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I thought this would give people a chance to explain why they either love or dislike the game. ^^
This isn't just a thread where you go "I like that they had..." but instead actually go into detail of why you either enjoyed or disliked the game. =O

I personally am not the type that just wants to say "I don't like the game" without giving a reason of why I feel that way, so here is what I thought of it. =O Again, that's my personal opinion, so be sure to say your own opinions as well, okay? =)

HMs being replaced by Ride Pager
It was bit annoying to have HM slaves in your team or only to be forced to keep certain Pokémon around at all times just to be prepared when entering caves and such. =/

While HM slaves were bit annoying, at least my Pokémon weren't just used for battle and had secondary uses by being able to interact with obstacles. Ride Pokémon take away from my Pokémon,
thus making them only usable for battle and nothing else.

Missed Opportunity:
Instead of Ride Pokémon and HM slaves, why not just give Pokémon the ability to perform actions WITHOUT the use of HMs? Just have like a Machamp or Machoke in your party and he could move boulders right away, or hey, better idea, why can't YOU just swim and do certain things yourself? Why not just have the trainer try doing certain things? That could have been new. =/

The rocky-terrain obstacle is pointless. Can my trainer really not walk on that? I can walk barefooted over gravel, but my trainer with shoes can't walk on some uneven ground and can't leap into water that's only a foot off the ground?

I could say a lot more, but will try keeping these points short. ^^

Your rival having a Pokémon you're strong against
I certainly did not see that coming. =O Bit of a change there, don't you think? ^^

If I'm already at a type advantage, where's my motivation to try competing with my rival? Having one in my journey, testing my skills and putting me down, only encouraged me to try harder. =O

Missed Opportunity:
In a way it could have looked like that YOU are the rival, BUT they missed out on that by making you the hero and champion, as usual. So Hau having a Pokémon with a type-disadvantage was just a way to be a little different, nothing else. You know it could have also been deeper if Hau would have been like "I chose this Pokémon to be at an advantage because I want to prove that despite the odds I will make my family proud and prove that I will succeed no matter what." But no, he's just a smiling silly nice guy, I guess.

My character
Seeing that always-smiling expression and lack of emotion, especially being zoomed into it in cutscenes,
just... infuriated me. That character was no me. I did not wanted to dress that person up and pretend to be it. You keep giving me choices, but you can't let me choose my emotion? The other characters are very expressive, why can't I choose maybe in an option how expressive I am? ._.

Island Trials
It sure sounded different! =D

Like said, it only "sounded different". *sweat*

The trials are simply Pokémon gyms to me, except with different puzzles to complete in order to get to the main fight. This isn't new, and the Z-Crystal is the badge and TM, you could say. It's simply just Alola's way of calling a gym, in my opinion. ^^

The journey
Never in a game have I been so angry that I picked up a watermelon from a fridge and would punch it into bits, but here I was, doing just that, and I've played Dark Souls 1-3! oO How is it that a game that's supposed to frustrate and challenge you is so much less aggravating than this?! I'm sorry but no, I can't.

Was I ever allowed to walk more than a few steps before I would be attacked with more dialouge boxes and cutscenes that I couldn't avoid? Even on maximum text speed was it a burden on my finger to keep tapping through all of that just not to read it. This coming from a guy who can write quite the lengthy replies! oO I just wanted them to leave me alone! Let me play in peace! ;_; I'm not the type that wants to feel like I want to have items, money, and instruction books of dialogue being thrown into my face, I just wanted to explore freely. Was that too much to ask for? *sweat* The only time I felt free was post-game, but having to endure all of that till then just made it not worth it anymore for me. ._.

Sorry for all of that negativity, but these are my honest thoughts. I'm not like everyone else, so my opinions will probably differ from yours.

She's pretty, I guess.

Before I hung out with Lillie (around when I first met her) I really wanted to get to know her and become her friend, maybe try to convince her that I was a person she could trust, seeing how she is keeping her "Nebby" hidden and is afraid for it to be discovered. I really thought she would be a character which would be afraid and distrusting, one I need to prove that I am her friend and mean no harm. Instead, she needed pretty much no convincing and was a close friend to my character within the day. There could have been so much depth and deep emotions in her, but instead she just seemed so... not deep. *sweat*

Yeah, she does the thing where she stops being a burden and starts trying to stand up for her own-self,
but it's too late for me... I disliked her as soon as she kept forcing me to go through all of that dialogue and cutscenes, taking me away from the adventure I could be having on my own.

Is it me, or is he just a trainer who tries to disguise himself as a professor? Like he's known as the Masked Royal so he took on the appearance as a professor to not draw suspicion? Because I cannot see a "Professor of moves" when technically all trainers are that, professionals of moves. Anyone who picked a Pokémon at the start of a journey is learning how to make the Pokémon obey its commands and do moves for it. Heck, Ash Ketchum from the Anime early on seemed pretty creative at times, utilizing the Pokémon's natural abilities and the environment around it to win the battles, despite having Pokémon which seem to be usually under-leveled. I see him as a professor a lot more than you,
Kukui. Sorry, but I just don't care for that posing trainer who claims to share the title or professor like Professor Oak.

Team Skull
I freaking loved these guys! XD They were funny, silly, yet I really enjoyed being around them! =D Their boss has an awesome theme and Pokémon as well! ;D Love those guys! ^^

Missed Opportunity:
Seeing the lack of police, the laziness and carefree behavior of people, I was hoping that maybe Team Skull was founded in the idea to wake the Alola region up, you know? To make sure that the citizens know that the world isn't just nothing but sunshine and Malasadas. =/ I was hoping that Team Skull would turn out to be the good guys, acting like the bad guys only to make people more alert and encourage the police to improve so that they are more prepared for real dangers, such as Ultra Beasts,
visitors that mean harm, and just bad times in general. =O

To be honest, when I was standing in front of Guzma in his team's hideout, I wanted to join Team Skull,
real badly. I honestly thought that they were the heroes while most people just... weren't. I don't care much for dressing that way, but if I had to, I would have.
I would have said something like:
"Please let me join! I want to help improve this island by being its villain! Let me make them feel endangered only to encourage them to beat me up! I want them to know that they can do so much better by beating up bad guys themselves than rely on these useless cops! Or at least make enough complaints that the police force HAS to improve, or join the force themselves! These people need team Skull! Just please, Guzma, let me pose as the bad guy and in reality be one of the good guys, just like you!"
Again, the game didn't seem to go that route, which made me quite sad...


In Ultra Space, when Lusamine and Nihilego kind of fused together, I was like:
"Wow! I have to fight Lusamine herself while Lillie's watching?! This is intense! So much conflict! If I fight her, I may hurt the mother of Lillie, but if I don't, who will stop her? Will Lillie forgive me for my actions? Will Lusamine torment me by exclaiming that if I hurt her that I will hurt the mother of my friend? Will she make Lillie feel conflicted by saying that she shouldn't hit the one that she owes her existence to? Will Lillie step in and stop Lusamine herself to prevent me from making that decision? Proving that she has indeed changed and become a stronger person? What will... oh... Lusamine just sends out her Pokémon just like a regular Pokémon battle..."

Sorry, but that was one of the most disappointing moments I've seen in the game. I have nothing further to say then "I was hanging my head low in disappointment for expecting more."

Ultra Beasts
The idea of alien-like Pokémon was kinda cool. ^^

Adding the word "Ultra" in front of things, even the word itself, annoyed the heck out of me. >_>

Missed Opportunity:
Do you remember the scene where Lusamine summons the Ultra Beasts and they seem to cause havoc onto the islands? =D That looked badass! ^-^ But when I then checked out these places... Nothing. Are you serious? You could have had broken buildings, people in danger and needed a trainer such as yourself to save them from certain doom from these monsters, maybe make people think "Maybe we shouldn't keep relying on these guardians! They're clearly outnumbered! Oh, if only we would have known better and actually made a better police force or handle situations ourselves! What fools we were!" but no, none of that. Everything is fine as usual. -_- *sigh*

Legendary Pokémon
These Island Guardians seemed to be more than just trophies in your collection! =D They clearly have a job, a role in those island, and people acknowledge that! ^^ Also that with Nebby was kinda neat. =)

Missed Opportunity:
Instead of showing us, the player, how important the role of the guardians are by witnessing them interact with people and handle different situations. Maybe making us think about what would happen to their society if we stripped if off their guardians. But no, you are FORCED to capture or defeat one of them, just because. I hated that, I really did. Not even a choice, just "Do it, now!" while with the other guardians I had a choice. -_-

I was searching the islands high and low to find legendary Pokémon in caves or in secret areas, but no matter what, I only encountered TMs or z-crystals. After then researching did I find out that there pretty much wasn't any but the island guardians and maybe the event Pokémon later. -_- (Ultra beasts don't count to me, there's clearly several of each)

There's way more I could mention (this is just a fraction) but I'll keep it short so you can make your own replies and give your own thoughts on why the game is awesome or flawed. ^^
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Posted February 20th, 2018
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-SM have my favorite soundtrack of any Pokemon game by far.
-I really enjoyed most of the characters, especially Lillie.
-The minigames from Pokemon Amie aren't in Pokemon Refresh. I didn't like having to do those in order to get more cupcakes, especially since I was only halfway good at the berry one.
-The scene where you pick up your starter is adorable.
-Poke Ride replacing HMs while the good HMs become TMs
-Lillie and Nebby interactions
-Water changing colors with the time of day
-Anabel returning. The main reason I wanted the Battle Frontier to return in ORAS wasn't to do the facilities but to see updated designs for the Frontier Brains, and now there is one. Both her new design and role in postgame story are better than I could have imagined.
-The map layout on the bottom screen makes it easy to not get lost like the AreaNav from ORAS
-Rotom Dex
-Swapping held items and party members is quicker now
-Tapu Cocoa pun
-Some trainers do activities in the overworld like stretching or exercising.
-"So, if you'd just stay hidden, we'dve been stuck here anyway, right?" Both that line and Faba's reaction.

-the Poke Ride music broke immersion from the music that was playing as the area's background. Specifically the farmlike music for land Ride Pokemon. I was okay with Lapras and Sharpedo because I liked that music, but going from Ten Carat Hill's track (one of my favorite area tracks in the game) to a farm jingle in order to get past some rocks was just ._.
-Why did we just stand there while Lusamine holds up the cube summoning the Ultra Beasts?
-Kiawe's battle being Sun exclusive and Mallow's battle being Moon exclusive
-In Sun you battle Dexio twice. In Moon you battle Sina once and Dexio once. Why not just have them both be battled once in both games?
-There's no Pokegear/Pokenav/VS Seeker-like method to rematch trainers. I feel like this should be included in every Pokemon game.
-There's very noticeable lag in double battles and when Pokemon call for help
-Same as with ORAS not updating non-Hoenn legendary themes, not updating battle themes for Battle Tree bosses
-Characters losing their unique battle themes later on. For example Guzma at the postgame battle and at the Battle Tree. (this also happened with Wally in ORAS)


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I love how constructive you made your topic about Sun/Moon, Merry! =#D <3 I know we both don't look up highly at the game like a lot of people do. *sweat* But you took a more thoughtful approach by listing the good things, what they could have done, and your personal disappointments of the game... and not just the negative stuff, like I could have ended up doing. >#< I'm very proud of you for working on this, big bro! '#u#' *gives tight huggles to show my appreciation*

Now I'll lend my own personal thoughts on the subjects you commented! ^o^

HMs being replaced by Page Riders
I definitely think it was a nice idea to eliminate the need for HM slaves by having Pokemon you could call at any time to clear these obstacles, since that allows you to keep more of your favorite Pokemon in your team. =)

Yeah, I can see what you mean... >.< While they were a pain and cluttered your Pokemon's move sets with not-as-strong skills in battle, making it where there's no need for HMs ends up being that your team is nothing more than just soldiers you send out to defend you. They end up losing any more use outside of battle. >.>

It also bothered me that field moves got the shaft, like Sweet Scent or Secret Power. If moves or TMs have no secondary function out of battle, then all they're good for is collecting dust. >~<

Missed Opportunities:
Indeed! There should be no reason that these abilities shouldn't come naturally for these Pokemon. =O If a Fearow can already flap and fly with its wings, it shouldn't require HM2 to help you fly, nor should it be the only designated Pokemon in your pager to fly. Every Flying type should give you that ability from the start.

If they absolutely wanted to stick to Pager Pokemon, however... I would have had much better choices for Pokemon and better options. Again, if you're eliminating field moves... why not have Pokemon in your pager that can perform them? =o Like I would have got better use out of one that can act as a Repel or Sweet Scent depending on if I want to be in a battle or not.

Ugh... they could have chosen another Pokemon for a lot better use, than that Pokemon to be the only one to walk on that damn rocky terrain. -_- I felt like they shoehorned that Pokemon in because they ran out of ideas and also because it was part of their generation.

Your Rival
I suppose that definitely counts as unexpected from Hau to chose a Pokemon you have the advantage upon. And while he can be grating, he's the least aggravating character I had to deal with... he's okay for the most part. ^.^

That would be true... if you already have the upper hand, then there would be no point to really try grinding and getting stronger to face him since you'd annihilate him anyway. =o In my opinion, in choosing the Pokemon that would have trouble against you, it also gives off the impression that he's not really that smart either... you'd think that a Trainer like him spent all his life to make his grandpa proud wouldn't pick after you the Pokemon that would be weak against you.*sweat*

Missed Opportunities:
Yeah, they could have taken the direction that it's not YOUR story, but Hau's story. =o It doesn't have to be always about you, even though you are playing the game. *sweat* It doesn't have to be that you become the League Champion or you defeat Team so-and-so... it would be difficult, but very possible to have it where it's not constantly centered around you as this "chosen one" of everything.

They also could have had a deeper meaning for why Hau made his starter choice, like he could have said he didn't care if there was a disadvantage... he chose because that was the Pokemon he wanted, or that his parent(s) chose the same and he's following their footsteps.

My character/avatar
I wouldn't have anything bad to say about my character if it wasn't for the fact with all this drama happening around, the cut scenes often focus on your unchanging bland face. =/ Like I'm some empty husk of a human or some cold-hearted robot with no remorse or emotion.

If they wanted to have these cut scenes just so they can convey the characters on what they're going through, at least make it where you can also see your character going through the same thing. They could have fixed this by having at the beginning of your character creation a choice of how you behave during the game... like if you're mostly timid, it'll show up during battles and interactions with people. ^_^ ANYTHING to break up that stupid artificial curl on my character's lips. >_>

Island Trials
I do like that instead of a handful of Trainers, you're being tested in a more broad set of skills that don't involve the conventional battles. =)

Yeah... when going through these trials and finding out there's 7 of them... I realize it's just like the Gyms, but just called something different to disguise the fact. >.> And I never realized the Z-crystals were basically the badges and TMs put together (thank you so much for pointing it out, Merry! =#D).

For a game that claims to have "changed up the formula", this doesn't feel like it really changed anything... instead of Gyms you have Trials, instead of Gym Leaders you have Kahunas, and Badges are now called Z-crystals. It might as well be Mad Libs where you replace the word with another word. *sweat*

The Journey
Golly, I remember you doing that to the watermelon we had in the fridge... pretty much exploded into nothing. O.o (Just to leave a disclaimer, I was visiting Merry at his house for 2 months... he lives in the U.S. while I live in Canada ^.^)

Okay, need to focus... I won't lie that I didn't dread progressing in the story. Because of the excessive cutscenes and constant handholding from all the characters, I refused to even go further into this game after getting to the 2nd Aether building. >#< I hated constantly having to be stopped in gameplay because Hau needs to tell me he's looking for a malasada shop... or Kukui reminding me something I already just got done learning... or putting up with Lillie's incompetence. Oo Let me explore for longer than 15 seconds, dang it!

It also didn't help that I kept getting so much stuff for barely doing anything... getting Ultra Balls before I even left the first island, or money for showing a Pokedex entry to someone. The game is too generous with the items, and takes out any strategy of conserving your inventory for later use... and by extension, makes struggles very minimal (minus your patience to scroll through the frequent dialogue >.< ).

There are none I can even think of. >_>

Cons and Thoughts:
Never would I think that I could HATE a video game character so much, let alone a Pokemon one. Even Ash is better in comparison. Oo

The problem with her is that they tried to make her a scared and confused person that needs guidance, and it's suppose to make you sympathize with her... but ends up grating on you for too long by how much she keeps popping up. >_< The fact that she's Kukui's assistant, yet hates Pokemon fighting another and teaches one of the most useless moves to a Pokemon. Or that she was supposed to guide you around the islands... yet keeps getting lost herself, and I'm newly moved into the region and can find my way MUCH better than she can. >_>

And worst of all... with each time I kept learning more about her, the more I despised her actions. If she wasn't breathing down your neck and kept being such a close-minded klutz... I maybe wouldn't have minded Lillie. But as it stands, I only wish she would get stranded to a deserted island and never come back. -_-

Yeah! I could totally see Ash Ketchum being more of a Professor of moves more than this guy! XDDD (I could see it being a big twist that Ash is now a tutor of moves instead of Kukui =P ) Glad you mentioned that, big bro!

But indeed... what kind of Professor specializes his field in Pokemon moves? =O Since Trainers often are the ones that know what's the best skills for their Pokemon to learn... wouldn't that make Kukui a glorified Trainer instead of a Professor? If they wanted him to be a Trainer, he could have just been one... knowing what are the best TMs should not require a doctorate in Pokemon college or university. >.> Just because Mario played the role of a doctor once, does not actually make him educated to cut you open and operate on your intestines. *sweat*

Team Skull
I agree! These are fun-loving guys! ^u^ Hilarious and bumbling, I love their antics and attitude! XP Not even close to being a threat... but so fun to watch them try and fail to be intimidating. =P

Missed Opportunities and Disappointment:
I'm sad that they don't have anymore of a role or reason to exist than to just be some placeholder bad guys. =/ That would have been better if they were there to shake things up and show Alola that they can't be so lax and carefree all the time. Just a person calling themselves evil, just because they are or were born to be, is a lazy motive for a villain... there needs to be deeper reasons for how a group of baddies became the way they are. =O

Disappointment: Why... why make that fight yet another freaking regular Pokemon battle, just with a slight power buff? -_- It might as well that she just used X Attacks and Defends on all her Pokemon...

Seeing her fused with that alien jellyfish Ultra Beast, I would have thought that now you would be going head-to-head fighting her... that would have been interesting and different! >_< The series never had that happened before! Why show us that one moment, only to be let down by the fact that the transformation was pointless and just for show? ._. Like a Michael Bay explosion, it leaves no impact and you end up questioning why there wasn't more to it.

Humans could be seen as more capable in that world... heck, if anything the Anime showed, Team Rocket getting blasted more times than anybody could count. Or more notably, Gym Leader Chuck having a Machoke smack into him and even held by Submission. XDDD ( Link here) So why not have it where people would tackle head-on into those Pokemon, not relying on their own Pokemon partners?

Ultra Beasts
While I thought that the designs didn't fit in the Pokemon universe (looked more like something out of Attack on Titan or a more action-based Anime), I did like ones like Buzzwole and Kartana. ^_^ And having more alien-like creatures like Deoxys was interesting. =)

Grrrr, yeah... the fact that the game kept referring to them as "Ultra Beasts" was so dumb and uninspired. >_> Adding Ultra to "space" does not make it a whole new plane of space! There's nothing different in calling a wormhole an "Ultra Wormhole"! Oo And when you're done catching these things, you find yourself with so many useless Beast Balls afterwards. >.> How is it that this ball can trap a hulking musclebound mosquito with ease... yet is so much more terrible than a regular Pokeball that even a Level 5 Caterpie at 1HP can break through it? Oo WHY MAKE SUCH A POINTLESS BALL?!

Missed Opportunities:
Seriously... why would they make such a huuuuuuuge break in continuity like that? >_< To show those alien creatures attacking the towns and islands in that scene... yet when looking at it for yourself, there's nothing? What... are Alolans so fast in repairing their homes? =/ Or again yet another pointless plot thread that means nothing?

What they should have done was that you can catch these Ultra Beasts when that was happening, not AFTER finishing the Trials and beating the League. >_< Having the Ultra Beasts attacking, I wouldn't think they would just disappear like that for no reason and without leaving a trace of their presence.

Legendary Pokemon
I really loved seeing that these Pokemon clearly had a role in the region and aren't just pretty designs. =D

The problem that arises is that once again... you as the "chosen one" are meant to catch these creatures and force them to do whatever you say. >_> Wouldn't obtaining these Pokemon might have serious consequences in the balance of nature? NOPE! Who cares! A Guardian of a whole island means nothing! Get in my ball, Mr. Tikiman!

Missed Opportunities:
Why not have it once where you're NOT the only person that will meet and catch these Legendaries? =O A Ruin Maniac spends 20-30 years investigating the temples of the Regis... yet you, an average 10 year old, are able to solve the puzzles and capture them within a few hours of gameplay? That makes no sense at all... >_>

And okay... even if you do encounter these Legendaries because you are destined to have them... why not show what would happen if you take them away from their element, to show the result of removing them from the cycle of life? A Pokemon that maintains order in one area, or is the sole protector of a land... it only would make me feel guilty to imprison it in a ball and demote its life to fighting against bratty kids with Magikarps or Wimpods. >#<

At least when I played ORAS, I didn't feel I was confiding Mega Latias when flying with her... it more so felt like I allowed her to still roam free. ^#^ Taking a Legendary and only making them battle and nothing else just makes them feel like a slave. =(

Ugh... why would they do that?! Reaching these hard-to-get-to places that look like they would lead to something amazing... only to be some stupid TM I will never use? -_- The point of exploration in RPGs is to find something much more rare and valuable, like a secret Pokemon you wouldn't find anywhere else... not some dumb Z-crystal that will just collect dust in my bag. >_>

Alolan Variant Pokemon
Putting a new twist in the overall appearance to some old designs was a very neat idea I thought. ^.^

That some of these Alolan forms look ugly or make no sense. >_> Especially when it comes to their Types...

Missed Opportunities:
It only furthers my dismay when finding out that all these variants are Gen 1 Pokemon... no other species that are different from their original counterparts. =/ They could have had so much more involved... but no, just a handful of designs that range from average to terrible.

And again, the questionable choices in the new types was utter nonsense... if they really wanted to do that, they could have at LEAST done it where the Pokemon's types and where it lives connect to another... that would have made more sense. Why would Exeggcutor be now part Dragon?! Why is Diglett Steel-type with golden hair, while Geodude is Electric and with hair stubble? Oo And what reason should Sandshrew and Vulpix be both part Ice-type? It's called SANDshrew because it burrows in ground! And how does a fiery kitsuine suddenly get so cold in a tropical island?

Speaking of Alolan Sandshrew and Vulpix... the only way to evolve them is through the newly added Ice Stone. And guess what? These are the ONLY two Pokemon that can evolve from the Ice Stone. =/ So screw Glaceon or Leafeon for finally having evolutionary stones like the first 3 Eevees... they still need to evolve from some stupid boulder found in the open of some area on the map. >_<

It also angers me that they likely ripped the "different-looking Pokemon" idea off of the Anime from the Orange Islands... and yet the Anime still did it much better than Sun/Moon. =/

Some Gen 7 Pokemon and Pokedex Entries
While there's not too many in this generation I favored, I really liked Popplio and its evolutions as well as Yungoos (looked like Donald Trump, or Malfoy from Harry Potter XDDD), Cutiefly, Formantis, Lurantis, Salazzle, Bounsweet, Steenee, Tsareena, Buzzwole, and Kartana. ^_^ (In fact, Merry in particular loved Tsareena so much that he went buying for Pokemon cards at Wal-Mart repeatedly, just to get her card XP)

Cons: There were some ones that made me question why people like them... and more that really got under my skin. *sweat* My personal dislikes are Wishiwashi, Stufful (KILL... Oo), Bewear (also KILL... >_<), Comfey, Pyukumuku (why is it cute?! It has a hand out of its mouth! Oo), Type: Null, Togedemaru (gah, it looks so lazy... >#<), and Dhelmise.

But what infuriated me more were the Pokedex entries... for some sick reason, Game Freak really wanted to be super-edgy in these titles. It seemed that half the entries they wrote (and not just the Gen 7 Pokemon either) were either about Pokemon eating another, something very morbid, or unnecessary for the player to know. >_> Gengar's entry says that if you're chased by one, that it's no use to run and you should give up. Mareanie and its evolution's entry talk about how Corsola's head is like a 5-star banquet. Palossand mention how it keeps the dried bones of people and Pokemon that it sucked their vitality from. And apparently... Bewear is so immensely strong that its hug can kill people. Oo What the hell?! Why are these blurbs from the Pokedex so gruesome?! >#< I know that occasionally there'd be an entry or two in past generations like this... but Sun/Moon makes it sound like the Pokemon world is a cannibalistic food chain! Oo

Get rid of the entries about Pokemon eating Pokemon! =/ They don't provide anything helpful or describe what the Pokemon's skills are... Trainers should be informed of how it behaves or lives, so they could use the information to either know how to catch it or raise it. I do NOT want to be informed that Corsola is a preferred snack for Mareanie... that doesn't help me. -_-

Hope that you like some of the thoughts I brought up, Merry! =) I'm sorry if some of my answers may be very negative... but I just have too much letdown from this game to not hold back how much I feel towards it. >#<


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I'm glad so much new opinions were brought to the table (even though it was from 2 users so far, while my friend has to mostly comment on mine because of caring so much to give me his opinions =3) and I hope you will provide more in the future, everyone! ^^ It really doesn't have to be super organized, don't worry. *sweat* And despite not agreeing with everyone, it's still everyone's own opinion, and you can choose to follow your own or think about what others have to say about your thoughts. =)

Tissuepaperghost actually brought up a lot that I either forgot about or didn't even know, so thank you for that! =D And even though you like Lillie, I'm totally fine with it. ^^ Again, we're not all the same. =)

Here's a few more things I could add, without being too organized. =P
Some things I liked/loved
  • Tsareena
    (she was my lead Pokémon and one of the most beautiful I've seen in all generations O#O ♥ She's in my top 5 next to Celebi and Chikorita! X#D)

  • I forgot to mention that I really liked some Pokémon designs in general, such as Salazzle, Cutiefly, Vikavolt, Pikipek, Litten, Alolan Muk, Golisopod, Mimikyu, Tapu Koko, Buzzwole, Lunala, Cosmog and few more. ^^

  • Kukui saying "Give it everything you've got! My body is ready. Woo!" made me laugh hysterically. XDDD It's a meme, but darnet, it's funny and so fitting! XP I actually liked a lot of things he said. ^^

  • Hau's positive attitude could get annoying, but at the same time reminded me of someone very nice online who is just like that. ^^

  • The Rotomdex (thanks for mentioning it, Tissuepaperghost) was so much fun and such a cool design! =D I felt like I would have flirted with it, if I could have. It seemed quite quirky and maybe a little flirty? XP

  • Whenever I would take a picture in some locations would I get a lot of random fake comments from the game that made me smile. :P

  • Buying elemental stones was kinda neat and made me think back at the first games. ^^

  • Some of those trials were freaking awesome or hilarious XDDD ♥ Especially the fire one, and I also loved the girl that was doing the ghost trial. =3 (I wanted her in my team!!!)

  • The reference to Nugget Bridge from Generation 1 was very nice nostalgia! =D

  • I loved the design of some of the Aether Foundation members. ^^

  • Wicke was so beautiful and seemed so nice! ^o^ I actually uh... saw fanart of her and thought that she'd be the professor before playing the game, sigh... How wrong I was. >~<

  • Type: Null, despite looking strange, I somewhat liked. =O It was weird looking, but that's what I sometimes find interesting. ^^ And the name was so... strange and made me go "Uh, what the heck? That's no Pokémon! oO What are you?!"

Some stuff I disliked/hated
  • It was nice that I could take pictures at times... but I wanted to take pictures all the time and it made me look back at how much I miss Pokémon Snap. =<

  • Buying the fossil, and not being able to buy both either... Just... I don't know... Especially in a jewelry store, it seemed bit weird they're sell fossils, and lose out in business by only allowing you to buy one. >_>

  • Buying elemental stones was neat, but... kind of pointless. ._. They should have had more Pokémon that needed those stones

  • Bewear really upset me with its good stats and being taller than Ursaring, when I know from the Anime that Ursaring is one unstoppable and intimidating force to be reckoned with...

  • Speaking of insulting, there exists no Pokédex entry for Ursaring. In fact, most Pokémon will NOT show up in the Pokédex, unlike previous generations where they always included the other Pokémon -_-

  • The part where I was not allowed to enter, because I wasn't the champion, seriously pissed me off. There wasn't even a league established yet, so you're telling me no one ever is allowed to go there?! (4th island)

  • Oh yeah... SOS battles... I couldn't stand them. -_-
    (looked at CF1994's reply which lead me to add it here)

So what opinions do you have? =)
I really like how much CF1994 brought up after this! =D


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+Well developed characters (Lillie, Kukui, Gladion, Hau, Plumeria, and Acerola stand out the most for me.)
+A beneficial change to Mega Evolution mechanics on the first turn.
+Hyper Training (Which means I no longer have to abandon my story mode teams for the sake of a competitive team.)
+The Ability Capsule is cheaper than ever before.
+The Tapus do a successful job making Terrains viable.
+The Alolan Forms (Marowak, Muk, Ninetales, Persian, and Raichu benefit significantly in terms of competitive play with this amazing change.)
+A lot of awesome new moves. (First Impression, Aurora Veil, Darkest Lariat, Sunsteel Strike, Moongeist Beam, etc.)
+Many awesome new Pokemon. (Golisopod, Tsareena, Salazzle, Vikavolt, Wishiwashi, Mudsdale, Silvally, the Starter evolutions, etc.)
+Team Skull being a hilarious evil team.
+The Ultra Beasts
+Looker's sidequest
+Return of some familiar faces (Red, Blue, Colress, Grimsley, Anabel, etc.)
+Some significant buffs to certain items and moves. (The Power items for EV Training, Fell Stinger,)
+New move additions for already existing Pokémon. (Flygon getting Dragon Dance, Mantine learning Roost, just to name a couple.)
+Extra Abilities for existing Pokémon. (Drizzle for Pelipper, Drought for Torkoal, for instance.)
+Hidden Abilities and at least 3 perfect IVs for Pokémon transferred from R/B/Y to Sun/Moon. (A nice touch for oldschool players, if you ask me.)
+Poke Pelago
+Poke Finder is a nice nod to those who miss Pokémon Snap.
+Fishing now has it's perks. (Bonus points for those who manage to net some Bottle Caps.)
+Zygarde's Complete Form really helps it out both offensively and defensively.

-The cutscenes can take ridiculously long at some points in the game.
-No save point after beating the initial Pokémon League Champion.
-SOS Battles can be very time consuming, as opposed to Horde battles in the previous generation.
-A lack of diverse Trainers you can fight post-game for EXP.
-The amount of beneficial items you can't get until you enter Hax Royale/Tree. (The Power items and Destiny Knot being the worst offenders.)
-The ridiculous amount of nerfs. (Gengar getting Cursed Body, Dark Void being 50% accurate, changes to Paralysis/Confusion, Soul Dew, etc.)
-No National Dex without PokeBank.
-The amount of missing Mega Stones for established Mega Evolution users not in the Alola Dex. (The Hoenn Starters, Beedrill, Aggron, Gardevoir/Gallade, just to name a few.)
-A majority of new Pokémon are ridiculously slow and/or have really awkward stat distributions by modern competitive standards.
-The Tapus can be a massive burden in VGC at times.
-Gameplay at the beginning can be just as long as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team at times.
-Festival Plaza and how it's required to go online in the games.
-The Battle Tree is ridiculously hard right off the bat, unlike previous battle facilities.
-Some new Pokémon just don't seem complete. Some could really benefit from an Evolution (Bruxish and Komala), while others would be more rewarding with a Pre-Evolution (Turtonator, Drampa, and Dhelmise).
-Lack of new Mega Evolutions.
-A new Pseudo-Legendary that's even worse than Goodra, even though I like it's concept and design.
-Some Pokémon are awkward to find, especially with SOS Battles.
-The Fishing mechanic can be a bit awkward when finding Pokémon.
-Poke Finder could do with more opportunities to take photos in each Island.
-The Battle Tree could do with more Trainers we know of in the past, like Lance, Brock/Misty, Steven Stone, Viola, and Karen.)
-The story can feel like a missed opportunity to make significant use out of Zygarde and it's forms.

Although there are some issues that need to be ironed out for the next games, I still enjoyed the games for their variety of great mechanics. The games manage to be great and ground-breaking for the 20th Anniversary of the whole franchise.


Gladion Trash

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You're right about the emotion thing. It was off putting seeing the same expression all the time.
It's the little things like that which make me wonder if a possible XY sequel was scrapped in order to push out a new generation for the twentieth anniversary.

I found it incredibly jarring during cutscenes where Hau or Lillie would react, but I'm just staring into space with my goofy smile. If I'm remembering right, there was only one cutscene that actually showed my character reacting like a normal person.


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I'm mostly with CF on this one.

- The designs of the new Pokemon
- Alola Forms are a nice shakeup for older Pokemon
- The new abilities and moves
- Characters having loads of personality
- The environment of Alola is a godsend to look at
- Champion title defense against a random trainer was a neat idea
- New abilities for old Pokemon, like Drizzle Pelipper and Drought Torkoal
- Team Skull, the funniest villains ever
- New moves for old Pokemon, like Flygon now getting Dragon Dance
- Z-Moves
- Hyper Training
- Poke Pelago
- Ultra Beasts
- Magearna being obtainable via QR Code
- Island Scan, allowing you to catch special Pokemon like the Johto and Unova starters
- Old characters returning, such as Red, Blue, Cynthia and Grimsley
- Island Trials and Kahunas in place of the traditional Gyms
- Poke Ride in place of Bicycle and HMs

- Ridiculously long cutscenes
- Melemele Island's portion is full of forced tutorials
- No new fossil Pokemon
- Awkward stat arrangements on the new Pokemon, especially Speed
- Grinding to Lv100 is difficult
- Return of 5th Gen EXP mechanics
- Battle Royal and Battle Tree being huge hax-fests
- No Mega Stones obtainable for non-Alola Dex Pokemon, outside of events
- Alola Forms were horribly handled in terms of distribution
- Too many nerfs to existing moves and abilities
- No new Mega Evolutions
- National Dex only being available in Pokemon Bank
- Festival Plaza
- SOS Battles escalate so badly
- Annoying fishing mechanics
- Protagonist shows no emotion whatsoever
- Lack of evolutions for the new Pokemon
- New Pokemon being way too hard to find
- Removal of DexNav and Hordes

My Opinions:
Sun & Moon were a great Pokemon game and a perfect way to celebrate the 20th anniversary, but like every Pokemon game it has its flaws, and some were just very noticeable this time around.
Gone forever for personal reasons.
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Sean Flame


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Pretty much everything except the absence of battle frontier, post game content and that Machamp pokeride.
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Wow geeze there's a lot of interesting points here. Good content for a Daily opinion article if anyone was interested.

It brought some good things imo:
- Poke Ride was a step in the right direction with HM usage. Just extend it to Pokemon we have!
- Totem bosses were a neat idea that mixed up the role of 'gym leader battles'.

Some things were downgrades or negatives:
- Festival plaza managed to be both a downgrade to the PSS and Join Avenue/Festival Plaza! Such a pity...
- Rotom Dex was a great idea but I feel badly executed, and got worse in USUM...

Some things were mixed:
- Story was definitely better than XY's mess.
- On the other hand, it could have been improved, both in plot execution (see Lusamine's mixed roles in USUM for example) and in other aspects (smiley faced protagonist was just bad...)
- Music. Gave us great stuff like Gladion's battle theme and the canyon tune, but on the other hend some meh tunes (regular battle theme? ehhh) and bad tunes (Ultra Beast battle theme is a mess and pales in comparison to thematically similar tunes, such as Giratina's battle theme).
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