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Old April 14th, 2017 (3:57 PM).
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Looks pretty awesome, Piloswine! Are you gonna submit it? 8)

Originally Posted by adventure View Post
Is it ok to do like... A challenge for you and your friend? Say we want to twin our playthroughs by catching the same pokémon or something, but we feel like doing a log between the two of us rather than post in a mega-thread. Could we put that in the Challenge Logs section?
Yes ma'am!

the fear has gripped me, but here i go.
Old April 15th, 2017 (9:09 PM). Edited April 15th, 2017 by Armaada J.
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    So I was looking through old challenged bc I had an idea and wanted to check whether it had been done. Turns out someone else had a similar idea and executed it much better than I would of here:

    The only thing is the challenge was locked. If I want to do this challenge can I repost this challenge here if I give credit to the original poster?
    Old April 16th, 2017 (1:55 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Armaada J View Post
    So I was looking through old challenged bc I had an idea and wanted to check whether it had been done. Turns out someone else had a similar idea and executed it much better than I would of here:

    The only thing is the challenge was locked. If I want to do this challenge can I repost this challenge here if I give credit to the original poster?
    Yes, you're more than welcome to do so!

    the fear has gripped me, but here i go.
    Old April 20th, 2017 (4:42 PM). Edited April 20th, 2017 by AlmightyBreloom.
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      I saw a Pokémon comic and for some reason it inspired me to make this challenge, and I'd like some feedback. Basically, It's the bachelorette challenge for Pokémon! Ok stay with me on this one. So at the start of the game you choose one female Pokémon. This is your bachelorette. You are going to beat every gym in the game with her. She won't be the only Pokémon you use on your journey. You are allowed to catch 4 male Pokémon, but they cannot be used for the gyms. They can only be used during the Elite 4. You will take each one on their own through the Elite 4 and see how far you can get. I would recommend saving before entering the Elite 4 so you don't use all of your items and don't lose any money. You will go through the Elite 4 until the Pokémon faints. Afterwards, you will take the Pokémon that made it the furthest, and your female Pokémon and try and get through the Elite 4. The challenge is complete when you beat the champion with the winning male Pokémon and the female Pokémon. For example, say my female Pokémon was a Gardevoir and my male Pokémon were Greninja, Roserade, Charizard, and Tyrantrum. You would beat every gym with Gardevoir, and then you will fight the Elite 4 with just Greninja, then just Roserade, then just Charizard, and finally just Tyrantrum. Say Roserade beat 2 members, Charizard beat 2 members, Greninja beat 4 members, and Tyrantrum beat 3. I would then try and beat the entire Elite 4 with just Greninja and Gardevoir. If I win, then I beat the challenge. If I lose, then I can choose to give up or I can choose to train some more and try again. Another optional rule would be that all of the male Pokémon would have to be in the same egg group as the female Pokémon. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
      EDIT: If this were to receive good feedback, would this be different enough from a solo run to be considered a separate challenge?
      Old May 8th, 2017 (6:25 PM).
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        Hey guys so I'm doing a Nuzlocke challenge, but with my own little twist on it. I wanted to know if you guys think it was a good or bad idea to do this twist, so without further Ado here's the twist it's called the Hail Mary system, every time you go to a New Island you start off with three Hail Mary points, these points will allow you to save one Pokemon for each battle, that means if a Pokemon faints and you use a point on it the Pokemon gets a second chance at life. After you used all three points you have to complete the entire Island and head to a new one before you can get any more Hail Mary points. Obviously if a Pokemon faint and you have no points the Pokemon is dead and for good this time. I made this rule since I'm a beginner and I have a few Pokemon I really want to try and keep alive till the end of the Nuzlocke. But I didn't want to make them completely invincible, that's why I only limited myself the three points and to only be able to use one point for each battle so that if one Pokemon died and then another one died as well I would have to choose between one or the other. Anyway tell me your thoughts in the comments below, I really want to hear what you guys have to say.
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          Okay so I've been looking around for a place to discuss this, and this seems the right thread. Let me know if I'm wrong.

          I've been brainstorming a variant Nuzlocke for a bit that limits your Pokemon by gym badge; you get your encounter on the route after you beat a gym, and only then (a 'mulligan' encounter may be done on te first route, or first route encounter can replace your starter). This is simple enough of a concept.

          What I wanted to ask about was another aspect I was pioneering: a limitations wheel. This has probably been a thing in the past, but the idea is that each pokemon has an attached condition (Can't evolve, can't use special moves, ETC), decided at random upon capture.

          Do you think this would make the game too difficult with the badge rule, or is it a realistic challenge? I realize I can get kinda screwed if the RNG is not with me (physical Gardevoir? No thanks), but I want some input. Maybe some more ideas for the condition wheel if you think it's a good idea.
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            Alright, this is a Nuzlocke I've invented and used for multiple Pokemon generations (though heartgold is my favorite game so that's why I put it here) of games now and I love it so I thought I'd post it here to get some feedback.

            If anyone would like to play this Nuzlocke I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your time and get ready for one of the most challenging, most RANDOM Nuzlockes you've ever played!

            PLEASE leave feedback as I know this is not a polished finished product and I would love to improve it!!


            1 - If a Pokémon faints it is considered dead and must be released.
            2 - You must Nickname all Pokémon.
            3 - You must choose a “Partner Pokemon”. This Pokémon cannot die unless you blackout. If this Pokémon faints you must roll a D6 and multiply it by the amount of times this Pokémon has fainted. The resulting number is the amount of routes you must box your “Partner Pokémon” (and all gyms, rival battles, events in between will be missed as well).
            4 - If you black out you may roll a D6 and if you roll a 5 you may revive your “Partner Pokémon” to continue your game. If you roll anything other than a 5 your game ends.
            5 - If your Pokémon is ever more than 5 levels higher than the Ace Pokémon of the next gym then you must roll a D6 every route and town to see if it will listen to you there. Roll 1-3 it WONT listen to you for THIS ROUTE. Roll 4-6 it WILL listen to you THIS ROUTE.
            6 - You may keep one Legendary from the game and you may keep one gift Pokemon.
            7 - Roll D6 before entering every route for encounter. This will tell you what you can catch. The Pokémon you get from these situations are the ONLY Pokémon you can obtain. Roll…
            *Roll 1 - Your lead Pokémon chases your encounter to the previous Route. Return to previous route and roll D6 again for which # encounter you can catch.
            *Roll 2 - You may catch the first or second encounter in the route.
            *Roll 3 - Poke’vet helps you find the Pokémon that you want from this route with a competitive nature.
            *Roll 4 - NO ENCOUNTER! (Your lead Pokémon is injured. Discard a potion.)
            *Roll 5 - Your lead Pokémon chases your encounter to the next Route. Go to the next route roll D6 again for which # encounter you can catch.
            *Roll 6 - You get two encounters! Catch the first two encounter you get on this route.
            8 - Roll after you battle your Rival. Roll...
            *Roll 1 - Give your Rival half your money.
            *Roll 2 - Your Partner Pokémon is injured. You cannot use this Pokémon for this fight.
            *Roll 3 - Your lowest level Pokémon is injured. Pokémon cannot use move for this fight.
            *Roll 4 - Your rival informs you that ALL of the routes until you reach the next gym are “no battling wild Pokémon allowed”. Only battle if you are trapped.
            *Roll 5 - Your rival informs you that the next towns Item Shop is closed.
            *Roll 6 - Your rival informs you that the next towns Pokecenter is closed.
            9 - Roll once you have entered the Gym! You may NOT train outside the gym once you have entered. Roll…
            *Roll 1 - This is a SET type gym. Change from switch to Set type battle.
            *Roll 2 - Your weakest Pokemon has something to prove. Lead with your lowest level Pokémon against the Gym leader.
            *Roll 3 - One of your top 3 leveled Pokémon are sick. Box for this Gym. You may retrieve after the gym has been defeated.
            *Roll 4 - Medical staff on standby. You get a revive! Can be used at ANY time during game but must be used immediately following a Pokémon fainting. You may only use one per game. If you've already used your revive and you roll this situation again all is well. No limitations or changes.
            *Roll 5 - This gym is now a NO ITEMS gym.
            *Roll 6 - You must ONLY use your Partner Pokémon in this gym.
            10 - Roll before you have battled a boss for the evil organization (Rocket, Magma...etc.). Roll…
            *Roll 1 - Partner Pokémon is captured! Roll D6 and divide by 2 for number of routes you can't use this Pokémon.
            *Roll 2 - All of your Pokémon are captured except your lowest level Pokémon for this battle. Only use the lowest level Pokémon against the Boss.
            *Roll 3 - Top Level Pokémon is injured. Discard 5 of the potions you have on hand.
            *Roll 4 - Evil organization steals all of your money! Discard all money!
            *Roll 5 - Your lowest Level Pokémon is taken and killed. Release it.
            *Roll 6 - You find a stolen Pokémon in a discarded Pokeball. You may keep one gift Pokémon, win a Pokémon (game corner) or catch one Pokémon of your choice. (Must do this immediately following boss battle win.)

            Thoughts and comments are welcomed! If you decide to try this out I hope you enjoy!

            (Also, I have a Pokewalker varient of this Locke that I'm playing through right now if anyone owns one and wants to give it a shot!)
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              My brother came up with an idea that I think is pretty brilliant.

              Note: best not to do if you have not defeated the Battle Maison yet.

              The method is pretty simple:

              1. start a new game in ORAS or XY
              2. You can wonder trade 1 pokémon per city and 2 per route/cave/forest
              3. When you feel like you've got pokémon you can win each battle type in the maison with. Defeat the league breed your Pokémon and do it!
              4. if you get a Pokémon you already defeated the maison with at some point you have to trade them again. this way you'll be forced to use Pokémon you wouldn't normally use. Also when you receive a Pokémon you already got in your team or a Pokémon that is banned in the Maison you must wonder trade it again.
              5. No more than 6 Pokémon allowed!
              6. Breed or trade 5 or 6 IV versions of your team and defeat the Maison! everything is allowed in here including hidden abilities, items, egg moves and more!

              note: if you receive an Espeon from wonder trade you are still allowed to breed a Jolteon for the maison

              For example i've defeated the maison with: Greninja, Metagross, Goodra, Dragonite, Aerodactyl and Drapion. i received a Dratini from wonder trade so i had to send it away.

              My team right now using this method in Pokémon Y after defeating the third gym would be: Ninetales, Togekiss, Jolteon, Crobat, Exploud, and Mega Gardevoir. obviously i want Exploud out but the rest of them are pretty good i think and i look forward to trying it.
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