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Croc vs Large Arm: Round 2?

Started by gimmepie November 28th, 2017 11:03 AM
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So, action scenes are pretty common in RPs and often we find ourselves talking about characters we'd just love to see trying to brain each other with kitchen implements or something. So, that's more or less what this is for. Submit a few of your characters here (with links to their SU sheets) and then every week I'll pick two from the list we assemble and we can have a hearty discussion about which one could kill the other because we're all secretly twelve.

Afterglow Ampharos

Ampharos are the ultimate kid's bed. They have a built in nightlight and everything.

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Quetzalli, the elderly Oracle Xatu

Cadbury, the Linoone butler

Just for fun, especially since the latter is the opposite of combat-based.

Huge fan of Pokémon-only roleplay!


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looks like fun :3

jessie jamison (abraxas) - female portalgun wielding batman

ellaria blackwell - another mech pilot

allison baratheon - s00per speedy sniper scout (ignore the god awful css)
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