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Greenlit Rotom’zzz Super Dex Entriezzz, Kzzzrt!

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Old November 22nd, 2017 (11:50 PM).
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Ooh I like this idea. No Rotom bias here

I think splitting into different articles is a good plan, I've seen plenty of creepy USUM entries to make something out of it. You could structure the article where you list the dex entries, then explain why they're creepy/add your own thoughts in. +1 from me
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Old November 24th, 2017 (4:24 PM).
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It's over, isn't it?
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The zzzzst spam could make the articles quite awful to read (I wouldn't read it at all) so I'd reconsider that honestly. But as far as actual content goes, sounds great to me!

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Old November 24th, 2017 (4:26 PM).
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This is fine.
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
Declined and banned, goodbye.

Anyways +1 to the general idea and splitting of articles by theme of the entries.
Oh, and I’d like to write in as if I was Rotom dex, so a lot of thizzz, kzzzt!
I do agree with SirBoglor that you may not want to overdo it, as it'll just make it hard to read. The occasional use is fine, but get the balance right. (The title for instance is too much imo.)
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Old November 24th, 2017 (4:46 PM).
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^ everything Marvin Marcin said, but you are obligated to refer to the readers as Roto-readers
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It protects fields and warns people of disaster,
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