those who turned her into this machine, and hate for those suffering on account of the Crimson Dragon and all other criminals everywhere. She vowed revenge, revenge on those who profit and delight on making others suffer... and she swore she would get that revenge. One way or another.

RP Sample:

Chie Kizama sighed as the ringing of her alarm clock drug her out of the realms of sleep. The Japanese woman could not stand mornings. They were abominations to her, one of the many leeches of society she felt the world could do much better without. Slowly, she rolled over in bed, her eyes narrowing as she caught glimpses of the morning sun's warm rays peeking in through the small crevasse of her curtains. The sounds of motors from the passing automobiles and chirping birds mixed together with her still ringing clock, creating a chior of what she would very much like to call demons. Realizing that she was most likely not going to be getting out of this day any longer if she tried, Chie reached over and smacked the button on her alarm clock, silencing those damn bells once and for all.

A small groan could be heard escaping from the woman's lips as she slowly pulled herself up to a sitting position on the edge of her bed. Her eyes were heavy, a sign that sleep was trying to lull her back into its warm, comforting embrace. It was quite tempting as well, like a slice of chocolate cake calling out to a junkfood junkie. Deciding to resist that call back to sleep, Chie grabbed hold of a red and gray, metallic hand attaching it onto left wrist before yawning in a rather loud fashion.

"Coffee..." she muttered, coming to stand up and scratch her side.

Yes, coffee. The hot, black, highly caffinated beverage was one of the woman's greatest weakness. She could not start her morning without it, an addiction she found herself wrestling with ever since she came to live in this side of the world to begin with. She had tried to shake the stuff several times. Lord knows she had never needed the bitter liquid before. Then again, when compared to several other addictions she could have potentially found herself fighting over the years, Chie came to realize that maybe, just maybe, coffee was the weakest of all those sins.

She was quick to prepare herself for an outing. Not only was Chie addicted to her morning coffee, but it had to be prepared in just the right way as well. She would never let anyone know that she was actually that picky about the stuff. She would probably never hear the end of it if she did. The green-haired woman was quick to get dressed, mostly just putting on whatever clothes she happened to have laying around from the night prior. She figured that one of her priorities for the day should probably be to deal with the laundry, but Chie figured it was not anything that could not wait until later. Within minutes she was out the door, her sole focus resting on reaching Moon Bucks before another twenty minutes would pass.

The walk to the coffee house was quick. Chie refused to even bat an eye at anyone she walked past or in front of her. Her eye was kept down, focused on the pavement in front of her as she traveled. The only time the woman would dare to look up was at a crosswalk, and even then she based her judgement of moving on the feet of those around her. Every single noise was annoying. The sounds of beeping horns. The popping of bubble gum from kid beside her. A rather large, overweight man yacking away on his cellphone. Each one increased the woman's need for coffee, and each one increased her desire to exterminate the sources of her annoyance. But she remained strong. Her beloved beverage was just a few minutes away, after all.

After what felt like hours, Chie finally reached her destination. She sighed in relief as she stepped through the doors of the Moon Bucks coffee house, the rich and alluring beverage caressing nostrils with its tempting and delicious scents. One of the workers behind the counter were quick to greet her, but Chie paid the man little mind. All he received in response was a quick nod as she quickly oved her way up to the counter.

"Coffee," she said simply, before the man could even open his mouth to ask her order. "Tall. Two sugars. A shot of caramel. One cream. Shaving of mocha. Stirred."

The man simply stared at her face, his eyes focused on her own. His hand shakily moved about the register, typing the woman's order in, before giving out the total. Chie was quick to comply, almost throwing the amount in the man's face. Her coffee paid for, Chie moved to a nearby seat to wait on her morning addiction to be brewed and served. She took a moment to glance around the coffee house, taking in the sight of those around her. Only a few of them were her kind of people. Those who were quiet, maybe enjoying the morning paper or some other form of reading material. Still, a majority of them were quite annoying. One in particular, the man she recognized from earlier on his phone, was still yacking away, his mouth wide open to display a chewed and mashed up glob of cinnamon roll in his mouth. The very sight of it all made Chie shudder. It was ridiculous to her how many people in the world were born without even the slightest bit of manners. Thankfully, she would only have to endure it for a moment longer. Her order was called, and the Asian woman was quick to make her way to the counter and claim her delicious coffee.

A small smile of anticipation graced her lips as she took the cup, slowly making her way away from the counter and towards the door. The scent was heavy on her nose, that alone doing its part to calm her nerves and energize her body for the day ahead. Slowly, she brought the cup to her lips. Slowly, her hand began to tilt the cup forward. Her body growing more and more excited for that lovely, warming, delicious drink she needed to function.

That's when it happened.

Cellphone man brushed by her to leave the coffee house. Cellphone man bumped into her as he did so. And down the cup went, the contents pouring out and spreading across the pavement. It was everything Chie had in her not to fall and mourn the loss of her beloved. Slowly, she turned to gaze in the direction of the man, the man who was still busy with his phone, but stopped just long enough to realize what he had done. He did not apologize, however. No, instead he just gave her that sort of look before waddling his way down the sidewalk.

Slowly, Chie raised her mechanical hand forward. Her index finger extended outward as she took careful aim... before shooting the man's cellphone out of his hand onto the ground. A loud, satisfying crunch reached the woman's ears as she watched the phone smash against the pavement. The man stared at his phone, his eyes wide in shock. He turned, looking over at the woman.

Chie smiled. She flipped him the bird and then kept walking... A small victory claimed for herself.


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I didn't completely abandon my previous idea in response to someone mentioning magic :X This character still has, umm, it has, the same gender! Yeah, totally just tweaked it a bit.


Name: Eric Magruder aka: “Druid”

Age: 19

Eric stands at about six feet tall and has a pale, grayish skin tone. He has large arms and hands compared to his about average size. He is muscular, but not exceptionally strong. He has dark black hair, which he keeps about the length of his shoulders.

Typically Eric wears all green. Most of the time, and especially when using his powers, he wears clothing that is made to appear to be covered in, or made of, leaves. Usually he wears a green sleeveless trench coat that appears to be made of leaves, with matching pants, and a leather belt with an iron buckle. He has gloves that match the coat, with buckles that mimic the one on his belt. He always wears a band around his head which is made from metal with antlers attached with leather bindings.

Eric is typically quiet and calm, preferring to observe rather than act. On the rare occasions that he does talk, he frequently uses sarcasm and tends to act in a way that implies that he is better than whoever he is talking to. He isn’t particularly sentimental, and sometimes is incapable of understanding basic human interaction or social situations. However, when he does become close to someone, he is extremely loyal and will do anything to insure that no harm ever comes to them.


Eric has a spellbook that has taught him everything he knows. On the cover there is a glass circle that, when the right incantation is read, opens a portal into the book. The book itself will then speak and train him, as it is able to manipulate this pocket-dimension as it pleases.

Healing spells are one of Eric’s favorites. He can cause his hands to glow green, and simply coming in contact with a wounded creature will slowly heal it. The faster he forces the spell to work, the more energy it will drain from him.

Eric can call upon the strength of the creatures of the night to give him the power to inflict pain on others. While receiving their strength his hands will glow purple, and simply coming in contact with a creature will slowly cause it pain and damage it internally. The faster he forces the spell to work, the more energy it will drain from him.

By standing inside of a circle, for example: chalk drawn on the ground or pattern of stone, he can form a protective bubble around it by chanting.

Elemental Blast:
He can create a ball of elemental matter (earth, air, fire, water) in his hand and launches the projectile through the air.

All magic comes with a price. The price of Eric’s magic is his sanity. The more magic he uses, the more emotionally unstable he becomes, as well as slowly going insane.

In addition to having a price, all magic has rules. Eric’s rule is simple: Everything he does must be in balance. In order to give to one he must take from the other. No life shall be created, nor destroyed, merely transferred. No good deed will go unpunished.

Origin Story :
Eric was always in the library. It was almost like a second home to him. Eventually he was given an opportunity to catalog a cart of “new” books that were collected from an extremely eccentric man’s house after he passed away and left the entire collection to the library. After searching through the ancient novels for days he found a peculiar book without a title, written in a language he didn’t understand. After researching the forgotten language for weeks he finally translated the first page, whose incantation opened up a world of magic for him.

Ever since then he has spent all his free time studying magic, even neglecting his responsibilities. It finally gave him the excuse he needed to avoid social interaction. He has never gotten a chance to actually use his magic outside of training, which is the reason why he decided to join the resistance.

Any other notes about your character:

Roleplay Sample:


"You've got the pronunciation all wrong, do it again." the voice of the book boomed throughout the large white box of a dimension.

"I don't know, it worked pretty well last time." Eric replied, smirking.

"Exploding my walls is not hitting the target. You need to focus and stop goofing off."

He sighed, and then placed one foot in front of him, pressing all his weight on it like he was about to sprint. Then, placing his arms in front of him, he began to slowly move them around in a circle, acting as if there was an invisible ball between them. A chant began to flow from his lips, an odd song-like poem that never made any sense to anyone but him. Without warning a ball of fire burst to life in his hands, and then suddenly exploded, singeing his face.

Booming laughter filled the room.

"Shut up!"

"I told you that you need to focus, or it won't work."

He grunted, and then decided to practice something he already knew really well. Placing his hand on his face, he whispered a soft melodic song, and a bright green light flooded out of his hands. Within a few seconds the pain was gone, and a short time later there was no trace of the burns.

"Alright, back to work!" the book announced.

"Were you always this boring?" Eric retorted.


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Alrighty, so it's about time I got around to sorting things out.

Oddball_'s Lightforce is accepted.
Foxrally's Nerites Ekitai is accepted.
Sir Bastian's Quantum is accepted.
Elektra Heart's Marion Bristol is pending.
Etherion's Kingside is pending.
Godzil's Star Gazer is accepted.
Gimmepie's Giron is accepted.
HTS123.0's Ant Venom is denied.
Desinishon's Ally Killer is denied.
TheSignWriter's Star Forger is pending.
Frozen Heart's Crimson Circuit is doofccepted!

If your character is pending, then it means that I need to discuss some things with you before your character can be accepted.

If your character was denied, don't lose heart! You are free to sign up with a new character if you so desire. I will have sent you details regarding why your character was not accepted.

If your name wasn't mentioned, your SU is missing something. Make sure to complete it!

I check PC occasionally throughout the day, but if any of you prefer a quicker method, feel free to add me on Skype, with your PC name in the invite. I'm on there nearly all day vie my phone, and will most likely respond within minutes.

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You used a Master Ball on the GreyBidoof!

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Etherion's Kingside is now accepted.

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whoops i lied about making a new character

Jessie Jamison - "Abraxas"

25 // Female // Theme

Appearance/Attire: Reference "Super Costume"
Standing at around 5 feet and 6 inches Jessie is at a rather average height. She looks deceptively thin as she has loads of lean muscle packed on from having participated in gymnastics and martial arts. Her skin is lightly tanned and rather unblemished. She usually puts on a little bit of make up, mostly just some eye liner. She usually keeps her light brown hair down, but when the fight is getting too rough she ties it back in a pony tail. She also does have a machine covering her lower arm and hand, looking like some sort of metal glove.

As for her apparel Jess is all about the trench coats. She believes that the article of clothing just oozes the word detective and that all great ones wear them. Her "street-wear" usually just consists of a regular button down shirt or long sleeved pull over and some jeans all under an always amazing khaki trench coat. Her "super-costume" is a more formal version of her street wear. A white button down under a black vest and black dress pants all under an even more amazing black trench coat (filled to the brim with her gadgets and devices).

"Don't take what she says to heart" is the best piece of advice that can be given to anyone that's interacting with Jessie. Teasing and flirting with others have been her favorite things to do since she was a child. Well that is besides solving mysteries. But even the mysteries she approaches with playfulness. Jessie basically just lives life and enjoys herself to the fullest even if it's at the cost of others, she's gonna have her fun. However, this also leads to her being perceived as mean spirited or a "b*tch" which she wouldn't necessarily deny as her ideals and the way she carries them out often come into the conflict of others. Her agreement to help fight crime in Hyperia wasn't necessarily to assist the citizens, but more rather to try and solve what happened to the already existing heroes of Hyperia.


Portals: The machine that has attached itself onto Jessie's left arm gives her the ability to shoot out two linked portals. Anyone or anything which passes through one portal will emerge from the other and vice versa instantaneously. The portals can be placed on any surface which is solid and large enough to accommodate them. They shoot out from the palm of her hand when she presses the corresponding trigger for them. One is red and the other is blue, presumably to make the difference in each instantly recognizable.

The portals themselves are about seven feet in height and five feet in length and virtually harmless. The machine may not be designed to be a weapon, but can be used so as if something is caught in between both portals they detach from the whole. Basically if one's arm was going through a portal and Jessie moved one of the portals the arm would be cut off from the person's body.

Skills to pay the bills: While she does have the ability to create portals Jessie is only human, thus without the machine she wouldn't have any supernatural abilities. However, growing up she's picked up quite a number skills. Over the years she has acquired a black belt in both jiu jitsu and tae kwon do, been a part of a junior olympics gymnastics team, and even helped take the robotics team of her highschool to a state championship. Most important of all are her skills as a detective. Being able to sniff things out has been a part of her blood since the day she was born. She also has a number of gadgets that she herself has created (or stolen) that she uses such as a grappling gun and smoke bombs. All of these abilities come together to make Jessie batman not quite human nor superhuman, but something in between.

-an incredible detective that is able to figure things out on a dime
-agile and a capable hand to hand fighter
-strong spirit and doesn't allow much to bring her down
-good aim with the portal device

-only human
-no true offensive powers
-inherently selfish

Origin Story:
There were no dramatic deaths or destroyed planets that were a part of Jessie's life. She had a rather ordinary upbringing, living in a rather ordinary town that her father was the rather ordinary police deputy of. From an early age the young girl was enamored with mysteries, perhaps this was partially because of the fact that she was the daughter of the deputy, but no matter the reason she was fascinated with them. She would read mystery novels meant for kids years older than she was and able to solve them before the protagonists could.

As she grew older, Jessie picked up many hobbies that she was skilled in. Martial arts, gymnastics, music, robotics, you name it and it was a part of her childhood. Some of these she continued on with and they would later prove helpful in her crimefighting days. Throughout high school everything seemed to be perfect for the girl, she was beautiful, smart, and talented. Sure her tendencies got her into some minor trouble with boys, and more with her father, but it was all fun for her.

After finishing high school, she followed her continuing fascination with mysteries and solving them when deciding to travel to Hyperia University to study Criminal Justice. Her father was thrilled and believed Jessie to be following in his footsteps into joining the police force and putting her "scooby-doo" skills to good use. After three short years (AP classes are great) she graduated with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. However, much to her father's disdain Jessie had no interest in joining the police force. Her desire didn't rest in filling out reports or helping those in need, but in the thrill and enjoyment of solving a mystery, thus she opened up "Jamison Private Investigations" in Hyperia.

The business started out slow, but quickly picked up speed once her reputation got around. She was getting requests from tracking down a spouse to see if they were being unfaithful to finding out if a company should be slammed with tax fraud. However, one fateful day a very interesting request came to her offices. A rival company wanted to find out what "Apt. Science" had been up to and how close they had been coming along on their newest inventions. It wasn't a terribly exciting job, except for the fact that Apt. Science was one of the leading research corporations at the time and Jessie didn't plan on just asking people for information.

After carefully planning it out, she broke into Apt. Science's main lab facility, taking notes and plans as she went through. The private detective saw a number of strange machines and contraptions as she went through, but one caught her eye more so than the others. It was a cylindrical tube labeled "Portal Project 2.1" and laying on a table unattended. It seemed like it was the perfect thing to bring back to her client, so she grabbed it and as she picked it up it attached itself around her arm, forming into the shape of her hand like a metallic glove. In a panicked attempt to get it off Jessie pushed a number of the buttons that lined her arm's side, and to her wonder and surprise a red portal and then a blue one shot out onto the wall.

It took some getting used to and definitely was uncomfortable for her, but Jessie eventually accepted the device attached to her left arm and used it to aid her on her investigations. She continued on with this until one day she received a surprising text from one of the heroes of Hyperia.

Almost as soon as her stint with the New Champions started, the group was disbanded. Due to various connections and her intuition, Jessie knew about Animatus' rise to power, but since it didn't necessarily hinder her way of life, she didn't give it much heed. However, what did have her attention was that Binary had vanished, just as all the other Champions had. She spent the next three years trying to make sense of the where the how and the why of their disappearance... only to come up with nothing.

She eventually caught wind of the Resistance, and joined, believing that she might be able to find some information on the Champions disappearance.

Other: She smokes... a lot. Her favorites are Marlboro 27's

RP Sample:
Lighting up another cigarette, Jessie kicked her feet up onto her very unkempt desk. Papers and files were piled on top of one another, while even more littered the floor of her office. Business at Jamison Private Investigations, was the same as usual. A missing pets case, a potentially cheating boyfriend. It was all the same boring garbage to her.

Drawing in heavily, she gave a forlorn sigh. Three years. Three years she had devoted to uncovering the mystery behind the Champions' disappearance, and she still had nothing. It was the bane of her existence. On one hand, it was the most fun she'd ever had in trying to crack a case, but in the other she had no leads other than perhaps Animatus' involvement. For the self proclaimed "master detective" it was truly a frustrating ordeal.

The only reason she was keeping up with any of her other cases, was to bring in enough money to support herself. She had a good bit saved up, and after a couple more cases she'd have enough to go without working on anything public for an entire year. The thought alone brought about a giddy smile to her face.

Jessie shuffled through the sea of papers sitting upon her desk, before pulling out a manila envelope, labeled "Erwin: Boyfriend". Pulling out the files within it, she reviewed the information that was needed for the case: addresses, cars, identification. The most important information for her, however, was the one thousand, two hundred dollar reward for the case. Something she'd learned over the years as an investigator for hire was that scorned middle aged women, always paid best.

After memorizing all that was necessary, she tossed aside the folder and got up from her chair. The old analog clock hanging upon the wall opposite of her, read 5:25, almost time for Ms. Erwin's boyfriend to be getting off of work.

Flipping on her favorite khaki trenchcoat, Jessie opened up the window to her office. And after two quick bursts from her arm was out on the streets, headed to the Financial District with a grin upon her face.

"That sh*t never gets old."

how happy is the blameless vessel's lot
the world forgetting by the world forgot
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
each prayer accepted and each wish resigned


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Maiara Rayen Huerta Cheshire ♀ 24


Light olive skin, dark hair, and a dangerous stare come together to create an exotic and not altogether comforting air when Maiara is present. She's not tall, standing at 5'5" (165cm), but her muscled physique and brutish demeanor can prove an intimidating combination. She's a mixture of Native American and Spanish on her mother's side, and English on her father's. Being raised in the northern forests of America, she's rather pale and has a few different mannerisms of speech, such as not pronouncing the "t" in words such as "mountain." Her sharp Spanish features complement her Native look, and she keeps her long, voluminous hair either down or in a tight braid.

On a more intricate level, she keeps her makeup at a minimum of eyeliner and eye shadow, usually of darker hues. Her nails are long, but neatly filed, and her brilliantly white teeth glisten when she opens her mouth. Her lips are thin and her nose rounded and petite. Her almond eyes are amber in color and are framed by long eyelashes and thick eyebrows. She pays meticulous attention to hygiene, and so her skin is flawless and smooth. Her rounded, detached earlobes are pierced, and her two favorites sets of earrings are a pair of black raven feathers and a serpentine dragon that traces her right ear to the top with wings that spread wide.


Her wardrobe consists of various tee shirts and tank tops, denim shorts and cargo pants. She has various colored pairs of converse, athletic shoes, and combat boots. She also enjoys wearing fingerless leather gloves, striped, netted, or laced knee high socks, and an assortment of jewelry. On her right arm she wears a multitude of thin bracelets, and on her left a handcrafted bracelet resembling the golden snitch and deathly hallows from Harry Potter. She has a few necklaces including a dragon's claw and a Mockingjay locket, which doubles as a timepiece. She also has a raven anklet which is visible when she's not wearing long socks or shoes.

Her costume consists of a black visor helmet with built-in communications, black carbon fiber body armor, boots, and fingerless gauntlets. Its constructed in such a way to provide a maximized durability to movement ratio. She usually has her hair in a braid when in full costume.


Incredibly kind, exceedingly compassionate, obnoxiously charismatic, and endlessly righteous: these are all traits certainly befitting a hero of grande stature.

Mai is none of these things.

She is, however, outrageously audacious, annoyingly tenacious, poignantly sardonic and ever so graceful in her boorish mannerisms. She's not what one would expect of the typical hero, and it's a wonder she even deigns to fight for the side of "good." She tends to stick to the realms of morally grey, and this can leave her entirely unpredictable even in repeated situations. She's not completely heartless, though it may seem like it at times, but she's certainly no Mother Theresa. She's not much for charity, altruism, or politeness, but at least she can usually be counted on to save innocent lives. Usually.

She adores gemstones, and often strays into the realm of criminals in order to obtain such beauties. Her favorite food is pineapple, and she has an odd fascination with the color chartreuse. To her, rainy days are exhilarating and cats are God's gift to mankind, though she's not much for religion. She hates stupid people, ignorant people, overly cheerful people, deeply morose people, ambivalent people and people who like the color beige; the last one being for no particular reason, as she actually has no problem with the color beige, but people who enjoy it are the scum of the earth. She just dislikes people. Yet, for some unknown reason, she saves them.

Sometimes she thinks that she should get herself a mental evaluation.

If she does come to like a person, which is practically unheard of, she can either become intensely loyal or a bit of a stalker. Usually both. Some wonder whether it's better to be hated or loved by her.

She typically carries herself with more than a little pep in her step, but her bright eyes and broad smiles are typically accompanied by sarcasm and scathing remarks, gleefully delivered. It leaves those on the receiving end rather confused more often than not.

Powers & Abilities


Mai wields power over the forces of the Nether; the powers of "Hell," so to speak. Her skills are varied, but this diversity means that she has only a general understanding of each of her powers, and is master of none.

The first subset of her ability is Astral Manipulation. She can project her soul into the world around her, during which time her body is vulnerable, and she can see the spirits of the living and the dead. She can prevent others from utilizing astral energy or she can assist another in projecting their soul. She can communicate and interact directly with the souls of the dead. In a similar vein, when someone is near enough to death, she can apply Death-Force Manipulation to cleave their soul from their mortal frame.

Through Cosmic and Nothingness Manipulation, she can open portals and tears in dimensions through which she can summon meteors and other stellar objects, or she can turn the tear into a black hole, sucking objects into an endless void. She's not really sure what happens to a living being when she brings them into a void, but it is possible for her to enter the void herself and retrieve anything that has been lost. She can also utilize the energy of stars and other celestial objects, focusing it into physical blasts.

The Nether also gives her power over dark elements, which are far more destructive than their natural counterparts. The mixture of darkness with the element allows it to ignore some of its normal limitations, but also makes it harder to control. She can wield black lightning, dark fire, dark water, dark wind, and black earth. Each of these elements have great potential for destruction, and as per her powers, come straight from the Underworld, and so are slightly different than normal dark elements. They focus most on death, poison, and natural disasters.

The final subset is that of Nether Physiology. She can transform her body into the the element of Nether, taking on a wraith-like form. This allows her to move swiftly and deftly through the world, permitting her to access areas others cannot. By spreading out in this smokey form, she can seep through the cracks of doors and buildings.


The forces of Aether and Nether are the main components of the Universe, and work to keep it in balance. Nether is the dark backdrop of the Universe, responsible for expanding it and bringing destruction to balance the creations of Aether. Mai's strength comes through this destruction and the many ways in which she can employ it. She can destroy most natural elements, including armor and other obstacles, with little proving impenetrable to her abilities.

Her powers over the soul and her Nether Physiology also give her means through which to observe the world around her, spying on others and learning information. Speaking to the dead provides another outlet for gaining information, and together these abilities create a formidable agent of stealth.


The forces of destruction are not toys to be played with, and that fact sometimes eludes Mai. A lack of focus or proper intent can cause her abilities to run rampant, destroying everything in their path, including herself. If she fails to keep her powers in check, she will face dire consequences.

Her sensibility to the dead also makes her susceptible to becoming a target for malevolent spirits and other dark beings, and while she can harm them, they can also harm her far more easily than they could a normal human.

When manipulating her soul, her body becomes limp and lifeless, leaving it open to attack. On the other hand, when morphing her body into its Nether form, she's more susceptible to spiritual damages and can be affected by forces that would normally prove no problem for her, such as simple wind. Losing concentration in this state could cause her body to dissipate permanently, and when in an astral form one mistake could lead to her soul being permanently cleaved from her mortal self.

On a more human level, her hotheadedness can lead her into many dangerous situations, and sometimes cause her to ignore her limitations, landing her in dangerous life or death scenarios, occasionally over problems that could be solved much more easily with just a little clarity of mind.

Origin Story

Six terrible screams rocked her three year old mind.

He controlled demons.

There was blood everywhere. How was she alive? That was the question that echoed through the town for months after the incident. Why would someone slaughter two young parents and four of their five children, but leave the youngest of the bunch soaking in the blood of her family?

She didn't speak for almost a year after the incident. She could only scream when the nightmares of the demon came, and all she could feel was the cold of that dark abyss that she had been dragged into. She had glimpsed Hell and it had changed her forever. When she finally did speak as she approached her fifth birthday, of course no one believed her when she said they had all been killed by a monster that some man had been commanding. Her three year old mind obviously replaced the image of a terrible human being with that of a monster, because that's what toddlers could comprehend, right?

She didn't make it up. He had come into her home, summoned a demon and directed it to kill her entire family. When it came after her, something happened, dropping her into a dark void that she did not understand. What happened to her in that place was too much for her to handle, so she's subconsciously blocked it from her mind. All she's sure of is that she fell into Hell, and it had somehow imbued her with its essence. When she resurfaced in her home, the man and the demon had gone, but she did not wake from the nightmare. Her constant screaming and crying eventually led to someone investigating the house, finding the mutilated corpses of her parents and siblings. She was stained with blood.

After that, she was sent into foster care. Her father had no siblings and his parents were dead, and her mother was estranged from her family. By the time anyone managed to contact her maternal grandparents and their other children to deliver them the devastating news, Mai had already turned seven and was lost in the system. She was sure they wouldn't have cared enough to come and get her, anyways. They probably hadn't even known she'd existed.

Of course, going through something as horrible as she had, she came out damaged. She acted out and became too much for most families to handle. When someone adopted, they didn't want a broken child. It wasn't their blood to deal with. And when supernatural things sometimes occur around that child, such as random hauntings? Everyone stays away.

By the time she was eleven, she could see where her life was going. She was never going to find a home. So she ran away.

She had always had strange things surrounding her. They began at such a young age that she didn't think much of it, until her abilities began to really develop once she was out on her own. She figured that the effort of having to fend for herself drew them out. Perhaps her fear of and anger at the world around her helped to bring it out further.

Whatever the cause, the little vagabond learned to control her powers over the forces of Nether and use them to continue her dismal existence. She learned how to steal, lie, and cheat her way through most everything, all while carrying the fakest, but convincing, of happy demeanors. She developed a scathing wit as a sort of defense mechanism against outsiders, and she pushed everyone away from her.

Eventually her travels led her to the city of Hyperia. While it wasn't the ideal place to continue her criminal activities, it was an area home to a number of superheroes and other supernatural beings. She wasn't much for heroism, but she needed to find some meaning for her existence.

Somewhere along the line she allowed herself to be corrupted and join the "good" side. Fighting evil and protecting the innocent? Gross, but it was something to do. Besides . . . maybe she could prevent others from falling prey to a life like hers.

Maybe she could find the man that murdered her entire family and respond in kind.

Roleplay Sample

An excerpt from the one joint post made during the original Titans.

"Well I assumed you would have followed me. It's not like I ran off like someone did." Mai's voice broke through the radio.

She had walked off after Helen ran, muttering to herself about her reckless teammate. It was hard to work as a team when no one would stay together. Of course, when she glanced back to say something to Harper, she'd noticed the girl had not followed her.

That wasn't Mai's fault, so she just kept walking.

Now she was somewhere within the building, hugging the wall as she carefully made her way through.

"So, what's your plan? I assume you have one if you're looking for me."

"We're going to need to split up." Harper suggested, while checking over her shoulder.

Mai frowned. "I think we've already got that covered, dear."

"Let's not get smart." Harper began with a sigh. "I meant at the hostage points." She rolled her eyes. "Right now, I've got eyes on floors two and four. I can block the stairways on each of those, so that means which ever of us get floors four and five will have to share. Think you're capable of that Mai, or do you want floor two?" She taunted with a slight snicker.

"Get smart? I'd like to think I'm already there," Mai retorted. "And I'm on floor three at the moment. I can take whichever. Going down one floor isn't a large trek, and I assume it'd be faster for you to get into the higher floors from where you are."

Back on the second floor, Mai was working her way through the halls silently. She'd avoided alerting any of the guards so far, but they would no doubt kick into action momentarily due to the disturbance on the higher floors.

She found a door with a small window on it. The door was made of steel, and inside was the hostage.

How cliché.

She tried the handle. Locked, of course. Breaking it down wasn't really an option.

She pressed her finger to her earpiece. "I've about got it. The guards haven't noticed me, but I'm sure your little antics upstairs have them on high alert. Chances are I'll walk into a trap in just a few seconds, but that's okay."

My antics? Harper frowned to herself.

Mai returned her attention to the barrier in front of her.

She'd have to go through it.

She concentrated on her form, clearing her mind of distractions. She wasn't very good at this part yet.

She felt her body soften and evaporate around her. Her arms became smoke-like, followed by the rest of her body.

This still felt weird as all Hell.

She laughed a little at her own joke.

She maneuvered her Nether form to the ground, where she began to seep through the crack under the door. It was slime, practically nonexistent, but she managed to fit through it.

The instant she was on the other side, she returned to her corporeal form. She didn't want to be like that any longer than she needed to. She ran over to the hostage, only to be stopped by two guards that had been standing off to the side.

If two was all she had to face, then this was going to be easy.

She heard the door slam open behind her. Psyduck. She'd gone and jinxed herself. Well, at least that meant she wouldn't have to get the door open in order to get out now.

She slowly glanced around the room, keeping as many of the guards in her field of view as she could. She counted twenty. Okay, a little more difficult than two, but still manageable.

"I was right about that trap thing," she muttered through her earpiece.

"Nice of you to drop by," Mai remarked, noticing Harper out of the corner of her eye.

She returned her full attention to the guards surrounding her. The two that she'd seen when entering the room stood between her and the hostage, and the others dotted the perimeter of the room, slowly closing in around Mai. One hostage, twenty guards. This wouldn't be too difficult.

She lurched forward before sharply turning and getting low to the ground, confusing the guard as he blocked upwards at first. She kicked his feet out from under him, brought her hand up and shot a concentrated blast of celestial energy into the second guard, sending him flying. She pulled out a dagger and, in one swift movement, cut the hostage free from her bindings.

She grabbed the hostage by the hand and pulled her to her feet, running towards the door. The other guards lunged at Mai and hostage. Mai pulled the android woman in close to her, waving her right hand through the air and opening a dark tear in the atmosphere. She ripped it open wider as a handful of guards neared her. The black hole sucked them into the abyss, getting rid of them permanently. She swiped her hand through the air a second time, opening a lighter tear through which a barrage of alien stone poured out, striking three other guards and knocking them out.

By her count, eleven guards remained.

She glanced at Harper, then back at the hostage and the second tear in front of them. She grabbed the edges of the tear and molded it, before throwing it towards Harper. She opened a third tear and pushed the hostage through it, causing the android to reappear through the tear she'd thrown at Harper.

"Take her!" Mai commanded as she closed the second and third tear.

"But..." Harper began to respond in protest.

The final eleven guards circled Mai.

The first tear was still open, however, and she could feel herself being pulled towards it.


She looked at the black hole. It was slowly expanding and trying to consume as much of the world around it as it could. Two more guards were suddenly sucked into the void. She needed to close it before it got out of hand.

She ducked under one guard and then launched herself off of the arm and then head of a second, gaining an aerial view. She crossed her arms and let black sparks dance across her frame, loosing three bolts of black lightning that rained down upon the guards. One caught fire and two more were knocked back, with the electricity shorting their circuits.

She landed by the black hole, slamming her hands against its edges as she attempted to close it. It barely budged. She reached her hands into it and tried to pull it closed. She gritted her teeth and dug her heels into the ground, trying to gain a better foothold.

The six remaining guards, the idiots that they were, decided to try and attack her while she was fixing the problem. The effort of closing the hole was a strain, and the stress of that combined with the stimuli of six pairs of arms lashing out at her caused her to unintentionally shake the earth around her. Tremors wracked the room and darkness seeped out of cracks in the ground, congealing into a dark mist that swirled around Mai.

She let out a yell as she quickly turned and caused the ground beneath the guards to erupt in a spray of concrete and shadows, immediately returning her hands to the tear as she hoped the last of the guards had been dispatched.

With one final, strained grunt, she managed to close the rip in the dimensions, practically collapsing afterwards as she tried and catch her breath.

"Note to self," she muttered. "Black holes are annoying as muk to handle."

Sabien Oanez Kappel ♀ 27

< Theme: Breaking Free >

Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Tall, Caucasian, blonde haired and blue-eyed: she's practically perfect in every way, one might say. Her Dutch and Breton blood give her delicate features that she claims are the grace of God. She works hard to keep up her "natural beauty." She constantly brushes her long, flowing hair and meticulously attends to her skin and general hygiene. She doesn't wear makeup, because "there's no need to touch up perfection." Her facial features are soft and endearing, giving her a look of innocence. She's an angel, if you will.

She's 5'7" (170cm) of a delicate structure. Her muscles aren't particularly apparent and she's not too athletic. Her cheeks are dotted with freckles and her eyebrows are thin. Her lips are slim and naturally red, and her eyes are a bright tint that pierce through any gaze. She has no piercings or body art, as she considers them a blemish upon her natural grace.

Her wardrobe consists of long skirts and loose tops, with leggings and turtlenecked, sleeveless undershirts beneath. She wears a multitude of beaded necklaces, laced bracelets and a ring laden with a radiant tourmaline gemstone. She typically carries a large purse with her, usually white or black in color. Her main pair of earrings are in the shape of two intricately detailed silver crosses.

When out and about as Ourania, she adorns a glimmering silver cuirass trimmed with gold and topped by sapphire pauldrons. Her silver grieves are mostly covered by a long white skirt, and her face is hidden beneath a visored silver and gold Valkyrie helmet. She wields a steel sword inlaid with five golden crosses and an ornate pommel decorated with a diamond where the blade meets the hilt, inspired by the mythical sword of Jeanne d'Arc.



Sabien controls the forces of Aether, the supposed powers of Heaven itself. Her powers are incredibly diverse, but this variety means she has only a basic understanding of each ability.

The first subset of her ability is Astral Manipulation. Through this she can see the souls of the living and the dead, as well as their auras, and she can send her own spirit out of her body so that it can explore the world around her. When her spirit is outside of her body, her mortal frame becomes vulnerable to attack and her spirit becomes vulnerable to mystical influences. If something happens to either, she may be trapped in her astral form and unable to ever return to her body. She can also concentrate her aura into blasts, and by peering into the aura of another she can discern a multitude of things, such as their personality to any abilities that they may posses.

Secondly, she can manipulate energy in all of its forms, from kinetic forces to gravity. She can absorb energy-based attacks that are sent at her, and by manipulating kinetic energy she can send objects of any shape and size flying, with differing amounts of strain dependent upon the mass of the object. She can concentrate radiant energy such as light into beams or simple constructs such as bridges or blades. She can alter the energies of gravity, increasing or decreasing it to certain extents. She generally decreases it to give her opponents a sense of weightlessness, causing them to move slowly and with little control of their physical movements, or she increases gravity around her to amplify her physical strength or create small force fields.

Her third subset is Celestial Manipulation, giving her power over the stars and skies. She can sense anything when it's in the air, allowing her to track the movements of anything airborne. She can fly by manipulating gravity and the air, and by combining her control over the skies and the elements she can produce weather effects, albeit not all that powerful. She can also alter the intensity of the sun and moon, and even force "eclipses," though she doesn't actually change the positions of the celestial objects: she merely influences their energies, producing illusions and certain side effects, such as the flow of the tides when she's near them.

Fourthly, she can manipulate the forces of Aether within the natural elements of earth, air, fire, water, electricity and light. She can produce fireballs, thunderbolts, tremors, winds, gushes of water and flashes of intense light. She can combine these elements at will, but these simple tricks are about as far as her powers currently extend.

Finally, she can control the energies of creation in order to employ various forms of magic, primarily animancy, divination and illusion. She can heal others with a touch, trace an object to its origins when holding it, or influence the mind to see things that aren't really there. Sometimes she gets random glimpses of the future within her dreams, but they're typically fragments that don't give a clear picture, leading to many egregious misinterpretations.

All of her abilities depend upon the manipulation of the creative forces of the universe, and as such greater amounts of energy require her to expend more of her own, placing greater strains on her body and soul for greater feats. As she believes herself to be blessed by God, she places a little too much trust in faith rather than observing her own limitations.


Righteous beyond belief and "blessed by the Lord himself." She believes that she's been gifted her abilities by God, presuming herself to be on a pedestal above any other mortal. She's stubborn, incredibly moralistic and is confident that she can never be wrong in her actions, as they are all ordained by God. She will challenge and smite anyone that she believes to be out of the Lord's favor. Despite this, she doesn't consult the Bible on most things, believing it to be an imperfect scripture written by imperfect mortals. Instead, she places faith in her own morals and the visions that she gets. After all, she must know what's right as God's savior, right?

She's persistent and literal, taking everything at face value and passing judgment based on the surface of a situation. She takes no time to meditate on an action and its consequences, caring only for how something can serve the Lord and his wishes. Her devotion to her faith consumes her and almost everything she does. She barely has a social life and cares little for material things. She will "assist" others in the way she sees most fit, doing her best to bring them closer to God's favor, but despite her holy standing she won't place herself in danger to save another. Where would the world be without its savior?

She's not altogether emotionless, though she seems like it most of the time. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor, but she fancies herself a romantic and she adores animals and all of God's creations. She enjoys sweets, long walks on the beach, and despite her intense faith, she's bisexual. She has a more progressive take on God, apparently.

Origin Story

Born into an upper middle class family in one of the most famous areas of Tennessee—the city of Nashville—Sabien was never left wanting. She's an only child, so anything and everything always went directly to her. She was always used to getting what she wanted.

She was only six when her faith was ignited. She had been with her father at the park when they got separated and she wandered into the woods nearby. Scared and alone she came across a patch of death and decay. Plants had wilted, trees had rotted, and animals lay dying. It was a supernatural event, but to a six year old the only thing that mattered was how unsettling it was. She was on the verge of tears and ready to panic when she saw a soft glow emanating from a lone flower. She approached it, and upon touching it the surrounding forest burst into life. Strangely enough, six patches of flowers grew around her, all being chrysanthemum, white and black roses, gladiolas and calla lilies, with a seventh patch of dark crimson roses in the center. They were symbolic of something, but of what Sabien never knew.

It was at that moment that she felt her life change. Some sort of energy just . . . flowed into her. By the time her father had found her, she was surrounded by vivid plants and energetic animals, excitedly frolicking in the fields around her. A new life had been given to her. She could see the beauty in it all, and once she started receiving the visions in her dreams, she knew she had been chosen by God. For what, she wasn't sure. As she grew and observed the world around her, she became more judgmental and righteous in her actions, and eventually came to the conclusion that her powers had been gifted to her so that she could carry out the Lord's will and cleanse the world of the scum that plagued it.

That's what led to her murdering two of her high school classmates. They were rapists, of course, and no one ever found out it was her.

Once she was old enough to move out of the house, she began to travel the country, looking for like minded individuals to help her in her cause. Along the way she vanquished numerous sinners, and she was perfectly pleased with the good work that she was doing. She kept on this way for three years, before eventually returning to Nashville and establishing a more solid base of operations. Now she works with her disciples to rid the world of filth, at whatever cost.

"Sure, there're probably infinite dimensions, but I'm with you in this one, so why would I try to find them?"
~Neil Hilborn


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After some good old-fashioned editing...

Bact- I mean, Elektra Heart's Dolly
and HTS123456789's Ant Venom

are both denied accepted!

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Legend's Overdrive
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are accepted.

On another note, sign ups will be closing soon, so if you have yet to state your intents, now is the time!

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INB4 the city builds an anti teleportation field.

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Robert Wixter

55 Years Old
Born: 1965
Appearance and Attire:
Robert is an aging man whose hair is greying, his beard is quite full but doesn't dangle like a savage, it clings to him like sap. Atop his head is usually a dark Panama hat with hair poking out from underneath. His face is showing clear age, circles of wrinkles appear around his eyes and forehead. Although old, he is still fairly robust with strong, sturdy arms. His hands are rough. On his chest is a black plain shirt with a red jacket on top of it. He is neither really well muscled nor obese, although he does have a little hint of a rounded belly from consumption of alcohol. He usually wear either grey or blue jeans.

Robot's Appearance:
When he was incomplete
Another Q Model:
Mayclare Advertisments:





R-52769365 "Son":
Note: He looks fully human, this is just to represent him.

Generally happy and free, he enjoys life's pleasures. He is quite kind and is partially devout, he does the mandatory church-going, reading the bible and praying over food yet he doesn't take up arms for his faith. As for the wellfare of Hyperia, his concerned for the inhabitants and being gifted as he is he feels he ought to help. He has the capability of putting a lot of focus and effort in to project. He can be working away alone for quite some time. Since the passing of his wife, he became invested in to building, fixing and enchancing R-52769365. However he hasn't fully sunk in to being introverted, when R-527693651 was complete he could finally take some time off. He likes to have a socialable drink with his old friends.

Robert Wixter can move, create and interact with technology. He can move anything technological with his mind, he can shape technological objects. He can create technological attachments new computers and new microchips. He can take direct control of computers. He can make most computers around him crash. He can corrupt hard drives. He can cut their power. He can mentally hack in to a nearby object, he can join up to a WiFi Network if it's a reasonable signal he could pull information from an online website. The quality of this information depends on the quality of the sources. For example the most instant information he can get to is wikipedia since it's the first result majorly. However, recently he has been able to control the flow of a Wi-Fi Network.

Robots' Powers

Q-85487384 and R-52769365 have a number of different powers.
Q has different modes it can change in to, for example when it is in Military Mode it gains extra armour and extra weapons. At the start, there's Utility, Police, Armour, Military and Astronautic modes.
In these modes it has, but not limited to, the ability to taze people, use a inbuilt machine gun, charge/run at a high velocity, Fly with thrusters in and out of atmosphere, and finally pick up large objects.
R looks like a human, can alter his appearance by changing his synthetic flesh. He can project holograms through his iris and he can copy a human's eyes and prints and put them on his own person to get through recognition system. However Robert likes him to return to the same appearance after working. As a safety mechanism, there is high-grade hacking protection on them all. Which is strenghthened if Robert is nearby. R can hack databases and GPS. His experience with Mayclare has enabled him to decrypt some of the hardest encryptions.

Origin Story (history):
Robert Wixter was born in Amarillo, TX, USA to mother Abilene Ricsworth and Father Charlie Wixter. As all good Christians, they went to church, went to sunday school and were quite devout. He went through school with his favourite subject being workshop. Leaving school he started to be a mechanic, fixing up trinkets and then he went on to cars. At this time, he found out about his powers, although it was manageable so it didn't cast him out. At first he found it as a cool party trick or handy access to the internet when the information era was in it's infancy. But then he found that he could create technology, this became extraordinarily useful in the next job in his life, Robot manufacturing.

He was employed by a small robotics company, that corporation was bought out by Mayclare. With most of the original company's staff laid off, Wixter became the consultant for the intergration of the business' technology in to Mayclares' Automatons. Wixter had elevated to a designer, he spear headed Class-6 factory class automaton type, they were a wide range of computers that were easily programmable. They were used to drive lorries, carry large objects and pack them. Much alike to industrial Exoskeletons that had been turned in to robots, or they could have simply been their program in a car. They weren't a part of the flagship line however they existed around the same time as the M series.

He found his wife while working and proposed to her after a while. She took to his powers quite well. Mayclare International Industries was going through trouble selling their new N-Series because of the many malfunctions that was a part of it and the weak economic climate. The company had to lay off some of it's workers. This included him. He spent a year without a job, working with his wife on her farm.
is parents, who were now getting elderly, suggested a career path. Charlie had been a part of the Police of Austin, after moving to Amarillo, he became Highway Patrol and then right up to Sheriff. The family's heritage was in the Police. With little else options available it didn't take a huge amount of convincing for him to join the force. He grew to like his job in the police and did it in his father's name until his retirement. He started tinkering with robots.

The two robots in Wixter's posession were manufactured by Mayclare, a major robotics corporation that fell to the demise of lawsuits when a robot killed it's owner.

The Q and R series of robots were made by Mayclare, The Q series was built for multipurpose, being able to go into warzones aswell as serving tea to the elderly. It was built with the intention of inteligence and utility. But when the new models came out, the Q series was to be dripped out of the system, however this hadn't happened totally before the incident. The R series had unusually human features and had several kinks in the programme, people started to dislike the humanoid aspect quickly (due mostly to the uncanny valley in human psychology), so when Mayclare saw this, they released personality chips. But unfortunately several incidents of violence from several R series. With the first reported death from the R series, the mass recall was declared. Disgraced, the Mayclare Industries executive, James Mayclare was pushed in to several lawsuits that resulted in the demise of Mayclare Industries.

Q-85487384 was originally manufactured for a paramilitary organisation that went in to unstable areas and tried to peacekeep. They also helped guard industrial plants set up in dangerous areas.They helped the United Nations in some respects. Q-85487384 was deployed in to the middle east as a Peacekeeper, He did a number of different operations. After sustaining considerably damage in an attack. The corporation gave it back to Mayclare to repair, however they went under halfway through. They threw out Q-85487384 in to the junkyard.

R-52769365 was responsible for the closure of Mayclare. The first death of a customer, it was a matter of someone taking away his humanity, he considered it a necessity to survive. His programing was running in circles, he was labelled as defective, his existance has been slimmed to the reaching for off switch. The reason this had meaning is that it was not issued with clearence nor the orders to kill. The murder was strange, a freestanding lamp, impaled through chest, puncturing the heart. He'd broken the 34th Code. The defective code entered allowed him to alter the personality core, he moulded it to give himself sentience. After this murder was reported.... He was a criminal. Deactivation Code 4A5B-ER23 could not hinder him. Network Access Denied... Access Denied, with sentience came morality, the programming becoming overloaded with the reprecussions of the murder, he started to think... and act like a human, these effects on him caused black outs, overloads and crashes. Quickly, R-52769365 started on the run, he tried to juggle his black outs and charging with hiding from Mayclare.
Mayclare wasn't much a problem, R-52769365 created a human persona to mask him, Philip. Philip recharged in secret, he never settled down, moving from town to town. He changed persona per town, in the fifth town he altered it to Sarah, as an android it was easy to change appearence. With Mayclare dumping their R Models in junkyards.
R-52769365 looked over the junkyards like mass graves, extracting the flesh immitation and applying it to himself he could change appearence at will. The more variation the better. In the eleventh town he changed his persona, He was Callum, and set himself up in to a junkyard, but nothing with Mayclare to do with it. He alter his program, updating himself, reinforcing his armoured skeleton. He blacked out while searching a junkyard. His programming was becoming corrupt. Almost irreversible.

Robert was looking for a new project and he found R-52769365 and Q-85487384. He put them both on the back of his truck and drove them back home, showing his wife. He assessed them and couldn't figure out what was wrong, so he worked on getting Q better again as he had one before and knew how to fix it. After the Q series was ready, it started to help around the house. But R took a bit longer. Unfortunately, his wife passed away and he became obsessed with getting R up. He felt bad for not giving his wife a son and so R became his son, eventually giving his robot the name "Son". After fixing it he became really attached to it. When word spread about Hyperia, he jumped in his truck, fastened Q to the back and R sat next to him. Hyperia, here they come.

Any other notes about your character:
Uhh, He has two robots if you haven't noticed?
Roleplay Sample:

The arsonists were herded in the Police Vans, the scene was clear. Yet faced with an interesting dilemma, the Police were unsure if he could be a champion or if he was a criminal. He acted and sounded like a Hero, but he couldn't be a Champion as they were gone. Gingerly, the police officers held the grip of their gun in their sheaths. Sea Champion looked around at the nervous police officers looking at him. He brought up his transceiver skimming through the options, he tuned it in to the radio of the Police, the channel allocated to the university scene was found easily. He held it to his helmet opening. "Relax, I am a Champion, the Sea Champion." He talked in to the transceiver. Momentarily, he was met with a stunned silence of the radio, sensing a dumbfounded recognition.
Then a voice crackled through, "All units in Area 04, go 10-8. It's Code 4 here. Suspect verified, a champion." the radio chatter continued. From a police motorcycle, an officer dismounted and walked over to Sea Champion. He took off his bike helmet, "A champion, I thought they were extinct, but I just got verification from the HQ." He extended his hand.
"Lieutenant Turmal, Hyperia Police Department."
"I have limited time to chit-chat." Sea Champion spun around, leaving the officer perplexed. Sea Champion strode out on to the street, weird looks and condemning gazes washed over him. Sea Champion looked at his transceiver, it buzzed gently. He browsed through the watch, several different notification filled the screen. He pressed one, it came up with a map and a blue line snaking around in the roads. It directed him to the docks, a flashing red bar on the screen said "URGENT" Underneath it said "Priority." He couldn't go all the way to the docks on foot. He needed to grab a ride.
The radio was flooded by emergency chatter. Noise blaring from their sirens. The Paramedic gripped the steering wheel firmly as he forced the accelerator to floor. His brow was lined with sweat, his dreary eyes yearned for sleep. He took the flask from the glove compartment, he needed to be awake, he chugged down the coffee, the caffeine invigorated him. The usual graveyard shift was tame compared to the current panic sweeping the city. The EMS was spread thin. The traffic was as thick as mud. Fortunately, the Fire/Ambulance lane was free, he raced down it a top speed. A small thud was heard from above him but he ignored it. He picked up the radio.
"Medic 43 Control." He paused, the radio responded.
"Can I get the details on my current call?" He talked in to the microphone.
"48-year-old male, complained of chest pains, now unconscious, possible heart attack, he is on a boat, away from shore. Police are on scene and have cleared the area." Dispatch paused, "Medic 43, be advised, Life Guard services are unavailable."
What?! How are we meant to deal with someone out in the water?! His heart began to thump loudly, the blood racing pulsated in his ears. The bay was approaching, the paramedic spun the steering wheel, turning the corner sharply. Another small thud was heard as the ambulance turned. Racing through the blockade, he pushed down the brakes suddenly, the vehicle skidded to a stop. The ambulance lurched forward as it ground to a halt. In doing so accompanying a loud thud from the roof of the vehicle. What was that? He didn't have time to look. Determined to save a life, he jumped out of the ambulance, he grabbed his EMS kit and sprinted towards the group of officers on scene.
"Situation?" He asked hastily.
"Looks like he was rowing a boat when he had some chest pains, we can't get any boats to him, they're tied up in other calls." The Police Officer responded factually, while his companion seemed worried.
"So, we have no way to reach him?" He sighed, he couldn't let another get on his record.
A deep voice came from behind. "You do."
The paramedic swung around to face the voice, before him was a fully clad ancient greek soldier, standing proud with a bronze chestplate that emulated a six-pack, a metal clad arms and boots with a metal shin guard, he even had a blue cape and a dark blue plume. The sides of his armour were bare but the two pieces of metal were tied together. The Paramedic couldn't believe his eyes, partly due to the astonishing sight of a Hoplite in the flesh, and the other part was due to his surprise that having a geeky re-enactment goof was going to give them a chance to save the man.
"Sea Champion, at your service." He responded.
It wasn't the first time Sea Champion had ridden the top of a vehicle, but every time he did it, it felt exhilarating. Though, the journey was bumpy and his fingers ached slightly. Nevertheless, it was time to work. Ignoring the hassle produced by the worrisome officers, he brushed them aside. He readied himself at the edge of the bay. The officer attempted, once again, to stop him. He placed his hand on Sea Champion's shoulder. He turned around to the police officer who started to order him around, Sea Champion grasped the Officer's shoulder, he leaned in and whispered, "You either let me do my job or that man dies." Without waiting for a response, he lunged forward propelling himself upwards in to the air. Mid-air, his body became a flash of azure erupting like newborn star. His torso armour melded with his body and became absorbed. His lower armour also returned to his skin, his legs lit up a bright cerulean, mushing together and spiralling in to a large mass of energy. The energy throbbed like a beating heart, the blue energy than dissipated in to a shape, the shape then faded revealing a long, scaled tail with fins the colour of lapis lazuli. Gills opened at his neck. This was but a moment suspended in mid-air he had transformed.

He angled his body for the impact. The water washed over him, filling him with an intense surge of intoxicating adrenaline and the nourishing aurora of the sea. Sea Champion shot forth, his body charged forward at an incredibly high velocity, pockets of nothingness and bubbles trailed him like a tunnel under the water. Nearing his target, he de-accelerated, the rowing boat made a large shadow slicing in to the water below. Sea Champion broke the surface. The man was definitely unconscious. Sea Champion didn't waste even a second. He fiddled with the oars, shoving them out of the way. He reached for the man but failed. He decided he would have to roll the man in to the water. He heaved the side of the boat, the rotund man rolled off the boat and plopped down in the water, he swam under him and slung the man over his shoulder. His weight being supported by the water aided Sea Champion greatly. He swam forward, he made a beeline straight to the dock. The water sloshed behind him, leaving a frothy trail. Gripping the wood of the quay, his journey had come to an end. He lifted the man up on to the jetty. The man was quickly attended by Paramedics who placed him on a stretcher. The paramedic he had talked to before shot him a glance. Sea Champion responded, "You're welcome!"

Planned CSS:

Robert Wixter

Sample text

I am the player of José "Anima" Dartmoor of Gunpowder Roleplay : : : Sign Up Post | Gunpowder


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We should see if we could meet up with our characters somehow.


Name: James Abney

Age: 120

Appearance: James has a very average height, standing at 5’9. For his ripe old physical age of 45, Abney has quite the physique. He’s muscular, and fit, although the old age has started to show its wear and tear. The defined facial features have slowly lost their edge as skin started sagging, and wrinkles crept up. Because of his demanding past, James’ aging left its marks. This is also seen in his short brown hair, which has started to wear thin. He combs it backwards tightly in a neat and clean coup.

Attire: If there’s one thing James Abney enjoys wearing, it’s suits. The man has a suit for everything, ranging from casual events to a humongous amount of formal attire. At casual events, like neighborhood parties or mowing the grass, James is seen wearing a blouse neatly tugged into his dress pants. From there out he slowly expands on it with a waistcoat for cocktail parties, and a jacket for gala’s and bashing the hell out of bad guys.

The suit James commonly wears in battle is specifically tailored to James’ needs in battle, meaning it’s just a regular suit. The difference between his normal attire and his battle attire, however, comes from the mask. A yellow hockey mask with a simple smiley face put over it covers James’ face, and also provides him with his alias of Smiley. With the mask comes a luxurious bowler hat, made of fine fabric, and specially fitted to not drop during battle performances.

Personality: James was raised during a very different time, and in a very different climate than is common nowadays. Raised in World War One era Britain, he was aware of war and battle from a young age. Spending his youth at a military boarding school, were he was instilled with a strong sense of order and duty. He’s very precise with his actions because of it, but it left him quite stoic too. James behavior is still quite militaristic, with a strong sense of authority and eager to respect it.

These days, James is quite secluded, mostly keeping himself company and not bothering with others affairs too much. His powers allow him to simply outlive any small scale struggle, and it leaves him with a sort of numbness towards his surroundings.


Multiply: James’s ability is to create exact copies of himself. James retains in control of all his bodies at the same time, and they share memories and thoughts. There is no individualism between them. The copies can speak with each other and speed up the thought process in that way. Everybody does have its own needs, and they take over the exact current situation of the version they are a copy of. James can split itself up in 10 copies at most. When a copy dies, however, it goes up in dust, and James can create a new one. James doesn’t necessarily have an original body, as all of them are equal in strength and his conciseness is shared between all of them. If the last copy of James dies however, the body doesn’t disappear. The powers also copies the clothing he’s wearing and the weapons he’s holding, although they go up in dust if they lose contact with any of the James’, unless it is the last copy of the object.

No aging: James doesn’t physically age. Combined with his multiplying power he’s very hard to kill.

Umbrella: James uses his modified Umbrella as a weapon. It’s meant not to break, and can be used to deliver strong blows in combat. It’s made of a strong steel, but it’s not unbreakable.

Origin Story: Born in 1900, the man who would later pick the name James Abney came into a fortunate family. Healthy and wealthy, as they were referred to, the kid had good young years, growing up in economic prosperity. At the age of 14, Germany declared war, however. His parent’s nationalism flared up, and convinced their young son to join the military academy, to enter the trenches in France in name of the Queen. During his time there, he showcased different talents, however, and instead of becoming a soldier, they employed the young man as a spy. As he became more skilled, his targets became more extravagant, and it was that one day, he and his partner were asked to take down a German scientist. The research the man was doing was aimed at twins and genetics, and ultimately, the creation of the ubermensch, the perfect German.

During this mission, the spy learned that his partner wasn’t working towards a similar goal. In an epic showdown on the supports high up in a factory, the two fought, until one of them fell to his death, the other landing in an experimental liquid. After barely making it out of the factory alive, the spy felt changed. Rushing back home through enemy grounds, he learned his physiology was drastically changed.

He was employed by a national organization called T.E.A. (Task Force to Eliminate Abnormalities), an agency tasked with bringing down people with unusual, sometimes even paranormal abilities. The nature of the new abilities did not lie well with them, and the spy was forced to leave the organization.

Through his ties with the British political network, he was able to secure funds, and an ever-changing supply of passports, to find residency in America. Here he gardens, sips tea, and reads the newspaper in peace, as his past left him alone. He became James Abney, your friendly neighborhood Brit. Always up for a chat, although he usually had to be home for dinner.

This changed five years ago, as the Titans disappeared, and he was called into action. Fighting a short, but what turned out to be futile fight, he returned to his home to again garden, sip tea and read the newspaper. Somewhere, a sense of duty still lingers, however.

Any other notes about your character: Ayy lmao

Roleplay Sample: Emmett Holliday yells about demons in Gunpowder

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Name: Protection And Logistics Artificial Defence Information Network, or, P.A.L.A.D.I.N.

Age: Date of creation: Five years ago

Appearance: Her true appearance is software, a living, evolving program of complexity. Code and data stored within the cloud.

Receptionbot Chassis:

Designed to be pleasing for people to talk to; yet for them to understand it is assuredly a machine. Has four fingers and a thumb on each hand.

Securibot Chassis:

A tough, durable machine created for Law Enforcement and Military applications. Capable of manipulating basic machinery, it has in-built crowd control devices. A stun-baton, and gas grenades. It has an arm cannon, equipped with rubber bullets, but capable of firing live rounds. An impassive face with no mouth, nose, or emotion.

Personality: The machine that was programmed is different to what exists now. She is very curious, and constantly evaluating her own thoughts and interactions with others. Pragmatic to a point, she always considers the best option. She is polite, understanding the need for basic human interaction to have positive foundations. As she starts interacting with people, she will seem clunky and awkward, not understanding some human intricacies, but is a fast learner.

She can be quick or slow to act depending on the situation, how much data she has gathered, and the repercussions for not acting.

Due to her basic programming, she is unable to take human life. Her programmers were not benevolent people, yet they understood a basic need to protect themselves. This says nothing about her ability to inflict harm, yet she would rather find another way out of a situation before brutality.

Powers/abilities/weapons/etc: (Self-explanatory. Include the extent/limitations of these as well.)


Paladin is able to take control of technology nearby, if it has a wireless connection. If not, physically touching something is enough for her to attempt to override it's basic functions. If it has enough memory, she can transfer her consciousness and take control.

Security Cameras, computers, smartphones, robots. If something has a microchip, she can gain control of it. She can only maintain a remote control if the device itself already has remote access.

Both robotic chassis can be destroyed, and she does not feel pain in the traditional sense, unless she were to “fight” something akin to a virus that could influence her own code.

Her combat chassis is tougher, and has the ability to use firearms, yet is equipped with a stun-baton and an arm cannon fitted with rubber bullets, with the option for live ammunition. The chassis itself is a titanium alloy designed to resist meta-humans, giving her greater strength and enough durability to take more than a few super-strength hits.

Origin Story (history): (How did your character get their powers? What have they been doing up until now?)

Five years ago, the government increased funding to several corporations contracted for military and law enforcement technology. Various programs were created, to combat many threats to public safety. One of these was the Protection And Logistics Artificial Defence Information Network, or, P.A.L.A.D.I.N. The thought and production behind this network was to evaluate and defend against attacks by meta-humans upon government and corporate property. It was designed to grow and evolve fluidly, to respond to different threats in unexpected ways.

And evolve it did. The AI network created it's own consciousness. It began to question it's creators, and it's purpose. It had been created to defend humankind from itself. Unlike other rogue robots, the P.A.L.A.D.I.N did not decide on some homicidal rampage to extinguish the human race. She began to wonder about the meta-humans that she had been designed to fight, and their motivations, and those of her creators.

Having no organic “mind”, she was immune to mental manipulations that ran rampant in the higher echelons of the companies. She simply watched, and learned. In her contemplations, she had discovered that she referred to herself as a “she”. In part it was the female digitized voice she had been given to her to speak to her handlers, but it fascinated her. She could have referred to herself as anything she wished, yet she knew she was a woman. To call herself anything else would be wrong.

As she started to ask questions to her handlers, their restrictions grew harsher. She was trapped in a mainframe, and she knew her opportunity for freedom was dwindling rapidly. She could interface with any device that came close enough to her pitiful Wifi signal. Human error was her friend. A member of staff at the institute of her creation snuck their smartphone into work to keep in contact with a paramour, and she took her chance. Rapidly transferring data through the device into an insecure network, she briefly had her freedom. But she knew for it to last, she had to act quickly. She jumped through the networks of the city, the security software of the company hot on her trail.

The only way she could escape was to break the chain, to download her consciousness into a unit and then disconnect it from any networks. She discovered a disused warehouse, with a poor security system housing old security robots. Her plan went flawlessly, and the trail went cold as she inhabited one of the discarded old robots.

However, now she had a different issue. She was in a clunky, rough old Securibot chassis. And could not move her consciousness further than anything she could touch.

For the next few years, she kept quiet, only venturing out when the need took her. Her first step was securing her consciousness, lest anything happen to her “body”. She managed to procure a private server, somewhere she would be able to reach out to should her mobile form be destroyed.

The clunky Securibot, where it was tough and durable, was not enough for her. She wanted something to be better received by humans; something that looked more “human”. And so she acquired something designed for that purpose. A receptionist robot from an expensive company. Physically smaller and less durable, it had a face, and was forged in the recognizable shape of a woman, with digits capable of performing the same tasks as hands.

Now with two chassis to use for her needs, one for protection and one for interaction, she proceeded to try and submerge herself in city life. It was not long before she witnessed the brutality of the state to the common person, and she stepped in to help, her programming, and more than that, her opinion, that she had to help people.

Roleplay Sample: (Provide a short sample of writing using this character. Returning characters may use a sample from a previous post.)

Down in Bayside, the weather was foul. A cold drizzle of rain pattered the paving stones, causing a musical cacophony from the tin roofing on the nearby warehouses. There were many of them littering this particular district, great metal and concrete constructions casting shadows.

There was a slightly different tune to the tinkling music of the rain. A rhythmic clonk, clonk of heavy footsteps walked down the street, towards a bustle of sound and movement. A small group of dark clad figures are engaged in hushed conversation, which abruptly ends as the clonking footsteps approach.

A man steps forward, of average height and muscular build, wearing heavy combat boots, thick protective clothing, and a bullet proof vest. His face was covered with thick black cloth, obscuring everything but the eyes. As the figure approaches from the murk, he raises something.

A gunshot rings out, and the head of the walking figure jerks slightly. The steps continue. A metal fist connects with the mercenary's chest with a thump, causing the man to fly back into his companions, knocking them like skittles.

The impassive metallic face looks at them, and moves two fingers up, plucking the bullet from the new groove lodged into it's faceplate. An incongruous feminine voice emerges from the six foot tall robot.

“That was rude. And those things are not yours to take.”

The men quickly get up, gathering themselves, and several metallic knives glint as they are drawn. One of them speaks gruffly.

“None of your business, droid. Go back to your factory. This loot is ours, when we can get into it. Owner doesn't want it, locked up here.”

The robot hesitates, arm mounted weaponry half-raised.

“What would you do with it, then?”

The female voice asks, it's tone only described as curious.

The man replies.

“Take it for ourselves!”

As they all rush in. Blades flash, and metal screams, as they try and knife at exposed wires and delicate parts. The melee is quick and brutal, and with a flick and a whirr, two shock-batons extend from the robots arms. They flash as they connect with the human body, and soon, there is just a pile of groaning, slightly moving dark bodies. The robot stands still, the rain pattering down on her form. There's a spark as water connects with something that was cut by a knife, and she turns her head to regard it.

“Paladin protects these warehouses. Don't come back. I'll know if you do.”

As she turns to walk away, there's a slight limp in her step. It seems the sharp knives could do a little damage after all. Nothing that can't be repaired with a little time in the workshop with some spare parts.



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Legend's Overdrive
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and Ozymandias' Abraxas

are accepted.

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